PR All Stars: Le Freak, C’est Chic

Posted on January 11, 2013

We have to admit, this was one of the better episodes of Project Runway we’ve seen in some time.


Sure, the setting helped.


As did getting a personal tour of the House of Valentino.

Josh should’ve been thrown out for wearing those pants.


But we think a big part of the success of the episode was that the designers were given a truly difficult fashion-related task that didn’t just come down to silly time restrictions and jumping through hoops.


Don’t get us wrong. There were silly time restrictions and jumping through hoops, but that’s not what made the challenge fun. It was the unleashing of creativity and the demand that the work be as impeccable as haute couture. Or as creepy slow-speaker Carolyn Murphy called it, “HHHHHote koootooooor.” She also said “Bone Jor, designers, which caused us to throw things at our screen. What can we say? She bugs.

Sure, it’s impossible to do true couture in the time they were given, but it was fun to see how close they got to the mark. They should do more couture challenges on PR. The unconventional materials challenge is more than played out at this point and probably should be retired.



We’ve hit the wall. We can’t even be polite and say congratulations anymore. It’s ridiculous at this point how much the judges are fellating Anthony Ryan. Which isn’t to say this is bad. It’s probably one of the best things we’ve seen from him. But it was clearly NOT the best thing on that runway.



This was. By a MILE. It was the only garment on that runway that looked as if it could – and should – be walking in a couture show. Absolutely the best thing Emilio’s ever done on the show and to be honest, we’d probably put it in the top PR looks of all time.

Now granted, this garment, like all the garments this week, rested a lot on the fabric choice. That’s to be expected, though. When you give them a $4000 budget for fabric and mere hours to put a look together, everything’s going to be weighted toward the fabric choice and not toward the design or execution.



This was a bit of a disappointment from Uli. It’s interesting, certainly. And a bit unexpected. But what struck us most about this garment was how much it looked like something that would be walking in a Marchesa show. Were just not all that crazy about the gold metallic strips int he front and back, the illusion netting, or the fact that she use the lining not so much as a lining, but more like a second skirt.

But the judges and producers decided they hadn’t pissed all over the concept of haute couture enough, and gave both Josh and Uli the opportunity to rip their garments apart on the runway and do them over, in the space of an hour. There was a time when such a thing would have us wailing and gnashing our teeth, but we’re inured to the vagaries of the show now, and it barely raised an eyebrow between us.


What she came up with was perhaps not quite on the level of couture, but as Cynthia Rowley noted, it made a perfectly fine “Fuck you” to the judges. She took the lining they hated and made an entire dress out of it. A simple dress, sure. But it was elevated by that gorgeous jacket.



And it’s Schmauf Wiedersehen to Josh, which surprised the hell out of us. We were sure Uli was a goner. But even though the judges praised it, we think that bed sheet fabric on the bottom was what really lost it for him. It’s not just awful, it’s ridiculous.


And while he wisely ripped apart the parts that the judges criticized most, it didn’t actually help that much. He turned an awkward and strange-looking gown into an awkward and strange-looking cocktail dress. We have a feeling the judges didn’t want to let him go – in fact, we wonder if that last twist wasn’t an attempt to save him and send home the Bravo alum. Unfortunately for him, Uli just did an all-around better job. And she didn’t choose a fabric that looks like it belongs in a little girl’s bedroom.


[Photo Credit: David Russell – Stills:]

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  • JosephLamour

    Did anyone catch the fact that a week after Katie Holmes was on, Anthony Ryan said he wanted to jump on a couch when they heard they were going to Paris? He did it on purpose, I think, but, that was hilarious to me.

    • Kathy_Marlow

       I did catch that and thought it was totally hilarious!

    •  When he said that I thought, “you did NOT just say that!”

    • BookishBren

      Laughed my head off. Thought that was hilarious!

      • Indigo54

         I heard that too!  So cute! 

    • Brandon Yee

      Wait What? Sorry but can you please explain the joke to me?

      • grif wolf

        I think Tom Cruise once jumped on a chair on Oprah Winfrey- maybe when he said he and Katie were engaged?

  • Melvis Velour

    OMG!  I’m first!

    Totally with you on the overpraise of AR – that was NOT couture!  Emilio did the right thing, let the fabric do the talking and thank god he didn’t go with those appliques and added those sleeves – just marvelous! 

    • annieanne

      Somebody has to say it, so I’m going to go there — I’m starting to wonder how much skin colour is playing into the judging. Both Korto and Emilio came in second in their seasons. And I’ll bet large sums Emilio comes in second again.
      It’s like they can’t quite bring themselves to give a win to the dark skinned designer.

      •  Michael won his season…Irina won her season…Anya won her season…all of them are persons of color (not Caucasian).  I don’t think it has to do with color as much as judge favoritism.  Certain judges like certain designers.  Even if the clothes another designer makes may be better, they usually pine over their favorite.  Michael Kors and Issac are the worst for this in my opinion….

        • Michael Costello did not win his season; Gretchen won season 8.  Irina won her season but she is most certainly a Caucasian ( she’s Russian; what ethnicity did you think she was?!)  

        • Skippy Devereaux

          Michael won his season? Michael who?? Season 1 was Jay, Season 2 was Chloe, Season 3 was Jeffrey, Season 4 was Christian, Season 5 was Leeanne, Season 6 was Irina, Season 7 was Seth Aaron, Season 8 was Gretchen, Season 9 was Anya and Season 10 was Dimitry. So, who is this Michael and what season did he win? Not trying to start a fight, I am just confused.

        • Glammie

          Ummm, Irina was white–from the Republic of Georgia.  She is literally “Caucasian”–Georgia’s in the Caucasus region. (There is no Michael who won that I see listed.)  Most “white” people have brown eyes and brown hair, you know.
          What you have is one Hispanic All-Stars winner–Mondo Guerra and two winners of Asian descent–Chloe Dao and Anja.So, deliberate bias against a designer of African descent?  I doubt it, but I do wonder if there are some unconscious assumptions regarding what makes the right sort of winner that come into play because there have been a number of designers of African descent who made it to the finals who didn’t win:Kara Saun, Santino, Mychael Knight, Korto, Emilio, Fabio.  There have also been some talented ones who got axed early.  I think the possible bias against middle-aged women is similar.  Nothing as blatant as the promotion of designers who are telegenic, but enough so you sort of wonder a bit.I mean I can’t look at the list and say, oh, Korto should have won instead of Leanne Marshall because Leanne had one of the most beautiful finale collections ever on PR–Korto’s bad luck was to be in her season because Korto’s was quite a bit more beautiful than any of the winning collections since Season 5.  Kara Saun had a similar loss to Jay McCarroll.I actually think Mila should have won her season over both Seth and Emilio, though this isn’t the popular view. I did prefer Fabio’s collection to Dmitri’s overworked one–there I think the judges were conservative–Dmitri did some really nice stuff in competition and didn’t have Fabio’s erratic taste issues.

          • CozyCat

            I agree that while the lack of a winner “of color” is unfortunate, it’s hard to discern a discriminatory pattern.  Michael Knight choked on his final collection.  Emilio played it too safe.  Kara Saun was beat by one of the best collections in the history of the show.  As for Korto–matter of taste (I think Leann’s was better, but I understand the disagreement)

            As to the problem with middle aged women:  I think it’s just that they’re too mature, and don’t bring the “crazy drama” (and I’m another member of the minority that loves Mila’s work…)

          •  A lot of it is that the judges fall prey to the same problem as the industry in general — an unconscious race bias that assumes that everyone wants to look like white women want to look.  How many times have we heard from PR judges how no woman wants her butt to look bigger, rounder, etc?  Except for the millions of white women who are proud of their asses and like something that shows it off.  Or that a certain color is a problem, when it’s only a problem for white women? 

          • CozyCat

            While I don’t think this reasoning applies to the cases I mentioned, I think there have bee occassions where you are absolutely right.  There was an African American gal a few seasons ago who did a final collection with the design features you mention, and was heavily criticized for it.  I’m not sure she should have won, but the kind of criticism she received was out of line for exactly the reasons you mention.

          •  I’ll agree that Mycheal didn’t do well, and Emilio and Korto both had solid collections that were outclassed.  (Though I disagree in Korto’s case, I can see the argument for Leann) But in both Korto and Emilio’s cases, the color choices were more saturated and colors that would have been more wearable by women of color. 

            But there have been others who never made it to the finals because of their POV being not white enough.  And it’s not just PR — it’s very difficult to find fashion that isn’t reflective of the white standard of beauty, at least in the US market. 

          • Glammie

            Well, I think if anyone was really slammed for a color palette, it was Rami.  I’ve always thought the violet draped dress he made to get into the finale was actually a good choice for a red-haired model and while his auf-d outfit in all-stars wasn’t a good combo, he was auf’d because the judges wanted to get the serious competitors, such as Rami and Mila, axed before the finale so that the win would clearly be Mondo’s.  I think Korto’s use of color actually played in her favor.  I think it was allways viewed as a strength.  Leann, though, did a very tight collection that had more ideas going into it.  I remember TLo saying that it was the clear winner (getting all the applause) at the actual show.  

            Ever since the move to Lifetime, the producer manipulations have gotten more and more obvious–I haven’t watched PR All-Stars because I hate it when even famewhores aren’t judged fairly on their work–i.e. the Bravo-era contestants aren’t going to win.  

          • Older female and male designers keep getting pinged for not having designs that are “youthful” enough, but a young designer doing the same type thing is praised for the classic beauty of the garment.  I’d love to see the judges have to make a decision in the first 4 or 5 challenges without knowing who the designer was until AFTER they critique them.  And ps – not everyone is 21 and a flat chested rail thin model – I would imagine women 30-50 are the ones spending the bigger bucks on their clothes.  It’s difficult for a woman of say 40 to find exciting, beautiful garments that don’t look too old or too young.  Not wearing a micro mini length dress, a see through garment, strange jutting shoulders, or those awful short shorts we saw an abundance of last year is a good choice for women over 40 … but they don’t want to look like an old conservative frump either.

        • annieanne

          Mychael came in third, he didn’t win. I think that adds a third example to my original comment.
          Irina is from (formerly Soviet) Georgia; she may’ve been foreign but not what I would consider a person of colour.
          I’ll give you Anya, but just barely.

      • champagne

        What can we say, except, “It’s Amerryka”.

      • Jackie4g

        Not necessarily, as they gave a win to Anya, definitely a person of color.

      • Lingus

        Race aside, I honestly thought Korto and Emilio deservedly lost in both of their seasons. Korto’s collection was beautiful, but Leanne’s collection was one of the most innovative the show has ever seen (imo).

        I also thought Emilio shouldn’t have even gone to the finals over Jay Sario; he was the Anthony Ryan and Micheal Costello of his season and should’ve been auffed for that swimsuit alone. This all-star season has proven that he *still* mainly makes department clothes.

        I’m not saying that just because race wasn’t a factor for me, there’s no possible way it couldn’t be a factor for the judges…but except for seasons 8 and 9 (and maybe 10), I could see where the winners were justified.

      • thelovelydove

        What about Chloe (season 2), Mondo (All Stars season 1) and Anya (season 10?)

        I think Korto, Michael, and Emilio didn’t deserve to win their particular seasons. Nothing to do with their skin color, I just thought their final collections were somewhat disappointing (and Emilio should have been given the boot after his awful swimsuit in the unconventional materials challenge during season 7.)

        Anthony Ryan’s dress wasn’t my favorite this time around but I still loved it and I’m glad that he’ll probably win this season.

        This is going to be an unpopular opinion, but I LOVED Josh’s dress this week.

      • Northern_Light_27

        Where I’m wondering if race comes into it is Emilio’s choice of fabric colors– they flatter his model of color tremendously, but they’re hard colors for a lot of white women to wear.

        • fursa_saida

          Exactly. The judges’ consistent insistence that a given color is “hard to wear” when it is right in front of them looking awesome on a black model makes me absolutely crazy.

      • olivelovetree

        That may be…I’ve notice a gender bias, for sure. If there are two equally bad looks, the female designer will go home.

        • annieanne

          If you want an incredible example of gender bias, watch Top Chef. Those people are dedicated to making sure the women don’t win.

  • So, what exactly is the difference between couture and a pretty dress? Not in The World According To Project Runway, but in real life?

    • Melvis Velour

      Money, lots and lots of money…

      My Grandmother and my Mother wore couture so I got to see some of the best from the 60’s and 70’s and when you put it up against a pretty dress, you immediately see the difference.  Fabrics, workmanship, details and it’s definitely all in the details.

      • MoHub

         Particularly workmanship. Which is why Emilio should have won. It wasn’t just the gorgeous fabric; it was his masterful seaming, pleating, and darting that made his gown look couture.

        And Isaac was wrong; the length was elegant and perfect. I did not need to see the model’s ankles. Or Isaac’s either, for that matter.

        And did anyone else notice that AR and Isaac had matching red shoes?

        • 3boysful

           I adored Emilio’s.  He got screwed.

          And I have to admit that while I am no Josh fan, I liked where he was heading.  If the floral had been larger scale, he could have had a really modern couture thing going on.  I was royally annoyed by the praise for his second look, which was basically whacking it off and turning the bodice.

          • I liked where Josh was headed also.  I really liked his second look, unlike you.  I suspect he got a bit lucky.  But when he scaled back the black and the texture on it, it stopped fighting the print.  And when he deeply scaled back the skirt, the print fit the scale of the skirt and looked cute.  

