Project Runway: Neverending Story

Posted on January 25, 2013

Here’s the story…


…of two lovely ladies.


Y’know, we almost embarrassed ourselves by writing “Hey, this wasn’t a bad start.” Not because it was a bad start, but because we’re pretty sure we wrote some variation of that sentence for every single season premiere episode of Project Runway.


Let’s just all agree that PR generally opens fine. There are too many designers for major attention-whoring moments (although god bless them; some tried) and because there are so many looks on the runway, the judges’ decisions tend not to be as maddening. You might not agree exactly with their choices, but at this stage of the game, they’re in the general ballpark of making sense.


As for the cast, there are too many to make much in the way of judgments, but it strikes us as the usual collection of bitches, attention whores, flamboyant queens, wide-eyed innocents and cannon fodder. There does seem to be a base level of skill here, collectively speaking. The bottom three were really the worst of the lot. The rest ranged from passable to very good. That’s encouraging, especially since they got only a day to put the look together.


So far, the team concept bothers us little. It helps when you’re dealing with large teams because the individual designers are, for the most part, left to their own devices, with some agreed-upon guidelines in place. It left little room for disagreement and power struggles and more room for the designers to showcase their goods. Obviously, this format will not stand forever and at some point the rules and the teams will be shuffled unexpectedly. For now, the only real issue we have with it is the open admission that high-scoring and low-scoring looks will only wind up in the top and bottom 3 if they’re on the correct team. That’ll be annoying going forward.


As for the challenge, it couldn’t have been lamer or more vague. They might as well have handed them each a postcard.


Daniel Esquivel

So congrats, Daniel! While your mustache was epic and your personal style questionable, you did manage a pretty decent look. We felt this belonged in the Top 3, but should not have received the win. It’s too pedestrian, to use widdle Zac Posen’s (who needs to loosen up) word. We’ve seen this. In fact, we’ve seen this walking a runway with Zac Posen’s name attached to it, we’re pretty sure.


Richard Hallmarq

Tom felt this should be the win because it was interesting, well-made, and oddly beautiful. As Nina said, it’s totally urban, which means he hit the mark better than the Mustache of Flamboyance did.


Patricia Michaels

Lorenzo thought this should be the win because it displayed a level of artistry not seen in the other pieces. It was truly original and had some nice touches, like the hints of blue.

We are both in agreement that Princess Water Lily wore out the whole “Native-American” thing in the first 5 minutes. By the time she got to the ululating, we checked out.


Kate Pankoke

We’re not even going to pretend to know who did this. Whoever she is, this is a decent, if unremarkable effort.


Amanda Valentine

This was the smirky Mean Girl one, right? It’s not bad at all. Love that she did pants and love that she made them interesting without making them gimmicky. Ditto on the top. It’s extremely simple, but it’s kind of chic.


Layana Aguilar

A total nothing of a dress.


Stanley Hudson

Stanley made sure to tell everyone that he’s a costume designer about ten times. Well guess what? This looks like a costume. And a poorly fitted one at that.


Joseph Aaron Segal

We think we would have appreciated this more if it wasn’t the colors of dustrags. Done in shades of blue or shades or red, we could see this being a pretty sharp design.


Matthew Arthur

Cute. Not innovative or anything, but cute.  He seemed like a sweet guy.


Samantha Black

We thought this was one of the more interesting of the looks. She made it floaty while still keeping it sexy and modern. Love the neckline detail, even if it’s not perfectly executed.


Tu Suthiwat Nakchat

The top is interesting, but the skirt couldn’t be more boring. The creamy white – which is not a color one associates with New York City – made it all the blander.


Benjamin Mach

It seems a lot of people looked at NYC and saw grime, judging by their color choices. This is another not-bad design. We’re not crazy about trains paired with short skirts, but the top half is interesting.


Michelle Lesniak Franklin

Overdone. Desperately in need of editing.

We had no major complaints about the selection of the bottom three:


James Martinez

Another total nothing of a dress. The only reason this deserved the slot over Layana’s plain black dress is that hers looked at least a little modern and upscale. These are sales rack pieces.


Cindy Marlatt

HORRIFYINGLY AWFUL. That waist detail looks like it came off a pizza box. The main fabric is ugly, and there’s practically no design here.  One thing’s for sure: she’s neck and neck with Princess Water Lily in the “I’m going to mention one fact about myself over and over again” sweepstakes. Drink every time she says “funeral director.”


Emily Pollard

But – to the eternal delight of every viewer over the age of 35 – Lady Funeral was saved by the fact that the snotty girl who kept rolling her eyes at her was the only one to do worse in the competition. We don’t know if we quite agree with Nina that these are the least-finished garments in 11 seasons – Carmen Webber’s imaginary menswear shirt would seem to be worse – but they were certainly appalling. No, this one was a no-brainer, which, we suppose is why it’s easy to remain upbeat at this point in the season. We doubt anyone watching last night screamed “NO!!!! NOT THE UNFINISHED TACKY LOOK FROM THE BITCHY GIRL!!!!!!” in rageful disagreement.



[Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke for Lifetime – Stills:]

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    • YoungSally

      Ok — This is my first attempt at only watching PR via TLo.  Based on your description of the challenge — it could have been better as a postcard challenge — if the postcard was selected by a three year old.  A friend just received a postcard from her niece who was visiting China….she sent a postcard of a man doing something described to me as “something between a pedicure and foot surgery.”

      • With you on the “only watching PR via TLo.” I have finally taken back that weekly hour and a half of my life (well, more like 40 minutes what with fast-forwarding parts on DVR) and am replacing it with 5 minutes here.  It’s amazingly restful.  Lifetime finally pushed me to the place where I don’t feel like I’m missing much by not watching the show.

        • ballerinawithagun

          I’m with the two of you. 

          • judybrowni

            Me three.

            I now argue with TLo in my head — was not a big fan of the Frankendresses in the top — until we got to the bottom three, and as always, TLo’s wisdom shines thru.

            However, now I no longer hafta scream at Lifetime.

        • Toto Maya

           I never thought I’d quit PR, but this is the season. I’ll keep reading TLO, but it’s just not worth my time anymore. I miss the days when the show was great, and TLO would devote a post to each contestant because the clothes were worth talking about. I know it’ll never happen again, but still, sad.

      • MikeW_Vegas

        Make that a party of 3.   I got caught up on my “Once Upon a Time” backlog instead.  and watched some real Witches being bitchy at each other!  

        • Me 4.  T+Lo have always been the best part of Project Runway for me — I’m just admitting it and living my truth now.

          • LJCdoc

            I suspect there are lots of us. We need a support group. Oh, wait, we have one 🙂

          • Glammie

            Me 5.  The gimmicky team challenge season is what did it.  I wish I could say I was spending that retrieved 1.5 hours wisely, but instead I’m playing Kingdom of Loathing . . . still, I don’t have to watch the neutered version of Tim Gunn, which still makes me sad.  He was so refreshingly honest . . . once.

            • Celandine1

              KoL ftw! I played for years on dialup before swanky broadband became affordable. My disco bandit had a store I called ‘The Boozy Cat’. 

          • editrixie

            It’s amazing how calming it is, isn’t it? It’s like they’re our mediation gurus.

          • makeityourself

            This is my second season just reading TLo and not watching the show; the third if count All Stars.  As the one with experience in this recovery group, I’m telling you right now you will look back and think, “How did I ever do that to myself?”  

        • YoungSally

          My addiction, alas, is still Lifetime based….Dance Moms….but, man, I will watch PR if they can put in a Dance Moms challenge.

          • spititout

            pretty bold admission…Dance Moms addiction…I am guilty of Double Divas.  How about a double diva challenge with Abby Lee as a judge?  Would be a double difficult challenge, since PR contestants historically seem to struggle with designing for real  boobies, from precious Oliver to Anthony Ryan. 

            • YoungSally

              Go bold or go home.  Haven’t done DDs yet — but intrigued as my sister (32 F) is hooked on the show — I am a mere 34 DD….but then I get my support at Town Shop in NYC — an institution in fight for women’s support.  My favorite Town Shop experience is when I place a special order and I get a call from the founder’s son (he’s probably in his 70s and watches horse racing on the laptop behind the pink checkout counter)….”….(deep husky male voice)…this is the Town Shop….I have your Warner 2648’s in cameo at the counter”

          • jjfg

             HA!  A Dance Mom challenge… They’d have to include that bitchy woman from Ohio, of course – damn, whassername…  Cathy.  Epic train wreck potential!

      • Karen Maslowski

         Welcome to the club! I’ve been observing PR ever since TLo began Project Rungay, and have only watched about an hour of the actual show. I’m pretty sure watching it would have led to some major brain drain by now if not for T and Lo.

        • YoungSally

          I loved it for about five years.. (or is it cycles)…have only been holding on because I see Sir Tim with relative frequency (most recently outside the VIllage Obstetrics Practice in NYC — go figure)…but even TIm can’t get me excited anymore.

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            Is it wrong to admit how much I would enjoy an actual live sighting of Sir Tim?

            • libraangel

              Me too . Wish he were straight because he is handsome, debonair, and seems to have a nice personality. ( To husband – only kidding!)

            • formerlyAnon

               But to read FAAAR too much into a few stray remarks: is not emotionally prime relationship material. Best to admire in the public sphere and let it go at that . . .

            • libraangel

              It was just a light-hearted joke! I am not stalking Mr. Tim!

            • formerlyAnon

               Never fear, didn’t really imagine that you were! 😉

            • YoungSally

              Absolutely no shame — I giggle like a tween secretly….or maybe out loud…I am just odd.  I saw him once going to the Chinese laundry next door with a bag of clothes that was so structured that it looked like he irons and folds his dirty laundry…..and he’s cute in his jeans.

          • editrixie

            OMG I envy you so much. Though I’m sure if I saw him RL I’d make such a fool of myself.

      • Qitkat

        My first too, after watching every season until now. It is great to reclaim that time. Except that I mostly spent it in the TLounge. Good people there 🙂
        My first reaction to this bunch is what horrendous hair styling these models have, with the exception of Patricia’s model. Samantha and Richard impress me the most from these shots. Enough with the stupid trains, Richard’s had possibilities otherwise. 
        Way too many dull non-colors. Is dirty the new black?

        • YoungSally

          Personally love dirt colors….but I live in NYC with two a minimalist apartment decorated in 30 shades of cardboard.

          • LesYeuxHiboux

            I love that you own it. I have more of an off-duty clown palette, myself. Even though I never reach for the dirt shades, I can appreciate seeing them done well.

          • Stubenville

            You bought everything at Muji?

            • YoungSally

              LOL — no — I had the place designed (curated) when I bought it about 15 years ago….when I had some cash..and the architect was just starting his own firm….the architect has since gone on to a significant amount of success that I can no longer afford — thank God Muji and Uniqlo have come to NYC.

      • Girl_With_a_Pearl

        [Standing up.]  It’s been one week since I’ve watched Project Runway.  I think I can kick the habit this time.

      • Adella Thompson

        I’m with YoungSally. Gave up on the show, but figure the most entertaining part was always you guys anyways. 

      • A.

        As you can see you are in the company of many. I have lived PR through the eyes of these fine gentleman for a while now…I think since Gretchen, and I couldn’t be happier! I find the experience MUCH more enjoyable than actually watching the show even because at least you have the benefit of like minds and sound critique which seems to be optional with Heidi and the Duchess. Welcome to the club!

        • YoungSally

          Thank you so much!!!  I don’t feel any sense of withdrawal whatsoever.

      • cornpicker73

        I’m with y’all. Another TLo only watcher here. In fact, I only got through 2 – 3 of the recent All Stars season. I only checked back here to see who won, and that made me really glad I didn’t watch. Anyway, see you all Friday mornings from now on!

    • Stubenville

      And the crazy train slowly chugs out of the station for another hilarious run.

      I would only disagree about the worst ever garment on Project Runway, TLO; I think that title should go to Emilio Sosa’s bare naked string-and-washers concoction.

      •  I dunno, a couple of Andrae’s efforts are right up there, adn then there was that epic shower curtain thing. I forget who did that one, back in the day.

        • Vlasta Bubinka

          Season 1? Mario? Took a shower curtain and wrapped it twice?

          • FloridaLlamaLover

            From Bravo: ‘Mario is the first to the checkout with four shower curtains and box of cotton swabs, with the latter not actually for the dress but for their intended hygienic purpose.”  You are correct!

        • Wasn’t that guy from season 5? I seem to recall his model looking like a butcher.

        • Stubenville

          Was that Jerry somebody with the model wearing rubber gloves?

