People’s Choice Awards 2013 Rundown

Posted on January 11, 2013

Before we move on to the Critics Choice Awards red carpet, let’s wrap up our bitchery for the People’s Choice Awards. Because critics aren’t people, apparently.




Chris Colfer

Such a disappointing little gay. He always dresses for the red carpet like he’s heading off to his job in a cubicle farm.



Eddie Redmayne

 Not bad. Very British. Pants could’ve used some hemming and the jacket looks a bit snug, but not bad overall.


Ellen Pompeo in Lanvin

 Simple, but we like the addition of the belt to give it some interest.


Heidi Klum in Julien MacDonald

 We would expect no less from the Kluminator.

But someone needs to tell her to retire the severe hair. She looks so much better with a blowout.


Julliane Hough in Tony Ward Couture

Cute. Seems to fit weird in the shoulders, though.

Supercuts hair.



Katie Cassidy

While we salute the idea of a glittery jumpsuit, we’re afraid this one makes her look much bigger than she actually is.



Kristin Kreuk

 That is one glittery confection of a dress. Suddenly we’re in the mood for cotton candy. Awful shoes.


Maya Veronica

 We don’t know who she is, but we salute her willingness to sell the shit out of the goods.


Melissa Rauch in Junko Yoshioka

 It’s a striking dress, but pale blondes should really stay away from yellows. This is going to sound goofy as shit, but we appreciate how well the bust fits her. Scroll up one to see what sweetheart necklines normally look like on well-endowed stars.


Molly C. Quinn

 Who knew funerals had cocktail parties now?

Is that a rosary around her neck?


Monica Porter

 Not Your Dress, dear. This is a lady who needs color in her clothing.


Naomi Watts in Alexander McQueen

 Stunning, if perhaps a little overdressed for the event. If this is her People’s Choice Awards dress, what the hell is she going to wear to the Oscars?


Nathan Fillion

Oh, Captain Tightpants. This is very disappointing. The suit’s too big, the shirt screams “mobster,” and the tie screams “wacky uncle.”


Nikki DeLoach


Hair’s a little cray.



Olivia Munn in Carolina Herrera

 An underdone head and an overdone dress.



Rachael Leigh Cook in Oliver Tolentino

 Very pretty. Fantastic color. Love the necklace.



Regina King in Badgley Mischka

 Not a bad dress, but it’s slightly too tight in the bust. And the paint job on the toenails is tacky.



Robert Downey Jr.

 Grow up.



Rumer Willis in Alice + Olivia




Sandra Bullock in Vera Wang

 Love the dress, but the shoes are distracting.



Stephen Amell

We’re always disappointed when gorgeous people are uncomfortable in front of cameras. You’re gorgeous! Relax!

Suit’s boring and ill-fitted, though. Maybe that’s why he looks so tense.



[Photo Credit: Andrew Evans/Emiley Schweich/PR Photos]

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  • M_E_S

    +1,000,000,000 points for calling Nathan Captain Tightpants.

    But he gets -1,000,000,000 for that outfit.  BRING BACK THE SUSPENDERS.

  • I’ve never seen Rumer Willis look so lovely.

    • Pennymac

      I’ve always thought she didn’t photograph well. But she looks fab here.

    • charlotte

      This is the first time that I believe that she really is Demi Moore’s daughter.

    • Pants_are_a_must

      That is also a GREAT dress in general.

  • l v

    Rumor Willis for the win… Never thought I’d say those words, but that dress looks fan-freaking-tastic on her!

  • Annabelle Archer

    When Rumer Willis is one of the best dressed of an event, I find myself worried and looking for other signs of End Days. 

  • eowyn_of_rohan

    I…I…I think I like Rumer Willis best.  Please tell me it’s Opposite Day!

  • Jecca2244

    this is the randomest group of people. You have Oscar winners next to some of my FAVE CW stars. and poor Arnell needs to lighten up. He’s gorgeous. 

  • OrigamiRose

    Wow, Rumer Willis is stunning.  Words I can’t believe I’m saying.

  • In_Stitches

     Katie Cassidy+smoking a blunt=Drew Barrymore? 

    • Sobaika

      She looks high as a kite. Or on the tail end of a drunken night where all you want is a cheeseburger.

  • teensmom99

    Only word for Rumer: Fantastic. And I think Sandy’s shoes did the proverbial pop in a good way.

  • Unapologetically:  Robert Downy, Jr.  Don’t ever change!  I want to see you dressing like that when you are a septuagenarian.

