Blake Lively in New York City

Posted on February 06, 2013

We’re not convinced on the boots and the whole thing is a little too ‘I’m in a brown mood today,” but we’ve gotta hand it to her, this is a really cute little getup:


Blake Lively leaves an office building in NYC. Jacket and boots by Brunello Cucinelli. Sweater by Stella McCartney. Bracelet by Hermès. Bag by Givenchy. 

Givenchy ‘Antigona’ Duffel

Too many competing browns in the lower half, though. And textured tights with a chunky cableknit sweater seems like overkill.  And we’re not sure if the sleeves of the jacket correspond with the sleeves of the sweater. And of course, a sweater is not a dress.


Okay, revised position:

Cute earrings, right?



[Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews,]

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  • Love it! Great layering, also love the pop of color of the earings

  • Sara Brams-Miller

    I actually really enjoy this.  I think she looks super cute.  I LOVE that she rolled the sleeves up, and technically speaking, the leather part of the boots matches the color of the tights.  The sweater is totally long enough to be worn as a dress (for someone with her legs, anyway).  The bag would have looked better if she had the one in picture you guys posted.    

    • Karen Maslowski

       Heh. It’s really longer than some of the actual dresses she’s worn.

      I love those boots, and that bag. Yummy.

    • Yes!! You typed every single thought I had about this outfit so I will just say ditto. I really like this outfit (with the color of the bag being the only exception).

  • Annabelle Archer

    I like it. I’m into textures, so I don’t mind the mixing of them all.  

  • This is a total “look into pants” moment. Love the sweater and the boots, though.

  • I agree on all accounts but for some weird reason, it seems to work for me. And I don’t even *like* her that much…

    • Alyssa

      I think it’s because the earrings are amazing!

  • Sobaika

    Very cute, although there are color issues. She better be careful, I want to snatch those earrings right off of her.

    • Introspective

      in all that brown and beige those earrings popped right out and spoke to me. they told me they wanted to live with me rather than with crazy old blake…

      the rest of the outfit is casual cute. definitely hyper matchy but still gets a pass. 

  • To me she is always in the same category as Julianne Hough, in that she consistently looks far older than her 25 years.  Not BAD certainly, but much older than she actually is.

    • 00

      Your comment is so interesting to me because I think that Julianne Hough looks like she is about 15. I do agree about Blake though.

  • I think she looks great! Really soft, chic and weather apprpriate.

    • Nelliebelle1197


      I see this in the rural suburbs and on small town tourists in my urban area. Now I know where they are getting the idea. Except they don’t use heavy tights……..

      • 00

        Blake is young enough to wear leggings with a long sweater. I was recently at Nordstrom and noticed every sales associate had on leggings with just a blazer and boots. It only looked okay on the 25 and younger girls.

        • Nelliebelle1197

          Again, those are tights. Not leggings. 

  • The earrings are perfect.

  • imperfectlaura

    To me, this says Hollywood Working mom chic. And considering Blake’s age, that’s not a good thing.

  • jw_ny

    I’m not fond of how a double breasted jacket looks when hanging/flapping open.  Over-sized sweaters with leggings is something that I’ll never accept.  If this were actually a sweater dress that were a few inches longer, I’d be all for it.

  • Allyson Wells

    Oooh see this is totally something I would wear and think I was like a style genius. There is such a thing as a sweater-dress, though, right? It’s as long or longer than a lot of dresses women wear, so as long as it’s covering her butt, I think its fine with tights.

    • RebeccaKW

       IMO, if it’s something you COULDN’T wear alone, then you shouldn’t wear it just with leggings.  I mean, I have some t-shirts that cover my butt, but I wouldn’t wear them with leggings only.  I look at leggings as thicker pantyhose and deploy them in the same way.

      I think if this sweater had a few more inches on the hem, where it was more of a sweater-dress rather than just a longer-than-average sweater, I would be fine with the leggings only.

      • Tatiana Luján

        and the thing she is covering her legs with aren’t leggins, this are pantyhose.

    • Sobaika

      I wear sweater dresses with leggings all the time, but she is wearing tights not leggings (they are thinner and sheerer).

      • SassieCassy

        this is key

  • mellbell

    Before reading T Lo’s comment that there are “[t]oo many competing browns in the lower half” I thought, “If this were an IN or OUT, the top half would be IN and the bottom half would be OUT.” Great minds think alike.

