After-Oscars WERQ: Jennifer Lawrence in Calvin Klein

Posted on February 26, 2013

After breaking out the big, poofy princess gown for the Oscars, Jennifer headed to the after-parties in something that sends a message slightly more straightforward and easy to read:


Jennifer Lawrence attends the 2013 Vanity Fair Oscar Party in a Calvin Klein strap gown accessorized with Brian Atwood shoes and Shay jewelry.

“Winner, winner, chicken dinner, bitches!  Suck it.”


You WERQ that moment of glory, girl.


[Photo Credit: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]

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  • Jangle57

    Anne Hathaway, please contact Jennifer Lawrence and find out who her stylist is…

    • lbl

      They have the same stylist: Rachel Zoe.

      • NC_Meg

        Clearly Rachel was playing favorites on Oscar night.

        • Coco Cornejo

          Rachel must have sent one of her assistants to Anne’s house…

          • DinaSews

            Haha. Maybe Rachel was too busy getting her NY Fashion collection together to do both? Although, Anne would seem to have more of an opinion on her selection than Jennifer.  We have all seen the results of the stars who dress themselves.

          • AnaRoW

            Or she sent one of her assistants to Jennifer’s house.

          • NC_Meg

             Plot twist!

      • Jecca2244

        Woah. Did not know that Rachel styled Jennifer, too. Interesting. 

        • lbl

          It’s a recent thing. I think she started last fall.

        • 3boysful

           That explains the backwards necklace theme we had going at the ceremony.

      • Candigirl1968

        Rachel is not a good fit for Jennifer.  At all. 

        • PaulaBerman

          Maybe it’s part of Jennifer’s charm that makes her hard to style. She has qualities that seem rare among Hollywood starlets: genuineness, real self-effacing modesty, and spontaneity. She is really a dork and not afraid (or able) to hide it all the time, and that affects how she looks in certain garments, hair and make up styles. I don’t think this is true in posed spreads like the swan-necked Dior shoot, but when she is live-action, she gets nervous and needs to feel comfortable in order to look her best. Glad she lost the black hair and bangs from SLPB. Those were not her friend.

    • ChiliP

      The sad thing is I think the both have the same stylist (Rachel Zoe). Regardless, JLaw’s stylist doesn’t always come through for her, but they certainly did on the one night it really counts.

      • You can’t blame Rachel Zoe for how the contractually obligated Dior has performed. I know that additional non-acting revenue streams are important, but if I were on JLaw’s team, I’d think long and hard about whether to enter one of these Dior-like relationships again. On the other hand, as much as I love her, Dior has to be giving Jlaw the side-eye right now, because she made their clothes look difficult to wear. Not one, but two, walks to the podium ended up having something go weirdly. between this dress and how good she looked at the 2011 Oscars, she should go with Calvin Klein.

        • “Dior has to be giving Jlaw the side-eye right now, because she made their clothes look difficult to wear”

          Well, it isn’t exactly leggings and a t-shirt. 😉 These clothes are not easy to wear. 

          It is the sheer effort that everyone puts in on a regular basis that makes it look easy. I wore a ballgown once, never again. It was painful, difficult to move about in, you had to be cautious all the time to make sure nobody stepped on it, and even with all my caution at the end of the night the tulle skirt had a tear in it. 

          And I think the first incident was not Jlaws fault at all – that seemed to be a “feature” of the dress. Whether one wants a feature that exposes your mid thigh as a surprise and makes the wearer and everyone watching fear the skirt is about to fall off completely and all of a sudden you are wearing a miniskirt.. it is not something most people would sign up for..

          She handled it beautifully, it certainly got a lot of press and everyone can tell you which brand of dress she was wearing – maybe that is what a fashion house wants in someone representing their brand.

          • Fashion people are not, to my knowledge, known for being sympathetic about the difficulty of their clothes. I can’t imagine that paying the wearer to wear them would make them more so. When these fashion houses negotiate to put their dresses on certain actresses, they don’t want the dress itself to be a negative story. I’m not saying it’s fair, but since it’s part of a financial arrangement, I can’t honestly say it’s unfair either.

            For the record, I don’t think it’s her fault either, but why obligate yourself to struggle with Dior if you look uniformly bangin’ (and comfortable!) in Calvin Klein?

    • Yulie29

      It’s not the stylist so much as Jennifer Lawrence being awesome while Anne Hathaway is trying too hard. People should never seem to be *trying* to be funny or hot, it’s a turnoff. 

      • VioletFem

        Enough with the Anne hate. 

        •  or how about ‘to each their own’

          • VioletFem

            I agree with that sentiment. You don’t have to bash one starlet, just to praise the other.

        • ChiliP

          Yeah, I’m there with you. Annie was starting to get on my nerves, but the amount of vitriol being thrown her way is alarming. From my understanding, her biggest crime is being somewhat insufferable in a theater kid kinda way. But she says some badass feminist things (her response to the no underwear shots was amazing) and is very involved with some great charitable organizations, so I have a hard time getting more than mildly annoyed with her.

          Really though, I want to stop the trend of belitting one woman to praise another. It’s unnecessary.

          • Mary229

            One of the things I try to remember too is that all of these women have naturally different personalities.  Like all of us, some of them deal more easily with stress and anxiety than others. Jennifer seems to be someone who can easily brush things off.  Bless her for that.  Anne may not be that woman and that doesn’t make her a bad person.  It just makes her different.

          • ChiliP

            I agree. And frankly, some people just rub you the wrong way, so I don’t have a problem with people being put off by her. However, there seems to be an internet theme (not here, but elsewhere) of really really REALLY hating Anne, and it seems to be entirely self-generating.

            I read an article earlier about how Anne practiced her speech several times to appear more likeable, and it kind of broke my heart a little (well, as much as my heart can break for a millionaire, Oscar-winning actress) because I’m sure she’s well aware of her public perception and desperately wants to change it. She seems like a good person, whose over-the-top eagerness can be offputting to people, and I hope she lays low for awhile now that she has her Oscar.  She’s beautiful and talented, and hopefully the public perception will eventually return to her favor.

          • Mary229

            Agreed.  You know, I admit fully that I need a little break from her right now.  But I also try to be sympathetic that all these women just have different ways of dealing with stress.  I’m not asking anyone else to do that and I get if others just want to snark and don’t care.  That’s fine.  It’s just how I personally approach this stuff.

          • ampg

            I totally agree with you. I have a soft spot for her because I suspect we have the same sort of teacher’s-pet personality, and I know how frustrating it is to be always chasing that ineffable effortlessness that people like JLaw just seem to have in spades.  Because somehow working hard and being good at what you do isn’t enough for a lot of people.

