RuPaul’s Drag Race: Curtain Up, Claws Out

Posted on January 29, 2013

YAY! It’s back!


And y’know? It was honestly such a good opening episode that it caught us off guard just a little, proving (to us, at least) that RPDR has not yet surrendered to the been-there-done-that-ism of Project Runway. There’s still some life in the old girl.


Now, we cannot even begin to keep any of the names straight, let alone matching the drag personae with the boyfaces, but this felt like a fresh, fun, high-drama set of queens. Very little resting on pretty or glamour with these girls; so far, at least. For now, there are a TON of characters on display and every queen is selling herself like she’s got an expiration date.


Near-naked men with enormous bulges are always welcome too, of course.



We are, on some level, surprised that it took them until the fifth season to insert a random musical number for no apparent reason. We’re hoping next week they all do something equally as random like ice-skating and lip synch.


Poise. Pose.



Okay, we’ve got a LOT of ground to cover, so let’s roll up our sleeves and get to it, ladies.


Jade Jolie

Enh. S’alright. She gets the prize, though, for being the absolute fishiest queen the show’s ever seen, to the point where it’s just a little eerie. The very mannered laugh got annoying VERY quickly, though.


Roxxxy Andrews

 Just okay But Roxxxy’s fun.



 Winner – and we can’t argue with that. It helped that the dress was so visually interesting, but she really made the most of it.


Serena ChaCha

 Funny, but unintentionally so. This was all Mike Ruiz’s work.


Alyssa Edwards

Just okay. GIRL IS A HOT FUCKING MESS, THOUGH. My GOD, is that one queen who needs to switch to decaf. We have only a bare-bones understanding of what lies behind her epic feud with Coco, but the obvious playing to the camera that both of them are engaging in leads us to treat the whole thing like the soap opera it clearly is. Strap yourselves in, because these two ladies are going to play this thing to the HILT.


Jinkx Monsoon

 Not great – but she’s definitely one of the more colorful queens in the lineup. The narcolepsy thing is hilarious, even if we take it with a huge grain of salt.



Penny Tration

 Oh, girl She just had “cannon fodder” written all over her. Not because she’s a big girl, but because she just didn’t have much style. This is seen-it-done-it drag. We couldn’t help thinking that Ru thought so right from the beginning. There was a slight feel of looking down her nose.


Vivienne Pinay

 Fabulous picture – and we love Vivienne’s attitude – but she needs to step up her look.



Honey Mahogany

 We kinda thought this was awful and found her irritating.


Ivy Winters

 Just okay.


Monica Beverly Hillz

 Pretty bad.


Lineysha Sparx

 For being this year’s Glamour Girl, this is a pretty poor effort.


Coco Montrese

 Pretty good. She and Alyssa could go either way; entertaining or tiresome. We’ll see. Expect a forced teamup at some point.


Moving on…

Congrats to Roxxy! We thought this was well-deserved. Girl clearly loves the water in her basement and she loves to show it off. She’s good with the bitchy confessional stuff too.


A little bit too wacky, but not a bad effort.


We thought the dress looked Adult Video Awards and the hair and makeup were terribly harsh.


Pretty, if lacking in personality.


She’s giving face, and we’ll give her credit for putting together quite a look, but she could’ve used some editing.


Lorenzo loved this, but Tom agreed with the judges. It’s not that it’s over the top; it’s that it’s over the top with no theme or reason behind it. It’s just … stuff.


She’s got the skills and the look, but she seriously needs to calm down. That is not good face-giving.


Old-fashioned and cheap-looking. A sad effort.


This is so fucking insane that we kind of love it. She picked a theme and she worked the shit out of it.


REALLY needs to step it the hell up. She’s very pretty, but this is dull.


It’s not the most original look in the world, but it’s striking as hell and she sold the shit out of it. Which is good, because her piss-poor non-effort in the photo shoot challenge had Ru looking at her sideways.


Sure, it’s kind of drag-tacky, but it’s an impressive effort considering she made it out of trash. Like we said, she’s this year’s Glamour Girl. The pretty one who everyone else is going to hate.


Cheap. Harsh makeup.


Bitch needs to GET THE HELL OVER HERSELF. We so wanted her to go home just for her pretentiousness and attitude. Also for the weird fucking dress.


But when she and Penny went through the lip synch, it was obvious who wanted it more. Penny just kind of folded up, giving a listless and half-assed performance.


It’s a shame. We didn’t think she was bad, she just didn’t bring it like you need to when 13 other vicious queens are competing against you.



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  • MaryanneGirl

    You nailed this review! Fun bunch of characters, fun, fresh episode…I’m really looking forward to this season! 

  • What’s the over/under on how many seasons we’ll be forced to wait before the show pits two ladyboyfriends against each other?

    • Krafty_L

       It almost happened last season, with Sharon and Alaska! I haven’t heard why RPDR ultimately decided against it.

    • Next all-stars- Sharon vs. Alaska, that is if they let previous winners compete. 

    • SpillinTea

      Serious question, are that many drag queens ki-ki-ing? I’d think itd be hard enough to find two dating queens, let alone two with the C.U.N.T. for drag race. Maybe I’m wrong though.

      •  Well, there’s been Sharon, Alaska, Manilla and Sahara (RIP), but never in the same season.

