Anne Hathaway in Los Angeles

Posted on February 27, 2013

Too soon?

Do we need more time to heal?


Anne Hathaway heading to lunch with husband Adam Shulman in Los Angeles.

We would just like to point out that, several months back, we predicted that the universally beloved Anne was going to meet up with some serious backlash as she poledanced for the Oscar she wanted so badly. Granted, that’s not exactly earth-shattering in its prescience, but still; even we were unprepared for how vicious it got; so much so that entertainment journalists are penning “LEAVE ANNIE ALONE!!!!!” screeds in support of her, while Anne herself admits the backlash got to her and then issues a press release apologizing for the dress she wore. It’s turned into a clusterfuck of a black hole of a daisy-chain of celebrity navel-gazing at this point. To everyone involved or with an opinion on the matter we say: CALM DOWN. She campaigned hard for an Oscar; people got a little sick of it; it happens. In fact, it happens over and over and over again practically every year. She’ll be fine.

Anyway, here’s Sad Anne (which should totally be a tumblr), trying to keep her head held high with only her much-sought-after Oscar and hot husband to keep her company through this trying time. She may also comfort herself with the knowledge that T Lo think this whole look is cute – although they question the purse and the sweater.


[Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews]

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  • Reneesance

    Oh Annie your dress is adorable.  I guess we can be imaginary besties again.  But no lizard print purse mmkay?

    • Call me Bee

      I like the lizard handbag, just not with this dress. 

    • maretha2

      But … it’s not a dress, is it? It looks like a jumpsuit. A floral jumpsuit. A sheer, floral jumpsuit. A billowy, sheer floral jumpsuit. I cannot sign off on this at all. 
      I don’t care about Anne one way or the other, but her Valentino dress looked gorgeous and I hated the Prada dress she wore instead. 

  • It’s bad when this is better than your Oscars dress. I really love the whole look. 

    And if I would her, I would have worn the Valentino, and said Amanda was copying me before I work that satin apron to accept my first Oscar. 

    • DinaSews

      That’s one thing I couldn’t comprehend. How un-confident must you be to not wear the chosen dress because someone else is wearing a similar dress?  Wouldn’t you just put it on and rock it with your head held high? She had to know the Oscar was in her pocket.  She would’ve come out on top of the dress situation.

      • Sure they were similar, but that Valentino and McQueen would have stood out on their own on the red carpet. Plus neither lady looks similar. I just thought it made zero sense because now she will be remembered for the stain apron dress debacle the year she won her Oscar.

        • Meg0GayGuys6

          It also didn’t make sense, IMHO, because about 2/3 of the women on the RC were wearing similar dresses. Plus, as you said, from the neck up, they look nothing alike.

        • Guidosdaddy

           Actually, I’ll remember for her amazing performance in Les Miz.

        • LauraWL

          Eh. I actually understand why she didn’t wear it. All the tabloids would have put them right next to each other in all the recaps about “styles” from the Oscars and then people who have started speculating about who copied whom. I thought the Valentino was lovely but really did like the pale pink dress that she wore. I thought it had the very clean lines of the G. Paltrow gown but some length so it didn’t look too risque. 

          • chi7

            Totally right.  Tried to save herself from one kind of slam and got it the other direction.  

      • In fact, she should have used that opportunity to show them (both Amanda and Jennifer, who were really dissapointing, IMO) hoy to rock a Valentino, she has worn the label before and looked amazing every time. Still, I don’t think she needed to apologize, she certainly is not the first actress who has changed dresses at the very last minute.

    • Martha Deutsch

      Agreed on all points. 

    • Sobaika

      Was it definitely Amanda? I heard Aniston. Either way, I don’t get why Anne was forced to change since both women are considerably lower on the totem pole. It was her night.

      • Yes, there are plenty of media outlets showing the Valentino she was going to wear, which was similar to Amanda’s, but (IMO) not enough to warrant the full on change. 

        • Sobaika

          GFY is saying it is a dress Allison Williams wore, which is CRAZY because she is lower on the totem pole than anyone.

      • alice20c

        That logic is creepy on so many levels. I hope some wayward academic picks it up and runs with it.

        • luciaphile

          Heh. It is really so insane how this all works now. I realize the irony of me saying this on a fashion blog that I avidly and religiously follow, but seriously: it is just a dress. People need to calm the hell down.

        • butterflysunita

          I didn’t understand at all why she changed her dress.   Why not wear your original dress and rock it?  I read that Anne asked Amanda Seyfried to email a photo of her dress, and when she saw the photo she scrapped the Valentino because of the similarity.  

          • Kayceed

            Anne has played this as honoring her friend’s choice before her own – such the self-effacing, giving friend – the cynical in me wonders… Amanda is quite beautiful, and perhaps Anne was a bit afraid that she would suffer in comparison.

          • IMNAngryLiberal

            You are kidding, right?  Amanda is okay looking .. and just okay .. but she can’t hold a candle to Anne.  Plus Amanda’s RC dress did nothing to flatter her and her after party dress was just horrid.

          • And then don’t make the mistake of lying about it on the red carpet.

          • j_anson

            Aw, I kinda feel for her. If you’re feeling super-confident, you can pull that kind of thing off, but honestly she’s always struck me as more the type-A, somewhat self-critical, over-thinky type. I bet she just didn’t want the distraction of having to wonder if she was going to win the “who wore it better” battle, and didn’t want to feel like that was the media take on her big night. Of course, as it is, she still ended up having the conversation be about that – but that’s not really her fault.

          • Of course it’s her fault.  She’s allowing it to be a conversation, right?  If other people want to talk, let them.  Why she chooses to get involved is beyond me.  She needs to read the news, maybe get a little perspective on her life.  It ain’t that bad, even if people can’t stand her from here on out, she’s still a fabulous actress and no amount of outside hatred can take away from her ability to put out on screen.

          • Lisa_Cop

            If she decided Saturday night not to wear the Valentino, she should have told them ASAP. It looked bad for the house to send out that press release only to have Anne turn up in Prada. Given all her bad press, I think Anne needs new communications people.

            BTW my hair stylist, who worked with her on a Harper’s shoot, said she is dismissive, arrogant and treated him like the “help”:(

    • SugarSnap108

       Heh.  My first thought at seeing this was, “Well, why didn’t you just wear this lil number to the Oscars?”

    • Little_Olive

      I don’t think that they would have clashed. Be compared, maybe, but who cares -you can make a cute joke about it to Seacrest and you’re better than before. 

    • I love this outfit too.

      What I don’t love is that she looks like she spent several hours bawling her eyes out before stepping out in it, and she does not look happy at all. A part of a great outfit is the attitude the wearer brings and sadly the sad face does not match the cute dress and gorgeous cardi.

      I suspect the “backlash” for not wearing the original dress and then picking a dress that ended in a twitter account named after her nipples explains the unhappiness.

      She was also clearly hurt by all the trying too hard comments – to the point she remarked on it in her Ryan Seacrest interview.

      I think she takes things super personally. This should be a happy moment for her. I wish it could be. 🙁

      • filmcricket

        I wish it could be too, although if I were on her level I would never, ever read my own press. I realize that having your handlers keep you in an ignorant bubble is just another way to lose the “common touch” or whatever, but honestly, she’s a gorgeous, well-paid, successful movie star. All of those things are very uncommon. I think I’d have my people alert me to anything libelous or that would truly affect my career or professional relationships, and ignore the rest. It would be the only way to stay sane.

    • For those wondering, apparently this is the Valentino she was to wear –×961.jpg

      I can see how it might be considered similar to the Amanda Seyfried dress, but they are not that much alike that I would have chosen that pink number over it.

      I wish she had worn the Valentino..

  • antheapena

    Oh god you’re correct & spot-on as usual

  • I like the addition of the python purse. Nice use of mixed patterns.