          • CozyCat

            I’ve come to find her a little irritating (in the “irrationally unlikeable” sense–I have no real reason for not liking her). 

            But I didn’t really feel that way until Le Miz came out.  I wonder if some of that film’s overkill has concentrated on her.  If so, then it will wear off when her next project comes out.

        • Nancy Dunn

          There was no Anne hate. She was expressing her opinion, as are you. Anne was trying too hard. It was getting silly. That’s my opinion.

          • VioletFem

            Yes there was. I’m not saying she has to love her, but the constant Anne bashing is getting really really really really really REALLY old.

          • Leave people alone to express their opinions, even if you don’t agree with them or like hearing them.

          • VioletFem

            I was expressing my opinion as well and did not prevent anyone from expressing theirs. Besides, there has been plenty of comments talking about  how “annoying” she is, with hardly an opposing viewpoint. 

          •  “Enough with the Anne hate” is not merely expressing an opinion; it’s telling people with different opinions to stop expressing them. Disagreement is fine, comment-policing (of which there seems to be an epidemic this morning) is not.

          • VioletFem

            I disagree, but to each their own.

          • pahtyplatta

            “Enough with the [blank]” is also a fairly common way to express exasperation with something.  Choosing to take it literally is pretty silly when VioletFem doesn’t actually have moderating power over this comment board.

          • I’m going to follow up here on a few deleted comments and ask nicely that anyone who has an opinion on this exchange kindly keep it to themselves. How we moderate the comments on our own site is not a topic up for public debate. 

        • Yulie29

          I found Anne Hathaway very likable earlier in her career, and felt that she’d been somewhat unlucky to be the less-noticed one in some of her movies. But she caught the “must win an Oscar” bug this year that has afflicted others before, and it did her no good. That doesn’t mean I hate her personally, or that my opinion is “bashing”. 

          I do dislike her haircut, though.

          • VioletFem

            Fair enough, it just seems that the she has garnered a ridiculous amount of vitriol for nothing more than being excited about being nominated for a major award.

          • Yulie29

            It’s the first time I’ve expressed an opinion about her one way or another this award season (at least, I think so).

            The comparisons between her and Lawrence are inevitable. Two talented young actresses who just won their first Oscars – that kind of invites it.

          • Mary229

            I agree that it’s very hard not to compare especially when we are discussing fashion.  But like I said above, I do think it’s important that we try to remember that we don’t know what is going on behind the scenes emotionally with these women.  Jennifer has the advantage of being 22 years old on her side as well. 

          • ” I do think it’s important that we try to remember that we don’t know what is going on behind the scenes emotionally with these women. ”

            This sentiment is, I’m sorry, totally out of place here. We make fun of celebrities all the time, day in and day out, and we don’t discourage any of our readers from doing the same. There are general rules against body-snarking and outright nastiness, but we hardly think a sentiment like “Anne Hathaway is trying way too hard” needs to be met with such introspection. 

          • Mary229

            Huh? Why is it out of place to remember that these women are human beings?  I’m not discouraging snark nor did I disagree with you above when you told peole to stop policing comments.  I’m only sharing how I personally approach these things.  I’m not asking others to do the same.

          • This is supposed to be a fun place where we and our readers spout off about celebrities and what they’re wearing. “Anne Hathaway is trying too hard” is exactly the kind of commentary we actively seek from our readers and none of them deserve a lecture for saying it. 

          • pahtyplatta

            But where you’re seeing a lecture, a lot of us are seeing an open and, especially by internet standards, fairly civil discussion.

          • Yes, I’m seeing lectures in:

            “Enough with the Anne hate” and

            “It’s important that we try to remember that we don’t know what is going on behind the scenes emotionally with these women.”

            You know what ISN’T a lecture?

            “I disagree that Anne’s trying too hard. I think people are being a little rough on her. I’m happy for her!”

            There’s a difference – and I’m asking the commenters to note that difference. I don’t like when our readers are taken to task for having an opinion after we ask them for their opinions. Once again: disagreement is fine. Telling people not to express an opinion or telling them the correct way to think before expressing their opinions goes against everything we try to set up here.

          • Mary229

            I’m not trying to lecture anyone.  I don’t even particularly disagree that she’s trying too hard.  I’m expressing my personal way of looking at these things and what I try to remind myself of before I criticize someone.  I’ll keep it to myself from now on. Honestly, guys…I’m finding your reaction to this really dissapointing. I’m trying to be respectful of everyone here. We can have fun and snark and still talk these things out every once and while.

            Yes, it’s super fun to snark about fashion. But the reality is that there are emotionally components to all of this and to our reactions to these things. Especially when it comes to something like the Oscars.

            I’m sorry being introspective offended you? It’s just confusing to me.

          • ” I’m expressing my personal way of looking at these things and what I try to remind myself of before I criticize someone.”

            I’m sorry, but no, you’re not. You’re telling someone else how THEY should think of these things. You didn’t say “I try to remember that…” You said, “IT’S IMPORTANT THAT WE try to remember that…”

            Huge difference. And I’m asking you to please take note of it.

            “I’m sorry being introspective offended you? It’s just confusing to me.”

            I never said anything about being offended.

            Introspection is when you think something through on your own. Lecturing is when you tell someone else how they’re supposed to think about things. It wasn’t your introspection that I took issue with; it was your lecture.

          • AViewer44

            This is exactly why I keep coming back to your site!   Also, no-one seems to remember the old Andy Warhol adage, “Don’t pay attention to what they write about you.  Just measure it in inches.”   Anne Hathaway has certainly gotten a lot of inches here, so what’s to complain about? No doubt that’s what her publicists think.

          • Interesting re: her hair because my friends and I have been marveling at how well she’s dealing with the inevitable awkward grow out phase (she cut it for Les Mis).

          •  I just simply remind myself this is the actress I fell in love with in The Princess Diaries and Ella Enchanted (much like I (and I suspect thousands, if not millions, fell in love with Julia Roberts in Pretty Women)….  stress is a powerful thing….we all deal with it differently…. 🙂 

            changing the subject….fascinating thing about the silver dress above (fun with foil!) is how it reflects- in the first shot I swore it was gold and silver….how would this have looked on the RC with all the color around it? would you recommend it or not for major RC?

      • Here is my thought.. Imma just gonna throw it out there..