        • Ru said in his interview with Willam at the premiere that that’s EXACTLY what happens this season — Ru said they discourage it, but 2 queens DO fall in love this season.  LOL.  Ru said they’re hoping for a drag baby.  LOL.  I’m betting either Ivy and Detox, or more likely – Coco and Lineysha (Coco called the boy Lineysha ‘the Puerto-Rican papi’.  But it could be anyone….we’ll see.

          • SpillinTea

             I heard it was Lineysha and Roxxxy actually, but I guess we have to wait and see 🙂

  • Stubenville

    I was looking forward to the new season, but there seem to be fewer polished girls this go around, and enough trash talkers for several seasons worth. And I know this is unkind, but how strange that that most attractive girls are, to put it bluntly, rather homely boys? Unfortunately, the Michelle Visage private detective commercials run throughout the broadcast just exacerbated this comparison by showing how drag should be done. Latrice looked absolutely breathtaking in these commercials.

    • StellaZafella

      Polish is relative, I suppose. They had all the time in world to get their entrance looks down but, faced with a challenge and a time constraint, they all opted for more Kabuki than Cosmo. I’ll wait to really pass any judgements until the make up table stops lookng like a feed trough at the county fair and th gurls get more used to the cameras.
      Latrice lokked fabulous and Chad nailed the comedy…I really like the Absolut commercials…IF they actually build the story.

    • RebeccaKW

       I can’t remember which queen it was…Manila, maybe?  That made a comment that cute boys do not make pretty ladies (on the episode where they turn a straight man into their sister). 

      • amywinns

         Jocks in Frocks, best episode ever by far.

      • andcoh

        Hot boys don’t make pretty girls.  That square face just doesn’t translate.

        • e jerry powell

           I beg to differ.

          Her name is Varla Jean Merman.  She was the winning client on the drag queen Project Runway challenge, and out of drag, he is quite the tasty morsel.

          • andcoh

            I was mostly just quoting Manila.  And Varla isn’t really that square faced, more oval.  But I also think it may have to do with a lot of these queens being rather waifish men, so that when they have to paint a guy with a different face shape it may just be more challenging.

          • e jerry powell

            Or, in the case of at least one, a twink bareback porn star.

          • andcoh

            I don’t think one porno makes a star.  I mean, come on, some people work their whole lives, dedicated their bodies to the art.  

          • e jerry powell

            True, but I do think she’s made more than one.  Still, she is awfully young, just at that age for making the real career decisions.

        • I found Raja beautiful in drag and handsome out of drag. I just love Raja, especially when he was ANTM as the makeup artist and he was friends with the girls and it was so cute!! 

          • 2ndhandchic

             Agreed. Love me some Raja! I also thought Raven was cute in and out of drag.

    • MilaXX

      I love LaTrice but I thought her face was horrible in those commercials. It looked as yellow as her dress.

      • Stubenville

        Huh – it didn’t look bad to me last night or in what I just found online. Take a peek;

        • MilaXX

          It looks fine in that picture, but in the commercial it looked bad to me. I know she paints that way to contour her face shape, but sometimes the foundation looks too off.

          • Stubenville

            You may well be right; I wasn’t concentrating so much on her face as the gown, which I thought looked fabulous on her. And she does tend to go full Kabuki when left to her own devices.

      • I love Ms. Motherfucking Royale as well, but her foundation has been bothering me too. It has always seemed too orange to me.

        • Donald Hite

          I think it’s interesting that it’s never been mentioned in by anyone in any of the judge’s critiques (that I can remember).  Manila made a comment about Latrice’s “banana powder” in one episode All-Stars.  Beyond that, no one seems mention it..

          • PeaceBang

            I heard that the lighting in the studio is so different than what we’re seeing on our tv’s that the judges aren’t seeing the yellow.

          • “Banana powder” is a drag popular Ben Nye product, too, so I don’t even think Manila meant anything by it. 

      • I always thought her face looked too yellow in every video I’ve seen.

      • I believe it was that yellow on purpose, for the joke of the commercial.

    • Joan Roseman

      Those commercials were sickening!  Michele Visage looked amazing and every single one of the goils (well maybe not Phi-Phi) were perfection.

      • Donald Hite

        I thought Phi Phi looked pretty busted in the commercial… Chad was PERFECTION.  I love Latrice’s attitude, but her looks (perhaps with the exception of her turquoise pride look) never really excite me. She looks fine, but not very creative.

        • MK03

          Phi Phi ALWAYS looks busted.

      •  If only Michelle Visage could look that good while she’s judging.
        Phi-Phi looked like a boy wearing a pretty mask.

    •  This comment is enough to make me wish that I had ‘real’ TV instead of watching online, so I could see these commercials. Well, this comment and Logo’s horrendous streaming capabilities.

      • Melizmatic

         Please do NOT get me started on Logo’s atrocious streaming!

      • The commercials are available to watch from the Drag Race website on Logo as “Rudunits.”

  • I feel like Alaska should have gone home for giving up on the photo challenge. She just quit and had a crappy attitude. 

    • pawtley

      Yeah, I don’t think Ru’s reaction could have been exaggerated there. And at first the challenge, too!!??

    • StellaZafella

      She saved herself on the runway…it’s not the first time a queen’s choked on the first day and regained her composure for a comeback. Alaska’s been poised for a dramatic loss just being connected to Sharon…I just hope she gets herself over that and does what makes ALASKA so great at drag because, her rep is that she’s a superior performance artist.

      • SteelTown83

         She is!

  • Q_B

    Is “water in her basement” the new “junk in her trunk”? If so, I’m kinda loving it.