    Also, why in the world did she apologize for her Oscar dress? Yes, that shit was fugged out and dated but still. Obviously, she wanted to wear the dress and she felt good in the dress. No apologizes for that. It’s not like the dress had “FUCK YOU” inscribed across the chest (even though that would’ve helped cover the whole nipple business). 

    • I agree, why did she make a PUBLIC apology? I could understand apologizing to Valentino since he apparently had made an announcement that she would be wearing Valentino, but publicly? I thought it was a bit off. 

      • Sobaika

        She & Valentino have had a very long relationship, perhaps it was out of respect for them? Doesn’t want to burn any  bridges.

        • But it’s a public apology. A apology to only Valentino in private, sure. But a public one to Valentino…and America? Not warranted.

          • SassieCassy

            this is show business. a public apology is the only one that matters. must have been really humiliating for the house to issue all those press releases and end up in an AWKWARD moment.

          • I tend to forget that Hollywood/show business works differently. So, I can understand that a public apology from Anne would ease the pain a bit for the Valentino House. But as a regular commoner looking in, a public apology for a dress is just plain silly.

          • LauraWL

            This was turning into a PR debacle. It was a HUGE embarrassment to Valentino (really any major brand in any major industry) to release a press release that turned out to be untrue bc one of your partners reneged on a verbal agreement. IMO Valentino should have never released the release but my guess is that they had enough assurances that they felt confident. In order to mend the partnership though and grease the way for any future dealings I think Hathaway did the right thing. If I was her publicist I would have recommended it FWIW. Here’s the thing, mea culpas get her back in with the brand and future $$$, so her Q ratings take a hit for a week or two. No biggie. She goes away for awhile and it goes back up…

          • decormaven

            The strategies engaged in all of this
            boggle the mind. It’s all a matter of production – or misproduction. Like
            Stanley in Wag the Dog said, “Thinking
            ahead.That’s what producing is. It’s like being a piumber. You do your
            job right, nobody should notice.” Lotta fumbles all around on this play.

          • MilaXX

             I’m thinking because Valentino had made a public announcement that she was wearing their dress she felt the need to address why she changed her mind publicly as well. What can I say? It’s the politics of Hollywood.

          •  This apology has Rachel Zoe’s fingerprints all over it. She was in serious danger of permanently damaging her relationship with Valentino. Something like that is deadly serious to a stylist of her caliber.

          • alyce1213

            Oh yes. Does anyone have an idea what role Rachel Zoe played in the last-minute switch?  Was she blindsided by Anne or did she give her the Prada with her blessing?

          • What I do not understand is how Rachel Zoe let her go out in public with those boob darts.

            I’ve seen her show. She seems to be for the most part an intelligent person. That she could not see the looming nipplegate astounds me.

            That she did not have options other than the pink nippleganza monstrosity, I find hard to believe. 

            That she would think this pink dress was a better option than the Valentino even if someone else was wearing the exact same thing on the exact same red carpet? Let alone a better option than a dress that really was nothing like the one Amanda Seyfriend wore?

            I think there has to be more to this whole story.. however I do think we are getting the truth about why the change was made – how hard would it have been to say it was damaged in transit or in getting ready instead of the story we are being told, so everyone could save face?

          • alyce1213

            Oh to be a fly on the wall.  In the grand scheme, it’s all nonsense, but so much fun.

          • Little_Olive

            Totally! I must admit I am loving this Days Of Our Dress byproduct -a healthy dose of shallow nondestructive gossip-, and also tend to thing there is something more to the whole thing, because not only did she change, she changed into *that^*.


          • Sobaika

            Agreed! I call shenanigans.

        • SewingSiren

          I should think the bridge is burned. She agreed to wear their dress and I imagine there was a great deal of time and effort put into it in return for the publicity that the house would get in return. 
          She didn’t wear the dress because she thought it was too similar to a dress (by McQueen) that Amanda Seyfried would be wearing. That’s kind of an insult to Valentino right there, not to mention the vanity issue on her part.

          • Little_Olive

            Maybe there is some love for Amanda in there too (albeit admitting that doing her the ‘favor’ of not wearing a similar dress may be a bit condescending). I wouldn’t interpret it in a negative way. She is after all entitled to want to stand out on her night (good thing she won). 

          • Kayceed

            Absolutely. And the more she and her handlers comment on it publicly, the worse it gets.

      • formerlyAnon

        I figure she’s been living in such a tiny little Academy Awards teapot for so long, the dress thing really felt like a tempest that needed to be addressed. 

        And maybe she or her publicist feels like apologies cost nothing and should be applied liberally.

      • Little_Olive

        Yep, not something to *apologize* about. Maybe clarify she didn’t love it either?

        Oh, and Miuccia Prada must be thrilled. 

    • Dot

      Yeah, I can’t understand why she would issue an apology for wearing a dress that some (most?) people didn’t like. That’s really bizarre.

      • MilaXX

         It didn’t have anything to do with the Prada dress. Valentino made an announcement prior to the awards that she was wearing their dress to the show. She changed her mind because the dress was sort of similar to Seyfried’s. It left Valentino in a bit of an awkward spot I guess so she issued the apology.

  • I ‘d just like to say I always found her manner affected. That said, she earned that Oscar, pole dancing or no, and this dress and sandal are super cute on her. I can give a pass on the sweater, but the purse not so much. Still, cute. And yes. She’ll be just fine.

    • Sobaika

      EXACTLY. She is the same person she’s always been, it’s just that we were seeing her every day every where every award show making the same speech.

      • Pretty much. But, I’m trying to remember if Sandra Bullock or Halle Berry or Charlize Theron has ever gotten that “OH! I’m SO tired of her” treatment during their pole dancing.

        • Sobaika

          Natalie Portman did. I think it also has to do with the entirety of Les Mis being such naked Oscar-bait. And her interrupting the producer’s speech at the Golden Globes. Very tacky.

          • TAGinMO

            I actually compared Les Miz Hathaway to Black Swan Portman on Facebook the other day, because they both seemed to go the super-earnest, weepy, gracious route all the way to landing the Oscar. But to me, Hathaway’s acceptance speeches took it to such a level that she made Portman look like Adele by comparison.

            And yes, I think the true backlash began the minute she horned in on the producers’ time at the Globes to thank somebody she forgot.

        • Sandra Bullock did; as did Kate Winslet and Natalie Portman.

          • Kate Winslet? Wow. That’s shocking to me. lolol. 

          • SassieCassy

            yeah! she always looked so damn SHOCKED even though it was hers to lose. i remember at some show she banged her fists on the table and was all  I NEVER WIN ANYTHING YOU GUYS.

            even though she was sweeping awards season.

          • SewingSiren

            But weren’t they and Charlize and Halle and let’s not forget Julia Roberts, up for Best Actress? I can’t remember anyone campaigning so vigorously for Best Supporting Actress. That usually goes to an oldster , a newbie, or an outsider. 

          • True. Good point.

          •  That’s true. Maybe that’s why the backlash seemed more virulent this time.

        • makeityourself

          No, they were not treated that way. Because they were unfailingly gracious and never took themselves too seriously.

    • Monday1900

      I agree with you.  To me Anne and Lea Michelle are very similar in their affectation and the irritated response they elicit from me.  But as much as her personality may grate Anne is talented and I believe she earned that statue too.

  • This is better than anything she wore that night. 

  • Wow. This look has got to be styled. It’s looks like she walked off the pages of Teen Vogue. (Except you know, she’s in her thirties.)

  • LuisaNL

    Very cute glasses-dress-sandals ensemble. Shame about the long face. It looks like winning that much wanted Oscar wasn’t as much fun as she thought it would be. I feel for her, it really isn’t fair. It’ll get better with time so, cheer up, Annie!

