PR All Stars: Ranting Gives You Wrinkles, Darling.

Posted on January 18, 2013



We suppose this is the part where we’re supposed to rant and then declare that Project Runway has RUINED EVERYTHING but we just can’t work up the energy. A marginally talented reality show contestant was awarded a prize over two other contestants who probably deserved it more. We can’t shrug hard enough.We’re not talking prestigious international award here and the idea that winning Project Runway has anything whatsoever to do with talent or that the win will provide a gateway to further success is a ship that sailed out of the harbor YEARS AGO. Life’s too short to get worked up over it. It was a kinda shitty thing to do, but of all people, Josh had the right attitude last night. “Hey, good luck and everything, but I am SO not participating in this silly farce a minute longer.”




To be fair, it really was a decent-to-good collection. Hence, the lack of ranting this morning. Anya and Gretchen’s collections were EXTREMELY problematic, but Anthony Ryan’s was cohesive and polished, with one or two memorable moments. This would be the first one. If he’d sent 5 or 6 looks down the runway on this level, we’d have had no problem whatsoever with the win. This was interesting and slightly unexpected.

It’s fine. No big whoop.


Also fine. Cute dresses. This is not unexpected, coming from him.


One of the stronger ones in a string of very similar dresses.

The color-blocking is interesting, but because he repeated it so much, it had the effect that we were looking at a line of hotel or airline uniforms.


Needle scratch. The first truly bad look of the collection. To be fair, it was the ONLY truly bad look.


Dull as dishwater, and by this point, the design elements had gotten stale.


It looks a bit like a gown for a superhero. His love of blue, black, and white dresses is so deadly boring.


Of course he didn’t deserve the win; not if you’re basing it on the actual collections that walked the runway last night, instead of some sort of mysterious alchemical equation known only to the producers and fed into the earpieces of the judges. We have no idea why it was decided that this mildly talented designer with an inoffensive personality needed to be treated like the second coming of McQueen, but we gave up trying to figure out this show. It was bad for our blood pressure.





One thing with which we wholeheartedly agreed was the judgment that Emilio made a strong second-place showing. He had a really fantastic concept for a collection, interpreting the clothing of African-American woman during that period when they transitioned from the plantation to the factory. A defiantly black aesthetic offered up to a competition that clearly has problems awarding wins to black designers.

Unfortunately for him, the concept was so strong that it needed time and space to develop. He simply wasn’t able to realize his vision in four days, leaving him no choice but to water it down. The result was a lot of stuff that looked like this; unremarkable from a design or aesthetic point of view.

And while there were some strong, interesting looks to come down that runway …


… it all felt disjointed and half-assed, the only through-line to be found in the styling, unfortunately. Too much rested on those hair bows.


And on the prints. This is a great suit, but it’s unremarkable from a design perspective, except for the use of that print.


And here’s where we sat up and took notice, because with this look we realized just how far he’d gotten from his stated inspiration. Aside from this, which is chic and done well, what other looks here really say “plantation to factory?” Or “the experiences of African-American working women fifty to a hundred years ago?”


This was the other look that seemed to come very close to his stated intentions. It needed a bit of zhuzhing, though. We’d have rather he mimicked the form of dungarees rather than making a literal pair of them.


Kinda lost the plot.


DEFINITELY lost the plot.


We really loved the idea of a sort of blue-collar, distinctly black collection for the runway, but Emilio’s reach exceeded his grasp this time. We have no doubt he could put together something gorgeous from this starting point, but he needs 3 to 6 months to develop it. Still, a very strong, declarative sort of collection, in many ways, better than his original final collection.




Poor Uli. We hope this third time as a bridesmaid will help her realize she’s too damn good for reality TV competitions. Her collection was clearly head and shoulders above the other two; cohesive, well-executed, and high end; the only one that looked like it could be walking a real runway right now.

We didn’t unreservedly love every single piece and look, but given the amount of time they had, it’s amazing how intricate and designed these pieces are. Anthony Ryan and Emilio both kept their garments relatively simple in comparison.


But Uli’s clearly going through a more baroque moment in her design evolution, and an “Uli dress” no longer automatically means something flowy and beachy. For now, it means something glittering and embellished.


Of course, there were a few times when things got a bit too embellished for their own good, but it added to the feel of richness and luxury on display; like somehow, Karl Lagerfeld stopped by Project Runway and decided to show a few pieces.


We don’t feel like over-analyzing it, to be honest. Her work was extremely polished and had a consistent through-line, making it seem like an actual collection, instead of a string of similar dresses, like Anthony Ryan’s or a good idea, inconsistently executed, like Emilio’s.


It’s just … straight up fashion, to our eyes.


And as we’ve all figured out by now, Project Runway rewards many things, but fashion design is way down on the list. This is just the latest example of that thinking.


Uli, if nothing else, you made one thing clear with this effort: you are one of a very small group of people to be on Project Runway who is actually a real, honest-to-God fashion designer with world-class skills. It’s very rare to see a collection presented on this show as sophisticated and well made as this one.




[Photo Credit: David Russell for Lifetime – Stills:]

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  • muzan-e



    • Fordzo

      It’s not nice to make fun of a speech impediment (or affectation, more likely), but I LOL’d. 

      • andcoh

        It’s a meme.

        • cam_lo

           I don’t get it. What did this come from?

        • Derek_anny

           It’s a meme that mocks [those with] speech impediments.  It’s modern day ebonics.

          • nokkonwud

            I associate it with LOLCats.

          • No it doesn’t. The meme originated as a photo of a girl with braces. It’s mocking “retainer lisp” that many teens have when they get orthodontics, not an actual lisp.

          • Derek_anny

             So it’s mocking the speech impediments of [those with] braces/retainers?  And that makes it better?  Also, from a social outcast angle, how is a speech impediment acquired through mechanical means different from one deriving from biological means? 

          • Tom Shea

             Wow. First, sounding silly because you wear a retainer isn’t a speech impediment. Second, ranting gives you wrinkles. Third, you’re about 7 months late to the “fake outrage over those affected by the meme” party. Fourth, it seems to me that you have enough issues with your manufactured outrage to bind them and sell them as a subscription.

          • leilah

            “…you have enough issues with your manufactured outrage to bind them and sell them as a subscription.”

            (genuflecting) You’d better copyright that phrase PDQ, because it will be repeated . . . and often.  Hilarious!

          • muzan-e

            … yikes. I have started a Thing.

            Firstly: I’m sorry that I’ve offended you – and anyone else who I’ve left discomforted.

            It’s a meme. From my perspective, it’s a meme that’s got nothing to do with mocking a braces-induced lisp and everything to do with mocking enormous excitement over undeserving items of interest. 

            You can see how I feel that it fits AR perfectly. He doesn’t have a lisp. He’s better-spoken than I’ve ever been and his accent’s adorable. But all that aside, his win was the very definition of enormous excitement over the absolutely undeserving.

            A few weeks ago a lovely individual here dropped an ERMAGERD! into a PR-related thread, and I mentioned at the time that good god, I’ll never be able to see Anthony Ryan again without hearing the word shrieked excitedly in the back of my head. *g*  

            It turned out to be true, and I could think of no better way to farewell this whole tepid mess.

            I’m really sorry that I’ve offended. For what it’s worth, I don’t find any sort of impediment funny. But I do find unwarranted enthusiasm (hello, Mizrahi) absolutely hilarious. 

          • When it takes this much to explain what’s supposed to be a joke . . . 

            (No, I didn’t initially understand it, either.)

          • muzan-e

            I suspect that’s the very definition of a meme: recognised in an 
            instant or else the subject of long and tedious explanations, irritating all and illuminating nothing. *g*

          • formerlyAnon

            FWIW, I recognized the meme and this whole thread reminds me how splintered our on line community norms are. Because among people who are on line almost daily for work or personal reasons, I’d rate myself near the bottom in terms of being “current” on memes and trends.

          • muzan-e

            See, I find this sort of thing totally fascinating, and I’m going to restrain that fascination because I’m running the risk of de-railing my de-railment. And uh, that is insane. *g*

            But I’m actually in a sort of similar position. The first time I came across it was maybe two weeks ago: an online friend greeted me with an ERMAGERD!,  and not recognising it at all I figured that he was just catastrophically drunk. *g*

          • Elizabeth Wiggs Maas

            Ermagerd. Google “Ermagerd” and settle back for a good laugh.

          • I still don’t get what this has to do with Anthony Ryan.

          • Winter_White

            Muzan-e, this has already gone so far afield of PR that I’m going to jump in now just to say:  I admire the way you handled this “Thing” you accidentally started.  With grace, humor, respect for others.  Brava.  (PS – wish I could talk Korean cinema w/ you!)

          • muzan-e

            Oh gosh. You just made my day. *g* Thank you very much. And y’know, honestly, this is one of those few internet spaces where I can assume that people are always posting in good faith – and be right about that, just about every single time.  You’re all kind of amazing. *g*

            (Big squees for K-film! *g* )

    • I read this in bed at 4 am because I couldn’t sleep.  It made me laugh out loud and almost wake up my husband.  Thanks for the middle-of-the night humour.

  • I will be entirely fair and say I though everyone brought something very strong to the runway.  Each was clear, focused and well edited. 

    That out of the way, it really should have been ULI!!! Her collection made me gay gasp.  It was dreamy, lovely and utterly wearable on top of it all.  I even loved the booty jewel. 

    Emilio’s collection was the strongest “statement” by far.  And I loved his mixtures of pattern and color.  The lead dress was a gross misstep on his part. He should have really just left it out.

    • Deb Oswald

      Uli was the obvious winner to all but the judges, IMO.  AGREE with you point by point.  

      Uli had a REAL fashion SHOW!  

      •  Well, throughout the season Uli’s aesthetic has stayed a clear strong voice amongst a sea of babbling.  So it comes as no surprise to me that her collection would be such a precise vision.

        • Uli – too intellectual for BM’s minds

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            To be fair, Bart Simpson is too intellectual for Bunim-Murray.

        • StellaZafella

           Apropos that Uli is the last of the BRAVO era designers…you know, when it was about being a DESIGNER.

          Urnthany’s still exploring school projects.
          Emilio does great costumes and strong ready-to-wear.

          But, as one of the judges said (Missoni? Chapman?): Uli’s evoked an emotional response from the first look to the last…that used to be the standard for fashion in this show…not anymore.

          • TOTALLY. Remember the fantastic Couture episode from S3?!? The Grocery Store challenge on S1 ep1?!? The restaurant challenge from S4?!? It’s soooooooo about what Walmart buyers would purchase now it’s pathetic. I’m still annoyed about Gretchen winning.

          • libraangel

            And Anya!

          • Lisa_Cop

            I vi for recall S1ep1 where Austin won with his corn husk dress and a woman lawyer/wannabee designer was out because she used a plastic lawn chair for fabric. Oh how this show has fallen:(

          • Actually, Daniel Franco was out in that ep. Nora Caliguri’s lawn-chair dress ranked in the middle. The lawyer, “Starr” (her last name wasn’t disclosed during the season, only later) wasn’t ousted until she made a court-jester dress for Banana Republic a few challenges later.

          • libraangel

            Why couldn’t Georgina and Ms. Missoni overrule Isaac?!

          • StellaZafella

             It’s not the judges, (regardless of the jokes we make about Isaac having a crush on AR), it’s that Uli was never going to win: She’s a “BRAVO” era contestant and BM/Lifetime will NEVER award the win to one of them…plain as that.

            Thank god(dess) Uli’s got a strong spirit, she could be big in a short time (maybe Christian Ceriano will give her some support) and put all of this crap behind her.

            I want that last gown so bad I can taste it, and I have to get in line behind J Coles and G Chapman for the feather vest!

          • Lisa_Cop

            “Story” producers script these shows. Aside from righting a wrong in season 9 (Anya’s win) I’m not sure why they decided AR would win. Cancer?? Less successful careers than Uli (a stylist) or Emilio (Broadway costume designer)? Georgina goes along because this show was Marchesafashion product placement heaven. IM? He must really need the $ and knows how PR made Kors a ton of it.

          • libraangel

            I understand what you are saying and I agree, but why did they even ask poor Uli to be on the show, and make her go through all that s%#t! for drama?

          • Why isn’t Uli big yet if she has this design aesthetic already? Does she need more help with marketing or promotion?

          • formerlyAnon

            As long as I can remember, the show credits have had a disclaimer stating that judging decisions include producer input as well as a few other weasel words.

          • Elizabeth Wiggs Maas

            Yeah, it seemed like the judges were leaning toward Uli (in the heavily-edited discussion they had). I’d be bummed for her, if I thought winning the show was actually worth something meaningful. 

      • 4 DAYS!

        • M312

          Right? I’d like to add motherfucking right in the middle, however. 

        • StellaZafella

           And three grand is peanuts for the kind of things Uli sent down the runway…the other 2 spent their wads in volume, not quality….but they ALL did it on a shoestring!

          • Introspective

            seriously- the idea that in 4 days with $3000, uli came up with a show that looked like it *belonged* in fashion week right NOW, and still placed third????? this show is dead. Its so fucking over that it makes my eyes hurt.

            I think the more interesting question is, TLo are you going to keep blogging PR?  I know this show was the genesis for the beautiful community you’ve created with your blog. But I mean, seriously, the TEAMS edition??? talk about a sweet jesus clusterfuck if there ever was one. Will you even give that shit your time and bandwidth? Waiting with baited breath for the answer.

          • FloridaLlamaLover

            Intro — TLo blogging PR will be the only way I watch the teams challenge PR — and I mean it. Didn’t watch it last night, it’s recorded on my DVR, but after reading this, it may well sit there until it gets bumped by something else.

          •  I wondered who was going to state the elephant in the room. I have considered not watching PjumpthesharkR any more and only reading T’Lo. This begs the question- are you going to keep following them?

            I think I speak for EVERYONE that we totally understand if you give up on them…too.

          • pdxmcollie

            That’s what I’ve done the last few seasons. It is the only way I can do it and retain my sanity.

          •  I seriously think they are wasting my time (PR).  I’ve left watching other reality shows, and I think I’ll add PR to the heap.

          • SneakyKitty

             I’ve been doing that since the second Lifetime season.  I enjoy the recaps ’cause they don’t go into detail about all the manufactured drama and I’m spared ever having to know about it.  And I still get to see the clothes. 

          • Qitkat

            Treat yourself to at least watching the runway shows. All three of them were well staged. And you will get to see the clothes in motion. You may be surprised. They aren’t problematic. Only the judging/producer extremes.

          • All three were better than Anya’s finale collection, so there’s that…

          • Pinup Ghoul

             Going to the dentist is better than anything Anya ever produced in her time on PR, though.

          • judybrowni

            Long ago gave up watching Lifetime’s rape of PR.

            So much better for my blood pressure to only read TLo’s wrap-up.

          •  Please don’t compare a TV show’s drop in quality to rape.

          •  Aside from the sexual definition of rape, it also means “an act of plunder, violent seizure, or abuse,”  so it is completely appropriate in this context. 

          • aykayay

            Yes, but that’s the archaic usage. For most people, what comes to mind is nonconsensual sex.  Rape is a real thing that happens to real people, and those experiences are constantly diminished and dismissed. Please do not contribute to that.

          •  I am in no way diminishing or dismissing that experience by having an opinion about a word, and it is clearly not archaic if we all knew what her intention was when using the word. 

          • tessasouthworth

            As someone who abandoned Mainline PR after Mondo’s season, who vows to give up PRAS after this one but who religiously reads this blog (and as many comments as I can fit into my schedule), there is one point I’d like to make in response to the discussion as to whether TLo will give up blogging the franchise. While I would certainly understand if they did, I fervently hope that they won’t. And this is because TLo have cultivated such a knowledgeable, articulate and diverse commentariat that has grown into a true community over the years. Although I seldom comment, I have been here almost since the beginning, and I feel that people like Brooklyn Bomber, Gorgeous Things, Kiltdntiltd, Millaxx, etc.,  etc., etc., etc., etc., are my online kindred spirits. And I am sure that many of you feel the same. So until and unless another show comes along that can generate the same volume and quality of response from your readers, I beg you TLo not to give up on the franchise, as tempting as it might be.

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            While I’m not planning to watch the new season of PR, I will still follow TLo’s coverage because the BK’s include people who are really knowledgeable about fashion and clothing construction and I genuinely enjoy their comments. 

          • Pinup Ghoul

             Indeed! I wouldn’t be surprised if TLo’s commentariat were the classiest on the internet!

          • And even worse, how the hell do you shop mood in 30 minutes with 3 grand? This makes Uli’s end-result even more impressive, given that she found all the fabulous fabrics & trim in that microscopic time-window.  As a PR viewer from the beginning, I was LISTEN TO US, BM, and encourage the ART of the design, and bring this show back to what it truly should be.

          • StellaZafella

            “…how the hell do you shop mood in 30 minutes with 3 grand?”
            Well – First you start with a sense of taste… and then you learn things and remember where the materials are that fit your aesthetic in the very store you’ve visited 20 times before.
               I agree with you, and I don’t mean to slam AR or Emilio’s choices, but Uli set a standard for herself this season -and she carried through on it. It’s just not really very hard to spend that kind of money in a short time in a store like Mood if your buying high-end trims and “design house” fabrics over fleece and easy-care knits.

          • I agree, dropping cash at Mood is all too easy, as a seamstress I spend thousands a year with them online as I live in Savannah GA – I live and die with their swatches.  I’m just saying iven the array of fabrics and trims Uli used, 30 minutes was crazy-efficient.  It did look like each designer had  one or two dedicated Mood employees helping them shop that 30 minutes.

          •  I absolutely couldn’t do it.  I spend a lot of time weighing my options and the opportunity costs of each fabric choice… I can spend hours dropping $300 in a small fabric store.

          • Spicytomato1

            They actually had 90 minutes at Mood. It was stated in a caption as they entered the store. I remember thinking “thank goodness they gave them more than a half hour.”

          • I missed that, great catch!  Hope that didn’t cut into their sewing time, though.  Damn this show, so stingy with the time limits.  Besides the “drama creation” it causes, I’m betting that production costs are a huge factor. 

            It would be fun for the designers to be thrown a curveball like having 3 or 4 days to work on a look.  Some of these silly bitches would certainly go off on a crazy and entertaining tangent.  We’d get some fantastic actual design from the good ones, and from the ones who “don’t know how to edit” or have “taste issues” we’d get epic CRAY.  A win either way!

          • Lisa_Cop

            You could tell from last week’s episode they spend a fair amount on lighting, sets and camerawork. But they need better “story” producers who can tell a good designer from an average one.

          • Right?  There was something decidely low rent about the whole thing.  They’re calling them “all stars,” they kept going on and on and on about how it was the biggest prize EVER, and then they give them hardly any time or money to produce a collection deserving of the prize?  This show is being done on the cheap, and it shows.

      • Louise Bryan

        Absolutely.  I was blown away by Uli’s collection.  I was astounded she put that together in 4 days with Sleepy as her assistant.

        • Winter_White

          Am just seeing these now — Uli’s collection is beautiful.

          I would love to see a close-up of the embellishment at the neckline of that first dress.  It looks so delicate.  Like diamonds in fresh snow.

          • Stubenville

            She was asked about that on the runway (by Georgina?) and Uli responded that it was beaded lace that she added Swarovski crystals to. 

          • Winter_White

            Ah, thanks, Stubenville…I guess Uli left out the part where she and some magical Winter Fairies lovingly placed it in a frost-silver meadow at dawn, to be lightly snowed upon.

          • libraangel

            Lovely description. I was enchanted by her whole runway show, as if I was transported to a winter world.

          • lundibleu

            That’s it! It’s the White Witches winter wardrobe.

          • Pinup Ghoul

             One can actually picture Tilda Swinton wearing several of those pieces.

        • libraangel

          Yeah, what the hell was with Casanova?!

      • tignor

         As for the judges, all I take away from last night is A) Carolyn Murphey wears some seriously fugly clothes, and anyone who wears some serious fugly clothes has no business on a fashion show, B) everytime Georgina called Anthony “Ant-ney” I giggled, C) Isaac wants to sleep with Anthony Ryan. As for the win, we all knew it was going to happen from the first fawning over his clothes that had no justification. I’d be all “meh” about it had Uli not CLEANED the freaking floor with beauty unseen anywhere close to anything ever before or since or probably after. The order should have been entirely reversed, IMO, with only Emiolo keeping his spot.


