Nicholas Hoult in Balenciaga

Posted on January 30, 2013

Nicholas Hoult attends the premiere of ‘Warm Bodies’ in Los Angeles in a Balenciaga suit accessorized with a Rolex watch.



[Photo Credit: David Gabber, Izumi Hasegawa, Tina Gill/PR Photos]

    • PeggyOC

      Not bad.  Shave the neck and hem the trousers.

      • UglyTalents


    • Allison Harris

      If you are wearing a borrowed designer suit, you don’t get to wear your hemp bracelet! Harumph.

      Also, the copious stubble and neck beard are making me twitchy.

      • imspinningaround

        It’s not hemp.  It’s paracord.  Still inappropriate with a Balenciaga suit.

      • lalahartma

        Actually, it is a paracord bracelet.  You know, in the event of a survivalist emergency.

        • Kathy_Marlow

           People also wear them to support the troops, my other half bought me one before my son deployed.

        • foodycatAlicia

           He’s English – do we have survivalists here?

          • Amelia Logan

            Bear Grylls, the original…

        • Katie Wolf

          Nicholas, a survivalist emergency…at a film premiere? Or anywhere near you? You, sir, are hilarious! …Ah, youth.

          /Lights cigarette, stares bemusedly out window overlooking b&w Paris cityscape, circa 1927

          • formerlyAnon

            Modern day equivalent of always carrying some stout twine on one’s person. No point if you only do it when you think you might need it. 😉

            P.s. Adore the visuals.

          • jtabz

            Perhaps a tongue-in-cheek reference to the fact that he’s at the premiere for his zombie apocalypse movie?

        • kayleymaybe

          This is for the premiere of a zombie movie, so I guess I don’t think the paracord bracelet is all that out of place…

    • UglyTalents

      Pretty, but I hate the teenage-not-quite-a-beard-yet on him. 

      • Meg0GayGuys6

        Yea, that “beard” reminds me of something my brother told me- his frat brothers used to call him (him, being my brother, not this Nicholas fella) Patches because his facial hair grew like this.

    • Jecca2244

      His eyes are piercing. I get a little vibe of Jay Ryan who plays Victor on the CW’s Beauty and the Beast, but Jay is just in a different hotness league. I digress. I love how his person pushed his suit arm up so you can see the Rolex. Next time take the ratty bracelet off too. Also, are guys supposed to do something with their eyebrows when they are famous??

    • Jeremy M. Claud

      About a Man. A real fine man….

      • Katy Carroll

        Who knew little Marcus would grow up to be such a hottie?  😉

        • Stacy Parker Cole

           It makes me feel a little dirty admiring what a hottie he’s turned into.  lol

    • Kiltdntiltd

      I seriously hope that wasn’t intentional with the watch.  Cause its stupid looking. I would have chosen a tie with more oomph, and had those pants hemmed up an inch.  Otherwise, he gets props for keeping his hands OUT of his pockets.

      • foodycatAlicia

         It’s the boy version of HERE’S MY HANDBAG.

        • Kiltdntiltd

          Clearly, a first timer’s effort at that.  lol

      • 3boysful

         The tie–seriously.  He looks like a 20-something wearing his only suit (albeit a fine one) to a funeral.

        • Kiltdntiltd

           Just imagine a great, bright green tie with those EYES of his.

          • Stubenville

            Actually, I find his eye color a bit creepy in a Boys-from-Brazil kind of way. 

            • Kiltdntiltd

               LOL  Okay, I see it.  There a slight “Children of the Damned” aspect going on.

            • MissAmynae

              He can damn me any. old. time. 
              Those eyes are killing me softly…..

      • Katie Wolf

        Oh would that it were unintentional. How I long to live in a world where men and women no longer compete for the title of Captain Douche by awkwardly and garishly displaying their borrowed baubles.

        (That is not to say the fact that the items are loaned is the crux of the offense; it is equally grotesque and douche-tastic when one owns the decorations, but I like alliteration. Sue me.)

        • Kiltdntiltd

          An amorous attachment to alliterative asides is always appreciated.

          • Katie Wolf

            My liege!

            • Kiltdntiltd

              I could not help myself. (grin)

            • Lisa M. (ReVoir) Kramp

              You would be so much fun to go drinking and dishing with!

            • Kiltdntiltd

              Should you find yourself in SF some day, we could arrange just such an event.