  • Janet B

    Love the dress, but the sweater looks too heavy to go with such a light dress.

  • decormaven

    That sweater reads “I’m going to my happy place now.” Child, lay low for a bit and let the world go passing by. You’ve got a little gold man who will stick by you from now until eternity. Be secure in that fact.

  • Dot

    She issued an apology for her dress? That is…ridiculous. Anyway, I want this dress.

  • Violina23

    The overexposure was par for the course, the pole-dancing and all, but she came off particularly pretentious when she’d be giving interview after interview talking about how she cut her hair off, and lost all this weight, and particularly how she is SUCH a hard-working perfectionist that she INSISTED on extra takes of her song so that it would be “just right”.  I didn’t mind seeing her everywhere, and I actually thought she was quite good in Les Miz, but there’s nothing more irritating than being TOLD by someone how hard-working and amazing they are… from their own mouth.

    That being said, I don’t hate Anne or anything, and this outfit is quite cute, but by the time the Oscars came around, I as just kinda like “Okay, let’s get this over with”.  Anne will be fine. She’ll get plenty more roles and she won’t get type-cast. I actually thought she was a pretty good Cat-Woman (I finally saw that movie a few weeks ago).  I just hope she tones down the “I’m so awesome” interviews the next time she does an Oscar-Bait-y role.

    • Emily Rose

      Just to be totally accurate… whenever she got asked about the weight loss and “how she did it”, she told the interviewer that she didn’t want to talk about it b/c it sounded like they were trying to glamorize it, which she didn’t want to do.

      • Violina23

        I see your point that she might not have been responsible for flaunting the weight loss directly, but if she didn’t want to glorify it she shouldn’t have done it! She’s PLENTY thin enough to pass as a sickly prostitute, especially when wrapped in the fantasy of a Broadway musical.  I mean, did being able to see her bones win her the Oscar?  I’d like to think not.  
        I guess it just rubs me badly that anybody would make drastic, potentially unhealthy changes to their body for a movie role. I’m curious if Uma Thurman did it when she played Fantine in the dramatic version of Les Miz from a few years back (with Liam Neeson & Claire Danes). Because I recall her looking plenty sickly too.

        • Little_Olive

          That is true. Makeup can achieve the effect, especially in a film where she is not supposed to parade around in a bikini; and lets remember she is already thin and women at the time were intended to have fuller figures. 

          It does not bother me that she lost the weight, though. As long as she was responsible with her body. I think Natalie Portman was way more of an extremist at her Black Swan weightloss and training and she flaunted it like there was no tomorrow. At least Anne seems to be getting the weight back (a bit).  

        • Jared Leto gained 40 lbs to play Mark David Chapman in Chapter 27 and dealt with a few health problems afterwards because of it.  As for Natalie’s Black Swan performance, she wasn’t just acting the part of a ballerina, she WAS a ballerina.  There was no way in hell she could’ve NOT lost the weight while dancing six to eight hours a day.  And I didn’t take it as her glorifying the weight loss so much as pointing out what it takes to be a dancer.

          I hope Anne pulls her head out of her ass and learns to shrug it off.

    • TAGinMO

      THIS. Plenty of people campaign hard for an Oscar, but her long slog toward the stage was just so…I dunno…affected? And then she capped it off by croaking “It came true” as the first three words of her [professionally-written, I’ve heard] acceptance speech. GAH! I wanted to throw something at my TV.

      I’m sure that starving herself to look like a dying, syphilitic whore was probably the hardest thing she’s ever done in her life. And yes, it’s a very serious, earnest role in a very serious, earnest work of art. But honey, it’s over, and it’s been clear for some time you’d be handsomely rewarded for it come awards season. Wouldn’t it have been a lot more enjoyable lo these last few months if you acted like you were enjoying the success and having fun (see, e.g., Lawrence, Jennifer), instead of becoming this weird shrinking violet and turning people off in the process?

      • twocee

        The “it came true” was what really got me.  I’ve not been on the hate-Anne train…she was trying too hard yes, but it’s what they do.  But wow, that moment in the acceptance speech was just over the top, and SO rehearsed.  Blah.

        • RebeccaKW

           I wish she had embraced the fact that her win was expected.  Instead of the ‘it came true,’ I would have loved to see her, at the beginning of the speech, say something along the lines of ‘is anyone surprised?’ 

          •  Let’s not forget that she won in part for a singing a song “I dreamed a dream.” So the “It came true” quote was SO OBNOXIOUS that I couldn’t understand how she could NOT see why she was accused of being affected. Honestly, since Rachel’s Getting Married I have had to own that this woman is a powerhouse of talent. Doesn’t mean she can’t make my eyes roll.

            Still. Very cute sundress. 🙂

          • Violina23

            Yes! A little humor would have gone a long way there. 

          • TAGinMO

            Actually, I don’t think that would have worked either. In fact, I think the hate would have been worse.

            The problem Anne has is that she’s one of those people who just isn’t all that funny. When she makes a joke on the talk-show appearances I’ve seen, the response is usually sort of a half-laugh, half-groan. She just has too much of an uptight, china-doll, pretty-princess vibe to make attempts at humor actually work. Even if she had uttered verbatim everything that Jennifer Lawrence said in her fanstastic acceptance and after-show speeches, it just wouldn’t have come off as all that funny, and she probably would have gotten raked over the coals for that, too.

            All of which is to say that Anne had quite a tightrope to walk: don’t try to be funny or clever, but don’t get too serious and self-important. Just smile and be gracious and maybe have your speechwriters craft a memorable turn of phrase that’s somewhere between the poles of “knee-slapper” and “together we can end the World’s Oldest Profession!”

            Instead she went the latter route, and it just came off very poorly.

          • RebeccaKW

             True.  It’s probably a no-win for her.  My opinion was that a little humor, or at least recognition that everyone expected her to win, would have helped ease some of the hate.  Even if she had followed it with her super-serious speech.  But I can also see an argument that it wouldn’t have worked.  Probably no matter what she said or did, there would be backlash.

          • FemaleOnTheInterwebs

            You’re right — I think it was a lose-lose situation for her.  Had she acknowledged that it seemed obvious, there probably would’ve been complaining about how full of herself she was to expect to win.  I’m not sure it was possible for her to say anything without a backlash.  :/

          • Little_Olive

            I think no line would have quite sufficed. As TAGinMO says, the was walking a tightrope and was sure to be criticized either way, so she went as safe as possible. 

          • Dot

             Exactly. People would have found fault with pretty much anything she said. Personally, I think “Fuck you all very much” would have been appropriate and hilarious.

    • I hope next time she just sticks to her charming, bubbly and dorky-ish persona, because that’s the Annie we fell in love with in the very beginning, and probably the one that directors are looking for when they call her for roles.

      I never hated, but it was off-putting to see her coming as so serious. It may sound bitchy, but the one that should have received these same critics is Kate Winslet, she truly has become insufferable.

    • Every time I watch her I see a very intelligent woman who wants to be great but is still insecure and I can’t help but empathize. I think the trying hard to seem confident when you are not comes off as fake and that is what is spurring all the hate. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to me though. I feel like she wanted something so bad but didn’t want to be in everyones face but realized that is how it is done. (Maybe I’m just projecting here) she never seemed comfortable doing that and it came out all wrong.

      • Vickiefantastico

        You know, you make a good point. Anne is a human being, movie star or not, and this might have just been how she handled it. I could see myself doing the same thing.

      • TAGinMO

        I think you may be on to something here.

        In fact, I sometimes wonder if she’s comfortable in her own skin generally. If not, that would explain a lot of the awkwardness she tends to exhibit in interviews.

        • ampg

          I think she’s got a lot of introspective self-doubt going on, and it must be so hard to go through something as delicately vicious as an Oscar campaign with that personality type.  I’ve got that same teacher’s-pet personality, and it’s so frustrating to  know that people are always going to respond better to the easygoing type of person that you can never be.