        Did people ever consider that maybe their interpretation of how hard Anne is trying might be incorrect?You know, sometimes, we listen to what the other people are saying about someone and take that opinion on as our own when it isn’t actually merited. I’d like to see people provide actual examples of how Anne was trying too hard? Actual specifics? Is it just an overall feeling that people have? Or is it one of those she is a tall poppy so we must cut her down type things?There is a lot of politics in the movie industry that those of us not in it are (mostly) completely unaware of. What might be interpreted by some as “trying too hard” might actually be “trying not to upset anyone who might vote for me to win an award that I have wanted for years and would really like to receive”.On top of that, the difference in age, the difference in personalities, the difference in personal experience, the difference in length of time in the industry.. these are two entirely different people. And we should celebrate that. If everyone were awesome like Jennifer Lawrence, we would be so bored with that kind of awesome, and be looking for a different kind of awesome.

        The trouble with all of this is just like the trouble with movies – it is all subjective. I might see a movie and love it. The second person might hate it. The third person might be what the heck did I just watch? The fourth person might hear what the second person said on Twitter and decide to hate it just because that person hated it. 

        Anyway, throwing it out there, if anyone finds these thoughts useful it was worth typing. 😉

        • “The trouble with all of this is just like the trouble with movies – it is all subjective.”

          Which is why I don’t think it’s a good idea to start asking people to provide examples of “trying too hard.” No two people are ever going to agree on so subjective a topic.

          • This is 100% true.

            All I can say is, I have heard a lot of talk about it, and yet when I ask people to get specific, they end up having a complete rethink on it and end up changing their opinion*, because they cannot think of any specific examples.

            So perhaps consider it more of a question to ask yourself internally, and have a good think about.

            Me personally, I cannot provide one example of Anne trying too hard. 

            I can provide examples of her perhaps choosing to take the safer option fashion wise. 

            (*Kind of like when my other half asked me to go and see Avatar, and I said no way am I going to sit in a theatre for 2.5 hours to watch a movie about blue people. But he talked me into it, and the jellyfish enthralled me, and I ended up loving it)

          • Mary229

            Here’s the thing….I actually thought her Oscar speech was an example of the kind of “trying too hard” that people sometimes talk about.  That’s an example.  That said, I tend to be in the camp where I try to step back and remember that all of these women are under tremendous pressure and anxiety–different from their male peers—and that can be difficult.

        • pahtyplatta

          It’s just something that happens (mostly to actresses).  Collectively the public just seems to decide they’ve had enough.  It doesn’t help that Anne’s eagerness to please – a quality that happens to make her a great performer – reads (to a lot of people apparently) as needy and phony in real life.  Regardless of the fact that the image that EVERY star and starlet puts out is exactly that – an image.  And regardless of the fact that Anne was just more transparent about wanting something that EVERYONE in her field wants: more than just an Oscar, acceptance, recognition, etc.  And if Jennifer Lawrence isn’t careful with how she moderates her own image, the same backlash can just as well happen to her.

        • I totally agree. What is trying too hard??

        • VioletFem

          Very well articulated. No one can really point to any specifically horrific thing that Anne did to really garner all this hate. It just seems that she reached a bit of media over-saturation because she was promoting her films last year and she seemed also seemed to be at every award ceremony. 

          But this trend of building an actress up, just to tear her down seems to happen every award season (see Natalie Portman during her Oscar moment). Even JLaw got a bit of backlash for her “I beat Meryl!” joke at the GG from people who clearly had no sense of humor. 

          • Lisa_Cop

            Don’t get me started on Portman. I happen to know Sarah Lane, the ABT ballerina who was Portman’s dance double and was told to shut up or else. But I digress….

        • I think she’s dorky, but I kind of like it (she’s young and at least she’s trying to be more than just a vapid famous actress). That said, her speeches in particular were sort of grating. I mean, “Thank you very much for this lovely blunt object that I will forevermore use as a weapon against self doubt.” !?!?!? Ridiculous. It didn’t sound like anything a human would say. For the same reason that I’ve never been able to sit through Meet the Parents, I couldn’t watch the rest. She deserved the Oscar, completely. But when she was announced, I was like “good for you!” and quickly started fast forwarding before she could say anything. For the record, this is also my first time commenting on the talented dork that is Anne Hathaway.

          • But put that “lovely blunt object” part in, say, Daniel Day-Lewis’s voice, and it’s really different, isn’t it?  Charming, even.  But when it’s Anne, people think it’s fake.  That’s the part I don’t get – people don’t take her at face value, and she’s the only one this awards season who’s getting that treatment.

          • What if Mush Mouth from Fat Albert said it? What if Grimace said it? What if Sam Jackson sucked some helium and said it? There’s an infinite number of hypotheticals, but I doubt anyone would be able to pull that line off. The construction of that particular sentence is so awkward that it speaks to her skills that she was even able to get the words out.

            And Daniel Day Lewis didn’t say it. His Oscar speech was pretty simple and only sounded more poetic (or whatever) because of his accent.

            I work in public relations; that’s what I’m procrastinating from doing at this moment. This is my take. The fact that she’s the only one getting this treatment is evidence of a communications and perception problem. There are loads of other smart actresses (Jessica Chastain and Naomi Watts immediately come to mind) who did not have this issue this season. So, while the world is often unfair to women and Hollywood even more so, this is not a widespread “people tear down smart women” situation we’re seeing. It’s an “Anne Hathaway’s Oscar campaign was problematic image-wise” problem. It’s not fair that people are asked to do this undertaking while hiding their naked ambition, but there you have it. It’s like how figure skaters have to smile while they do a quadruple Lutz.

          • Glammie

            Brava.  I think AH has always had this eager-to-please look-at-me aspect to her public persona–it’s been part of her charm, but it got overexposed.  The whole thing reminds me of Sally Fields’ infamous “You really like me!” Oscar acceptance speech.  Has any acceptance speech ever so damaged a career?  Unfortunately, that need for approval and attention that so many (nearly all?) actors have tends repel people if it’s too obvious.  In general, I think British actors have a better sense of how to handle acceptance speeches–gracious, funny, self-deprecating–Judi Dench for Shakespeare in Love, Michael Caine for Ciderhouse Rules, Helen Mirren for the Queen. On the American side,  Meryl Streep’s, last year, made me like her better “Her–*again*?”

            But, hell, Don Ameche eventually learned to act, at some point, AnnE may learn to give a less-grating acceptance speech and Jen Lawrence will learn to walk in a ball gown.

          • formerlyAnon

            Bless you for referencing Fields’ “You really like me!” speech. It leapt immediately to mind as I was reading these and I did not have the energy to formulate something on the topic.