    Alyssa bugged me in SO many ways, not just this whole drama bullshit with Coco, but also how she couldn’t leave Alaska alone. Also, the way she speaks annoys me. She’s needlessly redundant. Like how she was talking about Coco and said, “she backstabbed me behind my back.” That’s what backstabbing is!

    And Serena is such a typical art student. The second she mentioned being an art student, I rolled my eyes and thought, “Here we go with the pretentiousness.” And I say that as a girl who has a BFA. 

    • I really wanted to superglue Alyssa’s mouth shut for all her picking at Alaska. Really? Get over it and STFU. 

      • Sally Brownson

        Oh god, I’m so with you there. She was trying to just stir shit up, no wonder Coco doesn’t like her.

    • MK03

      Fucking Serena. I suspect she’ll be a nightmarish cross between Tatianna and Phi Phi.

      • e jerry powell

         The Demon Drag Daughter!

      • Q_B

        I definitely see her as the Tatianna type. Perhaps a little blend of Phi Phi with her downright bitchiness, which is not even in the fun way.

    • Melizmatic

      >>>”And Serena is such a typical art student. “<<<


      That's kinda offensive to real art students, IMO.

      As someone who also holds a BFA, I can say that not all of  us are pretentious twits; furthermore, while she may actually be enrolled in someone’s school somewhere, I’d really be interested to see what her GPA actually is.

      Because girlfriend seemed clueless about the difference between Georgian and Victorian styles, and the comment about ‘working on the details’ before the actual construction of her dress was even started just made absolutely no sense, from a design perspective.

      Methinks I smell a poser…

      • Q_B

        I don’t mean to offend. I know not *all* of us are pretentious twits–as I said, I, myself, have a BFA, and I did have art school friends who were not like that. She just reminds me of “the typical art student,” and most of the people I knew in art school were exactly the type.

        I agree with you, though–all the things she said confused me. I’ve never learned that “working on the details first” is the proper way to do much of anything (to a certain degree). I mean, if I tried to draw a person and started with the hands instead of getting the general proportions of the body down, I’d end up possibly drawing really nice hands but overall drawing a mutant. Ditto in painting. I uderstand that technique after a cerain amount of blocking-in has occurred, but to just start, say, painting someone’s eyes in intricate detail when you don’t have the rest of the face and head generally mapped out is something I have never seen. That’s basically what I felt like she was doing–she had no base for her details. It was bizarre.

        I don’t know much about fashion design, really, as it wasn’t my focus and I never took classes on it, but drawing from the rest of my art background, she seemed fairly nuts.

        • Melizmatic

           >>>”I mean, if I tried to draw a person and started with the hands instead
          of getting the general proportions of the body down, I’d end up possibly
          drawing really nice hands but overall drawing a mutant. Ditto in

          This, EXACTLY.

          No real offense taken, btw; I just try to avoid overgeneralizing stereotypes, although Ms Cha-Cha seems to be a walking cliche, if ever there was one.

          Fashion design wasn't my personal focus either, but I do know enough to know when someone is just 'talking out the side of her neck', as my Gram used to say…

          • Q_B

             Yeah, that’s totally what I meant. She’s the walking cliche of an art student.

            “Talking out the side of her neck” sounds SUPER uncomfy :P.

            But yeah, it’s totally crazy what she’s saying in this episode. Let’s see if she abandons this “concept” stance next week.

          • Melizmatic


            I do hopes she gets over herself, but somehow I doubt it.

  • I don’t disagree with Roxxxy’s win, but I was sure they were gonna give it to Lineysha. I mean come on, her dress was made out of wallpaper, while most of the other girls all used some sort of fabric. She also spray painted the dress, and I thought the shoe in her head was pretty cute. Just for the difficulty alone, and the gorgeous end product, I would have given her the win. Overall, I’m very excited for this season.

  • Penny was ruthless for FIVE years in her attempt to get on that show and she bombed horribly.

  • RussellH88

    I have an incredible and irrational hatred for Alyssa Edwards. It all began with her Meet The Queens video, I just found her annoying and the premiere only made it worse.

    She looked likes she was trying catch flies as she was stomping down the runway. I don’t know if this sounds weird, but she seems like someone who thinks they’re a drag queen as opposed to someone who is a drag queen. She tries to be sassy and fierce but it feels so forced and lame.

    • StellaZafella

      As an old “retired” drag queen myself…I think you hit it on the head with BOTH Alyssa and her nemisis. The only thing either of them brings is their personal drama and a whooooole lotta face work! There’s a time to give it up…after that, it just gets desperate…and I know working drag queens who are still great at their craft who are in their 70’s!

      • e jerry powell

        Having read some of the tea around the back door of some of the Alyssa drama, I think the best thing that can be said about her is that she isn’t terribly well-read about what it is to be a professional female impersonator.  How Coco Montrese (to distinguish her from the true CoCo, who was a friend of mine for a good eight years before she died) was involved (or not) in Alyssa’s firing from L&T/MGA is immaterial (except as pre-made drama for this show), because Alyssa is only a couple of steps below Victoria West for total lack of professionalism.

        (I tend to know less about the girls that are on the scene now, because I kind of faded out of the drag follower camp a while back; the last even passing acquaintance I saw get crowned live was Erica Andrews at USofA in 1999.)

    • MK03

      All I could think when Alyssa was on was “oh, so that’s what Eddie Redmayne would look like in drag.”

      • RussellH88

         The way her mouth moves is a bit stroke-y.

      • Thank you! I’ve been trying to figure that out for days!