        • 100 percent agree.  Isaac should be embarrassed about his excessive fawning over Anthony Ryan all season, and that dress that Carolyn wore at the end was ridiculous.  If it weren’t for this blog, I’d stop watching PR completely, but I hate feeling left out!

          •  I did quit watching after Anya won. I still feel fully satisfied just getting the recap from TLo.

          • Melvis Velour

            Yeah, we outsourced our getting worked up and needing a medicinal cocktail (or two) about this train wreck to our loving gay uncles…

          • I suspect I will outsource the All Teams Project Runway as well.  Some of the famewhores designers look interesting individually, but I don’t know if I can watch teams every week.

          • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

            I also quit watching, but did it just before the finale of the Anya season.  Couldn’t take it anymore.  Caught most of this “all star” season on reruns, or just read recaps here.  I did watch last night’s show.  Uli was robbed.  Gorgeous collection.  I don’t know why I didn’t see the win going to Anthony coming.  Thus it ever was on Lifetime.  The little blurb about him quitting fashion design if he didn’t win was enough to know he would win.

      • dawnboo

         Oh, I think it was clear to the judges too — but they were overruled by the producers.

      • DaveJeje

        I actually was scared that she was being neglected in camera minutes, while Emilio and Anthony talked everyminute about their work. However, i’m glad she didnt made drama for the (edited) drama of Casanova’s help. I though Georgina and Missoni would step up for Uli, because of their comments, and mostly because uly’s aesthetic is the more related to Marchesa.

        Oh and the comment of Isaac about the invention of low pockets…god, i realised then that it was lost for Uly, however second runner-up, BS.

        Sorry if i misspelled.

      • Spicytomato1

        It seemed to me that the judges were truly enchanted by Uli’s collection. Which made her “second runner up” status that much more shocking to me.

      • annieanne

        Uli was so CLEARLY the winnner. I’m still astonished she was able to put that collection together in only 4 days — and remembering that her “helper” crapped out on her for one full day.
        I would sincerely love to know what it was about AR that the producers proclaimed him the winner before taping began. Mysteries…..

    • Agreed! There are good parts to all these collections. But some of them have (many!) more good parts than others. AR is a clear third to my eyes. It’s good, but not exciting – its concept is just “colour blocking” and it didn’t take that anywhere new at all. Uli’s is by far the most spectacular. 
      I thought Emilio’s concept was brilliant and fascinating. I’d LOVE to see it done thoroughly and well. It’d be an incredible ‘living social history’ project. But as it is, the only look I could imagine in a real collection right now is that adorbs spotted bandeau and shorts combination. 

      • Emilio’s bandeau and shorts was a favorite of mine as well. As was the jumpsuit.  As soon as he spoke about his theme, I was both delighted and intrigued. 

        Anthony Ryan has been churning out this exact stuff all season, and though it was in large part a well executed collection, I really didn’t feel that “thin line” he was going for.  The dissonance between darkness and light was not really evident to me, with the exception of his first dress.

        •  Kors, Klum and Garcia would have ripped AR’s collection to shreds. It was boring and had a single look that came down the runway in vaguely different colours. PR All Stars and Lifetime have really screwed up the show as far as I’m concerned.

          • megohd

            Wish I could agree, re: K, K, and G. They abandoned their integrity to the producers’ direction years ago, IMO.

          •  You’re probably right. Okay I know you’re right. But they do slam things that deserve to be slammed even if they subsequently send someone else packing despite a poor showing. It’s sad really. PR was such a great show the first few seasons.

          • libraangel

            Was it not Kors, Klum, and Garcia who gave the wins to Gretchen and – SHUDDER!- Anya?!

          •  Sadly yes.

          • Celandine1

            At least Heidi didn’t vote for Gretchen, she was overruled. 

          • Lisa_Cop

            Remember it was Kors, Klum & Garcia who voted for Anya to win instead of Victor Luna.

        • The REAL thin line: “How can AR churn out the same dress yet still give the producers enough soundbites for him to justifiably win?”

      • LearnedFoot

        In previous seasons, weren’t some designers criticized (especially by Kors) on the grounds that a single color or a single design element (hello, color blocking!) does not a collection make? I agree that Emilio and Uli’s *concepts* were much more successful, while AR’s was pretty much just non-existent. I have not been the biggest Emilio supporter (his designs usually just don’t do it for me, YMMV), and was very glad that he did not win his original season, but I actually thought that  his idea for the collection was the strongest this time around. I hope he develops it more and shows a much more fully-realized collection!

      • Mila’s color blocking was much more interesting so why didn’t she ever … oh, wait … she’s not a gay man that Isaac had a crush on.

      • AthenaJ

        Emilio had a truly inspired and genuine concept… I agree with TLo, 4 days is not enough to do it justice. Here’s hoping he takes that theme and does another collection for it in the future.

    • MoHub

       And Emilio made eight looks, while the other two did seven each.

      •  PLUS, both Emilio and Uli did mini collections created almost entirely from separates, where Heinous Poufette did only dresses.

        • 3boysful

           And had that been any designed other than Heinous Poufette, the judges woulda killed them for doing basically the same color-blocked dress seven times.  Hmmpf.

          • Thang-KEW!

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            I remember when the judges in Season Three asked Laura Bennett whether she could more than turn out well done cocktail dresses.  Hmmmmmm……

          • Stubenville

            Or how Emilio was called out over yellow being a difficult color to wear earlier this season?  Funny how AR didn’t get criticized for that.

          • demidaemon

            I will also state that there was a dearth of sleeves in AR’s show.

        • Louise Bryan

          Maybe I missed this earlier, but “Heinous Poufette” made me laugh out loud.

        • Tracy_Flick

          I was shocked that nobody said ANYTHING about it just being dresses. WTF? Uli’s was the clear winner.

    • 3boysful

       And I loved how Uli’s “no-makeup” makeup really let the clothes shine on their own.

    • Rachel Sawyer

       Uli wuz robbed. But I knew going in that Anthony Ryan was gonna take it. I just can’t figure out why he was chosen.

  • Violina23

    I think it helped that I was so utterly prepared for Anthony Ryan’s coronation, so my expectations were in the right place. I liked AR’s collection, but I thought Uli was the clear winner. 

  • Kathy_Marlow

    I really wanted Uli to win, especially after seeing her designs.  TLo is right, there is nothing wrong with Anthony Ryan, he just wasn’t as right as Uli.

  • It’s kind of exciting to see a whole row of black models. Sometimes you get the impression that there are only one or two in all of model-land from their token appearances on the runway. Hope Solange gets a suit in that print.

    • Dsquared Men’s A/W 2013 the collection was called “La Nouvelle Noir” they cast all black models it was awesome!  

    • TheDivineMissAnn

       Oh yeah, Solange could WERQ that suit.

      • libraangel

        Actually, both white girls and black girls could rock the look. I think that was what Emilio was doing. The judges were always so racist with the colors he used : it wouldn’t work for my skin tone, says Carolyn i.e. it’s not a good color for white people.

        • TheDivineMissAnn

           Good point, libraangel.  Many woman could rock those looks.

           I must confess I stopped watching PR except occasionally peeking at the runway show.  I just look at the stills TLo posts.  For that reason, I am not real familiar with what the judge’s commented to the designers.

          The Bravo version was much better;  I stopped religiously watching  the show after the first year at Lifetime.

        • editrixie

          What always gets me with that, after the racism, is that I’m as pale as death and my skin is a blotchy mix of pink and sallow yellow, and yet…I can wear a LOT of those colors really well. I always thought I couldn’t, and my fashionista sister pushed me to try them, and they look fabulous. I can’t do a lemon yellow, but that really saturated yellow he has used would be OK on me. So, feh on their lying, racist asses.

        • H3ff

          In fairness, I am inclined to take anything Carolyn Murphy says about fashion with a giant pile of salt. She looked RIDICULOUS in that finale dress. I actually cringed for her when she got on stage to introduce the final runway.

      • terpsichory

         About girl in the red jumpsuit. I immediately thought Isis King. Am I imagining things or was there a second ANTM alumna on the runway? Can’t remember whether she was on Aminat’s cycle though.

    • AnaRoW

      I just wish they’d did a better makeup job on the one in the dungarees. She almost looks like she’s wearing blackface, which could easily take the collection into offensive territory. 

      Didn’t one of the designers use all black models for the runway show last season? 

      • LearnedFoot

        I think Gunnar did? But that was in his well-intentioned but *seriously* tone-deaf and offensive “tribal” collection, so no cookies for him.

      • tereliz

        Yes, it was Gunnar. But the clothes he sent them down the runway in were extremely… I don’t know how to put this delicately, but… “jungle fever” to the point that it seemed really culturally insensitive to me. YMMV. 

  • I loved every part of Uli’s collection, and for 5 minutes I was convinced that there was NO WAY that they could annoint Anthony Ryan over her.  Overall I thought AR was a distant second and Emilio’s was a close third (Those bustiers over the blouses just killed it for me, but the jumpsuit was spectacular)

    •  I had exactly the same reaction.  I went into the episode assuming that Anthony Ryan’s win was preordained, but when I saw the collections, I thought…. maybe Uli’s is too good too good for them to ignore.  But no.  Not too good for the producers, who might not have even watched the runway show, to ignore.  I think it’s clear that Ms. Missoni and Elie Tahari (who could give a crap about the ratings or the producers) thought Uli should have won.

      • Veronica Russek

        Yeah, I also dared to hope for a little second that Uli might win… But I think we all watched knowing the outcome already.

      • I think Georgina’s honest vote inside her head was for Uli also.

    • libraangel

      Last week the poster ‘Stubenville” thought it might have been a fake-out and Uli or Emilio would win. Like you, for one split second, I thought so too.

  • MissFern

    Uli was robbed.  I mean, you already said that, but I have to reiterate it.  Her collection was fantastic.  All the judges had to say was “those feathers look cheap.”  Which…they totally did not. 

    • M312

      That was Issac saying “I have to offer some reason to award the win to the guy I will be stalking,” over Uli. 

      • libraangel

        And at first he pretended to find fault with the lengths of AR’s dresses. Yeah, right!

    •  My respect for “Gorgeous Georgina” has plummeted with this season, worse than for Isaac. Her own sense of extremely girly fashion, her self-serving descriptions … she was grasping for straws, when Uli’s collection clearly was the only one approachign couture.

    • Stubenville

      They did say that Uli’s fake fur looked cheap, but what do they expect with about $400 per model to spend?

    • libraangel

      Neither the fur nor the feathers looked cheap. Ms. Georgina last week looked cheap with that band of fake feathers around her midriff.

  • LearnedFoot

    I just don’t understand Bunim-Murray’s decision-making process here. By the time the season is edited and prepared for broadcast, surely they know who has performed well, whose designs are strong and whose are weak, etc right? So why not use their editing prowess to make the eventual winner interesting to watch, rather than choosing their favorite “character” who is a mediocre designer, and then create some kind of alternate reality where he is some kind of transcendent talent that makes Isaac Mizrahi jealous? I don’t understand at all. Poor Uli.

    • LearnedFoot

      I should add, I don’t totally blame the designers for the drop in quality of the show. With so little time and support, of course nobody is going to create anything earth-shattering. I just miss the days of lovely gowns and fully-lined, intricate jackets and flawless execution!

      •  Ah for the days when Laura Bennett would be DONE with her look, fully lined, and perfectly tailored, hours before everyone else.

        • MoHub

           Christian Siriano also managed to turn out polished looks—other than the horrible brown prom dress—long before anyone else had even reached the halfway point.

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            When I want a PR (the classy seasons) fix, I will simply pull out a DVD and pop it in the machine to take me back to those days.

        • andcoh

          I miss Jillian checking every single freaking stitch until the last moment before it hit the runway all the while displaying absolutely zero emotion.

          • libraangel

            And poor Uli was running around the workroom, poor girl!

        • StellaZafella

           Me too, me too, Kiltd. And remember when Chris March would FINISH his challenge entry and go take a nap?

          • formerlyAnon

             Only one among the many reasons he is probably my favorite PR contestant. Ever.

      • libraangel

        You are correct. I praised Austin Scarlett earlier, but I forgot that he had much more time to execute his ideas.

    • libraangel

      OMG!!! I forgot that Isaac said he was jealous of AR’s pockets! POCKETS! = the great wonder of the world! Jealous? Really?!

  • Uli was robbed. So robbed. I shouldn’t have bothered to watch this season at all, and I refuse to watch another season of Ms Bland Murphy and Babyface Mizrahi — who truth be told, probably contracted Little Anthony to design his cheap Target collection) Can’t mass produce a lot of feathers and bling ala Uli for Target now, can you?

    • I had a vague sense of that throughout the season, (“Target”)-was wondering if Isaac’s point of view has changed considerably since his early days, (in addition to his crush on AR).  I also thought that the producers had an eye on AR the most marketable and easy to mass-produce 

      •  Yep, they should change the show’s name to Project prêt–à–porter

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          Or perhaps simply Project pret-a-Target.

    •  I think instead of giving us “All-Stars” every other season and horribly ill-advised spin-offs like the Accessories show, they should go for a spin-off of mass market stuff, like Target or Macy’s.  Then they can celebrate the skill of making clothes (and there is skill there) that appeal to broad markets and they can go back to letting the original PR look for real fashion.

  • Uli was and always will be my favorite. What an amazing talent.

  • MY GOD Bunim Murray and Lifetime FINALLY found a white woman who deserved the win and the DENIED HER!

  • Sobaika

    I was really excited by Emilio’s concept as opposed to the actual clothing. It was an era and group of people I’d never heard cited as inspiration before. How many times have we heard ‘ladylike clothing, for the women who would get dressed to leave the house’ from any number of designers?

    • MoHub

       And 200 points to Emilio for referencing Dorothy Dandridge. He is the only designer other than Bert who has a real sense of history.

      • bluefish

        Agreed!  Excellent point.

        •  Well, close, though Aunt Jemima is a post-Civil War invention that didn’t really come straight from the plantation, but rather reflected nostalgia for it. She’s sort of the opposite to the independent, younger, and not so motherly Rosie; he gave himself a hard concept to resolve.

          • Introspective

            sure if we want to be nitpicky, “Aunt Jemima” is an invention of plantation nostalgia of the late 19th century, but the “mammy” figure of plantation societies in the US (and pretty much slave societies throughout the entire hemisphere) that she mimicked and took her form from, was an image that began in slavery and endured for decades after, as millions of black women were forced to raise white children that would grow up to own them while doing unbearable labor for whites and having unspeakable things done to them by whites. 

            Id think that he’s not “off point” by name checking Aunt Jemima, but rather he’s going with a recognizable figure that conjured up all this history in one word, as opposed to having to explain it all… and I think there’s actually quite a through line from Aunt Jemima to Rosie, given that black women since the beginning of their time in this part of the world, always WORKED. The idea that work was “liberating” was a white feminist notion that ignored the decades of hard labor of black women. Black women, essentially, were the original “Rosies” and it was just that the setting of their labor shifted from field to factory. 

            His concept was brilliant, both politically and aesthetically, and had me here at home jumping out of my seat as a professional historian with a love of fashion. so wishing he had more than 4 days to truly realize it, and Im BEGGING him to return to it as there’s so much fruitful design that would burst forth from such a concept. 

          •  That could hopefully go more places than “pretty girls in boustiers.” It was the work part of the imagery that I think didn’t come through, though he came closest in the look with the jeans and the suit. Like, dare he deal with aprons, or patterned shirts, or the more menswear side of those feminist notions? He showed he could do it with his androgynous looks, but this collection was extremely femme.

          • Introspective

            agree totally with the fact that the execution did not go as far as it could have gone– an experimentation with menswear for women as well as the garments entirely identified with service like aprons, would have made for an amazing collection. and indeed, the androgynous challenge showed his readiness to do this kind of work so I know he’s got it in him. lets just wait and see… Emilio, hope you read this blog!! 

          •  And overalls!

          • Qitkat

            I really appreciate your analysis of Emilio’s concept, from your point of view as a professional historian with a love of fashion. I liked his concept, and his collection, a lot, and found him much more likable this season too. His going outside of the oh-so-expected box, which Anthony Ryan failed to do, although his clothes are attractive, and very wearable, felt like a slight throwback to the old days of Runway, with us gaining more insight into the designer’s aesthetic. These are the moments that I have watched PR for. I’m fascinating by the creative process, and how many different ways there are to approach it. How unique each of us can be, if we just dig deep enough. Both Emilio and Uli did just that. Some day I hope the public gets rewarded with the opportunity to see well-nuanced, unrushed, and (well-funded) collections from each of them, gracing a professional runway. Heck, I wish that for all the top three of every season, and even some who didn’t make it that far. Over the years, in spite of judges’ and producers’ manipulations, we have occasionally seen several brilliant flashes of concept, design, and execution.  

          • libraangel

            I like your explanation, but I have a question? Was the term ‘Aunt Jemima” once a derogatory term?

          • Introspective

            Definitely- as far as I know it originated in the minstrel shows of the Jim Crow Era where whites performed in blackface offering quite derogatory dialogue about blacks. Minstrelsy was a central part of the “nostalgia” Shawn EH brought up that whites had for the “good old days” of slavery that shaped American pop culture through much of the early decades of the 20th c.

      • Introspective

        Emilio has a sense of history, and he is also incredibly inspired by his own experiences in working class, immigrant new york of the 60s-80s. I see it in *everything* he does. I know where he’s coming from and I think he’s brilliant for using what he knows best as inspiration. 

    • I was also very appreciative of his going for it (or ‘going for it’ as much as he could within the timeframe), especially after the repeated remarks we heard made by White ‘celebrities’ and judges over the season-such as “That color is hard to wear for most women”-no you mean it’s hard for someone like Gwyneth Paltrow to wear. It’s interesting to me that his finale collection in his season seemed more self-referential (the infamous “ESosa” print)-whereas this collection showed a growth or change in his thought process. 

      • libraangel

        I like it when he replied to the judges that “his beauty came from what he first saw” – his black family. Bravo!

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          I love that Emilio said that. The judges on PR seem to have a very narrow definition of beauty so often.

    • RroseSelavy

      I agree — I loved the bold personal and sociological concept behind it, but I just did not see it in the clothes. Especially with those bustiers — what about those says factory or plantation? The blatant sexuality of it rubbed me the wrong way.

      • libraangel

        I am not sure, and it certainly has nothing to do with factories, but i think women in the 1940’s did have strapless bustier bodices  on their “going out” dresses. One older lady in a nursing home once told me about her top falling down when she was jitterbugging!

        • Spicytomato1

          Yes, while his collection didn’t necessarily look like work attire of the era, it did have a definite 40s vibe to me.

    • Girl_With_a_Pearl

      Uli was my favorite, but I would have loved to have seen what Emilio would have done with his collection if given more time.  I hope he goes ahead and creates that collection.  I really liked his gowns better than his sportswear.  Wishing him well.

  • PhillipWilde

    You somehow managed to express everything I felt about last night’s finale.  Exasperation.

  • RussellH88

    I was kind of hoping that Anthony Ryan would make the best collection, since I knew he was going to win anyway and I want it to at least be justified. Unfortunately Uli blew everyone out of the water and I was left rolling my eyes.

    Is it because I’m so used to watching Reality TV now that I pick up on things or is the show just being more and more obvious? It seems like they’ve already given the crown to the last few winners in the middle of the season and the rest of the show is just waiting for them to make it official with a runway collection.

    What blows my mind is that of maybe every designer to ever be on the show, Uli has probably evolved and grown the most and to see her only make THIRD place is kind of pathetic. From her initial showings in season 3 to her metallic runway collection to her work on All-Stars, she’s shown herself to be insanely well rounded and she only gets THIRD?

    • mike__tv

      I burst out laughing when Isaac dismissively said we’ve seen a lot of what uli did before. Since when was monochromatic colour blocking NEW? 

      • Lisa_Cop

        Didn’t Missoni say Uli’s was like a student collection. I found that comment patronizing and, in this case, patently untrue. By the way many Parsons collections (Proenza Schouler, anyone) are better than AR’s.

        • libraangel

          Actually, if that is what Ms. Missoni said, it is not just patronizing, it is an insult, and that girl needs to be 

    • TheDivineMissAnn

      What blows my mind is that of maybe every designer to ever be on the
      show, Uli has probably evolved and grown the most and to see her only
      make THIRD place is kind of pathetic. From her initial showings in
      season 3 to her metallic runway collection to her work on All-Stars,
      she’s shown herself to be insanely well rounded and she only gets THIRD? 