    • Amen! I want him to show up one day wearing the Mark II just to fuck with people.

    • Agreed!!! This is the People’s Choice Awards, taller version of Kids’ Choice Awards. His look was perfectly event-appropriate. Fact. Love him. Double fact.

      •  Yeah, I honestly don’t care what he wears — ever.  He gets an automatic pass from me.

        •  And c’mon, at least they’re EXPENSIVE sneakers!

          • cooperalden

            Really you all?  If he were my friend I would make him go back and change.  Sneakers on a middle aged man are way to…aging!  It’s just too Robin Williams for me. Rumour should take him shopping next time! 

          •  Well, the secret’s out now: I adore how Robin Williams dresses. And especially his ever-changing glasses!

    • gabbilevy

      Exactly. Sorry, TLo, I heartily disagree with you on Mr. RDJr. When you make your living pretending to be a superhero for millions of dollars, “grow up” seems completely beside the point.

  • Pennymac

    I am underwhelmed by these looks. Exasperated at RJD. Creeped out by Eddie. Naomi’s hair completely ruins what could be an amazing McQueen look. Sandra wore a suit to the office and changed her camisole out for day to evening award ceremony wear?

    Feeling bitchy…..

    • Introspective

      does anyone here remember day into night barbie? i loved mine. she had a pink “suede” pencil skirt that when reversed was a hot night out skirt with a tulle overlay… 

      I saw Sandy’s shoes (and the rest of her outfit) and thought of my good old days taking Barbie from the office to the corvette. Which is to say, try again girl. 

  • Introspective

    Rumer, Naomi and Rachael are the only memorable looks. everyone else had no idea what to put on apparently despite having professional help. 

    Um, and Heidi, next time try to put on something that cuts your torso into small blocks. not sexy hon. 

  • Love Sandra, Rumer and Ellen!

  • Sobaika

    That’s the best I’ve seen Ellen Pompeo look.

    • mshesterp

      I love that beachy relaxed vibe from the dress and belt.  I’m not in love with the color, but she looks so easy breezy.

  • Has Julianne Hough had work done?  She used to be so pretty but I feel like recently, every time I see her on the red carpet she looks more and more like Fergie.

  • mshesterp

    Oh, Monica Potter.  I love you, but that dress is all wrong!  Way too young and way too washed out.  Go home and start over.  And she looks so happy about it too!

    Rumer Willis is working that dress.  She looks fab.

    Sandra B’s hair and makeup look so dark and severe, although I still think she looks pretty.  I just didn’t know it was her at first.

    I like what Eddie Redmayne is putting down.  The whole thing (sans floppy collar) is working for me.

    • Violina23

      Monica Potter’s probably like “This is the most attention anyone’s given our show!”  The dress is not only pale, but it looks juvenile on her.  LOVE LOVE Parenthood, one of my favorite shows on TV. 

      • Echoing Parenthood love! Such a great show.

  • Sandra Bullock looks like an article from Glamour magazine: wear a cocktail top under your suit and take off your jacket and you’re all ready for the party!

  • Yum. Nathan Fillion. I don’t even care that the suit is bad. God, I love that man.

    • Adriana_Paula

      True words.

  • I shouted with laughter when Chris Colfer mentioned being the subject of many a fanfiction in his aceptance speech.

    • MilaXX

       cause you know  it’s true.

  • I thought Sandra Bullocks speech/award was the hightlight of this train wreck of an awards show (over announcing awards/not giving out some). The fact that she gave the award back to the highschool = she could have worn pampers and a macaroni necklace and been the big winner of this evening.

    (and Rumor Willis- really???)

  • Monica Porter looks like one of those wind up figurines in an old time music box (remember those)

  • SugarSnap108

    Rumer Willis’s dress is beautiful, but I can’t get down with “gorgeous” label when her hair looks like that. So close …

    • MilaXX

       She really does look great, but the hair is awful.

  • nannypoo

    Heidi looks awful. That dress adds at least 10 inches around her middle.

    • Lily-Rygh

       and that bust is just flat-out cray.  inexcusably cray.

      • Call me Bee

        And that little side cut-out was a bad, bad idea. 

  • MoHub

    Rachel Lee Cook FTW.

  • In_Stitches

    Julianna looks chic…for a 13 year old.  Kiernan Shipka could definitely rock that hair and dress. 

  • procrastinatrice

    Ellen Pompeo looks so fantastic! I think her look is my favorite. Rachael Leigh Cook looks great too, but there is a touch of the senior prom in it. Pompeo looks simple and sophisticated at the same time, which is an achievement.