  • thundersnow528

    It was a fun episode to watch, but I gotta say none of them were that likable for me.  Maybe Detox, but while it was an enjoyable 2 hours, it still had a crass, tinny, nails on a chalkboard feel to it with all the screeching and heavy handed insults.  Alyssa Edwards could not leave soon enough – she sucks the fun right out of the room.

    • “Knowing” Detox from her association with Willam has given me a pre-existing fondness for her, which, based on limited viewing last night is well placed.  Serena’s head looked too big for her body and seriously creeped me out.    I’m ready for Alyssa to go home – enough with the drama.  I’m in it for the comedy!  

  • OK, 

    • hellkell

       My thoughts exactly. Girl needs to get to werk.

    •  She even has a similar voice! I didn’t consider her a knockoff, though.

    • Jessi03

      I thought a huge portion of these girls had been seen before.  Pork Chop, Jujubee, Morgan, Tatianna, Shannel, Tammie Brown, LaShawn Beyond, etc all have their spiritual sisters there last night.

      • You’re right. And I’m guessing that we are seeing people who saw how the others did it, and have picked and chosen bits and pieces. I hope they bring more of themselves, and soon. 

      • I seriously thought they let Tatianna back on the show… Thank you.

      • putonabus

         Yeah, I got that sense too. I was trying to blame it on the way they’re framing themselves/being framed, but I didn’t get this feeling in any other seasons (though I did see 4 first and catch up on the first 3 afterwards). Lineysha’s hair was very Bebe, even (and to be honest, though I have nothing against Lineysha, I ground my teeth some at all the praise of the shoe — not a new idea, but extremely well done in particular by Manila.)

        • Jessi03

          Completely agree about the shoe.  Altho Manila does tend to have fabulous head-ware.  Hand holding a cigarette holder also comes to mind.

    • MissMariRose

      I didn’t see your comment before I posted mine, but yeah. Totally. I see her as a Jujuwannabe.

      • Love me some Juju, but I want it from the Bee, not the Wannabe.

  • Honey Mahogany looks like Dee Snyder in the photo shoot. Which can’t count as success for a drag queen.

    • Yes!  Dee Snyder is exactly what I thought when I saw that picture too!

  • pawtley

    Early love for Roxxxy, and Monica (maybe due to the Untucked tears), and love a classy gal like Vivienne–hope she loosens up the reserve, though, for her sake with the judges.

    • MK03

      Yeah, Monica wasn’t doing much for me until I watched Untucked. Now I want to give her a big ol’ hug. And Roxxxy. How freakin’ adorable is he out of drag??

      • Roxxxy in the confessionals is so funny. I feel like I want to be there, nudging him in the side and chuckling when he says those things.

  • SteelTown83

    I’m biased. I’m a Pittsburgher who’s seen both Alaska and Sharon a lot, and I’ve always been partial to Alaska: funnier, warmer, more sincere, and capable of actual moments of audience horror and discomfort, instead of the mere idea of it like Sharon (e.g. witch hat, blood in the mouth, octopus fingers). So, yeah, mine is a skewed perspective (or the show’s is), but it’s nonetheless grating to hear the comparisons (on the show, online) that suggest *Alaska* is some second-rate version of Sharon! I’m not the only local that hears that and laughs or cocks an eyebrow. But the show is the show. Ru’s show, Ru’s story. Thought I’m not sure why she wanted to tell it this way.

    Long story short: thank God she pulled that look together. She’s got a ton to offer that has little or nothing to do with Ms. Noodles. She or Lineysha should have won, I thought. Roxxxy seems generally overrated and basic.

    • RussellH88

       Yeah, I don’t get that, since they seemed to have met after starting to do drag, it wasn’t like Alaska only started drag because Sharon did. And Alaska has auditioned for every season, 3 times before Sharon ever did. I don’t really even think their styles are that similar. They both have a sense of wit with their outfits (like the trash bag “purse”) but I don’t think she’s as into horror and shock  as much as Sharon. Granted, I could be wrong, you would have a much better idea than I would.

    • StellaZafella

      So far, SteelT, I’m rooting for Alaska T (she will always be ‘Thunderfuck’ to me) and Detox…to the point of “Can’t wait to see if they get teamed as sisters for something” – I feel like they’d shred the runway with a sistah act!

      • SteelTown83

        So on board. I could tell Detox was raising her “Hold up” finger when Monica was making a vague charge against Alaska during Untucked. Their affiliation may already be in the works!

    • I have to ask: where’s the drag scene in Pittsburgh? I’ve been here for five years (but I was a student) and I have NO idea. I’d love to see some fabulous drag queens!

      • SteelTown83

        Alaska pretty much runs the show at Blue Moon, a delightfully diverse bar (men/women, gay/straight, cis/trans, bear/twink, etc.) on Butler in Upper Lawrenceville. It can sometimes be a little dominated by the white hipstery/alternagay crowd, but the vibe during an Alaska event is more jubilant and open than that would suggest. Anyway, plenty of her Haus of Haunt friends make appearances, but there’s a lot of veins of drag represented there.

        After that, it’s really all over the place. The GLCC’s OUTrageous Bingo nights might be a good place to start / meet queens you like as bingo hosts.

  • Le_Sigh

    YAY its back!

    Oh man – I can see that bulge is enormous even from how very far away that shot was taken.  

    This is going to be fun I can tell already!