      THIS x1000.  Uli really has grown and improved as a designer.  She is really a talent, and I hope she just runs, runs far away, from Project Runway and does not look back.

    • Nothing signifies Uli’s growth more than her transition, literally, from beachy to wintry.

    • random_poster

      I’m right there with you.  I hope that Uli gets some positive press from people who do watch the show, and has an increase in her clientele as a result.  

    • libraangel

      Even Georgina commented that she was able to make a beautiful dress out of Christmas ornaments, and then they auf her? I don’t get it!

  • ChiKat67

    Like Glee, I will be removing this show from my DVR. The fact that Uli came in THIRD was the last straw! I hope she has a fantastic career.

    • Lisa_Cop

      The strongest thing is to vote with your remote! As the former reality producer said, if people don’t watch these shows they will go away and talented crews will find something much better to do with their talents.

  • Kayceed

    Uli really gave us a show, didn’t she? She is so interesting a designer – I felt like that was a singular collection that only Uli could have created  – and only at that moment in time. Tomorrow it would be something else. Inspired and inspiring. Emilio produced my favorite looks this season by far. He has so many ideas and such wide-ranging technique- I think his final collection suffered by not having a show-stopper. Overall, I think he produced the best work this season. AR, what to say? Poverty of ideas, throughout the show and certainly in the final collection. Disappointing, that.

    •  I think the patterened suit was his show-stopper; it pulled way back from the graffiti challenge, and it was an alternative to the more varied silhouettes he used in this collection compared to his first. I think he definitely challenged himself, moving beyond the sort of Caribbean elegance of that earlier try. But I don’t think he figured out how exactly Jemima and Rosie might merge to become modern fashion.

    • Lisa_Cop

      I think it is fitting that in the fashion face off, Ivy gave AR only a 5.

  • ohayayay

    When Emilio told Joanna Coles that his concept was based on “women in the workplace, from the Plantation to Rosie the Riveter” I immediately assumed he was making a critique on the “women in the workplace” theme that arose in the early 1940s and that buffered the privileged white feminist movement. Women of African descent have been doing heavy, hard work for centuries and received no credit or recognition or compensation for it. (White) Rosie is not the first woman to do some heavy lifting – and look, she even stole her look from Aunt Jemima!

    I thought it was a brilliant concept.

    • Sobaika

      +100 to everything you said. Wish it had translated to the runway better.

      • No I disagree. . . With a theme like “Plantation to Factory” with Rosie the Riveter being the focal point I don’t see how those frilly sleeves, lace and psychedelic prints factored in. When he said denim and shirting I expected to see a woman walking in to the office TODAY channeling the strength of women passed. Not feminine bodices over blouses. 

        • Sobaika

          Right. Which is what I mean when I wish his concept had translated to the runway better.

          • LearnedFoot

            I really hope that he develops it further, because it could make for a really amazing show. I think that a collection like this, if done well and if highly-publicized, could re-shape a lot of people’s attitudes about fashion and labor history.

          • Sobaika

            Definitely. I hope he and Uli attract some interest and investors based on this season, especially these collections. They deserve it.

          • libraangel

            Still liked it though, especially the red jumpsuit!

        • l_c_ann

          His concept, from his POV. 

          Which is very different from where I would have taken it, but it belongs to him, to develop as he chose.  I think we may come back and look at it as see more, each time.

          • Stubenville

            And at least he had a concept, not “recycled color blocked dresses.”

          • libraangel

            Honestly, I can’t even remember AR’s theme? He did say something in the beginning of his runway show, but what was it?

          • Spicytomato1

            He said something about “the fine line between dark and light” (meaning good and evil, sort of, I think). 

            I worked in advertising and his concept (or lack thereof) reminded me of very junior writers and art directors who struggled to come up with strong concepts. Instead of coming up with a strong idea and various ways of executing it, they based their ideas more on what they could or liked to execute and then sort of backed into a concept, if that makes sense.

          • kimmeister

            The thin line between light and dark.  Pfffft.

        • libraangel

          And didn’t he buy flannel and denim? I don’t think he used these?

        • Spicytomato1

          When they showed his initial sketches, that’s exactly where I thought he would go. Seems like when he got to Mood he altered the concept a bit. Not a big surprise that ideas would go by the wayside, given the insane 4-day timetable!

        • I saw it as an attempt to show strength and femininity at the same time. 

  • bluefish

    I enjoyed this runway show a lot and was surprised by how much I liked all three collections.  Especially given the horrid time restrictions.  (And I too very much enjoyed Josh’s honest “no thank you” moment — good for him!  Made total sense to me also.)

    I liked Emilio’s the best.  Wish Uli had allowed her models to walk down the runway with vim and vigour — The zombie walk took away from the clothes.   My favorite look was Emilo’s second — Were I much much younger, would be trying to figure out a way to replicate it.  Loved the white boyfriend shirt, topped by the print bustier and the pencil skirt. 

    Carolyn’s dress was all kinds of fug — hilariously so.

    • Vickiefantastico

      Oh, I loved the way Uli had her models walk. It reminded me of snowflakes. To each his own, huh?

      • bluefish

        Glad you enjoyed it.  I could see what she was aiming for but so much of the runway shows for me is about the energy on display.  Good music, fluid movement, real walks — it seems to have a huge impact and I was sorry that she didn’t go there with it.  The clothes and styling were so wintery and delicate — The slow walking while dreamy was also aging and it may had hurt her in the end. The judges are so easily swayed by BS.

        • ALT19

          I thought it was kind of goofy, but I also thought both Emilio and AR’s models were serving it up so hard in their walks it was almost over the top or comical, so Uli’s was a welcome contrast.

          • libraangel

            But I also liked Emilio’s drumming and set.
            AR’s – blah, disco stripes

          • I think in Emilio’s case, it made sense to have the models go big. 

      • libraangel

        I liked it too – very dreamlike, another world – nice world

        • I just couldn’t get into Uli’s collection, and I think the “world” is why.  It’s very winter… I hate winter.  In fact, when she referenced Narnia on Twitter, I went “That’s it!”  The collection, right down to the make-up and movement, felt like Narnia under the White Witch. 

          On an objective level, it was beautiful work.  But on an emotional one, I just didn’t connect to it like I did Emilio’s.

          Though I did think it was cool that her initial run on PR was all summery, beachy themes and that she capped this one with a winter themed collection.

  • Didn’t watch at all this season. Although I LOVE AR, Uli’s work is clearly the winner. And I wasn’t even watching PR when Uli first turned up, so I’m not biased.

  • Meg0GayGuys6

    I stopped watching PR after the Anya season but continue to read the recaps here to get the cliffnotes versions.  It sounds like a repeat of that disaster.  

    I LOVE Uli’s collection!  She did a great job!  I’ll take that top in the second to last picture in a large, please! kthanks!

  • Kenisha Hill Phillips

    Dear Uli,

    I’m sorry. I believe in you. B/M, however, seemed determined to make Anthony Ryan the winner. And you were caught in the crossfire. Go do your thing, girl!

    Peace out,


  • EzzyV

    I loved Uli’s collection. 

    Whenever they were judging, I told my husband that Uli didn’t stand a chance because she came from the Bravo days. And I only said that because y’all said that weeks ago. I didn’t think that was gonna happen a few weeks ago, but it became apparent in judging that Uli could have made a collection 100000000000000 times better and it would still be not the winner.

  • Frank_821

    Poor Uli. Like saying Poor Edith from Downton

    Anyway folks should check out her and Emilio’s exit interview. The awareness is VERY telling for both of them.

    • Oh! going to look now! 

    • Do you have a link?

      • Veronica Russek

        Yes, please? I would love to see these too.

      • Frank_821

        it’s on the lifetime site under their video section. I found Emilio’s comments even more interesting. There was a veiled layer to them that implied he thought Uli should have won and if they were given more time or time to rehearse he could have properly actualized his concept

        • Veronica Russek

          Gah, I can’t watch because I’m not in the United States… hate when sites do that!

        • Lisa_Cop

          In most reality shows cast and crew sign very restricting confidentiality agreements that do not allow them to say much. Ivy Higa, in her blog and comments last night, has come the closest to saying the PR is scripted and has pre-determined winners.

          • libraangel

            But I still don’t understand why they chose AR as the ‘Golden Boy’ from the beginning?!

          • I think it has to do with the followers on multimedia you bring to the show

          • libraangel

            I’m sorry; I don’t know which multimedia you mean. I am/was your cheerleader!

    • andcoh

      I burst out laughing when Uli straight up said that they all knew who was going to win.  I love her, I’ve been cheering for her every chance she gets.  God, I hope I make a lot of money one day to back her.

      • 3boysful

         I was just thinking if I have a need for a fab dress someday, I am going to save my pennies and ask Uli to make it.

        • MoHub

           I think I’d commission Emilio for me. At my age, I think I could count on him to turn out something that was both eye-catching and age-appropriate. I don’t think he has the issues with middle-aged women that many other designers have.

        • She said on Twitter that she’s working on a deal to make her stuff affordable for everyone. 

      • Yes please do

    • libraangel

      Yes, but it is so bad that they had to run around for 4 days – all that trouble, all that work! fatigue! – for AR’s obvious win. Still, it gives Uli and Emilio exposure and deserved respect and I wish them much success. I’m sure they will find it.

  • Frank_821

    Forgot to say Isaac really should be ashamed of himself for being so obvious towing the line like he has this season

    • What does Isaac get for choosing someone who was so obviously inferior to someone else, and to do it week after week after week?  Is TV exposure so important to his business that the credibility he loses as a judge is overwieghed by the tourist/shoppers that his appearances will bring in?  Is he just a gigantic fame-whore and fashion is old news to him?  I just don’t get it.   

      • formerlyAnon

         I assume he thinks he needs the money and business connections. Because he DOES know better.

        • Stubenville

          He must really need the money, because he was clearly babbling nonsense and destroying his industry credibility,

          • libraangel

            Well. I for one, will never even look at or purchase an ‘Isaac Mizrahi” from Target again! (Or Marchesa if I could afford it)

          • editrixie

            Didn’t Mizrahi lose his business a number of years ago? So he probably does everything he can never to have that happen to him again, and part of that is becoming a household fashion name that even MOR Target type shoppers will be familiar with, and viewers of PR will know and think of as someone important.

      •  Yes, he is. (a gigantic fame whore)

  • formerlyAnon

    This show has been decreasingly important to me over the last few years. Lifetime doesn’t care, they have many viewers for it just as it is.

    I really hate how poorly the designers are treated – not just the standard reality show insistence on lack of sleep and silly running around – but the drift to shorter time frames during the season and the shrinking of time for putting together a final collection. Remember when the contestants got months???  And the last regular PR season got a few weeks! This lot gets 4 days. That’s not a ‘collection’ that’s another challenge. It makes it impossible to really see what a designer can do. Which maybe doesn’t matter because the worst abuse of the designers is the way the judging bounces around using shifting criteria, and the ultimate winner seems to mostly be blatantly anointed in the first few weeks of each season.  The show doesn’t even TRY to fool the viewer.

    I still enjoy the BK community that regularly comments – and value TLo’s assessments, so I can’t say I won’t ever watch anymore. But probably only just enough to follow the commentary.

    I don’t even feel moved to say anything about last night’s performances. Except to say that Mizrahi must really need the money.

    Peace out, Y’all.

    • libraangel

      I forgot to say in all my other ranting about how unfair this program is that you are absolutely right: it is also unfair to the poor designers.

  • bittersweet73

    I can really see what you are saying about how it’s not worth getting upset over, but I was pissed last night and am now again looking at these collections.  Uli should have won.  Anthony Ryan’s was by far the weakest.

    • I hate to disagree but AR’s was not the “weakest” but Georgina saying “Uli’s christmas dress looks like something from couture week” should have signed the deal. 

      • libraangel

        Exactly. For the most part, they praised Uli very much. And then she is third place? Ridiculous. incomprehensible, and insulting

  • dress_up_doll

    Twelve hours later and Uli’s collection still blows my mind. I wish her all the best in the world.

    • Y

      • libraangel

        ULI: Bestimmt werden Sie viel Erfolg im Zukunft haben!

  • jacklaudia

    Were the instructions for the runway (“whatever you want”) created just so AR would not feel like he should make anything other than dresses? Couldn’t he at least have made one jacket or shrug or shawl or pants or ANYTHING OTHER THAN A DRESS????

    P.S. Loved Uli’s collection and range.

  • CathyAP

    This was the very first season I did not watch and I am glad. I have kept up from looking on here at the pictures and of course like you, loved Uli’s collection. I loved her in the previous season she was in and probably even more so from what I see here. I shouldn’t expect anything from just a show like PR but, it has seriously gone downhill in the Bunim/Murray era. It saddens me because I used to really like the show and became so ‘meh’ about it that I finally gave up.

  • Uli’s collection = The White Witch of Narnia. (I want to see Tilda wear all of Uli’s looks). 

  • NDC_IPCentral

    Excellent and thoughtful summary, Tom and Lorenzo.  Of course, many thanks for the pix of the contestants’ garments, which were so poorly displayed in Lifetime’s moronic camera work that some were, for all intents and purposes, not shown on-screen.

    I think you’re being a smidge kind to the collection that the fix-is-in-winner, but I see your point.  I really appreciate your analysis of Emilio’s collection.  I agree that he has a vision that deserves more time, and I hope that this exposure brings him investors and supporters.  Uli, obvious to those who treasure the kernel that was the original concept for Project Runway (now atomized to scoffed-shreds by the current administration), presented a genuine high fashion collection that gave a nod in its dreaminess to the trip to Paris that the designers took only a week or so prior to the Finale.  She’s versatile, clever, and she produced in a mere four days a well-finished group of garments with a lot of detail and variety.  All dresses a la Mr. Auld?  Not on your life.  Uli’s too mature and proud for that.  We know she was cheated, and it was done at the end, with the inconsistent and unjustifiable comments from the judges (“student” work? !!), in a way to drive a stake through the heart of persons and contestants who aspire to be fashion designers, not clothing industry apparatchiks.

    As I said last night, this outcome, clearly driven by the producers, definitely puts the bitter in us Bitter Kittens.

    • formerlyAnon


      I LOVE that you used this word. I haven’t even read it, let alone heard it, in years and years!

    • In_Stitches

       I forgot about the camera work!  The camera lingered on the models’ faces for Uli’s collection and cut from look to look fairly quickly, trying to hide the beautiful clothes…

      • Veronica Russek

        And still, most of us were drooling at the clothes!

      • Billie_Dawn

        It really was appalling. Sometimes, the camera went to the back of the runway, watched the next model walk out (while the current one was still walking), and then cut away as soon as the next model turned around so we could see the clothes. It was blatant effort to hide the work. The director or editor or whoever is pulling the strings should be ashamed.

        • MoHub

           The entire camera crew needs to be replaced. The camerawork was giving me seizures.

          • Lisa_Cop

            My husband, an amateur videographer, met one. PR uses freelance videographers; they seem to change weekly.

      • MilaXX

        To me that just reinforced how great Uli’s collection was. The makeup was perfect for this collection, something this show has used as an excuse not to award a win. The makeup on Uli’s models reminded me of the snow queen in Narnia. I felt like we were seeing models from a winter wonderland.

        • TheDivineMissAnn

           I did not watch the show, so this is my first look at the collections.  When I scrolled down to Uli’s first model, my first thought was “The Swinton”!

          BTW, Uli was robbed.  She too good for the whole lot.

        • In_Stitches

          Oh, I agree whole heartedly on the makeup, but I do think the camera work and editing were designed to limit the impact of her show.  It’s a testament to her attention to detail that no matter where the camera fell, you were stunned. 

        • libraangel

          I did though  like the drumming and background of Emilio’s opening also

    • libraangel

      Now that we all have vented and cried ( and yes, you are right about the stake in the heart – I just can’t do PR anymore, although I will continue with the excellent T&L), please someone explain to me the universal love and praise and win for AR?! He seems to be a nice guy, but why? the cancer story? Isaac’s crush? because he’s young and starting out? because the judges are all out of their minds? I just don’t get it.

      • libraangel

        I must explain about my cancer remark above. I do not want to offend or upset anyone. I have had cancer myself, and people don’t know what to do, sometimes they bend over backwards. Maybe the judges just wanted to give AR a break after his ordeal.

    •  The print suit of Emilio’s was not showcased at all!

  • I gasped when they gave Uli third place.

    • SquareMaire

      Me too.  I thought Uli did something that was head & shoulders (and knees!  possibly even down to the ankles!) above the others… I won’t stop watching because I still got to SEE Uli’s work even though she wuz robbed, but I cannot think of any possible justifiable explanation that would put her in third place. We NEED more women designing women’s clothes. 

    • libraangel

      I was incredibly sad.

    • BeccaGo

      I threw my remote at the TV.

  • lundibleu

    Oh, producers. Seriously? Uli’s look way better than the other two, and actually deserving of winning what the show should have been about (and was originally). She seems to be someone who flourishes under deadlines – though would love to have seen what she could have produced in a longer timeframe. 

    AR’s looks, well a few of them, are reminiscent of Elena’s decoy collection. Less polished though.

    • OmegaBlush

      Thank you!  Elena’s decoy collection came right to my mind when I saw AR’s clothes, or should I say dresses.  But Elena’s work was more bold and her styling, love it or hate it, was more risky.  AR’s dresses were nice, especially the first one, but nothing new or really interesting.  And certainly not bold or risky.

  •  The hair and makeup on Uli’s collection was by far the most high-fashion.  Loved it.

  • Dot

    As a non-watcher, I must say that I can’t believe how bad those first two collections are — they’re absolutely terrible to my eyes. The first is boring beyond belief and the second one has an interesting stated concept that translates very poorly in the actual pieces. The third is the only one that looks runway-worthy. Makes me glad I gave up on this show years ago.

  • Pennymac

    Its a reality show and not a design competition. I’ve been fooling myself all this time…….

    • CozyCat

      Then why watch?  Seriously, “Survivor” does a better job of interpersonal drama, has better looking people (in skimpier outfits) and is set in a beautiful tropical location rather than one workroom.  The fact is, PR is just not that interesting as a “reality show.”  What made it interesting was watching talented people walk a creative tight rope, sometimes failing and sometimres producing things that were astonishingly beautiful.  And it was fun to have REAL  (as opposed to “reality”) disagreements with the judges (as in, you may have preferred Korto to Lee Anne) 

      I used to watch the show, and then watch the immediate repeat, and then maybe watch it again.  Now, I just want to turn off the TV as fast as possible to avoid watever trash Lifetime has on next…

      • libraangel

        Actually, I like the runway part of the show better than the workroom scenes, so I usually just watch this.

      • Lisa_Cop

        Yes, it is now definitely a “reality” show:(((

  • mozzer0906

    I just can’t anymore.  I miss the days when they wanted quality on the show by giving them time to put forth a PR runway collection.  I’ve only really kept up with PR this season through your blog and honestly next season I’ll probably even skip that for fear it will make me rage more.

  • MzzPants

    Wow.  Uli’s collection really knocked it out of the park.  Hope she gets some MAJOR recognition for her talent.  I still think Emilio is very talented, but yeah, I agree the collection looked half-baked.  Anthony Ryan?  Meh.

  • ALT19

    It struck me how far above the finale of last season of PRAS (Mondo, Austin, Michael) all these collections were – in terms of concept, execution, and overall design. 

    I’m always explaining to my husband why I root for the designers I root for on PR (Uli this entire season, or even Emilio’s collection last night I was loving) since he rightly observes that AR’s stuff looks like something I might buy at Macy’s. And I have to explain that I am low level IT auditor at an accounting firm in Houston, TX – while I dress well (IMHO), what I am wearing should NOT be considered high-fashion, worthy of winning a design competition. 

    I watch PR to see clothes that I would wear in a different life, not what I see in the INC section of Macy’s.

    • instantkarmalr

      EXACTLY.  Anthony Ryan’s best clothes make me think “Ooh, cute!”

      On the other hand, Uli’s and Emilio’s best clothes absorb me so much that I’m wrapped up in different sort of world: they’re so stunning that they transport you to a new, beautiful place for a moment.  This is what art does.  Their best work is not simply “cute” (although some of Emilio’s clothing in his line was).  I might buy “cute” clothes for myself — hell, I’d wear AR’s yellow and silver dress in a second — but we don’t watch PR for stuff we can buy in Macy’s, Nordstrom or H&M.