          • formerlyAnon

            Yeah, but Jerry’s wasn’t unfinished so much as whack.

          •  Oooooooh, I’d mercifully forgotten the rubber gloves thing.

            • Vlasta Bubinka

              Kors nailed that one: nurse nun serial killer wear.

            •  OMG, Right!!

          • BrooklynBomber

            Yes, Jerry. But I was disappointed that he was auf’ed because I thought his portfolio looked interesting.

            • I was also disappointed because that same week Blaine made his horrible “Giant caterpillar/maxipad walking out of my model’s crotch” garment (I’m not sure what to call it, really) that truly deserved not only an auf but mandatory therapy sessions too.

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          There was also Jerry Tam(?)’s truly tragic raincoat made out of a shower curtain or some other banal item from a dollar store, I think in Season Five.

        • libraangel

          And there was Suede’s dress from the last show with the blobblies (flowers?) glues on it

        • GeorgiaPat

           how about Santino’s jumpsuit! Sleeve falling off on runway:)

      • Vlasta Bubinka

        I’d vote for season 1, ep. 1– Wendy Pepper’s candy pastie Carnivale hooker. 

        • tignor

           who did the bikini made out of party balloons? I thought that was Wendy’s…or was it another of Wendy’s?

          • Vlasta Bubinka

            The balloons were part of that look, yes. Also, rings of bell pepper.

            • bitchybitchybitchy

              A double dose of pepper-Ha!

            • Vlasta Bubinka

              One can never have too much pepper, n’est-ce pas?

        •  OMG I forgot about that one too!  Haha!

      • Exactly what I was thinking! That “outfit” was ridiculous. As was Wendy Pepper’s balloon concoction from Season 1. But perhaps those don’t count since they were unconventional challenges.

      • GorgeousThings

        Wait a sec – what about Wendy Pepper’s craptastic candy stripper-wear from S1E1?

        • Vlasta Bubinka

          Not everyone has the stash of gorgeous fabric that some of us bitter kittens have. They must resort to candy stripper crack concoctions… 

        • Stubenville

          A hot tranny mess too!

          • eloriane

            Um. Was the slur really necessary?

            • Lilithcat

              He’s merely quoting Christian Siriano, who seemed to say that every episode.  

      • Andrew C

        Don’t forget Blayne’s clown tumors!

      • StellaZafella

         I would vote for this season’s hot glued mess first but a close second, for me, was actually Josh’s ‘Foam Tree Dress’ (“I hand- painted my dead mother’s initials into the skirt!”)

        At least they reduced the “bitchy” contingent by one right off the bat…but, alas, that leaves more room for the cray-crays and the criers…on to next week!

        I’m interested to see more from Tu’s perspective.

      •  I totally thought of Emilio’s “swimsuit” too.

        • librarygrrl64

          That poor, poor model.

      • Tatiana Luján

        I think it should be Wendy’s party disaster, at the unconventional material challenge.

      • Violina23

        YES! Exactly what I said (re: Emilio’s “bikini”)

      • What about that guy who actually put a lampshade on a model’s head? I forgot his name.  Maybe season 4 or 5.

        • anon11112

           Vincent! I still remember him saying it was “kooky and fun.”

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            Ah, Vincent-a whole universe of creepy cray-cray in one body!

      • MoHub

         There was the first-eliminated designer—don’t recall her name—in season 3 who, when tasked with making a garment from the apartment furnishings, cobbled together some sheers from the window. And she had to hand-sew them because she couldn’t operate a professional-grade sewing machine.

        • YoungSally

          When you said couldn’t operate a sewing machine I immediately thought of Anya.

          • MoHub

             At least—the very least—Anya tried. The other gal took one look at the machine and picked up a needle and thread. As I recall, she was a home sewer and had worked only with a home-style machine.

            • YoungSally

              Good point….but to Lifetime’s credit (or discredit) Anya was probably considered “more beautiful and aspirational to Lifetime’s target audience”

            • Stubenville

              Aspirational? Like “shave one side of your head and re-purpose a toaster waffle as an earring?”

            • libraangel

              Aspirational that she would inspire me how not to sew sleeves or pants?

            • YoungSally

              I was thinking more — I want to get away from my boring family life in (fill in blank), shave one side of my head, stop wearing a bra and re-purpose a toaster waffle as an earring.

      •  That was my immediate thought as well, but he did not get eliminated, did he? 

        • Stubenville

          No he did not. He competed further.

      • AthenaJ

        Emilio blamed his not being able to finish that string and washer ‘ensemble’ because his model was a tall Amazon (yeah ok that was his only problem, hah) Ironically the only thing that saved him out on that runway was the fact that his model was gorgeous and worked it, even with her ass hanging out.

      • libraangel

        Or Anya’s crooked short/jumpsuit thingie that looked as if it was held together with a safety pin! But I do remember Emilio’s “bikinI” but I’m trying to forget that hot mess.

      • butter nut

        i dunno, season 1, wendy pepper’s scandalous candy bikini, that caused nina to wail in horror that she would have to judge this as a real fashion, “but there’s no clothes!!”  *that* was pretty amazing.

      • George Mortimer

        The quote wasn’t “worst ever garment”, it was “least-finished garment to come down the runway”.

    • Like you said, not a bad start. Of course the team aspect of the season seems to just be a pointless gimmick, especially since the first challenge had nothing to do with teamwork or design cohesion. Some observations…
      1. So far I like Daniel. He seems nice and his design was pretty good.
      2. Did I detect a hint of romance between Amanda and Michelle?
      3. That young Winona Ryder lookalike don’t cry pretty.

      • DinaSews

        I agree with you about the team gimmick. Just giving their opinions is their definition of team challenge? The team challenges in the past have required some type of cohesion, which this did not.

        • MilaXX

          I think it’s a head game more than anything. I think it was brought up when the judges had their little pow wow. Do you help a team mate or let them struggle? The losing team learned that the hard way. They were less than honest about Cindy’s dress. They should have told them that waistband clashed. They also needed to either tell Emily to abandon that fugly jacket she was spending way too much time on and instead focus on making sure her model had something to wear down the runway.
          Going forward I don’t know how that will work out, because I’m sure the lesson the winning team got was that they work well independently.

          • StellaZafella

             I agree Mila, and we already heard some of the remarks about things like “I could have the best garment – but not win, because my teammate’s entry puts us on the bottom…wow, maybe I’ll offer to lend a hand.”
            It sets up the season for a different development in relationship dynamics: You might be a bitch, but you better help your team if you want to win. I’ll be interested to see what happens with the first reshuffle where everyone has to work with peopl from the “other” teams.

        • Willette Williams

          I was thinking that in order for it to be a true team effort they should have had more time at Mood to discuss their choice of fabric. It would have saved us (the viewers) from having to see that horrible mess that Cindy created!

          • libraangel

            But what I didn’t get that on the runway most of the others nodded ‘yes’ they liked Cindy’s print?????!!!!

      • Billie_Dawn

        Daniel made me laugh with his apparently genuine “I do play well with others! I think working in teams sounds like a really cool idea!” Oh honey, I hope you’re talented enough to stay in the game on sheer merit, because that attitude is totally not what this show is looking for.

        • StellaZafella

           He also said: “Let’s go to a candy store and make a dress!”
          I really hope he gets his wish. He clearly knows waht’s coming and has prpeared himself as best he can:
          1) think fast
          2) do what you know
          3) stay positive
          4) sew like a motherfrickin’ speed freak!

      • GretaChristina

        Actually, I’m willing to give the “teams” thing a chance. I was expecting to loathe it and have it just be an excuse for pointless, manufactured, scenery-chewing, “Real Housewives of Parsons New School” drama…  but it seems that maybe, just maybe, it’s the opposite. Maybe, just maybe, the point is to give the designers an incentive to help each other out, and a disincentive to indulge in petty backstsabbing.

        I know. I’m a crazy dreamer. But the high helping each other out/ petty backstabbing ratio is one of the things I miss most from previous seasons of PR. If this gimmick can crank it back up again, I’m not going to argue.

        And I don’t mind that “teams” is being interpreted in a more game theory/ Spanish Prisoner way, and not in a “design a cohesive collection” way. If every episode was “design a cohesive team collection,” we wouldn’t get to see enough of the individual designers’ visions. Some of which are freaking hilarious.

    • Stubenville

      And WTF was that vulgar monstrosity Fräulein Heidi was wearing during the judging last night?

      •  That skirt looked like a wildly over embroidered version of a circuit board.

        • DinaSews

          She looks so naturally beautiful and young in the opening with Tim.  It was a disappointment when she came out greased, powdered and cray during the show.

          • RebeccaKW

             I agree. Those pictures at the top, the Brady Bunch thing?  Best she’s looked.

      • libraangel

        Hooker+Biker Chick=f&^*ing hot mess

    • Kimbolina

      Can someone explain how the team thing works for all of us Bitter Kittens who are sitting this one out?  Do they all work on each other’s pieces?  Sketch/design together?  Is it supposed to be like a cohesive mini-collection each week?  Looking at all these pictures, I couldn’t tell you which outfits were from the same team…

      • DinaSews

        Each designer had to present their partially finished garment to the team during Tim’s visit and give their opinion and feedback.  Not really a team challenge as we have come to know.

      • They were broken up into two teams. For this challenge, there really seemed to be no teamwork involved. There was some small bit where each designer explained their design-in-progress to Tim and their team and everyone shared their input, but that was it. Everyone made their own piece, there was no mandate that it had to be a “collection” of some sort. The only consequence then being that some bad designs got a pass simply for being on the winning team while some decent designs did not even get a shot at winning because their team was the losing team.

        • libraangel

          That’s what I don’t like about having teams. There were some great looks on the losing team, but they don’t even get considered for being the winner.

      • Stubenville

        Just the usual “you’re a team” nonsense and they all go off in different directions. Simple as that. They did Tim’s walk around as a group critique.

      • Janet B

        I’m sure cohesive will come later, but for now they better make sure the worst look isn’t on their team.

      • ecallaw1977

        It isn’t anything like the usual team challenges, where their looks had to be cohesive.  They just all shared input with each other, and did it collectively as a group with Tim.  The designer could then decide whether or not to take the advice.  The only way it even matters is it could be used as a defense on the runway.

    • Sam

      As I said last night elsewhere, Emily should have been on her own team, one called “Drunken Monkey with a Sewing Machine”.

    • Vlasta Bubinka

      I must offer a Korsism: That jumpsuit is like a disco ball factory line uniform! And I look forward to Amanda’s aufing more than seeing more of Otto von Bismarck’s clothes.

      • Pennymac

        Disco Rosie the Riveter!

        • Vlasta Bubinka

          I want to amend my vision of the jumpsuit: The love child of Rosie the Riveter and Cha Cha diGregorio grew up and went to Studio 54.

      • Billie_Dawn

        I was thinking Archduke Franz Ferdinand myself. It’s too bad that he doesn’t appear to be the villain of the season, because it would be fun to be able to use the Snidely Whiplash nickname for someone who actually looks like Snidely Whiplash.

        • Vlasta Bubinka

          We could also go with Metternich, I guess. I would love him as a Snidely Whiplash, but he seemed genuinely supportive last night.

          My husband described Hallmarq as Mr. Clean gone g-g-g-gay, with deluxe bullum head (if you watch Kids in the Hall).

          • Call me Bee

            My Hubs laughed out loud when Hallmarq said “sad face” and frowned, so as my for my house, we will refer to him as Mr. Sad Face. 

          • barbiefish

            My husband call Hallmarq “Shrek” from the first view of him.

        • Hadn’t thought of the Archduke myself, but it works. I just finished reading what purported to be Coco Chanel’s secret Nazi  collaboration (don’t read it, I beg of you) and apparently she knew Salvador Dali so I was leaning towards him.

        • Maybe he could be Bizarro Snidely Whiplash?

      • Scoobydrew

        I think that this is the first time in PR history that we went an episode without a DISCO reference. When I saw that jumpsuit, my first thought was “Oh where is Kors!”  I already miss him. 

    • DaveJeje

      Hmmm it wasn’t that bad

    • NDC_IPCentral

      Complete agreement with your analysis, gentlemen.  I wound up liking the show far better than I’d anticipated, and there certainly seems to be more skill demonstrated by most of the contestants at least in Round One.  I thought Tim Gunn’s input was basically an afterthought; his role needs to be reworked, because he seems more to be about showing up on camera than providing guidance to the designers.

      The judging was more thoughtful; I didn’t miss the Duchess and his superficial bon mots. 