  • Evan Hart

    Since I live in Cincinnati, I have had the opportunity to see Penny perform many times. She’s hysterical! I just think that, in the end, this probably wasn’t the best venue for her. Had she had some more time I think she could have really shown her hilarious side, but the other aspects just got in her way.

    •  Sharon Needles is the only Funny Girl to win so far –

    • Are any of these others a comedy queen in any way? I did not get that sense so far.

      • Geoff Dankert

        Jinkx? Maybe? If only for the “Seattle’s only Jewish narcoleptic drag queen” line.

        • MichaelStrangeways

          Jinkx is this year’s breakout star…she’s an accomplished comedian, actor, singer, dancer.

          Oh, and she’s really narcoleptic.

    • formerlyAnon

       I’d put comedic talent down at at least #4 or #5 in a list of “assets for doing well on RPDR.” You’d think it’d be more valuable, but that’s not really the track record.

      •  BeBe wasn’t all that funny, and she won. Tyra was no comedian, though she could be funny on occasion. Raja’s big weakness was the standup comedy challenge.

        • Yeah, Sharon’s the only truly funny queen who’s won, and still her look was her #1 asset when it came to her win. 

  • hellkell

    I really want to like Alaska, because hey, it’s the fabulous Ms. Needles’ boyfriend, but she needs to stop whining. I want to know her as more than Sharon’s bf.

    Serena cannot go home fast enough. It was hilarious watching the older queens bat her around like an unruly kitten. 

  • StellaZafella

    I said to myself: She spent all her energy getting on the show…instead of actually learning her craft.

    •  Penny is probably fine onstage with an audience.

      • She reminds me of one of the local queens in my area. She’s hella funny and will read anyone for filth in the funniest way possible, but her drag is a bit dated and probably wouldn’t do well on the show. 

  • StellaZafella

    Great to hear from someone who knows Alaka’s rep first hand…let’s keep rooting for her (and Detox, in my case) cause they’re both fiercly talented.
    Roxxxy better show me she can do something more than 70’s pageant drag or I swear I’ll start taking x’s out of her name from here.

    • SteelTown83

      I love Detox! (And your reads.)

  • MilaXX

    HATE Serena. She’s all mouth, and other than giving a good LSFYL she has nothing to back it up. Hair was bad, makeup was awful , and walk was so-so. I wish Penny had put a little effort into her lip synch so Serena could have gone. She’s clearly this year’s loud pain in the butt.

    I was wondering why Alyssa would blame Coco for what was essentially her screw up, but then I heard she’s allegedly Shangela’s drag mother. Apparently the BS gene runs strong in that family. I will say Coco seriously need to back away from the colored contacts.

    I was worried about Alaska with the fish tank. I mean bad enough everyone is going to compare you to Sharon, but Ru offers you a second chance and you refused? Not a smart move.

    My favorite moment of the night was the look on Lynesha’s face when Roxy was announced the winner. Girlfriend was truly salty. 

    • MK03

      I didn’t think Serena’s LSFYL was all that good. She didn’t really do anything, except default to the desperation split. Though admittedly, it wasn’t a great song for a LSFYL. It doesn’t offer much to play with. Maybe she’d do better with a more performative song. 

      And Alyssa being Shangela’s drag mother would explain a lot about both of them. I cannot wait until she gets the boot…

    • Meelah

      I’ve seen Serena’s performances pre-show and she is a great performer.  She just has a stank attitude and will not make it because there’s more to RPDR than just being able to dance and move your mouth on stage.  

    • thinkzinc

       Alaska can definitely swim too.  I saw her at the Polish Hill Pool this summer in Pittsburgh wearing a gold lame bikini bottom splishing and splashing.

  • Imasewsure

    This is the one show I ignore everyone in my house for…. homework, dog poop and household drama be damned!! So glad it’s back!!

  • bluefish

    Sooo fun … Just saw it and loved it.  Excellent use of Mrs. Grammer also.

    Really enjoyed it — All of them were terrific and the fashions challenges were fully met for the timeframe.  Santino made an interesting observation.

    Party in the USA will never ever get a better showcase so I hope MC is appreciative.

  • Monica Beverly Hillz is totally this season’s Dida Ritz. I’m throwing my support behind Detox, Jade Jolie, Roxxxy, and Jinkx Monsoon.

    • JimMcC

       Soooo true! Unpolished and maybe in over her head, but deeply loveable. She, Roxxxy, and Jinkx seem most likely to win me over in the long run, but I’ve always been a sucker for a sweet and/or funny queen.

      In terms of who I think could really make a go of this, I’m thinking Detox (LOVE her in Mz. Willam’s new video), Alaska (she’s gonna get smoked in two episodes or make it to the end, is my guess), and Lineysha (scoring a win for the Puerto Rican girls AND pageant queens?)

  • I’m not so sure I enjoyed the episode.  I didn’t see any of the queens as being particularly creative.  They all looked average in their efforts, at best.  This season seems to be all about drama and nothing more.  Alaska shocked me in her confession regarding Sharon Needle’s success.  Sharon deserves better.  Alaska’s whole attitude seemed very entitled to me.  Unless she really turns herself around, I don’t see her winning.   I expect to see Serena Cha Cha to stick around for quite some time since she’s obviously there for her drama aspect alone.  Cuz it certainly aint cuz of her great fishiness.

    • RussellH88

       I thought Alaska’s confession was pretty brave. I think people expect her to be very supportive about everything, and to have her actually say that she was jealous and hurt was pretty courageous, especially since she has people dubbing her as a “Second Rate Sharon Needles” when she tried out for the show years before Sharon ever did. God knows I would be bitter if I were in her situation, but for her to say “I can either be jealous or I can be supportive” shows a bit of character.