      •  Thank you. That helps me understand even What it is that aggravates people so much about her this year.


    My love for Anne has not been diminished through this entire debacle.  I felt bad for her that it got to her so much that she needed to issue a press release apologizing for a dress.  I love this brezzy little number and I like the bag as well.  But then again, I love a floral mixed with and animal print anytime.  Smile Anne, you’re a winner!  (with a really cute hubby….)

  • miagain

    I like her… always have.

  • tallgirl1204

    I want, want, want this dress.

  • BrooklynBomber

     issues a press release apologizing for the dress she wore

    What? Seriously?

    • decormaven

      Next step: Press Agent For Said Dress

      • BrooklynBomber


    • makeityourself

      I’ve read the release. Technically, it’s an apology for not wearing the Valentino. She doesn’t apologize for wearing the Prada. Valentino had issued a press release just prior to the red carpet about Anne’s Oscar dress, without knowing she had changed her mind. She is simply trying to save them from embarrassment and to save the relationship.

      • Dot

         Ah, that makes a bit more sense.

      • MilaXX

         I’m leaning more toward the trying to save the relationship bit. I thought it was OTT but saw it as a professional move in a crazy way that only makes sense in Hollywood.

        • makeityourself

          Remember about five years ago when SJP was photographed at her movie premiere wearing a metallic gown, maybe by Olivier Theyskins?, that then showed up in photos from a previous event worn by Lauren Santa Domingo? The relationship was ruined, statements were issued and it was a crazy little mess.

    • formerlyAnon

      Apparently Valentino thought they had a firm commitment that she’d wear their dress, therefore released before-the-event press photos of it. So in that world, probably a big, big deal. Given she’s had a relationship with Valentino for a while, I wouldn’t have thought a press release apology was necessary, more of a private one, but apparently she or someone disagreed.

      And all of that came from public statements – so who knows what’s actually true.

  • I like the dress. Bet the cardy is really comfy. 

  • GorgeousThings

    I got totally sick of her during awards season, but I don’t have the same irrational hatin’ going on for her that I do for Natalie Portman. She’ll get over the sad face. And if worse comes to worst, she can always jet off to some private tropical island and read a book until her happy face returns.

    • Little_Olive

      Re. Natalie Portman: Yes. I don’t think it irrational, though.  

      • jmw1122

        Natalia Portman has always been like that though, or at least since she went to Harvard (which we get reminded of constantly.) So her poledances and awards speeches that year were perfectly in character for her.

    • Sara__B

       Read a book while she cuddles her OSCAR.

  • IMNAngryLiberal

    My daughter is way up in arms at the Anne bashing that is going on.  I’ve rarely seen her so indignent on behalf of a celeb (she’s very political and usually above this).  Let’s see what Anne’s crime was .. she wanted an Oscar, worked for it, and got an Oscar.  Plus she wore a dress that confused people who couldn’t tell the difference between a bust dart and a nipple (and what the fuck is the outrage over maybe seeing the outline of a nipple?  There was mammary hanging out all over the RC this weekend.)  So you go on with your cute dress and hot husband and even sweater Anne ..but lose the lizard bag please.

    • Dot

      I can understand where your daughter is coming from. I usually have zero interest in defending celebrities, nor do I generally care about who thinks what of them. The vicious Hathahate that I saw all over the web (most often from women, it seemed), however, was really shockingly cruel and bizarrely irrational — yeah, she was campaigning for an Oscar, which involves A LOT of talking about oneself over and over and answering the same questions over and over. Yeah, she takes her acting career seriously. So fucking what? How is that new in the world of Hollywood?

      • Catiline

        Yeah, I don’t think it’s totally off-base to say that Hathaway was a little grating at times.  But the full-throated HOW DARE SHE EXIIIIIIST type of hate is really breathtaking.  People act like she’s Chris Brown for god’s sake.

        • jmw1122

          Yeah, she was a bit annoying at times. But all the hatred for her is just staggering to me. On another board I frequent people seriously believe that she must have thrown a hissy fit about Amanda’s dress, based on nothing more than the press releases, and used that “evidence” as proof that she’s a bitch. I mean really. If you hate someone so much that you’re making wild extrapolations to confirm your own bias? There is something wrong with you.

      • Winter_White

        Projecting, exactly.
        I don’t get celebrity obsession — and I’m the most movie-obsessed person I know!  “Celebrity gossip” sites repulse me — all that ugliness…the mean-girl me-tooism in the comment sections.  To soapbox for just a moment:  I think a steady diet of that sort of thing is toxic.  It’s soul-coroding.  And it makes me sad to see it defended because, “oh, boohoo, celebrities are rich and famous and they chose to be there.”  I always think, yeah…it’s not the celebrities that I’m worried about — it’s the mindless bullying and lack of empathy I see everywhere.  /soapbox

        • I want to like this a thousand times.  What the lowest common denominator doesn’t understand is that just because you CAN judge someone doesn’t mean it’s right.  I think it’s sick that women are thrown to the wolves for being ambitious.  That was her crime: Ambition.  Who the hell said success should just fly through the window?  I think what “they” love about Jennifer Lawrence (whose name I only know because of this whole Oscar thing) is that she doesn’t seem to care.  She’s all “whatevs” about everything.  They can relate to her and maybe it seems like the whole thing fell into her lap.  Anne TRIES, which is something most people don’t understand.  Effort is beyond the comprehension of the lowest common denominator.  That is why “they” hate her.

          • FemaleOnTheInterwebs

            AMEN.  Ambition makes you a “bitch.”

          • Dot

            If you do DARE to be ambitious, your ambition must be framed within very specific parameters, in order to avoid making anyone feel threatened. In other words…be yourself, but play a consistent and acceptable role. Control yourself and be natural!

        • FemaleOnTheInterwebs

          I totally agree with you.  Beyond the fact that the lack of empathy is disconcerting, we internalize what we read as valid criticisms one can make about other people, as opposed to what it really is: mindless bullying, as you so perfectly phrased it.  We absorb that it’s acceptable to belittle other women for their ambition, for their bodies, for their romantic/sexual behavior, etc.  Gah.  The internet is wonderful in many ways, but I don’t like how it’s facilitating this BS erosion of empathy and humanity.  

      • FemaleOnTheInterwebs

        The intense hatred of celebrities who haven’t actually truly done anything wrong (unlike, say, Sean Penn or Matthew Fox) is unfortunately always OF women, and mostly BY women.  Society tears women down all the time and trains women not only to strive to be unlike those those mocked and harassed, but to actively participate in attacking them.  

        So, we find celebrity women annoying in ways that we rarely find men.  We pay intense attention to their bodies, and police them when they get out of the very narrow range of acceptable.  Women who have gained a few pounds are weak.  Women who have lost some are disgusting — especially if they have an actual eating disorder, which is laughed at; it’s a perfect opportunity to feel smugly superior to a stranger!  Flat chested women aren’t “real” women.  Buxom women are skanky.  Women with large hips are too pear-shaped.  No one has a universally accepted body: there will always be someone, yelling in the background, about why her body is completely unacceptable.

        Meanwhile, we all internalize these messages, complete with the images we see photoshopped on magazine covers.  The message we get is that even these stunningly beautiful women are imperfect, because they have under eye circles, acne, wrinkles, cellulite, etc.  How the hell are we supposed to measure up?

        Anne is annoying.  We blame her for this, when all she wants is to get rewarded for a job well done in a movie, and is forced to beg and campaign for it.  Funny how no one expects men to beg for this prestigious award.

        Taylor Swift is a slut.  She has the audacity to be in her early twenties and have relationships that don’t last long.  Funny how there are so many male celebrities who do the exact same thing, but they’re not vilified for it.  

