Michelle Obama in Jason Wu

Posted on January 22, 2013

FLO kept the style drama fairly low-key for the daytime events, but broke out the drama for the night.

U.S. President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama at the Inaugural Ball at the Walter Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC. Michelle Obama wears a custom ruby chiffon gown with a plunging back and velvet details by Jason Wu accessorized with a handmade diamond embellished ring by Kimberly McDonald and shoes by Jimmy Choo.

And even then, it’s a curiously low-key kind of gown. Simple shape; classic neckline; little in the way of glitter of embellishment. To be honest, it took us a minute or two to get behind this one because we expected something a lot showier. But she was right to go in this direction. It’s declarative and eye-catching, plus it’s elegant and flatters the hell out of her.

And we can handle the bangs a lot better when she flips her hair out like that.



[Photo Credit: Getty]

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    FABULOUS!!  As stated, flattering as all heck, great color and cut for her and just simple enough.  You GO, FLO(TUS)!!

  • I think she looks beautiful. Elegant and classic, but in a nice bold color.

  • I was a little confused by how low-key it is at first, but now I’m loving it. And I love her bangs; I think they’re extremely flattering.

    • Lori

       I think she picked a relatively low-key dress to match the overall tone of the day. The whole inaugural was much more low-key than the first one. That’s generally how 2nd inaugurals are. She was following the “know your venue” rule and I think she did a great job.

      • Not to mention all the idiots who want to bash her for wearing real Fashion based on the cost, because they’re under the impression that the taxpayers pay for everything on her back. I’ve seriously heard this from people. I have to restrain myself from reminding them that Nancy Reagan was basically a walking advertisement for Bill Blass and Oscar de la Renta. *sigh* FLOTUS looks fantastic.

        • DocPooh

          There’s no appeasing them.  I recently read a story about Mrs. Obama wearing outfits more than once and also shopping at discount stores–the comments were along the lines of, “So, why is this news?  I do the same thing!”  They, the Obama haters, do not want to find anything redeeming in either the POTUS or the FLOTUS even if they have to take contradictory positions to be critical of them.

    • tmchale

      Her bangs don’t go with her face for some reason.

  • kikisayshi

    I love the way he looks at her. You don’t see that a lot anymore.

    • charlotte

       He clearly loves her.

      • Yeah, that is the best part!

      • Karen Maslowski

         And doesn’t she seem to glow from within? They are so cool together. I wish all three of my girls to have such a love with their men.

    • RebeccaKW

       I agree.  This certainly isn’t a ‘pretend for the cameras’ love.  It’s wonderful.

    • 3boysful

       Love the expression and way he’s holding her in 8th photo down.

    •  After how many years together? It’s just gorgeous. Hope my husband still looks at me that way tomorrow, let alone in 10 years!

  • Sobaika

    STUNNING. Yiu go, Mrs. O. I wasn’t the biggest fan of her first inaugural gown, but this is a show stopper. Well done!

    And I like her bangs 🙂

    •  I like her bangs too. Even when she doesn’t flip her hair out. I think she looks youthful with them. Though she didn’t really need any help.

    • ALT19

      I like the bangs with the hair flipped out. During the daytime events with the ends curled under more it looked more like a helmet…didn’t look bad, but didn’t look good. The evening hair looks fantastic! Well done.

      • Sobaika

        I think she needs to grow her hair out a smidge, to prevent the helmet head. Otherwise I’m pro FLOTUS bangs.

        • SassieCassy

          i dont know why she got them since she doesnt have much forehead (in my experience only those with significant foreheads or longer faces go for bangs) and its like shes trying to look trendy instead of being trendy. theyll look cute if she gets more length

          • kimmeister

            She doesn’t have a particular short forehead either, but it’s fairly prominent.  That’s why I think the bangs work.

    • Call me Bee

      Agree about thewhite gown.  It was a stunning dress, but was not flattering–it made her look really thick in the middle.    This one is much better. 

  • artsykelly

    Love the dress, great color and fabric, the back is gorgeous, BUT the waist is too high and the top doesn’t seem to fit right and I HATE the horseshoe thing that is holding the halter together.  It reminds me of those clavicle sub-dermal piercings.

    Shoes: Love the small heel, hate the dyed to match.

    • I know – and I feel bad for the critique because they’re both so beautiful!

