Julianne Moore in Chanel Couture at SAG Awards

Posted on January 28, 2013

Oh, Miss Julianne. Tsk.


Julianne Moore attends the SAG Awards 2013 in a Chanel couture gown.

Chanel Fall 2011 Couture Collection/Model: Sara Blomqvist (VIVA)

We were going to put this one up to a vote but we’re not feeling democratic about it. It’s OUT, as far as we’re concerned. The skirt looks like Goth Marcia Brady’s bedspread and the bust is outrageously unflattering on her. This dress really only works with the jacket. Why are ladystars so afraid to wear jackets on the RC, especially gorgeous Chanel jackets? Everyone kept saying how cold it was on the RC, so hot weather is not an excuse this time. Wouldn’t that jacket have looked gorgeously dramatic with the dress? Of course she’d have to change her hair, but that’s a given because we think her hair looks pretty bad the way she has it. Too mermaid for our tastes. At least the jewelry’s nice, but as many a great philosopher has said, it’s hard to fuck up diamonds.


[Photo Credit: Andrew Evans/PR Photos, Getty, style.com]

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  • It’s a shame because she looked so amazing two weeks ago at the Globes…

  • OrigamiRose

    Full agreement.  I loved her hair, and that’s about it.

  • Funkykatt

    Maybe she made it herself? Looks like something I could make. 

    • VeryClaire

      The fit on the top certainly looks home made. 

  • kschwarting

    I like the skirt, but you’re absolutely right that the bust is hideously unflattering (and unsupportive).  Now I’m imaging her with the jacket, which could have been WERQ-worthy.

    • Meg0GayGuys6

      The bust is SO unflattering… SAG awards, indeed.  

      Also would have been nice to see the jacket.

      • editrixie

        That was exactly my thought at first — putting the sag in SAG awards.

      • WERQitspice

        LOL!!! SAG awards….I wanna grab the shoulder straps and give ’em yank straight up!
        The dress absolutely needs the jacket: which happens to be a stunner!

  • I literally said to my husband when she was on the red carpet, “I can’t wait to see what Tom & Lorenzo say tomorrow.” His reply, “They’re going to say that the material around her boobs is ugly and that she needs something to lift her tits.” #HeteroGuyAssessment

    • Sobaika

      That’s a pretty accurate assessment.

    • mhleta

      Word, Husband. 

    • This gay guy assessment is exactly the same of your husband. 

    • 3boysful

       Your husband is so much more evolved than mine!  But I actually would’ve liked this look, had the girls been properly hoisted/the bust properly fitted.  The lovely Julianne often looks much worse.

      • rumcg66

        Agreed. I think this could have been perfectly nice if someone had just fitted the bust. Why would they let her go out like that?

        • 3boysful

           Unfathomable.  I think everyone wants to go bra-less (let’s face it, generally much more comfortable), but even thin women who have a few mile on them/have had babies need support.

      • Martha Deutsch

        Agreed. I think the dress would have worked and looked totally different if it actually fit her, particularly in the bust, but all over, really. 

  • I love her hair, and I like the dress in theory, but the bust is so unflattering that it’s absolutely an OUT. 

  • She would have rocked that jacket.  It’s sad that she didn’t utilize a beautiful piece like that!

  • imperfectlaura

    I actually find the bottom to be an inspired choice given what was on the red carpet last night.  The bust kills the whole look though.  The jacket would’ve helped, but nothing could make up for the terrible top.

    • I’m so glad I’m not the only one who loves it from the waist down. But ooooof, that top.

    • RebeccaKW

       I like the skirt portion, but the top half…that’s a crime.  My only thought was maybe it was designed to only be worn with the jacket, but then just make a skirt and not waste time making a hideous dress.  The model looks so chic, even with the gloves and crazy hair and hat. 

  • I would give this an IN waist down and an OUT waist up. So… neutral?

  • Beardslee

    You are so right.  That bodice is horrible and the jacket is chic.

  • BuckeyeLou

    Goodness!  This is awful!  Her droopy boobs need help, the whole dress is unflattering.  She looked so attractive at the Golden Globes, what happened here?

  • Stubenville

    The neckline and bust are extremely unflattering. Proof even Karl Lagerfeld has a bad day.

  • Annabelle Archer

    Look into my eyes…pay no attention to my pancake boobs on display…notice only my luminous eyes…please god let them only look into my eyes.

    • decormaven

      Hee hee! She is using her most winning smile here. Honey, you can smile til the end of time, but nothing is going to make up for that dreadfully-fitted bodice. The stylist fell short on this look.

      • See, I think she’s trying very hard for a winning smile, but it’s spoiled by the deer-in-the-headlights eyes! It’s like her face is trying to sell you what she’s wearing, and her eyes know it ain’t workin’.

