WERQ: Fan Bing Bing in Louis Vuitton

Posted on January 25, 2013

Kittens, it’s time. Time to unleash The Bing Bing on your asses.


Fan Bingbing attends the Sidaction Gala Dinner 2013 at Pavillon d’Armenonville in Paris in Louis Vuitton.

Louis Vuitton Spring 2013 Collection/Models: Meng Huang (NATHALIE) and Janice Alida (FORD)

We love how she bucked the red carpet trend for choosing the showier color-blocked  pieces from this collection. The Bing Bing has no need for attention-seeking gimmickry. The Bing Bing only needs to stand and WERQ to get the job done.



[Photo Credit: Getty, style.com]

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  • Fan BingBing’s existence is a WERQ in and of itself.

    • Rand Ortega


  • The perfect hem. Of course. 

  • homofascist


  • Annabelle Archer


  • StellaZafella

    I love the Bing Bing. That is all.

  • snarkykitten

    I think she could wear a burlap sack and it would look chic on her. (The Almighty Miss Laura B’s burlap sack notwithstanding)

  • RoxieRider

    As I scrolled down the first picture, my reaction to the skirt made me feel like the shill for a Ronco product, trying to stop Ron from lowering the price any more: “It can’t go any lower! It can’t! My god, man, how low can it possibly go!” It’s against all reason that she could wear a literal floor-length banana-colored column gown and look like a revelation.

    God damn she looks amazing. 

  • DeborahJozayt

    She has the most delicate hands I’ve ever seen.

  • j_anson

    Yeah, still not getting it.

    • Sobaika

      I really like Fan Bing Bing and all of her past outfits, but with all respect to the BKs and TLo, I don’t see how this is a werq. She’s pulling off the color and shape better than most but still looks sallow and could use a few blotting papers.

      Maybe because it’s such a bold move and she’s wearing it better than most could?

      • Annabelle Archer

        That’s interesting, I always look forward to your opinions, so I am surprised. I am no student of Fashion, I can only give my take aways:
        Her hair is a silken frame for her lovely face, her jewelry is spot on.  Not only is it a column dress, but the pockets and tailoring is *just so* there is a hint of ladylike waist.  The hem is otherworldly perfection.  I’m not getting “sallow” but every screen is different and I think her bit of shine reads youthful, not oily.

        • Sobaika

          Hey, she looks great. Just not the pitch-perfection I associate with a werq. That visage is in desperate need of mattifying powder. Another example would be the pushed up of her sleeves, all the bunching ruins the affect.

          • gabbilevy

            I’m on my laptop and her face looks perfectly matte, whereas I would be willing to bet on my desktop computer it would look the opposite, fwiw.

            I also don’t associate werqs with pitch perfection, but rather above and beyond–either above and beyond personal record, or above and beyond anything anyone else could have managed. Better than the sum of its parts. Exceeding the expectations set by the elements.As for Ms. Fan, I think she gets WERQs and hosannas so often because she almost always manages to do the latter. Who else could you imagine making this look chic? Very few, if any.

          • SassieCassy

            I’m on an iPad and she looks like an oil factory
            Some ppl like that sheens dewy look though
            but we can all see them sleeves yes?

            I think less and less of the look each time I see it. Methinks we all love the bingbing and that’s all

      • j_anson

        This is kind of how I always feel about her? I mean, she’s always pretty, and she usually wears pretty clothes, and I’m not really NEGATIVE on her, so if that was the kind of attention she was getting I would be unsurprised. I don’t get the level “OMG” she gets from TLo and the kittens, is all. But hey, everyone’s got different tastes. *shrug*

        • H3ff

          She usually looks better than this, though.

      • SassieCassy

        im with you on the oily skin and sleeves but am marveling at her hem. but yeah its an IN! and not really a WERQ! is yanno what i mean.