          • Mistie Holler

            Aah, so THAT’S where ‘You really like me!’ came from! I just always thought it was a weird thing that Priscilla Presley said at the end of the Naked Gun. Knew it was a parody but didn’t know what of.

          • Glammie

            Okay, now I feel old.  Anyway, yes, when Sally Field won her second Best Actress award–she gushed and, boy, her career went spinning down the toilet.

          • fursa_saida

            Gonna add Emma Thompson for adapting Sense and Sensibility to your “charming acceptance speeches by British people” list. That one is a gem.

          • Lisa_Cop

            Attentions seeking is not a likeable trait, especially when that talent is overrated by producers. I think that is why stars like Hathaway and Portman garner vitriol while equally talented (if not more so) actresses like Naomi Watts, Jessica Chastain or Amy Adams don’t get that same supposed “hate”.

        • MaryAtRealityTea

          I don’t have a comment on Anne as a personality or as an actress, but her fashions as of late have been interestingly over-wrought for someone whose always had a very seemless sense of style.

          I’m chalking it up to a reinvention and a desire to create a new sartorial identity that maybe isn’t working out as well as she hoped. Great comment though. 🙂 

        • It’s, to me, not about specific actions or particular looks, it’s about the fact that she once looked like a gorgeous woman who was having fun with her actress career in a very refreshing way and, despite looking stunningly beautiful and being one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood nowadays, she always came off likeable, sweet, bubbly and even a little dorky. It could as well being a fassade (just as, according to many people here, Jennifer Lawrence’s whole persona), but it was, again, refreshing and she wore it amazingly. Then, after the release of Les Miz, there was a whole turn from “quirky” to “serious” that was very off-putting. It was never about the look, because the new image was always a way to play to the whole Fantine’s haircut and she worked it very well until the last weeks, it’s the whole change of attitude.

          And about the whole “if everyone were awesome like Jennifer Lawrence blahblahblah”, yeah, it would be boring, but the more talented actresses from Hollywood, like Jennifer, Anne and many others, are way better than the “I’m so serious I’m untouchable” schtick. Leave that thing to Angelina Jolie, who’s less worried about demonstrating her acting skills than trying to prove she has a perfect life and that she’s a goddess to the Third World.

          • Glammie

            Yeah, I think the campaigning hurt–same way it did Kate Winslet.  Winslet kept getting nominated, but it was only when she went Hollywood and did the relentless campaigning thing that she won.  Unfortunately, she hasn’t been as much fun since.

      • MaryAtRealityTea

        I think Anne has been trying to hard in the fashion department because she’s in a period of reinvention and she’s trying to find a new identity fashion-wise. I do think she needs to keep it a little more simple. On a few women can truly pull off complicated clothes and sadly there are very few Cate Blanchetts in the world. 🙂 I think Jennifer has a more straight-forward style at the moment which makes her clothing choices easier to make. 

        • Maybe it is just me who feels this way, but I sometimes feel that I have higher expectations of Anne fashion wise purely based on The Devil Wears Prada.

          It makes no sense to me when I think about it. It is a ridiculous thought that she should be any better at fashion than everyone else because she was in a movie about a fashion magazine. But I have that thought and I am willing to admit it. Out loud. 🙂

          But if it is not just me, and others feel the same..

          None of us have those kinds of expectations about Jennifer Lawrence because as far as I know she has not been in a movie like that and to be honest from the little I know about the movies she has been in (none of which I have seen), my impression has been that it involves a lot of futuristic space style suits, and who can learn anything about fashion from that except perhaps Dr Spock?  🙂

          • fursa_saida


          • Well, obvs. There is not much to learn about space jumpsuits. 

            On the other hand, if someone got him a Bedazzler? 

            Who knows what crimes against fashion would then be found on the Enterprise? 🙂

          • fursa_saida

            What would happen is that Kirk would steal it and promptly bedazzle himself to high heaven. For the ladies.

      • Yulie29

        I have to say that some of the replies to my earlier post read things into it that were certainly not my intention. On the other hand, there have been some really interesting points made in response and I appreciate that. 

        I would change one thing about my original post – rather than Lawrence being awesome, a more correct way of phrasing my thoughts would have been that she *comes across* as being awesome. So much of what we see and get is filtered via publicists, media, scripted and semi-scripted appearances, etc. I formed the impression that I did based on that; whether it’s true to who these two women are, I certainly have no idea.

        I will now go back to discussing fashion (and sorry for going so OT, TLo). I never did say how much I liked this dress,  though I was kind of meh on Lawrence’s hair.

        • VioletFem

          I’ve really enjoyed this discussion as well. I certainly wasn’t trying to shut you down in my earlier response, since I didn’t think anyone would interpret my comment so literally (And I am surprised that TLo did, it hardly seems worth getting so riled up about since “don’t hate” is a common expression, but sometimes phrases that you might verbalize out loud might come off a lot harsher when read in print). I really do appreciate the commenting section of this website since it is so hard to find communities on the internet where people can have opposing viewpoints without resorting to ad hominem attacks.

          • I didn’t get “riled up” over anything. We have an idea how we would like the comments section on our site to conduct itself and occasionally make comments to that effect.

            Now can we please get back to talking about Jennifer Lawrence’s dress?

          •  Yes!  I was hoping to find out more about JLaw’s jewelry not read five pages about Anne Hathaway.

        • Yulie29, I hope you did not take my comment personally as it was not intended that way. 🙂

          • Mary229

            I enjoyed the discussion too and I really appreciate all of your perspectives.  I also want to make clear that I misspoke in one of my posts.  I never meant to imply that other people are somehow obligated to care about the emotional stress that these women are under.  If you look at my posts I only used the word “we” one time and I said “I” every other time.   I was really only trying to share how I approach thse things and I totally understand if others just don’t view it that way.  Thanks for the civil disucssion and i liked hearing your thoughts! It’s interesting to hear different POV.

          • Mary229, I have learned the lesson from making the mistake too many times about things like “we” and “you” – and then people interpreting it as in YOU personally when I meant the third person generic you.. 

            In fact I generally go over what I have written and swap out “you” for “people” etc, I did it with that comment I made earlier. 

            Communication is difficult at the best of times in person – on the internet, with pure text on a screen and no smileys or emoticons or tone of voice.. it is virtually impossible.

            I think we do fairly well here, and I love that it is always such a civil discussion. 😉 

            I’m with you on how I personally try to approach things, I am from Australia and we have so much of the cutting people down tall poppy syndrome here. 