      Sure would be a refreshing change of pace if Lifetime would tone down the hysteria in its promotion of the show … but that’s about as likely to happen as no producer manipulation. 

      • DinaSews

        It seems to me that Tim’s role changed when his feedback did not reflect well with the (BM manipulated) opinions of the judges.  Kind of hard for him to keep giving criticism that would be respected by the designers when it was not respected by the judges.

        • I read in an interview that he has told people on the show to make it work even when he thought there was no way in hell it could ever work, simply because he couldn’t say anything else. Take that however you want to.

          • CozyCat

            Many times his “make it work” was uttered with a worried tone which implied that he wasn’t really convinced.  But what else can he say?  If the design is doomed, but the designer is too pig headed or has too little time to correct things, he can’t tell them to just quit.  So he in effect says, “do what you can” and moves on.

        • MoHub

           I think B/M made Tim a producer to shut him up. He sold his soul, I’m afraid.

          •  Agreed. I noticed this first episode “Tim Gunn – producer” flashed on the screen, and then immediately after that it was “Heidi Klum – Host” …and then…”Tim Gunn – Co-Host/Mentor”.
            So what’s that he’s got now, 3 titles, or is it 2 and a half?
            I certainly noticed he doesn’t pass on an opportunity to say something like “CAN’T YOU TELL HOW MUCH I SO LOVE HEIDI KLUM!!!”. And yes, it’s done just that loudly.
            He’s seriously doing some cow towing and ars kissing these days for whatever the reason.

          • formerlyAnon

             And I say more power to him. He was an academic for years and years, living in one of the more expensive cities in which to live. And appeared in the first season of PR for free (at that time he still worked for Parsons, I think it was probably seen as good publicity for the school).  If he decided to make some bigger money – and he’s old enough that retirement and the realities of being sick or disabled as one ages looms large – it makes sense. (Not saying he was financially hurting because I know nothing about his financials.)

            And he’s been an honorable team player, even though it makes it an open secret that he’s been muzzled and sometimes his input on the aired show either makes little sense or is diminished to almost nil. If he was “bought,” he’s stayed “bought.”  I can respect that. I’m sure it sometimes makes him uncomfortable. I hope the designers still get better from him than is shown on air, though.

            •  Well, I know he said he lived in a tiny, rather crappy apartment prior to PR.

      • annyb

        Honestly, after the awful Carolyn Murphy “All-Stars” business it was just a relief to listen to fluent English. (Also not to have to hear a judge described as “the beauuutifuuuul”.)

        •  Yes, fluent English with a hefty dose of German accent on the side. heh.

        •  Though the fact Heidi likes to toss an “r” into words without “r” like idea pronounced idear, still makes me twitch.

    • kirkyo

      I think Zac’s going to do just fine as a judge. I snickered when he gnashed his teeth to point out James’s chewed up neckline.

    • At this point, I’m willing to give the teams notion a shot.  As they said, (endlessly) this is how things work in the real world of fashion. No one designs in a vacuum. There are endless considerations to bring to teh table to get a piece out there, even in the Couture.

      Our little Auffee, Emily, killed herself with her own self imposed, arrogant, “I’m gonna win this thing, outta the gate” tude.  Plus she resolutely refused to listen to anything about how the season is structured, or hear a word from anyone.

      Buh Bye, girlfriend.  I do hope, as she said in her exit interview, that she learned something of real value.

      • Call me Bee

        Agreed.  The thing about teams is (as I’ve learned in myriad mangement seminars and as a mgr in lots of different situations)  that the team is the ultimate peer pressure.  If you’re doing well, it celebrates.  If you’re doing poorly, they’ll help you out as much as they can without endangering their own positions.  And if that doesn’t work and you’re still floundering–you will be out on your ear. The team will cull the weaklings.

        •  It is an inculturated version of species survival through cooperative effort.  Those members who cannot contribute to the ultimate goal are winnowed from the herd/family/tribe.  We like to think we’re above such primal behavior, but it remains with us because its smart, and it works for the greatest good.

    • I think Emily had a totally possum moment…as in frozen in the headlights of this challenge. The designers know this is coming a mile away…make something (anything) that describes you as a designer. They could have given them pom poms, wiggly eyes and pipe cleaners and the instructions would have been the same. You could have faked the reference to New York City.

      • I think she made the classic mistake of talking to the Confessional camera waaaay more than actually working.  We’ve seen that one before.

    • nannypoo

      There was one outfit on the runway that was actually worse than Emily’s losing entry in my opinion, but since it was worn by Heidi it was ineligible for the auf.

      • She actually looked like she had hands over her boobs and a paunch. Any skirt that can make Heidi look paunchy should be set on fire.

        • IamstillAnonymous

          That toga / bondage thing she wears in the promo is every bit as unflattering.  

          • libraangel

            Yes, but where are the producers, directors, stylists to advise her? Or maybe they don’t have any taste either!

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          Fraulein Klum’s dreaded taste problem never goes away, does it?

      • libraangel

        I agree completely!!!

    • Mb

      That jacket, or whatever it was, on the losing outfit reminded me of when we were kids and cut up scarves and wrapped them around our Barbie dolls to make “clothes”.  Although I swear ours had more style.  

    • As a girl who was bullied by someone like Emily all through middle school, I was gleeful to see her put in her place. I will begrudge her that her sketch was nice, but I had a comforting sense of shadenfreude to see her struggle so much.

      Also I wanted to add that I live in Oklahoma, and none of the Native Americans I know ululate randomly. Nor are they obnoxious about dropping their heritage in every sentence.

      • alyce1213

        She’s on TV.  And it’s edited.

        • hannele79

          Agree.  I think they are giving her an unfair, potentially stereotyping, edit.  It’s obnoxious, but SHE is not.  Patricia Michaels is a pro.  This woman did not just walk off the pueblo and onto Project Runway, she has been designing for years and is a big name in Taos. She is my favorite, so I am biased, but I’m excited to see a Native American designer on the show. In a time when Native American motifs are increasingly misappropriated (see Victoria’s Secret and hipster “Navajo” underpants from Urban Outfitters) for profits going to non-Natives, I think she’ll provide great perspective on modern native culture, that is if they don’t eff up her edit.  But it’s Bunim/Murray, so they will pander.

      • I live in Oklahoma too!  I missed that part of the ep though.  I’ll go back and watch it later.

      • 3boysful

         Ululate was the answer to a crossword clue in our paper this am.  How random is that?

    • It amazes me that Daniel and Emily’s looks came from the same challenge. The ability of one designer to present a polished look while the other completes half an outfit (and only thanks to the old glue gun) is so vast that it leaves me scratching my head. That said, she is young and inexperienced and there are no doubt nerves to contend with (especially after all her smack talk) while Daniel has a wealth of experience.

      Can’t wait to see how long Ms Funeral Director lasts. Patricia surprised me, in a delightful way, I LOVED her dress and would have chosen it as the winner. 

      • libraangel

        It seemed to me that Emily’s sketches and ideas were good, but she just froze in the workroom, unable to do anything

    • Pennymac

      I said in the lounge last night that this was really just a  “make a pretty dress” challenge. The only thing TEAM about it was the critique feedback. I suppose once the field narrows down the TEAM issue will play more of a role. But as far as first episodes go, it wasn’t bad. It will be interesting to see what the Posen Effect is on the Crack-wackadoo judging further down the road. 

      BTW, thank you for the TLo monikers. Princess Water Lilly and Mustache of Flamboyance are LOL worthy and spot on. Although, I was leaning a little towards Snidely Whiplash for Daniel. Showing my age, I guess….

      • Stubenville

        I like Snidely, too.  =)

      • alyce1213

        Snidely Whiplash is perfect.

        • Wendi126

          My husband and I referred to him as Geraldo but Snidely works

      • Gah! Adult Onset Brain Fade…I thought it was Snively. But I am all for the name! Good call!

      • Yes, the “team” gimmick is really undermined by the fact that the designers are not expected to even consider the cohesiveness of the team’s “collection” as part of the challenge (which, granted, would get boring and samey fast) . Instead it mostly boils down to creating extra drama (with extra incentives for busy-bodies!). Yawn. 

      • libraangel

        So far Posen seems o.k. What do you think? (And he looked really sharp yesterday)

        • Lisa_Cop

          Seems a little nervous but made an effort to give constructive criticism. I felt sad Nina was ignoring him (even bitch slapping him once) and talking directly to Heidi.

    • formerlyAnon

      You guys’ remarks are spot on.

      I’d go with Lorenzo in thinking Richard ought to have won, just because the dress that was Tom’s pick is something I’m pretty sure we’re going to see in more or less successful versions by several of the designers, including this one (whomever it was – I see it was Patricia) more than once, going forward.

      I’d also be a tad more critical of Samantha’s, but not much. Thought it looked very cheap – as if marketed to very badly paid young persons who want a cocktail/club/put a baggy jacket over it and I can wear it to work/church, right? dress. And are already behind on their utility bill.

      I think everyone’s (quite naturally) limiting their vision of the “worst” or “least finished” garment on PR to garments from designers whom we have reason to remember, overall, as having had some decent outings.  There’s a LOT to choose from among the designers we can’t clearly remember – which is why I’m not naming names because I can’t take time to go look up the name of the guy I’m thinking of. (Blaine, maybe? Or was it that other guy?)

      • libraangel

        No offense, but I don’t think Samantha’s dress could go to a church

        • formerlyAnon

           No, or work, no matter what the obscuring blazer looks like! But a broke gal who reallly wants a new dress and can’t even actually afford the single one she’s buying from a downmarket outlet is capable of much self-delusion!

    • alyce1213

      We didn’t really see teamwork last night, we saw 16 designers frantically trying to make their mark on the first show, with a limited, mediated opinion session.  The team theme will evolve into something else as alliances develop, teams change, the drama grows, and contestants are given challenges in which they really have to work together.  Could be interesting, probably infuriating, and I’ll watch.

      • libraangel

        Yes, but that is what is frustating to me: the show becomes less about fashion, more about the drama.

    • I don’t know if you guys heard, but this is Tim’s favourite season of Project Runway ,EVER

      • libraangel

        yeah, yeah thats’ what he always says – about EVERY season!

    • wawawah

      TNL …c’mon…no comment on HK’s …hooker sheer top w droopy bra? C’mon!

      • Heidi needs to hook up with the two very interesting women in the show that follows PR…Double Divas. Maybe they could they could TRADE and show up on each others show!!! Maybe Heidi could get a bra that fits! Maybe the designers could make clothes that fit the bra shop owners! Maybe I need to step away from the cold medicine!!!

        • Andi Stern


          • 3boysful

             You just made me laugh aloud!

        • libraangel

          Perfect! Heidi get thee to the DD girls!

          • libraangel

            And the sheer top looked like it lint or something on it – or maybe Heidi had hives! And too short ( Heidi, Heidi! STOP with the too tight/short!) biker skirt. Don’t the producers/directors/ stylists see her before she walks out there?

    • Susan Collier

      Ha! Yes, Carmen’s was the most unfinished garment ever and I was happy to see the Virginia Sorority Sister shot off in the designer cannon.
      So many designers used a chest crisscross theme to represent NYC. And many seemed inspired by windshield cleaning rags. Were these designers too busy drawing inspiration from the champagne bucket?

    • Denise

      Actually I felt bad for the bitchy girl that was eliminated. She totally choked and just melted of humiliation on the runway. You gotta have some compassion.

      • amywinns

        I agree that I’ve rarely seen SHAME so thoroughly personified. I think she deserved it, though maybe not soooo thoroughly. (They probably edited her comments to the max… but we all know she gave them the ammo.)

        A lot of designers say the show changes their lives, but I think that this whole experience — including watching the show and the awareness that everyone she knows, plus millions of others watched the show — actually will change her life, down to her core.

        Anyone who could come out of that with all her snotty attitudes intact would have to be a sociopath. But I think she is just 24. I do feel a bit of compassion for her comeuppance to be so profound, but I reckon she’ll come out of it a helluva lot better overall person for it.

        • leftcoastpickle

          Heartily in agreement. A hard lesson at twenty-four. I think she had an idea, but needs to learn her craft, and this painful public episode would certainly spur me on to work work work and gain those skills.
          I felt like the EDITING was so heavy handed with this girl. She gave them the arrogant ammo on a silver platter, and they totally used it against her. It was pretty obvious early on that she was either going home or actually a genius, and I was betting on going home. 

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            It’s given with reality TV that if  a contestant/participant provides yummy sound bites that the editing gremlins will clap their little paws with glee and exploit them to the max.