    • Vickiefantastico

      I completely agree with you! the back is fabulous, but the front didn’t sit well with me at all. Naturally, it shows off her great arms, but in doing so, it makes her chest look kind of non-existent and her hips boxy.

      But I will say, her smile and his look of love really make me forget about the fit entirely.

  • The whole inaugural day is so long I can relate to her wanting something a little on the comfortable side.  It’s not the Red Carpet. She’s not a starlet so no need for theatrics. She really looks happy, relaxed and at ease in this dress.

  • What a beautiful color. And an even more beautiful couple.

  • Imasewsure

    It’s a WERQ for me but I like low key… love that we have this beautiful loving couple representing us too… we’re not all Ugly Americans (although some of us are)

  • carolynmo

    I thought the dress was stunning. It was a WERQ to me.

  • ChaquitaPhilly

    Beautiful and what a wonderful set of photos!

  • They just seem to genuinely enjoy each other, don’t they? It’s so nice to see that.

    She looks great. He looks great. I haz a happy. 

  • BuckeyeLou

    I love the Bold color, so flattering on Mrs. O!  And the fabric is so rich looking.  She has such great skin and those fabulous arms, she looks great!

  • sarahmichelef

    I just love them. And the dress is gorgeous, too.

  • momogus

    I love her so much I don’t really want to criticize her clothing choices. It’s a beautiful dress, though maybe not the most flattering to her shape, but who cares? She’s gorgeous, and to see her and her husband and the way they are together makes me sigh with contentment. You go, First Couple!

  • Ms. Schmidt

    I mostly like the dress, though I think there’s something about the bodice – maybe it’s a skosh too high for my taste or the fit isn’t quite right – that I’m finding myself not caring for.  I love the color though!

    • Vera L-

      agreed! I thought the belt might be too thin maybe? Something needs tweaking. BTAIM, she looks wonderful, glamorous and appropriate all at the same time. 

  • HomeOfficeGirl

    Definitely prefer the hair this way – it’s lighter, highlights her face more.  The dress is all that you say – I think it hits the right note.  The color does the work here and she looks amazing in it!!

    • I was actually taken aback by how much I liked her hair this way!  The flip must, as you say, highlight her face.  She looked great…I think the dress is a nod to the Jason Wu of four years ago…older, wiser, red for experience and a battle fought! 

      • Introspective

        Susan, Nice way of putting it. The white Wu dress 4 yrs ago was representative of being fresh, a novice, open to the possibilities. Red shows that staying power of the first couple. This red one is both bold and neutral, sort of like the sartorial equivalent of Obama’s policy positions… Shelley once again made a well-thought out and incredibly flattering choice.

        I just cannot close without more gushing for the clearly loving relationship these two have. It makes me so happy. for that alone, its a WERQ.

  • HomeOfficeGirl

    Definitely prefer the hair this way – it’s lighter, highlights her face more.  The dress is all that you say – I think it hits the right note.  The color does the work here and she looks amazing in it!!

  • OrigamiRose

    A wonderful example for Project Runway aspirants on how to design a showshopping gown for a real woman without sacrificing the designer’s vision or ending up with a shapeless sack.  She didn’t need to look like the sketch model to WERQ in it. Bravo.

  • Judy_S

    I just love how becoming but un-pushy all her clothes have been for the festivities. She looks gorgeous here, but there’s no question whether you’re looking at a dress or a woman.
    The daytime hair is bothersome precisely because it seems to reduce her face to a tiny area, as if she is hiding. So much better off her face.

  • lexilexi

    It’s a WERQ for me.  Just gorgeous.

  • Are we surprised she didn’t choose a different designer this time around?

    • gabbilevy

      I was. I like her habit of plucking an unknown and making them a star. That said, she gave Thom Brown that honor yesterday, too.

  • Annabelle Archer

    I like her so much. Everything about her. It pains me little to say that I just don’t like this look.  I feel it gives her size where there isn’t any.  I don’t like the fit in the armpit area and I am disliking the bangs more with the hair flip.  It feels like a fashion step backwards, not forwards.  I do love the color and I do love the velvet accents, I am just  underwhelmed overall. 

  • estella_nyc

    The FLOTUS is a hottie.

  • I love it!!! She looks stunning.

  • Lisa M. (ReVoir) Kramp

    THIS is how a FLOTUS should wear red. Take that, Nancy Reagan!