      We watch Project Runway for Austin’s corn dress.  We watch it for Jay’s Chrysler Building dress, Kara Saun’s leather work, Chloe’s ice skating outfit, and Andrae’s gutter water dress.  We’re impressed by Uli’s outfit for Kayne’s mom, Mychael’s Pam Grier outfit, Rami’s candy shop dress.  We’re stunned by Christian and Chris’ avant garde dress, Jillian’s avant garde coat, Leanne’s car dress (and her noodles), and Korto’s seatbelt coat.  I didn’t have to look up any of these: I was able to visualize each outfit perfectly in my mind.  That is how striking they were.  In fact, Project Runway once had such strong designers that I could have doubled the length of that list without looking up a single outfit.

      That is what the show used to yield.  As for Anthony Ryan, the only outfit I can actually remember that he made in either season is his birdseed dress from the pet store unconventional materials challenge.  To his credit, it was absolutely beautiful, but the reason it was is because it was the biggest rip off of an Alexander McQueen piece we’ve seen on PR since Kenley showed those tulle dresses in her finale collection.  

      Anthony Ryan isn’t anywhere near the first five winners of PR (even though I thought Uli should’ve won in S3 — poor Uli has been robbed THREE times at this point).  Anthony Ryan isn’t anywhere near Seth Aaron (or even Irina).  He was one of the stronger designers in the least talented season PR has ever had.  If that’s not damning with faint praise, I don’t know what is.  

      He didn’t deserve to win the prize over Uli or Emilio (who earned that second place finish by being miles ahead of AR).  Of course, it was inevitable; during the season, we watched him win over and over again when Uli and/or Emilio made better work to the point where it’s arguable that he didn’t actually deserve a single one of those wins.

      I almost didn’t watch this season; I did because my ex decided to show me the first episode (one of the straight guy PR fans).  I was too intrigued by Wendy’s personality shift (plus, I’ve always loved Uli), so I decided to keep watching.  In fact, for the past several seasons, I’ve only watched because of little things: a friend watching it with me, TLo’s recaps, etc.  I did skip episodes, though, and I would fast forward through the bloated 90 minute format of regular PR.  

      With each season, I cared less and less.  I was LIVID when Gretchen won in S8 to the point where I actually used some saved up money to purchase one of Mondo’s finale pieces.  I was outraged when Anya won in S9, but not quite as much as in the season prior: even though Anya’s collection was worse than Gretchen’s, the outcome wasn’t as surprising this time around.  The judges rewarded their pet the second time in a row.  I was annoyed when Rami got axed too early in PRAS 1, and frustrated that the entire season was created solely to give Mondo the win he didn’t get in his earlier season.  In S10, I just kind of sighed, knowing that in the past Fabio would’ve won (admittedly, the fact that Dmitry’s collection had nice pieces — and wasn’t tragically ugly like Gretchen’s or utterly unskilled like Anya’s — helped).  This time, I read the comments in the TLounge before even watching; it let me skip through the crap and pretty much just watch the runway shows and judging.  I certainly didn’t need to watch the judges reward yet another beloved pet.  I’m tired of it.

      As of late, watching this show has been almost entirely a chore.  I give up.  If Tom and Lorenzo recap next season, I’ll consider just watching the runway portion.  However, the more I think about it, the more I like the idea of watching one of my DVDs from the first five seasons on Thursday nights at 9:00.  That way, I’ll actually be able to see something beautiful as opposed to a group of drama queens of mediocre talent getting totally screwed over by television execs, all the while producing party dresses that are, at best, “cute.”    

      • libraangel

        Wonderful review. My feelings exactly

  • DinaSews

    I’d like to thank the kittens for keeping me from watching the last 20 minutes of this show! I was busy so I was on time delay, read the TLounge, then promptly shut it off.  Because of that, I am very calm this morning because I didn’t actually watch the fawning.  I will always be thankful that PR brought me to TLo, but I really think that I am done this time. I loved the sewing but there is absolutely none of that left so why bother? 

    • l_c_ann

      Because some of us on here are also sewers and it gives us a place to talk about the snippets that are interesting.  Did you see the discussion earlier this week about the way a dress was sewn from thousands of beads?  (The silver tight fitting dress that had a detailed pattern – it was an in or out thread.) (I think the (for me) really good stuff in two or three pages from the earliest comments.)

      • DinaSews

        I meant that I was done with PR, not TLo. I have been sewing for 40 years so I find all construction fascinating. There is so little sewing on this show anymore.  On top of that, the quality of the sewing isn’t even a factor in who wins.

  • mommyca

     Since I did not watch the show, can anybody tell which of Anthony’s dresses was “the best dress on PR history”? (or something like that, as I read in the TLo Lounge last night)… I cannot imagine that statement for ANY of the dresses showed by Anthony…. I have not seen this season, but I’m impressed at Uli’s evolution, I really like where she is going, I hope she can get the recognition she deserves in her field.

    • l_c_ann

      Deluded Isaac proclaimed that first dress of AR to be the best dress in PR history.  Yep, with the oversized blue collar, the too long black skirt and the odd long skin toned underarm gussets.  But you missed his dialog with AR over the brilliant very low placement of the pockets when Deluded Isaac asked was it a mistake or was it intentional and then declared it wonderful. 


      • EverybodysStarling

        So, Isaac clearly hasn’t seen any PR episodes before ever. Good to know. 

      • mommyca

         OMG! that is just ridiculous! when I first saw that dress I thought it was a pantsuit, and I was going to say that the crotch was too low 🙂 the collar is so messed up! and the bust is so poorly fitted… ok, Isaac has just lost all the little respect I still had for him 🙁

        • libraangel

          Isaac has lost all his little marbles, you mean!

      •  Pockets! OMG, Pockets! Never before…

    • IamstillAnonymous

      Believe it or not, Isaac said Anthony Ryan’s first dress, the long black one with the blue shoulders, was the best thing he’d ever seen on the PR runway.

      • TheDivineMissAnn

         Then Issac must not have seen any of the Project Runways from the Bravo era.

      • libraangel

        The best dress might be Austin Scarlett’ s gold lame/tulle draped one> I gasped “wow” when I saw it. Did Isaac not see this one, or Siriano”s?

    •  But — POCKETS. OMG, pockets. Nobody ever thought of pockets before. A breakthrough … never before in…

      • MoHub

         I found myself playing Greek chorus to Carolyn, and every time she began with “for the first time—” I found myself shouting back at the screen “—IN PROJECT RUNWAY HISTORY.” Should have been a drinking game, but I didn’t have a beverage handy.

      • Lisa_Cop

        Lucy Liu’ Carolina Herrera gown at the Golden Globes 3 days earlier had pockets!

    • libraangel

      The dress Isaac said “was the best I have seen in PR” was the first long, blue/black gown.  WTF?!

  • It appears that each designer took based most of their collections on a past challenge.

    AR: His colourblocked inspiration dress.
    Uli: Her rock-star androgyny outfits
    EMilio: His winning graffiti look.

    Strangely, AR’s collection reminded me of a slightly superior version of Elena’s decoy collection from last season, a collection which was roundly considered the strongest last season. But then again, I thought almost all the collections from last season were bad, so kudos to these three for doing better than those guys in just four days.

    • MilaXX

       I thought of Elena’s as well. I think it was the color blocking

    • Stubenville

      I think Elena did it better. And Mila before her.

    • SewingSiren

      I thought Anthony’s looked like a slightly inferior version of Elena’s decoy. In other words all the “difficult ” fashion elements have been removed for mass production and consumption.

      • libraangel

        Yes, but wasn’t it supposed to be a ‘haute-couture- runway show, instead of a show of ready-to-wear? Maybe I’m wrong?

      • Lisa_Cop

        Elena designed her own tights!

    • libraangel

      Didn’t Emilio win for the androgyny outfits, though?

  • Veronica Russek

    I wanted most of Uli’s clothes… Can’t say I wanted anything from Emilio’s or Anthony’s collections.

  • Thank you. Everyone seemed to talk about how cohesive Emilio’s collection was, but I just didn’t see how most of it really reflected a wonderful idea of a theme. I thought he was being praised more for the idea than the actual execution.

  • I didn’t watch any of the last couple episodes since I’ve been in Colombia, and I find, though I had a pang of desire to watch the finale and see if they really would give it to Anthony, I don’t miss it. Definitely relegating PR to tv to watch while doing homework or other more worthwhile/interesting endeavors. The worst thing I can say about it is not that it’s controversial or that the judges are stupid but that it’s gotten so BORING. Boring clothes, boring people (pretending to be interesting). 
    ETA: And I’m really sick of how PR “clearly has problems awarding wins to black designers.” It leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

    •  There seems to be this idea in fashion that all women want to look like white women — designs created with black women in mind will only be worn by black women and designs for white women will be worn by everyone.  Which is more than a little insane.  For instance, black women tend to be far more comfortable with their curves than white women (as a group, not individuals), and clothing created with that market in mind would be much more flattering for curvy women of all colors. 

      • I definitely agree, and it really bothers me. 
        Man, I fucking love mixing up different cultural references. It may be because the city my family is from in Latin America is super diverse (black, European-white, indigenous, middle-eastern…) but man do I love post-modern mixes.

  • mike__tv

    I’m pretty happy about Anthony’s win and this season in general because it has given me permission to stop watching all stars. I won’t visit the tlo site and ponder “should I check it out, maybe it’s better, maybe it’s changed”. It ain’t changing baby, and I’m happy to use that twelve hours doing something more worth while. 

  • Martha Anderson

    If you could have seen it

    the TV broadcast was more shots of people looking at the runway and upshots of the models at the end of the runway.  I dont want to see that womans hooch, I want to see the outfit.

    I fell asleep somewhere between the individual discussion and the announcement.

    I felt positive for Uli for so long, she is my fave.  Seeing the still shots here, it stands up on design, though not a fan of the darn feathers.

    All three… it would have been awesome to have seen what they could have done with the usual PR long period, like 6 weeks.

    I like all three but this show needs to get back to its roots as far as open honest selections.

    Carry on!

  • Why did no one ding AR for doing the “Chaos” collection? Almost every finale has a “chaos” collection. It’s been DONE, honey.

    Uli was the clear winner here, and it’s a damn shame she was passed over. I even had brief hopes that the judges would see she was head and shoulders above AR, but alas.

  • NDC_IPCentral

    I just took another look at Uli’s models – all of them are sporting a hairdo that is reminiscent of Anthony Ryan Auld’s Princess Poufette rat’s nest.  Was that a subtle dig at The Anointed One?

    Well played, Frau Herzner, quite well-played.

    • SewingSiren

      Yes I think so too.

    • TheDivineMissAnn

      Wow!  Very astute observation!  I didn’t even think of that, but there it is!  Well played indeed.

      As I mentioned in another post,  when I first saw Uli’s models I thought “The Swinton!”

      But your explanation is 10,000x better.

      ETA: Hope you are well, NDC

      • NDC_IPCentral

        Miss Ann, I’m doing quite well, save for the peripheral neuropathy in my feet and hands, but that’s manageable, too.  I’m working hard here at IP Central today since one of my clients just got a cease-and-desist letter delivered to it, and it’s in a tizzy.  We’ll be asserting IP justice….

        • TheDivineMissAnn

           Fantastic to hear you are doing so well.  Assert that justice girl!

        • formerlyAnon

           “asserting IP justice” Love it!

          (My academic interests are tangential to privacy & intellectual property, and it’s a snake-infested jungle out there!)

    • Janet B

      I just said the same thing.

  • Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…  Uli should have won, with Emilio second. Anthony’s was the same old same old. 

  • Judy_J

    Your final comment to Uli says it all….she is definitely someone who will make her mark in the world of fashion.  I doubt that a year or two from now anyone will remember Anthony Ryan at all, except as a footnote in the history of Project Runway.  I forgot about it till just now, but didn’t Uli pretty much do this all on her own?  I seem to recall Cassanova sleeping when he was supposed to be helping her.

    • random_poster

      Yup. I was annoyed with Casanova at first, but in the end it was apparent that it didn’t hinder her execution at all.

  • Uli was robbed.

  • EverybodysStarling

    Love every single piece Uli made. She is such a beautiful person, inside and outside, with such great talent. I really wish her all the best. Maybe it will be good not beeing labeled as a PR winner. 

    Emilio, though I don’t quite get his finale collection, is so madly skilled and inspiring. I totally adore him and (most of) his designs.

    AR. Bleh. The yellow/ombre dress is nice. 

  • Vickiefantastico

    Uli, what a wonderful job! As everyone has said, you were robbed.

    Emilio, you have always been one of my favorite designers. I love, love your use of color, and I really liked your inspiration in this collection.

    I wish both of you much success!

    With that said, I think I am truly done with PR. It was my favorite show, but I won’t watch something that treats the viewers as mindless idiots.

    • libraangel

      I hope Uli reads all these positive comments about her!

      • I have seen her post here! Uli, I too hope you’re drawing strength from all of the positive comments about your work. You have many old fans and have made some new ones, and we love you and wish you a wonderful career as the REAL designer you are.

  • MoHub

    Anthony Ryan’s collection = Star Trek: TNG.

    •  The kid must have every sci-fi dvd: 2001, Star Trek, Dune, Fifth Element … all his design touchstones are from the future!

  • Judy_S

    This is the first season I haven’t watched. I almost feel, looking at Uli’s collection, that it would have been worth watching to see her win. Oops.

  • belfebe

    I totally agree.  Uli, Emilio and AR, in that order.  AR’s collection wasn’t bad, but there was not one pair of pants in sight.  Nice color blocking, but it’s been done before and probably better by Mila Hermanosky.  Oh, well.  The only series I am not going to watch is the silly PR Teams.  On one hand, it’s stupid.  On the other hand, Bunam Murray loves teams and has screwed up the PR format in its search for drama.  Better that they get it out of their systems and hopefully leave the regular PR alone.

  • PR, you are dead to me. I’ll miss you, Tim.

  • BuffaloBarbara

    That four day nonsense for a collection needs to stop.  I was really interested in what Emilio was doing, and would have liked to get an explanation for where the ones that “lost the plot” came from in terms of his inspiration.  Watching people shop and sew frantically for four days is not good or interesting television.

    I recognize the skill and art factor of Uli’s, but it didn’t touch me, particularly.  The styling was so odd and off-putting, I think, that I was distracted.  (My head kept going to Jadis from Narnia, which isn’t particularly a fantasy.  More a nightmare figure.)

    I liked Emilio’s a lot, but, given PR history, there was no way they were going to give it to him.

    AR’s was wearable and inoffensive, but I still can’t get over the fact that he shouldn’t have been there at all after the veteran challenge.

  • belfebe

    And can I say that I love Josh for not participating in the charade?  Good for him.  I have a new respect for the guy.

    •  I dunno, it’s just more disco diva antics from my pov. He wanted to be in the final three, not helping. It seemed like he let AR down to me; at least AR was smart enough to pick a good seamstress like Kayne instead.

      • ampg

        I’m thinking its a little from Column A, a little from Column B.  I totally believe that he was exhausted beyond words and couldn’t handle jumping through yet one more hoop; I also believe that he was pouting over not being in the final 3.

        • libraangel

          I agree

    • editrixie

      For those of us BKs who don’t watch anymore, can you fill us in on what specifically Josh did/said?

      • belfebe

        The finalists got the chance to pick an assistant among the eliminated contestants. Antony Ryan picked Josh. Josh replied that he loved him dearly but that he was very tired and in no condition of being of help to him. AR then picked Kanye.

  • SugarSnap108

    It’s astounding that Uli didn’t win.  And yet, like you, I can’t seem to genuinely care.  Oh, PR, how I used to love you.  At least I have memories.

    Another reason I can’t get worked up, though, is that I’m not completely in love with Uli’s aesthetic.  I don’t care for all the feathers, fur and embellishments.  But it’s also abundantly clear to me that she’s the only one who put on a true runway collection. Oh well.

    I actually like most of AR’s looks.  There are several I would wear in a heartbeat.  But it looks like something that was thrown together in four days, whereas I would never guess that about Uli’s.

    I’ve never been able to connect to Emilio’s aesthetic. I like his use of color, but I do think he lets the prints do the work for him too often. On top of that, many of his looks read as tacky to me.  I’m sorry, but with the hair bows and many of the prints, all I’m seeing is a 1986 Whitney Houston video.  I do agree that he had an interesting, ambitious concept that was simply not suited for a four-day challenge.  For me, he comes in third.

    • Lisa_Cop

      AR’s were acceptable dept. store clothes. Emilio’s and Uli’s (especially) were FASHION!

  • SassieCassy

    i really want those embellished pants from uli and emilios hair bow

    like you i am too over this show to get worked up about it

  • stayl

    Why don’t you comment on the judges?  I thought Ms. Missoni was pretty interesting, actually rather blunt.  I didn’t always agree, but she should be on more often.   I also hope Uli never goes on this show again. 

    • libraangel

      Actually, I thought Ms. Missoni looked so dour and serious, and had a headache – she could barely muster any comments.

  • holzfaellen

    They had only four days to put the collection together (haven’t watched)? And Uli managed to produce this beautiful collection in that short amount of time?? I bow down…

  • Lifetime cannot seem to do a reality show without scripting it to death. PR is not worth bothering about anymore.

  • I think Uli threw off the planned narrative for the show. I kept getting this feeling that the producers went into it looking for another Christian Siriano moment of “young genius outdoes more experienced designers.”  Anthony Ryan was chosen to be the young genius. He is a decent designer and not likely to annoy. 

    But an Uli win would have meant changing the narrative to “experienced designer shows that talent, time and dedication to your art can lead to great things.”  I love the direction Uli went in and she continues to show us that she has talent, can grow her aesthetic, and can adapt to the moment.  Too bad the producers don’t have that same skill.  

    • Kayceed

      Yes, “the young whippersnapper shows up his elders.” Except he didn’t.

    •  Isn’t AR like 30?  That’s not really a Siriano — who was all of 21 — moment. 

  • BayTampaBay

    I gave up on this show years ago.  I have not watched a complete season of PR since Seth Arron Henderson took home the prize deservedly.  I do not plan to ever watch a full season again….that is unless the show goes back to BRAVO and they heavily re-focus on fashion.  

    No wonder the Duchess decided to exit stage-left this disaster of a show.  Make me wonder why Nina is staying around.

    • Veronica Russek

      The Duchess will not be around anymore? Does someone know who is taking his place?

      • Anathema_Device

        Zac Posen is replacing him.

      • MoHub

         Zac Posen

        • libraangel

          Wait – I just thought of something – Zac Posen? Wasn’t he the one who wore the skirt and socks to a runway show? If it is, yikes! 

  • Jangle57

    I see I am not alone in thinking Uli’s was head and shoulders above the rest.  I was so BORED by Anthony Ryan’s: oooooh, look color blocking, what a novel concept (NOT) that was forced down our throats for the entire collection.

  • I was so mad last night, but you’re right…Project Runway has only had one true “Designer” winner who has done anything to raise him up into the public consciousness as a Really Big Designer, and that was Christian Siriano. Hopefully the exposure to the new “Uli Style” will help her along, and I certainly loved Emilio without his oddly combative relationship with Tim from his original season. 

  • BrooklynBomber

    At first AR’s was high impact, very modern and appealing; I was impressed. But by a few looks in, it was so repetitive. It didn’t build at all. 

    I didn’t get Emilio’s, and thought he should have been “2nd runner up.” I get it a little more now, having seen the stills. But while I appreciate the thought and the concept, I’m not loving the clothes.

    I was worried for Uli, but then. . . wow! Great job. There were some details about the collection I didn’t like, but it doesn’t matter. I actually thought she had a shot. I couldn’t believe she came in last.

    That said, kudos to all of them for putting together these collections is FOUR FREAKING DAYS.  To come up with the concept alone, and then make seven outfits in four days is extremely impressive. I don’t see how they did it.

    • libraangel

      I can see how AR could finish those dresses in 4 days, but kudos to both Emilio  and Uli for managing to come up with all those separates and extraordinary designs in such a short time.

      • BrooklynBomber

        I agree. I mean, look, I don’t sew, so the idea that someone could make 7 outfits in 4 days is pretty astonishing to me. (And from what I can see most things look pretty well made.) But Anthony Ryan basically had one idea, and sent 7 versions of that idea down the runway. (And I happen to like his idea; it appeals to me, and I think it’s a strong enough concept that I’d have placed him 2nd.) As much Emilio’s collection doesn’t really work for me, there’s no denying that he and Uli realized their respective concepts in a variety of ways.

  • crash1212

    Amen to all said by the wise T & Lo. Uli was hands down the absolute winner of this nonsense. Hers was the only cohesive collection and she evoked such a mood with her clothing. I thought that’s what “fashion” was about. Silly judging.