        Jennifer Aniston just can’t keep a man!  She’s pathetic, lonely and probably crazy.  Jennifer Lopez is similar, but she’s a slut, too (gee, I wonder if that may have to do with being Latina).  Funny how no one talks about how sad Leonardo DiCaprio is, even though he can’t seem to hold on to a long term relationship, either.

        I’m not saying that there are no legitimate reasons to be irked by female celebrities.  It’s just that there are similarly tons of legitimate reasons to be irked by male celebrities, too, and yet people don’t respond to them with anywhere near the same vitriol.

        This phenomenon is sadly not new, and it seems to intensify with time.  Maybe it’s the ubiquity of celebrities and the astounding quantity of paparazzi.  Maybe it’s the advancement of technology.  Maybe, just maybe, though, society’s perfecting an insidious way to keep women down.  After all, it’s so much more efficient — and so much more personal — if we police ourselves.

  • Judy_S

    I think the purse and sweater are there to fend off the criticisms of this as fashion.

    • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

      I think the purse is full of anti-depressants and the sweater can be used for a blankie or pillow if she needs to pull off the road for a little nap.

  • formerlyAnon

    I’ve come to like her better during the Oscars’ run-up. (Though I wasn’t pulling for her to win.) I hope she splashes out a bit more in her dress as time goes on, even if she’s not campaigning for an Oscar.

    This is pretty. It’s how I imagine well-off people who are going to be photographed dress for getting stuff done on a relaxed ordinary day. 

    Hate the purse. Not gonna harsh on anyone’s all-purpose-anti-air-conditioning sweater, if they’re just carrying it. 

    And after months of being “on” whenever she leaves her house, I’d say she gets 6 weeks off from non-spontaneous public smiling.

    • IMNAngryLiberal

      Exactly .. I carry a sweater (or hoodie–but then, I’m street) all of the time when I’m in LA.  When it is chilly outside you need it whenever you walk into the shade and when it is hot, you need it when you go inside because the AC is set to Ice Age.

  • Sweater: Maybe there is a cool breeze today.  Or the AC in the restaurant is too much.

  • Judy_J

    Where are the matchy floral shoes???????????????????????????

  • nannypoo

    OK, I did not like the pink dress, but how self-important do you have to be to issue an apology for wearing it? I’m sure Valentino will get over his grief, just like I am totally over Anne Hathaway. I actually don’t think this is a particularly sad face. It’s a normal face. For the first time in many weeks she doesn’t have that huge grin plastered across her face that we have been seeing every day during her Campaign for Greatness and Recognition for My Dedication to My Work and to the Unfortunate Men and Women All Over the World Who Must Live Like Fantine.

  • gsk241

    I like the dress on her, but I hate that (and all python purses) with a white hot passion.

  • Katya22

    I had sheets with the print on it in the ’70s.  No lie!

  • marywoodburn

    Pretty floral, but it looks like a romper, no?

  • MilaXX

    The dress is a look I tend to wear a lot in the summer. Not crazy about the bag with it, but I understand the need for a sweater in case she ends up somewhere with crazy AC. She worked my nerves a bit with the Oscar poledance, but nothing that a little time and space won’t heal.

  • Catiline

    She’s my closest celebrity astrological twin, so I was irrationally bummed by the hate.  

    Her dress is cute.

  • Alyssa

    Very cute dress & flats.

  • DinahR

    This post is hilar. I too was a little sick of her though I’m sorry Anne caught hate for her campaigning.  It’s all part of an actresses life, I suppose.  In these circumstances we must forgive the sweater.  It’s a sad girl’s security blanky.  A lil hug to take the chill out of career success.  Poor dear. 

  • piecesofconfetti

    She issued an apology about the dress she wore? What did I miss?

    • PeaceBang

      I’m wondering the same thing. My Anne Go-Away irritation has just be re-kindled.

  • Frank_821

    Ultimately as some have pointed out, her poledancing was no worse than most actors who play the game of actively campaigning for Oscar. I think the over-reaction to her can be traced to 2 issues

    1) The state of media and exposure and their use for the awards season. 25 years, hell even 15 years ago, the exposure by the press was far less. Back then the SAG awards did not even exist and the Globes barely started telecasting on a national level. During campaign season people usually stuck to the NY, LA and Nation Board of review critcs awards and that was it. No one took the Globes seriously until after they were broadcasted on TV and they could be used to help amp up the momentum for a candidate. Today we are bombarded with speculation on the internet. We have many more awards and people are more aware of them to exploit for that poledance. You throw in the red carpet as well for each and people are heavily bombarded and the public become all too aware of the strategizing and politics

    2) Jennifer Lawrence. Yup. Annie had the misfortune of being up for that award at the same time Jlaw was up for an award. The latter came across as the polar opposite. Ironic that both young ladies are talented, appealing actresses who have done serious work and action franchises this season. However Lawrence appears like she wasn’t even trying to play the game and just trying to enjoy the ride. She comes across as earthy and unaffected. Her mishaps endear us to her because she laughs at herself when it happens. Hathaway isn’t doing anything different than some other oscar winners but in comparison it seems so blatantly calculated.

    someone earlier asked why Sandra Bullock didn’t generate this kind of hate. answer: because she still came across as Sandra Bullock. she campaigned but she didn’t CAMPAIGN! and she openly mocked herself. Halle and Charlize basically did a Cher during their years. They played greatly against type and in Charlize’s case went downright scary-ugly

    but to get back on subject

    Annie looks cute and more like herself and not oscar hopeful Annie

    • twocee

      Yes, this, on all points, especially the point about Jennifer Lawrence.  The two of them could not have appeared more opposite in their approach to the Oscar/award business.

    • mhleta

      I agree with you 100% about the JLaw contrast. Did you see the Jack Nicholson clip with Jennifer Lawrence? She’s the one you want to cuss with and hang out with at a bar. Anne will be the one you call to bail you out after you’ve stolen a convertible and shot out all the street lights on Wilshire Blvd. 

    • DTLAFamilies

      Don’t forget that JLaw campaigned just as hard as Hathaway. Her image is just as PR-crafted as anyone else in Hollywood. She’s just better at making it effortless. (and yes, I like her acting and I like Anne’s too, they are both very talented women)

      • CozyCat

        As pointed out above, campaigning for best actress is something that people can understand.  But campaigning for a supporting role comes off as very Tracy Flick.

        • DTLAFamilies

          HA! Totally Tracy Flick. Perfect. (But I had a lot of sympathy for that character)

        • FemaleOnTheInterwebs

          HA!  Excellent reference.

  • barbarienne

    I question the purse with that dress, but I would love that purse with a different outfit.

  • jw_ny

    Cute.  Looks like it might be a jumper..not sure  For casual/running around looks, I don’t get bent out of shape when the accessories are not perfect…purse and sweater here.  The sweater does look awfully heavy for such a breezy/summery look tho. 

    I wish Anne didn’t cave to all the criticisms…she was much more interesting when she went full on crazy with some of those earlier edgy outfits.  I like it when fashion is fun and a self expression.  The critics sucked the joy out of it for her, which is unfortunate…apparent in her choice for the Oscars.  That was such a disappointment.

  • Pants_are_a_must

    I love this dress. I don’t love this bag, but I love the other accessories. It’s so springtime it’s about to burst with Sounds Of Music.

    I have a theory about what lies in the backlash against her (because let’s face it, SHE IS A REALLY NICE PERSON who shouldn’t be getting it): Anne Hathaway has a serious case of the overachieving class president. She’s a nice person, but she tries so hard to make everyone like her. This was obvious even before her Oscar campaign. Girl needs to listen to Joni MItchell more.