    • OrigamiRose

      Oh, I don’t know that is fair.  Nancy was a different generation, in a different style era, had her own silhouette she stuck with, and was (is) a wisp of little lady who wore what worked on her.  

      I am biased, I adore her and think she’s never gotten (nor has she sought) credit for her most enduring accessory, the set of balls she always has worn very delicately beneath those little tailored suits and dresses.

  • Her sincere and beautiful smile is her best accessory. She rocks.

  • ConnieBV

    I am a total Obama+Shelly ‘shipper. I will go write fanfic now.

  • Laylalola

    Strangely, the fitted earlier inaugural ensembles almost seemed more formal than this dress.

  • Loved it. Very chic and classic but I liked that it was flowy. The color and texture of the dress really made it outstanding and boy o boy you could not have picked a better shape to show off those arms. It looked great with the new hair which I think I like. Maybe not as much as her previous cut but then again, the only thing I really hate when it comes to women’s hair is when they never change it. It’s a gal’s prerogative to try different do’s.

  • Nancy Dunn

    Gorgeous color (love that she wore red!,) great shape on her. Would have liked to see more formal hair, not the “Going to the office today” hair she sported. THeir love is palpable.

  • eowyn_of_rohan

    I love the understated glamour.  FLOTUS carries herself with such grace and confidence that in my opinion she doesn’t need to dial the pizzazz all the way up — she shines all on her own.  That said, I think if it were a color other than red it would be too understated.  This is a perfect balance.  And I appreciate that she went with Jason Wu again.  I thought that was kind of sweet.

    • l_c_ann

      I thought she had granted Wu a mulligan after the chenille bedspread.

  • joancarol

    I kept looking for the “black velvet accents”  listed in the description.
    But then I realized they were talking about her husband.

    • ballerinawithagun

      I just posted about the “black velvet accents” also. Agreed it must be her husband! Great couple.

      • Snailstsichr

         I thought it was the design in the material of the dress and the lights muted the color. I’m seeing “plunging back and velvet accents” when I read the description. I don’t see “black velvet.” Wouldn’t it be a little disrespectful for the designer to refer to the President as Black Velvet? I think Michelle is the only one who gets to call him that!

    •  I don’t see a reference to black velvet?

      • joancarol

        Under the first picture–
         Michelle Obama wears a custom ruby chiffon gown with a plunging back and velvet details by Jason Wu 

        •  That says plunging BACK and velvet details. Nothing about black velvet!

          • joancarol

            Hahaha– I’m such a jerk!
            You are right, of course! 

  • Hetha Innis

    I just can’t believe how chic and good-looking they are. They took my breath away yesterday. 

  • LearnedFoot

    This is a winner. I have to admit, I really really disliked her first inaugural gown but Jason Wu is redeeming himself here. My only complaints are the belt – the gown certainly needs one, but maybe in a material other than satin? – and it looks like the ring in the dress and her bracelets are silvery rather than gold. Of course she looks great in both, but her amazing complexion just looks radiant with gold.

    I, too, love seeing POTUS and FLOTUS dance together. They really dig each other, and it puts a smile on my face.

  • I absolutely love it. Yes, it’s a bit low-key but I care not because it fits her like a glove and the POTUS is clearly digging his wife in it (I swear, that look of love of their face makes this all the more perfect) so who cares if it isn’t glitzy?

  • hmariec19

    I just LOVE them. Sigh.

    And the dress is lovely.

  • pottsm

    When I see her in bangs – I keep thinking about Mary Wilson and expecting her to break out singing “MY GUY” — which is all totally appropriate

  • I loved (in a nearly facetious way) how CNN treated the fashions of the day — with Tim Gunn, Joe Zee, and Carson Kressley providing commentary. Alina Cho interviewing Thom Brown and then trying! to get Jason Wu on the phone. Breaking news!

    • TheDivineMissAnn

       Oh, that sounds so cool!  I wished I would have watched it.

  • PhillyDeb

    After 4 years of watching her, I finally understand, in this dress, the issues which she repeatedly demonstrates.  She actually does not have much of a waist, and her natural waistline is high (she doesn’t wear her belts “too hight”–she wears them where her waist actually is).  When she wears anything with a well defined waist, she tends to look a little thick (ie, as Annabelle describes it, ‘size where there isn’t any.”  This is then exaggerated with the gathering below the waist.  She looks much better in a sheath style, when her waist is not emphasized.
    BUT I love the color and the overall gestalt of this dress.