          • annieanne

            Isaac got it right for once. Josh had a really interesting idea. And as happens far too often, his good idea was sabotaged by his execrable taste. TLo got it right — that floral was a bedsheet, not a couture gown. A truly stunning floral fabric and he might have been up for the win.
            As far as the second design, IMHO Uli got to stay because she really did transform her first look. As you said, Josh didn’t do anything but whack off the sleeves and hem and turn the bodice.

          •  Hmmm, I thought it was just a bad rift on Balenciaga floral.

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          Isaac and AR should just get a room, have some quality alone time together.  I hope that there isn’t another PR:AllStars edition anytime soon because after watching this joke of a season Isaac for me has zero credibility as a judge.

          • Carrieanno

            Isaac will never ever be Kors.  That simple.

          • l_c_ann

            Isaac is married and that should make him behave.

          • formerlyAnon

             Oh please. When did that *ever* stop anyone from over-sharing (intentionally or not) what had engaged their imagination (or loins)? Even if it stopped them from doing the deed.

          • Indigo54

             I totally agree about Issac.  No credibility whatsoever as a judge.  I think he should be replaced. 

        • Carrieanno

          I thought the length of Emilio’s gave it a gorgeous gliding quality.  My immediate reaction to Isaac’s comment was that if the gown had been shorter, it would have been criticized for being too (awkwardly) short.

          • I agree. Though perhaps a 3/4 length sleeve would have been lovely, and a chance to show off a diamond bracelet.

          • Jackie4g

            Exactly. When Emilio showed that shorter in front, longer in back hem in another challenge, he was praised. Had he done that this time, his very tall model and her very slender legs and ankles would have been a distraction and I can see the judges jumping on him for repeating himself. They, and especially Isaac mizrahi, have been inconsistent enough to do just that.

        • JANE LANE

           And you know that if we were able to see her ankles, they would have ripped him apart for it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a show where the judging is quite so arbitrary. Even So You Think You Can Dance doesn’t seem as arbitrary as Project Runway.

      • DinaSews

        I’m currently reading a book on couture and it’s definitely in the details.  Lots of hand sewing and extra work to the undergarment support.  There is no way a couture dress could be completed in 10 hours.

      • Jackie4g

        It’s also different in that there is an understructure to most couture. No couture customer has to wear a strapless bra, for example, because the underpinnings are built into the gown. The garment is fitted to its wearer and no one else.

        • UsedtobeEP

          I think that is what made Emilio’s so outstanding. He was able to choose a fabric that had so much structure, and build in pleating that gave it shape and line, that it looked as if it had been built at a couture house. He really followed the letter of the law. 

        • adnama79

          Part of what made AR’s win so ridiculous – no lining at all in a see-through dress.  Even though it’s “couture-inspired,” no lining should mean no win in a couture – or couture adjacent – challenge.

    • For one, you have to be a certified couturier. Additionally, couture is defined by its use of the highest quality materials, using old world techniques (no machine sewing), and fitted exactly to the customer. Each couture piece is one of a kind.

      • BuffaloBarbara

         Thank you for the explanation.  I really wish they’d given it on the show!

        • DinaSews

          Yes, but then they would have had to explain why they called it a ‘couture’ challenge when that was an impossibility with the time given.  😉

          •  Not only the time, but you have to be a CERTIFIED couturier — so even if the pieces were all up to par, it still wouldn’t qualify. 

          • BuffaloBarbara

            By the end of the show, they’d gone to “couture-inspired.”  Which… yeah.

      •  Is that why Uli kept saying “couture-inspired”? Would there have been an uproar if they’d tried to claim those dresses as actual couture?

        • Derek_anny

           Most likely an uproar of laughter and derision.

        • Kristin McNamara

          I noticed that too. But it wasn’t just Uli who kept saying “couture-inspired”… Carolyn was saying it a lot too. Maybe because of how much crap that gets spewed on the interwebs about the sh*t that gets labeled couture on every other PR season’s “couture” challenge, they’ve decided to start calling the assignment “make a couture-INSPIRED garment” now.

      • Thanks for the explanation. And I too noticed the overuse of “couture inspired” which makes sense now.

        (AND OMG TLO IN PERSON JUST REPLIED TO MY QUESTION!! 2013 is already a winner in my books!!!)

      • Violina23

        Thanks! I was wondering about this myself. I think there is a major misconception that couture is defined simply by being big/dramatic/exaggerated. It can be, but that’s not what makes it couture.  

        *Cue “The more you know” star and music*

        • Indigo54

           I got the feeling Josh thinks of couture in that way  – big/dramatic/exaggerated.  He was wrong.

      • paginatrix

         Carolyn introduced couture as a “style.” Ack.

      • Melvis Velour

        Very true, when I was growing up in Beirut back in the fabulous 60’s, there were a number of private couture houses and you were absolutely guaranteed that no one else would be wearing the same look that season.

        I remember looking at some of the dresses being made and the craftsmanship was incredible – you couldn’t tell a machine stitch (rare) from a hand stitch and the fabrics were all top of the line imports from all over the world.  The design process started with the selection of the fabric and then they started on the look of the outfit to be made.  All in very hushed tones, only one client in the salon at that moment and everyone was drinking little cups of Turkish coffee and eating these delicate pastries from an incredible bakery called Bourgeois (fitting).

        Sigh, all of that was smashes to smithereens in the carnage of the civil war…

    •  Couture garments are manufactured one at a time, for individual clients, and the work is nearly all by hand, and for complex pieces, requiring the skilled labor of dozens of people.  Add to it that often the fabrics, notions and trims are all custom for that design, and suddenly an evening dress is upwards of 80,000 dollars or more.

      • Indigo54

         Couture pieces are works of art, aren’t they?  I’ve even heard they’re sometimes passed down from generation to generation. I wonder if that’s true?

        • formerlyAnon

           True. I knew a woman who was the lucky grandchild closest to her wealthy grandmother’s size.

          I remember a bit of angst, though, because she wasn’t *exactly* her size, and some of the pieces needed alteration to be really wearable. And the local seamstress she trusted to do the alterations was reluctant to touch the work – said that there was no way the customer would be getting as good a fit as the garment deserved.  I never found out how, or if, that was resolved since we were acquaintances rather than best buddies.

          • Indigo54

             I’m not even acquainted with anyone who’s acquainted with a couture owner….

          • formerlyAnon

             It is sometimes astonishing who we meet along the way, isn’t it?  In this case, my kids were fortunate to go to a very good public school, and families who could have afforded to live anywhere at all and send their kids to any private school chose to live in its feeder neighborhoods. I met lots of people I’d never have encountered otherwise.  (Eventually the property taxes in that neighborhood became too high for my finances, but by then my kids had benefited from the school!)

    • Susan Collier

       In season 3, they said hand sewing, which sure as heck didn’t happen in this challenge with a 2-day turnaround + jetlag.

      • Pam Winters

        We couldn’t believe it when the glue gun came out.

        • Carrieanno

          After season after season of thinking I was immune to anything that happens on that show, my jaw dropped at that moment.

        • The glue gun damn near made me weep. At the same time, I wasn’t surprised.

    • l_c_ann

      There are a couple of really good books about couture sewing techniques.  Also, if you get IFC there are a couple of one hour shows about French Designers that make the seamstress in me gasp in wonder. 

      Even the old Vogue Sewing book talks about techniques that are beyond ‘pattern’ following and making the dress fit the woman for whom it’s designed.

      • Denise

        do you recall the name of these shows on IFC?

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          I saw a show on IFC or Sundance about Jean Paul Gaultier that prominently featured the seamstresses who worked for him. They, and their work, were truly inspiring.

          • Lisa_Cop

            I saw a series on Karl Lagerfeld preparing for a Chanel couture show. I think it’s called Signe Chanel.

          • baxterbaby

            A dear friend of my late mother was one of those seamstresses.  She worked for Bill Blass in the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s in New York.  So many of those women were Italian born and so gifted.

            This woman could literally eyeball a garment by any designer and create an exact pattern.  As a surprise, she made a copy of a Blass gown that I had fallen in love with on an AT&T commercial for my junior prom (adapting it for a teenager) without ever taking my measurements.  It barely had to be altered.  I saved that masterpiece and passed it on to my niece.

          • Oh you should post a picture of that.  And I was all impressed cuz one of my aunt knows everyone’s size without asking, hehe.

          • formerlyAnon

             Love this story.

          • baxterbaby

            You know what the best part of this story is?   Mr B., as the seamstresses called him, treated and paid those women like the artists they were.  My mother’s friend was a young widow with three little daughters when she went to work for Mr. Blass.  She was able to give them a nice home, send them all to college and pay for all their weddings AND retire comfortably when the time came.  She worked hard, but loved her work!

          • formerlyAnon

             You’re right. This part IS the best part!

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            that’s such a wonderful story-so much class and appreciation shown to those women-who certainly deserved it.

          • Indigo54


          • Pinup Ghoul

             That’s so sweet! I second Alloy Jane, you should definitely post pictures if you have them!

      • The book “Couture Sewing Techniques” by Claire Shaeffer has a fairly in-depth explanation of what couture is and what makes it different from high-end RTW. Even for people who don’t sew, it’s an excellent read for the sheer amount of information it contains.

         TLo are right that you have to be certified but there are very few houses that are in the list of certified haute couturiers and, if I recall correctly, there are only 11 actual members that meet the qualifications, plus 5 members called Correspondent Members (those who aren’t French and/or don’t have their main atelier in Paris, like Armani) and 14 Guest Members (Americans are usually on this list; Ralph Rucci used to be one). So to be a part of this elite group you not only have to design things that are made to order for individual clients but they also have to require a minimum of one fitting. The designer must have an atelier in Paris which employs a minimum of 15 full-time workers, they must present a collection bi-annually at Paris fashion week (January and July) of at least 35 designs which must include day and evening looks, and they must show the collection to potential clients at their couture house, kind of a private runway show, but more often up close so the potential buyer can get a good look at the garment.The other thing that identifies a garment as couture is the way in which designs are scaled to the individual client’s body. For example, if something is too long overall, it’s not just hemmed shorter – the proportions are changed so that the design looks perfect for that person’s stature and figure. That includes making embellishments like beading or embroidery smaller or larger in scale to fit the client’s body. Yes, high-end fabrics are required and the garments are more than 50% sewn by hand, but that ends up being a small portion of the requirements. There are many designers who meet all the requirements but who don’t have an atelier in Paris (Romeo Gigli, for instance) who have been denied the right to use the term haute couture by the Chambre Syndicale (the governing body of haute couture) for that reason alone.

    • editrixie

      A really good way to watch this in action is the documentary about Valentino himself that came out a couple years ago. Bonus is that it’s often hilarious to watch him pouting and swanning around like the diva he is. But it’s really cool to see couture in action — I often wondered the same thing till I saw that.

    • The work that goes into it. I’ve been studying couture techniques and I adore them. There’s a lot of hand sewing, no shortcuts, everything is immaculately finished, and perhaps most importantly, brilliantly engineered. Susan Khalje, a renowned couturier and teacher, has an excellent online class on couture and says that engineering is one of the key aspects of couture that elevates it from other sewing. It’s the process of using stays and boning and all sorts of other techniques to make the garment look exactly as the designer intended. You will see know falling straps and gaping necklines in a couture garment. 

      But yes, workmanship, details, and engineering are what primarily separates couture from not-couture. 

      • libraangel

        And that is why it was so unfair to give the designers so little time to execute their ideas. And this is why Emilio should have won because his pleats were spot on.

    • berkeleygirl

      Haute couture is made specifically and exclusively for the client and, I believe, usually hand-finished.

    • H3ff

      There’s also an important distinction to be made between couture and haute couture. “Couture” just means sewing and has no additional meaning under law. Any designer can therefore label himself as a ‘couture’ designer. “Haute couture” though is specifically reserved for designers or houses that have accepted into the club, and others who use the classification will be sued.

  • MoHub

    I think it was important for Lifetime to make sure one Bravo alum got into the finale—after which they would deny her the win. As I mentioned in the Lounge, I think it’s a sop to the charter viewers, but once season 11 finishes—officially resulting in Lifetime than Bravo seasons—I wouldn’t be surprised if no Bravo alum ever appears on PRAS again.

    • Kenisha Hill Phillips

      That is entirely possible.

    • Introspective

      I definitely get your theory. I hadnt even really thought about why Lifetime was churning out season after season back to back. Its to get viewers to forget that the show had even existed on Bravo. wow. Great catch. and yet a saddening realization that as much as we hoped the move to Lifetime wouldnt change the show, it has RUINED it. 

      As with everything in life, quantity is NEVER a substitute for quality. I’d say Bravo’s run will continue to outweigh Lifetime’s blur of mediocrity that theyve foisted upon us. 

      as for last night, I cant even believe Josh was being kicked around as a contender. Its ridiculous to imagine that someone as skilled as Uli was in doubt for her very deserved place in the finale, and that someone with as many taste issues (Nina where are you?) as Josh had even gotten this far…

      I dont even want to go into the unrecognized beauty of Emilios dress. Its infuriating to see them consistently pass over his innovation for more slobbering over ARs run of the mill productions. Im going to need LOTS of wine for this finale. Especially with only 4 days allotted to produce a whole collection??? Horrible. Lifetime is really driving those last few nails into this show’s coffin, arent they?