      • Pinup Ghoul

        My husband and I are both musicians, and he gets more paid gigs than I do. Am I jealous? Of course I am! But at the end of the day, we still adore one another, and we want one another to be successful. It was refreshing to hear Alaska address that, as well!

    • Sally Brownson

      I’m just saying… it really can’t be easy having the exact same job as your significant other when there are competitions which determine which one of you is better. Especially a job that relies SO MUCH on popularity.

    • Donald Hite

      I fear Serena will get the PhiPhi treatment from the judges if she stays around much longer… “she’s the new generation”, “she grown so much”, blah blah blah

      • sweetlilvoice

         She stinks. She’s so entitled….At least PhiPhi looked good most of the time. Who thought I would ever end up defending PhiPhi?

  • Yay! It is back! RuPaul was so amusing the whole episode. I really missed that.

  • When Serena called herself a drag scholar, I wanted to slap her in the worst way. Her confessionals about other queens and general behavior made it worse.

    When some of the queens were comparing Alaska Thunderfuck to Sharon, I wanted to slap them too. The differences in their drag aesthetics and personalities are more than sufficiently clear and the comparison is without merit.

    • MK03

      For someone who’s allegedly a “drag scholar” AND an art student, she sure don’t know shit about historical dress. I mean, honestly, calling panniers Victorian?? Nobody who’s studied art or fashion history in any depth would know that PANNIERS ARE GEORGIAN, NOT VICTORIAN. GET YOUR SHIT STRAIGHT.

      …sorry, but I’ve worked as a costumer and a teacher and that mistake never fails to drive me up the wall.

      • StellaZafella

        MK03, hi!
        I think “getting her shit straight” is going to take more than education…(there are queens on this show who can, and will, school Serena). But if she keeps trying these lame attempts at reading she’s gonna need someone to help her rebuild her face.

  • This revue is perfect!!! I loved this episode, and had the amazing opportunity to watch it at a premiere hosted by Jinkx Monsoon who is amazing!! Her narcolepsy is definitely real, I am diagnosed it too and the way she described the different aspects of it is exactly how I describe it to people, it was great to hear it from someone else! She did say it was edited though, I can testify that it’s rare to fall asleep mid-sentence, so while she may fall asleep in an episode, it may not be at the exact time the producers show it…

  • MissMariRose

    Ivy Winters looks remarkably like Marisa Zanuck from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

    And although I’m reserving judgment for now, Vivienne strikes me as a Jujuwannabe. 

  • Scott Isaacs

    I could say many things about the episode, but I’m going to limit myself to two.
    1. YAY! RPDR is back! All is right with the world again.
    2. Penny had NO excuse for not knowing her Miley. These girls are given the songs to LSFYL ahead of time, and presumably, it’s with enough time to learn the words. When I saw her watermelon-bubblegum-butterflying her way only 15 seconds in, I was aghast. That’s not how a queen treats the fans who put her there in the first place. I feel for them. Only Tammie Brown has ever given a worse non-performance.

  • Did Alaska have a picture in the first challenge? I don’t see one up. (Haven’t watched yet – did she bomb epically or something and result in having no picture at all?)

    • She gave up. She didn’t handle the water well and elected to throw the shoot, resulting in no photo.

      • And that’s why she should not have been in the top, out of the contestants.

  • Saw Jinkx Monsoon as Hedwig in the recent Seattle run of Hedwig and the Angry Inch. An amazing performance, and he had the comedic chops to deal with a heckler in the audience as well. Expect her to shine in that department. And hopefully will be given a chance to sing with his great real voice.

    • I will never understand why someone pays $$ to go to a show and heckles a performer. Not only is it crass, but you (the heckler) paid $$ to see someone you don’t like? Truly a ‘shaking my head’ moment. No one who has the huevos to get on stage deserves to be booed (except Michael Richards, of course). 

      • Pinup Ghoul

        There are many, many people who pay to see avant-garde productions of classic operas at famous companies, and then boo during curtain call. At least they’re supporting us financially, even if we don’t understand why they were there at all!

      • Jenna Kearns

        Maybe in some cases it’s BECAUSE they paid money to see a show?  Maybe it’s because they paid money for something they expected to be good, and it turned out to be not very good at all?  Frankly I disagree with the notion that performers shouldn’t be booed.  If they truly are horrific, then applause for having the bravery to appear on stage is ridiculous and patronizing.  

        That’s booing.  Heckling is a different matter entirely, and I agree, depending on the show it can be quite rude.  But specifically in the case of Hedwig and the Angry Inch (which I have seen, though not with Jinkx), given the story, setting, and presentation of the show, (Hedwig often interacts with audience members); talking back to the performer is well within the spirit of things.

    • Jordan Kearns

       I work in the theatre community in Seattle, so while I’ve never worked with Jerrick, he’s friends with many of my friends. I’ve seen him in a number of shows, and I’m super bummed because I wasn’t able to see to see Hedwig.  🙁 He does have a killer voice though, and has some serious acting chops in general.   

    • out for a walk

      I saw Hedwig here also and was blown away. They’re having RPDR viewing parties at Julia’s on Broadway, presumably with Jinkx there… didn’t go this week but it’s tempting to skip school one of these nights to be there!