    My other thought last night – other than complete jaw dropping disbelief in the judging – was…why the hell can’t the editors stop using crack and actually let the camera linger on the damn clothes! All those quick edits to faces and inane comments with Joanna & the designers…JUST LET ME SEE THE CLOTHES! GAH!

    And I promised myself I wouldn’t shout. Sorry.

    • Kayceed

      I think the heavily scripted seasons of late and the fleeting camera work are all of a piece – the longer the camera lingers, the better the audience can evaluate a garment. The producers obviously want to curtail that.

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        I agree that the producers don’t want viewers to actually be able to see the clothes. The clothes have become peripheral to Bunim-Murray’s drama shenanigans.

  • mjude

    TLO was right all along about AR winning.  it was so obvious to me that Uli should have been the winner with Emilio 2nd.  i cant believe AR was not critized for only doing dresses.  gone are the good old days……

  • wawawah

    AR’s collection had one and only one idea. Emilio’s may have lost some of his direction but it was filled with pieces that were different and well executed. Uli’s was cohesive, diverse and high fashion. Go figure. It’s all about branding Project Runway….all the designers each season are just mere cannon foder except the “chosen one”! ZZZZZZ

  • MilaXX

    I don’t know if it was my silly twitter fight with AR or the fact that I was sick, but last night I had no damns to give. No matter what Uli & Emilio did AR was going to win. I didn’t hate any of the collections, but Uli was the clear winner. Not only was her colle tion beautiful, she got the styling just right to set the mood and make you see her vision. I liked Emilio’s, but I agree with TLo that his vision was a bit inconsistent. I also don’t think PR understands or appreciates black/urban themed collections. When they realize this I suppose they will find a black designer with a tepid collection and appoint them winner. AR’s collection was okay, but very one note.
    Whatev, on to the teams I guess

    • libraangel

      I almost feel bad that Uli and Emilio went through so much work, and then the predestined win. I thought Emilio’s was fine.

    •  They’ll find a black designer who makes white people clothes. 

  • Presumptuous Insect

    Uli was ro….   zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • As always, you guys have completely nailed it. I watched this season of all stars because I loved Uli the first time around, and I totally agree with your review. After they made her 3rd I almost thought they were going to give it to Emilio for being “political”. Instead they gave it to the least threatening collection. Yawn.

  • H2olovngrl

    Why isn’t Uli working for a major design house yet?? One would think she would go that route and do very well.

  • MilaXX

    Forgot to give a shout out to Josh. Between his making that wonderful dress for the military woman and his peace out to helping AR, I almost grew to love him this season.

    • UsedtobeEP

      My kids were too excited about their unexpected and rare snow day to let me watch last night. What exactly did Josh do that I keep reading about?

      • Peeve

         Josh actually listened to what his client wanted, and came up with a great dress for her. He was polite and very lovely to her. He even came up with clothing for her assistance dog!

        • UsedtobeEP

          Thank you. Actually, I saw that episode. Josh did a wonderful job with his client, I agree. I meant last night, though—did they get an extra designer to help them? Did Josh refuse to help AR? What what his reason?

          •  Josh claimed to be too tired to return, and AR accepted his refusal pretty gracefully. But I think he was disappointed.

          • Lisa_Cop

            Yes, he refused:) Claimed he was too tired.

      • MilaXX

        They did the bring back auf’d designers as helpers and AR asked Josh and Josh said no.

  • StillGary

    For such a pretty collection, Uli’s had a such a tough attitude — there was an edge and breathtaking drama. AR’s win makes me sad, because this Mila aesthetic went unrewarded two years ago. I do love Emilio — his women looked strong and like like a young Whitney, but the bodice over the bra … er, no.

  • fringebenefit

    Uli was so clearly the winner. Would have loved to be a fly on the judging panel–I’m sure not all the judges agreed with the win. In fact, the judges were looking pretty damned dour when the three designers were brought out for the final verdict. Ah, now that would make good tv–the judging session that ended in Anthony Ryan.

  • Uli should have won but I knew she wasn’t going to win.  Sad.

  • SapphoPoet

    I forgot about it again. Oh, well. Guess I’ll try again with Season 11. 

    “We can’t shrug hard enough.”


    Loved Uli’s collection. Polished, with texture and interest. Oh, well. 

  • tallgirl1204

    I think that two of the dresses where you said Emilio lost the thread (sewing pun– hah!) — the orange suit and the dress right after– called out to me “sexy Rosy-the-Riveter” and “sexy Rosy-the-Riveter after work”!  I didn’t have issues with them.  I hope that he will take the time to re-vist this theme and make it his next show, given time and sleep.  I agree, too, that Uli’s was the clear winner.  Anthony Ryan’s reminded me of Mila’s work, only not as good. 

    • Frank_821

      Actually they meant these were the 2 looks that nailed the thread. It’s in the rest of the looks he lost his way

      • CozyCat

        Which is not surprising given that he was attempting a challenging concept in a very short time frame.  Much of his collection felt like simple designs that he could complete in the time frame and which approached the idea he was developing.

  • Kappyapp

    So I guess we’re all clear now that the point of PR All Stars is to give a win to the person the public thought was robbed last time. I suspected it last time with Mondo, and this sealed the deal.

    AR seems like a nice guy certainly and his clothes are perfectly fine. But I agree with everyone else that clearly Uli is a DESIGNER and I hope she has a wonderful career. Her clothes are so lovely, beautiful, and inspired.

    So, let’s see…who else was ‘cheated’ in their season that we can give a win to next time?

    • andcoh

      Uli, Uli, Uli.  Don’t forget, they already gave Daniel Vosovic a win too.

      • Lisa_Cop

        Yes, Daniel V deserved a win more than Chloe Dao.

    • ampg

      The problem with this theory is that Anthony Ryan never made it to the finals of his own season – he was actually kind of forgettable.  I would have said that Uli was the one who should have been in line for a win based on their original season.

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        I’ll have to look at TLo’s archives to see when AR was auf’ed during his season.  Aside from the dress that he made from birdseed, which was creative and well done, I can’t remember anything else memorable from him during that season.

        • Lisa_Cop

          Think it was mid-season. The only thing I remember was Tim Gunn cried.

  • M312

    Girl was robbed again. Hopefully, someone saw the awesome is bankrolling a line from Frau Awesome as we speak. 

  • Stubenville

    It’s a pity that the parties involved with Project Runway took a good concept, and through their greed, managed to destroy it. I may keep watching because I love to see what talented minds can create, but I’m no longer a fan.

    I’m really puzzled as to why the producers felt AR had to win. Sure he’s a reasonably talented designer with an interesting POV and good skills but why? And the manipulation involved lead to any number of cringe worthy exchanges, such as Isaac’s over the top praise for pockets. Pockets! You’d think AR had invented a new fabric that cured disease.

    I’m hopeful that Uli will get a boost in her business from this exposure; as TLo said, her collection was worthy of any fashion week runway. And I’d be happy to never see Pinocchio Mizrahi, the overpraised Georgina Chapman, Schmeidi or Joanna Coles again. They should all be spat at in public for their participation in this sham.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      I like your comment times 1,000,000,000,0000.

    • libraangel

      Bravo for your review! I agree with you completely.

    • Lattis

      I’m really puzzled as to why the producers felt AR had to win.

      Maybe somebody could explain to me their thinking. For the life of me, I don’t get why it wouldn’t be just as good to let it play out as a real competition. 

      • Carrps

        You aren’t married to Krobar (sp?), by any chance?

        • Lattis

          Bring me the Amish terrarium . . .  🙂

    • I halfway suspect that part of Joanna Coles leaving Marie Claire for Cosmo was to get away from this — apparently the mentorship role on PR is actually part of the editor job at Marie Claire.

  • SewingSiren

    In complete agreement that winning Project Runway has very little to do with future success in the fashion industry. In fact most of the contests have nothing to do with the fashion industry, but they are fun . More like school assignments I’d say.

    I also didn’t hate Anthony’s collection. It is contemporary and would sell. I think it is selling already at a number of price points. The finale gown was terrible. And I just don’t see the fabulosity of the opening number. It is nice though.

    I loved, loved , loved  Emilio’s concept. His vision did suffer (as did Uli’s ) for lack of time. It was still my favorite of the three and I believe that these clothes could be very smart on a variety of women. So many separates that could be personalized by the client. He’s an updated Patrick Kelly and we could really use  his influence on todays fashion.

    I also liked Uli’s I would have liked for her to  have included some day wear , but the shortage of time hurt her ( I think it helped Ryan Anthony). The only piece I dislike is the gown. The jewel blob at the back waist is gross. Everything else is frosty and Swinton fabulous.

  • appliquer

    I’ll watch PR next week, but after this travesty, I doubt I’ll watch PR Allstars again. It is sad that the producers – for who else has such control over the outcome of the show – treat the viewers with such disrespect – and unbelievable that the judges go along with the politics. Anthony Ryan’s collection was sub-par and that he should have been out on the veteran challenge. He turned that beautiful woman into a drudge wearing a sack. Uli’s collection was so interesting – layered and beautiful – and I’m not a big fan of feathers. When you look at collections from the earlier seasons of PR, it is astounding the things that those designers accomplished. I don’t know if it is just that the network has changed, but I wish the public was given a show with a little more class and less drama. Give the designers more time! No “collections” done in 4 days!

    • alyce1213

      It killed me when Isaac or Schmeidi 2.0 (can’t remember) said this was the best collection ever produced on PR. I mean, really. 

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        They were just parroting the script given to them by the producers.  There are collections from previous contestants who didn’t win that were more interesting in terms of fashion than AR’s.

        • MikeW_PHX

          There were actually collections from decoys from previous seasons that were more interesting than AR’s.

          • dschubba

            His line is, essentially, an inferior version of Elena’s show.

  • Thank you for watching and updating.  I just could not with this show anymore.  Asshattery.

  • MoHub

     Absolutely. That story gave me nightmares as a kid, but fortunately, Uli’s collection did not.

  • kmk05

    From an non-watcher: the collections’ POV are strongest when all the pieces are viewed side by side at the end. I was okay with all the stills of AR, but comparing his line-up to Emilio’s and Uli’s… His is just sorely lacking. Same shape, same damn dress over and over! Both Emilio and Uli have different shapes, separates, different garments each with a slightly different ‘message’. Uli’s is definitely the strongest: it definitely looks a little like a Chanel runway, Karl style!

    Suffice to say, TLo, you called that one when recapping ep.1 or 2. Thank goodness I’m not watching this anymore.

    • libraangel

      I just realized when you wrote it: both Uli’s and Emilio’s had separates! This should have counted more that AR’s ‘only dresses’ show.

  • You guys nailed it in every case. When I was dozing off and heard Caroline say Anthony Ryan’s name, I was just … click went the remote. Uli was robbed, but she doesn’t need this show. Such a good sport. I don’t think it would have killed Emilio to have some non-black Rosie the Riveters too. “Urban Plantation” is a provocative idea, but it’s also a contradiction that he couldn’t overcome. Loved his drawings, though.

    • libraangel

      “Such a good sport” sums up Uli’s kind personality.
      Maybe Emilio was giving a FU to the judges who previously went on and on about his clothes and skin tones.

    •  No, it wouldn’t have killed him.  It also wouldn’t have been his vision.

  • donnaINseattle

    I will admit, I had hope (no, that is a lie, at the beginning of the episode when my husband wandered in while Anthony Ryan was on-screen, I told him that was the winner). But once the collections were shown, I had hope. Then when they gave Uli “second runner up” (??), I knew Anthony Ryan had won and Emilio had no chance. I’d love to see the Uli-ology from her first go-around with this collection against the -ologies of the other two — she is so different in her vision, you have to admore how she has not stuck with the same feel and look that she had before . . . which is what a designer is supposed to do, right? C’est la vie! 

  • Anathema_Device

    Amen, T Lo. I thought Uli was the clear winner, with Anthony Ryan in third place. Her collection had a complete through line and was completely well made. Emilio had the concept and some good pieces. Anthony Ryan had nice ready to wear, but repetitive and unimaginative looks.

    I won’t bother to rail against the show. I am most likely done with All Stars. I will check out regular PR, but I don’t know that I’ll watch every week. The thrill is gone, that’s for sure.

  • tallgirl1204

    I also find it interesting that the ‘net is now refusing to load most of A-R’s pictures, but I can see Uli and Emilio just fine.

  • M312

    Go the the designer progress chart before it is re-edited.

  • I’m so over this show.  The last winner that deserved the win was Christian and ever since then Lifetime has been super focused on story telling and drama, but there wasn’t even a compelling character here so this outcome really makes no sense.  I don’t want the show anymore b/c I hate what has happened to it, but I do appreciate the updates.  

    • andcoh

      What?  Leanne Marshall is still probably my favorite winner ever.  

      • Seth Arron and Dimitry were pretty awesome too.

      • I think she may have been the last organic winner, too. She crept up from behind and really proved herself in a strong season and a strong group. 

      • dharmabum8

        She’s tied with Jay for me, too, in regards to all time fave.

    • libraangel

      I hope that the producers of PR see the comments on this site ( and on their official site) and see that the viewers aren’t happy and will stop watching this show. Do they look at these, T&L?

  • I didn’t mind all the AR love during the season because I didn’t think he was actually going to win. I figured that a production team that thought having Gretchen beat Mondo would be an appropriate twist ending would find this excessively predictable.

    Not a bad collection, but deserved second place at best. And putting Uli third was ridiculous and offensive to the intelligence. I’ve been skipping the main show and will probably drop All-Stars after this idiocy.

    • libraangel

      Offensive is a good word to use.

  • Zippypie

    Because of your blog and the BK’s affirmations that little drama was occurring, I gave PR another chance mid-season last season and found, though the final collections were underwhelming, the right person (Dmitry) won.  This – Allstars – was a fixed joke.  Though Anthony Ryan is a marginally talented guy with a fairly innocuous personality, I was embarassed for him.  He HAS TO KNOW.  He’s not stupid.

    Anyway, as I said last night, done.  I hate team challenges, so I won’t be watching the new season but following along here with the BKs just because it’s like watching a train wreck.  Moving on.

    • libraangel

      And the viewers aren’t stupid either: this is why this finale was an insult to us all.

  • Janet B

    AR had a couple of nice dresses, but no one would purchase more than one.I really like Emilio’s concept. His collection had pieces I can see someone mixing up and actually wearing. Time was his enemy.Uli’s collection was full of dream clothes, every piece was beautiful. I don’t know how she did so much in such little time. My teen thought they were from Narnia, I saw Tilda Swinton.I laughed at Uli’s model’s AR pouf.

    •  Oh, I’d buy more than one of AR’s dresses.  I really like the look.  But I’d buy them at Macy’s (if I was willing to set foot in a Macy’s), and probably already could.

  • mom2ab

    Anthony Ryan made a bunch of color blocked dresses that I owned in the 80’s and sewed them well in his trademark colors- whatever I hope he and Isaac enjoy their date.   Emilio’s collection just looked like the models had gone into Forever 21 and grabbed every garment off a 4-way and layered it on- lumpy, out of proportion and ill fitting.   Uli’s collection was the only one that made me smile-an emotional response to the clothes that I didn’t get from either of the other collections.  But even her work could have benefited from more than 4 days effort.

  • IMNAngryLiberal

    Uli sweetie, you were robbed for a third time.  I swear if I am ever thin and have money at the same time (which has never happened yet, but life is long) I will ask you to design ALL of my clothes.

    • TheDivineMissAnn

       I’d bet she’d make you a bitchin’ wardrobe whatever your size!

  • As someone mentioned down thread, the exit interviews are golden. I was impressed by how honest both Uli and Emilio were and the clips made me like them more.

  • Laura Osborne

    I would have put Uli as the winner, AR as runner up, and Emilio as the first one auf’ed out of the trio. I really did like AR’s collection, though, and I would realistically wear his clothes.

    • libraangel

      No offense, but AR wasn’t supposed to be designing for a Target or Macy’s (where you could buy and wear his clothes) a la ‘Fashion Star’; he was supposed to be creating his collection for a ‘haute-couture’ runway show.

  • Sam

    Anthony Ryan also won “fan favorite” last night according to lifetime. This seriously Anya allllll over again.

    • But, he can do sleeves!

      • mhleta

        Yeah, I wouldn’t compare AR to Anya. He’s really got some skills, he knows how to fit a garment and his collection was very nice. I just don’t see him leaving much of a mark on the Design world with his designs, though he does seem like a very sweet guy. 

        • He can’t fit clothes.  Half his stuff looks like it’s cut for a toddler.  I didn’t like his clothes on his season and I certainly found nothing to admire in his All Stars run.  Boring, ill-fitted, and redundant.  And I don’t get why people think he’s so sweet?  So many of his comments are backbiting and snarky.  Uli’s the sweet one.

    • I wonder if the Trinidad/Tobago contingent jammed the vote for AR this time around!  Anya summons her minions!

  • mhleta

    I haven’t seen the show and now I won’t watch it for fear of giving myself apoplexy. I can’t even summon an “of course” or a “whatever” after seeing this. I’m just shaking my head with disappointment. (Although I have to thank Lance Armstrong and his Oprah confessional for keeping this disappointment in perspective, because that deception is about as disappointing as it gets.)  Anyway, as I scrolled down at AR’s “Seen-it-a-thousand-times-before” collection and Emilio’s “Swing Shift” collection, I was all set to chock up The  Big “MEH!” to unrealistic time constraints. And then I saw Uli’s work and my head nearly exploded.  Clearly Uli’s collection is on an entirely different planet than the other two. A planet were Design, Style, Talent, Taste and Sophistication are in abundance and not afraid to walk the runway. It’s not even a contest, is it? It’s like comparing a high performance race car to a riding mower and a pair of roller skates. Uli’s collection looks like she had a good three months longer than the other two. My litmus test for this show is usually, if I were an investor, who, if anyone, would I pony up big money for? No question: Uli. Easiest decision ever. Now the real question is WTF is the agenda here with the unabashed AR support? This whole season felt like a drawn out grooming of AR for his debutante ball. I picture him locked for days in a hotel room with a team of PR experts and note cards and lessons in how NOT to use a glue gun under pressure. In my mind he will forever be the Sarah Palin of Project Runway. So, congratulations, AR.  Regardless of the growth you’ve shown in recovering from your erstwhile hot-glue gun addiction, I hope you appreciate what an GIFT this is and I hope you spend the rest of your career proving yourself worthy of it.

    • carolclark12

       ” … the Sarah Palin of Project Runway.”  I cannot stop laughing.

  • Scarlet39

    I so want Emilio to take this concept and fully explore it.  You know how the judges always say “do I want to see more from him/her”?   In this case, for me, the answer is “YES”.

    I liked Uli’s collection a lot, but that vest?  I bought one like that 2 years ago.  But I give her major kudos for pulling this off in the unbelievably short timeframe

    AR… well, congratulations ? But I can find dresses like that in at least 50 different shops in Manhattan.  IT’s not bad, but is it worthy of being a winning collection?   I’m not sure it is.

  • thelovelydove

    I’m sick and tired of all this Anthony Ryan hate. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him several times, and he’s an incredible person. He showed several pieces from his collection at an airing of the finale in Baton Rouge, and I got to see them up close and even take pictures. AND EVERY STITCH WAS PERFECT. Anthony Ryan’s collection somewhat reminds me of Elena’s decoy collection last season…and everyone considered it great. I’m confused here. He designs for the Baton Rouge woman, which is why his collection was all dresses.

    Uli’s collection was well-made, but the only piece to make me gasp was the first dress.I would have placed Emilio third instead of Uli. I loved Emilio’s concept, but it didn’t translate well to the clothing. I’m sure if he had a few months (or even weeks), it would have been fantastic.I would like to thank Anthony Ryan for opening the door for every fashion student at LSU. I wish all 3 finalists well in their future endeavors.

    • mhleta

      I’m glad to hear he’s as lovely in person as he appears to be on camera. I have to assume that’s why the judges are so smitten with him, because IMO Uli’s collection is just so very superior I need to formulate some sort of explanation for her not winning. 