            • libraangel

              And that’s what I think happened to Patricia and Cindy: the editing made it look as if they overdid the Native American and Funeral Director bits. May be they didn’t!

      • libraangel

        uh-uh. No compassion from me. Shouldn’t have been so snobby and cocky and it’s not her age cause I have a son the same age. 

    • MilaXX

      I think Stan believes himself to be Emilio 2.0, sadly he isn’t even close. In the battle of the rag dress, Ben wins over Joseph. Hated Richard’s frankenndress. That thing looked more like a designers idea of urban style wear. All I could think was Julianne Moore would love that dress.

      • BrooklynBomber

        Totally agree about battle of the rag dresses (though I’m not crazy about either). I kind of like Richard’s; that is, I think that among everything that was shown, it was one of the strongest ideas, even if something’s a little off. But I love the Julianne Moore comment, and can absolutely imagine her in it!

    • SRQkitten

      I came in late to this episode due to a long day at work and had to stop to get some wine in my system before being ready to face up to PR TEAMS! I would have gone for Patricia’s for the win as I thought it showed a degree of design ingenuity but can live with Daniels win ok, as it didn’t reek of a crack pipe decision (which for PRBM is always positive). I didn’t care for the other dress in the top three as it made the model look like she needed a spinal adjustment.

      Sounds like it probably was just as well I missed the mean girl comments re: the “older” participants. The judging did seem a bit more constructive and a tad less snarky so perhaps the duchess will not be missed.


      • deltabronze

        Right there with you on the “spinal adjustment” comment. Did not understand the love it was given.

        • libraangel

          I think they liked it because it was different and kinda weird ( in a good way) with the different sleeves and looking like a “spinal” thing.

    • kikisayshi

      I didn’t watch, but from the looks of this there is more talent (or at least interesting ideas) here than I’ve seen in the last couple of seasons. The last All-Stars was a yawn and I didn’t see anything spectacular from any of the “seasoned” designers. Maybe something good will come out of this team debacle.

      • libraangel

        Except for Uli! YEH!

    • BrooklynBomber

      To my complete surprise, I called the top three and bottom three. I wouldn’t have given Flamboyant Mustache the win, though, because of the fit of the pants: too loose, Lautrec! I like him, though. But would’ve given the win to Sacramento or Water Lily. Totally agree about Water Lily: good entry, but enough with the “I’m here to represent all Native Americans.”

      • 3boysful

        (art history major)

    • Janet B

      Astounded at the difference between the garments made by Daniel and Emily.  She came with the quips but not the ability.

      Patricia was my pick for the win.

    • deltabronze

      When I first heard about the teams concept, I said I wouldn’t watch because it was a cheap trick to generate maximum conflict. But I wanted to see how Zac Posen did as a judge, so I watched. As you say, not so bad. Tim said — at least three times, no doubt at BM’s request — that this was his *favorite!* season yet. We’ll see.

      • libraangel

        All of them – Tim and judges – ALWAYS say it’s the best season – all the episode of the past

    • BrooklynBomber

      Oh, also, Madame Death’s dress was indeed “horrifying awful,” but I’m glad they kept her around. For one thing, the initial batch of females was so obviously heavily weighted toward pretty, skinny, and young* that it was clear they chose several more for personal appearance than for design skill. 
      * Give me a break, Laura Kathleen: “You’re young and pretty! I like you! I like pretty girls who sew! I say she’s in!” What the hell was she doing on that panel?!?!

      • mjude

        madame death…brilliant!  so glad you mentioned laura kathleen, i thought what the hell too!

        • BrooklynBomber

          Honestly, I think some of these people really are not qualified to be choosing new contestants. What have some of them done, except be on the show?

      • ohbear1957

        Madame Death’s gown needed a closed coffin as an accessory.  If she’s smart, she will parlay the PR exposure into a bright
        future as designer for the dead. Her business motto: My clients never

        • BrooklynBomber

          “My clients never complain” – I love it!

          • l_c_ann

            As opposed to the designers for 50somethings who can say “My clients never complain…..too much botox, don’t you know”

      • Oh, man. Friggin’ Laura Kathleen! I can’t even count how many times I’ve wanted to smack her on the back of the head. That was just the most recent.

    • Salvador Dali won, and I guess that’s OK, but I had my money on Richard.
      I wanted Ellen gone in the first 5, and then she came through with flying colors! That was a truly horrifying outfit, but I have to admit I felt a little sorry for her. Who here hasn’t choked publicly at least once in their lives? It feels really bad. But OK, it was fun to laugh at that mess, I admit.

      CindyFuneralHome has been inhaling formaldehyde fumes too long. My god that was an ugly dress. I loved how Nina kind of smacked down Zac after some comment he made – can’t remember what it was now. It was like a cat paw swipe.I was thinking, How is it fair that they do this to the designers? I mean, they had no idea it was going to be a team thing this time around until after they got picked? What a shock.I guess with 100Gs and all the other stuff at stake I’d shift gears and get on board too. But it seemed like a perverted thing to do. 

      • Susan Collier

         Well, they knew about the teams when they wrote those bits for the preview (posted by TLo last week).

        • l_c_ann

          Several weeks ago Tim had interviewed about the Teams stuff and had claimed it as his own idea.

      • DinaSews

        I think that Zac mentioned the lack of architectural details and Nina said that any the dress needed to be simple to highlight the other work that was put into it.

      • 3boysful

         I didn’t think CindyFuneralHome’s (I still like a BK’s “Boomer Morticia” from last night) looked that bad on the runway last night (in the 3.2 seconds we get to see things), but you’re right, by light of day, it IS truly horrifying.  I imagine she saw a checkered Purina logo on a building amid the gray/brown/black of the city, and translated it a tad too literally

        • BrooklynBomber

          I can’t figure out where she got her “inspiration” for the red & white checks. Her version of the old checker cab?? Wrong color…. and that print is one of the ugliest I’ve seen ITHOPR (“in the history of Project Runway”).

          • Maybe it was inspired by a pizza box?  But it’s a hilariously ugly dress.  I’m not mad at her, I didn’t have to sit through any of the talking so I forgive this particular entry in the hopes that she puts out something interesting.  It makes me think of zombies though.  This might end up being her thing though, plain design, cadaverous fabric?

            • BrooklynBomber

              Pizza box, zombie print…..  I like the way you think.

          • marishka1

            I could have sworn I saw something similar to that dress in her home studio. Maybe I was imagining it?

            • libraangel

              Who dat?

    • Okay, since they took this team stuff from The Fashion Show, can’t we demand that Iman sits on the judges panel looking on in disgust?

    • Susan Collier

      Also, I gotta say how underwhelmed I was by James’ initial sketches. Boring and cheap looking plans = even more boring and cheap looking reality.

    • clevRcat

      TLo – You are brave souls to stick with this show!  Luckily for me, your updates are all I seem to need of PR.  

    • annrr

      My random thoughts:
      -My expectations aren’t high for a group of people who the best name they can come up with is ” Dream Team.”  
      -I thought the Native American was ham fisted to the point of cramming herself into the stereotype – waiting for her to come out in braids and moccasins. Or hang up a dream catcher
      -The Funeral home director really did herself and her fellow funeral home directors a disservice. As a nurse I’ve had to deal with them professionally my whole career and have always be impressed at their level of professionalism and compassion in such time of need. When my mom died last year the funeral director could not have been more kind and helpful and more importantly, adept at dealing with the crazy family dynamics that a funeral invariably brings. He buried my father 40 years ago and buried my mom. People need to stop thinking if them or what they do as creepy. People die. I’ve prepped and wrapped plenty of dead bodies, it is s solemn moment that nobody takes lightly.  ok that was kind of a rant.
      – I am glad they sent 24 year old home, well deserved.
      – I am missing the duchess already

      • SugarSnap108

         I miss the duchess, too. For one, he would never have let that jumpsuit crotch get by without comment.

        (FWIW, I don’t think funeral directors are creepy — I have all the respect in the world for what they do. Lawd knows I couldn’t handle it.)

      • DinaSews

        You are right about funeral directors.  My godparents are funeral directors and they are the friendliest, least confrontational people you have ever met.  They have the ability to put everyone at ease.

      • Call me Bee

        Not a rant.  I think only after you deal with funeral directors do you learn they are caring professionals in a business dealing with people at their most difficult times, much like docs and hurses.  We’ve had my dad and MIL within a few months, and the funeral home people could not have been nicer and more human.   

      • formerlyAnon

         Yes to your comments on funeral home directors. Having buried both my parents, I can say that in both cases I was extremely impressed that although everything was
        probably just another step in a very repetitive routine for them, no one
        ever let anyone in the family feel like it was any less than a unique, major life event.  In my experience funeral directors and their staff are amazing in their ability to remember and to accommodate the client’s point of view – and emotional state.

      • OmegaBlush

        I’m confused as to how the funeral home lady did herself and her profession a disservice.  She seemed to carry herself with dignity and was pretty soft spoken.  She even helped Emily after she mocked her.  I think she was edited to look like she was pushing the funeral home thing, just as Water Lily was with the Native American thing.  Even then she didn’t seem to come off as pushy or anything.  She seemed to lay out her case that she had worked with her husband for x many years and now she is excited to start something new and creative she’s always dreamed about.  

        • annrr

          Good point about the editing, I just thought she could have maybe done more to dispel or at least address the common misconceptions re funeral home director;and you are right, thinking back most comments weren’t made directly to her. 

    • Tim’s probably not completely focusing on Runway, either.  He’s voicing a character on a kids’ TV show on the Disney channel, too.  (I only know this because I have a four-year-old who *loves* Sofia the First and I recognized his voice)

      •  He’s also writing yet another book. Go figure.Oh and also doing shitastic below b grade mini movies for fifth and pacific.

    • SugarSnap108

      That jumpsuit … that crotch. It’s even more horrifying in the still.  Lucky costume maker boy was on the winning team.  I agree with the bottom three here.  But I hope Cindy steps it up and lasts for a bit — I’ve never played “Drink every time she says funeral director.”  Plus, I’m sooo tired of the “cast an older woman with limited talent who acts like everyone’s mom then gets cut early and everyone is sad because shucks, she was nice” routine.

      I do not like Richard’s dress, though. Asymmetry can be interesting and lovely, but this just looks disjointed to me.

      • BrooklynBomber

        I was so disappointed in Stanley’s — I figured it was okay enough for him to be safe, but his portfolio looked a lot more interesting than that jumpsuit, so I expected a lot more.

        You nailed it with your description of the Cindy spot. It’s nothing but a role they cast in the show, one designed for an early exit. I’m weary of it.

    • I thought for sure they were going to keep Emily because she was so delusionally self-assured for the first 3/4 of the challenge until she realized she hadn’t made anything (how many times did she go to the confessional to bitch people out – was she volunteering constantly or were the producers enthralled by her ego)?
      I also thought of Carmen Webber’s shirt when Nina claimed nothing was less finished before – man, it doesn’t get less finished than a swath of fabric described as “the idea of a shirt.” 
      Also, Layana’s dress was boring from the front, incredibly tacky from the back. I was slightly horrified when she described the lacing up the back and her entire team applauded. WHAT were they smoking? 

      • libraangel

        I agree, although I must say that they only had a day and a half to sew their outfits ( no excuse for Emily though). Is it just me, or are the challenges involving shorter times in the workroom?

        • formerlyAnon

           Yes, there used to be a fair sprinkling of 2 day challenges each season. No more.

        • It’s not just you. TLo have been complaning about it for at least the last 4 seasons. 

    • SewingSiren

      I pretty much agree with everything you’ve written. I was with the judges on the top three. Although I actual liked The Artist and the grey stripe better than the winner. I think Patricia will have trouble presenting the artistic aesthetic  as time goes on, especially when the super commercial challenges arise.
      I agreed with the auf but i think the boy in the LA season had a more unfinished dress than this one. I can’t remember is name but the fabric was kind of a nude crepe and he just cut a hole for the head or something. It was awful.

      • unbornfawn

        I can’t remember his name either. But I remember the garment. He did some detailed stuff at the neck and then wasn’t able to get anything done below that and had a floaty piece of fabric stuck on.

        • Scarlet39


          • unbornfawn


      • Call me Bee

        Oh I had forgotten all about that.  I’ll have to look it up. 

    • Alyssa

      Wow, these designers need some serious help in the hair and makeup department! None of those models really look like they’re on a runway!!!

      • My husband commented that the models seemed to be less than stellar-looking, not only due to the hair and makeup but they looked like they didn’t know what they hell they were doing or why they were there. The redhead seemed to walk the best.

    • mjude

      once again i start out hopeful.  i have to admit that i thought it was going to be 2 people per team. DUH! 