      • Dagney


      • How funny, she looks fairly matte on my macbook.  Anywho, I love that she’s wearing such a bright yellow.  She looks like an egg yolk.  And I love that her sleeves are rolled up, it conveys that whole “living fashion” thing rather than just wearing fashion for the red carpet.  She could be on her couch reading a book in this dress, that’s how much she owns it.  That’s what makes it a WERQ for me, aside from the perfect hem, the fun earrings, and the amazing, jealousy-inducing hair.

  • Im still in shock she didnt make the cut for the best WERQS of 2012,im still not over the chinese vase look.

  • Rand Ortega

     Bow down, Bitches. Bow. The BingBing. Down.

    • tinyredlocks


  • Pennymac

    Fan Bing Bing. Sigh. I want to be her when I grow up.

  • The woman is perfection. Seriously, if I didn’t love her so much I would hate her guts.

  • Good lord, this woman can wear a metric EFF ton of screaming lemon yellow, and still look fantastic.   

    • Right?! How is that even possible??

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      This LV collection is definitely not one of my personal favs, yet Ms. BingBing is selling it. 

  • rloliveira

    Umh, I actually think it doesn’t fit her very well. One size smaller? Or maybe tailored through the waist? Compare to the runway model. It looks better on the model.

  • MoHub

    No one should be allowed to be that perfect.

  • SugarSnap108

    OK, I love the Bing Bing as much as the next nobody-nobody.  But this is disappointing.  The four-pocket (?) dress is just odd, and that color … Every one of my Asian friends shuns yellow because of how it looks against their skin, and I tend to agree with them.  The color actually looks OK on the Bing Bing (I guess because she makes everything better), but I still think it’s not particularly flattering.  She’s still freaking gorgeous, though.

    • kimmeister

      Well, not all Asians have the same skin color.  I look terrible in yellow but my mom looks fantastic in it.

      • SugarSnap108

        Good point.  I apologize. My friends who’ve banned yellow from their lives are of a similar skin tone to the BB, though.  I just think this color only works against dark skin. JMO, of course.  For the record, it should be illegal for me (pale redhead) to wear yellow, since I look like I’m dying of liver failure.

        • travelingcat

          “dying of liver failure” made me smile. I haven’t worn yellow since trying it once and my mother telling me “Darling, you look like you died and someone forgot to bury you. Yellow is not your color.” 

  • Normally, I love Bing Bing. This is looking banana to me, though.

    • AthenaJ

      Glad I’m not the only one seeing banana here. I think it’s the length… if this color were on a shorter dress it would be cute. However a long column of that bright yellow is very banana-esque. The Chiquita lady would be proud…

  • frannyprof

    I was just thinking that I needed a good shot of Bing Bing. Where has she been hiding her fabulous self?

  • imspinningaround

    I like that she got it hemmed, or wore the right height heels so that it just skims the floor, but I HATE what she did to the sleeves.

  • girliecue

    Nope. Still think she’s the most fabulous creature that walks the earth but first thing I thought when I saw this was “nope” and that’s still the only word this look elicits.

  • hughman

    That is one big-ass bottle of perfume she’s holding. 

    • kimmeister

      I was thinking “large tic-tac case” myself.

  • MilaXX

    To be fair she is holding, quite expertly I might add,a cute little logo bag. Nevertheless looks gorgeous.

    • SassieCassy

      real cute bag!! but what could you fit in it besides a credit card

      • MilaXX

        The key to carrying those bags is you only carry bloting tissues, a lipstick, a cc card or a few dollars and maybe a tic tac,

        • SassieCassy

          a single tic tac

      • another_laura

        Who cares?  When you are Bing Bing you have people to carry the actual stuff you might need.  

  • LUHV her. She looks fab.

  • 3boysful

    Lovely.  But not a WERQ.  Now, if her hair was a nice, loose updo, we could talk.

    Still, few could pull off that yellow.

  • kimmeister

    I think this is my first time seeing her with her hair completely down.  Looks great.  She even pulls off the tricky center part!

  • I was just reflecting on the lack of Bing Bing in my internet life. The Bing Bing conquers yet again.