    • Frank_821

      I think the issue isn’t that people hate AR. Most people acknowledge he seems like a stand up guy and has talent. The majority of people have stated his collection is fine and sell-able and he started with a good concept. The issue they have is with the judging and how it feels fake and scripted and the whole thing felt orchestrated. It makes the show look like a farce

      Case in point Isaac criticized Uli for making clothes that he saw her do before on the show. Yet AR not only recreated a dress that closely resembled one he presented in an earlier challenge (where he won btw), he made 4 variations of it. The dresses are in no way bad designs but he should have been called out for repeating himself-even if it was just during the deliberations. Part of being a good designer is to create collections that are cohesive but show variety

      • ampg

        Yes, this exactly.  AR is probably the nicest contestant ever to be the recipient of B/M’s producer manipulation, but that’s neither here nor there.  He’s a perfectly fine designer, but not in the same league as Uli and Emilio, and when he did stumble badly in a challenge, they changed the rules to keep him in.  I’m sure he’s deserving of many good things in life, but the winning slot on PRAS was not one of them.

    • andcoh

      I don’t see a single comment here criticizing AR for his personality.  People don’t think he deserved to win and the judges obsessive fawning over him the entire season was weird.  It’s certainly not personal.

    • l_c_ann

      I just don’t get the tightly fitted sheath as wonderful for Baton Rouge, because it’s not airconditioned out of doors and the humidity makes it worse.  I lived in Houston for ten years and in New Orleans for nine years and dresses needed to be lighter and airier.  (I will defer to the color choice of black clothes, maybe BR women need that because of the soot coming off of the refineries.)

    • I agree with the comments that Ar’s win was a fix.  -But I also want to thank you for reminding us that behind all of this anger at PR, Anthony Ryan is a human being and not personally responsible for this fiasco.  The real tragedy is that if the judging had been better, his collections might truly or obviously been worthy of the win.  When judging is good, all the designers benefit by being more motivated and becoming better designer.  

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        I completely agree that Anthony Ryan, and all of the designers on PR benefit most from a genuinely constructive and analytical look at their work. 

    • libraangel

      We do not hate AR the person. I am sure he is a lovely young man, who makes lovely dresses, BUT he is not in the same league as Uli and Emilio (especially Uli), who have more creative talent IMHO.
      And do women In Louisiana only wear dresses, not pants?!

      • thelovelydove

        I don’t know if you’ve ever been to Louisiana, but it’s hot as Hades 90% of the year. I never wear pants.

        And I think Anthony Ryan is in the same league because he can take couture elements and bring them into ready-to-wear looks that work for women of all body types. Granted, I’ve seen his garments up close and in person several times, on models, so I’ve been able to see the quality of his work. 

        By “hate” I was referring to the general opinion of his finale collection, not his stellar personality. 

        I just have an unpopular opinion and I appreciate that most of you appear to be respecting it. 

        • Alina Badus

          “I think Anthony Ryan is in the same league because he can take couture elements and bring them into ready-to-wear looks that work for women of all body types.”

          You clearly missed the episode with the veteran women.

          • thelovelydove

            He had one bad week, which is more than can be said for most of the contestants (not just on All-Stars, but on the show’s entire run). I think everyone but Josh had an off day during that challenge. Emilio’s execution on his yellow dress that episode was just awful.

            Like I’ve mentioned before, I’ve seen Anthony Ryan’s work in person several times, including pieces from his finale collection. And they were gorgeously executed and quite flattering.

        • Well, I live in the steamy South myself, and I wear long pants the year round. Dresses are just far simpler to make. If I were AR I wouldn’t have risked pants myself, since it was fairly obvious the judges were going to love whatever I sent down the runway, based on abundant praise for just about everything prior.

          Nobody hates AR the person, at all. I hope he has a happy, prosperous and successful life. It’s just that he wasn’t deserving of the win.

        •  I can see the dress thing — not because of Baton Rouge or any other one location, but because pants are freaking boring to design!  But I don’t see “couture elements” in this collection.  I see a very highly sellable, very well-made collection. 

        • libraangel

          Sorry, but I do have to reply to you. Yes, I have been to Louisiana and I wore capri pants all the time in the summer. You are correct that AR’s tailoring/sewing skills are very good. But this challenge was not ready-to-wear (as in the Tahari one which AR won – and is selling his dress ), it was a ‘haute-couture’ runway, fit for a Fashion Week show for renowned designers to see. We don’t hate AR; we are just saying that Uli’s (especially) and Emilio’s creations were more suitable for this challenge and that is why they should have placed first and second respectively.

    • And about the comparison to Elena… Elena took the ubiquitous concept of “color-blocking” and gave it an Elena twist. Her collection was much more interesting than AR’s in terms of its sci-fi vibe, had a greater color palette, had more separates, had more silhouettes, had more variants in blocking, and had more ORIGINAL garments (think the chartreuse jacket and skirt) that weren’t just “wearable” or “department store ready”. 

      AR just took color blocking and made some nice dresses. Fine to look at, but nothing above “polite applause”.

      • thelovelydove

        I don’t think you would feel that way if you saw the collection in person like I did.

        Also, Elena had a hell of a lot more time to complete her decoy than Anthony Ryan had to finish his finale collection. 

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          Many commenters have remarked that they see AR as a likeable person, and their criticism is aimed more at  the judges. 
          Keep in mind, too, that people are also expressing a personal preference for Uli Herzner’s work.

          • thelovelydove

            I’m not knocking the people who preferred Uli’s work. 
            I’m just saying that the people who think his collection was poorly made are completely wrong.
            Have a lovely day.

          • No one said his collection was poorly made.  How could it be with Kayne having been his seamstress?  You are absolutely refusing to use your reading comprehension skills here.  We’re saying it was BORING AND UNWORTHY OF WINNING.  You like him and are glad he won.  The rest of us see what Uli did in four days and are appalled that she didn’t.

    • dharmabum8

      Hey Mizrahi, give up the sock puppet. You ain’t foolin anyone.

      Heh, I kid. I think. Anyway, count me in as another denizen of the steamy south who,shockingly, will wear both pants AND dresses. And shorts.

  • mhleta

    Yeah, for me this blog is the only thing keeping me interested in PR anymore. There’s something kind of deliciously futile in sharing this kind of ridiculous outrage en masse. It’s like storming the castle with a bunch of delirious, hormonally imbalanced maniacs, but we’re not quite sure where the castle is so we just keep marching up and down the country side shrieking into the wind. 

  • AceOn6

    Forgive me if this is discussed on page 4-5 of the comments, but I was seriously put off by the constant reference to “6 weeks”. Did filming even take 6 weeks? Even if it did, based on the number of days allocated for each challenge, I believe the designers only had the equivalent of 17 days of workroom time. Why not tell it like it is… Congratulations, contestants for cranking out more garments than total work days.

    • l_c_ann

      The time reference was repeated so often as to be hilarious.  Even the most math challeneged could tell that it was scripted, or that phrase wouldn’t have been used so often. 

      Heck, only Josh needed a hair trim.

    • They actually kept saying three months which would require a lot of downtime to have happened between episodes to actually be true. Six weeks makes more sense.

      • ampg

        Right, it aired over three months, but was filmed in under six weeks.

  • joe_tey83


  • Not much left to say ~

    Congratulations ARyan.
    Wasn’t wowed by the collection, but it was nice enough.
    Loved Uli’s.
    Appreciated the concept of Emilio’s but didn’t love love love it.

    Relieved to not have to endure any more references to how beautiful or gorgeous GChapman is, or how stellar IMizrahi is, or listen to the slo-mo talking CMurphy. 

  • I was so glad to see 3 good-looking collections made in 4 days.  The final collections in the last regular season were so terrible that I had no hope for this All-Stars.  

    I like Anthony Ryan’s futuristic style the best.  Personal choice, I know almost no one here would agree with me.  I thought his lines were elegant and a designer with poor talent would have made an epic clunker.  I’ve seen too many graphically-challenged layouts to not appreciate good lines.  I liked how he did simplicity.  I thought the color choices were light and fun.I really liked how Uli demonstrated so much design range.  She’s expanded on her her mix-and-match flowy prints into interesting recombinations of so many different things.  She can do everything, and fast.  I realize the fix was in, but she still should have won a couple more of those challenges during the earlier episodes.  She was never in the bottom and was treated poorly.  I guess the judges had to defend by the numbers Anthony Ryan’s win so he had to win a disproportionate number of the episodic challenges too.  I admired Emilio’s guts and the richness of color and pattern.  Loved his theme idea and how he connected plantations and Rosie the Riveter.  I really loved that he gave an FU to the show by making a collection unabashedly geared to women of color.  The very women the judges do not “get.”  The collection looked rushed but it did have some good pieces, like the all-red outfit with 40’s inspired shoulderpad sleeves.

    • libraangel

      Uli was on the bottom  when she had the ‘face-off’ with Josh. AR’s all looked the same, and no pants, no jackets.

  • DakotaSJ

    Uli’s collection was the only one that made me want to see it again, there was so much detail and feel in the show from music to makeup to hair to presentation that i could not wait to see your screenshots to really study each look. The other two were ok but nothing I haven’t seen before, Anthony’s was a very nice ready to wear collection for Target but I didn’t get the DESIGNER feel from it,  Emilio’s concept was the best and unique but the outcome was boring and not up to the concept. I likes element s of each collection but Uli’s was the only COLLECTION that stood up to the level I want to expect from this show.

    • libraangel

      Yes, I want to add that Uli’s was the only one to show different textures, different forms that “supposedly” the judges hold highly in their terms of good design! 
      p.s. Target – you’re right
      I though Emilio’sprint was exciting.

      • libraangel

        p.s. Didn’t Isaac have a collection at Target once? Maybe that explains things?

        • Stubenville

          Bed sheets with 4′ flowers on them I remember. Clothes? Not sure.

        • kimmeister

          Yes, he did.  I’m actually wearing a dress from it right now (although I’ve decided to get rid of it).

          • Probably because he didn’t know that you could put pockets in it.

          • carolclark12

             He couldn’t have put pockets in his Target dresses because Anthony Ryan just invented pockets.

          • libraangel

            HA HA I love it! – that’s a good one, carolclark12 – and true!!!

    • RroseSelavy

      It actually looks like the Narciso Rodriguez collection for Kohls.

  • Inspector_Gidget

    My girl was robbed, as always.  I knew she wasn’t going to win no matter what she presented, but it was especially heartbreaking when she presenting something so clearly superior to the others.  

    But whatever.  No one can still be watching and rant too hard about anything that happens on this show any more, after enduring Gretchen and Anya.  I’ve learned to never say never, but I think I’m done with PR in all its forms.  I dropped the main show before last season with no regrets, and I can’t imagine what barrel they could scrape to get enough interesting peeps to bring me back for another season of All-Stars.  

    And let’s be honest… they call it “All Stars”, but another way to look at it is, it’s a bunch of contestants who’ve already lost Project Runway at least once.  Now that they aren’t even giving them enough time to create something special for the collections, what’s the point?

    • libraangel

      “heartbreaking”: that’s the word. And Uli should have won in her season.

  • janierainie

    Last night, I thought Josh was just being a little depressed and maybe a little bit of a sore loser, but your comment of him not participating makes sense. I’m going to believe it’s true and hang on to it as an F U from him to the producers. (Someone needs to deliver one)

    I’m not going to rant, but I’ve decided to discontinue watching this show.

  • Could not agree more. Uli was robbed.

  • AthenaJ

    This has just reinforced how glad I am NOT to have watched this season (though I always read the recaps here for a good laugh).

  • Imasewsure

    Thank you again TLo for suffering through and providing such detailed commentary on a show I haven’t been able to suffer through myself for several seasons. Luckily Uli will thrive, and Emilio should have a good career in fashion as well…. AR can be a “PR Alum” and show up in reality tv – more power to him I guess.

    • libraangel

      I hope SO much that Uli has much success: she deserves it! (and where can I buy that jacket?! DIVINE) 

  • Frank_821

    I forgot to mention, while far from “the best dress ever in PR history”, I did feel that opening dress of AR’s was worthy of praise. It actually showed interesting ideas. His model didn’t really sell it that well though. if the rest of his collection had been in tuned with this outfit, I doubt there would have been the outrage we’re getting

    • Yep. The opening dress looked much better on screen than in these photos. When I saw his first couple dresses I thought maybe he stepped up and deserved the win that was clearly coming his way, but then came the rest. The gray & white looks like she’s wearing a ladder. 
      I wish Emilio hadn’t picked that strapless black and white dress as his opener.

  • peacockprincess

    I gasped when Emilio’s red jumpsuit came down the runway and throughout Uli’s show.  Ulis was one of the best runway collections ever and she ended up THIRD?  Unbelievable.  Anthony Ryan made some really pretty dresses but Emilio was right, how many of those dresses could one woman own?  They all looked the same.  Uli was the true winner.   

    • libraangel

      Yes, I forgot to mention above that Emilio’s red jumpsuit was gorgeous! I want it! And I liked the print.

    • kimmeister

      The red jumpsuit was great and actually channeled his stated inspiration, but the thing that made me gasp was how extremely thin that one model was.  Even my husband made a comment about it.

  • I DON’T GET HOW US ULI 3rd. not 1st, not 2nd, but 3RD.


    • libraangel

      And to think that the judges praised her last dress so much – and then to be third! What an insult! I would have been so hurt and angry. (Maybe Uli is just TOO nice)

    • I bet it was the producers attempt to cover up their pushing for the Anthony Ryan win.  “Look Uli didn’t even come close to winning in the judges eyes!”

  • nosniveling

    LOVED Uli’s and every word you said about her!
    didn’t know until last night’s interview that she came from East Germany- wow, what a journey.

  • Almost everyone says that they do not have anything against Anthony Ryan personally.  What a big accomplishment on behalf of Anthony Ryan, and this is said not sarcastically.  To be the chosen one and not ruffle feathers.  These days, in business, it seems even moreso that personality is over half of the road to success, more than talent for making the product exceptionally well.  So Anthony Ryan has the magic ingredient. 

    But Anthony Ryan was the chosen one because he is young, good-looking, has a du jour style, has some design sense, and does clothes compatible with the corporate mentality.  He is also possibly accommodating and easy-to-manipulate. The clothes can be upscaled and cheaply downscaled, they are easy to make, they can be made to look good with minimal skill and nuance, they are simple.  He seems to be a good cog in a big machine.  And the profits are huge.

    Now, you’d think Uli would fit the pattern too.  I thought she had a chance of winning because she combined good looks with a pleasant, popular personality and a wide flexible design range.  Maybe she was the backup in case Anthony Ryan imploded repeatedly.  But her clothes are more complex and embellished, are probably expensive to produce, and she is not very young.  Hopefully the exposure from the show will give her a huge boost.  

    • libraangel

      He ruffled My feathers!

  • i disregard opinions that claim the outcome is predetermined, it can sound like so much sour grapes.  But as I watched the show, I thought to myself if AR wins,it will be confirmation that the outcome is truly determined by other than design factors.  Very disappointed in this run of allstars.  

  • BobStPaul

    I thought Uli’s was one of the strongest finale collections – ever.  And it was all the more amazing that she was able to pull it all together in 4 days.  After seeing it, I thought there was no way they could come up with a reason to deny her the win, let alone put her in third place.  I liked Emilio’s collection a lot more in the stills than walking on the runway.  

  • Qitkat

    TLo, I don’t know if it has been said already, but I would love it if you could interview all three of these designers. It’s been a long time since an incisive, probing interview. Just sayin’…

  • Am I the only one who thought that Anthony Ryan’s dresses, with the colors and the TV-static panels, looked like Teletubbies?


  • libraangel

    Sorry, T&L. but my blood pressure IS up. I _WILL_NEVER_WATCH_PROJECT_RUNWAY_AGAIN_ (And that is saying a lot, since I always enjoyed it), and I will send a letter to the show, even though it will not make a bit of difference.
    I cried when the win was announced, but not because AR won, but because Uli didn’t. I agree with everything you said, T&L. First they praise her, then auf her. And I agree: it was a lush, rich collection that “wowed” me (finally ! on this show) and how dare Georgina say that some of the materials looked “cheap”!  She should have been slapped on her “beautiful” face!
    Emilio was a definite second, and AR did not even produce pants or a jacket and all his designs looked the same. To add insult to injury (for the viewers), for Isaac to say the first gown was “the best I have ever seen in Project Runway” is extremely demeaning to us and the other designers.
    You are right: Anya+Gretchen+AR= farce of a program that has lost this viewer. 

  • TLo, I would love to know what Uli is up to now!  Is there any way you could feature an interview with her?  I know most of us would LOVE to hear what’s next for her.  She was so gracious with her “loss” – seriously, with the joke the show has become, she can hold her head up high with the perfect way she conducted herself and with all of her work this season.  What a true lady.  Love her!!

    • Lisa_Cop

      Judging from her tweets, Uli works as a stylist in South Florida.

  • j_anson

    Man, what’s been good for MY blood pressure is NOT WATCHING anymore. I mean, I get any remaining value from TLo, without having to invest time or emotion, so what’s the point?

  • Qitkat

    I loved Uli then, and I love her now.

    • Lattis

      like x 1000

  • LuluinLaLa

    I’m so bored of this show I’m considering taking it off my DVR. I’ve watched every single season since the second one (and have seen the first in repeats) and I just don’t think it can bring any joy to my life any more. I usually scroll through Twitter or something on my phone when I watch TV, and last night I had the quick thought of, “Oh, maybe I should avoid this because of spoilers!”. Then I remembered that it’s been a long time since people were Tweeting about PR with any sense of excitement or urgency, and that it really has passed its point of relevancy. I don’t know – I watch out of habit, and maybe Heidi will bring more life back after the soul-sucking Carolyn Murphy, but if I quit, I don’t think I’ll miss it.

  • I knew it would be Anthony Ryan when he said in an interview (while still in the work room) that if he did not win, he would have to quit designing. I did not like the way they showed the runway shows (particularly that of Anthony Ryan) in fits and starts with all cut shots (It made me think that his execution was off the mark). I doubt they had time to properly fit models. In the still shots, his clothes look better. Having said all that, Uli was the clear winner, but I am over being shocked.

    And what was that dress the host was wearing during the runway show……?

  • I did not watch a jot of this season and marginally kept track of it via this blog because I am totally done with the show, but just from the photos it is evident that the results were absurd.  Sort of like a Punk’d version of Project Runway from the Bravo days.

  • Uli was definitely my choice, but we all knew Anthony Ryan would win.  Disappointing to say the least.  I guess the best part of this all star show was Georgina Marchesi.  Not sure if I will watch it again.  However, I will be watching the new Project Runway, since the format has changed I’m curious how it plays out.

  • LearnedFoot

    And they’re so *low*! Was the model even comfortable with her hands in them, I  wonder?

  • Lilithcat

    I’m judging only by the photos here, and I wasn’t able to watch the show last night and don’t plan on catching it on the On Demand.

    But it should have been Ulli, then Emilio and bye-bye AR.  No surprise that he won, though.  That’s been obvious for weeks!

    I love how Ulli styled her models like Tilda Swinton.

  • lolaleen

    I had a feeling this was going to happen. Uli has been my choice for the last several weeks (and especially after seeing these pictures), but they’ve been shoving Anthony Ryan down our throats for so long that his win was a done deal before any of the collections even walked the runway.

    Well, at least now I can just have the episode on as background noise on my DVR instead of actually paying attention.

  • Uli was robbed. Like…I can’t even with Anthony’s collection. It wasn’t just boring and repetitive, but the handiwork looks terrible. That pulled out shot of the entire collection? The colorblocking is so poorly done it looks like a 5-year-old’s craft project. Seriously, I could cut out and glue colorful squares onto columns and make it look better than this. Emilio’s was more interesting and better executed, even if it didn’t stick to concept. Totally inverted award system here. I do not understand.

  • Uli was robbed. That’s all I have to say. 