  • procrastinatrice

    I love brown and I approve of this look.  I do think it’s a bit Serena tho. Which is fine I guess. She never struck me as too different from her GG character, but who knows? The fact remains that I wanna own pretty much everything in this look, including her legs.

  • MsBusy

    Confusing combo of items, especially jacket and sweater.
    Add trousers or skirt. 

  • imspinningaround

    This is how all the girls I know who wear tunics-leggings/tights-boots wish they looked. 

    • MilaXX

       or think they look.

    • Nelliebelle1197

       That is not a tunic.

  • Cynica

    Tights are not pants.

    • neofashionista

      to boobs legsly they are

  • Funkykatt

    I love the color brown and all its shades

  • Spicytomato1

    Overall she looks cute in a thrown-together way, but the rolled-up sleeves are a misstep. When it’s cold enough to wear a heavy sweater and a coat with a fur collar, your sleeves should be full length. Granted she probably has a driver and likely spends just seconds at a time in the frigid air. Still, it makes me cold just looking at her.

  • mhleta

    Cute earrings, yes. Jeans would have saved this look.

  • Alli614

    i adore this look.  maybe a bag with a pop of color to compliment (not match) the earrings.  but other than that, just love it.

  • Lilithcat

    And of course, a sweater is not a dress.

    What makes me nuts about the “sweater over tights” combo that I’m seeing everywhere these days is that it’s cold out.  And snowy!  Fine for people going from a warm apartment to a warm, chauffeured limo to a warm studio.  But people are wearing this look waiting for a bus!  They’re crazy.

    • PlasticPerfect

      Oh but believe me, leggings (when they’re actually leggings, not tights) are much, much warmer than most jeans or pants. I live in Canada, and I’ve been dressing like this all winter. So unless you’re actually wading through snow drifts, this is much more comfortable.

  • MilaXX

    I like the look, perhaps because it seems like something the average gal on the street would wear. My only quibble is I wish she was carrying the ponyskin version of the bag you posted here.

  • E. D.

    Looks good, really like the earrings.

  • Ugh. She forgot her pants!

  • Fordzo

    What are those?  Are those tights or quilted leggings?  If those are quilted leggings, I think I’m about to flip.

  • Noelle Haland

    Sure, she might want to look into pants (or extend that sweater length a few inches), but overall, I think she looks really, really cute! I LOVE all the browns and all the textures, and the earrings really do punctuate things. 

  • Tatiana Luján

    I like the makeup and the earrings.
    Hose are not pants. Sweaters are not dresses.
    The sleeves of that coat are disproportioned with the coat itself.

  • Rand Ortega

    Although I agree she should’ve balanced the browns; light on top, dark on the bottom is a little odd. But such an awesome casual look, I can’t not give her a total IN. 

  • Kenisha Hill Phillips

    I think the different textures and shades are what make the brown mood work.

  • BrooklynBomber

    That’s my problem with this: a sweater is not a dress. But every individual piece looks good, and she’s very pretty and looks very well put together. Except for forgetting her skirt, that is.

  • PastryGoddess

    Individually everything is really cute.  together…not so much

  • meowing

    Love the boots and the bag.  You say tights, I say leggings, so I say no to that, meaning:  she forgot her pants.  Not excited about the coat, either.  Yup, great earrings!

  • ringthing

    Love the leather bracelet.

  • I thought those were leggings, but they’re really just tights. That’s inconvenient if she plans on doing anything outside of standing or walking all day. 

  • Anathema_Device

    I don’t mind all the browns. The jacket is nice, except I can’t get behind 3/4-length sleeves on a winter jacket. A blazer or light spring jacket, sure, but if you have a fur-trimmed hood, then you need long sleeves.

    The prada bag is to die for.

  • marilyn

    If a shoe designer is reduced to copying industrial waterproof boots for inspiration, s/he is in bad shape.  They also could be fishing boots.  Just insanely expensive, and no one will ever wear them for fishing.  Ridiculous.

  • I just fell in love. With the bag. *add to christmas wishlist*

  • shelley514

    Relaxed look yet sexy, stylish, great layering.  I think she looks great. And it looks like something she threw together herself and not some over done trying to be perfect stylist creation.  T & Lo sure pick apart a person for no good reason sometimes.