    • alyce1213

      My favorite too.  Classic.

  • AnnPopovic

    You don’t tell  RDJ to grow up. You don’t. It’s like telling Peter Pan to grow up. Pointless and frankly, if either WERE to grow up, they’d no longer be the characters we adore. RDJ will be perpetually young 3 days after he dies. He’ll be 102 and rockin’ his funky tennies.

    And this is the way the world should be. In the same way that you would never tell HBC to put on something simple and DULL, you should simply get to that happy place where RDJ IS 80 and has rock symbols on his depends. 

    • Sobaika

      Surprised at the Kittens defending RDJ, I wouldn’t put him at HBC’s level. He looks ridiculous.

      • We’re not. He always gets defended when we point out he dresses like Justin Bieber and, for some reason, people always bring up HBC, who almost always gets dressed up in grown-up, high end fashion when she makes public appearances.

        • AnnPopovic

           Yes, but.
          Not to argue or anything because … well, that would be stupid. But a question, and question meant most sincerely: is there anything OTHER than RDJ’s shoes that grates? The suit’s … a suit. I don’t know what’s in the pocket but, whatever. The suit’s a pretty color, it fits about as well as anyone else’s, it’s a white shirt but … it’s the people’s choice awards, not dinner with the President. IF the shoes were different, would you be so offended…and…then of course that leads to: surely, those shoes are in fact a high-end designer item, in that, if they were ON a guy who was in his 20s AND paired with something a little more casual WOULD THEY NOT be the same as HBC flapping about in six layers of a Vivian Westwood on the way to the coffee shop? I mean, look at the detail in those shoes! They’re a work of art, no?

          I swear. I’m not arguing, it’s an honest question please don’t peel my skin and feed me to the Spirits of the Fashionably-Clueless…

          • Literally any other male star wearing an ill-fitted, shiny suit with an undone tie and a couple days’ worth of whiskers would almost unanimously get ripped for it by the commenters.

            No, it’s not dinner with the president, but somehow, almost every lady present knew she had to get dressed up for it.

            We have no idea why HBC gets brought up in these discussions. She’s always put together, hair and makeup done, corseted, and in high heels when she makes public appearances.

            And we’re not “offended.” We’re merely applying the same criteria we apply to everyone else on the red carpet.

          • AnnPopovic

            I did. I brought up HBC because I firmly believe that RDJ put as much intent into his costume as she does to hers. She wears heals and a corset, he obviously chose those shoes over a pair of standard whatevers in the same way that someone like Ewen would choose those scuffy brown thingies. He chose the shiny suit, his ‘scruffy’ facial hair has obviously been intentionally groomed to look thusly or he’d have that horrid neck hair thing going and there are no strays wandering around his face. So I submit that he’s put exactly as much thought and intent into his look as HBC does and therefore, this IS a declaration of his personal style and/or outlook on existence.
            Which of course doesn’t mean you can’t hate it and/or think it’s ridiculous and/or childish.

            (I just reserve the right to adore him for it, ‘kay? I’d take tripping over those shoes in the morning on the way to coffee…they’d match my flip-flops — which tells you ALL you need to know, doesn’t it? But hey. I’m here, I’m learning…) 🙂 

          • No one’s taking away or even questioning your right to adore him, but if we applied your criteria across the board, then everyone everywhere looks great because they’re making a “declaration of their personal style.”

            In other words, we don’t deal with “intent” here; we deal with the outcome. HBC puts a lot of effort into looking good and most of the time, she does. RDJ clearly puts almost no effort in, and we don’t think he looks good at all.

            You’re pretty much admitting that you give him a pass because you adore him, so why not just go all the way and admit it, instead of trying to justify it?

          • AnnPopovic

            Yeah, I could see that perspective…but I think…I adore him BECAUSE of this. Like I said, I don’t want to argue, I just want to better understand what I see as a contradiction. Fair enough, carry on, and thanks for your time!

          • Imasewsure

            Agreed… you can still love someone as an actor and have some sort of standard about his fashion rut…. I’m looking at you Johnny Depp!! HBC has a look but as you say it’s not silly tennies and ill fitting juvenile suits!!

          •  It is kind of crazy hair + mismatched shoes + bustles if it’s a Westwood, though.

          • MilaXX

             But RDJ isn’t in his 20’s. Personally depending on the event I might give a pass to a ‘tween celeb wearing sneakers, but RDJ has a child older than Bieber. I appreciate a male star dressing with a bit of whimsy, but this is just juvenile & he needs to stop.