    • Call me Bee

      I really thought they’d send James home with his lame skirt and messy tank since there was even less design to that than Cindy’s weird checked belt dress. 
      To be honest, I was so disappointed that Cindy didn’t do something more exciting.  She’s got to be one of the oldest contestants to be on PR, and she needs to REPRESENT us middle-aged women.  And to prove that we’re not all style-less Grammys wearing polyester stretch pants and sweatshirts (which yeah, a lot of my firends wear 24/7, but not all of us!!) 

      I agree that Patricia should have gotten the win.  Her hand-made print was really interesting and certainly reflected the city inspiration.   Daniel’s suit was very cool–loved the neckline–but I felt it wasn’t unusual enough for the win. 

      Loved Richard’s grey and black dress.    As Nina mentioned, it could be dressed up or down with heels, boots or flats.  Even a Grammy from fly-over country could rock that.  

      The others are all jumbled in my head–I did like the silver jumpsuit, but seeing the still photo, there are real fit problems. 
      Also thought Benjamin’s floaty outfit was stylish, though all that sheer gave me an Ivy vibe, and I’d rather just forget about her. 

      I didn’t think the loser was a real Mean Girl, just young and lacking in self-awareness.  Bu-bye.   

      • meowing

        Another middle-ager here who would like to see someone in our cohort make it at least past the half-way point in the show.  Cindy looks like cannon fodder right now, though–how literal can you be:  Eiffel Tower on every one of your sample showings, then that awful checkerboard ’cause she saw that on a NY building (is there a Purina Chow bldg in NYC?)  She can only get better or get auf!

        • mhleta


        • bitchybitchybitchy

          I was thinking the same thing about the literallness of that Eiffel Tower motif.  Please, Cindy, step it up. You have a cohort of women who would like you to represent us with some style.

    • guest2visits

      First; thanks to TLo for covering the show and therefore making it worthwhile; one more time.
      The pre-show was useful, it makes sense to have alittle info about the individual designers.
      It’s just that there are so many; by the time the show begins I don’t care about any of them.. and I’m bugged by the lady Brit in
      the street in her slightly too youthful gear, and the slice and dice editing, of course.
      I thought most all of the first entries were good, the win and the auf were sensible, also.
      I’m not sure if the team concept serves any purpose except ANNOYANCE; but maybe someone other than a thrilled Tim, Heidi, and
      the producers have found it to be what PR has been needing… I feel like we just left Project Sweatshop and started Project Team
      Survivor; Atlas Island.    Can a bunch of backstabbing and soapy drama NOT be far behind?
      And wow has Heidi ever sounded more like a shrill carnival barker trying to sell the goods… very commercial.

    • kschwarting

      What is Heidi doing with her mouth in those top two photos?  I can’t get past that to actually judge the clothes, but wow, Samantha’s model has great arms.

    • MissMariRose

      Oh wow. Carmen Like the Opera Webber Like the Baller! I had completely forgotten about her. Ha!

    • jonnyf8

      The bitchy 25-35 yr. old girls that had overinflated opinions of themselves reminded me of the Heathers from that one season of Drag Race.  Thank goodness at least one of them is gone already.

    • I skipped the first hour of the show (watched a fashion show on Cinemoi instead) and only saw the runway portion. I think I may do that for the rest of the season. 

    • Scoobydrew

      Watched PR last night.  Woke up this “morning”. found my specs, stumbled to the computer and read TLO before doing anything else.  So begins another season of Project Runway – destined to be THE BEST SEASON EVER.  All is right with the world. 

    • Andi Stern

      I felt like I was watching an episode of That’s Clever (from HGTV) when watching Road to the Runway, the cuts and goofy ‘Look I’m in my studio having fun” clips were really disconcerting.  That said, I wasn’t planning on watching this season, but when I saw Patricia’s surface design work I was impressed. I also liked the personalities of some of the other designers.

      No one has said anything about the girl who was a criminal psychology major and who stated her intention to mess with people’s heads.  I think she’s the one on the losing team that did the grey dress with the strappy crossover (Kate). 

      The losing girl came off as deer in the headlights to me from Road to the Runway.  I get the impression that some people are chosen because they are just good enough but really are cannon fodder so there’s someone to get rid of early.

      I think the point of this week’s challenge was for the teams to get to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses so when it comes to a true team challenge they know which person can do what best.  Did they do that?  Maybe.

      Will I watch next week? Probably.  But I definitely will be here for the recap 🙂

      Oh and PS I fully expected a Chrysler building or Empire State Building dress from Madame Death, given the heavy emphasis on the Eiffel Tower from her studio visit.

      • libraangel

        What’s happening next week? The preview showed them in different cities. Has the PR budget been upped?!

    • Violina23

      When Nina mentioned the worst put-together outfit in PR history, my first thought was Emilio’s horrifying nuts/bolts bikini from his original season.

      Didn’t it look like Michelle’s model strapped on a feedbag or something? 😉

      • nannypoo

         What was that thing?

        • Melvis Velour

          you beat me to it, I was on the phone with my bestest gal pal and when that came out she said “…if the wind caught that front flap right, the world would be your gynecologist”

    • Man, I’m just not “urban”, I guess. That black and gray number by Richard is HIDEOUS, to my eye. Plus incredibly unflattering, both in stills and in movement on the runway. It looks like a series of sewing errors thrown on a model.

    • Inspector_Gidget

      Ah, the first show. And there are the usual 2 or 3 variations on the “Spock’s mother” look. 

      Are they still pretending that the whole teams thing has NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE?  It sounds like they’re following the exact same format as the second season of The Fashion Show.  So I guess we can expect: one team consistently does worse; one top designer from the winners gets switched with a crappy person from the other team; at some point a clear loser will stay because of his/her teammates; the judges will constantly try to force teammates to turn on each other; the teams will get reassembled around the midway point.

    • Indovina

      Seasons always start out well. I hold out no hope.

      The teams conceit is unlikely to work (it certainly didn’t in The Fashion Show), but who knows?

      I have nothing to say about most of these, because there isn’t really much to say about most of them.

      I am with Lorenzo and think Tom and the judges are crazy – the two sides of Richard’s dress don’t work for me and it makes the model look off, like something is physically wrong with her. On the other hand, something about the qualities of Richard’s voice reminds me of Nick Verreos, so he has that going for him, I guess. Patricia’s was the most artistically interesting, and I’m willing to give her the benefit of the doubt personality-wise (editing being what it is).

      I also didn’t really find Emily to be bitchy, per se. Young, cocky, not one for thinking before she speaks or thinking things through at all, but not really bitchy. Bitch requires an awareness about oneself and others that I don’t think she has (yet). And I actually wouldn’t have minded if they had kept her, for the two reasons that her idea was genuinely more interesting (by a wide margin) than either of the other two in the bottom and the fact that I hate to see anyone fail like that. I feel bad for her. So, while I can’t disagree or find it in me to be terribly upset about her being sent home, I also wouldn’t have been upset if she had been given a chance to try to redeem herself. Mainly because Cindy’s was both terrible and boring and James’s was terribly boring. Of course, if anyone other than her had been sent home, I would have felt horrible for them, given the circumstances.

      Also, Tim Gunn was there.

    • mightbewrong

      Were they all required to use the most depressing colors possible?

    • I just couldn’t get over how this season has gone so heavy on the hipsterdom. I mean, we’ve got Brooklyn, Portland, Austin and Providence up in the hizzy? And Providence stamps cats onto thrifted sweaters, for chrissake. I giggled the whole Road to the Runway. And I simply cannot take Daniel seriously with those Moustaches of Hilarity. I also was not impressed (other than by the construction) with his suit. It looked like a knock-off of many other designers, to me, as TLo pointed out. I liked Richard’s knit dress the best, and Amanda “My brother is in Maroon 5” ‘s pants second.

      • mhleta

        Re: “heavy on hipsterdom”: I know! I kept waiting for Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein to pop up and shout, “Put a Cat On It!!!”

        • Heh, I have no hate for the tight-pants wearing obscure music-loving kids, but I live and work amongst their sleeve-tatooed dark glasses wearing bad-haircutted selves on the east coast, and just took a weekend trip to Denver to visit friends, wherein I was surrounded by the mile-high version, so I’m feeling a bit hipsterly overwhelmed of late.

          • mhleta

            I thought they were invented here in Boston, but they’re everywhere apparently, completely unoriginal in their “originality.”

            • Oh, yeah, they are ALL OVER. But as for invention, I think you have Brooklyn to blame for that. I’m in Richmond, Va, though, and it’s hard for a pushing-40 Parliament Funkadelic fan to take, sometimes. Of course, I’ve convinced myself they all wish they were me, so I mostly get by on that. Little smelly buggers.

            • Elizabeth Davis

              The hipsters do get to be a bit much here in RVA, but it’s nice to know there are other TLO fans here, Sarah.

            • RVA PUFs UNITE! 🙂

            • libraangel

              But all you guys talking hip-speak! plain.old.English, please.

            • libraangel

              Hey, you all are talking hip-speak! plain.old.English, please.

            • RVA = Richmond, Virgina. PUF = Precious Unborn Fawns.

            • BrooklynBomber

              Blame us. It’s true. My own lovely Brooklyn neighborhood is overrun with craft cocktails, craft cookies, $8 two-bite pastries, Vietnamese sandwiches, artisanal pizza, precious chocolates, locally brewed whiskies, roof-sourced sorrel, house made this and that, and parents who let their children stand on the tables in overpriced restaurants that don’t take credit cards.

            • I knew it. I am an unabashed lover of cheap, domestic beer, and every time I go up there I can’t find a simple Bud Light anywhere, damn your Barcade and Pete’s Candy Store. I love to visit, though.

            • BrooklynBomber

              Williamsburg is the WORST. Thank God I don’t live there.

            • You just confirmed my secret test results. It’s not just Brooklyn, it is WILLIAMSBURG, Brooklyn, that is the Epicenter of Hipper-than-thou-ness. Someday, the backlash will come, and mass-produced and shiny will win out, and everyone will hate yoga and start favoring pop music.

            • formerlyAnon

               Not unlike the fad for Betty Crocker thises and thats erupting in the midst of locally sourced vegan hand-reared everything. There is NOTHING, not disco, not 50’s cheez whiz canapes, not White Castle Burgers, not craft-brewed ciders that can’t be in and go out and be in again.

            • Keep it low-brow from the jump and you never have to worry about trends, is my approach. Cheez in a can is always in style.

            • tinyredlocks

              Nope. We are up to our eyeballs here with them in the NY/NJ area…

            • bitchybitchybitchy

              They’re littering the sidewalks in D.C., too, along with their precious “craft” cocktails infused with eye of hipster newt or whatever. 

        • tinyredlocks

          Or a bird… 🙂

      • formerlyAnon

         “And Providence stamps cats onto thrifted sweaters, for chrissake.”

        I hate to harsh on ANYbody who’s out there *doing something* and most especially would never rain on the parade of those who’ve managed to actually create an income stream – but there is a subset of the throngs of young & young-ish energetic hipsterish folk hereabouts (Austin) whose pursuits leave me so cold that I struggle for an appropriately positive response when the chit chat gets to “and what do you do?”  Your sentence above sums up that subset dead. solid. perfectly.

        (Of course, virtually none of them can look anything but something on the blank-to-horrified spectrum when I mention *my* cog-in-the-non-faculty-academic-machine source of income, so I guess I shouldn’t feel so bad about it.)

        • Oh, I agree. Shoot, I sell hand painted wooden crafts on Etsy, so I’m not immune. I just think this ubiquitous subculture is amusing. (I am a former/and sometimes still “tour kid” – so I know wherefrom I observe) When my bff (who I was just visiting in Denver and is Queen of them ALL) lived in Brooklyn, I used to go up and visit her, and be truly amazed by the fact that NO ONE could just have one pursuit. She would introduce me to someone, and it would always be “Hi, I’m Jessica. I work at an art-house film theater AND make sculptures out of old phone books AND maintain a blog with pictures of sandwiches AND upcycle old men’s polyester pants into cute and hip leiderhosen.” Nobody ever just had a job, and went to school. Or just had a job. It was like they were required to also make and sell designer granola. I was always so ashamed and tired out by these folks. “And what do you do?” was always hard for me, too.

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            I’m just loving the idea of upcycling polyester pants into hip lederhosen-thanks for the chuckle!

          • BrooklynBomber

            I knew somebody here in Brooklyn who made and sold granola!

            • So did I, hence my joke. She’s doing pretty well these days, I hear.

