Posted on January 24, 2013

Welcome back, kittens, to the show that never ends.

Are you ready for it? Need a moment to catch your breath?

This calls for liquor.


Il Bar, Bulgari Hotel, London

Ah. That’ll do.

Guest judge Christian Siriano, Nina Garcia, Zac Posen and Heidi Klum.

On the one hand, we’re happy to be back in the arms (figuratively speaking) of Nina and Heidi. On the other hand, we suspect the Lost Duchess may be sorely missed. We’ll try to keep our claws sheathed for Zac Posen, but we make no promises.

Like twinkly little moths to a flame, we’re inexorably drawn to this show, even after all this time. Hopes are not high and expectations are low, but when you put a bunch of attention whores in a Parson’s workroom, we are compelled to follow along, darlings. That’s just how God made us.


Mmm-hmm. We’ll see.


[Photo Credit:, Barbara Nitke for Lifetime – Video Credit: Lifetime]

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