      •  Nina put Josh in the finale of his first season, so she’s not really one to talk.

      •  Which is still bizarre.  Why would you care if viewers remember the Bravo seasons?  In fact, since Siriano is their most successful alum at this point, wouldn’t you want them to remember those seasons?

    • MissMariRose

       That’s an interesting theory, but I thought it was more simple that that. The “Channel for Women” just wasn’t going to have an all-male finale.

      • MoHub

         But PRAS 1 had an all-male finale, with one Bravo designer—Austin—and two Lifetime guys—Michael and Mondo. And Mondo was predestined to win it from the get-go, as is Anthony Ryan this time around.

        • Somehow it feels that Anthony Ryan has had more wins or near wins than Mondo.  I quickly compared seasons, and Anthony Ryan did have slightly more wins and more high threes than Mondo.  Anthony Ryan has been “safe” only once and at least in the high 3 the rest of the time.  Except for the epic fail episode, for which he was safe because the producers “couldn’t” kick off a person with such a winning record.

          • It feels as though Anthony Ryan has won more challenges than Lance Armstrong has won bike races.

            I just watched last week’s episode, and holy cats! AR should have been booted for what he sent down the runway. She wanted to hide her breasts, so he made a tent and wrapped a ribbon around it, right under her breasts. I love the guy, but come on.

  • it was absolutely Emilio’s win, not AR’s.  And in a perfectly fair universe, as much as I love me some Uli, her effort was a pretty appalling mess of a dress, with hilariously bad styling to top it off. Josh’s dress, though not perfect by a long shot, was clearly edging its way towards the couture sensibility.  Had he found a better floral for the skirt, and fitted it better up top, it would have been amazing.

    • DinaSews

      All those beautiful fabrics hanging on the rolls and he finds a folded bolt tucked away on a top shelf.  He seems to want to pull off the ‘surprise’ win like that yellow tartan plaid couture dress in season 4(?) from Jeffrey.

      • MoHub

        Season 3. And Uli completely hand-sewed and French-seamed her garment in that same episode.

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          I never fully understood what was so amazing about Jeffrey’s mess of plaid tablecloths cobbled together contrasted with Uli’s work in that episode.

          • Completely agree. I looked back in pictures and remembered just how much I disliked the plaid.

          • l_c_ann

            I think that yellow plaid mess with the hanging zippers is the reason I no longer use yellow as an accent in my kitchen

          • Robin Krug

            The memory of that plaid monstrosity still burns.  Imagine any woman of any age wearing it and looking less than ridiculous.

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            I remember that the Bravo board had a really heated discussion about Jeffrey’s couture tablecloth. 

      • Carrieanno

        My thoughts exactly!  What was he even doing nosing around the folded bolts?  I wouldn’t have picked Josh as a student of past seasons, but the second he pulled out the floral fabric it was “he’s trying to pull a Jeffrey.” 

        • Indigo54

           Emilio was on point when he lamented in astonishment, “He flew all the way to Paris to buy that fabric?!”

      • Celandine1

        I really did like Josh’s idea for the dress, but wow his fabric choices looked like he spent $300 at Mood instead of $4000 in Paris.

      • I loved that dress from Jeffrey!  That yellow tartan was indeed very unexpected and beautifully handled.

    • ChaquitaPhilly

      Josh’s print fabric choice seemed so “wrong” for the couture challenge. He’s always picked fabrics he doesn’t seem to know what to do with, all season. I agree that Uli’s dress was a mess but that print fabric sealed Josh’s fate for me! I LOVED Uli’s making the revised dress out of the lining the judges hated. 

    •  Yeah, that floral looks like upholstery fabric.  Josh might actually make a solid designer if someone could just teach him to shop!  He has such problems picking out the right fabrics — remember that hideous print he was so excited about in the finale of S9?

      • Oof! The man has serious taste issues, when left to his own devices. I think, though, that he shines when he has one client he can work closely with. I really liked what he made for his veteran last week. I expected a leopard-print explosion/disaster, but he had the sense to use it as an accent. He also did quite well in the everyday woman challenge during his season, IIRC. He needs guidance, even if it’s just from a client.

      • Indigo54

         Yeah, I remember LOL.  Tim Gunn said it was the ugliest print he’d ever seen. 

    • Kayceed

      When I saw Josh’s fabrics – I shreiked – he is attempting Lacroix! If that floral had been on a bigger scale, in more luxe fabric, with slightly more muted colors – wowza!

      •  So if it had been a totally different fabric that happened to also be a floral?  😉

        • Kayceed


    • editrixie

      I have to admit, not watching the show and only reading recaps here, seeing the styling on Uli’s model made me cringe backwards — no lie, I actually cringed, expecting to read she was the one aufed. I don’t have your design sensibility so Josh’s look just made me weep, but maybe it wouldn’t have been so eye searing in a different fabric…unfortunately it’s all I can see!

  • Anthony – have you been watching Downtown Abbey? 
    Because, I’ve seen this dress before, dahling:
    It’s Mrs. O’Briens daily dress.

    (except for the weird hairdo that you requested, although Mrs. O’B’s hairdo is also weird.)

    • Pam Winters

      Yeah, it’s like O’Brien for the porn version of “Downton Abbey.”

      • Billie_Dawn

        “Going Downtown Abbey”?

  • Younglings – The title of this post is brilliant. It’s the title of an popular disco song. There must be a you-tube recording of it somewhere.

    • Indigo54

       That’s an old Nile Rogers goodie with an awesome rhythm guitar. It starts out, “FREAK OUT!!!”  Freak out.  That’s what I did when I saw Josh’s entry.    The judges freaked out too – except for the Romper Room teacher.  I have no idea where her head is most of the time.

  • Clueless_Jock

    While i didn’t like Josh’s dresses his critiques were valuable lessons in proportion, scale and what separates couture from highend rtw.

  • Beverly Kozma

    I was truly concerned that Josh was going to wear a neon tank top to the House of Valentino.  Thank goodness he didn’t, but short pants?  I don’t know about that one – if I were going to pay a designer, I’d want someone who dressed better.

    • Susan Collier

       Anthony Ryan’s jacket at the Valentino show reminded me of something Duckie would wear to the prom in Pretty in Pink. #datingmyself

      • Stubenville

        In TLounge I think I commented that he and Josh (in a sequined tuxedo) looked like fools.

        • Pinup Ghoul

           How appropriate for them, then. They ARE fools.

        • Fools, yes. But Josh looked like a cheap fool (that plastic-y, shiny jacket!) and that’s worse.

    • VanessaDK

       Not to rise to Josh’s defense, but he probably packed for July (or whenever they were filming) in NYC, not a trip to Valentino.  When Laura Bennet discovered she was pregnant in S3, she said the only pants she brought that would continue to fit her were her riding pants and wore them all the time.

      • Except they were all clearly told they would need two outfits in addition to their everyday clothes for the trip.  Both Uli and Emilio look perfectly fine for a work day at a couture house so they knew they’d need professional-ish clothes, and clam diggers is what Josh considers “professional.”  At least it wasn’t his two-tone short shorts.

        I was more aghast at Aryan and Josh at the couture show. Especially Aryan.  They looked like cast members from Jersey Shore and Buckwild.

        • Robin Krug

          Ha! I was thinking “capris,” but “clam diggers” is so much better!

        • Indigo54

           HAR!  I was thinking pedal-pushers.  When’s the last time you heard that term?  He didn’t wear his work boots.  I was disappointed. 

          • I almost went with pedal-pushers…but settled on clamdiggers instead.

      • Carrieanno

        Wouldn’t they have been told to bring a passport with them?  And by this time shouldn’t they all have “be prepared for anything” tattooed on their wrists?

        • I’ll bet they have to hand over their passports to the producers when they arrive in New York.

        • H3ff

          Thank God there wasn’t a passport drama added into the mix, à la one heinous season of ANTM.

    • editrixie

      Josh’s clothes always look so manky to me — I can’t believe he went to the House of Valentino dressed like that, but it also bugs me that his clothes just look dirty and they smell of, and are stained by, his self-tanner. It seems like he should be scrubbed down with a brush and given some less skanky clothes.

      • If Josh would calm down on the manscaping & maybe let his body hair grow back he’d be pretty decent looking.

  • While the fabric did a lot of the work for Emilio, Emilio knew how to work that fabric.  It was weird, and stiff, and gorgeous and could have gone wrong in so many ways, but it didn’t.  And this time I didn’t think the lovely Aminat made the gown look better, this time it was all gown.

    Which is why I screamed when AR, even after admitting he didn’t even make a lining, he just sent his model down the runway covered in Morticia Addams’ doily, that I shrieked.  The dress was fine but how many side-paneled dresses does he have to make before people tell him to stop, please for the love of God, stop?

    Emilio was rooked.

    • Morticia Addams’ doily! I just spit my coffee all over my desk! Spot on.

    • Indigo54

       Morticia’s doily – rofl. At least the model’s hair was slamming.  I hated Aminat’s hairdo.  After the unconventional materials challenge, I didn’t think it could look any worse.  I was wrong. 

      • Carrps

        Yeah, at first I said it was Elvira, but I settled on Morticia. You had to get extremely close to even see any details on that gown. It was just a slightly sparkly black blob.

        • Indigo54

           I went to the lifetime site so I could see a swatch of the fabric.  Beautiful.  I never would have guessed AR’s dress was made from that fabric. Not even close.   I’m still trying to figure out what he did to it. 

  • I was suspicious of the “create a new look” challenge because Josh had yards of two very different fabrics and Uli had bits of gold and some beige lining. It seemed like the challenge was weighted toward Josh. Perhaps because the judges balked at really having to justify keeping his first look around.  But all Josh did for his different look was change proportions on his odd dress. And Uli made a beautiful dress from fabric lining. Perhaps the producers feared a real viewer rebellion if they kept trying to justify keeping Josh.

    •  I thought Uli’s second effort was delicious looking.  It was a far better piece than her first one.

      • 3boysful

         I agree.  The draping looked so intentional for something rolled out in minutes.  I was afraid her couture dress was gonna be a goner.  But the second look was fab-o.

        •  Plus her second look, while still clearly her esthetic, was a more unique piece than we’ve seen from her this season. She has relied a lot on her “center placket of decorative stuff, with things attached” technique.

          • Stubenville

            And how delicious that she used the element the judges crucified her over, the lining, as her primary fabric. 

          •  Yep, she blew a huge visual raspberry at them all.

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            Well-played, Ms. Uli!

          • Qitkat

            Is it possible that Uli is one of those people, who, the more time they have, the more they overthink their design, and given a challenge such as this second look, the innate design potential actually comes out more clearly? It was so obvious that even in one hour, she could produce a garment which had actual elements of design to it, proving how talented she is, while Josh was unable to think beyond a simple redo of cut and remove and shorten and reverse. 

      • Agreed. I would buy that second look in a heartbeat. When Georgina audibly gasped the second it turned down the runway, I knew Uli had it.

      • And she made new sleeves in an hour! That’s haute couture in Anya’s world, probably.

    • Spicytomato1

      I didn’t get the praise for Josh’s new dress. To me it was not a “complete reworking,” but more of a “modification.” Uli’s was most definitely a more dramatic reworking.

      • MoHub

         Josh even described it as the couture look filtered down to ready-to-wear, so even he didn’t see it as a reworking rather than an adaptation.

        • Spicytomato1

          Which is why their decision shouldn’t have been as hard as they said. While his new look was lovely, he clearly didn’t adhere to the mandate that they completely transform their garment. 

          Although I suppose missing or meeting judges’ criteria rarely matters if their minds are made up in advance. Ugh.

          • 3boysful

             Good catch! I’d forgotten they said “completely transform,” so I am justified in my annoyance that Josh just hemmed his up.  OK, and reversed the bodice.  But it was still the same dress, albeit shorter.

          • Lisa_Cop

            He also removed the sleeves.

      • libraangel

        And Uli’s was a good revenge/FU to the judges who went on about her lining in the first dress!

    • Carrieanno

      I question whether the producers really care about the hardcore purist viewers anymore.

      • Celandine1

        Oh darling, they never did.

  • This is one

  • Jennifer Coleman

    Little girls all over the world are offended by your bedroom remark, TLo! Good grief, Emilio’s dress is beautiful. So are we building to a colossal choke by Anthony Ryan in the finals?

    • Pinup Ghoul

       No. They wanted to give it to AR since Season 9, but didn’t, for some reason. Now, they have to jump through all of these hoops to do so! They should have made it easier on themselves.

      • Lisa_Cop

        I think AR was auf’d mid-season 9. But Tim loved him and AR nearly beat Anya in winning fan favorite. Still I don’t think he the talent to deserve a slot in AllStars let alone win it.

  • GorgeousThings

    How bad is it that I didn’t watch it and I don’t care? Even though I would love to see Uli win it, I can’t get past the producer manipulation. Pfeh.

  • So… Anthony “lost” last week but they didn’t send him home? Did they even bother with an excuse? 
    *I’m not watching, just enjoying rolling my eyes at the recaps. 😉

  • I think Uli should have made a dress out of Cynthia Rowley’s visible Spanx. Because honestly, it was the thing I noticed the most.