  • mhleta

    She will be fine. She’s so nice, earnest, pretty, hard working, earnest, talented, earnest, and always present, so I think it triggered everyone’s inner Mean Girl. Then when she made a misstep in that dress, people smelled weakness and a cheap joke in the making and fell on her like rabid Borsht belt comedians. The ugliness was more a reflection of the public’s lack of maturity than it was on her. And the set up for the joke was awfully hard to resist–like shooting tits in a barrel. 

  • Blair Sylvester

    Didn’t she change from the Valentino because Allison Williams was wearing a similar one to the Vanity Fair Oscar Party. I think that’s what she mentioned in the press release. Although Anne would wear the dress first and as a nominee so I would imagine Allison would come off as the copycat

  • stubbornthoughts

    Love her, and love this casual look. 

    I’ve never been on the Anne hate-wagon, she fully deserved her Oscar and I’m pretty sure the producers of Les Mis were campaigning her harder than Anne herself. That Oscar was pretty much the one they really wanted, so they threw her in there hardest of all. She handled it with poise, as I knew she would. She’s intelligent, funny, and lovely. I hope she remains a confident woman in the industry so she’s around for a long time.

    • ikillplants

      Hear, hear!  I second this.  Come see us in a few months, Annie dear.  I’ll certainly be ready to see you again!

  • Annabelle Archer

    Love that dress girl!  

  • marilyn

    Her Inner Hippie Child is back.  She is not going to a public event, so the standard is different.  However, I don’t like she purse and sweater she is carrying.  Neither of those things goes with the dress and sandals.   My first impression of her was that she was gonig to LAX for her shift as a Hare Krishna.  Then I realized the dress was the wrong color, and kind of chuckled. 

  • lbl

    I like the dress and the sunglasses a lot, but the sweater seems sort of heavy and I’m not into the purse. Overall it’s a really cute look though.

    I know it happens all the time, but somehow I’m always surprised by how far people are willing to take things online and how nasty they can be. And yeah, even if I know she’ll get past it, I still kind of want to give her a hug right now. 

  • DeborahJozayt

    I wish people would be more angry at the Oscars reward system than the actors themselves. People shouldn’t have to campaign like politicians to be considered for an Oscar. Directors shouldn’t have to put money aside as part of an actor’s contract to use as Awards campaign money. Producers shouldn’t have to grovel to the Academy with cover letters in fancy paper to prove their movies deserve the award more than someone else. 

    I understand there’s bias in every system, but movies should develop merit for other things beyond who tries for the most media exposure. 

  • Sobaika

    You know what’s funny? I’m almost pleased she didn’t wear this because there was so much damn white on the red carpet. Almost.

    It was a really poor fashion showing this year, it gets worse the more I think about it.

    • VioletFem

      Yeah, but the Prada dress she chose instead wasn’t exactly rich in color either. I really wish the trend of  colorless dresses on the red carpet would die already.

  • Is it me, or does this look eerily similar to Kerry Washington’s frock from an earlier post today?  Different color scheme and length but same basic print.  And don’t look so glum, honey.  The sun is shining, your hair is growing back, and you have a gleaming new bookend.  Who cares what the world thinks?

  • Ah…California weather. She looks cute.

  • SewingSiren

    Funny thing if she had worn that dress I don’t think anyone would have commented on it’s similarity to Amanda Seyfried’s McQueen. It would have been compared to Audrey Hepburn’s Givenchy, that she wore to accept her Oscar for Roman Holiday, which I imagine was the reason that they chose the Valentino in the first place.

    • egl48

      Here is the Givenchy dress Hepburn wore when she received her Oscar:

    • butterflysunita

      After I read your comment, I looked up Audrey Hepburn’s Givenchy dress. With her short dark hair, Anne would definitely have been compared to Audrey Hepburn–and what could be better than that?  

  • GhostOfMisterPamuk

    I am going to weigh in here as a Hathaway detractor. I hesitate to use the word “hate” because that is extreme, but let’s say I do have a visceral  dislike of her that has intensified over the past year. First there was the endless discussion of her Dramatic Weight Loss, which isn’t entirely her fault but which she didn’t do much to quell, either. Then there was her sudden and unconvincing transformation into an avant garde fashionista. Her appeal is that she is the earnest theater geek next door so when she showed up wearing a black garbage bag and leg braces to the premiere of “Les Miz” was at least 100 times more awful than those embarrassing photos.It reeked of someone trying To Be Taken Seriously. Also, during the red carpet she made a joke about an Oscar win being the cherry on top of the “vegan ice cream” or something, which basically sums up everything that is irritating about her. It’s a figure of speech, Anne. Calm down. And don’t get me started on the stage whisper in her acceptance speech. Then there is the movie itself, which was a complete trainwreck disaster of a film. Yes, she sang well, but she is in it for approximately 7 minutes and two scenes in what amounted to a remake of the “Nothing Compares 2U” video. And after all that talk about her weight loss, you basically only ever see her face. (And that on-camera haircut was given to her by her actual stylist dressed up as a woman, a fact that I find endlessly irritating) The ENTIRE POINT of her doing that movie was to win an Oscar. Yes, everyone in Hollywood wants an Oscar, but cover your tracks a little, woman. You are an actor after all!

    • MaryanneGirl

      1) In my attempt to avoid her, I TOTALLY missed the trashbag/leg braces outfit. I am just…flabbergasted staring at the photos of her in it. WTF. Thank you for bringing my attention to that! 
      2) I stated in my comment that I get the Oscar attempt, it’s a huge deal for any actor in Hollywood & I respect the desire for one. However, I think I really lost some respect for her when I read the interview about how she seemingly boasted that the director “begged” her to stop losing weight for the film.  That’s…cool? 

    • alyce1213

      Love.  I want to add to your well articulated list. I was so tired of all her suffering, reaching into depths of her darkness, starving herself, chopping off her hair, cry-singing live take after take for perfection — all in the name of Realism, to convince us she’s a syphilitic whore and bona fide actress.  So I go to this trainwreck, as you call it, and she comes onscreen and all I can see is a set of large, white, perfect, $25K Fifth Ave Dentist choppers.  

      I don’t know — her 7 min + 2 scenes > Amy Adams? Helen Hunt?  I don’t think so.

      I too have had a visceral dislike of her from the get-go; I wasn’t sure why at first, but now I know.

    • EEKstl

      Well stated.  I never minded her much until recently.  I think it’s that knowingly modulated “earnestness” that was the final nail in the coffin for me.  That and the eye-rolling decision to REALLY cut off her hair.  That’s why they call it “acting.” For the record, I HATED “Les Miz.”  It was a vapid, overblown snorefest that made Ken Russell look like Ingmar Bergman. 

  • IAmJ

    The dress is cute.

    Also, as a person born in a second-world country, I am in utter disbelief at the hoopla this whole dress situation has generated in all kinds of media.

  • LauraWL

    I cannot tell a lie. I think Hathaway is super earnest (which can be grating) but the girl works hard. So I don’t mind it. And I think this outfit is super cute and I hope she is nursing a heavy hangover behind those glasses. Girl deserves a little letting loose (and the right to wear her boyfriend’s big cozy sweater). 

  • RescueMe23

    I’ll take her problems over mine any day….and, I’d like that dress as well.  

  • MaryanneGirl

    Here’s how I view it: I don’t hate her. I thought she made a lovely Fantine. I wasn’t mad about her campaign for the Oscar, as TLo said, it’s been done before & it’ll be done again. But I’m so tired of hearing her name and seeing her face. That’s not even necessarily her fault – things have just been so saturated with her, and I’m looking forward to her taking a break, so we can all have one as well. 🙂 

  • Zippypie

    Love the dress, sandals and sunglasses.  The bag, not so much.  The sweater – well, being a woman who gets cold in restaurants, I empathize.