  • Judy_J

    Yeah, my first thought when I saw the tights was that she forgot to wear a skirt.  If the tights were leggings, I’d be OK with that.  But tights are NOT leggings.

  • H2olovngrl

    This is exactly what I strove to look like-albeit with red hair, all my years from 16 to 22. I miss my tall brown riding boots so much…come to think of it, I miss my size seven body too… sigh…

  • Louise Bryan

    She almost looks appropriately dressed for the weather.  I think there would have been at least one more layer if not for the pre-warmed car I’m sure is waiting for her at the curb.

  • Yeah, she forgot her pants, but lucky for her she can totally pull it off. I really do love the earrings. No joke.

  • tereliz

    “Cute earrings, right?”
    That’s basically my takeaway from this. Yawn. But a classy, covered up with a debutante fan yawn, not an opened mouthed, loud, tacky yawn. So that’s something. 

  • kimmeister

    Those are goofy looking boots.  I don’t like them.

  • siena Mystic

    I really love this – it’s one of those rare celebrity outfits that I wish I could steal entirely. And I’m not usually very interested in purses, but I love that one.

  • Stubenville

    If it’s cold enough for a chunky sweater and a coat, she should be wearing gloves.

  • VeryClaire

    For Girl on the Street, it’s cute.

  •  she looks good.

  • Zippypie

    Love it from the knees up.  The boots are a real problem with the two different textures.  Just makes it all too much.  But knees up, really cute on the go look.

  • I love this. I love the different textures, and she looks super cute. A great winter look.

  • jmorino08

    I would live in an outfit like this all winter if my ass wouldn’t be hanging out all over the place! And I love, love, love those boots!!

  • nannypoo

    I like all the separate parts but I don’t like them together. I hope that fur is fake, because it looks like nylon.

  • She gets to see Ryan Reynolds naked.  How I hate her.

  • greymain

    HATE the jacket.

  • Call me Bee

    I like this.  In fact, I think I wore this in about 1993 or so.  The only thing:  Tights are not pants! 
    (Awesome boots, though…) 

  • God, I love those boots. 

  • neofashionista

    I am glad you posted this
    I think this is totally cute
    but her energy is really down she looks either sad or unhappy about something
    maybe she has the flu like the rest of us

  • margaret meyers

    I think she crosses many lines here, but she crosses them beautifully.  I particularly like the dreamy expression.  You don’t see that much in New York City, except on honeymooners.

  • yummy jacket, after that? yawn… hope she has some MAJOR deoderant, thats got to be one hot outfit..whew.

  • I must have that jacket. It’s amazing.

  • catlady10

    That collar is looking a little too real.  When is fur going to disappear from fashion?  It’s not even functional on this sweater, so why kill 5 small animals to make a decoration?

  • kathrineb

    LOVE the jacket. I don’t know about the quilted tights/pants. I guess it’s a look.

  • RzYoung

    I really love the green earring trend at the mo. I bet now because her sweater isn’t skin tight everyone’s going to yell ‘pregnant’ at her.

  • Jaysus, does she know that Fall has passed, and indeed the ‘tendance’ to dress in Autumn colours? Is going Stepford the latest thing?

  • You know what was really smart? Leaving off a scarf.

    This is a fantastic street look and as practical as it needed to be.

  • PeaceBang

    Oh, but I love a pretty girl in thrown-together textured neutrals like this. Love it love it love it. And the earrings are a little moment of FAAAAAB (Paul Lynde voice) on top of it all. 

  • I love it.  She looks like she should be in Colorado or Montana.  LOVE.

  • fursa_saida

    If only those tights were navy or dark purple or something, ANYTHING.

  • Nancy Dunn

    Those tights look like stockings, and she looks like she forget her skirt!!

  • CeeQ

    She left the house without pants on. This is all I can think about.

  • libraangel

    Cute, nice, but here’s a Stella Mc cOmplaint (again): she “designed” the sweater? It’s a cable-knit I could buy at TARGET.

  • maggiemaybe

    She looks fantastic. Full stop.

  • guest2visits

    She looks pretty well put together considering the unusual boots, the 3/4 sleeve coat, and the messy-do. It seems to work ok.

  • 4JJ

    Super cute, except for the fur (unless it’s amazingly real-looking faux).

  • ccm800

    That girl needs a nap or a 28 day stay or sumpin!  

  • Truthiness2U

    Too late, but I disagree, I think this is a super cute look, and totally flattering.