  • SugarSnap108

    Eh, I have a feeling that *shocking twist* was going to happen no matter which two people ended up in the bottom, and not really a move to save Josh. I hated that they did that Uli, but in the end I was kind of glad for it, because she got to show the bitches how much more creative and skilled she is than Josh. 

    I’m a bit surprised at how much you like Emilio’s.  I do think it should have won, but I think it’s more of a well-constructed dress with a rich fabric than a breathtaking design. I like AR’s dress, too, so can’t say I’m outraged at his win — but maybe that’s because I’ve fallen into such a “meh” phase with this show, I’m incapable of a strong emotional reaction to it.

    • VanessaDK

       I too would be interested in finding out what it is that makes Emilio’s one of the top looks on PR.  I consider you two my fashion educators–a more detailed critique of the look would be helpful.  Is it the volume?  was the shape of the dress unusual?  hard to achieve?

  • Stubenville

    Seeing the stills, I’m even more disappointing in Uli’s first effort. But if Top Chef style judging were employed, Joanna would have sent Josh home immediately after his fabric pick with a curt dismissal about knowing nothing about couture.

    • VanessaDK

       A good chef has to know his/her ingredients!

    • Like when Tom sent home that really annoying guy for butchering (as opposed to butchering) some meat in the final audition round a couple seasons ago? That was a thing of beauty, and a wonder to behold. Or this season, when all the chefs screwed up and he refused to name a winner, in addition to pulling the $20,000 prize money off the table. I love it when Tom gets pissed off.

      Joanna has perfected the art of being both passive-aggressive and diplomatic. She was obviously horrified by the floral fabric, but only said she was “curious” to see how Josh was going to successfully use his decidedly not-couture fabric for a couture-inspired challenge.

      • Stubenville

        Exactly – I was thinking of the botched butchering. 

  • Susan Collier

    Josh’s couture skirt was pure Loretta Lynn polyester fantasy. Oy. And I like retro prints, but those two weren’t working.
    Uli’s didn’t work for me either.
    Anythony Ryan pulled that one out and it looked good, but there is no way he should have won. Why the judges’ hard-on for this guy? Also, he styled his model with a pompadour to match his own. Yawwwwnnnn….
    Emilio, you were robbed. You did great. I think you were wise to remove the appliques due to time constraints, but I would have loved to see what you came up with for embellishment if you had more time to play.

    • Spicytomato1

      Maybe it’s just me but I thought AR ripped off his look — or at least the concept — from Uli’s. 

      • Susan Collier

         Both Uli and AR seemed to borrow a lot of ideas from the Valentino collection with the sheer/solid dresses. The first AR design (that he discarded) looked like a direct ripoff.

  • 12 hours later and I am still filled with anger. Let’s work some of it out:
    I cannot abide Carolyn Murphy any longer. I can’t even stand looking at her anymore.
    Uli is the only designer who even has a coherent aesthetic. Seriously, I would not be able to pick something out of a lineup that was made by Anthony Ryan. Where is the love for him coming from? WTF?????
    Emilio should have won but he is another one that week to week, I can never get a sense of what his point of view is.
    I understand that Uli’s dress was not so great this week. But she has consistently been a winner and shown a great sense of who she is. Josh should have gone home weeks ago – his dress last night was laughable and they made Uli be in a one hour ‘sew off’ with him? I was disgusted. Having to listen to Carolyn talk us through it just made it even worse. Why do I still let this show upset me so much? Who knows?

    • Stubenville

      Drinking heavily during the broadcast seems to help.

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        I’m going to have corner the market on Merlot to get through another episode, let alone season, of Isaac on PR: AllStars.

        • libraangel

          You better really stock up if you are planning to watch PR team challenge on Jan 24th! HA HA

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            Yes, I have hard choices-the health of my liver, or watching the inanity of PR, All teamsAllthetime

      • fashionzombie

        i was sick and dizzy from booze consumption after this episode. note to self: must show restraint during finale.

    • Kenisha Hill Phillips

      Don’t hold back. How do you really feel? 😛

      •  I know right? I gotta’ pull myself together. I’m ridiculous. More drinking: check.

  • SugarSnap108

    Oh, and the fabric Josh chose for his skirt looks the covering on my parents’ lawn furniture.

    • AnneElliot

      My first thought was “plastic picnic tablecloth.”  

      • Indigo54

         Mine too.  I think I saw a line of ants marching up the front of the skirt.

  • BookishBren

    I have thought some of the criticism of Anthony Ryan’s wins this season were a little unwarranted at times but I could not agree MORE with the analysis this week. Emilio’s dress was so far above the others—their decision is just insane. It is just beyond ridiculous that he didn’t get the win. 

    I truly believe Josh’s fabric choice lost it for him. I have actually been a little more impressed with him this season, but his fabric choices at times just aren’t good. 

    I do hope Emilio (or Uli) wins the whole thing just because I think it will blow TLo’s minds if the judges don’t give it to AR at this point. lol

    • Lisa_Cop

      Since Uli is still working in Florida as a stylist and Emilio seems to be working on a show called Motown Musical, it certainly looks like AR won. But I, too, wonder why, why?

  • yulaffin

    Emilio was robbed!  His was clearly the best garment on the runway.

  • smitnkitn

    I guess I’m the only one that thought Emilio’s looked bulky and a bit like a bathrobe for a Chinese empress.  Also the pleats do not hang right in the rear.

    • He didn’t have time to fix the pleats.

    • I really thought his dress was ugly. I liked Uli’s the best. But I also don’t know much about couture, sooo… 

    • Adella Thompson

      I didn’t hate it, but it did seem kind of uninteresting and a costume for something I couldn’t quite place. Beautiful fabric, but ho-hum to me with what he did with it. His model can work most anything, though. 

  • nannypoo

    This was totally Emilio’s win. The judges on this show, week after week, should be embarrassed. I also liked the concept of Joshua’s look better than AR’s. If he had used an attractive and appropriate fabric for the skirt it could have been an attractive dress.

  • mjude

    i am just pissed & disappointed this year.  i thought surely they would give the win to emilio but NO.  also how could the judges with a straight face praise josh’s look, it was just plain stupid.  seriously do the judges realize how obvious they are?

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      I think the judges are either very well paid to parrot B-M’s line for this season or that they genuinely don’t get a rat’s ass.  PR is a side gig for them.

      • mjude

        time for me to face the facts that its never going to be the same as when we all started here with TLO.

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          I know, but it still makes me sad-and a bit mad, too. 

          • Lisa_Cop

            Did anyone else notice that a director must have screwed up because I was surprised to hear Georgina say “I would wear that” to Uli. That’s the model/host’s line ( who can’t think of anything more interesting to say).

  • In the elimination round, were Uli and Josh given sewing machines?

    • MoHub

       No. It was all cutting, pinning, and hand-sewing.

      • Robin Krug

        And gluing, I’m sure. Yech.

    • Stubenville

      It appears not. They had a little cart with sewing supplies and their leftover fabric.

  • dress_up_doll

    I’m glad TLo thought Josh’s gown was a hot mess because I did as well. I amazes me how far he’s gotten with such obvious taste issues (with the exception of his win last week). He has ALWAYS selected the most abominable and god-awful fabrics. He amazes me. I also cannot for the life of me understand how the judges kept going on about how if Josh had selected the same floral print on a larger scale his gown would’ve worked. I’m glad Uli won over Josh, but I don’t think she deserved to be in that stupid final challenge business. It was beneath her.

  • LesYeuxHiboux

    As a former little girl, I’d like to say: “We have better taste.”

    • Celandine1

      Your comment made me giggle like a little girl for a minute! 😀

  • BuffaloBarbara

    Totally agree with your assessment.  Sigh. There was nothing awful about AR’s garment, but Emilio’s was clearly better.  There wasn’t really a contest between Josh and Uli, either, though, as jumping hoops go, the deconstruction was one of the better ones.  And I loved Rowley’s acknowledgment of exactly what Uli’s resulting dress was–a huge “fuck you” to the judges, which they richly deserved.

    • Qitkat

      I’m not the biggest fan of Cynthia Rowley, but her comment was so delicious, that I consider it among the top 5 comments ever uttered by a judge on any episode of PR.
      Just don’t ask me to name the other four 😉

  • Alisa Rivera

    Emilio’s dress looks like one of Valentino’s prairie designs from the last collection but with beautiful fabric instead of shower curtain fungus. 

  • Judy_J

    Emilio was robbed, that’s all there is to it.  His dress was absolutely gorgeous, and yes, one of the best things I’ve seen on PR in many a season.  Why even bother to have a season finale at all, since it is obvious that Anthony Ryan will be crowned king?  I’m glad Uli made the final 3.  While her dress had some issues, Josh’s was a mess.  I knew when he picked that tacky floral fabric, he was a goner.

    • another_laura

      How could they even get a crown over that awful hair?  

      • Ha! He needs to wear that little knitted hat he had on last night. He looked cute in it, and it could easily accommodate a crown.

        Man, I wish he’d get rid of that stupid mohawk.

        • guest2visits

          I’m afraid the red string he ties around his head (for charity?) just makes him look like he’s been playing
          with a ball of yarn under the table.

        • forward_slash_PRS

          Yes, wasn’t it illuminating how different and — I can’t believe I’m saying this — *alluring* AR looked with his awful bouf covered up?

      • DaveinAlamitosBeach

        Actually, I think he wears that hairstyle just BECAUSE it will fit a crown so well.  It’s like the bouffant bun thing that the Miss Universe contestants where at the end to keep up that godawful tacky round crown on their head.

  • Girl_With_a_Pearl

    I just want to know why BM had decided that Gretchen, Anya and presumably AR had to win their respective seasons?  They’re not more likeable or talented than the other people they’re competing against.  I haven’t seen the first two in ads for the show, so is it a commercial decision I’m not aware of?  Why decide who has to win and then make sure against all logic that they will win?  It just doesn’t make any sense.  

    • Stubenville

      My guess it has to do with merchandisability and promoting the brand, e.g.; who will buy PR branded stuff and which contestant will appeal to the fan base. Looks and back story play into the equation, too.

      But I agree that Gretchen and Anya’s wins seem puzzling. Perhaps there’s another factor or factors I’m missing?

      • l_c_ann

        Go back to some of Heidi’s interviews before, about and during the Anya season.  Heidi was Anya’s champ “EYE knew she could do it” and such nonsense. 

        Heidi is a co-owner of the show.

        A pretty big factor.  Even with the taste questions.

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          Heidi’s girl crush on Anya was embarrassing to see.

      • If they were smart, which they clearly aren’t, they’d start shooting on a different timeline then.  Right now, the finale is shot after only a few episodes and a dozen decoys show.  If you shoot earlier, not only can you eliminate the decoy budgets (and with 10 showing, 7 are decoys, each of them gets 8K, that’s no small chunk, not to mention things like model costs), but if you want to manipulate the show with an eye toward branding, you can also tailor the finale better. 

        Say they had waited during Anya’s season, so that only the final 4 were showing (3 finalists + 1 decoy) after virtually the entire season had aired.  They could have spent the time it was airing to read sites like this and see how viewers were responding to each of the finalists, and give it to whomever got the best response from viewers.  In Anya’s season, she still would have won, because everywhere but here people were thrilled by her, but Gretchen certainly wouldn’t have. 

        • Kimbolina

          I agree.  If they are going to be so blatant with producer manipulation, they might as well do it up right and give the win to who the viewers want to see win.

          • How about next season, they declare the winner in the first episode to all contestants and then dare them to try and stop it!

          •  Like Iron Chef!  Everyone knows that the Iron Chef almost always wins, the challenge is in taking down Goliath.  That would be interesting.

          •  If you’re going to manipulate, then do it well!  That’s what bugs the most — that they are too stupid or inept to do it competently.  Which implies that they think I’m stupid enough to get taken in by a bad con, and that’s just personally offensive to me.

          • meowing

            I know it would screw up the drama factor, but I’d love to see at least part of a season with blind judging.  No, not judging sight-unseen (altho’ they may be doing some of that already), but judge the clothing without knowing who did what.  Sure, they’d eventually discern, for example, “Uli’s style,” but wouldn’t it take away some of the teacher’s pet quality?

          • Qitkat


          • Lisa_Cop

            Blind judging! Yes, yes, yes!!!

          •  It would have to be really early on in the season, and you’d have to make sure the judges hadn’t looked at the designers portfolios at all first.

          • Spicytomato1

            Yes! I have always thought there was a problem that the judges know whose designs are walking down the runway. Can you imagine them not knowing? And inadvertently letting a pre-ordained “pet” go early on in the process? That would be awesome!

          • Lisa_Cop

            According to the PR, AR is winning fan favorite so they probably think they’re giving the win to the audience favorite.

          • Girl_With_a_Pearl

            I thought that I read that Lifetime comes up with fan favorite based on how many tweets a contestant receives?  If that’s true, than that’s not really an accurate way of seeing who is liked the best.     

          • Lilithcat

            Except that the winner was chosen literally months ago.  This was filmed last summer.

        • Spicytomato1

          And yet…we keep watching despite our frustrations when the Gretchens and Anyas win. Why should they bother to cater to the viewers? (I like your idea, however I’m skeptical that TPTB really give a rat’s ass about the viewers.)