  • Agreed on the bangs and flipping.

  • Little_Olive

    I don’t find it all that low-key. It’s fairly simple but the color is very bright, the fabric is embellished and it suits her so well it really makes a statement.
    Hatehatehate the neck ring thing though. Don’t care for the bangs. The shoes should have been a shiny gray, silver, something else than matchy-matchy.

  • throwaneyeonthis

    FLOTUS does not go braless.  Just isn’t done.  So how does she do it in a dress that plunges so deeply in the back?  Built into the front of the dress?  I don’t think the bras that have straps that wrap around to the back would work in this dress either.  Any ideas? 

    • Anathema_Device

      I had a convoluted backless bra once. It can be done, but isn’t all that comfortable. Also, with my wedding dress’ I had cups built in. This is a custom garment, so there may be some under lying support in there.

    • grouchywif

      There are two options. The first is a longline bra. It would encircle her waist down below where the plunge goes and boning would give structure in the front. These are rather uncomfortable and with a plunge back, you do run the risk of it somehow showing. This back isn’t a super-plunge one…no risk of showing her derriere like so many starlets do. But again, longlines are not, in my experience, all that comfortable.

      The second option is built-in bra cups. I had those in my wedding dress even though it did not have a plunging back (it had a high back and was short-sleeve off-the-shoulder). I imagine that if you are the FLOTUS wearing a custom-made dress the entire world is going to pay attention to, getting built-in support is not an issue.

    • alyce1213

      I’m pretty sure it’s built-in cups.  There’s plenty of fabric up front and around the sides to secure them in the dress.

  • This is a sweet and marvelous set of photos, and the best things about them are, in order: 1) their clear love for each other; 2) his tails; and 3) her dress.  I know I’m in the minority here but I am just not feeling the love for this one.  I don’t think it fits her very well, for one, especially on top.  There just seems to be too much fabric all over.  The belt is (as usual for her) too high.  She is in great shape and clearly not overweight but I thought all the folds in the skirt made her look hippy.  Plus, it was just so……RED.  Unrelieved red.  And the multiple bangles, again.  It had a beautiful flow when they were dancing, I’ll concede that.  But I didn’t care for it last night and I don’t care for it now, on second appreciation.

    Obviously FLOTUS thought she looked wonderful and so did her date, so in the end, that’s what counts most.  Blessings on them both as they face four more years of Washington’s special brand of hell.  I’m glad they are there but honestly, why ANYONE wants to be president is a mystery for the ages.

  • ballerinawithagun

    Softening the hair really makes this style fabulous on her! This dress needs a showier belt. It says “black velvet accents” in the dress description. I don’t see any, is it just the lighting? Fabulous and in love! 

  • filmcricket

    I love, love, love the colour on her. Not wild about the shape – as a few others have said, it gives her a bit too much volume on the bottom. But the fabric is gorgeous and it sure shows off her fantastic arms.

    Re POTUS: is it odd that he’s wearing a white tie without a tail coat? I thought white ties were only for “the full soup and fish” as Bertie Wooster would say.


    • alyce1213

      I looked back to compare FLOTUS’ Jason Wu dresses, and the President wore a white bow tie with a tuxedo jacket in 2009 as well! I didn’t remember that.

  • jw_ny

    It’s a stunning gown…took me no time to get behind it!  That is such a great color on her.  Makeup and accessories…perfect. 

    I like her hair better with this little flip…rather than the bob.  It has more life, lifts and opens up her face more.  Still…not really on board with the bangs tho.

  • Jessica Goldstein

    I adore this gown. And I would answer this:
    “… it’s a curiously low-key kind of gown. Simple shape; classic neckline; little in the way of glitter of embellishment.”
    with this:
    “…it’s elegant and flatters the hell out of her.”

    By virtue of her height, Mrs. Obama can pull off some pretty complicated looks. But she’s still not a model, and most mere mortals look their best when they do keep it simple and focus on a flattering shape and color. In other words, I think part of WHY she looked so fabulous last night is precisely because she kept it simple.

    And I like the bangs better when the hair is flipped, too.

  • captrenault

    If the dress is going to be in the Smithsonian until the end of time, classic and timeless is the way to go.  It has to be low-key, yet still distinctive against the other dresses in the room, hundreds of years from now.  It’s a hell of a choice to make, and I think Shelley did it well.