          •  The purple thing in his pocket is the announcing the winner envelope.

          • AnnPopovic

             Thanks! Someone asked if it was a Crown Royal bag…and you know…there was a 50/50 shot.

      • filmcricket

        To be perfectly honest, IMO so does HBC quite often. I give her a pass because it’s her style and she’s consistent and clearly happy about it, and also not boring.

        But anyone else who showed up on the RC with two different coloured shoes, or her hair done up rat’s nest style, or in dresses that look like they’re one good sneeze from coming apart at the seams, would get ragged on far more often than she does. I give her commendation for putting on designer fashion & still looking like she’s a living character from one of her husband’s movies, but in terms of doing her best with what God gave her? She could do it a lot better. She chooses not to, and that’s fine, especially since, as I said above, the results are almost always entertaining. But the idea that she doesn’t get a pass because she’s HBC is baffling to me.

    • SewingSiren

      I always have thought of him in the exact opposite way. He threw away his youth with both hands and has been an old man since his early twenties.

      • AnnPopovic

        I can see as how people would see him that way, but I view the whole thing differently; he did, actually, live to burn the candles at both ends. And then he got a special gift; he got a brand new candle to start all over. And he’s not been particularly delicate with it on this second round, either. He’s led a charmed life, walked through fire and come out with nothing but a tan and a few well-placed wrinkles. And I don’t think, had I been in those shoes, I’d have much to regret. I’d be pretty grateful in those quiet moments for the second chance, but I do think he lives life like he’s only got ONE and by god, he’s gonna have at it with the gusto it deserves. I find his apologies charming and sincere…because he never apologizes for the adventures, only for the fact that he was so fried he didn’t realize he was hurting others in his wake. And I find his refusal to conform to our idea of what someone who’s been given a second chance SHOULD be like…he’s no Jesus freak, he’s just a guy who’s learned you don’t have to take drugs to turn up the volume…but that ALSO doesn’t mean you have to regret diving into the rabbit hole, either. As for the shoes? They remind me of Sailor Ripley’s snakeskin jacket. They’re an affirmation of his belief in his individuality and personal freedom. And as such, are beyond reproach; they’re no longer ‘fashion’ but rather, a statement.  But then, I’m a half-full kinda’ gal when it comes to the semi-reformed. I still have hope for LiLo.

        • SassieCassy

          ‘They’re an affirmation of his belief in his individuality and personal freedom. And as such, are beyond reproach’

          i just see a goofy pair of shoes that the commenters would rip apart if anyone other than robert downey jr would put them on

        • SewingSiren

          Just to be clear, he conforms exactly to my idea of someone who threw their youth away and doesn’t realize it  is long gone.

  • decormaven

    Is that a Crown Royal pouch in Robert Downey Jr.’s coat pocket? 

  • Lori

    I rarely flat out disagree with TLo, but I’ve got to part company on Naomi Watts. From the front the bad hair is the only real problem, but the back tells a different story. The sparkly top which looks pretty great (if slightly ill-fitted) from the front is actually a bib held up by illusion net. Or as the Fug Girls called it, a dickie tied on with pantyhose. Bad. Just bad. 

    • MRC210

       I was about to say.   And why is the skirtband higher than the bib on the sides?  Is the bib hanging loose or bloused over the skirtband?  Not a good look.

  • tylka5

    I agree with all assesments minus one…I hope RDJ never grows up.  He’s Peter Pan!!

    • SassieCassy

      so idk but
      i dont really think calling a grown ass man with tons of life experience ‘peter pan’ is much of a compliment
      its sort of why i cant stand the guy to begin with

      he is a good iron man tho so there is that.

  • Rebecca Bledsoe

    I do so love RDJ, but his red carpet attire, especially his footwear choices, evokes the “of course” response for me now. 

    • Judy_J

      You are so right.  I love RDJ, too, but I must admit he’s becoming predictable in his clothing choices.

      •  Not becoming, already predictable.  He’s been doing the same thing since he was in his 20s.  I don’t care, I love him anyway.

  • Tamara Hogan

    Never thought I’d type this, but Rumer Willis FTW. She looks absolutely stunning.  

  • JosephLamour

    Regina could have used some hose. And a different hairdo. I love that short one she was sporting a while back. Molly C. Quinn needs to befriend a gay man or stylist. I suggest myself.

    • Kimbolina

      I feel like someone with the name Molly C. Quinn (Molly Sequin…?) must have some gays stashed somewhere.  Perhaps they took the night off.

