Revenge: Power

Posted on January 07, 2013

Once again, Victoria Grayson stands revealed as the absolute worst hostess in the history of the Hamptons. At some point, shouldn’t the press (not to mention the rest of the population of Hamptons) zoom in on the fact that every time she throws a party, someone dies, falls off a balcony, gets taken hostage, or stands up in front of the room to make a scandalously shocking announcement? We picture a bunch of society mavens getting an invite to one of her parties and saying “GOD, no,” with disgust as they throw it in the trash. Hey, that might actually make a decent plot point for her. It certainly does feel a little odd that with all the public drama surrounding this family they haven’t taken the slightest hit to their social standing. At the very least, it might be fun to see Victoria deal with the loss of her Queen Bee status among the moneyed set.

This is going to be a very short review because we hate repeating ourselves. We’ll just say this: Any time the story moved over to Jack’s bar, we zoned out. What an awful storyline; completely devoid of any interest whatsoever. Time to end this one, writers. We always thought he was dumb as a box of rocks, but now we’re starting to wonder how he manages getting his pants on in the morning and remembering to breathe in AND out.

Also: we really don’t care about Nolan’s company all that much, not to mention his super-creepy asshole of an ex. And while we’re at it, we might as well admit that our eyes tend to glaze over any time The Initiative is mentioned.

There’s been some improvement on that last front, however. At least Initiative Lady (we’ll figure out her name when it suits us to do so) is a face for the faceless organization. And she seems more than able to hold her own against Victoria or even Emily, so we have some hope for her as a character. And her bit with Aidan is sure to provide some conflict down the road. If his sister really is still alive, then Emily can no longer count on him as an ally and now that she’s “back” with Daniel, he may find it hard to stick around and watch what she’s going to do next.

But the big story here is that Emily finally found her red sharpie again after it apparently got stuck in some couch cushions or something. The judge felt like a throwaway character; someone who’s not going to have too much to do with the plot going forward, but a bone to throw to the audience just so we can see Emily do what Emily does best: ruining the lives of evil motherfuckers.

But isn’t it kind of interesting how the men on this show are either idiots (Jack, Declan, Daniel) or cut off from any real power (Conrad, Nolan)? The ladies seem to hold all the cards at the moment and the men are all patsies or impotent. Sure, you’ve got those two brothers scamming Jack, but it’s not like they’re presented as masterminds or anything. Besides, you don’t exactly have to be a PhD to get one over on Jack.

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  • Scoobydrew

    My question was why didn’t Faux Manda use her deadly ninja stripper skills on one of those dudes? Poor dead Frank proves she has some skills in giving the baddies what for.  Or better yet, why not just tell Emily? Emily would shut that crap down in a heartbeat. 

    • CarolinLA

      Maybe she’s becoming dumber the longer she hangs out with Jack and it didn’t occur to her.  

      • Scoobydrew

        Fauxmanda caught the dumbs. 🙁

    • I think Fauxmanda will talk to Emily eventually. She doesn’t seem to want to keep quiet about this. I, too, was hoping she’d whip out Old Reliable, her tire iron, and do some damage, new-mommy-style.

  • JosephLamour

    I saw that coffee bean crunch coming as soon as Declan opened that bag. I’m kind of hoping that when we find out who’s in that boat, it pans over to show all four of those idiots are dead. Like, why would you present a show about rich people and terrorism and dresses (hehe) for a whole season and then decide that what that show needs in it’s new season is more townies?

    Also, I assumed Ashley would be fired from Grayson after that affair, but I hope she’s not off the show.

  • Sobaika

    The show certainly didn’t use the hiatus to recharge, it was painfully boring and much more of the same. I remember thinking last season that the show was doing a good job of spinning a plot without getting too silly, it seems I spoke too soon.

  • Joshau Norton

    I know we’re supposed to hate on Daniel, but it feels like kicking a puppy. Big brown eyes and all.

    • I always felt like Daniel was easy to hate- the whole “spoilt, naive, greedy Ivy League dropout” profile is one we love to hate, even if he isn’t necessarily that. I’m glad the show is playing up his negative qualities rather than trying to redeem him.

      And no, he certainly can’t pull off “genius”, in any regard xP

  • Nick

    So true. I watched the ep anticipating your scathing review. Thank god the red sharpie came back. There is hope for the show. 

  • MilaXX

    That in a nutshell is what is wrong with the show this season; too many meandering plots. At a good 75% of them fall under the category of “Nobody cares.”  I realize that in order for the show to last, there has to be more than Emily & her red sharpie, but this is too much and most of these actors can make the many stupid things they do believable. I’d jettison everything except the Initiative & Aiden, give Nolan’s company the b subplot, and either give Jack a smidge of sense or put him, Carl & faux!Amanda on the boat and let them sail away.