        • Frank_821

          I didn’t realize you were in Austin as well. I try not to be too judgemental-as much as a gay man can be (hehe). Recently though the whole hipster mentality and being hip has gotten under my skin rather negatively. It had a negative impact on me and several other people who have loyally served an organization. We’ve basically been marginalized all in the name of courting the hipster crowd

          • formerlyAnon

             As the hipsters spread from late teens into, now, their early 40s, they loom large in the “peak buying power” demographic.

            I deeply admire the do-it-yourself ethic, but what I resent is that just because you suddenly need to buy diapers, pay for daycare and think about health insurance, *I’m* a Philistine because I cannot afford/do not want to pay enormous prices for your handcrafted product. I don’t care that your website is spiffy and you put it into block print-decorated paper sacks.

            But it was ever such, I’m sure. Some hippies started successful businesses that turned t-shirts into gold and camping equipment into empires, or sold expensive organic candles in Marin County. Others just got a job and bought uncomfy shoes.

      • libraangel

        Now, Now – you really shouldn’t pick on people’s personal style> Daniel’s moustache. It’s not nice, and besides, designers do look a little quirky – remember Fabio and his skirts?

        • TLo already went there – “Mustache of Flamboyance.”  I have nothing against the guy. He didn’t grow those moustaches so that you wouldn’t look at them, and I happened to find them amusing. Terribly sorry if I came across as judgemental. Was meant as a light hearted observation. He looks cartoonish to me, as others have mentioned. And indeed, quirky is not an offense in my book, be assured.

          • libraangel

            Apologies that you had to apologize, if you know what I mean

      • ec

         I was completely embarrassed (?? no actually I was gleeful) to realize that I already had one of those thrifted cat sweaters in my favorites list on etsy. And a pair of his leggings. Oy.

        • Let yer hip lights shine, I say. Ain’t nothing wrong with supporting an Etsy seller (says one herself) or a cat lovah (says one who has four). Especially since IDK for sure but that poor guy is probably paying off some RISD loans and the tuition at that school is SCANDALOUS.

        • formerlyAnon

           If you’ve got it to spend, support those independent entrepreneurs!

          • ec

             I really was going to, but it seems he’s drastically increased his prices since the last time I looked around Christmas-time.

    • Judy_J

      I only caught the middle part of the show, but saw enough to hear Heidi go through the litany of what the winner of Project Runway will recieve this season.  Just watching the “spontaneous reactions” of the contestants had me howling….what? they entered the competition not knowing what prizes they could win?  Surprise and shock…Acting 101.

    • mommyca

      Gee! I thought it would start next week…. I missed it 🙁

    • Daniel: I agree with the win. I typically do not respond to flounces, but I accept it in this instance. Sans the flounce, this would have been a well-tailored but unremarkable suit. The flounce is sculptured, not loose and flowing. I found it a fitting complement to the severity of the suit.

      Richard: I appreciate his injecting some drapery into a color-blocked piece. Clean and urban-oriented.

      Patricia: I like the fragmentary configuration of this piece. The painted pieces beautifully proliferate into a whole.

      Kate: Is that the chihuahua chick? It’s a passable entry. The multiplicity of skinny straps is a nice touch, though not all that well-rendered (straps should have been as equidistant as possible).

      Amanda: No idea who she is. The fit of the crotch is awful, but the geometrical appliques have merit in their configuration and arrangement.

      Layana: It’s fine. It’s solid-looking, and the rows of intercepting striations in the back generate some design interest.

      Stanley: It’s not terrible, but I don’t respond to the Star Trek-y fabric. The fit’s not great. There goes the ironing-board crotch.

      Joseph: This is one fucking mess. The pleating is sloppily rendered, and the panels (in varying shades of grays etc…) are haphazardly tacked on. I do NOT mind the range of grays he selected. Those had great potential for gradation, but he did not know how to best configure and engineer the garment (assessing the placement and length of each panel in relation to the other), and that’s why it looks like dust-rags. Too bad he was in the winning team (because, to me, that’s a losing entry).

      Matt: I give him credit for the shape of the skirt. It’s a zesty look. Perfectly middle entry.

      Samantha: Should have placed in the top. The sheer, swirling panels (and their delicateness) serve as a counter-point to the architecture of the neckline (and its austerity).

      Tu: An excellent entry. It displays proficiency with tailoring, proportion, and configuration. I love the white-on-front-black-on-back. It lends the garment imaginative surprise, making it a “turning away” look, too. The simple skirt balances the sculptural top.

      Ben: Barely passable. It contains design interest, but I don’t know that it is good design. Too many panels and sheer overlays and a shoulder adornment that fail to cohere.

      Michelle: It’s well-executed. Subtract the crossing straps and the pouch-pocket, and you have a fairly standard dress with a flare and a lining. That’s why I’m reluctant to call it “over-designed”.

      James: Unremarkable and not all that well-made (particularly what’s happening at the neckline).

      Cindy: Bad pattern-mixing.

      Emily: Yuck.

      • Super_Red

        “It’s a zesty look” is possibly my new favorite way to refer to clothing. Thank you for that. 

        • Melvis Velour

          I am SO stealing that…

          • Brad Watson

            I say, have you done something jolly with your exposed zipper?

    • I loved Richard’s grey and black dress, i would wear it in a heartbeat and it looked like a sumptuous jersey…

    • MoHub

      Why are most of the designers from my neck of the woods bitch goddesses? I got over Victorya in season 4, and now Falls Church Emily blipped on my horizon.

      We do breed nice people in the DC area. Look at Bert Keeter and Tim Gunn.

      • 3boysful

         Like me–born in the Washington Hospital, raised in the burbs! 

      • I grew up in Fairfax. I moved away after graduation because I hated it there soooo much, but I still know how you feel. It isn’t full of awful, shitty people! I just like the country, and not the suburban life.

        • MoHub

           Born in DC, moved to MD in 1962 and have been there ever since, but I still consider myself primarily a Washingtonian. Daughter lives in Sterling, and I used to spend a fair amount of time in Arlington, which to me is like the VA version of Bethesda.

          • My brother and his family live in Sterling. My Dad lives in Annapolis, and I moved all the way down to Richmond, after an 8 year stint in Stafford county. I’ll be moving back there to my fiance’s property when we start our family, but Richmond is a nice, easy city to live in. I am glad to have grown up near DC, though. I didn’t know people paid for museums until I was 19 years old and I went on a trip! Ha!  

      • ScarlettHarlot

        Lifelong Fairfax-er here! I have to second the DC area love. Like any area, there are pockets of assholes, but on the whole we’re decent! 

    • jw_ny

      I saw very little to no NYC above/afar inspiration in many of these…especially Daniel’s.  His was a well made and interesting garment, but aside from it perhaps looking like something someone may wear in NYC, I don’t see skyline inspiration in any of its design elements.  I can see some inspiration in Richard’s, and thought that should have won.  If nobody told me it was NYC inspired tho, I wouldn’t have known.   But, like TLo pointed out, based on many of the colors selected…they think NYC is rather grey…which it is far from!  well…perhaps all except Stanley who must think NYC is all about Liza!  😉


    • I LOVE Patricia.  She was the most refreshing character of the night.  She is the first Native American designer on Project Runway and if she mentioned it every time she spoke, it still wouldn’t be enough.  Homogeneity makes everyone comfortable and if you talk about the dominant culture all day-every day, well that’s just normal. 

      God forbid you make reference to being an indigenous woman and be unapologetic about that fact when appearing on national TV–a place with gross mis/underrepresentation of indigenous people. 

      She is very talented, and my favorite to win.  Not that I have any faith that the judges will recognize anything that hasn’t been done a million times before. 

      ALSO, can I just say that it is no coincidence that Patricia’s appearing on PR coincides with the proliferation of designers appropriating Native culture as of late.  Annoying.

      • She reminded me of that woman who spit on the fabric, except that Patrica has talent. Cannot wait to see what else she does. Love how the other designers wrote her off as “crafty”. Did you see how that dress moved? Love when people prove people wrong.

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          I really liked Patricia’s dress, and chalk the heavy emphasis on her heritage at least partially on the editing.

      • rolacus2

         THANK YOU!

        This is exactly what I have been thinking. Too many people utilize native american designs (as opposed to merely being influenced by them) without understanding their importance and culture or even how to make it look good, thus making their garments tasteless or costumey. Having Patricia coming in to represent is great and I hope her presence means we will see more indigenous americans on television since them and their culture are largely being ignored. And I’m glad she’s so upfront about being native american, since it forces people to realize that “yes” they do exist outside of westerns and history books.

    • OrigamiRose

      “But – to the eternal delight of every viewer over the age of 35”

      SIGHS.  There’s no need for a reminder, dears!  *drinks*

    • ChiKat67

      I SWORE I wasn’t going to watch, then I was following TLo’s live tweets and got sucked in (damn you!!!!).  I keep imagining what Uli would have done with Cindy’s print. She might be the only one who could have done something interesting with that fabric.

    • mhleta

      Can we talk about the pre-show? WTF is up with Laura Kathleen? A) Why is she a panelist and B) Did they dip her in wax or something? I wanted to reach through the screen and fluff her hair. C) Seth Aaron was clearly having a migraine with Laura Kathleen’s name on it and he seemed like he wasn’t at all down with the selection of Emily, but went with it because there was a producer under the table with his balls in a vice twisting if he didn’t like the right thing. 

      • formerlyAnon

          “Seth Aaron was clearly having a migraine with Laura Kathleen’s name on it”

        I got a giggle out of this one.

        • libraangel

          By the way, Daniel Vosovic is showing at the March Fashion ?Week. Remember him?

          • Lisa_Cop

            I do. I thought he should have won his season (2?) instead of Chloe Dao. MK made him kind of a job offer when he lost.

          • formerlyAnon

             How could I forget his stirring profile? I swear, I’d have remembered him even if he didn’t seem like a nice guy with some talent, just for the bones in his face.

    • When Tim mentioned that each team had $X amount to share which worked out to $150 per designer, I thought for sure there would be some fallout. I mean, the winning design was silk gazaar. How much is that per yard?

    • dorothea_brooke

      The expression on Emily’s model’s face is hilarious.  


      Since I nodded off before the final winner was announced I didn’t have a chance to be annoyed by the judges’ choice.  The dress by the guy from Sacramento seemed by far the best one up there, smartly designed, well fitted and sewn.  The flamboyance of the winning look made me laugh when it came bouncing out.  I would have called it safe, because it was well constructed, but it was pretty goofy just the same.  Patricia’s piece was very fine also, but there were some from the losing team that struck me as better, like the Australian guy’s piece.  Team challenges are okay with me when they truly function as team challenges.  Setting up teams and then telling them to make individual looks is something that makes no sense.  It just looks like a device to make the designers whine.

    • marilyn

      I almost feel guilty about falling asleep while the show was on, and awakening after it was over.  Sounds like I did not miss anything.  However, I will probably watch this episode next Thursday just before the new episode comes on.  Sounds like sleeping was an okay option.

      • I fell asleep too and this morning watched the runway on demand. I wonder if this is our only chance to see “individual” designs. I could not believe the girl who lost could not produce anything (it did not look like she even sewed anything). It does look like there is some talent in the pool, which will be pulled down by the team drama.

    • dschubba

      I’m limiting myself to the runway show, so I will only waste about 8 hours of my life instead of 24-ish.

    • Vlasta Bubinka

      I won’t have called that poorly finished, just ass fugly, and now with leather straps!  His crotchapede diaper assflap first entry… on the other hand…

    • librarygrrl64

      I really like Patricia’s. I don’t watch the show any more, but if someone had told me this was an NYC- or skyscraper-inspired challenge, I would have recognized hers right away as the clear winner. Interesting AND wearable.

    • chelwi

      Some of these models are super muscular! Which is great for them (would kill for the arms on Samantha’s model), but it took me a minute to realize that’s why I really didn’t like Matthew’s design. It’s a cute dress, but it is NOT that model’s dress. She has some killa legs though.

      • libraangel

        Am I memory-impaired, or what? When one of you mention a name – i.e. Matthew – I have to scroll up and see what you mean! Maybe they should eliminate two instead of one each week!
        p.s. Cindy looked kinda angry that they hated her print, don’t you think?
        p.p.s. NEVER thought I would write this: i miss Josh.

        • chelwi

          Oh, it’s not just you! My comment was the result of me scrolling up multiple times to check the names.

    • “Tlo said: We don’t know if we quite agree with Nina that these are the least-finished garments in 11 seasons – Carmen Webber’s imaginary menswear shirt would seem to be worse – but they were certainly appalling.”