  • thecitysleeps

    So beautiful.  Elegant and classy and just so Michelle.  I have so much respect for that woman.

  • jmorino08

    I just love the way he looks at her, like he’s the luckiest man in the world. Le sigh…

  • formerlyAnon

    Love it.

  • l_c_ann

    I wish she had called Emilio Sousa and had him make her a more fitted and more flattering gown out of that great red fabric or any great red fabric. 

  • I think the bangs were thinned out a bit, I like them a lot more than the first time I saw them.  

    And beautiful dress!   

  • warnerave


  • deathandthestrawberry

    I loved the gown. I think she looked fantastic.

  • Beautiful fabric but this is a weird criticism.  The exposed arm with the stage lighting creates shadows that look like she didn’t shave!  lol, I don’t think it’s her complexion, I suspect that lighting would do the same to casper the ghost white me. 
     Such a happy couple, I love how he looks at her so adoringly.

  • mommyca

    She looks stunning, confident, comfortable, happy and in love… and her hair looks definitely better with this style… I just love them…

  • She looked gorgeous, no question. But TLo, can you comment on him? Confused about white tie with standard tux, plus pocket square?

  • Janet B

    Beautiful.  The red showed well on television. Anything more complicated would have been lost from afar.

    Joe Zee was terrific on CNN

  • miagain

    She looks lovely…. I too thought it was a bit low key at first, but on closer examination, it is a beautiful dress.
    But what’s with Obama wearing a white tie with a dinner jacket????  Is that a new thing?

  • Carrieanno

    Mr. President is looking pretty darn good too.

  • mhleta

    I adore this woman more every time I see her. She’s a shining example to us all. Mrs. Obama struck each moment exactly right for this whole process, from the campaign through this moment. A few minor clunkers along the way, but she really ended on a high note here. The fabric of this dress is flamboyant and bold, modern yet elegant. She’s such her own woman. I just love her.

  • Judy_J

    She is stunning, that’s all I can say.  And I love that she and the prez are so in love (and sexy!)  What a beautiful couple they are!

  • MilaXX

    The way the president looks at her………. *sigh*
    I think it was smart of her to keep her dressing low key. She still looked gorgeous, so kudos to her.

  • Dianne Jennings

    I am a proud member of Team Bangs.  

  • Also, our President is a complete dork and I adore them both. I feel like if Mrs. Obama has to be out in front with a fancy gown, he should get his tux fitted better.

  • sfloudmouth

    Clearly am in the minority here but what is this, North Korea where we all just say nice things about the Os or are packed off to the gulag?  That dress on her does not deserve any werqs just because she is Michelle O and it was the inauguration.  The dress is bad and she does not look good in it.  It is misfitted in the bodice and gives her pancake boobs.  The belt is too narrow and too low and there is too much volume in the bottom of the dress making her pedonkadonk look enormous.  The fabric is old lady and the matchy-matchy shoes and belt are full on mother-of-the-bride.  And that ring thing at the neckline is just this side of the Lindsay Lohan Liz and Dick disaster.  Absolutely hideous.  She shoulda’ hired a stylist.  Her own taste is just not so hot.

    • ojosazules

      The Bitter Kittens are known for their lock-step agreement and silencing fear of the gulag- oh! wait a minute…. Not so fucking much…

  • sfloudmouth

    forgot to mention that the modified moe howard on the top of her head is a full on hairtastrophe too.  and the white tie on him without the tails is a huge faux pas.

  • Beautiful couple, but I think that the dress doesn’t flatter Shelly. I have seen her look better than this. I think it puts too much volume around her waist. But the color and fabric is great!

  • Dhammadina

    What makes the dress is her husband as accessory. Have any photos shown a couple more comfortable and in long term love with each other? The photo of the back of her dress, where we see her arms around him, says it all. 

  • Lilithcat

    I’m not feeling it.   I like the back and I love the color, but the top is odd, and the fabric – I really hate to say this – looks cheap.  The belt, as always, is in the wrong place.

  • mmc2315

    Low-key, but elegant.  

  • Snailstsichr

    I just wonder how the POTUS stays so skinny when 3000 calorie meals are put in front of him? And there’s a brewery in the White House, to boot. I’d like to see him dress to show off his lean figure, but I guess that wouldn’t be dignified in his office. Can you imagine HIM wearing Thom Browne??