    •  Please take her under your wing. I don’t see Molly C Quinn on the red carpet very often but whenever she turns up she’s been listening to the bad ideas bears.

      I love that shade of yellow on Melissa Rauch, I think it is perfect. Don’t like the belt on the dress though.

  • jonnyf8

    I want to send some more love Melissa Rauch’s way.  The girl is no taller than a tic-tac and although that yellow might be a little off the mark she looks like a giant star.  In addition to being a great comedic actress she is beautiful.

    • PaulaBerman

       However, that dress needs a good steaming.

  • But RDJ wore his formal sneakers this time, he’s clearly grown a lot;)  

  • Can we swap dresses? Can we give Melissa Rauch’s dress to Regina King, and then give her dress to Melissa? I feel like it would work out better for everyone involved.

    I will always and forever support RDJ’s “suit with a fresh pair of kicks” look. Plus- it’s the People’s Choice Awards. Rachel Leigh Cook and Rumer (!!) look stunning, but I feel like they overdressed. Save the nice dresses for the Golden Globes or something.

  • Can’t wait to see Molly Quinn and Monica Potter as separated-at-birth fraternal twins in the comedy/drama “The Streetwalker and the High-Stepper.”

  • bigeasybridget

    I hereby declare that if your stage name is going to be Molly C. Quinn, you are obliged to always wear something with sequins. I don’t care if you’re not a drag queen, you can’t let that kind of drag name go to waste.

    • AnnPopovic

       HOW did I miss that?

  • Rachael Leigh Cook for the win!

  • Imasewsure

    A whole lot of ass except for Rumer who looked gorgeous but not too terribly overdressed which most of the gown-ladies seemed to be. Sandra Bullock from the ankles up looked great too. RD Jr. needs to retire (or grow up as stated).

  • OrigamiRose

    Nathan Fillion has morphed into Chris Noth.  (Not that this is a bad thing, but it distracted me from noticing his suit.)

    • Adriana_Paula

      That is a mad scientist experiment I would pay money to be in on.

  • Brian2234

    Self-reverence, self knowledge, self-control. These three alone lead life to sovereign power.

  • Stephen Amell is a waking wet dream. I just read his name and I shudder.

  • Inspector_Gidget

    Holy crap, Rumer is a mini-Demi!  Or, er, I guess that’s a… demi-Demi?

  • MilaXX

    I wish Chris took a few chances with his dressing. He should talk to Kevin McHale or Harry Shum.
    This is the first time Katie Cassidy has looked like her father to me.
    I can’t look at Regina King’s dress without thinking of the similar Micheal Kors dress that Kerry Washington wore on Scandal. Scandal has eaten my brain.
    As much as I love RDJ, it’s time to dress like a grown up.

  • Supercuts hair is perhaps the best comment ever. Totally true, hair is hideous!

  • Aww, I was hoping to see what you’d say about Jensen Ackles maroon suit (which I thought was excellent) and his color-coordinated co-star Jared Padalecki (there was something wrong with his suit jacket but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it)

  • How did Rumer make her jawline *not* the first thing I noticed about her?  Good job, celebuspawn.

  • Lily-Rygh

    That Tony Ward dress is straight-up Xanadu.

  • Snailstsichr

    For reasons I don’t comprehend, Eddie’s fashion choices often either piss me off or leave me cold. I’m quite pleased to discover that I really like what he is wearing here. Lookin’ handsome, Eddie!

  • Man, most of this looks so bad

  • MarissaLG

    Rumer wins!

  • …when did katie cassidy start morphing into drew barrymore?

  • Rumer Willis and Rachel Leigh Cook are the only two women who got it right.

  • Winter_White

    Heidi.  Oh, Liebchen.  You are still a knockout, you will always be a knockout, but your mischievous impulse to shock is no longer working so well for you.  In fact, you could only shock me at this point by turning up dressed as Marianne Sägebrecht at the very beginning of Bagdad Café.

  • I’ve known Monica Porter for years, since she was the ballerina in the jewelry box I got for my 12th birthday.

  • My mother in law is a HUGE Castle fan (we introduced her to it when she was widowed and she found it just serious enough to enthral her) and she is very unhappy about how much weight Nathan Fillion has put on between season 1 and now. I think this is the suit of a man who is adapting to larger sizes.

  • Yes, I need to get Nathan out of that suit immediately….mwah-ha-ha! 

  • Katie Cassidy looks like Lisa Marie Presley to me.  Most especially in that photo…  TLo, I know you like lady pants, but these jumpsuits the ladystars are wearing are starting to scare me…SAVE THEM PLEASE!!!