    But honestly, you make your own bed.  It wasn’t that she campaigned so hard for Oscar.  It’s HOW she went about it that grated on my nerves and her respective “earnest” winning speeches that irritated the hell out of me.  She blew it with the dress debacle because she was trying so hard to be loved by all.  I really wished she had just said fuck it and worn what she wanted to without a second, third, tenth, fiftieth thought for anyone else’s opinion.  Hopefully, she’s learned that.

  • lamamu

     It wouldn’t have been an issue if the Valentino had been done in a color…any color.

  • DTLAFamilies

    From a PR point of view, I don’t get this Poor Annie thing at all. It’s all over the press today which makes me think someone on her team planted the story. And then there are these photos: I’m going to take a pap-friendly stroll to my car while looking like my kitten died. Why does she/her PR team think this is a good strategy? How does this help her career or public image in any way? If you’re truly that wounded the thing to do is slap a happy face on and pretend it ain’t a thing (an Oscar-winning actress should be able to pull this off) or stay the hell home if you truly can’t stop yourself from looking like a sad panda. It all feels very contrived and I can’t figure out why they are doing this.

    • unbornfawn

      It only makes those of us who grew weary of her pole dancing for the Oscar even more weary. Don’t WIN the Oscar and then put on a poor poor pitiful me show in the press. It certainly doesn’t endear you to those fickle fans who are more interested in your good work than you. Just be happy with the moment. A moment, by the way, very few extremely talented, worthy actors will ever experience. Not everyone is going to like you all the time. It is a time to be joyful and not worry about criticism or people who don’t like you.

  • AViewer44

    For a minute I thought se was putting gas in the tank! Poor sad Annie.

  • l_c_ann

    Here’s a different twist that hasn’t been talked to death.

    Let’s take our Oscar with a heavy dose of irony.

    Natalie Portman lost weight to be stick thin to dance as a ballerina and SHE WON.

    Anne Hathaway lost weight to be stick thin to sing as a downtroden and SHE WON.

    Coincidence about the body mass indices?

    • Coco Cornejo

      Yeah, I would say it’s a coincidence. 

    • CozyCat

      Cherize Theron put on a lot of weight, and not only won but won without any hint of backlash because her performance was so heartfelt..

    • Cz

      Jennifer Hudson lost no weight at all (for the role) and she won.

  • melissaisasnob

    If you cannot take the heat, get out of the kitchen. 

  • I love this enough that now I want to wear florals today. But it’s raining. THANKS A LOT ANNE.

  • Cute brunch look, though I hate the purse. And I’m glad that she’s just carrying the sweater. 

    ETA: I have always, and will always (hopefully) love Annie.

    • Coco Cornejo

      Here’s what’s weird about the purse: the strap is okay, but the snakeskin pattern on the purse itself doesn’t work with the floral pattern of the dress. Perhaps she chose the purse while wearing the sweater…If only I put this much thought into what I wear! 0_O

  • Imasewsure

    This is so cute. Hate that bag!

  • Cathy S

    No on the sweater. A light cardigan would be nice but that thing is gigantic and too heavy. She looks really cute, in a sad face kind of way. I like Anne and I’m sorry she’s getting so much crap.

  • To be fair, I get the same depressed face every time I am forced to get into my luxury sports car. Can’t I just drive a Prius instead?

  • Nonmercisansfacon

    Bwahaha “Leave Annie alone”! That is a thing really? First-world scandal at its best!  People are offended that the an over-privileged actress (Oscar-winning actress now at that) is experiencing some kind of internet/ public perception backlash (the other coin of Hollywood adulation)? This backlash isn’t affecting her career, Les Misérables made a crapload of money, people will continue on watching her movies, she won an andless list of awards. Nobody deserves to be liked nor do they deserve to be injustly vilified and reviled. She is not reviled as far as I can see,  just increasingly disliked by some, just like Taylor Swift. All the snark will come down (like it did for Kate Winslet). Or it will live on as was the case with Gwyneth. In any case, Hathaway will be fine!    

  • LindsayGoon

    WANT! Anyone know who this dress is by?

  • Love the dress and sandals. Wish I was wearing them now!

  • She’s probably relieved she doesn’t have to kiss any ass for a while.  Love the dress and sandals!  

  • SVLynn

    Thanks for posting that link,I was wondering what all the fuss was about, she should have stuck with it. It is pretty insane how much hate their is on the internet for this girl, I feel bad for her. Don’t the designers themselves know who is wearing what and wouldn’t want two dresses that were so similar on the red carpet. So if Valentino wasn’t worried, she shouldn’t be? Maybe Amanda’s dress wasn’t Valentino? Kind of crazy the media hyper over it all.

  • glennethph

    Please go away. People will miss you if your smug face doesn’t pop up on their feed for a while.

    But seriously, I’m loving the bad press.  She deserves all that for the little gold man she coveted.

  • meowing

    Maybe other BK’s have said the same thing (haven’t read all the responses), but, with all the less-than-body-conscious (aka tight) dresses, could be she pregnant?

  • CassandraMortmain

    I saw pics of her wearing the sweater and boy did that drag the look down.  She might as well have been wearing a snuggie.  Actually, I think the snuggie would have looked better.  The purse is hideous.  Especially with the floral dress, which would be a cute look with a different sweater and purse.

    Even this sad-faced Anne is grating.  It just seems so calculated.  Clearly she and her pr people sprang into action to try to provide a counterbalance to all the “Hathahate.”  And I think that’s what bugs me and maybe a lot of people.  Every move she makes just comes across as so pretentious, so calculated, and so insincere.  You just won an Oscar, bitch.  And you recently married someone who looks like Ryan Gosling’s less attractive brother, so hold your head up and get on with your life.  And maybe lay low for a little bit and give everyone time to forget about you.  And maybe learn some lessons before your next pole-dance. 

    I’m sure that everyone does at least some campaigning for the awards,  but her ambition was so naked and so grating (that word again).  Her speeches were almost uniformly ridiculous.  Using the award as a blunt object to bludgeon her self-doubt, or whatever the hell it was she said?  Seriously, what human talks like that?  And all the earnest entreaties about prostitution, poverty, etc.  Save it for a more appropriate venue.  The whispered “It came true!” was gag-worthy.  As far back as Brokeback Mountain days, there were stories about her maneuvering to get more of the spotlight.  She needs to learn how to cloak her wild ambition just a little bit better if she wants to come across more sympathetically.  And yes, there was something a little tacky about pulling focus for a supporting actress role.  And finally, she does suffer mightily by having to share the spotlight with JLaw, who is the anti-Anne.  JLaw may be just as ambitious and calculating but she comes across as so much more likeable, natural and charming.

    As for the press release, this was all about not burning bridges with Valentino.  I think she should have worn the dress.  It really was no more similar to Seyfried’s dress (which was lavender with a nude lace overlay) than it was to all the other lacy nude dresses on the red carpet.  It would have been as if Jessica Chastain had switched dresses at the last minute because there were some other art deco-inspired dresses on the red carpet.  Annie, you’re enough of a fashionista to know that the Valentino dress was simply on trend.  Or did you want to be the only one wearing that style?  Not likely to happen.

    FWIW, I never took Anne seriously as an actor until I saw her in Twelfth Night in Central Park a few years ago.  It was a magical production and she was magic in the role. 

  • It is adorable except for the purse.  This is the time to pull out that yellow stella mccartney purse she wears w/everything else…

  • i dread the inevitable jennifer lawrence backlash to come.  *sighs*  i’m glad we’re going to quit feeding on annie, though. this look is AH. DORBZ.

  • Aren’t we required to add “Oscar Winner” to her name from now on??

  • is this a dress or a voile jumpsuit?  either way i love it.  also hot for the purse and the sunglasses.

  • sweetlilvoice

    How cold is it in the restaurant? Why does she need such a heavy sweater with a spring dress?