            Ever since it was trendy to hate on Kylie Minogue back in the 80’s here in this country, I have made it a point to ask why those feelings exist when those around me express them – it is just because everyone else is doing it, like wearing a pair of nude pumps? Or is there an actual reason behind it?


          • Mary229

            You are so right and thanks for the response.   I never meant to imply with that one post where I said “we” that others had to listen to me.  I was honestly just expressing how I felt about it.  It’s just easy to say the wrong thing when you are typing quickly and doing other things.   Thanks for the great discussion.  As for the nude pumps…I get why people hate them but I stil wear them.  They make my legs look good.  Sue me. 🙂

            One thing I can’t disagree on here is that Jennifer Lawrence seems to be on fire right now. What she is doing she is doing well. I’m happy for her.

        • Mary229

          I thought her hair was pitch perfect when she had the Princess gown on.  I would have loved more of a sleek pony with this gown if she was going to wear it up.  But I guess it’s not like these women have time to pull out their updos when they switch gowns. 🙂

        •  “I would change one thing about my original post – rather than how I wrote
          it, a more correct way of phrasing my thoughts would have been that
          Lawrence *comes across* as being awesome, and Hathaway *comes across* as
          trying too hard.”

          And that is JUST the kind of rollicking, bitchy, fun kind of discussion we’re looking for ’round these parts!


          • Yulie29

            I save the snark for figure skating. Do another costume recap and I will be there at my bitchy best, promise.

          • ChiliP

             TLo, these comments are making me laugh because you guys so desperately want to keep this (um, your) site lighthearted, and we keep disobeying. I tend to wax poetic on here, only to look over my comments later and think “wait, we’re talking about Taylor Swift’s dress…why did I start a discussion about the necessity of autonomy in a relationship?”. I want to thank you guys for this site, and for your humor and intellect, which has harbored a very diverse group of followers. You’re right- lets talk more about JLaw’s dress and how great her ass looks in it.

          • Yeah, wow. I think the TLo comments section ran smack-dab into a bunch of nice BKs trying really hard not to be Mean Girls. Which is an admirable thought process, but not as fun as observing that you could bounce a dime off this girl’s ass.

          • Oh, did you?  I’m sorry I missed that.  I find her a bit tragic.  But then again, I find most of the starlettes to be worthy of a “oh you poor sappy dog” head pat.  The others, I just want to shoot with a bebe gun and tell them to get off my lawn.

          • ampg

            You know why, though – it’s exactly because there’s a fairly rich community here of intelligent, reasonable people of the type not usually found in comment threads, so I think it tends to bring out the slightly more introspective comments because the commenters feel relatively safe.

            Anyway, I think JLaw is seriously awesome (FTR, I also think Anne Hathaway is seriously awesome) and I’m really impressed with how she often manages to inject just enough sex into her outfits to keep them really interesting.

  • Perfection.

    • aeb1986

       Agreed! Another win for J-Law in Calvin Klein! I think we found her designer. Simple/elegant and sexy as hell!

  • LeSourire

    I wonder if she had a back-up choice in the case that she did not win. I LOVE the dress, but I can’t imagine it giving off a great vibe had she not taken home the trophy she basically looks like a real-life version of. 

    • Anathema_Device

       I was wondering the same thing!

      • fursa_saida

        Me three!

  • bxbourgie

    She’s my new girl crush.  Work it mama!  It was like she knew she was going to win the Oscar when she picked this one out because it compliments her new statue perfectly.  Also: look at that bootay!!! Go girl, go!

  • Beautiful dress but it makes her look bloated around her abdomen.

    • xmixiex


      • MilaXX

         right? I wish that was the only bloat I had.

      • I had to use the ever trusty Google to search what ‘FFS’ meant. 

        Now I know…and knowing is half of the battle.

    • TerryMH

      I respectfully disagree – that’s not bloat – that’s a woman’s body greater than a size zero. I understand the confusion because we don’t normally see stomachs in Hollywood (note: MacFarlane’s joke about actresses giving themselves the flu two weeks ago).  Anyway, bloat or flesh, I think her body looks lush and fantastic.

    • christinewithanx

       Pretty sure it’s just because she doesn’t have a superperfect model body/isn’t wearing 6 pairs of Spanx/maybe ate some dinner.

      Or, maybe she is also pregnant like Anne also may be!?!?!?! OMG.

      At any rate, the way that fabric drapes is completely unforgiving and she is clearly rocking it.

      •  I don’t think she’s really pregnant, but if she were, I’d hope it was Nick Hoult’s baby.  What a cute kid that would be!

      • PaulaBerman

        She has actually talked openly about wearing Spanx, another reason to love her.

    • PureMichigan29

      It’s called ‘having organs and abdominal muscles.’ Sheesh. 

      • Funkykatt

        Absolutely, all women have this even the six-packers, if they don’t it’s because it’s been photoshopped out. 

    • mhleta

      I’ll back you up. The shine in the dress draws an undue amount of attention to her lower abdomen.

      • Nariya

        Actually, I think it makes her look feminine, in a  Botticelli’s Venus-wore-a-sexy-dress kinda way.  

      • Thanks! : ) I was criticizing the dress, not her body.

  • Annabelle Archer

    The bodice is oh so ever little bit misfitting, but I don’t care.  Bitch won and looks like an Oscar. Kudos!

    (PS watch her little post win, back stage interview, it’s adorable)

    • kirkyo

       Nothing ill-fitting on the backside. Dayum.

    • kimmeister

      Yeah, the cups are slightly lower than her actual breasts.  It’s because she’s 22 and has perky ones!

      • DinaSews

        It seems that most of the bodices she wears sit a little low on her but for some reason, it works.

  • Reminds me of Sandra Bullock’s “I’m here to pick up my Oscar” (citation: TLo) dress from a few years back.  Calvin Klein really knows how to dress JLaw for the Oscars.

  • Stunning – even with the slight fit issue in the bust I think this is amazing and flattering. Do you think she had a black one in the car for if she didn’t win?

  • She looks amazing. Simplicity suits her in a way that is incredibly striking. Well, if you can call all that glitter simplicity 🙂

  • eowyn_of_rohan

    Jack Nicholson probably sprang into action again after seeing these pics.

  • f_yeah_marie

    She looked amazing in this!  So is the top part gold and the rest silver or is there some kind of light trickery going on?  Either way, she’s working the hell out of that dress.

    • It’s all gun metal gray bugle beads. What’s going on is that they are applied horizontally across the bodice, but vertically on the skirt. Plus there’s a lot of reflection from that little gold guy she’s holding.