  • Damien W

    If the only bad thing RDJ is doing these days is wearing flashy sneakers on the red carpet, I’d simply count my blessings and leave it be. He’ll always have that childish tinge to his personality, it’s one of his charms. Plus, after all the miles he’s logged, he has absolutely nothing to prove to anyone anymore.

  • Damien W

    Show of hands! When we came upon Eddie R’s pic, did our eyes instantly zoom in on the prominent package?

    • lundibleu

      Weeeelll… his thumbs were pointing to it, would’ve been rude not to look. Right?

      And oh, Molly, what were you thinking? She normally looks pretty good, but this didn’t work. As for Melissa Rauch – I think she looks pretty good, but a darker colour would’ve been even better. Maybe a green or purple. 

  • kat89

    I’m sorry but Sandra Bullock looks just like Fran Drescher in that photo. Molly Quinn & Monica Potter both look like they’re about to break out in an Irish jig, the guys are wrinkled messes and Katie Cassidy looks like she’s heading for drinks on the lido deck of a seniors cruise. The rest look fine.

  • So I’m a Colfer fan, but. Darling, first of all: hands out of your pockets. And unroll your sleeves. I know you were really busy promoting SBL all day, but this is a somewhat important event for you. Should’ve borrowed that amazing attire Kurt was wearing in the Christmas episode; it was one of his/your best yet.

    Love Katie Cassidy’s jumpsuit; looks comfy and stylish. Best are Rumer’s and Naomi’s for the ladies and maybe Eddie’s for the guys. Worst were Kristin Kreuk’s (is she pregnant? She looks shapeless!), Maya Veronica’s and Monica Porter’s , and RDJ for the guys (booooring, dear. Change that tune already).

  • quiltrx

    Rumer Willis FTW!  GORGEOUS gown.  And she looks stunning.

    So many ‘almosts’ here.  Like the bodice, don’t like the skirt…and vice versa.  (and that is Monica Potter, right?  Not someone named Monica Porter who looks so much like her?)

    And I’d be willing to bet Eddie’s jacket fit great BEFORE he put the sweater on underneath.  He does look delightfully quirky-British, doesn’t he?

  • PaulaBerman

    I deeply hate the Naomi Watts look here. Mermaid hair, golden bib that looks vulgar … it’s fug as hell.

  • EdgarAllenPwn

    Rumor Willis looked the best, what is the world coming to?

  • ccm800

    Words I never thought I’d type = Rumor Willis looks stunning. 

  • Rebecca Jay

    Some of the legs should not be in dresses that show off legs.

  • Nalie

    I wonder if all the crazy outfits they put Chris Colfer in from age 18 to now on Glee scared him away from fashion.

    • i heard an interview with him the other day and he was talking about his movie that he just produced/wrote/directed, and i got the impression that he is so busy being creative that he doesn’t think much about how he looks.  truly a genius prodigy, living in his own world.

  • guest2visits

    RDJ for the win; refreshing and I think he gets it.  I liked Sandra Bullock’s choice too.

  • RocknRollmom

    Ok, I am old and I definitely do not watch television.  Who are these young people?!  And I will go look it up but is Katie Cassidy any relation to David?  Yes I am that old!

    I think Sandra looks event appropriate and gorgeous.  I don’t even mind the shoes.  And good for Rumer.  I have always felt bad for her.  Grwing up Demi as Mom has to be tough. 

  • RocknRollmom

    And so Katie is.  Thought she looked too much like her Dad (his posters used to be all over my tween bedroom). 

  • alyce1213

    I see myself padding around my Paris pied à terre in Ellen Pompeo’s dress. I just love the casual elegance of that Lanvin. It hangs so well, it’s so flattering.
    Rumer Willis’ unexpected, surprising, shocking, glitzy yet elegant gown is well . . . unexpected, surprising, and shocking. Good for her. She usually looks so bedraggled and cheap.
    I just can’t anymore with Heidi.  I can’t . . .

  • oh heidi, honey no!  if you had a winged horse and a helmet with horns, you could star in die valkyrie.  better get a stunt voice, though, that wagner is tough.

  • barbarienne

    I always love these sort of posts, with the quickie one-liners.

  • Rumer Willis has finally grown into her father’s face and her mother’s body. She’s never looked so good. 

    And I don’t care what RDJ wears…my unbridled love for him remains. He could wear anything and I would still be totally biased in his favor ;p I can’t help it!