  • librarygrrl64

    Love the maxi and the sandals, but that purse does NOT go with.

  • Tuneful54

    When I watch her on the circuit, I always feel like I am
    watching someone who is trying too hard and is calculating.   It gets
    on your nerves after awhile.

    I saw her in the movie. 
    She did a good job.  Was it the
    best performance in that category I saw all year? No!! And, it was seven
    minutes and two scenes long, as someone else pointed out.

    As someone who recovered from anorexia, I don’t think
    losing weight for a role beyond even what your director tells you to do should be
    admired, constantly brought up, or rewarded (this goes for NP as well), along with her hair, an effect that could have been achieved other ways.  Perhaps the Academy wanted “Les Mis” to get an
    award beyond a technical one, as it is the kind of  “message about humanity” movie and big, schlocky musical that Hollywood likes.  

    I like her dress and sandals here.  Perhaps she’s atoning further by wearing stuff that
    even the little people can find at Marshall’s or Macy’s. As for the solemnity, maybe all is not well
    in Marriedville. Remember that creepy JJ, who was the picture of support to Sandra
    Bullock when she won her Oscar.

    • I think Judy Dench beats her for the ratio of screen time to supporting award. She won for Shakespeare in Love and was in one rather short scene and with barely a couple of lines. Of course lots of people think this was some sort of apology for losing the larger category the prior year to Helen Hunt.

    • Dot

      I don’t know. Plenty of actors have had to lose drastic amounts of weight for roles
      and have been questioned incessantly about it after the fact. Seems
      pretty par for the Hollywood course, as sad as that is. Similarly, Hathaway was questioned constantly about her weight loss for the film and I actually read interviews with her where she said she didn’t want to glamorize it — I thought that was a pretty decent response on her part.

      • Society is obsessed with women’s bodies and no matter how much the woman in question does not want to talk about it, the jackass morons who write about the entertainment industry will ALWAYS  force the question.  I wish these gals would really put their foot down about it.  ScarJo got the closest when pointing out that she was getting body questions while her co-star was getting real questions.  That was when the Avengers came out.  George Takei posted a picture someone made called “If male superheros were posed like female superheros.”

        • FemaleOnTheInterwebs

          I totally agree with everything you said here, but I get the impression that the actresses who are hounded are pretty trapped and can’t say anything.  Not only is society obsessed with women’s bodies, but it ALSO gets very annoyed when women get rightfully pissed (“Haha, PMS!”) or when they have strong opinions (“OMG, BITCH!”).  If they pointed out how screwed up it is to constantly be asked about their bodies, I think it’s reasonable to expect that a good number of people would respond like, “How ungrateful!  It’s a COMPLIMENT,” or, “You knew the risks being an attractive woman in Hollywood.”  Of course, bitter kittens. unborn fawns and other awesome people would be showering the actress in praises, but I fear that the same number of people — if not more — would think speaking up made her look like a thankless, self-absorbed bitch.  Siiiiigh.

  • rainwood1

    If that driveway happens to be in Malibu, I’m not going to feel sorry for her ever.  

  • Qitkat

    “It came true” was no more cringeworthy than *You like me, you really like me*. And look at the respect Ms Fields now holds.
    I don’t read very much (almost none) internet/celebrity gossip, I can barely stomach Entertainment Tonight on an irregular basis. I am pretty much unfamiliar with the distaste the entire world (apparently) holds for her. CALM DOWN indeed.

    Added: I meant to say this is a very charming dress. Sweet.

  • siriuslover

    I question Amanda Seyfried emailing AH a picture of her dress, probably knowing what AH had planned to wear. Sounds a little mean girl to me, but what do I know.  I liked parts of Anne’s dress and not other parts. It happens. I still like HER and like her as an actress, and I totally think this dress is cute (even with the bra strap, but hey, she’s a real girl and that happens). You go, girl!

  • j_anson

    Aw, she looks low-key and adorable. She’s never dropped of my irrational love list, though, so there you are.

  • butterflysunita

    She would have rocked the Valentino.  

  • this, with some editing would have been refreshing at the Oscars…”sigh”

  • guest2visits

    This is very pretty – not totallly on board with the pairing of the lizard print; but it’s a pretty look.
    Think she’ll be letting her hair grow – or keeping it short?

  • Purse is Stella McCartney. And yes, it’s too soon.

  • I don’t get the hysteria. She did her job, which happens to include the pole dancing. Nothing wrong with wanting the recognition of your industry and putting in the work. If one gets tired of seeing her, one needs to get off the Internet. 

    That being said, love the dress, hate the purse.

  • Laylalola

    I do wonder if there’s some sort of post-Oscar depression after all the fanfare. Wake up the next day and … it’s just a cold trophy. 

  • Those Prada sunglasses were mad for her. I love that she loves them. Cute dress.

  • libraangel

    “Clusterfuck” LOL Anne hippie letdown after Nipplegate. Seth was singing “We’ve seen your boobs”

  • Is THAT the dress? For heaven’s sake, they are nothing alike except for that dishwater-grey color. Both these women can, and should, wear strong clear colors. 

  • I’m just glad the hair is nice.  Did she really publicly apologize for her dress?  That is insane.  People are insane.  I’m surprised Flo hasn’t sacked her for that dress.

  • Jecca2244

    good gosh, someone give her a hug and send her to St. Barths for a week. She looks so sad!

  • ms_kat

    I think she looks great here. And this is the bra she should wear forever because it’s Wacoal-like in its perfection as an undergarment.

  • boweryboy

    Why isn’t she happy?  She got her Oscar.

    Or did she piss off too many people and now the backlash is hitting her?

    Outside of that she’s looks cute. I like the dress.

    • libraangel

      She isn’t happy because she got a lot of criticism for the Prada dress

      • boweryboy

        That dress! It was a poor last minute choice.  She should have stuck with the Valentino even if someone else was wearing something similar.

        She’ll forever be known as Nipple Annie.

  • RzYoung

    I love this dress and I’m not too sick of her- on the Portman Scale (PS) she’s only at an 8 right now.

  • H2olovngrl

    Just out of curiosity, what is Anne driving here? Anyone know?

  • Adore the dress. The noticeable bra cups, not so much.

  • I’ve spent all oscar season flinching and taking all the Hathaway-backlash personally. Because I have a feeling that were I thrust into  being a moviestar someday I would be the same sort of earnest super-into it moviestar that Hathaway is, mostly because I cannot imagine not being crazy excited about everything. 
    The Best Actress Poledance always irritates me, as does the backlash which is something I can’t really remember being directed at any man up for the Best Actor award (Although I’ve only been watching the Oscars for 3/4 years now). 
    Her dress wasn’t to my taste and I prefer the one she didn’t wear, but how this has become such a huge deal is beyond me.

    • boweryboy

      Wasn’t it Supporting Actress she was poledancing for?

  • peachy

    the purse, the sweater, and that smashed-down-like-she-is-a-four-year-old-boy-heading-to-church hair.

  • E. D.

    I hate jumpsuits and I hate florals, so…

    Still don’t mind Anne though.

  • Beardslee

    Maybe I’m the only person in America who liked her Oscar dress.  I liked its simplicity and I thought it was interesting.  I usually like the way she dresses. 

    • kathrineb

      My biggest problem with the Oscar dress was with the darts and there placement. It drove me nuts that people thought it was her erect nipples. BADLY PLACED DARTS PEOPLE not nipples!

      Also from what I remember it had a pretty high neckline and those rarely look good on more well endowed ladies.

  • kathrineb

    I think this look is really cute. But then I LOVE florals.

    I think her street looks are often a lot better than her red carpet choices.

    She is rocking the hair and those glasses really suit her.

    I am ambivalent towards her but I think people that really hate her may be a bit jealous.