      I think Nina blocked it out – like labor pain – so she could continue on. Though I have always felt that Sweet Pea’s Gordon Gartrelle shirt (from the same challenge) was more unfinished and should have been the one eliminated.

      And interesting to note that we can remember those designs and that challenge from all those seasons ago: How many can you remember from the past several years? Zero.

      Last night was OK, but I nodded off. I agree about Tiger Lily.


      • Lisa_Cop

        The look of horrified disgust on Nina’s face when critiquing Emily (the ‘aufee) was priceless.

    • JosephLamour

      And now you know what a lot of people in Falls Church & Arlington County Virginia are like.

      • pattycap11

        oh ho!

        • JosephLamour

          LOL I live here, it’s okay. And not all, just… a lot.

      • pylgrym

         Don’t politician and other DC backwash live there>

        • JosephLamour

          lol…yah basically… DC backwash! lol. Thats… something. My view may be peppered with the fact that I *do not* want to live here anymore. But still. There’s a lot of conservative ideals masquerading as liberals here. Which clashes with me cause I’m a big huge smoothie.

    • SugarSnap108

      Also, the models’ hairstyles are almost universally appalling.  What the hell Garnier?  (Or whoever is doing the hair now — I tune that stuff out no matter how many times they repeat it.)

    • pattycap11

      i don’t care if princess water lily calls upon her heritage every minute of every day, i just love her artistry and am way impressed with her!  this is why i watch PR, to get a chance to see someone doing something really creative.  i also like joseph and hope he can deal with the time constraints and pressures.  also liking daniel, michelle, benjamin, matthew and samantha, based on the intro where they showed their work from home.  and speaking of homes, i want to move into the funeral lady’s one right now. and is it possible that the entitled bitchy girl who went home could have been that clueless and unpleasant?  if so, this was a good lesson in that awful place, the real world.

      • BrooklynBomber

        I was so glad that Patricia not only survived, but was in the top 3. I was worried she was getting the eccentric-and-emotional-artist-without-a-clue edit. But her portfolio looked good, so I had high hopes. And they were in the workroom, especially when she was painting her fabric, I said to Mr. Bomber, This is what got me hooked on this show in the first place: watching people use skill and talent to make something out of nothing. That whole little scene there (they showed several people) reminded me of the show I got hooked on first season.

      • Lisa_Cop

        Early challenges are not always predictive. Ven was great in season 10’s first challenges and then…..

    • Stanley’s model looks like she’s dressing up like Dazzler for ComiCon.

    • Mitchell Hall’s turtleneck smock.

    • pylgrym

      Someone better informed than I, please tell me how Native Americans arrived at Princess. I never knew they had a monarchy, Hawaii yes, here no.

      • libraangel

        I  “think” (can’t remember) that Patricia just said her name was ‘Water Lily’: I think this blog added the Princess?

    • CarolinLA

      I thought Richard deserved the win because it moved so beautifully.  

      • Kate4queen

        yes! me too 🙂 It flowed!

    • BuffaloBarbara

      On a lunch break, so I can’t read comments yet, but, quick and dirty:

      No reason for the teams that I can see.  Not as bad as it could have been, but WHY?

      The challenge: There wasn’t one, and nothing whatsoever seemed inspired by New York.  Which is fine.  I’m sick to death of “Don’t you find New York inspiring??????!!!!!”

      Daniel: Cute.  Adorable, really.  Nothing else to say.

      Richard: Sorry, Tom, but I don’t get this dress at all.  It looks like it’s been twisted around toward the front and is pulling the shoulder out of whack.

      Patricia: Nice work!  And I’m not sorry to be from New Mexico!  Crescit eundo! (Okay, I’m not neutral.)

      Kate: Cute.  I like the neckline.

      Amanda: Hello, I am auditioning for the role of dispossessed rich bitch in the new WB soap opera.

      Layana: And I am the more fortunate older sister who’s really manipulating everything.

      Stanley: Ouch.  I have no words.  Well, two words: Insane Crotch.

      Joseph: It’s weirdly attractive, but I can’t imagine where this girl is going in that dress.

      Matthew: Put on a mini-pussy-bow.  I will never accept a pussy bow under any circumstances.

      Samantha: Nice little cocktail number.

      Tu: I didn’t like the flip look (different color in back).  It just looked like a Frankendress to me.  The top would be cute in more standard color-blocking.

      Benjamin: Like Joseph, I see it as interesting looking, but where do you wear it?

      Michelle: What the…?

      James: Dull as dirt, but not worthy of an auf.

      Cindy: Would not have been saved by not listening to her teammates on the length, because that is one butt-ugly print.

      Emily: Obvious auf.

    • Woo Hoo for hometown guy Richard.  And I so agree that Mrs. Funereal Director’s dress was one of the most fugly dresses to walk the runway.  Did her team really think it was a lovely print?

    • CarolinLA

      I wish they would stop eliminating a designer on the first round and instead choose two to go home on the second.

      • janierainie

        That’s a good idea. I know Emily was snarky but I felt really bad for her. I always feel bad for the first to go.

      • I’ve been wishing that for a long time. I think first time jitters has taken down more than a few designers. I’d like to see everyone get a second chance.

    • CarolinLA

      The problem with the team thing is that we could go an entire season with mediocre designers making it to the end because they were riding the coattails of better ones.

    • sfloudmouth

      team thing was less annoying than I imagined.  thought it might turn out to be a Rupaul All Stars catastrophe.  

      did not like Richard’s.  thought it made the model look mishapen.  sloop shouldered and hunchbackish.  and the color block and drape added to the mishapeness.  on that stick of a model it was unflattering.  on a real woman that would be unwearable.thought the winning look was more deserving than not even though it was derrivative.  it had an I Love Lucy vibe that was appealing.  crafty runner up sheath was worthy too though green underneath might have been more interesting than blue.  panels were pretty.I like joseph’s crafty floating thing and the brooklyn girl’s hard and soft look on the losing team too.  thought mr big easy had flattering proportions and a naughty and nice quality that was sexy.bottoms were all well deserved.  and Christian was a decent judge.  Zac Posen, reserving my judgment.  Heidi was her out there self.  Nina was in most bonne forme!agree with whoever commented down below that it was heidi herself who should have been auffed for that sheer over pancake boob bra attrocity she was sporting.I’m just saying…

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      My resolve weakened last night and I watched the first hour of the show.  Love the Moustache of Flamboyance and Princess Water Lily as nicknames.  The fact that Moustache’s suit was reminiscent of Zac Posen’s work didn’t hurt, I suspect.  No complaints about the auf’ed designtestant. 

    • Is the funeral director’s gown what one might be dressed in after being mauled by a leopard?

      • libraangel

        Yes, you are right. Now I can see the blood spots!

      • Stubenville

        Only if you fell on a pizza box.

    • sfloudmouth

      regarding mustachio’s personal style, nick verrios says in his blog that the jacket he was wearing for the runway was givenchy and retails for $4,000.  thought he actually pulled it off.  the twirly dali mustache?  a trend waiting to run its course.

      • My friend also thought Dali in regard’s to the mustache. I was thinking Rip Taylor.

    • libraangel

      I PROMISED that I would never watch this program ever again, but I had to get me a little Tim Gunn, so I just watched the beginning and the end. “Neverending Story” means to me that this show is too long and too many designers. Ei-yi-yi! Can’t keep track of them all! And I agree with you, T&L, the team thing is kinda wonky cause I like some of the losing team’s designs and feel like they should have been in the top three or top five at least, e.g. Samantha’s (except for the RED shoes).
      I am already confused by critiquing 16 (!) designers, but I think Patricia for the win> It was very original that fulfilled the challenge (could understand the windows idea), created her own “windows-inspired” print, the flaps made the garment move, and the shape was just flowy, but simple enough to complete the look. The blue shoes were nice too as an accent. And I would wear it!
      I guess I would have put Richard second, and Richard third, although I have seen that look before, but it was impeccably made. But I also liked Joseph’s and Samantha’s, But you’re right, T&L, is NYC that sooty, dirty, all gray and black?!
      As for the losers, I totally agree, although I hated Cindy’s most of all. But I’m glad Ms. Snot got aufed: wasn’t she the one who said she was a much better designer than members of her team?  (Or am I mixing them up again?!)

      • Lisa_Cop

        She was particularly snotty about the funeral director who was the only teammate to actually help her out.

    • libraangel

      P.S. Important! I made a typo, and I meant Richard second, and Daniel third.

    • libraangel

      Also, what was that hideous bra thing Heidi wore at the runway show?! I can’t believe Zac Posen, Nina, And Christian allowed her to wear that! Plus, Heidi, accept your age please> saggy boobs!

      • BrooklynBomber

        Funny thing is, Mr. Bomber thought that outfit was terrific. I just can’t figure it out. . . 

        • notdorothygale

          Yes, and I bought a new black lace consolation gift for my just-mammogrammed and sore girls, and my husband suggested I wear it under a sheer top. Go figure.

          • BrooklynBomber

            A consolation bra–I like it.

    • TLo!  I need to hear your nickname for the annoying, tall, blond Australian guy!

      • lintvedta

        Aw, I liked him!

      • notdorothygale

        Max Headroom?

        • Perfect!

          • I thought he was adorable but his haircut reminded me of this comic strip character from my grandparents’ time.  I’m going to google and see if I can figure out the name of the character if I can’t dredge it from my memory banks soon. 

    • DeTrop

      Question.  Now there are 15 designers.  How will they break them up into teams?  Five teams of three? Three teams of five? Or, one team of 8 and one team of 7?  How does it work with uneven numbers?  If they can only have 1 winning team and one losing team, does someone sit out on uneven days?  Inquiring minds want to know.  As you can tell,  I’m a bit

      • Pennymac

         I was wondering if the winner would get immunity, as well. If so, does the winning team get an advantage? They didn’t mention it last night.

        • DeTrop

          I was wondering about immunity too. They have lots of explaining to do.

      • Stubenville

        3 of 5 or 5 of 3.  They will probably do a do a double elimination when six remain or drop teams at five designers.

    • I’m going to agree with Lorenzo on this one. Indian Princess may have been annoying and eccentric but I love what she produced and that she did it with so much confidence in he ability to complete it. Not only was it appropriate to the challenge but creative and unique.

    • Frank_821

      Damn. way late to add my comments. work has been that crazy

      I felt sad for Emily. She clearly did not have what it takes to be on a reality competition show. Too bad her portfolio is full of promise and range

      Was pleasantly surprised by Patricia and Daniel

      Her portfolio really doesn’t show what she may be capable of

      Same with Daniel. At the moment I am unsure how I feel about him as a designer though. He clearly has good and quick construction skills but I wonder still about his POV. Zac (and Uncle Nick) pretty much said he copied his design from a major show) More importantly I wonder how long he’s been a designer. I live in Austin as well and I’ve interacted or at least aware of many of the designers in the community.

      It makes me wonder if he hasn’t been active that long or he’s not been as good at promoting or branding himself as he should be. Someone with his construction skills I would think would be better known in the Austin or central Texas circles. And there are a number of able designers who also believe in promoting each other. I haven’t heard a blip out of anyone in austin talking about Project Runway or Daniel these past weeks. Not even the key photographers, stylists or models in the city.

      Conversely there’s been a reasonable amount of buzz about James (who’s from Dallas) being on the show since he was a finalist in the Top Texas designers competition.

      Promotion and branding is so important that I hope Daniel is able to exploit his time on tv effectively career-wise. It can make a big difference. After being on that show on NBC last year, Ross Bennet, whose also an Austin local, used it to the hilt to get plenty of jobs and higher profile gigs. And Ross doesn’t have nearly the same level of construction skills as Daniel. But he does know how to market himself

      • libraangel

        Maybe because Daniel had been bullied as a teen, maybe underneath he is still shy, and doesn’t have the confidence or self-esteem to promote himself. I know people think I am outgoing, but inside I am not.

      • adnama79

        1.  He referenced “starting over, starting late, starting new” several times.
        2.  Honey, did you hear that twang on the runway?  Did you hear it in his home visit?  He’s can’t be originally from Austin.  He sounds like small town Texas – probably west of I-35.

        • formerlyAnon

           Easily 40% of Austinites come from small town Texas as far as I can tell. California influx notwithstanding.

          • adnama79

            Yep and they’re all fine. Now, the New Yorkers who come to ATX and don’t acculturate need to leave.

    • olsonam

      For a while I thought they were making a story line that the loser was going to surprise everyone with something mediocre which worried me because she was obviously chosen to be on the show because she’s beautiful and not for any talent.  But then that mess walked down the runway and I knew she was gone.