      • Beardslee

         I love how you always know what is going on with a dress.  Thank you!

      • Vickiefantastico

        Yes, thank you for always explaining the fit of clothing, the materials used, and the way it was/should be sewn. As a complete novice, I’ve learned a lot from you!

      • twocee

         Wow.  Excellent explanation of something I was staring at for like 10 minutes!

      • Stubenville

        Oh thank you. I just posted a comment with the assumption that they were two different color beads. Shoulda read down first. [facepalm]

      • f_yeah_marie

        Thank you!

  • ChiliP

    WERQ it Jen! I love that over-the-shoulder shot….you know she’s thinking “Yeah, I have an Oscar AND this ass.”

    • f_yeah_marie

      For real, DAT ASS…and she says that she’s fat by Hollywood standards.  I’d love to be as fat as her, then.

      • PaulaBerman

        Then I say KEEP BEING FAT, girl, because you are hot as the surface of the sun, and maybe you can single-handedly (assedly?) move Hollywood away from valuing bony over curvy. 

  • Anathema_Device

    Love it! I think she looks great. Something is looking a little odd around the back of the bodice, but that is a quibble. I sign off on this WERQ.

  • janierainie

    This is great. I really like her personality too. I bet she could beat up Ann Hathaway.

    • I bet she could pick up Anne Hathaway over her head and spin her around like a professional wrestler.

      • kimmeister

        Nah, she’ll leave that to Stacy Kiebler.

    • But she wouldn’t. Because why would she?

  • Amazingly glorious. I love this billions more than the Dior. 

    My understanding though from reading around the googles and tubes, she could not walk in this, which might be why it became the after party dress. Tis a pity because it is stunning.. 

    • LeSourire

       Couldn’t walk in the other one either thought it seems. Poor girl! At least she looked stunning in stills of them both.

    •  And I would also guess that the Dior gown wouldn’t have been very party friendly because of its volume, but that she had to wear something Dior at some point during the night, because, Dior.

    • Sara Rogovin

       Ironic since she stumbled in that ginormous Dior. Regardless she looks fabulous.

  • Jessi03

    Dat ass!  Ooo, she looks good!

  • pottymouth_princess

    Should have worn that to the show. Fucking awesome look (despite a slight titscrepancy that can be forgiven).

  • mozzer0906


  • jennmarie19

    I –love– her and she looks ah-MAY-zing! That said, WTF with this new world order of having a change of dresses after the event? It reminds me of all those girls on Say Yes to the Dress who need a second bridal gown for their reception. Kudos to JLaw for looking so incredible, though. Her backstage press conference was a thing of beauty. 

    • Spicytomato1

      I was wondering the same thing until someone posted above about how some dresses, like JLaw’s Dior, are ridiculously uncomfortable. I was like, oh, now I get it. She wants to be (relatively) comfortable while she celebrates. 

      Although there are probably some people who change between events just for vanity reasons. It is Hollywood after all.

  • This dress was so made for her and her slammin’ body. Also, yes, this dress screams I WIN! SUCK IT BITCHES! 

  • BrooklynBomber

    Ooh, I don’t like that dress. But she’s got the sweetest face, hasn’t she?

    • megohd

      Her face makes her look normal. 

      The hottest Normal you’ll ever see, but something about the face makes her hotness less intimidating.

      • formerlyAnon

        It’s also her affect. She comes across as young and slightly un-filtered and not yet schooled out of having an un-planned reaction.

        If she’s a really good actress, it might be somewhat intentional, but it still comes across as very normal.


    “Winner,winner, chicken dinner!” indeed! And girl got a damn fine ass in that thing…..

  • xmixiex

    I love her I love her I love her DAT ASS I love her.  fangirl, stalker, whatever… it’s happening. 

  • What was the message? I won an Oscar and now I can dress like one?

  • Yep, I’m gorgeous, 22, an Oscar winning actress, and Gravity has yet to discover my whereabouts.

    • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

      And you enjoy it all JLaw, cause time goes fast and it don’t last.

    • formerlyAnon

      And because she comes across as likable, it’s easy to say ” enjoy!” 

      Because we don’t mind that the exact right combination of genetics, talent, hard work and luck have given you something that many equally lovely, or talented or hard working professionals will never achieve, for lack of all the right pieces coming together at the right moment.

  • SapphoPoet

    That looks wonderful. It’s a great metallic color.

    BTW, loved all the Art Deco metallic dress patterns (well, I remember at least three); also the dress Michelle Obama wore to present the Best Picture award. (Will you guys do a post on that dress?)

  • Bravo darling. The Uncles didn’t leave anything else to say….

  • I am bowing down. I am not worthy.

  • tereliz

    Perfect dress for the occasion! She looks great in a dress that’s making her body look amazing. Winner, winner, indeed, but alas, no chicken dinner will be consumed in such a dress. Can she even bend over? 😉

  • sweetlilvoice

    Damn girl. I have such a crush on her. Bring on the new Hunger Games movie!

  • SewingSiren

    Classic old school glamour.

  • lovely!

  • Her body. Jesus. I’m going to weep into my oatmeal.

  • Beardslee

    A lovely lovely girl in an interesting and well fitting dress.

  • StellaZafella

    Yes ma’am! More please!

  • RzYoung

    Gasp. Now all of your go and find that video of her flirting with Jack Nicholson! She’s the best! 

    • JauntyJohn

       Yes — she is effortlessly natural and without guile.  Just totally charming.  If you can handle J.N. off the cuff then you are really Something.

    • RedRaven617

      I saw it and thought it was very funny. In my mind, Jack came off as the Dirty Old Man (DOM) he is. Jennifer has a very good sense of humor. Did you see her with the press when someone asked the idiotic question “Did you trip on purpose?” With a straight face Jennifer said “Yes, of course I did” and then went on to explain, that no, she did not do it on purpose. Loved her sarcasm. 

      • twocee

        Yeah, she’s either a very genuine person, or, um, an Oscar-caliber actress 😉

        I choose to believe genuine until proven otherwise!

    • alyce1213

      That made my day.

  • MilaXX

    just a tad too long, but very pretty!

    • notterriblybitter

      True, but it’s so cool the way it puddles. It looks like she just emerged from a giant vat of titanium or something. 

  • she looks fabulous!  i absolutely love this girl. 

  • shirab

    Where do these people go to change outfits (and accessories, and sometimes hairstyles) for the afterparties? I’m just overwhelmed by the logistics of it all. Do they have hotel rooms in the neighborhood, or trailers, or are there dressing rooms at the party venues? Or little fairy godmothers with wands?