        • Lisa_Cop

          Most reality show contestants receive a “fee” for each episode. It’s fairly large, something like $2,500 per episode. That adds up to a nice chunk of change for contestants who make it to the end. I even read ( in the Hollywood Reporter) that Casanova now wants to be a professional reality show contestant!

          • Project Runway doesn’t pay its contestants.

          • But what about Tim Gunn’s comments about one of the designer’s publicist asking for more money?  It was in some interview/article about the Anya season that came out before it aired.  I can’t find it right now but I’ll go a-hunting and see if I can dig it up.

          • No idea what that refers to, but we’ve been told time and again by the designers that the show doesn’t pay.

    • MilaXX

       I really think Gretchen won because Mondo pissed off Nina and Kors by not making the changes to his finale collection. In an odd way,I see why Mondo was given his win during the AS season. There is no reason other than the soundbite created by having the former beauty queen who just learned to sew win. I can’t think of any justification for AR’s win.

      • Yes, I’m really puzzled over why they seem to have settled on Anthony Ryan. The only reason I can come up with is maybe he came in second as fan favorite during his season; and it looks like he’s consistently been fan favorite this time around. But if anyone from that season should be handed a win, it’s Victor. He can make damn near anything, and his clothes were almost always beautifully tailored and tasteful. (He had a couple of duds, but I’m pretty sure he had way more successes than he did failures) He didn’t do cutting edge fashion, but his clothes were always current. And PR has been moving away from cutting edge and going towards RTW/department store clothes since they switched to Lifetime, so it’s not like he loses point for the kind of clothes he makes. I was disappointed that he wasn’t part of this season. I hope he just didn’t want to do it again, as opposed to them not even giving him the opportunity.

        Anyway, it’s pretty apparent to anyone who’s paying even partial attention that AR is destined to win, which is a crime, as far as competitive reality shows go. Uli or Emilio should win this thing. They’ve both proven themselves to be of much higher caliber than most of the designers who were on this season, IMO. I’m pretty sure the Emilio we’re seeing now is not going to send a string bikini down the runway.

        • Spicytomato1

          Ah, Victor. He remains one of my all-time favorites. My then 9 or 10 year old son and I were enraged when he lost. He is truly all-star material. I would guess that maybe he doesn’t want to deal with the drama again. From what I can gather via Facebook, he’s doing pretty well for himself, which is nice to see.

          • I was enraged too when he lost. I was hoping against hope that the judges/producers/Heidi/Satan would open their eyes and realize how off the mark they were with Anya.

            I’m happy that Victor’s doing well. He deserves it. Also, the best revenge, and all that stuff. 🙂

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            Victor sent some really good designs down the runway in his season. I’d love to see him succeed in the business.

        • MilaXX

           Agreed, Emilio and Uli should be top 2 instead of playing second fiddle to AR. I give Emilio a slight edge because I think he has been a little bit stronger than Uli this season.

        • I think Lifetime thinks Anthony Ryan would make a good corporate representative. He seems  like the Project Runway version of the bland guys who win American Idol.  He’s nice looking, he wears clothes well, he is appropriate about what he says, he can be snarky when it’s the right setting, he’s pleasant, seems like a nice guy, and has a good back story.  He designs clothes that would be simple and cheap to make (ie. high profits) and still look good.  No taste issues.  He doesn’t act entitled.  People basically like him. Few on this blog have a problem with him personally, he even transcends the anger over fixing so he’s teflon.

          That said, I still think Uli is capable of taking the championship.  She has similar qualities, too, but her clothes aren’t as easy to exploit for a profit.

        • libraangel

          Victor made divine clothes on his season and was robbed of the win. Maybe he just didn’t want to do the show again and be disappointed in the end.

    • Speaking of Anya, we see here that Uli made sleeves in an hour.  ONE HOUR.  The Project Runway Bullshit Machine can suck dead gorilla balls.

      • Spicytomato1

        Yes. I thought of the exact same thing.

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          And here we thought that sleeves were SO hard…..

          • editrixie

            Oh, Anya’s complete lack of capabilities…the gift that keeps on giving.

      • libraangel

        The Anya win was just a joke and it still makes me angry.

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          I’ve said it before: the fact that Heidi championed Anya so blatantly, to me, was a gigantic FU to the talented designers who had previously appeared on PR.

          • Heidi wanted Anya as payback for the producers allowing Gretchen to win the season before. At least that is my conspiracy theory.

  • Stubenville

    I loved Georgina’s gasp when Uli’s reworked (actually mostly new) dress and lace jacket came down the runway. At that point I knew it was unlikely that Uli was going home. However the “everyone gets a pony” scenario remained.

    • Spicytomato1

      I loved her gasp, too, but then found it odd that she tried to play it off as she was blown away by both of their garments. I couldn’t figure why she couldn’t own up to flat out liking Uli’s more.

  • Stubenville

    And was there ever anyone nicer on PR? I loved Uli’s quote when Josh was schmauffed, something like “I wanted to give him a hug, but then I realized he was going home.”

    •  She’s a class act. And she’s really challenged herself this season, with more than just that flowing dress she does so well (and that was perfectly fine for her veteran last week). As far as creativity goes, she’s the top out of the final three to me.

  • Once again you nailed it.  On one hand it was SHOCKING that Emilio didn’t win; but on the other, it wasn’t since this has been so wired from the gitgo.

  • bitchybitchybitchy

    I just can’t watch any more of this overpraising of Anthony Ryan. Yes, he’s a nice enough guy who survived cancer, and that is certainly great for him, and everyone who loves him. It ought not, however, mean that he wins one of the most lucrative prizes offered on PR for turning out at best pleasant looking clothes.  Uli and Emilio both actually have talent and are creative. After this season I’m more than willing to believe that B-M chooses the winner and simply pays the judges very well to go along with whatever B-M’s storyline

  • I thought if Josh had gone for a bigger, black and white floral for the skirt, it maybe, only maybe, mind, would have worked better. The fabric he chose just clashed too much with the lace he chose. I’m sad to see him go, because I liked him this season, but still. Ooof.

    I’m going to be disgusted when AR wins. Not because he’s bad, but because it was just so staged.

    • Stubenville

      Pretty much anything would have worked better than the Becky-Home-Ec’y print. The bedspread from their hotel perhaps?

    • Qitkat

      In the hands of a much better designer, your idea for a dress would be beautiful. I feel that possibly I have already seen that dress on a runway somewhere.

  • MightyMarshal

    I can’t even. I don’t even LIKE Emilio, but I was stunned by that dress and was shocked and actually mad that Anthony Ryan won over him. I agree a little personality would have been shown if the front hem was just a touch higher so you could see ankle, and then draped back into the train, but I don’t see any other problem with that dress especially considering they had HOURS to make it in. The judges were practically spitting up and tripping over each other to touch it. That should say something. Anthony Ryan’s was something I’ve seen a hundred times and not executed all that well for what it was. The black lace was covered up too much and didn’t let enough skin peak through for it to be interesting, and the styling just looked dumb. Uli’s dress needed to lose the gigantic zipper, and the back needed to be applied in a more interesting shape so that it didn’t look like a big patch of gold. I think she could have removed the lining all together if she’d found an interesting way to make the gold cover the sensitive parts and then paired it with a high waisted trunk. I had high hopes for Joshua just because I wanted to see if he could pull it off, but then he didn’t. That print needed to be a larger scale, the skirt needed to be MUCH fuller, like an exaggerated ball gown, and there needed to be a belt or something to define the skirt from the bodice in a nice saturated color, like a cobalt blue, for it to be even worth looking at.

  • When I saw Josh with the bolt of the floral fabric, I knew then he was going to go home. I think I’ve seen that exact print in Forever21.

    • Spicytomato1

      I thought it was funny when he said he was taking a risk by using it when in reality that choice of fabric was much more expected than risky coming from him.

  • Unlike last year, this year there were no totally accurate spoilers posted online before the show was even aired.  Chances are the insider mole who leaked the info is out a job and stern warnings were issued about letting that kind of thing happen again.  But what’s the point?  They couldn’t be making it more obvious that Anthony Ryan is the winner.  Why wouldn’t they at least try to create a little suspense for the finale?  There was no good reason not to give Emilio the win last night except to telegraph their blind favoritism for AR.  It all makes for bad television and the judges look like idiots!

    • Stubenville

      Wouldn’t it be delicious if it were all a fake out and Emilio or Uli won? 


      • SRQkitten

        I’ll share that fantasy, it’s way better than what looks to be the reality. Emilio’s never been one of my favorites but his dress last night was so far superior to AR’s merry couture widow that it was painful to watch.

        Lifetime is truly killing off what used to be a fun creative series.


      • I would eat one of my vintage hats with feathers if Anthony Ryan doesn’t win it all.

        But yes, in a bizzaro universe where they chose the winner based on merit, the top contenders would be Uli and Emilio.  Even though they’ve both made missteps through the competition, they’re obviously the two best designers this season.

        • smitnkitn

          Uli has made fewer missteps than Emilio, IMO.

    • MilaXX

       Pretty sure Michael C. was the leak last year. Allegedly he told someone who told the person who gave the interview the spoiler was in.

    • CozyCat

      They keep telling us over and over that AR is SO GOOD! Like of they say it enough, we’ll ultimately believe them.

  • when the show came on my first thought was…when will this end? isn’t it over yet?….sigh. I truly don’t care who wins. When someone said ‘some of the best designers’ I just thought “meh…whatever”…sigh.

  • Not taking anything away from Emilio, but his model, Aminat, works his dresses every week. She is the best model they’ve had on this show and he knows how to design for her beautiful skin.

    • Lilithcat

      he knows how to design for her beautiful skin.

      And, sadly, gets subtly criticized for it, because “not everyone can wear that color”.

      • editrixie

        Oh, wow. That’s…so very racist. Gah. (Them, not you, sorry…I can’t believe sometimes how unpleasant they are.)

  • Cathy S

    Emilio’s gown is just fantastic! So beautiful. And, except for the illusion netting, I kind of like Ulli’s. The fabric on the skirt of Josh’s dress is just fug. AR is eh.

  • MzzPants

     Of all of these people, Emilio Sosa is the only one who’s produced looks that have stuck in my head.  3, to be exact, from his entire PR career:  his circus dress, his gold evening gown, and this look.  I think he’s the only one with the chops to be a designer for the long haul.

    •  I just don’t get why his veteran dress was so bad, way below his skill level. Is it down to only being able to design for model bodies? Second only to his metal washer dress, maybe he just flames out from time to time.

    • andcoh

      I think I could describe every look from Uli’s finale collection.  I’m totally cheering for her, but Emilio would at least be a fine choice.

    • guest2visits

      I was thinking that the extra short time they will be given to create a mini-collection – 4 days; was deliberately meant to
      hurt Emilio, who I think likes more time (who wouldn’t) to properly finish his designs. It will probably affect Uli’s plans too;
      she likes incorporating lots of detail.  AR’s designs tend to be simpler (although Anthony’s had half an eye on Uli’s style the
      whole season; imo).   Does anyone know how many looks they will be asked to make?

      • Lisa_Cop

        Remember in the fashion face-off Ivy gave AR a low score because he always riffs off of other designers.

  • SewingSiren

    I love that the got to go to Paris, but what the couture challenge usually amounts to , is slopping extremely expensive fabric together the best you can and let the extremely expensive fabric to all the work. 
    1. Ryan Anthony He knows that black is about as safe as you can get with evening wear. Black pre-beaded and form fitting has won many a challenge on PR, and lo and behold it won again.
    2. In complete agreement that Emilio should have won. He is much less agitated for this game. I think he realized the way it’s played a bit better this time round.
    3.Uli shouldn’t have been put though that torture. He original dress was clearly better than Josh’s. I think she made the second one from just the left overs from the first. Hopefully she didn’t cut into the $4000 worth a fabric , what a waste.
    4. I didn’t hate Josh’s original dress either. I was the most risky. But with such a short amount of time to make a “couture” dress risk is not advisable. I did think his original dress had potential. It’s a shame he had to cut it all to pieces, because the second one wasn’t nice at all. Again a waste of beautiful fabric.

    • Qitkat

      My husband hasn’t watched all season, but I persuaded him last night since it was Paris. He echoed your comment about the waste of $4000 worth of fabric. Just more proof that it is a game show after all. Throwing around what is to most viewers an obscene amount of money for very little true value. I agree with all your points except that I was horrified that even Josh chose that fabric print that clearly to me was never going to work for a couture-like dress.

    • 3boysful

       The practical gal in me always cringes when I see them wast expensive fabric, so you can imagine my pain when they were told to cut up the French fabric last night.

  • Tamara Hogan

    Really thought Emilio should have gotten the win. Josh’s skirt screamed Becky Home Ec-y.

  • VioletteClementine

    Emilio’s dress seems really similar to a dress shown at the Valentino fashion show they attended: fashion designer I always wonder how close is too close when it comes to being inspired by another look. Just wondered if anyone had any thoughts on the likeness of the dresses. 

  • I thought Uli’s bodice halfway through the workroom footage looked amazing.  When the final dress came out on the runway it looked like a complete mess. It seems like she sewed on another 2 pounds of gold glitter when someone should have yelled “Stop”

  • StellaZafella

    Uli’s not couture: No fault there, she redeemed herself with the “fuck you” dress.
    Josh: Chintz wallpaper is not couture…there’s a reason you found this fabric tucked out of sight.
    AR: Edward Gory costume concept for Lilly Munster
    Emilio: It’ fine, gorgeous even: Put a big ‘ol patent leather belt at the high waist join and FLOTUS will wear it to the inaugural ball.