  • margaret meyers

    Wow!  What L-V can do with a snugli.

  • mmc2315

    Actually, I’m not in love with the color on her.  There’s something about it—the color and/or the “thick” shape of the dress—that is swallowing her up and making it seem like the dress is wearing her, instead of the other way around.

    She’s so gorgeous and such a treat to lay eyes on, but this isn’t working for me.

  • Modeniete

    All she needs to do is put her hair up and it’s almost Imelda Marcos resurrected. Sorry, not getting it.

  • alyce1213

    She’s a lovely woman in an average, not-great-color sweatshirty dress with pockets.  Not a WERQ in my book.

  • Imasewsure

    Wow I don’t really like this at all. Oh well…

  • sk8tfan

    Let that color henceforth be known as Bing Bing Radiance.

  • SewingSiren

    Mark Jacobs must have some kind of hypnotic power to convince all this actresses to wear this extremely difficult collection. She looks fantastic nevertheless. 

  • Just look at her! TLo, not a week should go by without some Bing Bing on this blog! 

  • CPK1

    Perfection. So chic and the color is to die for on her

  • appliquer

    She’s beautiful, but really don’t get the love for the dress. Pretty shapeless and looks like a long, heavy nightgown.

  • xmixiex

    so lovely.  refreshingly not tight, not short, not showy, just elegant.  don’t get me wrong, i like me some tight short and showy- but this is a nice change. 

  • stephkat

    Hmm.  She’s a beautiful woman who wears beautiful clothes well.  But this looks like a long yellow sweatshirt.  Put her hair in a ponytail and give her a bowl of popcorn and she’s ready for a Friday night at home watching movies.

  • IMNAngryLiberal

    But I really like the color-blocked one better … not just for the color blocking, but for the neckline.  I think Ms. Bing Bing would look more fabulous with some collar bone showing.

  • CeeQ

    This is all kinds of amazing!

  • Mariah Warnock-Graham

    You guys need to start following more asian stars. Korean pop/drama stars wear the shit out of clothes.

  • has she ever made a misstep? i think not

  • kschwarting

    As a fair-skinned blonde, I’ve always wanted to be able to wear this shade, but can’t.  She’s rocking it!

  • oh those pushed up sleeves just make everything look so *thick*. Is this sweatshirt material?

  • kaycem

    DYING.  are there fan bing bing appreciation blogs?  b/c i would like to have all fan bing bing all the time, right at my fingertips.

    • BrooklynBomber

      there’s a tumblr.

  • shnaggi

    Fan to the Bing Bing

    • tinyredlocks


  • libraangel

    Is she the most fashionable, beautiful person on the planet?!

    • Stubenville

      Very possibly. And she makes it look effortless.

  • Trisha26

    I wish she hadn’t pushed the sleeves up – that fabric’s too thick (it looks like sparkly terrycloth) to make that look cool or attractive. 

  • boweryboy

    The Bing Bing.

    I love it.

  • Judy_J

    This is the pretty of the day. She is just lovely.

  • Stubenville

    Shocking – no slits up to her belly button, no lace inserts showing the world her panties. Dear Lord, I hope this is a new trend.

  • quiltrx

    Would that my hair were even one-quarter as smooth and gorgeous as hers.  I’m totally a frizz queen.

    I do wish she had worn the yellow-white number…but she does indeed look killer.

    • UglyTalents

       Heard that.

  • jw_ny

    Only Fan Bing Bing can rock a yellow snuggy on the RC.

  • formerlyAnon


    [ranty aside: too bad Luis Vuitton is so hurting for name recognition they had to put a little mini ad on her otherwise nice clutch.] Sorry. Ruining otherwise lovely product by turning it into a billboard for its maker is a pet peeve.

  • GORGEOUS. And the gown is hemmed to perfection.

  • BrooklynBomber


  • librarygrrl64

    Sorry, I am just not a fan of this 60s-inspired collection. I like the color, especially on her, but hate the silhouette.