    •  I’ve wondered that too. But I prefer to think they are shimmying out of their dresses in the back of a cab.

    • Stubenville

      I’m told the big female stars rent hotel rooms. Guys just have to loosen their ties.  =)

  • mhleta

    I love the top of this, and her caboose looks stellar, but in these photos it’s not flattering her mid-section. I’m betting this is a camera flash issue and it wasn’t an issue in person. She looks gorgeous. 

  • The dress is gorgeous, and it’s so nice to see a young actress who looks like she actually eats.

  • stubbornthoughts

    LOOOOOOOOVE. And also, hot damn.

  • GORGEOUS!  Want the gown, want the body to fit into it. 🙂

  • Mary229

    I love this girl and she looks fantastic here!

  • JauntyJohn

    Stunning I concur — but she still looks so young to me.  I know it’s age appropriate… she’s what, 22?  But for all her poise she seems so young!
    P.S. Dream casting: JLaw and the little girl from Mad Men in… anything.

  • hot damn, girl.
    and i had her already written off as a talented actress who just didnt look good on the red carpet.

  • imustacheyouaquestion

    “I JUST WON AN OSCAR BITCHES!!” but seriously, she really deserved it. an amazing performance by a talented person

  • GorgeousThings

    Where’s the “LOVE” button! For your post as much as for her.

  • ChaquitaPhilly

    LOVE IT! But I liked the poofy one, too.

  • Zippypie

    DAMN, she is smokin’ hot and makes me want to bat for the other team. 

    • Yeah, this ^^

      Scrolling down, I was all “Wow, she looks great! Hmm, that bodice is a wee bit off…holy hell, she’s got a great ass!” And then I fanned my face with my hand. True story. 

    • alyce1213

      Both women and men feel that way.  Extraordinary.

  • Indigo54

    Winner, winner chicken dinner with hot biscuits and gravy!  (sorry, my deep south is showing) 

    • CassandraMortmain

      Love that JLaw is representing true down-home Kentucky attitude.

  • filmcricket

    It feels like it’s riding a little low on the bust, but otherwise it is stunning, and she looks great in it. She really pulled out all the stops on her big night, well done.

  • kmk05

    Love it, and it’s much more ‘her’ than the puffy Christian Dior dress (which was gorge, don’t get me wrong!). The neckline seems a little low and she should have had it hemmed, but she cuts a striking figure. Did she change her makeup?

    • l_c_ann

      My guess is that it was hemmed for some killer too high heels and after what happened earlier, she changed to heels that were two inches lower. 

  • mjude


  • LuisaNL

    she looks like Ms. Oscar herself. Good for her, she looks amazing!

  • God, she’s gorgeous. 

  • SistaT

    Wonderful!  Hey, Heidi: There’s the way to look sexy in a metallic dress and not come off as trashy and desperate.

  • ellabob

    she looks great – and Anne has brought on a lot of the annoyance comments – but I guess it’s time to send the love to all…

  • Sara__B

    Wow. She looks spectacular. The perfect gown to show off an Oscar!

  • alyce1213

    Bam!  Nailed it again.
    (I just wish the lady in the wrinkled white jacket had reached over and given her a little hoik in the back.)

  • YAY! She looks fantastic!

  • kimmeister

    The amount of work that went into sewing those 1.21 kajillion beads is awe-inspiring.

  • Personal best.

  • f_yeah_marie

    Also, I have to add that I like her nails.  I keep mine short too since I wear contact lenses and I type a lot (typing with long nails is the worst since the nails slide off the keys and I don’t like typing with the pads of my fingers) and I like seeing ladies with shorter nails rather than the monstrous square tipped claws.  The color she chose matched her first dress but also looks good paired with this one.

    • Short nails represent!

  • YolandaHawkins

    Love it JLaw!  The Oscar is a nice accessory. 

  • MaryAtRealityTea

    This is so much more her and she looks so much more comfortable than the gown she wore to the Oscars. Chic and stunning. 

  • Judy_J

    Perfect dress to go with Oscar.

  • Mary229

    I had the same thought.  She has such a great chest and this dress didn’t seem to fit her quite right there.  But it’s a nitpick because the dress is stunning and she clearlyhad a wonderful night.

  • insertclevername_ici

    Gorgeous. and she is hilariously entertaining. but i still think Emmanuelle Riva should have won. No performance even comes close to hers. 

  • AthenaJ

    Forget Frau Titsen, I would kill for JLaw’s mammaries!!

  • MzzPants

    Wow!  Stunning.

  • CeeQ

    “These are my tits and this is my ass. You have permission to gnash your teeth and tear your hair out in rage fulled jealousy. Also: my Oscar.” 

    Doll looks amazing =)

  • Imasewsure

    She should have put her hair down… gorgeous enough for a WERQ simply because of the dress but still kind of eh

  • Gorgeous!

  • Like liquid metal was poured over her.  And her butt looks amazing.  I have a girl crush.

    • PaulaBerman

      Me too. Since Winter’s Bone.

  • MintaHallWriter


  • MaryanneGirl

    BAM. Look at that shiny bootay!  She looks incredible!

  • BaddestMotherEver

    I wonder if she had a “loser” dress on deck, too.  Something less sparkly!

  • EEKstl


  • kathryn_dc

    Baby got back! Or that dress is giving it to her in spades. Love it!

  • Rachel dropped the ball on Ann…But Jennifer…beautiful!  Also Jen has a booty.  That helps.

  • traceyishere

    Looks messy in the back and does not fit her boobs, but I like it.

  • Qitkat

    Oohh, the word that comes to mind is *quiksilver*, and yes, I know that’s a surfing brand, and has nothing to do with this. But it looks like liquid silver and gold, with a beautiful bodice. She is resplendent.

    • formerlyAnon

      But it was liquid “silver” long before surfing had brands. And perfectly apropos.

  • Alyssa

    Wow, she looks fabulous. Amazing dress, and she’s killing it!

  • susu11

    If only the top fitted a little better this would be flawless, but damn if it isn’t close. That metallic color is stunning! She really can do no wrong. Even though a part me thought Jessica Chastain or Emmanuelle Riva deserved to win, it’s so hard not to like Jennifer Lawrence and to root for her.

  • “Yeah, my ass looks amazing, so you might as well just kiss it”.

  • tessasouthworth

    And NOW we’re talkin’!

  • The dress looks like liquid silver!!  Gorgeous!!  

  • She looks fantastic! OMFG! This is a total suck it bitches dress! LOVE IT!