  • Robin Krug

    I keep trying to figure out why Uli and Emilio consistently aren’t receiving full marks for their efforts. The only thing I’m coming up with is age: Both of them are over 40. Could Bunim/Murray be that shallow and obsessed with marketing to (pre) teenagers? Well, yes, I believe they could be.

    • libraangel

      The only other thing I can think of for the downmarking of Uli and Emilio are that the judges themselves don’t look so stylish and tasteful: Georgina fur, Isaac pinstripe suit with blue shirt, Cynthia Rowley blobby gray print with black net?! I think both Uli’s and Emilio’s and even AR’s looked better than what the judges usually wear!

  • I thought I was through with this show after last week, but broke down and watched because of the Paris angle. And am so glad I did. That was a refreshing and inspiring treat, to see a real couture house workroom in action. 
    Everyone else has already said just about everything there is to say. Emilio should have won (yes, he relied on gorgeous fabric, but isn’t that half the battle with couture? and then he did the right thing with it – given they had only a few hours to pull something fabulous together), ARyan’s was predictable (yawn, black lacey tight sort of see-through), Uli’s illusion netting was icky (I just can’t stand that stuff, sorry, and although the ’embellished column’ is her thing, its a little tiresome), and Josh’s skirt fabric was such a bad bad choice (for this challenge – in defense of whomever designed that fabric, its not a bad fabric at all, just not a good one for his idea for a dress).

    Cynthia R is a hoot. Georgina was described as “exquisite” last night instead of “beautiful”. Is that an upgrade? 

    I would love to see Emilio win it. 
    Why are they only giving them four days to do the final collection? Good grief.

    •  1. I could see Josh’s fabric doing what he did (contrast floral with lace trim) in a Chanel suit kind of thing, but not in evening wear.
      2. Cynthia was very kind to his dainty print; she calls em like she sees em.
      3. 4 days because this is all-stars, and they want to give it to AR anyway, I’m afraid.

    • “Georgina was described as “exquisite” last night instead of “beautiful”. Is that an upgrade?”

      I suspect she just renegotiated her contract. Well, as much she has to renegotiate it 😉

    • libraangel

      Emilio should have won, but I am just so glad he didn’t do the floral embellishments!

  • When I first looked at Emilio’s, I wondered if he had gotten a new model. That hairstyle totally transformed her, and she’s still gorgeous. 

    Josh “dressed up” in Paris… *sigh* It reminds me of, way back when, the first season of Next Iron Chef when only one contestant, the chef from New Orleans, dressed up in a suit when they were sent to Paris. The other three chefs looked like slobs lined up in front of the mansion. Ugh. Americans! Have some dignity. 😛

  • I liked Anthony Ryan’s dress … even better when Francesca Annis wore it in Dune. Very dated reference, I know, but it was more a costume design than couture.

    • libraangel

      I think Francesca Annis even wore AR’s dress in the series ‘Lilly” which is set in 19th century London!

      •  He must love Francesca Annis!

    • Zippypie

      Oh! You nailed it!  I knew I’d seen that dress/hair before!  Complete Dune Redux.

      •  So let’s give credit to costume designer Bob Ringwood; AR must have seen that movie on DVD somewhere and kept it in his mental clip file.

  • SapphoPoet

    Once again, I forgot the show was on. But I might have to go back and watch this one. From the pics, I LOVED Emilio’s dress–clear winner. I actually really liked the silhouette of Josh’s dress, at least down to the waist–then I got distracted by all the flowers. 

    On a personal note, I’m done with radiation. Got really badly burned, but everything is healing up. I”m now on a maintenance drug–Tamoxifen–for the next five years. And I’ve met with a nutritionist to see about losing all this weight. Last year was about treatment–this year is about healing. Hugs to you all for helping me to get through the past year–could not have done it without you. For those Bitter Kittens still on this journey, holding you in the light. 

    • Lilithcat

      Hurrah for the end of radiation!  Glad to hear you are healing okay.  I had my follow-up with the radiation oncologist last week, and he doesn’t need to see me again.  He’s a nice guy, but that’s fine by me!  

      Now it’s just Herceptin every three weeks for the next year.  And trying to decide if I’ll have reconstruction or not.  

      • SapphoPoet

        My follow-up is in a month, but everything should be ok, I think. A friend sent me some aloe leaves from her local Mexican grocery store–they were amazing. I healed right up after I started using the pure aloe. 

        I’m putting off reconstruction until I lose this weight. Plastic surgeon is okay with that, so I started logging calories today. Sigh. But I think I’ll feel a lot better. 

        So glad you got the pass from rad.onc. Here’s to a healthier 2013 for both of us. 🙂

      • formerlyAnon

         Congratulations Lilithcat! I hope your next year is much, much, easier than this one has been, and that any side effects of the Herceptin are minor.

      • Good luck!  I had herceptin for a year, too, ending November 2009.  I did not have a hard time, minimal effect on my life, until the very last infusion, which seemed suddenly quite wearisome.  And the soreness in the toes from the chemo came back.  But the pain went away in about 2-3 weeks, and I was glad to be over those infusions.  

        Hope you’re comfortable with your decision on reconstruction.  Everyone is different.  My decision was a no-brainer.  NO.  I’m already extremely flat-chested so the difference between the bad and good breast sizewise wasn’t much.  Put on one of those semi-padded bras that everyone wears now, and you can barely tell I’d had cancer.  I was almost 60 and no one was going to look that hard anyway.   I didn’t want any more surgery, no way.  I had/have a lot of life to live.

        • Lilithcat

           I didn’t want any more surgery, no way. 

          That’s a huge consideration for me.  I’m not in any hurry to spend more time in the hospital and more time in recovery!  So far, I’m comfortable wearing a prosthesis.  At any rate, it’s not a decision I have to make right away, and if, in the future, I want to do it, the possibility is still there.

          I really appreciate your input.  Talking to other women who’ve been through this has been a huge help to me.

    • l_c_ann

      Just remember the cyberhugs are out here, whenever you need them.

      • SapphoPoet

        Awww–thank you. 🙂

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          congratulations to you, and to Lilithcat for moving on to healthier times-and big cyberhugs to both of you!!

    • MilaXX

       Oh that is such good news! Hopefully maintenance will be a breeze. I am so happy for you!

      • SapphoPoet

        Thanks so much; really, this community has been invaluable. Blessings on TLo for giving us this space. 

    • NDC_IPCentral

      Excellent news, SapphoPoet; best wishes for healing and good tolerance of tamoxifen.  My sister-in-law has had her battles with gaining weight following her BCA chemo and radiation – loss of the hormones (entry into menopause whether you were about there beforehand or not) changes the metabolism, so it’s essential to monitor one’s intake.  Hard to rejigger your eating habits, but it has to be done.  I’m pulling for you.

    • 3boysful

       Congrats on finishing, and good vibes for healing.

      In a perfect world (which makes no sense b/c then no one would be sick), there would be actual talented designers next season who would be assigned to make new ensembles for you and Lilithcat!  In France!  With you both there!

    • formerlyAnon

       Such good news! I hope this year is all steady progress back to feeling well and functioning normally, and nothing but good news.

    • libraangel

      Congrats on finishing, and hang on in. As I told you last time, I used Nivea moisturiser and it really helped. Good luck and you will be fine!

  • Janet B

    I want to touch Emilio’s fabric too.

    I really like Josh’s floral fabric, but as a lining for a raincoat, jacket, or even a bag.

    • Judy_J

      Yes, I can totally see Josh’s fabric as a lining for a raincoat!  Or as an umbrella.

  • Violina23

    I thought Emilio’s fabric was really striking, and it was well constructed, but I was wondering if someone could help me understand what made it couture? It looked somewhat simple.  Anthony Ryan’s was interesting, but kinda blah.   I have nothing really to say about Uli’s, other than that I’m glad she was not auf’ed.

    I thought Josh deserved the ‘auf for the fabric that looked like a porch-tablecloth my grandmother would own.  Fabric mixing is all well and good, as is contrast (see: Mondo) but the fact that he genuinely thought those styles fit together? Harumph…

  • bertkeeter

    EMILIO’s red brocade gown was very reminiscent of the image of true Haute Couture from houses such as GIVENCHY…(not the crap on runways today but back in Hubert’s day), Andre Laug from Rome and Valentino from the 90’s. It was chic, understated but subtly attention grabbing all in one! 

    • Maggie Muellner

      Hey Bert! I was just thinking about you last night, reflecting on how Josh re-invented himself on this season – not in terms of taste level, but moving away from the petty tyrant ***hole he played first time around. “I. Will. Not. HAVE. IT, Bert!!

      What a douchecanoe… He grew on me a bit this time around.

  • bertkeeter

    ULI looked like she belonged in the VALENTINO attelier! 

  • I liked this challenge but feel they should have given the designers far more time to complete their garments. What’s the point of flying them to Paris, introducing them to couture-in-process, inviting them to the Valentino show, and allowing them to shop for expensive fabrics befitting couture only to have them sew in frenzy and resort to the glue gun? Permit them enough time to do those fabrics justice. You’d want to see fine, hand-crafted detailing in a couture challenge, wouldn’t you? You’d want to see couture elements at the very least, right? Apparently not. I thought Emilio’s was the best entry. The design is simple, and the garment relies largely on the fabric– for reasons noted above– but he utilized said fabric better than any of the others. Through aptly placed seams and darts, he contoured a substantial, austere-looking gown. It’s a rather static piece (one that generates more impact in a stagnant shot), but it is precisely this monolithic quality that makes it appealing (as contrasted with Uli’s–easily the worst garment and reminiscent of her Christmas unconventional challenge entry– which contains plenty of disparate elements from the unadhering lining to the illusion mesh to the scrappy-looking lace to the overwrought gold panels and is thus unresolved).

  • ampg

    You know, in the hands of the right designer, I think Josh’s floral fabric could have become an amazing and unusual couture gown.  The problem is that Josh is not the right designer, but he insists on thinking he is.

    Poor Uli – she’s been such a good sport, and she looks so exhausted, and there’s no way she’s going to win.  I’m angry on her behalf because I think she should be top 2 with Emilio, and instead she’ll end up in 3rd place.

    • ampg

      Also, I saw in the previews for the finale that they get FOUR DAYS for their final collection? WTF, Lifetime?

      • They did the same thing in the previous All-Stars season, and I recall thinking I’d misheard when they said 4 days. Ugh. What a bunch of morons.

      • formerlyAnon

         I can’t even. It makes it absolutely blatantly obvious that the show is just viewed as another “cheap stunts for entertainment” show, not really about seeing what designers can do at all.

        I am halfway expecting Project Runway: Fear Factor Edition! Confront creepy crawlies and slimy gooeys and heights and tight dark spaces and god knows what to claim your fabric! sewing machine! scissors! glue gun!

        • CozyCat

          Or, “Designing with the Stars”:  pair up a D list celebrity with a designer and have them complete fashion challenges as a team.

  • MilaXX

    I have nothing left to say. The level of bs is ridiculous. 

  • siriuslover

    I love Emilio’s gown. Even with the time constraints, he pulled out a very beautiful shape. Imagine what that dress could have looked like if they gave them more time.

  • l_c_ann

    And what was missing from Paris?  What was missing that nobody so far has noticed? Caroline (However she spells it). 

    When you aren’t missed, it matters.

    • Lilithcat

      I don’t recall Heidi being in Paris in the Season 3 couture challenge.  

  • Winter_White

    Haven’t been following this season, but it’s been fun looking at the TLo recaps.

    That was some scroll-down super-hilariousness — thanks for the laugh, Josh!  When I saw that floral fabric I could only picture KENLEY holding a bolt of it at Mood and shout-whining about the “gorrr-geous print” she’d found…while Tim Gunn stands nearby, twitching.  (It would’ve been cobbled into a mandarin-collared 50’s-style little dress, of course.)

    • Kelly Wilson

      Totally agree.

  • Lilithcat

    Ulli’s second look was exquisite.  Simple, elegant, well-made.   

    Someday, they should have a couture challenge with the requirement that the designers not make an evening dress.  Because those little Chanel suits and Dior dresses are always what I think of when I think of couture.

    • libraangel

      You’re right! Why not design a chic suit challenge?

  • Frank_821

    Can’t add much except cheers to Cynthia Rowly. It seems like her comment was as much to BM as the judges

    And poor Uli. By the end she looked like she was on a verge of a total meltdown. PR has devolved to many levels but they have never been so cruel

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      Lifetime and Bunim-Murray have really screwed with a series that had a decent premise, and at one time genuine creativity.

    • libraangel

      Cruel – perfect description. Why subject her – especially Uli – kind and talented – to that?!

    • Lisa_Cop

      Well Lifetime obviously didn’t renew that awful 24 Hour Catwalk show where she was a judge.

  • Kate4queen

    The moment Josh picked that fabric I was like “He’s a Goner” It was just so ‘Josh’.
    Uli’s was a bit disappointing. I wish she’d made a solid skirt to show off that beautiful top.
    AR’s was okay, one of his better efforts.
    But Emilio’s-when I saw it come around the corner I gave a little Gay Gasp and so did my 10 yr old daughter. It moved beautifully, it was impeccably made and I loved the color. He was robbed. Again.
    I thought Uli was going to cry when she had to do the extra challenge. But she definitely showed them. 🙂
    I’m not sure I’m going to watch the finale as AR is going to win. Maybe we should all blackball it.