  • They say Obama is anti-2nd Amendment, but he appears to be thoroughly enjoying the gun show.  Hot damn, Shelley. Your arms are FABULOUS.

  • withbreaththatisbaited

    I love it – simple, but elegant. She’s in a position where she’s damned no matter what, so I’m glad she went low-key. The red looks great on her and while I will agree it doesn’t flatter her shape as much as it could, she still looks gorgeous. 

    Someone on CNN said Obama was wearing the same tux he wore at the first Inauguration, and if they weren’t joking, that would explain the bad fit on him, but the President doesn’t have a tailor? The absence of tails doesn’t bother me, because again, low-key is better. Although, Lord Grantham would not allow him in the dining room with a dinner jacket. 

  • xmixiex

    yes, the hair looks better shzuzzed

  • Kristy Evans

    They are so in love. It is beautiful to watch them together. That being said, I thought her dress was perfect. Bright and joyful and the perfect amount of sass and class. And yes, the bangs are much more acceptable with that style.

  • mellorcr

    This dress has it’s flaws, but I love it anyway.  What is killing me, however….   Why did no one comment on Wu’s sketch of the dress?   What she is wearing is nothing like the sketch.  I’ve noticed this a lot on Project Runway and other fashion shows.  They draw the sketch like the wearer will be a 9 foot tall Barbie with a 16 inch waist and boobs supported by anti-gravity.  And full, unshaped pleated skirts always cling at the knees to create a sexy mermaid shape.  Even if they do end up creating a dress that looks decent on a real woman, they design sketch is always  like some kind of unnatural sexy anime character whose clothes don’t have to obey the laws of physics. 

  • Anathema_Device

    Like the hair so much better here. Would like the dress better with a thicker belt, but that’s a quibble. They are a perfect pair.

  • I think she’s stunning.  Red is a great color on her.

  • Dot

    That neckline is so perfect on her — really showcases her best attributes. Definitely an excellent choice for her. I have no idea what she was thinking with those shoes, though. That bowtie looks absurd on POTUS — it is comically large.

  • Eva_baby

    She is WERQing the shit out of that dress!

    And he is looking pretty damned dapper as well. 

    HA HA HA.  Somewhere Oscar De La Renta is busy gnashing his teeth!

    • MsMajestyk

      Yes, dapper!  I just wrote the same thing and hadn’t read your comment.  Also love natty.

  • I really like the dress, especially the back.  And I’ll bet it looked better in person than in the photographs.

  • MsMajestyk

    Whew, I’m glad Thomas found his shirts.

    The first couple look quite dapper.

  • That is beautiful.  LOVE IT.  Really, a perfect dress, not only for her, but for the occasion and her station.  She could’ve gone all wow and pizzazz and still been appropriate but I think this serves who she is better.  Beautifully done, Shelly O.  I also hate her bangs less with the hair flipped out, but I still hate them.

  • TSkot

    MUCH better than the last go around, but it doesn’t flatter her shape.  If she was a stick figure like the sketch it would be a knockout, but she’s done better in other silhouettes.  

  • bluefish

    Beautiful back on the FLOTUS — perfect dress to show off the gorgeous skin, arms and shoulders.  Times are tough — glad she kept the look more low key and less mussy fussy.  My only complaint was the mangling of the Al Green number not just once but twice by Jennifer Hudson.  Shrieking is not singing.

    Like this red gown so much better than the Jason Wu she wore at the First Inaugural.

  • I never like a ring as part of a dress or shirt or bathing suit, etc, but diamond embellishing makes everything better!! 🙂

  • surfergirl70

    That is totally her neckline.  

  • alyce1213

    I adore the dress and that color red is gorgeous against her skin.  I imagine the fabric is quite exquisite in person.  I actually prefer this one to her 2009 dress.  Her hair does look better flipped a bit, really pretty.

  • stubbornthoughts

    Love the cut and color of this dress on her, but hate the print. It looks like she’s going to a luau.

    Regardless, I think they’re such a fabulous couple 🙂

  • It’s fine if you want to look thick waisted and broad shouldered, I guess. But on the plus side, he sure does look at her like she’s the bomb diggity and the color is lovely on her, which is the only nice thing I can think of to say about these two.