  • mmc2315

    BAM!  Exhibit A, ladies and gentlemen.  TLo dictum “Everyone wants to be me or do me”.  

  • Sometimes she looks like Babs in “Funny Girl” to me.

    …And that is a total compliment!

  • peachy

    like this one much better than the wedding dress she wore to the ceremony.

  • snarkykitten

    So close. I want to hoik up the top. and feel pervy at the same time.

  • Bow down to Jennifer Lawrence, Oscar Winner.

  • formerlyAnon

    Darn good.

    & if anyone who cares about JLaw or the Oscars hasn’t seen it, go find the [I think ABC] clip of Jack Nicholson interrupting her interview with George Stephanopoulos to see her being very young and cute.

    • PaulaBerman

      I watched that this morning and it was super cute. She reacted how I would react to meeting Jack Nicholson. I love that she is not afraid to be a human being in public.

  • Carly Warnock

    Very striking. Kind of wish she had worn this to the Oscars with her hair down with a soft wave. Also, I love her freckles on her chest, neck and arms. I have some on my arms and I am always self-conscious bc they are bigger, not like tiny dots. She is confident about showing them so I’m going to try to imitate that.

    • I have a lot of freckles, too, so I totally understand. I have learned to embrace them, though, and now I love them. Mine are a lot like Jennifer’s. Scattered across chest, neck, arms and back. You could play a good game of connect-the-dots on me. Especially since mine seem to be fond of geometry. I have 3 on my neck that form the points of a perfect triangle, and 3 on my arm that are equally spaced and go in a perfectly straight line.

  • Jecca2244

    I want to hang out with her. She is the cool kid that doesn’t try too hard. 

  • She should have worn this to the ceremony.  This is FANTASTIC.

  • Boom!

  • Gorgeous, and I love me some CK.

  • glennethph

    I can understand why some wanted this to be her Oscar gown but after much thought, I realized that I like the original one.  I mean, it was more dramatic, cascading on the steps as Hugh Jackman helped her up.

  • I like this SO much better than the other dress! She served Body. 

  • She looks hot, slim, beautiful and HEALTHY! I love her!

  • She looks beautiful.  A really great dress but boy was her presentation robotic.  I guess you can’t have it all, lol.

  • libraangel


  • barbarienne

    Now THAT is the dress of a girl on fire. Well done.

  • nannypoo

    Very pretty. Both of her dresses for the evening were beautiful.

  • Candigirl1968

    This once again highlight that simpler outfits with fitted bodices are Jennifer’s friend.  Jennifer needs to stay in that lane. 

  • shelley514

    Should she have worn this one to the Oscars instead?  I like it way better.

  • jw_ny

    The dress fits her like a glove…except for the cups.  They could be up a bit…and look rather like a bra. 

    I really kind of dislike the 2 tone effect.  She looks pretty spectacular tho. 

  • MissAmynae

    See, I think she’s well-suited to Dior, just not the latest collections. If they had been willing to let her go back a few seasons, there are some utterly stunning looks that would be so much more flattering for her. BUT, its always about the latest collection. Grr. 

    That said, she looks luscious, sexy, and utterly approachable in this dress. Like your best friend in the world who found her perfect wedding dress happy. 

    • Lisa_Cop

      I doubt Dior will let anyone near the Galliano dresses, unfortunately. They need to prop Simons up as their now designer.

      • MissAmynae

        Intriguing, valid point, ms lisa.

  • capybara_cafe

    LOVE this dress. Love it. 

  • siriuslover

    I love this gown, it looks so fluid. She looks beautiful, of course the glow of being a winner helps!

  • poggi

    That is a party dress!

  • Nonmercisansfacon

    GUUURL! You Oscar WERQ it! 

  • PaulaBerman

    I love her bunches, but this dress feels like it needed to be pulled up a few inches higher. However, it’s still a WERQ. I hope she goes on to a long and illustrious career.

  • werika

    Don’t know why Calvin Klein didn’t snap JLaw up after her 2011 Oscars outing. She looks consistently great in CK’s  minimalist column gowns. She looks like a bombshell here.

    Dior oth makes her often look she’s playing dress up or that she’s fat/bloated. OR, Jlaw needs to ditch Rachel Zoe and get Charlize Theron’s stylist who makes Charlize look like a glamazon in each Dior outing.

  • chitowndg

    Man, I want to take the hem up on that thing.

  • Jiffy Pop!!!!!!

    • sdgreengirl

      Ha! Ha!  I totally see it.  I wish I looked that great in a Jiffy Pop dress.

  • (Many time zones away so always late to the party unless I read this before going to bed…) 

    What is wrong with the bodice in the back? Is there a black lining which has ridden up? What are those frayed threads? It’s noticeable in the front where it looks like her bra is showing. Lesser mortals have been flayed alive for similar transgressions. 

    • bd73


  • Who is that guy haning around in the background?  He’s kinda cute, if you like older guys.

  • Damn, she has a GREAT ass!

  • quiltrx

    Amazing gown, and she looks incredible in it.  Definitely the right dress for the right gal.

  • lrhoff

    Are you guys just sleep deprived?  This is so not a WERQ.  Come on…..

  • CozyCat

    I think the awkward grow-out phase is harder on her than on many others.  She has one of those faces which you can simultaneously think is beautiful and ugly because of her natrually exagerated features (Angelina Jolie falls in the same category).  The problem is that the side swept bangs obscure her large eyes so her large nose and mouth are out of proportion.  When she can push that hair off her forehead, she’ll look a lot better.

  • guest2visits

    Beautiful – again!    I do think that it is ever so slightly too low on the bust, though. This happens alot. I get the impression
    that the gowns aren’t as custom as they need to be, or people have a peculiar idea about what fits or feels right about cup-fabric
    and the way a woman’s body is built.

  • pulpytomato

    SO much better than her Oscar ceremony gown. Ditch Dior Jennifer and sign a contract with Calvin Klein. Calvin did right by you in that red gown you previously wore to the Oscars and this one looks fabulous on you! 

  • oohsparkley!

    I agree on the werq!  So hot! I would have shortened the straps an inch each, then it wouldn’t ride so low.  But it isn’t off-putting, just a little lower than I would have preferred.

  • fursa_saida

    Oh, man, she is not my type when it comes to women at all (I tend to go for short-haired androgynous brunettes, preferably with tattoos), but THAT ASS IN THAT DRESS.

  • Damn, she amazes. That fits her like a dream.

  • mhlmh

    Love the over the shoulder-showing off my awesome ass-pose.

  • jetpackdino

    To die.  She looks soooo good.