    • Lisa_Cop

      That was a cruel and ridiculous challenge. I thought Josh was going to cry. They easily had enough material for an episode; they didn’t need that challenge.

  • What length were the sleeves on Anthony Ryan’s gown? Not full, not 3/4–I think they are what we in non-couture land call “a little bit too short”. And the judges didn’t notice because they were distracted by her head donut?

    • Targettaste

       Oh, thank you for “head donut.”  He’ll use anything to make his model’s hair match his.

    •  They’re bracelet length.  I don’t know if that was intentional or not.

    • i could dunk her head in my coffee right now.  actually that sounds a little gross.  like a hair sandwich.

  • MollyInkspot

    I figured they gave the win to AR to justify saving him/keeping all four last week.  “See- THIS is why we kept him.  Gold, Jerry, gold!”

  • MikeW_PHX

    I stopped watching the show and I’m living vicariously through the recaps here.. (Thanks TLo for the ulitmate sacrifice and subjecting yourself to the DRECK that B/M have foisted on us week after week). 

    As somebody else noted upstream, I can TOTALLY see FLOTUS  in Emilio’s creation.   it’s very much her.  

    •  I could see her in a lot of his work, honestly.  I think he suits her style quite well, and he knows how to work with African-American skin tones.

      • i’ve thought that as well.  and isn’t he from chicago?  or am i mistaken.  now that i think about it, i think tim did his home visit in new york and his brothers were there.  

        • MilaXX

           Emilio is a New Yorker

  • The stunts on this show are making it unbearable.  If you guys ever stop recapping, I’ll probably remain completely ignorant of PR.

    • libraangel

      The only good part of PR is – reading T&L’s recaps and all the posts!

  •  We know what we are, but not what we may be.

  • This was a good episode and reminiscent of the Bravo days…overall, they really have pulled past regular PR in terms of quality here.  That said, if you want them to even approach couture give them say two days and some help!  Emilio’s was the winner for me and this was the only dress by AR that I saw as worthy of a compliment.  The fit was off, like always, but a nice job.

    Poor Uli shouldn’t even have to compete against Josh at this point but she kinda messed up on this episode.  Josh proved, once again, that there’s just no accounting for taste.  He is tacky and it just shows you, Paris or not, his taste level just isn’t there.  I liked the mini challenge though and think they should incorporate that more into the show in the future.  Is it even necessary to watch the last episode or can we just go ahead and call AR the winner already.

    • Lisa_Cop

      Called it. Sad but AR wins.

  • LJCdoc

    I knew Josh was out the second he started fawning over that heinous fabric. When I was a teenager, I had my first (and only, except for concocting a princess dress for my 4-year-old last year) foray into “designing”. I picked out a truly hideous floral fabric (I’m sure you can all see where this is going), wrapped it around my waist, and made an ill-fitting pencil skirt.  My point? Josh has the taste level of a 14-year-old insecure country girl. In 1980. Also, Emilio was robbed (again).

  • cam_lo

    The best part of last night’s episode were Josh’s vaguely threatening tweets to Carolyn Murphy every time she said something critical about him. But they didn’t mention her by name, of course. I had no idea he hated her THAT much. 

  • formerlyAnon

    Emilo: robbed.

    That’s my entire take-away. Except that I bet they all wished they’d gotten to enjoy Paris for a few days.

    • Lattis

      I thought that, too. Imagine going to Paris and not dipping so much as a toe into the Louvre. ouch

  • mznormann

    Emilio was robbed, that’s for sure! 

  • I really didn’t get it either. I thought, “for sure he’s a gone.” 

  • deleted for duplicate

  • jjfg

    Feh.  Emilio’s model looked like she was wearing a slip cover.  A very, very expensive slipcover, but a slipcover nonetheless. And Uli should have gone home on the sheer fact that she sent out a couture-inspired dress with a MF’ing EXPOSED ZIPPER.  Really?  I mean, REALLY?  That aside, do the powers that be think that we – meaning I – really want to see MORE Uli dresses?  That is all she’s made all season.  It’s nearly all she made during her original season.  Granted she arguably could have won that season, but two seasons plus one finale show = more than enough of the same for me.  Joshua may have his (myriad) flaws, but I have, oh, the VAGUEST idea of what Uli will send down during the finale, but not a clue what Josh would have sent down.  Love her, but enough already.

    Spleen vented.  I feel better now.

  • m0r0

    Glad I turned off my cable and rely on your recaps now. Because watching AR garner praise for that ugly black lacy frumpy box would have made me heave my dinner.

  • I loved the “pray for me” moment–Joanna looked at AR like he was from Mars.

  • unbornfawn

    These judges aren’t helping Anthony Ryan one little bit. All praise and no criticism. He needs a good dose right about now to improve as a designer. Even when he wins this season he’ll have trouble in the real world because at this point I’m sure he thinks his shit don’t stink. Which is too bad. I LIKE HIM and think he is being ill served by the over-praise. Uli and Emilio are much more self-aware and usually know when there are sending things out that have problems. It is a skill AR desperately needs. Poor little Josh. The boy has no taste. He needed someone on that judging panel to tell him that fabric was ridiculous.

    • Call me Bee

      You are so right about AR.  He’ll have a rude awakening some time in the future when designing some schmatta and gets beat down by a client, stylist, etc. as he should have been a few times on PR! 

    • they should have brought in catherine malendrino to sneer at all of them.  i’m sure she’d enjoy informing josh that his fabric choice was “ree-dee-coo-los”.

    • Yep. I totally agree. He is, as far as I can tell, an inexperienced designer who needs a lot of help. They’re doing him no favors by giving him unqualified praise and unearned wins. I’ve liked a lot of what he’s done this season, but he’s also made some big mistakes and is never called on the carpet for it (so to speak).

      There’s also the admittedly very slight possibility that he won’t win, and he’s going to be mighty confused by that. Remember how confused and upset Emilio was when he lost? He’d won a bunch of challenges, and at some point the judges stopped providing objective critiques of his designs. It’s no wonder he was so shocked when he didn’t win. I’d hate to see AR go through that.

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        When AR gets out of the PR bubble he’s likely to be in for a bit of a fall/rude awakening, when more candid and constructive critiques on PR would have helped him learn and grow in his chosen field. 

  • Elsewhere1010

    I’m thinking that Anthony Ryan has previously inked a contract with Lifetime and Miramax for a spinoff of some sort, and PR’s job is to anoint him with a crown so that it looks like a good idea. It isn’t.

  • librarygrrl64

    “Now granted, this garment, like all the garments this week, rested a lot on the fabric choice. That’s to be expected, though. When you give them a $4000 budget for fabric and mere hours to put a look together, everything’s going to be weighted toward the fabric choice and not toward the design or execution.”

    Agreed, but surely knowledge and use of fabric is a very important part of design as well. I can’t stand Emilio. but that gown is a STUNNER. Well done.

    • CozyCat

      But it’s also true that Emlio was smart enough to know what to do with that fabric.  A more elaborate design would not have been as beautiful.  Adding embelishments would have ruined it.  As Nina would have said it showed that Emilio (despite the horrible yarn bikinni from his original season) has taste.

  • barbarienne

    Once again you guys make me glad I gave up my TV and can no longer watch the show. That the producers are in the bag for one contestant (and apparently gunning for another) is really annoying, even just to read about in your recaps. I can only imagine what howling rage I would feel if I were wasting my time watching the show.

    I can’t help but wonder if Uli feels they’re gunning for her. And I’m thinking, “Yeah, don’t put walls in the way of the East German lady. She’ll fuck your shit up.”

  • Lattis

    This is a comment on contestant personalities – not design ability:

    Uli – She has my complete admiration. She tucks in and works hard – stays clear of backbiting, bitching, whining, flaming out, melting down – even when she’s sleep deprived and under duress. 

    Emelio – He strikes me as someone for whom working and playing well with others doesn’t come naturally – so he is somewhat distant and aloof. But, he also is a work horse.

    Anthony Ryan – He is another work horse. And a fine human being. I find it remarkable that he hasn’t fallen into Eddie Haskell-like behavior under the circumstances. God knows the judges have given him every opportunity to suck up to them. But, to my eyes he isn’t courting their favoritism. 

    Josh – His personality is all show horse, god bless him. I felt a pang to see him aufed even though I thought that fabric was appalling. And truthfully, if the world were made up of all Uli’s I would hate the lack of Josh’s.

    • MilaXX

       AR doesn’t have to court favoritism from the judges. They are giving it to him on a silver platter week, after week. It’s a wonder he doesn’t take a full Silkwood shower each night to cleanse himself from the tongue lashing the judges give him each week.

      • Lattis

        yeah – amen to that. I think AR is a bit embarrassed at the over-praising. Is that the way you see it, too? What I was trying to say in the earlier comment is that AR doesn’t bask in the praise or seem like he’s soliciting it. I’ve known people who, when the boss gives them props, go full on Eddie Haskell and become brown-nosers extraordinaire, and start acting superior. Which is why I still like AR – he hasn’t done that.

        • MilaXX

          Not exactly. I don’t know AR from a can of paint, but I don’t get the impression he is embarrassed by the overpraising. He was never my favorite designer, but I don’t dislike him either. I just think his clothes are okay. Not bad, but not genius either.

          • Lattis

            Clothes-wise I like Uli and Emilio. Although final collections are flukey. Never know how exactly they’ll turn out. And with these guys having FOUR DAYS I don’t know exactly what their collections will prove. 

            I’m with you on AR’s design output. 

  • Call me Bee

    I’m no Emilio fan, but he was totally robbed last night.  The choice of fabric, the sleeves, the darts on the bodice and pleats on the skirt all made this “couture inspired.”  His model just floated in it, and ever though there were tiny execution problems (and really–how could there not be with 12 hours to put the whole thing together…) it could appear on any runway n Paris. 

    AR’s dres was, as someone mentioned above, Morticia’s doily, and he didn’t even bother with a lining of any kind.  Ui’s first dress was plain ol’ ugly, and she redeemed herself with that middle finger of a second look using the lining in an interesting way, and making a darling little jacket.  (And I loved that Cynthia Rowley pointed that out.  Love.  It.) 
    I could see where Josh was going with his dress, but he just chose the wrong fabrics.  Way wrong.  The floral shoud have been a bigger print and, with that budget, much more luxurious.  His second look was kinda cute, but because the fabrics were off in the first place, he could not salvage it.  Bu-bye, Josh. 

    Boy–I’m gonna need a bucket o’ champagen to make it through the finale.  I have a feeling it’ll be a trainwreck from which I will not be able to look away. 

  • Am I the only one who saw AR cupping Josh’s bottom when they were in France?  

    • okay, i’m rewatching the episode just to catch that!

    • Lisa_Cop

      No, I saw it too. I couldn’t believe it and rewatched it on my DVR.

  • When Josh picked up that flowered fabric, I uttered a big whiney NOOOOOO! at the TV.  Honestly, that he was drawn to that particular print in a shop filled with the most gorgeous fabrics in Paris speaks volumes about his aesthetic.  Watching Emilio select his fabric, with care and impeccable taste, illustrates the difference between the two of them.

  • taste taste taste tasteeeeeee issuesssssss

  • how about isaac’s critique of emilio’s gown?  waving his dainty little foot around in the air for us to admire his ankles.  you know he was dying to try that gown on himself.

  • jorinde

    I remember having seen stunning things from Emilio back in his season, and I was waiting so much for something in this season. Finally.
    Speaking of top PR looks: I only discovered your list after the first 5 or so episodes? Isn’t it time for an update?

  • DaveinAlamitosBeach

    Could somebody who knows something about fabric tell us what the fabric was made out of that they used last night?  I’m guessing Emilio’s was some sort of silk?  Josh’s looked like cheap cottony muslin type stuff, but maybe it was beautiful in real life?

  • libraangel

    I cannot even say anything about AR – I just can’t – except he always makes his model look wide.
    T&L: I love your title ‘Le Freak C’est Chic’ and I agree with almost everything you wrote.
    Oh Joshua, darling: I understand what you were trying to achieve, but that floral print! It looks like the fabric for a bedspread in a cheap hooker’s motel room in Vegas.
    Uli: maybe I understand about the white netting (LOL “Marchesa show” Good one, T&L!) but I liked the gold dream/fairy thing. I also understand about the dark zipper in the back, but didn’t like Carolyn calling it a “blob”. If she wanted to see ugly blobs, she just had to turn her pretty head and look at Cynthia’s dress with that ugly, blobby print and hideous black netting. One of the worst dresses I’ve ever seen – and from a designer, too! I wasn’t too crazy either for the EXQUISITE Georgina (moved up a notch from beautiful) and her fur-sprouting midriff.
    And I was ANGRY at the one-hour challenge for Uli and Josh. Not just because it was nerve-wracking and awful for them, but – WHAT?!- were they feeling sorry for Josh or something? That mess of a dress he made surely was going to get him aufed?! Good for Uli and her FU!!!
    AND I THINK PRAS OWE ULI THE WIN, but we all know that won’t happen, don’t we?

    p.s. Loved the stuff in Valentino’s sewing room; not so much with the O>T>T> too too much rococo building. But Paris – runway- Seine – lovely!
    p.p.s. Josh probably should not have worn those pants to Valentino, but AR’s jacket at the runway show? Wack
    But Emilio- UW-E! That man cleaned up good, looked fine. That blue, khaki, blue shoes outfit! Handsome!