  • Roxxy and Coco Montrese are the two I see in the final lineup, the other spot I can’t tell yet.  (That is of course if they don’t have an epic meltdown or some mysterious “break the rules” event ala Willam.)  I give credit to Alaska for nerve but don’t see her as up to the level of Sharon…she just doesn’t have that “it” factor for me.

    Funny no one has mentioned Michelle Visage looking so awful in this episode.  Until I’m told otherwise, I believe Ru instructs her to get nice and drunk (and screwed) beforehand so she (Ru) looks amazing next to her (Visage).  And can someone tell me again what qualifies Santino to judge any of these queens, let alone on fashion?

    • I found Ms Visage to look good exactly once in all the episodes-her hair was blown out straight and she had on a more slinky dress-by that I mean it didn’t have all that frippery around the face and neck that makes her look like a linebacker (I say this as someone with similar build). She’s always “girl, NO!” from me. 

    • Melizmatic

       >>>”And can someone tell me again what qualifies Santino to judge any of these queens, let alone on fashion?”<<<

      Thank you; I'm STILL waiting to hear the answer to that question.

      Even at 'best' on his own season of PR, Santino was only semi-talented and marginally funny.

      And he's just so skeevy…

      All his criticisms seem to come off like he's looking for a $20 'date' in the parking lot after the filming stops, IMO… so I have no idea what possessed someone to think casting him as a judge for this show was actually a good idea.

      M Visage's expiration date has passed as well; Ru seriously needs two judges whose 'talents' extend beyond mere kissing ass and making her look better.

      • Pinup Ghoul

        Eeeew! Your comment just made me realize that Santino talks like one of those ‘pick-up artist’ guys! It explains so much.

        • Melizmatic



          It didn’t occur to me before; but now that you mention it, he is totally reminiscent of those douches.

          *shudders in disgust

          •  Santino would scr*w anything with a hole.

          • Melizmatic


            So it appears, huh?

            I swear, he’s so skeevy that everytime I see him the theme music from the online game ‘DoucheBag Life’ starts to play in my mind…

            “He’s a douche, douche, douche…”

          • These judges don’t have to be qualified. Santino and Michelle are dear dear friends on Ru. Santino and Ru are very good friends. This show is all about the tongue in cheek the critiques dont have to make any sense.

          • Melizmatic


          • Melizmatic

             I’m not sure what happened to my earlier comment, but whatevs.

            You’re entitled to your own opinion, just like I’m entitled to mine.

            And mine is that a show like this doesn’t need two talentless, bitchy judges; period.

      • RussellH88

        I know they’ve mentioned that Michelle has a background in the ball scene, and I really wish they would elaborate on that to make her seem more credible. Yeah, Bill B is a make up artist and Santino is a “designer” so you could at least try to argue that those two could qualify. I suppose Michelle has experience in being a TV personality, and instilling your personality in whatever you’re doing, be it a magazine, a cabaret act, or a fake political campaign is a huge part of the show, but hearing about this experience with the drag community would he nice.

        I do like Michelle, I think she’s funny and is self-deprecating, but I think Santino needs to go. Get Laura Bennet on that shit.

        • Melizmatic

           I could deal with Ru keeping Michelle (a fruit’s gotta have his fly, after all) if they’d just get rid of Santino.

          There only needs to be one bitchy judge; and MV fills that slot easily.

          And Laura Bennet; BRILLIANT idea!

          Someone should totally start a petition, or at least harass Ru ceaselessly on Twitter to make it happen…


  • I loved Monica Beverly Hillz runway look because it reminded me of The Lady Miss Kier, who I adore!  But I did notice in those little short shorts that Ms. Hillz lacked stellar tucking skillz. I was like “Do you need a tighter tuck or are you just really happy to see us?”

    • hac51

      I made a “outfit by Vera Wang” joke.

    • RussellH88

       She’s the new Dida Ritz. They’re both pretty busted but stomp like they have all the confidence in the world. She also sounds eerily like Dida too.

  • formerlyAnon

    I’m impressed that anyone got a decent shot – creating an intended effect underwater must be near-impossible, especially if you have on clothing that’s not body-hugging to manage.

    And it’s not something I imagine performers who normally appear on dry land spend a lot of time practicing.

  • hac51

    Jade is soooooo fishy… to the point that I was wondering if anybody had done a genetic screen on her. 

  • I remember reading an interview with Sharon recently where she said that she was a fan of Alaska’s long before meeting her. I’ve followed Alaska since seeing her in one of the past season’s special showing her audition tape. She is fabulous and her esthetic, while offbeat, isn’t exactlyI felt Ms. Thunderfuck got the loser edit, making it seem like she was just a messy queen trying to ride her girlfriend’s coattails. So happy that she turned it out in the end.

    • Yeah, I hope people stop comparing her to Sharon soon. They come across as being queens with totally different aesthetics with the only similarity being that they practice what I’d consider to be “alternative drag”.

  • ThatGuyYouKnow12

    I think at this point being voted in by the fans is a kiss of death.  Top 2 for All-Stars?  Pandora and Mimi, who were also the first 2 eliminated.  Penny gets voted in this season, and BOOM, first one out.  I’d avoid that route like my lip-syncing life depended on it.

  • StellaZafella

    I think they never actually got a shot of Alaska…that was why Ru offered to let her keep trying. I can’t speak for Alaska, but it wouldn’t suprise me if someone got “pool paniced” in a situation like that…not excusing her – just understanding the feeling of total anxiety around deep(ish) water fully clothed and hard to breath…shivering.