      • WhiteOprah

        I was thinking the same thing- it looks like he pushed his shirt cuff up intentionally and to quote Georgina Chapman “Made me cross.”  

        • 3boysful

          Look at photo 4–there’s a perfectly creased half moon around said timepiece.  Does not look haphazard in the least.

    • Hannah Prutton

      he is fantastic. and so unbelievably attractive, especially to a 17 year old girl like me :)

      • Kim Brightman

        Even more so to a 57 year old woman like me.  😉

    • Cortney Dean

      At least he isn’t a hand-shover-in-the-pockets, right?

    • snarkykitten

      you’re wearing a suit that probably costs more money than I make in a month, and yet you’re wearing some dingy, gross, pot-head bracelet? 

      and shave your god damn neckbeard, for fuck’s sake

      • lalahartma

        Paracord, not hippy.  Survivalist.

        • Snoskred

          Did you make it for him, or something? 

          • formerlyAnon

             They’re a thing. Hikers, campers, extreme wilderness people, survivalists. Google “survival straps” for a retail outlet.

            • Kim Brightman

               That’s what you wear after dating Katniss.

          • tereliz

            They’re definitely a thing. My father-in-law makes paracord belts and thought he’d open an etsy for fun. He can barely keep up with the orders. 

        • snarkykitten

           don’t really give a shit, since now I know that damn suit DID  cost more than my paycheck. 5 months worth. put in some frekin effort.

    • formerlyAnon

      Can I thank our hosts for the liberal sprinkling of les garcons this week? Thank-you.

      That’s a lovely suit but it’s a little dull for his kind of looks. A more imposing man would show it off better.

      That said, I would stand before sitting next to this one on the bus. If he’s *trying* to project borderline mania held in check, consider that done.

      Wish shaving would come back in style. Have to admit the [intentionally?] clearly visible fancy watch next to the macrame bracelet made me laugh and shake my head.

    • Mismarker

      Hello, lover.  

    • BigWhiteGrannyPanties

      Wow he has the most beautiful eyes.  I almost didn’t notice the MACRAME BRACELET on his arm next to his watch.  Did he make that at Church Camp?  

      • lalahartma


        • formerlyAnon

           My gosh, you’re right. I guess ’cause it’s a little scruffy I missed that it’s one of those “survival strap” bracelets one can unravel in an emergency.

      • MilaXX

         He said on some chat show that he takes up crafting on movie sets. IIRC he made that bracelet from old lamp cords or something.

        • formerlyAnon

           Noooo. I was so attached to the notion that he goes wilderness camping on his off time and possibly has a concealed carry permit. It seemed to go with his eyes and general air of intensity.

          • MilaXX

            Yep he says he’s learned to knit, macrame, and I guess do the unconventional materials thing.

            • formerlyAnon

              That’s sooo actor-ish. So many actors I know are good at card tricks or juggling or origami because of the waiting time involved.

    • Annabelle Archer

      He’s pretty. He’s washed, his hands are not stuffed in pockets, he’s not wearing pretentiously pre-scuffed work boots. Well done for a young man these days.  
      Do you think Jennifer gave him that bracelet and he’s all “I still love you, see, I wore our bracelet, take me back!” ?

    • alyce1213

      Beautiful suit, great fit — except for the hem.  A more ambitious tie and a shave would be nice, but he’s pretty cute.

    • ConnieBV

      This kid has such a dark elf vibe. Maybe that’s why I can’t with the tucking of the sleeve into the watchbaggery.

    • Kim Baker Vidas Davey-Irvin

      “see my watch?”

    • AlinaValero

      is it tacky to wear your jacket sleeve pushed up to show off your expensive watch or does that not apply to celebrities, who have borrowed both said watch and said jacket?

    • Ashleigh Boutelle

      $5,000 suit, check. $1,500 shoes, check. $6,000 watch, check. Perfect body to pull all this off, check. DITCH THE FREAKIN HEMP BULLSHIT BRACELET for one night!!!!

      • Vera L-

        I think it’s a paracord bracelet. They’re all the rage with kids these days. 

    • skitzfiggitous

      That movie looks pretty terrible. He does not.

      • Errick Loyola

        That terrible movie currently has a perfect 100% rating at Rotten Tomatoes. Don’t be fooled by the premise. It’s the same director that brought us the enchanting “50/50″.

        Anyhow, boy does this man look gorgeous. Pretty eyes.