  • UsedtobeEP

    Emilio seemed so much back in his element last night. I think as much as I like Uli, I am really looking forward to his show the most.

  • Josh’s dress was butt-ugly!  And all he did to transform it was cut off the sleeves and make it short?  Though I did enjoy this episode more than I have in a long time, I really am not feeling these judges and especially the host. Ugh!  (Oh, and by the way, Emilio’s dress screamed de la Renta.  Did anyone notice that?)

    • libraangel

      So what if Emilio’s dress was Oscar de la Rentaish? Only means it was quality true ‘haute couture’ (Yes, I think he should have won)

  • But what really surprised me last night was no one complained that this was Uli’s SECOND PR trip to Paris.

    • libraangel

      Uli deserves a trip to Paris every year for the way PRAS treated her. A one hour challenge when she was the clear winner against Josh? A nerve wracking experience! What an insult to a talented, kind woman such as Uli!

      • formerlyAnon

         I swear, they owe any of the contestants who make it to the last few rounds a couple of weeks in Paris, with special behind-the-scenes tours of several couture houses and tons of spending money.

  • notdorothygale

    Listen, I thought everything on the runway was preferable to what Ms. Chapman was wearing. Honey, honey! Feathers OR glitz, not both!

  • Damien W

    I think they should have an opt-in season-long couture challenge, where designers could choose to take a block of time out of each day to work on a true couture gown. The challenge could be used in a number of ways — to settle a Josh/Uli close-call at the semi’s; as a “Last Chance Kitchen”-style challenge for eliminated designers to get back into the race later on, etc. Or simply a way to have a killer look ready to go on display at Fashion Week.

  • bluefish

    I’m amazed that the four were able to put anything together at all given the ridiculous time constraints, international travel, and mouse trap maneuvers.  Exhausting to watch but fun.  I liked Josh’s idea — too bad he messed up on the fabrics.  Didn’t care for either of Uli’s — this season has been chock full of little sequined and bedazzled evening jackets.  Enough!

    Both AR and Emilio managed to pull something good out of their back pockets.  Not crazy about either of them but thought Emilio’s fit the challenge better.  Next week will be fun.

    I fast forward now to the fashion show itself and the judging but may very well have to catch the beginning.  I want to hear Carolyn mangle haute couture — giving it the full throttle H that separates the men from the boys.  I wonder if she talks that way in real life or if some kind of stage fright causes her to stretch everything out to the point of hilarity.

    The exquisite Georgina — because for couture bee-you-tea-fool just ain’t enough — looked like my old, very old, Maribou Barbie.  What on earth was that?

    • libraangel

      I agree – too little time especially since they were being judged on their ‘haute couture” tailoring skills.

  • guest2visits

    The trip to Paris was all anticipation; it could have been a breath of fresh air; but it was instantly another whirlwind experience
    of PR editing.   I don’t understand the expense if they were going to rush the design out as per usual.
    (envious glimpses of the inner sanctums of Valentino!)

    • libraangel

      I wondered how they could even work at all with the jetlag they must have had. I wonder why they couldn’t put together their dresses in Paris?

      • Stubenville

        That would mean setting up a temporary workroom in Paris with new sewing machines (remember the voltage difference), work tables, dressmaker’s forms, etc. as well as all the other little things necessary. Not quick or easy. And Valentino isn’t about to let them take over part of their atelier. And if the judging was in Paris, add the cost of flying over at least Isaac and the expensive Georgina (and she’s not going to fly coach.)

        • CozyCat

          But when “old school” PR went to Paris for their “couture” challenge, that’s exactly what they did.  Then they did the preliminary judging session with Katherine Malindrino and the runway back in NY. 

        • yep – and they would have to fly out the 4 models or spend extra time/expense to hire additional models in Paris.  The jet lag must have been rough.  And sure wish they had 2 days once they were home.  Here’s 4K for fabric – then one day to make a couture dress which involves “great attention to detail” and needs to fit perfectly?  Kind of a waste.

  • libraangel

    Did anyone else think Josh seemed angry that he was sent home?

    • Gatto Nero

      He proved it this week, when he refused to assist Anthony Ryan in putting together AR’s final collection.

  • quiltrx

    I’ve always had a sneaking like for Josh…but man, just seeing that fabric here, it was easy to see he was a goner.  It looks like part of Nicki Minaj’s “little girl comforter nightmare” dress of a while back.

  • CarolinLA

    I knew Josh was going home the minute I saw that fabric.  His looked like Kentucky Kouture – ready for a hoedown.

  • Amy

    Oh the producers have been wanting to get rid of Josh for a couple weeks now. Or maybe that’s just me. They would look like monsters if they did it on the Army challenge but he took care of himself this week. Plus he got a trip to Paris so it was win win.

    Uli disappointed but not surprisingly…Uli on a bad day still kick a lot of PR butt. I figured she always had the entire competition in the bag. Now I think there is a distinct possibility that she doesn’t and it’s only because of the AR fan club.  And how cruel to make them reconfigure their dresses. I would be passive aggressively using the lining too!

  • adnama79

    1)  Watching Cynthia Rowley gleefully, self-conscientiously scamper up to feel the fabric on Emilio’s dress, and then look as amazed at the fabric as the contestants, was adorable.

    2)  That jet-lag must have been physically painful.  I bet the producers were bummed there was no “cry and sew” moment.

    3)  Josh is really good at proving how fabric choice can be the difference between levels of designers. 

    4)  Unlined and see-through should be an automatic “no win” combo in any challenge featuring the word “couture.”

    5)  I think Uli may have been crying and sewing in the 1-hour bs thing.  Her face made me have sympathy pain. 

    6)  Uli’s transformation in an hour (with no machine?) with that jacket was crazy impressive.

  • Jen

    Caroline Murphy also said the et in Janssen et Janssen as ‘ett’ instead of ‘eh’. All those years as a model and she never learnt bonjour or et?

  • MissAmynae

    Happy with the results. Emilio’s is a gorgeous dress, yes, but its a Valentino clone. Down to the Valentino red.  

    I’m not at all saying he copied designs or did anything on purpose- just that, while beautiful, it needed something to stamp it as “Emilio”- hence the hem suggestion.

    • Zippypie

      I agree.  I wish he had kept the idea of doing something with that black beaded applique he had.  Just something to make it his own instead of a Valentino clone.  I bet somewhere Kenley is gnashing her choppers over that not being called “referential”.  However, I do think this was the clear winner over AR.  Why don’t the judges just get down on their knees in a row and do the poor guy already?  Unless the producers are going to produce a huge upset finale, it’s been such a boring and tedious set up.

      • MissAmynae

        the applique would have been really, really interesting. Poor Kenley, haha.

        From the eye-effing AR gave Schmeidi when she came out in that red jumpsuit, I think he’d take the judges up on that offer. yowza yowza, he looked ready to switch teams right there on the runway…

        I’m all in on Uli, but resigned to AR winning. blergh- miss the old PR.

  • wawawah

    WHEN will AR get a decent haircut? He really needs to slice of that” loaf of bread” hair!

    • libraangel

      What was the name of the character on the Cosby animated series ‘Fat Albert’ – the one with the square, high do? That’s what AR wants to look like?!

    • alyce1213

      He looked so much better when he was wearing the knit cap!  I hate his fat mohawk, it’s creepy.

      • mhleta

        Eraser Head. 

  • crow girl

    Uli was so right when she made that Hunger Games crack. I was waiting for the battling-poisonous-insects-while-engaging-in-hand-to-hand-combat-and-making-a-chic-little-suit-out-of-stuff-from-the-dustbin add-on challenge. 

  • ccm800

    I actually like Josh’s gown –  I think the fabrics were just a skoosh off for a really winning look. The “exquisite Georgina hapman” made an excellent point about not being able to pick fabric as a designer being a REALLY fundamental problem and I think that gas been his biggest problem all along. He’s one tacky bitch with sincere taste issues.  No one is more surprised than I. I kinda loved it. FUCK ANTHONY RYAN! I am dead over it. I could do what he does. although it was better than intergalactic space priestess Uli.. o m g. The top looked like a medical condition or a tree disease. She relies WAY too much on the  bells and whistles of overtly embellished fabric. She’s a damn magpie!  Emilio was the winner BY A FRIKKIN MILE! 

  • Scott Edwards

    Could you see Mrs O in Emilio’s dress?

    • libraangel

      yes – maybe that is why he styled his model’s hair kinda like Michelle’s

  • l_c_ann

    Can you see Josh in a pair of pants like the bottom of his design?

    Coming soon, to a street in NYC.  On his exit interview on Blogging Project Runway he said he has a similar fabric and will be making pants for himself.  We have to award him points for consistancy of POV.

    • libraangel

      Actually most don’t understand how Josh could select that awful floral print, but really it does fit his aesthetic – and his style of dress!

  • A shame that Emilio did not win this week, the fabric and the lines of the dress were beautiful.  Soon as I saw Josh pick out that floral print, I thought he was a goner.  What was he thinking?  I am so over Anthony Ryan.

  • George Mortimer

    Ha! I love when I come to your reviews and find that the same things that pissed me off irritated you too! Like Carolyn’s HORRIBLE mispronunciations of anything French. Pretty poor that the host of PR All Stars can’t even pronounce haute couture. I mean, here’s a clue for a start, the ‘h’ in French is ALWAYS silent! 

  • Belatedly: what confuses me about this challenge is that they clearly had to have had it planned well in advance. How did they know that there would still be one more elimination at this stage? Was the “nobody goes home” trick the plan from the beginning, or were they going to send the finalists to Paris for some reason?

    • Gatto Nero

      Yes! I made the same comment on the PR website. Clearly the “nobody goes home” outcome was planned far enough in advance to organize the Paris trip and the invitations to the Valentino show — and to make sure the designers had their passports! Plus the number of episodes was scheduled at the start of the season. Why is no one else talking about this?

  • Josh: YES that fabric choice was flat out stupid.  Did he spend 4K on that?  Really?  I’ve seen similar fabric at Fabric Barn for $2.99 a yard.  eek.  Watching I commented with many of the same thoughts the judges had – the top looked a good size too large and needed to fit much more tightly, the skirt should be fuller and the scale of the mix and matching of prints was all wrong…. and the print shouldn’t look like it’s a tablecloth in a country kitchen cafe.

    AR:  I did love the dress, but in all fairness HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN SENT HOME last week.  Knew they’d give him the win when Mizrahi looked so happy when he nodded “yes” to the have we got a winner question. Whatever.  Hope he gets a date out of this.

    Emilio – Lovely.  Classic.  Beautiful.  However, it most certainly relied on the fabric as the design was very, very simple.  Which was a smart move on his part.  It looked couture.

    Uli- Pretty spot on commentary – very nice, didn’t look cheap at all, but also did not look couture.  The lining was an issue – she said that herself in the workroom – but with it being a one day make couture challenge she really had no time to try to modify or come up with a different solution.   
    Then Uli kicked butt in that 1 hour hunger games re-do.  When they announced it I was worried for her – she had far less fabric to work with than Josh and most of it was completely sheer.  So she used the only piece of fabric she had that was large enough to make a dress but not see thru – the lining!  Then she goes one step further and completely changes the silhouette, and tops it with that fabulous jacket.  Did they have machines?  Hand sewing, pins? So she essentially designed and built an entirely new outfit with minimal equipment in one hour.  Uli rocks. 

    Josh just cut off the sleeves on his , turned the top around and shortened the skirt.  I did think it was loads better than his first offering, but it was more a modification rather than the “completely new look” that they asked for.  

    Bone jure!  

  • Yes, Emilio should have won, but I’m hoping that they chose Ryan so they can Auff him next week.  God, how they love him (ugh!)  And what’s up with Anthony one of his interviews wearing that red top and what appears to be a red shoe string around his head? They showed him like this last week too, so I bet they may even have more footage of him looking so silly. 

    Go Emilio! 

  • btw, I met Anthony Ryan at CES, where he was shilling for Brother. Which means (shock), that he’s (allegedly) the season’s winner. He was very very nice and while his taste is not mine, I wish him well.

  •  In Season 3, they flew to Paris (having to had to design a “jetset travel outfit” for the journey) where they did a couture challenge in 2 days with only $400. Love him or hate him (and I loved him) Jefferey’s gown was glorious – and hand-sewn.

  • libraangel

    Did ANYONE dislike Cynthia Rowley’s dress? And what about the feathers around Georgina’s middle? Surprise! Carolyn looked good this week!

  • FloridaLlamaLover

    I wonder: do the producers of the show think that we are so stupid not to notice the blatant “This is Mondo’s win” or “This time, Anthony Ryan shall be crowned King of Fashion”? Or do they do it hoping to sway our opinions?

    BTW — I am NOT watching this abysmal PR season using the team approach.  If TLo deign to review it, I’ll keep up with it through their eyes.  Silly, silly, silly.

  • Please do a best PR looks of all time!

    • libraangel

      That is a very good idea! I just gasped at the beautiful creations from past seasons, but now I just go bleh. Hope things improve next week.

  • libraangel

    Go Uli, go!