    Before this season of the show began, given those who agreed to participate, I figured the final three would end up being Uli, Emilio, and Althea, with Uli coming out on top at the end (in order to make up for her not winning the big prize for the third season instead of Jeffrey.) So, for me at least, this show is not quite so easily predictable. As I watched from week to week I saw the direction it was taking, as everyone else did (at least those who’ve been following it that long.) I’ve always liked Emilio’s work and was pleased with what he did here again (allowing for a few inevitable missteps.) I would have been fine with either Emilio or Uli winning the biggest prize in the history of the world, but Anthony once had cancer and survived and that’s deemed inspirational in our current mass culture (though I don’t watch this show in order to feel connected to mass culture, there being more direct ways available, assuming it was what I was up to.)  Emilio will continue on as a successful costume designer who occasionally makes gowns for celebrities, Uli will continue her good work as a designer, and Anthony Ryan will have his year at Marie Claire and then fade from sight.
    Uli’s collection wasn’t necessarily the best of the three, though certainly the busiest.  It looked a little too frilly, but I’m beginning to like the change in direction she’s made.  Chilly and sparkly, it will be interesting to see where she goes next. It was good work, given the time constraints.
    Emilio has stuck to his roots and expanded on what he did the first time around.  (I suppose Uli deserves it over him for her willingness to go so far in new directions in her work.)  His collection looked the most finished and the best tailored.  He’s a remarkable craftsman (which is what made his yellow dress for the servicewoman on her way to Vegas so disappointing.) 
    I can’t remember which of Anthony Ryan’s dresses Isaac believed the best in the history of the show if not the world.  I guess it was that first one.  Anthony’s stuff struck me as a watered down version of Elena’s final (decoy) collection from the tenth season (a very strong cup of tea straight from the samovar.)   If it had been better done and not a weak imitation I would have liked this collection the most rather than the least. 
    I’ll continue to watch the show because I like to see clothes designers respond to practical, and even impractical, challenges.  Some of the folk on there are pretty good at what they do.  Who wins, who gets the money and the internship, isn’t really my concern.  Of course it would be nicer if it was actually someone who better deserved it.

  • Uli!! Straight up fashion, indeed.  Oh, and a truly nice person, too boot!

     Thank you for making me feel better, somehow, with your words, TLo.  I was so bummed last night that I got way way too depressed.

  • JosephLamour

    Was it just me, or was Margherita Missoni not enthused with Emilio’s collection because it was too black for her sensibilities?

  • jjfg

    Sticking to the positive – I was really pleasantly surprised by Uli’s collection.  I expected more Uli dresses.  This was a breath of fresh air that kept my interest.  Really nice job.  

  • Lattis

    Last night I was wishing someone as rich as Mitt was watching and could give Emelio and Uli the same financial leg up that AR is getting. I’d love to see a full blown version of both of their mini collections.

  • Anthony Ryan served up Elena-lite.

    Elena had a broader, more original palette, more variation in blocking, better styling, better execution, more silhouettes, and actual SEPARATES. In fact, the look everyone went on and on about, the chartreuse jacket and short skirt, was made of separates. As a result? Cries of “Elena was robbed!”

    But Anthony Ryan? Darling, you didn’t push it far enough, so this win is a travesty.

  • dschubba

    Watching Uli’s exit interview, I wish I had her positivity. Girlfriend got PLAYED, and everyone knows it.

    • Now that the season’s over, this crop of All Stars has started complaining about the fix. It was just WAY too obvious. Even on the Lifetime website, B/M’s target audience of casual reality TV watchers is complaining about Golden Boy AR.

  • traceyishere

    Uli is best. Enuf.

  • Call me Bee

    I was going to come here today and write all about my indignation and acrimony… but gentlemen…you are right. I don’t have the inclination nor energy to care that much anymore.
    Well just wait for Uli’s clothing to appear in stores and support her. So there.

  • SophiaPehawkins

    The most flattering thing you can say about Anthony Ryan’s collection is that it’s inoffensive. Uli created a luxe collection in four days. Third place is quite a slap in the face. “Head and shoulders” indeed.

  • asmith

    Saw this coming.  Had to watch anyway.  Poor Uli.  Good for her for not taking it to heart, same with Emilio.

    • carolclark12

       Yeah, I almost got the feeling she was so ready to bolt when they told her she was third.  I just imagined a thought bubble over her head saying, “Hate to run, but Lagerfeld is waiting for me.  Isaac, do you want me to introduce you?”

      • libraangel

        Uli should introduce herself to Karl I am sure he would love having her, and she would have a great career.

  • Not surprised by the outcome but still disappointed.  Sorry but neither Emilio’s nor AR’s came close to what Uli pulled out last night OR the level of design she’s been presenting all season.  To see them go on and on about AR’s collection, which to my eyes was the same dress in different colors.  Also, AR’s collection looked like a cheap imitation of what PR10’s Ukrainian contestant did for her final collection (which would’ve easily beat everything else presented, had she of been a contender).  It’s not that AR’s was bad, but certainly nothing conceptually or design-wise on the level of Emilio’s or Uli’s.

    Emilio’s was quite good, but you could tell he needed more time to work out the ideas.  Still I loved that he showed looks that a black, urban woman would wear in such a FU sort of way.  For my money, he was number two and Uli was the winner of this season. Uli’s looked runway ready for real and Fashion while AR’s looked quite mundane.  I won’t say I’m done with the show but they really need to stop picking the winner so early on and trying to convince us that said winner is the real deal when it’s obvious they’re not.  Rant over.

    • Candigirl1968

      Uli was robbed.  I don’t understand why they don’t love her.  She really deserves to be the next breakout star.  

      P.S. Florence Welch needs to grab the Game of Thrones warrior queen dress.  Like five minutes ago.

  • Rosington

    Anthony Ryan clearly ripped off Elena’s decoy collection…and badly, at that.

  • Just finished watching the final ep. You guys called it weeks ago so I wasn’t surprised. That being said, Uli coming in THIRD?!?!?!? What kind of bullcrap nonsense is THAT?!?! WHAT?!?! Uli was the CLEAR winner in my eyes. Mizrahi gushing over the pockets on AR’s first piece was pathetic. It’s a pocket. It was “genius” when it was invented hundreds of years ago. Maybe AR made the pocket so every time you put your hand in it, you pulled out gold coins? Maybe we didn’t see that? Because I don’t get it. At LEAST with Emilio and Uli, a curvier gal like me could wear a number of their pieces. AR’s: NONE. Oh and I have a huge rack and AR’s collection is for the smaller racked gal so can’t wear that crap. Whatever. At this point watching Project Runway, in any form, is like that boyfriend/girlfriend that treats you like shit, you break up with them, they show up with a gift and a promise, you sleep with them again, they treat you like shit but you just can’t quit them. I’m just so damned mad!! Blerg.

  • mhleta

    What distrubing piece of news did they give to AR’s models to make them look so miserable? “Don’t smile, or the puppy gets it right between the eyes!”

  • PrunellaV

    Uli’s collection looks like it was made for Tilda Swinton. I love it.

    • RroseSelavy

      I too couldn’t help but think of Tilda Swinton, beautiful Snow Queen.

  • R. L.

    Amen TLo!

  • I’m so glad you reached the same opinion I did.  Uli’s collection was BEYOND winning–she can compete on any international runway and have buyers at her feet!  But when I heard the final judgment, I, too, just shrugged and thought–why waste my energy on stupid realty TV and their producers.  It IS a TV show and they think by causing “controversy” it juices up the ratings.  No, actually, it makes us want to stop watching.  And last night was such an obvious producer “ratings juicing” moment. 

    So congrats to the Narciso Rodriguez wanna-be. Enjoy your prizes and hope you get a career boost.  Now could someone please hook up Uli on Kickstarter so we can fund her business.

  • High praise for Uli.  She earned it.

  • LC3203

    There is a reason Isaac Mizrahi was slumming it for Target and then filed for bankruptcy.

    • libraangel

      Didn’t know that about Isaac. UM, interesting!

      • LC3203

         I have to ammend that statement.  His line essentially drove Liz Claiborne into bankruptcy:
        From Wikipedia:
        Mizrahi designed for Claiborne for only one year, 2009. Although
        advertising campaigns for his Claiborne work—featuring Mizrahi and women
        of all sizes, races, and ages—were found in major fashion magazines,
        the line was a disaster almost from launch. The clothes and accessories
        were very difficult to find, as only a few minor departments stores,
        which were not found in major cities, carried Claiborne clothes. Gottschalks
        carried only a few pieces before declaring bankruptcy and liquidating,
        only weeks after Mizrahi’s launch. Furthermore, the few Liz Claiborne
        outlets that existed were also far from major cities and were found at
        outlet malls that were too remote for most customers to visit. As a
        result, on December 2009, the Liz Claiborne website was closed and
        rumors abounded that the company was bankrupt and in serious debt. As of
        Fall 2010, Liz Claiborne clothes are sold at J.C. Penney, and are not designed by Mizrahi.

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          This could explain why Isaac going along with a producer-manipulated storyline for PR AllStars 2.  He must be really conscious of regaining his footing in the business as well as financially.

  • Shoulda, woulda, coulda.  It was Uli all the way: sophisticated, edgy – Rooney Mara or Tilda Swinton type fashion all the way.  I hate to say I was shocked she came in third – but I was.  Well.  I was an Uli fan back in her original season – and that hasn’t changed.  At the very least I hope the exposure benefits her career.  I do feel like holding some kind of wake for PR, however.  What a waste.

  • pylgrym

    Loved the collection but thought the makeup was zombiesque. The comment about feathers making it cheap? When was the last time anyone saw feathers in RTW?

  • notdorothygale

    So incredibly bored by all of it.

  • libraangel

    T&L, I didn’t get any extra wrinkles, but (I apologize for being so nasty!) I hope the “Beautiful” Georgina does!

  • l_c_ann

    From the interview with Anthony Ryan on Blogging Project Runway, he says he will invest money in Josh McKinley’s Tank Line (they collaborated on some that sold out at their finale party.  Some other good stuff in the interview as well (and a few ????)

    • libraangel

      I think there was kinda a Lovebro thing going on between AR and Josh. I think Josh said no to helping him out because he was still angry about being aufed and – he probably was genuinely tired!

      • dschubba

        I can’t blame the guy. From what I’ve read, the assistant designer recruitment took place a few hours after his elimination (and his surprise face-off against Uli).

  • Ready-to-wear beats high fashion. AR produced Target clothes. Sadly, it’s not surprising, as the show has morphed far away from its original concept, especially since the descent to B-M/ Lifetime. 

  • Sing4yursupper

    TLo, you nailed it. I liked Anthony Ryan’s collection the least, but had this sinking feeling that his win was a foregone conclusion. Uli didn’t deserve to be DFL. Her collection was impeccable. Emilio’s concept was interesting, but not fully developed.

    What I loved was that they runway show was in Gotham Hall. I went to a wedding reception there a few years ago. It’s a gorgeous venue!

  • hoez

    Horrible winner. ULI WAS ROBBED.

  • Is there even one person who has posted on this Blog entry that thought Uli wasn’t the clear winner?  When has that happened on TLo? Ever?

    • dharmabum8

      So true. I don’t think anyone was this close to being the universal favorite since, well, ever, considering there wasn’t a blog during Jay’s season. Maybe Mondo over Gretchen came closest, and we know how that turned out as well. Seeing the still photos just makes it even more obvious.

      • libraangel

        Maybe if we all sent letters to PR? Especially about firing Isaac!

  • ZnSD

    TLO, ya took the words right outta my mouth. Uli was robbed, but it was no surprise that they gave it to Anthony since apparently that was the plan all along.

  • marilyn

    Anthony Ryan’s entire line looked off the rack.  It was boring.  He is a boring man who thinks he is very deep.  I cringe when he speaks.

    Emilio’s line was interesting, and he worked with prints in a good way, but it looked kind of off the rack, too.  I am not sure what that is:  Resort wear?

    Uli finally stopped being stuck on caftans, and did the most high end fashions.  As usual, the best designer did not win. 

    Josh’s little burst of honesty was rather refreshing.  He was ticked off that he was not in the finals and would not help the finalists.  It is just as well, because he is not well enough developed as a designer.  He is rather random about trying things, but hits the mark every once in a while.  It seems to be when he is truly  emotionally moved by the model.  Then he is superb.  Otherwise, it is hit or miss.  This may have been the only spontaneous truthful comment made all season.  He is a diva of sorts, and managed to say the one memorable thing during the finals, and he was not even a finalist.  Go Josh!!!

    Otherwise, yawn.

  • wawawah

    FYI…Anthony Ryan’s dress is still for sale on the TAHARI website!

  • Word.  You said it all. Uli should have won, and Anthony Ryan should have been out a few episodes ago.  But this is Project Runway!

  • Not only was Uli’s collection awesome, but the actual runway show, from the music to the makeup, made you feel like you were cozied up in front of a fireplace listening to snow fall.  She will go far, very far.

    • editrixie

      Oh, awesome, thank you for that detail about the music. I didn’t know that.

  • DeTrop

    Now that I’ve seen your pictures I’m really angry that Uli didn’t win.  Seriously angry.  Is there any way we can lodge a protest to Lifetime for the bias shown towards Anthony Ryan?  Also, I don’t believe Isaac M should be a judge anymore.  What if  he gets a boy crush on another mediocre designer?  The ‘beautiful’ Georgina Chapman and Carolyn Murphy seem too weak to counter his aggressiveness.  He called Uli’s collection a student project when AR sent down the same dress in different colors and different lengths.  The first three were his best.  Isaac should be fired.

    • libraangel

      Actually I mentioned on the PR blog that I was going to write them a protest -letter – but don’t think it will do much good, do you?!

  • Trisha26

    Uli was my winner – could not believe the criticism (from one of the four “judges”) who cautioned her that faux leather looked a little cheap. Um…maybe she has a moral stance against leather? Or maybe they shouldn’t have been so literal and realized that given a decent budget (not to mention time) she would have used more luxurious fabrics.

    I actually love the show because I love to see creativity from the very few (as TLo mentioned) who are truly talented – ditto for the many reality singing shows where you can find a true artist among the mere “vocalists.” 

    But 3rd place? Insult. Anthony Ryan was the “chosen one” from the start. Uli and Emilio never had a chance.

    • Stubenville

      The faux fur was called cheap. Reality check – $3,000 budget?

      • libraangel

        And how could Georgina even tell it was fake!

    • libraangel

      I believe it was Georgina who made the “cheap” remark, which is ironic because the week before, she wore a dress with “fake-looking” ( and I really mean fake-looking!) around her middle! (And that made that dress very ugly!)

  • DocPooh

    The only part of this season I watched was the last 30 minutes of last night.  Seeing that it was the finale, I figured if ever I was gonna watch any of the season, this would be it.  (It used to be must see TV years ago!)  ‘Caught IM’s gushing over AR’s collection and, even though I’d read some comments about his AR “fawness”, I must admit that the sheer ingratiatingness of it shocked me.  Talk about telegraphing an AR win!   ‘Saw the commercial for upcoming teams edition of PR.  Emphasis was on back-stabbing, back-biting, betrayal.  No mention of design competence.  ‘Don’t think I’ll catch even 30 minutes of this season.  

    • libraangel

      They (the producers) only want drama, not fashion, and I won’t be tuning in

  • tessasouthworth

    One thing I do appreciate about this season is that it gave me a new respect for Emilio, whose onscreen persona I DETESTED in his season (although I did admire many of his pieces). I find it ironic that one of the constant criticisms leveled at him by Tim and the judges in his season is that his designs were too “marketable” and boring, yet this is just what Anthony sent down the runway in the finale. And granted, Emilio had more time to complete his work, but his first final collectionn blew Anthony’s last night out of the water! 

    Sure, I have a few color-blocked dresses and jackets in my closet that I love, but when I attend a fashion show, I want to see a collection that transcends fashion and becomes art, like what Uli has managed to accomplish. I’m not one who is often given to yelling at her TV, but last night when Uli was announced in last place, I blurted out “WTF” so loudly that my husband who was two floors up and all the way in the back of the house came down to make sure I was okay!

  • Silly, optimistic person that I am, I disregarded the favoritism shown AR all season and thought that any of the three finalists had a chance.  After all, Anthony Ryan is no Mondo.  He wasn’t robbed out of a win on his season.  So I turned off the TV in disgust when AR won with his collection that belongs on the Macys sale rack.  And I ain’t going back for PR Allstars if it dares to return.  The only component that has any value is Joanna Coles.  But I’ll sacrifice her to get rid of the annoying Isaac. 

  • spooki C

    Uli really does great work and it’s a shame that PR picks winners by who they feel makes the best tv and not who is the best designer. AR is good, so is Emilio, but c’mon.

  • Linderella

    I’ve never been more embarrassed for Isaac Mizrahi.  Get your tongue out of Anthony Ryan’s ass right now.  His collection was good, but Uli was the CLEAR winner.

    • editrixie

      I have a huge embarrassment squick, and have a hard time watching people say or do things that feel false or ickily personal or whatnot. I cringe into a little ball at that kind of thing. I could not have watched this season at all — I had a hard enough time physically watching the judges wet their pants over Anya, where I would often run from the room with my hands in the air shouting “la la la la”, and no way could I have handled Mizrahi acting that way over AR.

      • libraangel

        Although the Anya thing was worse that the overpraise of AR. I couldn’t stand her season and had to turn the t.v. off. Remember that horrendous short/jumpsuit thingie she made with all the crooked seams that looked like they were going to rip open?! I couldn’t take it!

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          I’ve tried to erase all memory of Anya’s season from my brain. 

  • Uli!  Uli!  Uli!

    Since we can’t vote American Idol-style, I will vote with my wallet!

    Fie to the pretenders to the throne!

  • Girl_With_a_Pearl

    And now a stupid poem that I wrote after watching the show.

    Ode to Bunim/Murray

    Oh Bunim/Murray you ruined my favorite show
    You’ve given the win to an average designer and a girl who just learned to sew.
    So good-bye Project Runway I’m done,
    since the show is fixed it’s no longer fun.
    My only regret is I’ll miss Tim Gunn.

    Thanks TLo for your wonderful blog!  I’m sorry you still have to watch this dreck, but thanks for doing so, so I don’t have to.  Regards.

    • libraangel

      Love your poem, and my sentiments exactly! Bye-bye PR!

  • ULI. I have been fangirling her since we first met her. So proud of this collection — would wear. <3

  • A.

    Although I am long time viewer of PR (all spinoff variations), one thing they never seem to fall short on is their long running track record of picking the wrong winner. Uli was a favorite of mine straight out the gate, and came no where near the level of taste showing of fashion that she did for the finale.

  • withbreaththatisbaited

    Uli’s collection blew me away after the other two. I couldn’t believe how much she did in so little time (and mostly without a helper!).  Her first dress was gorgeous and I loved the silver fabric. So beautiful. I hate feathers, but I didn’t mind them so much here. She was robbed! I loved how her show was designed to – the music, the slow walk, the shimmering faces. So beautiful.

    Anthony Ryzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz………….Not a single separate? Really? You couldn’t throw in a pair of pants or shorts or a jacket? I really liked the yellow dress, but other than that, give me a break. But it was inevitable. I hope Isaac got something in exchange for his season-long tongue bathing. Also, I remember a thing about his show. I remember Uli and Emilio’s music very clearly, but with AR…nothing. 

    Emilio has never been a favorite of mine, but I liked his collection a lot – especially the red jumpsuit. His POV came through very strongly. 

    Some day, my favorite will win on this show again. It has yet to happen since season 1. 

  • anthony ryan collection is a crazy ukraine ripoff!!! the graphic feel to it, elena done it better and more versatile (jackets, pants, vest, shirts) and the make up in that collection was spot on, instead of reusing black n blue.

  • i love the new Uli, but i miss the prints

    •  She just went with where the challenges led her this season, which was apparently “winter wonderland.” I don’t think she’ll ever abandon prints fully; she just keeps evolving.

  • editrixie

    While I love a couple of Emilio’s pieces and one of Anthony’s, I would (were I a perfect size 6 and rich) wear every single one of Uli’s pieces, and pet them and love them and call them George. They are beautiful. I can totally see Swinton in them — even the styling made me think she was creating them with Swinton in mind.

  • Rebecca Damsen

    Haven’t looked at all of the comments, but Anthony Ryan’s collection can be seen in slightly altered form – in Milly NY’s sale section!  I thought for a minute he had just borrowed some of her clothes and put them on his models. . .

  • hoez

    My thought when I saw Anthony Ryan’s collection (and I like him) is that it was better when Elena did it last season.

  • Joe

    Uli 4-eva.

    If she’d have been on the Lifetime Years, she would’ve won.

    Who am I kidding? She should’ve won no matter what. No one’s made clothes like that on PR since… well, since the Bravo years. 

  • annieanne

    And Thank You TLo for endorsing my comment from last week that Lifetime and/or the judges have a real problem awarding wins to black designers.

  • Bwin51

    Yay, I agree with your assessment. I alo think Anthony Ryan should have been eliminated a couple of weeks back. That would have shut the door on him once and for all.