        • tereliz

          Thanks for the info, because I really had no hopes at all for this movie. And I loved 50/50. Still, I think I’ll wait until this one comes on cable…

      • julnyes

        When I heard about it my eyes rolled so far into the back of my head that I could see my brain stem, but the previews made me reconsider my position. It think I’ll go see it and decide if I like my romance with a dash of horror (or is it horror with a dash of romance?)

    • Danielle Lisle

      Woof. Wish his hair was just a skosh longer.

    • MilaXX

      About a boy indeed! YUM

    • CallMeJane

      After that Jeremy Renner awfulness, this is a welcome reset.  I almost forgot how good a man could look.  

    • Warrior89

      He looks a little….creepy to me?  serial killer eyes, maybe?  Sorry.  I’m sure he’s a lovely man on the inside.

    • B_C_J

      Love the suit although the hem on the pants could have been improved.  The scruff helps to add masculinity to what is clearly a pretty man wearing a shiny suit.  It’s trimmed and managed. I like it….a lot.

    • korilian

      Wow. Am I the only one who finds it really obnoxious that he went through the effort to show off his watch?

    • Jessica TallGirl Freeman

      I think it’s pretty sharp, but I’m not quite as inclined to get all bitchy about fit when it comes to men in suits. I still can’t believe this is the kid from About a Boy. Those English boys grow up deliciously don’t they? 

    • kalisa


      • j_anson

        OMG, IS IT?

        I guess the answer from me is, wow, no! :)

    • Jean Marie Downing

      He’s so pretty, but this series of pictures make it clear why he was such an amazing pseudo-sociopath on Skins (only pseudo because he did actually love Effy.  If no one else.)

    • jw_ny

      eh…dull.  I suppose it’s a nice suit, but there’s no life to the overall look.  The watch/product placement/shifting up of his cuff…is irritating. 

    • LesYeuxHiboux

      Gosh, he’s cute. He’s old enough for me to say that, right? He looks pretty great, but he’d look greater if he shaved the scruff and hemmed the…

      Wait. No. I just realized that he is dressed like Don Draper. This is not for you, Nicholas Holt. You are a gangly kind of gorgeous. Get a double-breasted suit or a three-piece (hemmed properly) with a little color in it and come back and see me. I want a colored shirt or a patterned pocket square or something. Jazz it up. I don’t even mind your paracord bracelet because you are young, otherwise well-turned-out, and this is the premiere of your zombie movie. 

    • Imasewsure

      This kid fascinates me… don’t love the shirt/tie since it makes the suit kind of dull overall…. love how he hiked up the sleeve to show off the Rolex sponsor…

    • kirkyo

      Not perfect but a damn good effort.

    • tereliz

      This boy looks pretty good in a suit, even with the scruff and the puddling trousers and the borrowed watch. 

      On a side note, this movie looks awful. I never read the books, but the trailers are starting to drive me crazy. I have no desire to see this movie, despite this adorable man-meat. Also, Malkovich Malkovich. 

      • Gabriella M

        MALKOVICH? Malkovich Malkovich Malkovich. 

    • decormaven

      If nothing else, we BKs have been schooled on the appropriateness of paracord bracelets for the RC today. Every day is a learning opportunity at Chez TLo!

      • Pamela

        You never know when you might need to save a celebrity’s life on the RC.  Paracord bracelet at the ready!

    • Magdalena Monzerrat Ontiveros


    • Trisha26

      Lovely but I can’t with the hair.

    • Gabriella M

      Looks good, albeit a skotch boxy (and – in chorus – needs a hem). He must be model-skinny as a rail, which makes me wish he weren’t playing it so safe; he could pull off some craziness, especially since he’s always been sort of intense looking. Wonder when he’ll get a guyditorial. 

    • Vera

      Too bad he and Jennifer Lawrence broke up.  Would have loved to see them together on the RC.

    • guest2visits

      Young’ un does know how to wear a suit well, and he has such great expressive eyes.  Hope he leaves his brows alone!

    • bertkeeter

      He was a doll on Graham Norton last week!

    • ccm800

      Mr. Holt. I likey!  

    • ZnSD

      oh look, he got a free watch. lol

    • TRSTL

      I am guessing it is a sentimental fave or a gift from someone special because it is on his wrist ALL THE TIME!  Regardless of what else he is wearing.  Some guys (myself included) like to wear that special something we got from that special someone, fashion critics be damned!  LOL!

    • gg80302

      Well done.


    • Stephany M.

      Oh Tony how I love you…