    • Yeah, I can’t really blame her. I can’t swim and I am short and that pool looked awfully deep and I am terrified of drowning. I would have not done well in that photoshoot at all. Not that I (if I was hypothetically a drag queen on the show) would have been too concerned about being eliminated because I’m a hell of seamstress and I would have turned it out on the runway. In the photoshoot, though, I would have been with Alaska. 

  • StellaZafella

    So far, Ivy, Alaska and Lineysha have me at face. These bitches got skills and can pound a phisog!

  • Melizmatic


    And yes; after the huge disappointment that was all-stars, it was a relief to see the elements of this show that I love so much flourishing again.


  • spooki C

    Ivy’s runway look was totally Trimspa era Anna Nicole.

    Can NOT stand Serena and her bobble head. Her makeup is wack, her outfits are wack and she’s annoying. 

  • myristica_fragrans

    i really thought that alaska quitting in the middle of the photo shoot would’ve been held against her. she’s tried out for every season, finally gets picked (wonder why?), and the second something’s too hard, she quits?! how badly does she really want this?

    monica is nowhere near as fishy as she thinks and her heavy hand with the makeup makes her eyes look thisclose together.

  • Donald Hite

    1) How did Serena go from a somewhat attractive guy to a greasy-looking, pallid, bobble headed monster? 

    2) Did anyone else feel this LSFYL was rigged with a song SOOOO young?  Even if Penny was prepared (which she seemed not to be) what are the odds of an older queen being able to pull off that song?  Seems like the deck might have been stacked…

    3) The canned drama that’s already starting is just old… I just want all the dead weight to get eliminated so we can get down to business.

    4) I thought Lineysha (sp?) should have totally won.  I thought the cut outs in Roxxy’s outfit looked trashy and NOT red carpet at all, although the judges seemed to love them.  I also thought her make up was a bit harsh.  Just my opinion.

    5) I’m not sure how I feel about the show being more “over produced” (like with music video type scenes, etc).  I remember when they did the zombie drag queen thing in season 4 my gut reaction was that it felt cheesy and dishonest.  While season 4 was actually probably my favorite season, I think the reunion was another sign of the show having more style but less substance.  When watching the reunion from season 1 and seeing Ru read the girls for their insecurities it just seems SO refreshingly honest compared to the rehearsed dance numbers and vapid staged stuff that we’re seeing in later seasons.  I also kind of loved the crappy stage and set from season 1.  Sure, the new set is better, but there was something endearing about the show’s humble beginnings that has been lost as it has gained popularity. Interestingly, the Untuckeds seem to be getting more sincere and dealing with more emotional topics while the show is losing some of it’s sincerity (this week’s untucked was stupid… but in general, they seem to be improving – Season 4 had some real touching moments).

    • RussellH88

       I wouldn’t say it was rigged, since Delta was able to beat Phoenix at a Bad Romance lip sync, and you’ve also had situations where you could argue it was going the other way in situations like Latrice getting “You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman” and “I’ve Got to Use My Imagination”

      If they get the music beforehand (which I’m pretty sure they do), there’s not really much in the way of excuses. And if a queen is worried about a song not being in her wheelhouse, then she should make damn sure she’s not in the bottom.

      • demidaemon

        They also try to thematically connect the song to the episode’s theme as well (usually; sometimes, it’s a guest judge’s song; other times, it is just whatever). I think there might be a tiny bit of gaming with the lip sync, though, but not usually in the first episode. In the case of Latrice and “You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman,” it was close between the bottom 3 and Ru clearly wanted Kenya gone, so she put the other girl (Latrice) in the bottom to ensure that. But the first episode is usually whoever truly deserves to be in the bottom two, and I agree with the choices made in this episode.

    • I’ve not been able to find Season 1 anywhere to stream or download. Do you know where we can find it?

      • StellaZafella

         Only on for season 1 as far as I’ve ever seen…they run the seasons back to back periodically. The first season used songs that they couldn’t extend the contracts on for wider release… the royalties alone would eat them alive. This is why they so often use songs by Ru or the Guests now for the LSFYL…they can afford the royalties down the road.

      • Donald Hite

        I bought it on iTunes

  • Pinup Ghoul

    Oh my goodness, I want t o do extremely shocking and acrobatic things with Detox, in or out of drag! Gorgeous!

    • Apparently Detox did porn in the past, if you care to look that up. 

  • Trisha26

    I really disliked Roxxxy’s Red Carpet look – that said Adult Video Awards at first glance. Lineysha & Alaska were my faves – really creative! I feel bad for Penny but she didn’t take Ru’s advice on the gown and she didn’t know the lyrics (?!) – tsk. And I have to say Jade freaks me out.

  • My fave was when Jade Jolie told Serena ChaCha “Cover Girl don’t cover boy baby” I died. It was epic.

  • glennethph

    Alaska…Is that Manila’s boyfriend?

    • Alaska is Sharon Needles boyfriend. Manila’s boyfriend is Sahara Davenport (S2).
      Meanwhile, I can’t tell you what I had for breakfast yesterday.  I think I might be giving this show too much priority in my life. 🙂

  • GTrain

    Roxy for the win. Love huh.I think Serena should have sashayed away. She may have been lackluster but she looked like a queen. Serena looked like a bobble head boy.

  • LambeeBaby

    Am I the only one who thinks Penny Tration looks ALOT like Wynonna Judd? 

  • Penny is a friend of mine – I was really bummed to see her go. I think because she was the “internet vote” Ru had it in for her from the git.