  • Shangie


    Uli should have won this season of
    Project Runway All-stars. Emilio’s collection made no sense to me, and his
    color choices were horrendous. I watched the finale with some of my DISH
    co-workers, only one of us was happy Anthony won. It was nice watching the
    finale with friends, but Thursday nights in my house is a busy television night
    since my kids have their shows that air at the same time as mine. Lucky for us,
    we have a DISH Hopper Whole-Home HD DVR; with it we can watch up to 4 HD
    programs on different TVs at the same time. I like to watch “Project Runway” in
    my living room, while the kids watch their shows in the den; this has put an
    end to our family arguments over the television.

    • l_c_ann

      Gee, Shangie, do you get a bonus for each ad you get placed here?  You’ve left any sense of subtlety.

  • Le_Sigh

    Oooh – Uli gurl, I hope Tilda Swinton calls you STAT.  This collection and her are absolutely made for each other!

  • Thank you for all the support …. Enjoy reading your comments … I will keep dreaming !!! Cheers

    • Lattis

      Uli, I love your work as a designer and I’ll keep checking your site in the hopes that I can buy an Uli-dress. But, what I wish I could buy from you is a bottle of whatever it is that gives you such an even, good-humored disposition. Sister, I could really use that.

    • hoez

      Thank you so much for blessing our eyes with your gorgeous collection. You should have won. Your work all season was STUNNING.

    • Jarethee

       Du warst wirklich am besten gestern und es ist ein ganz grosses traurigkeit das du nicht gewonnen hast. 🙁 Hoffentlich im Zukunft koennen wir mehr wunderschoenes Kleidung von dir sehen. Danke fuer alles und ich weiss wirklich im Herz das du ein tolles Karriere haben^^ Ach, ich wird immer noch aergerlich! (Tut mir leid das mein Deutsch so schrecklich ist.)

    • Uli on three separate seasons you have produced beautiful pieces over and over again.  Hopefully all this exposure will help you go far. You deserve it!

    • libraangel

      I am so glad that you read all our comments and know that we all appreciate your beautiful creations. You design high fashion looks. Most importantly, you a wonderful person. I KNOW that you will do well in the future; you have great talent and while you should have won, at least you received exposure and the right people will help you achieve all your dreams. ALLES GUTE

    • OrigamiRose

      Uli, you are beloved and were far too good for that show.  Your final collection was breathtaking in general, but to have pulled together in four days in particular?  Holy cow.  Many thanks for being the only reason I kept tuning in and best wishes for your fashion future.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      Uli, thank you for your truly memorable creations for PR, especially this collection for PR AllStars2-Thanks a million!

    • libraangel

      p.s. Uli – My mom was from Berlin (Charlottenburg/Schoeneberg) and she cried all night when the Wall came down – She cried from happiness!!!

    • Hallo Uli, you certainly are loved by the viewers!!! .  I watched your collection with mouth open, I was almost in a trance, I was mesmerized  and enchanted by your choice of fabrics, soft color palette and design! It did not even enter my mind that you would not be the winner! The outcome simply stunned me! Needless to say that I was angry. 
      I just adore you- no Diva here- You took the loss like a Lady, always smiling and humble.
      Ich wuensche Dir alles Gute liebe Uli, ich werde Dich vermissen. Ich fuerchte, dass ich mir diese Show nicht mehr anschaue!
      I hope that all your dreams will come true! Tschuess Deine Baerbel aus San Francisco.
      Please read our posts at TV.lifetime. My name there is Unter der Laterne.

  • briecee

    I lost interest in Anthony Ryan the minute he claimed to have “designed” a fake-fox stole knit from a kit sold on Ravelry.  Which is to say, the first episode in which he appeared.

    Uli is too good for this reality-show world.

    • I’m SO GLAD I’m not the only one who remembers that.  Although i thought it was a mouse scarf… But either way, it was plagiarism.

      • briecee

        Oh, you might be right, it was the rats.

        Either way, the most charitable possible theory was that he sketched out the idea to a knitter friend, who then found the kit and didn’t fully explain the source.  But there was zero doubt that it wasn’t his design.

  • Anthony Ryan: Isaac’s saliva-and-cum-spewing was… hilarious. Those POCKETS! Was it a mistake?? They’re GENIUS! I know the show’s agent-interfered-with, but come on… Hey, he allows himself such embarrassment, well, all the more reason to laugh. I didn’t hate Anthony-s collection, all things considered. I actually appreciate the typographical sensibility of it. This collection is about surfaces (the silhouettes in which they are contained are rather basic). He achieved some appealing configurations with the color-blocking (as evinced by look #4). I respond to attempts at lineating the body so that certain features are prioritized / so that one perceives the woman’s shape as reconfigured. I like the opening look quite a bit– it’s interestingly proportioned, and the sheer panels are aptly placed. The last piece is ugly: he wasn’t able reconcile the “gown-ness” with the rigidity of the color-blocking.

    Emilio: Hm, it’s a laudable effort, to be sure, and I appreciate his commitment to “make a statement” as opposed to “making pretty clothes” (his words, not mine)– it’s refreshing to see him [seek to] diverge from his department store-dominant aesthetic. Does this collection represent a sufficiently strong statement? No, not really. While I appreciate certain looks– the jumpsuit in particular because it is the one garment that best embodies his inspiration and the one garment that lends itself to re-contextualization into the present (without compromising its point of origin)– the aggregate consists of pieces which are interpretative (said jumpsuit), pieces which are kind of literal (look #6), and pieces which fail to reflect the inspiration– i.e. how’s one to differentiate the opening dress [as a dress embodying this particular inspiration] from countless others like it?

    Uli: I like how she populated the winter-scape. The faux-furs, the silvery print, the embellishments (i.e. the speckled lace) all have physical corollaries in winter scenery (i.e. snow glitter and so forth). It’s very delicately rendered and most certainly the win-worthy collection.

    • Qitkat

      I really like what you said about Uli.

  • ccm800

    ditto. Well stated boys. Imy really be done this time with the team schtick 

    • OrigamiRose

      I haven’t seen it mentioned here, but apparently the all-team concept was Tim Gunn’s idea.  Which leads me to believe, Tim sees through this crap and is administering the fatal dose to put this injured horse out of its misery.

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        My lingering affection for Tim Gunn leads me to believe that he really would like to see PR work.  For me, the series has jumped one too many sharks.

  • wawawah

    ANTHONY RAYN…are those pockets in your schmatah????? ChHILLS, Anthony Ryan, CHILLS

  • Amy

    TLo: A million thank you’s for vocalizing my (and probably everyone else’s) tumultuous feelings about this episode.

    Uli remains a world class talent with polished, highly skilled execution. Most tv shows would love to award a sweet petite blonde chic too. Not sure what was going on but it was like these people had witnessed a completely different runway show.

    AR: Far better than I expected since he seems to only have a grand total of 5 design concepts and none of them are that impressive. In fact, like his others, this one has been done and done. It did look sleek and tailored though so I could have seen him get 2nd place and been ok with it. But he has a loooong way to go as a designer. And as you said, using Alexander Mcqueen’s name in vain is practically what was happening. AR is not a fashion god!

    Emilio: As with last season, you showed so much promise only to crank out a final collection that fell short! Given last week’s dress, I would have loved to have seen what he COULD have done too. Loved loved loved his theme. Hate hate hated him sexing up said theme/making some of it look junior. Don’t take an ethnic and gender empowering theme and make it borderline trashy! Sexy is ok but keep the class and intergrity and strength you were promising! And THANK YOU TLo for mentioning these people have problems embracing Af-American designers. I have been wondering when someone would say that.

    Guess all my feelings weren’t resolved yet. Thank goodness for this forum.:)

  • joancarol

    I just watched this. Though I saw it coming, as soon as “A..”  came out of Molasses mouth, I shut the tv off.

    • LC3203

       Me too.

  • mskgb

    “He had a really fantastic concept for a collection, interpreting the clothing of African-American woman during that period when they transitioned from the plantation to the factory. A defiantly black aesthetic offered up to a competition that clearly has problems awarding wins to black designers.”

    And a black aesthetic offered up to an industry that typically interprets blackness as exotic. Emilio made black women the icon of American working women in a period that saw a shift from agrarian to industrial labor–the real Rosie the Riveter. His thought process–reflecting on the experience of his mother to address the marginalization of black women’s labor in popular culture–was simultaneously complex and endearing. Aside from the jumpsuit, which I saw as a reinterpretation of a factory coverall, the pieces didn’t (and couldn’t in four days) capture the depth of his vision.

    To shift topics and add my voice to the chorus: Uli, creator of those ethereal garments and magical show, walk away from any future iterations of PR. Open a shop/studio with Laura Bennett. Call it “I Can’t Sit Around Speaking German with You All Day,” or something like that.

  • DinahR

    Uli’s was one of my favorite shows ever on PR.  Absolutely beautiful.  Chic mystique. She was completely robbed.  

    I thought some of AR’s dresses were okay (though I’ve seen very similar stuff at Kohl’s, right?) but the one everyone drooled over — Isaac’s Inspired Pockets of Genius Dress — is ugly to my eyes.  The model looks permanently crouched and her genetically graced proportions are thrown off with a freaky torso and zero neck.   How are hip pockets groundbreaking?  I’ve got dresses and skirts with them in my closet right now.  ??? 

  • glennethph

    ULi should have won.

  • Wait, what did Josh do?  He called this a farce?!?

    It was fun watching the ANTM marathon with Aminat this week.  She’s really grown as a model.

    • libraangel

      It was a farce

    • OrigamiRose

      On BPR, Anthony Ryan said that there was actually only five hours between Josh’s elimination and the selection process of designers to assist the finalists.  He claims Josh’s refusal to participate was a noble gesture from a friend who knew he couldn’t give it his all to help AR due to fatigue.

      *massive eye roll*

      • Ah, okay.  But wasn’t the person who came in fourth during the first PR:AS also not an option during the selection process?

        • OrigamiRose

          I have to confess, I did not see that season (no cable), so hopefully someone who saw can assist with that question.  I’m curious to know now if it was different.

  • LC3203

    I just read over at the PR site that Michael Korrs will only be judging the finale.  No Tangerine????  Even he has decided, this is a bunch of bullshit.

  • “Tlo said: Uli, if nothing else, you made one thing clear with this effort: you are one of a very small group of people to be on Project Runway who is actually a real, honest-to-God fashion designer with world-class skills. It’s very rare to see a collection presented on this show as sophisticated and well made as this one.”

    I second that emotion.

    That’s all.


  • GTrain

    The only thing Project Runway is good for is providing broad, national exposure of a designer’s work. It makes us aware of outstanding designers like Uli even if they don’t win. Uli’s no fool. She knows it’s exposure to millions of potential customers, not Isaac and Carolyn’s validation, that really counts. 
    No words for a man who weeps in glee at accolades he knows he doesn’t deserve.

  • hoez

    It’s a bit depressing how on both All-Stars iterations (the last one that Vosovic won, she wasn’t even in the top despite making gorgeous work) she never really made it to the ‘runner up’ position. 🙁

  • libraangel

    When I woke up this morning, I decided to take a fresh look at AR’s dresses. While I still think Uli should have won with her variety and use of beautiful textures, I tried to be objective and neutral. I noticed that the lines were totally matched, totally symmetrical, and well sewn. But now I need to hear the opinions of my fellow BKs who are sewers, seamstresses, and tailors. Is it difficult to cut/sew patterns so closely matched, and stitch them together! Maybe this is why he won?

    • alyce1213

      I think it’s expected, a minimum requirement for custom-made, designed clothing. You only find mismatched seams, plaids, prints and unsymmetrical lines in mass-produced, inexpensive (and sometimes moderately priced) garments.  I’m not an expert sewer, but I’ve made clothing with lots of things that have to be lined up and matched — it’s not all that hard. What’s lacking in AR’s collection is not technique, it’s inspiration and magic. I could buy all of this at Macy’s.

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        For anyone who has taken sewing classes of any kind, learning how to match patterns and to align seams are lessons that you learn fairly early.  When I had sewing projects in Home economics(many a year ago), turning in a garment that had a mismatched pattern or incorrectly aligned seams would result in a lower grade-and that was sewing for oneself.  I would expect, as alyce 1213 said, that custom-made, designer clothing has greater expectations for the con

    • Kate4queen

      but he also had Kanye doing the sewing for him and he is technically very good, right? I almost wish Joshua had taken on the position as assistant just to see what would have come down the runway then, 

  • Uli was robbed. Her collection was far above the others. She is amazing. And holy TILDAAAAAAAA!!!

    And Carolyn Murphy was totally sucking up to THE GORGEOUS GEORGINA CHAPMAN with that dress. They looked like a set of Barbie and Midge dolls. 

  • dialyn

    My mother was a Rosie the Riveter. During the war, she left a Wisconsin dairy farm, moving from her predominately Polish community, and came to California. She worked on bombers and, beneath her overalls, she often wore a bright red jumpsuit because the women used to go out after late shifts and didn’t have good spaces in which to change their clothes. She would have loved, loved, loved Emilio’s red jumpsuit and his color selection.  She would have appreciated the story he was presenting despite being from a quite different culture.  Yes, Uli is a wonderful designer but, emotionally, Emilio had my vote.  Not that it mattered.  🙁

    • libraangel

      I loved your story: thank you for sharing. Emilio’s bustiers reminded me of the strapless dresses women wore in the 1940’s. I visited an elderly lady at a nursing home once, and she showed me a photo of herself in such a dress. She also told me of a wardrobe malfunction that happened while she was jitterbugging vigorously. The top fell down in the front, leaving her to dance topless!

      • dialyn

         I bet she twinkled when she told you that story. What is easy to forget is that inside every elderly person is a youngster who loved to dance and flirt and be adventurous.

        • libraangel

          I loved what you said about the elderly! So kind. I work at a senior day care center, previously nursing homes, and almost all of them still do dance, and sing, and try to enjoy every day. I asked two 100 year old ladies what their secret was and they said that they tried to have fun and smile every day.

  • MamaKath

    Project Runaway has joined the other network contest shows.Please turn out the lights and close the doors on this, Idol, AGTand The Voice.  Top Chef is fixing to become a shark jumper too after last week’s ep.  It’s all about the producers and trying to please a TV audience that wouldn’t know good fashion, music, food, etc. if they fell over it. I like Anthony Ryan but Emilio should have won.  Even Uli pushed the envelope and exited her comfort zone a little.  

    • hoez

      That elimination was just.. ugh. (@ Top Chef)

    • editrixie

      Man, Top Chef lost me a long time ago. I can’t even muster the interest even though it takes place this season in my hometown of Seattle.

  • guest2visits

    Wobbley ethics; PR. I think without his all his wins; AR would have had difficulty taking the win by his collection alone.
    Anthony had the most wins but clearly some of them belonged to other designers including Uli. And inspite of a stronger showing
    than Josh’s for this season – when it should have counted; she was put into a face-off with a lesser designer.
    (not completely trashing Josh here; he has skills – not always taste – and he’s made some pretty and unique items)
    Not trashing AR as a designer either; but I thought his RW was a let down. I thought he did better pieces during his season.
    Isaac was mostly semi-coherent in his rave critique of AR; but the observation about the weird hem lengths was glaring to me, as
    well as the poor fit on the second model, the general awfulness of the 5th and 7th designs and a few wonky back opennings.
    Still; 4 days. Even though I think Elena did this better; I give all of them credit for such a ridiculous finale challenge.
    But with 4 days, Emilio sewed up a storm – so many pieces and all constructed beautifully (with the exception of the 1st one, kind
    of a dud); they all had great verve and made a story together. What I didn’t like: the fabrics. They had a tendency to make the
    line look like costume; instead of a real clothing line. As when TLo mentioned the use of denim for the denims, instead of various
    and maybe richer, current textiles. I loved the silhouettes of all the pieces; but because of the cartoonish-ness of the fabric (the
    graffiti print was practically a cartoon all on it’s own), and the use of the same bow and hair for all models, which also looked costume
    (still thinking of Sonjia’s beautiful headscarves); the line didn’t have the fabrics to lift it, away from parody and into runway couture.
    And I blame the stupidity of the show; because with a mere 30 minutes to find material, 4 days to design and construct; Emilio still
    made an attractive and interesting collection with an incredible fit; and I feel we would have been blown away with a reasonable 6-8
    weeks time line for 10 or so looks.  
    And Uli’s collection was everything the judges said when they were praising it. Ethereal, dreamy and something to inspire wishes.
    And it made you watch it to absorb the detail. Of all, Uli selected best for her materials. The designs felt expensive and considered;
    not the end of a 4 day race.  Easily the most beautiful line of the three. When the judges remarked that they’d seen these looks
    before (what crap) as if they were out of date; I felt they were not subtly trying to imply Uli was old, out of date. Toss her on the
    fire, I guess. How dare she create and inspire, at her age!  And all this while Georgina makes and wears princess couture at 36…
    will she be irrelevant as a designer when she is 41?  
    Uli has already shown she can follow her imagination where ever it takes her; she has more than one idea in her head.

  • MattCooper27

    This is my problem with this decision and the state of Project Trainwreck: Either the judges are seriously amazed by some of these obviously inferior winners or they are seriously lacking in artistic integrity to the point they’ll sell their vote for the paycheck the producers are dangling in front of their faces. This was such a blatantly obvious manipulated decision, personified throughout the competition by Isaac Mizrahi, who declared in this episode that he’s seen Uli’s look done before. But Anthony Ryan’s geometric color blocking is some how new, fresh, and innovative? Give me a fucking break. 

    Uli, you deserved better than this. I wish the best for you. You are classy, inspired, and a cut above the rest, including that douchebag Mizrahi.

    • libraangel

      Color-blocking has been around for what? say a hundred years, or so?

      • MattCooper27

        And let’s not forget pockets. Who would ever have thought to place them on the sides at arm’s length? So fresh, so young, so bold…

      • libraangel

        p.s. I just went to Walmart – don’t laugh! For CAT FOOD which is cheaper there! – and anyway, there was a skirt there JUST like AR’s! Really, no kidding! Only difference was that it was gray and black, not bumblebee colors, and the black came up a little higher on the hem
        If you are reading this, AR, sorry to hurt your feelings, but – it’s the truth, baby!

  • Uli was robbed

  • DesertDweller79

    I didn’t watch this season, but I have been occasionally checking in on these recaps.

    I have to say, Uli’s collection is fabulous!  She should have won, definitely.  That is one of the better final collections I have seen on Project Runway.  I don’t know what was going on with the show.  Uli’s collection seems the clear winner to me.  I have no idea what was said on the show to justify any other decision.

    Anthony Ryan’s and Emilio’s are both okay.  I, too, think Emilio’s might be better than his original final collections.

  • just3003

    He ripped off Elena’s final collection!!!  

  • KittieLynnNYC

    Uli got robbed-simple as that. They decided Anthony Ryan would win as soon as it was decided to have him on All Stars. A dull season over all.

  • KittieLynnNYC

    Uli was robbed.

  • fashionzombie

    Thanks very much for the book suggestion — just ordered it from the library.

  • libraangel

    This is a late comment, but I thought that i would share that today I was at TJMaxx and saw a dress Exactly like one of AR’s!($19.99) HTG

  • A week before the ending, my kids and I predicted Anthony Ryan would be the winner – safe and a little above mediocre.  Emilio gave up and went political (which we loved), but it was too much for PR All Stars.  Only Uli was on the level of the haute couture show they saw in Paris.  And only Uli found the joy of true creativity.  I’m with you guys completely. 

  • BrightsideSusan

    Somehow managed to miss the finale and they have not run it again – so finally clicked over to see the reuslts here. 

    Sigh,  I think I am going to skip watching the new show that starts tonight.  I wonder what the ratings are like these days…they are turning off so many viewers with their “production decisions.”  I guess someone must still be making money…

  • such a depressing finale. I knew they would never give it to a black guy especially not emilio who isn’t afraid to stand up for his designs and point of view and it was clear that while Uli has been a fan favorite and is a real true design, they had already decided the winner at the beginning of the season was going to be another skinny white gay boy who is no different than the dozens of others in the industry. What does anyone bet he does some kind of collaboration with Issac?

  • I am trying to put my head around this..why did Anthony Ryan’s collection win? It was so plain and boring…seen it all before. Uli, is a high class, coutre designer….am I missing something here???

    • PinkLemon

       yeah i thought for sure AR would be #3 instead of stealing Uli’s #1 spot……….how odd. also – YES, WE’VE SEEN IT ALL BEFORE, AR. at express, bebe, freaking wet seal, for heaven’s sake. SNOOZE.

  • Akmall Razlan

    Uli should have won this season, but hey, those judges were blinded by things that really, IDK, stupid? like Anthony Ryan Auld’s uniforms. Poor Uli. Still love her.