  • bitchybitchybitchy

    I love the color -but most of all, I just love how he’s looking at her. Their obvious love for each other is giving me a swoony moment.

  • SapphoPoet

    Beautiful dress; she looks elegant and at ease in it. I still don’t like the bangs; I think they cover up too much of her face. 

    They are a very classy couple. 🙂

  • She looks fucking FABULOUS!  I had read they were keeping things more low-key this time (sorta like a second wedding) so I think this is perfect for the occasion.  Hey, you two!  Get a room!  Or, 132 of them (number of rooms in the WH)….!

  • Yeah- what is up with that?  In general you don’t combine the two.

  • The white tie is WRONG, and I don’t care what the opinion of his dresser is.

    • Lilak

      I really and truly shrieked when I saw that tie.  In no universe is that defensible except wacky theme parties and their caterers, Halloween, and Klown Kollege.  (I wouldn’t even make an exception for figure skaters.)

      The man is so cool and elegant under most circumstances, but he’s not exactly Mr. Suave at these balls.  He’s such a middle-schooler of a dance partner, bless him — he doesn’t need to italicize it with an eighth-grader’s choice of tie. 

      • disqusux

        I was kind of hoping they’d have had a dance lesson this time, and he’d do a tiny bit more than just shuffle around in  circles and pump her arm. Joe Biden even broke out a foxtrot! 

  • Winter_White

    When I see designer drawings of clothing for her it always makes me smile: those ubiquitous, stylized hands in all fashion illustration?  Michelle actually HAS hands like that!  Impossibly long, elegant fingers.

    So proud of our POTUS and FLOTUS.

    • Qitkat

      I think his are too, but hers are beautiful.

  • e jerry powell

    And nobody could see Little Miss Size Two off to the side.  That’s the best part.

  • I FLOVED this dress.  Simple, flattering…and the COLOR!  Stunning.  And I’m guessing it was even more impressive up close and personal.  The texture isn’t immediately apparent until you get into close-ups – but I’ll bet it’s touchable as all hell.  Sexy.  That’s the one thing Shelly O has brought to FLOTUS.  She’s the sexiest First Lady since Jackie Kennedy.  

  • another_laura

    I like this one a TON better than the one Wu did for the 2009 inauguration.

    • EEKstl

      I agree – I know a lot of people raved about the first one but while obviously a welcome fashion-forward step for a FLO I felt it was ill-fitting and a bit odd.  This one, however is classic, stunning and so incredibly flattering.

  • maggiemaybe

    Killing it! That color is gorgeous on her. I just love those guys…

  • Nancy Karpen

    She looks spectacular in that red dress.  They look wonderful together. 

  • libraangel

    Only one word to describe Michelle and the dress: gorgeous! And I love the little flips on her do!

  • upsidedawn

    I love the bangs whether her hair is flipped out or under.  They give one a more youthful appearance too.  She looks beautiful!

  • She wears red bee-a-yew-tifully.

  • Everything she wore yesterday a. can only be worn by the very tall, and b. made her legs look even longer. Unfair, but if anybody deserves a pedestal it’s her.

  • UglyTalents

    She looked amazing, I thought. I loved their dance(s)! Her personal style runs toward “simple,” I think, and I think the times required a not-too-flashy dress. Very pretty. Reclaim red!


    She looks stunning and she knows it.

  • SophieCollier

    Yeah, just like I said, push the hair a bit back and it’s a great hairstyle for her.  Nice dress, very classy without upstaging her husband on his day.

  • librarygrrl64

    Love it. It’s very “her.” 🙂

  • I also love how the Pres is copping a feel in the ~10th picture down. 

  • Tuneful54

    This wasn’t a WERQ for me. Color was great.  Loved her ‘do, bangs and all, the rest of the day, but not for this event—do something dressier!  The shiny print took the dress into Formal Night on the 7-day Caribbean Cruise; where the belt is placed makes her look more short- and wide-waisted (I know because I have the same issues); and all the fabric below it makes her look hippier.  But these are minor and don’t matter in the wonderful big picture. They looked much more comfortable dancing this year, too.

  • tallgirl1204

    kitten heels!  As would be my choice as a woman whose partner is the same height as me. 

  • I wish she put her hair up though. I don’t think she doesn’t enough.

  • CatherineRhodes

    All of her inaugural outfits have been wonderful, especially this one. Great choices.