  • MissMariRose

    I know that we’re supposed to look at the Townies drama and think it’s a mirror image of Emily’s revenge-o-rama, but it doesn’t make me think any less of Emily or more of the Graysons because the writers think we’ re supposed to care about Jack and Dumber. If you’re stupid enough to take the fall for drugs found on your boat when you’re the one who called the cops tipping them off to drugs planted by the Revenge Brothers in the first place, your sorry ass deserves everything those Brothers can dish out.

    The writers also really need to explain exactly what the Initiative is and what its purpose is, like, pronto. The “Shadowy Organization LLC” routine is getting old and making the writers look like they haven’t figured it out yet themselves.  By the time they do the big reveal, it’ll be guaranteed to be a huge WTF letdown.

    • Sobaika

      Agreed on the Initiative – all the ~*intrigue*~ just makes the organization look silly and not deadly.

      • Inspector_Gidget

        It does have more than a whiff of Dr. Evil about it, doesn’t it?  Maybe they’ll ransom Aiden’s sister for one milllllion dollars!

  • Inspector_Gidget

    That was too hilarious with Fauxmanda calling Jack out on not keeping secrets.  Uh, bitch, he married you because you’re lying about who you are!  And now you’re squealing over the necklace made of “our glass.”  Too funny.

    The bar is so, so, so boring.  And Declan is too dumb to live.  I’m actually rooting for him to get sent to Attica for a good long time.

  • “might be fun to see Victoria deal with the loss of her Queen Bee status among the moneyed set ” – and they could do it at a rococo masked ball to milk the Dangerous Liaisons comparison, which would be awesome.

  • You know Jack’s arrest means those evil brothers are going down.  No way is Emily going to let Jack go to jail.  

  • CarolinLA

    Victoria is the Mary Tyler Moore of the Hamptons!  LOLOLOLOL  Every time Mary threw a party, it was a disaster.  Now I wish MTM had played Vicky’s mom.  

    • Theresa Jones

      Mary Richards’s failed parties have been all I could think of whenever TLo mention Queen V’s party fails. Never thought of MTM as her mom… would have been priceless!

  • even my boyfriend questioned Jack’s decision to get arrested for his brother, saying “doesn’t he have a kid to support?” It was classic. And awesome.

  • Not the best episode, but – as we say in our review – one that returns to the Revenge formula of S1 (complete with the red sharpie of DOOM!)

    Stuff with Stowaway = so boring (definite glaze)
    Stuff with Initiative (and Wendy) = so boring
    Stuff with Initiative and Aiden = potentially interesting. We’ll see where his loyalties lie now that he’s seen his gf slurping on the bottom half of a Grayson face

  • Who doesn’t love a party where there’s going to be a SCENE and SCANDAL? I’d expect people are falling over themselves to come to Victoria’s parties, scalping invitations… you never know what’s going to happen….

  • Damien W

    The Initiative didn’t work on Buffy, and it certainly doesn’t work in its new incarnation on Revenge.

    Less Illuminati, more Crystal/Alexis mudfights please.

    • editrixie

      I stand in awe and bow to your commenting fu.

  • Judy_S

    I don’t like Initiative Lady because she seems to be omniscient and omnipotent, and possibly omnipresent, too. When Emily and Victoria, or even the late White-Haired Man, know their opponents’ next moves, we have a clue as to how they found out and we see their own potential vulnerabilities. But tricking Daniel into unwittingly tricking Nolan into leaving a “secret trail,” or Aiden into calling, is just silly. She is a Device, and not a character. And she lurks in the dark where you can’t see what she’s wearing.

    • medijie

      I agree, her character is a like caricature of Dr Evil from Austin Powers (who of course is the evil villain from the Bond movies.)  I was expecting to see her stroking a white cat as she held up per pinky to her lips even time she spoke Daniel’s name. Hard for me to take her seriously after that

  • Alexa Fields

    Seriously.  SO HAPPY to see the return of the red sharpie.

  • I was actually fairly pleased with this episode- however that might just be because I’m comparing it to the rest of the season, which was thoroughly dreadful. I’m so glad the show is bringing back takedowns. While not one of her best, bringing down the judge for being a wifebeater was in line with the style of her previous takedowns. However I fear the writers only gave us this tiny nugget to satiate us so we don’t keep asking for more.

    I’m so disappointed with the Initiative. When I first heard about terrorists called Americon Initiative I was so excited for the possibilities- they were going to be some rogue, American version of the Al Queda. The show could have “24” vibes and the groups’ fanaticism could have been interesting to explore. I wanted terrorists, not supervillains. Such a missed opportunity.

  • Mike McNamara

    If Amanda and Emily team up to bring down the bad dudes, it would possibly (unlikely but possibly) make the whole Stowaway plot worth while.