    • EverybodysStarling

      I just gotta stop watching this show. I keep seeing old contestants everywhere. There is Kimberly, Precious, Vanessa, Daniel is like Sava from Australia’s PR, and Nathan. 
      And the worst, the absolutely worst thing of all: Michelle reminds me of Kenley. Not from the looks, but from the way she already gets on my nerves. 

    • notdorothygale

      I think this show might have jumped the shark since DListed is ragging on Funeral Lady……..

    • One’s Native American-ness is not something one takes on or off. It is just a definitive part of who one is. Why should Patricia have to downplay an integral part of her being so as not to “wear out” other people?

      • champagne

        Patricia was robbed and should have won this challenge.  Look at the work she put into the dress, how artistic and she took definitely included what she saw when looking at New York. I’d buy that dress in a heartbeat. 

        • OrigamiRose

          She was totally robbed.  The craft she put into that print was remarkable; it might not serve her well in future challenges, but for this one, to tell the judges who you are?  That was a declarative statement of who she was, head and shoulders above the others.

          I liked the winner, don’t get me wrong; he just shouldn’t have won.  Top three, yes; winner, no way.

      • Citric

        I think after a certain point who you are is self-evident, and you can stop articulating who you are. 

        I also think Patricia is the kind of person who is prone to ramble which allows reality show editors to make her more annoying than she would be in reality.

    • I have a couple of problems with the teams-only concept:
      1- What if the best AND worst designs come from the loosing team?  -or vice-versa
      2- What if the best design/garment is from the loosing team and the worst on the winning team?

      • libraangel

        EXACTLY! That is why the team challenge is so goofy and won’t work!

      • Zippypie

        This is exactly why, after they whittle out the cannon fodder, that this will not work.

      • adnama79

        What about later in the competition when it’s getting close?  How do you work on a team, really like a team, when someone will be eliminated?  It’s one thing at work, when we are all committed to the success of the joint venture, but in an elimination competition, that’s completely different.

    • Amy

      As for the loser…she went from being cocky and obnoxious to tearful and lost sooo quickly that I thought she was 2 different people that looked alike. Every season has a dopleganger.

      As for the winner..he is from my hometown so I am biased and hopeful that his fabness is legit.

      And the waterlilly jokes were cracking me up!

      • The winner and I also share a hometown.  I wish him well, cause he’s nice.  I don’t like the meanies.

        • adnama79

          Me too – I’m from an hour away, but I got to Austin as soon as I could.  His quirkiness fits the city, but maybe not his esthetic.  Portland girl is more Austinite than Daniel (except that she’s getting the bitchy edit which wouldn’t fly here).

          Did you love how his twang came out on the runway when he first started talking?  I bet he’s from a smaller town in Texas.  😉

          • Amy

             I noticed the subtle twang as well! I was just relieved they did not cast a Texan who sounded like a stereotypical cowboy. TV shows seem drawn to labeling Texans like that 🙂

            • adnama79

              It’s handy when traveling, though. Saying “I’m from Texas” gets all kinds of excitement that “I’m from America” does not.

        • libraangel

          I don’t like the meanies either, and I criticize the fashion-designs, but NOT the people who created them! (Don’t we all have quirks and different looks, etc.)
          Speaking of Austin, there was a young designer on ‘Fashion Star’ ( I am SO ashamed that I watched one episode of this, but I was curious ): cute and always wore bow-ties and suits, but his designs were not as nice – do you know who I mean? (He said he designed for rich Texan women!)

    • demidaemon

      What did everyone think of that one guy who nearly fell on his face when he walked in? Hilarious or sad?

      • libraangel

        Neither. Just clumsy. some people are. like me

      • Sad, because he dropped his hat, then he tripped, and then he pretended to pee on the runway which I thought would lead to him falling over backwards. I’m sure he was nervous, but there comes a time when you’ve stumbled around a lot already when you stop tempting the fates. And then he made that sad out fit and was in the bottom. I don’t expect him to last long.

        • I missed the ‘pretending to pee’ part. The trips-and-falls I did see reminded me of the old Saturday Night Live sketches where Chevy Chase (of all people) was spoofing Gerald Ford. And then dude turns out clothes that are less remarkable than anything in my closet. Oy!

    • adnama79

      When Patricia’s walked the runway, I actually exclaimed, “Oh, how fun!”  I *never* yell or exclaim at Project Runway.  

    • DesertDweller79

      I will be joining with those who aren’t watching PR anymore, but are still reading TLo’s recaps.  It is definitely much more restful this way.  I started doing this as of that last All Stars cycle.  That way I only had to briefly puzzle over why Anthony Ryan was winning, before giving up and going on to something more productive.

      Of course, something “more productive” last night consisted of watching my hockey team blow a game in the final 10 minutes.  Yet, still, less annoying than watching PR.

    • Jeff Spencer

      I like to refer to Daniel as “Fabudor Dali.”

    • l_c_ann

      Did the winner get immunity?

      Or did he get anything? 

    • pdquick

      I’m wincing already at the thought of Betty & Coretta. On Lifetime. I mean, I’ll probably watch it, God help me….

      • libraangel

        me too. Mary J Blige????!!! But I definitely won’t watch

    • Nalie

      This episode is sitting on my DVR. I haven’t decided if I’m going to watch this season or not. The last round of All Stars has caused me to lose hope that PR will ever return to its old form where the creativity was the focus, fun personalities were a side dish, and talent was rewarded. I just don’t like how manufactured it all feels now.

      • I let TLo and the bitter kittens watch the episode for me first, then after reading the recap and comments I watched it. It was pretty enjoyable (by that, I mean more than the season which finished airing last week-PR how can we miss you if you never go away?)

    • PRG_fan

      Don’t call her Princess Water Lily, no matter how annoying she is.  Its derisive to her ethnicity/race. 

      Normally, I love you bitches.

      • Water Lily is her name and we couldn’t possibly count the number of times we’ve added “Princess” to someone’s name as a joke.

    • Carrieanno

      I watched this again last night (the dvr’d version, which enabled me to fast forward past Heidi’s, Tim’s and Nina’s producer-approved   monologues about how and why they looooove the team concept and we should too) and I think I don’t hate it.  Not only does it throw a bit of a twist into the proceedings, but we get to see how it plays with the contestants’ heads – their “I’m a lone wolf” proclamations went up in smoke in this episode and we’ll get to see how long they can all play nice and in what order they start to revert to self.  It should elevate the quality of the finished garments if even a few of them continue to play nice.  From the preview clips at the end, it appeared the producers will pull the ol’ “switch ’em up” routine just as the teams get comfortable with their dynamics.

    • butter nut

      i just love that james made his girl carry around that GIANT HANDBAG.  she could be toting groceries in that thing.  were there no clutches on the accessories wall?  poor cindy.  if she had just taken that stupid belt panel off, she would have blended in with the other dingy dresses last night.  and whoa is emily, who thought a sloppy top knot & animal print ankle straps were the appropriate punctuations for that outfit.  she was so right…

      also, so far, im on team princess water lily.  that was a really cute dress.

    • Leebee212

      Can we get a Judging The Judges for this episode? It was hard to focus on runway, I think I blacked out for a minute when I saw Heidi’s ensemble. Awful.

      • “judging the judges” for this episode alone might take Heidi so far into the negative (-10) that she may never make it above zero after the entire season-especially considering that she doesn’t typically get high marks even when she doesn’t look this tragic. 

    • I wore Stanley’s to my senior prom, except the gingham was sparkly purple and black and it didn’t have a collar. 
      Benjamin must be crazy adorable in person–people have such obvious reactions when they meet him. 

    • ccm800

      Ya know I think Cindy Marlatt’s dress would look perfectly serviceable on a hip black chick afro clad urbanite dor a day of shopping. 

    • Trisha26

      Liked Daniel’s look, would totally wear that, but I loved Patricia’s – simple and innovative. I also liked Matthew’s (a little junior though) and Samantha’s. The team arrangement has issues but from the previews it seems they will be shuffled…hopefully future challenges will be better defined (HA!) and perhaps demand more cohesion. 

    • marishka1

      Dang, nothing gets on my nerves faster than the sniveling auf’d designer sighing “I really feel like I didn’t get the opportunity to show my work to the judges”. You know what? Yes, you did. You just sucked at it.

    • How could you guys not mention that Cindy’s dress made it look like her model had a heavy-flow day but forgot to wear a pad?! That red splotch is so unfortunately placed! -allzwright

    • fashionzombie

      Dazzler at ComiCon — totally called it. I always hated Dazzler. 

    • SheridanBucket

      I was wondering if they chose middle of the road talent to stress out the better designers.   It would create more drama as the better designers had to work twice as hard to save themselves and the team.    I predict this season will be a total bitchfest. 

    • Vodeeodoe

      I am not down with the team challenge thang. How many designers will get let go before the others start lying to each other during their group support sessions? Also, didn’t Maroon 5’s Mean Sister show very similar pants in her audition collection? Sacramento surprised me, that was some clean design! For my bitchy comments, did anyone notice that Geraldo Dali and Funeral Home are almost the same age? Does anyone else think that someone with an indoor lap pool and fancy design studio in their home doesn’t need the money? Anyhoo…I’m hoping for Australia to take the prize, but of course it’s way too early to call.

    • Sarah S

      “We are both in agreement that Princess Water Lily wore out the whole “Native-American” thing in the first 5 minutes. By the time she got to the ululating, we checked out.”

      like, come on.  i have read this blog for seasons (decades in non-obsessed peoples’ lives), but this is something that got me to comment negatively.

      yeah, she might have been edited heavily for the first episode.  but really, jumping right to the “princess ____ nature noun here____”?*  you guys are way smarter than that.  not liking her or her design is w/e (i felt like richard should have won, personally), but can you at least take it above the racist cliche level?  

      your writing and commentary on this show, and other topics, is way better than this

      *i know she said this was her ndn name, but it has a different tone this way. and i know that this is obscure and maybe ~too sensitive~, but i really respect both of you and your writing, and would like you to at least take this under consideration, even if you you use your writers’ prerogative to decide it’s not edit-worthy.

      anyway, thank you for (possibly!) reading this comment, and for writing this blog! I’ve been reading it for 11 seasons and I’m hopeful to be reading it for 11 more

      •  We make fun of and use nicknames for practically everyone who appears on this show. Water Lily is her name and she really did ululate and mention her heritage about 30 times. She was ripe for it. Some people would actually have us stop ourselves from what we do and say “Oh, no. We can’t make any jokes about her. She’s a minority. Make fun of everyone else, but not her.”

        To us, that’s actually a much worse, far more condescending attitude.

      • bringbackbeatles

        I know I’m really late to this conversation, but I was rereading previous PR posts to remember designers earlier looks while I was watching the new episode and I happened to glance through a few comments. I am Irish and Native American. I definitely look more Irish, but I have Native American features as well, just on very pale Irish skin, unlike Patricia’s beautiful bronzey skin tone. Anyway, I am thrilled to see Native Americans represented in the fashion industry on PR. My great grandfather was full-blooded Blackfoot Indian. And, I really don’t think you always see that point of view represented in fashion, but I am so with T.Lo here. She wore out the phrase “Native American” really quickly, and it is so NOT racist to point that out. I would, and I’m sure T.Lo would point that out with any contestant regardless of whether the phrase was that, another ethnicity, or any plain old phrase, like Richard’s “everything.” Its not anything to do with the fact that she is Native American, it’s just the overuse of a phrase every 5 seconds that gets annoying. I just don’t think that’s at all offensive. Also the nickname of Princess Waterlily is perfectly fine too. They nickname everybody each season, why should Patricia be left out. And, the name itself is not offensive. I would be completely cool with that nickname and I think, based on all the episodes we’ve now seen, that Patricia would get a kick out of it also. Nobody is going to read this, most likely, but I felt compelled to give another point of view. Sorry it got so long.

    • cornpicker73

      Yes, please keep with the equal opportunity making fun. Thank you.

    • serenab44

      What happened to judging the judges?  Now that Zac is here, Nina might have some competition!

    • “We are both in agreement that Princess Water Lily wore out the whole ‘Native-American’ thing in the first 5 minutes. By the time she got to the ululating, we checked out.”
      I know you guy are critics, but lets have respect for other’s cultures and ethnic identities. 

    • Servilia Caepio

      Ever since I read this piece calling Patricia “Princess Water Lily” I’ve felt uncomfortable and have lost enthusiasm for your blog. How is it different calling her “Princess Water Lily” than it would be to call a black person “Little Black Sambo”?