    I think the hair is fabulous, but when I first saw it I thought it was a wig…. anybody else getting a “wiggy” vibe?

    As for the “fuck-yeah fist pump for the gays” moment, I’d say it was the reference to Stonewall. Never thought I’d hear that in an inaugural address in a million years. Bravo.

    • libraangel

      I am a total goofball because I was confused and ignorant of the term ‘Stonewall’. Stupid me thought why is he mentioning the Confederate General Stonewall Jackson?! HA HA I am an idiot!

  • HobbitGirl

    GORGEOUS. And I love how it plays up her arms. 

  • rhl25

    It’s ridiculously nice to see any couple so obviously in love. Also, I like her dress. She looks like a tasteful christmas ornament. And that’s totally a compliment. 

  • guest2visits

    Sure was a pretty dress for movement; really looked perfect.

  • MissAmynae

    *sigh* perfect. all of it- the dress, the couple, the love. I friggin’ love our POTUS and FLOTUS, and their girls.

  • littlemac8

    “The look of love is in your eyes….”  This reminds me of the times we talk about a smile making an ensemble work.  How about the smile and the look of love!!!!!

    • disqusux

      disqus! :/

  • Anniebet

    Perfectly dreamy. The dress is probably even more gorgeous in person – not sure it photographs to the best effect. So wonderful to have such a beautiful couple representing the US to the rest of the world.

  • aristida_girl

    I am so proud! Thank God we have a classy first couple, it makes being patriotic so much more fun 🙂

  • And here’s a special shout-out to one of the only men who knows how to dress here in Washington! Check out that tux, and the perfect break of the trousers. You rock, Mr. President. 

    •  But why is he wearing a white tie?

  • DesertDweller79

    I love this color on her.  I think her hair looks much better this way.  She looks quite beautiful.  I love how happy they both look!

  • betorah

    Bangs are so much better than when she pulls her hair straight back, which gives her a perpetually surprised look.

  • ccm800

    THESE are some breath-takingly beautiful pictures. If these two aren’t just DUMB in love with one another – they sure have me fooled. 

  • quiltrx

    It’s gorgeous and SO elegant!  I think Barack definitely approves, too. 🙂

  • kathrineb

    All I can think of looking at these pictures is ‘aww’.

  • sandi martinello

    Haven’t we seen this dress a thousand times before? Boring. And hate velvet. Would be fabulous if it even came close to looking like Wu’s sketch, even though it’s inappropriate for First Lady Inaugural — besides no way could Michelle pull that one off. The color red is the only wow factor. This is big disappointment for all that hype, but she looks nice. Do love her hair though.

    • Adriana_Paula

      Well, to be fair the hype is not har fault: our culture has gotten kind of ridiculous over what people in the public eye are wearing.  It was the  same at the Royal Wedding last year, news outlets hyperventilating with speculation about The Dress for weeks if not months in advance of the event.  Not many garments can live up to that kind of media glare.

  • What a great dress to end the evening with!

  • MichaelStrangeways

    OK, I’m a big ole gay liberal who adores FLO, but the lovefest on here is a bit much.

    The dress looks like curtains (albeit nice ones of the flashy variety) and it’s not that flattering to her.

    And, the hair looks like she towel dried it with a bit of Dippity Doo.

  • The way they look at each other make me tear up from the sheer happiness that it brings me

  • so beautiful. i think using a “C” instead of a metal ring was genius. a metal ring could have read as tacky.

  • I really don’t like this dress on her at all. The distance between neckline and waist is just too short. Also the fabric looks weirdly cheap.

  • Call me Bee

    Absolutely perfect.  And perfectly hemmed.  Yay! 

  • Alyssa Stanfield

    Beautiful dress, and the hair is much better styled like that. Love the color of the dress!

  • Jessica O’Connell

    Honestly, my favorite part of these pics is just looking at how they look at each other. Adorable.

    She also looks awesome. And I wish the POTUS had gone for a black tie instead, because I’m not a fan of white ties on white (much like black on black for TLo) but that’s a small complaint. They look great, happy, and as if they had a great time. Good for them!

  • Well, I love Mrs. Obama, the Obama’s together, Jason Wu, the dress in the sketch, the dress when I saw it on TV, but her in that dress in these pics doesn’t look right. Dress is unflattering on her in these pics except maybe from the back.