  • poketom

    Perfect, except her SPF foundation is making her face ghostly paler than her neck! 

  • I don’t think that color is good on her at all, and the dress doesn’t seem to fit right.

  • UglyTalents

    I love it. This isn’t saying I don’t love it. But this reminds me so much like a floor-length dress my mother wore when we’d summer at my grandparents’ beach house, in the 1970s — it went from beach to dinner to cocktails to bed to breakfast to beach …. Except this one probably isn’t made of terry cloth, like my Mom’s was. 

    • UglyTalents

       Those upper packets look like they’d just fit a pack of Benson & Hedges 100s! So practical.

  • katavina

    I agree she looks fab, but I also would have loved to see her in that checkerboard—in a China Chow kind of way I think she would have rocked it. Also, a bangle wouldn’t have killed her in this look? Let’s just pretend that LV clutch didn’t happen.

  • Dagney

    I’ll be in the minority here, but I think she looks like a giant lemon popsicle.  This is an out for me.  The dress looks too big and shapeless on her frame.

  • decormaven


  • I’ll join the minority and say this isn’t WERQ-ing for me.  It’s nowhere near the level of her previous WERQs.  Odd, stiff-looking dress

  • ballerinawithagun

    Who knew that she could look so normal???

  • Really? I’m not crazy about what she has going on with her hair. 

  • butter nut

    scrolling down the page, i caught myself shouting “YES!” at every picture.  this woman beyond perfection. all hail the lady bing bing!

  • Zippypie

    As much as I don’t really like this dress at all, she rocks it somehow.  All Hail The Bing Bing!

  • marilyn

    That dress does nothing for her.  It is too old for her.

  • Sorry guys, it looks like an old night gown. I would have liked to see her in the other dress.

  • What a beautiful colour.

  • raininmai

    She’s doing as well as she can with this garment, but not only does it look like a terry cloth house dress with the sleeves pushed up, this is just not Ms. Bing Bing’s color. At all.

  • The priests of BingBing’s church look like these. Let us all pray and rejoice.

  • mjude

    must bow down to our bing bing.  we have missed you.  i still want my own bing bing doll.

  • bitchybitchybitchy

    Fan BingBing is definitely WERQing that number.  Love the little LV bagatelle she’s carrying, too. 
    Order has been restored fellow kittens, Ms. BingBing is back!

  • Lisa M. (ReVoir) Kramp

    She looks like a lovely little girl in grandma’s vintage gown. I love Ms. Bing Bing, but not that dress.

  • MzzPants

    Bowing low.

  • Paola Quintero

    amazing. beautiful. love it.

  • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

    Is it so wrong that I want a Fan Bing Bing doll for my birthday this year?  I know they don’t exist but someone could invent them.  Preferably made of porcelain, of course. 

  • GTrain


  • lrhoff

    Sure, this was nice.  Leelee Sobieski kicked better ass than this, though.  Not a WERQ for me.

  • I dare anyone wearing this to use any one of those 4 pockets.

  • nosniveling

    rare miss for her IMO

  • mhleta

    Classy, but I have no idea who she is. Live the model in the checked dress. She’s pretty gorgeous.

  • I’ve missed her!

  • Girl can do no wrong.

  • Jecca2244

    I want, nay, NEED that little bag. 

  • It’s perfect EXCEPT that I just wish she would have let the sleeves be as they are, not pushed them up. 

  • She needs to teach a workshop on fabulousness to some of her American counterparts. 

  • kategs

    She is never not a WERQ.  Stunning!

  • Alyssa

    I love that she matched the tassels on her earrings with her purse! She is divine!

  • shelley514

    Sorry, this Fan Bing Bing moment is not WERQ worthy.  She looks lovely as always, but this isnt’ the best neckline for her.  It makes her “girls” look saggy, especially from the side-view angle.  The dress looked better on the runway.  Also, I think the showier damier pattern version that Kristen Dunst rocked a few weeks ago looked a lot better than Fan’s ensemble.

  • Love her, not the dress.