  • It’s the roach dress from Hairspray.

    • MoHub

       No. The roach dress looked better.

  • alyce1213

    I was waiting for this one.  Did Julianne not look in the mirror, or is she completely and thoroughly out of touch?
    This may be the worst, saddest RC appearance by anyone, anywhere, right down to the underpolished nails.  
    I noticed, too, that she wasn’t walking smoothly when she walked up to the stage.  I think she was having high heel problems, à la Lena Dunham.

    • TerryMH

      Totally agree. How could anyone think that bust line was fit correctly? It looked terrible and to top it off, she couldn’t walk!  I thought it was due more to her skirt (too stiff or tight maybe?) rather than the shoes.  Chanel did the impossible in turning one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood into an awkward shameful mess.

      • alyce1213

        At first I thought it was the dress — too stiff or tight as you said, but there’s a good sized slit up the back to ease walking, so I don’t know . . . 

    • WhiteOprah

      I often think “How did someone sign off on this?” when I see what Julianne is wearing, and she has access to the creme de la creme of designers- Chanel, Lanvin, etc.  She should fire her stylist (Does she even have one?)

      • MoHub

         I think if Coco Chanel could see some of the stuff that now bears her name, she’d die all over again.

  • ThaliaMenninger

    “This dress really only works with the jacket.” Absolutely.

    • mhleta

      So basically, this is a dress that should be a skirt. Yeah, it should be. 

  • Alyssa

    Totally agree! This could have been ah-may-zing if she had only worn the coat! Tsk-tsk.

  • Kayceed

    Terrible fit – she couldn’t walk in it either. On the other hand, the model is cracking me up. She looks like an especially peeved Hermione.

  • susan6

    You know…..if you cover up the area of the photos between her waist and her shoulders, it’s not a bad look. 

    Oh, right….that’s what the JACKET WOULD HAVE DONE.  Seriously, the top of that dress….not for anyone with boobs, too pale for anyone with red hair, doesn’t go with the lower part of the dress….just a complete misfire.  The designer knew what he was doing when he put the jacket over it.  

    • mhleta

      I HATE this whole “White” moment. It sucks on everyone except Eva Mendes. 

  • What the hell, Julianne? Who puts that dress on and says, “Yes. This is the dress.”

    • formerlyAnon

       Right?  She’s long past the days when she should first have made a hard and fast rule about how much support her breasts need. She should have been able to tell ON THE HANGER that this wouldn’t work.

  • Somewhere between her bust in that dress and the SAG Award lies a truly tasteless joke, but I can’t manage it right now.

    • kimmeister

      Her sagging definitely wins some sort of award, that’s for sure.

  • appliquer

    She should fire her stylist – if she has one. Why, oh, why would anyone think that this looks attractive? The top is awful and she couldn’t walk because the skirt was too tight. Don’t they test dresses to see if they can move in them? Silly, silly, women.

  • Judy_S

    Looking at this dress, it ought to be perfect for her, and it is just that much more dismaying that it looks awful.  I wonder if she is a bit naive, accepting that designer duds will not always (or in fact will rarely) actually look good on her?

  • l_c_ann

    She misread the invite and thought she’d get an award for sagging the most?

    • Karen Maslowski

       As in “Sag awards”?

      Well done!

  • nannypoo

    Somebody had her on their Best Dressed At The SAG Awards list. Unbelievable. 

  • BrooklynBomber

    I’m seriously jonesing for that jacket.  But why would she go out of the house without having the straps altered? Why would whoever got the gown for her or loaned it to her not have made sure it fit? I just don’t get it. But I think her hair looks great, and I love the big smile.

  • Yeah, the dress waist up is awful. But meanwhile, has anyone seen the movie (or was it on television?). It feels like she’s getting all these awards only because Hollywood loves to hate on Palin. How special was her actual acting job anyway? Palin is certainly a caricature enough on her own as it is and Ms. Fey had already covered that territory quite nicely. 

    • RocknRollmom

      She does in fact deserve the award.  She took the role beyond caricature and actually even presented a “human” side to someone with little depth or humanity (ok so that would be my politics talking).  There is a distinct difference to Tina going for the laugb and Julianne conveying some insight into a person who is not intellectually deep but had definite motivations.

  • ” as many a great philosopher has said, it’s hard to fuck up diamonds.” Yes! This was exactly what my philosophy professor opened class with lo those many years ago.

    I thought the hair was good– looks healthy and the color is great. Can’t go too wrong with simple and smooth.

    TOTALLY agree about the jacket. I’m a huge fan of that flattering neckline, and the texture actually complements that oddball “Goth Marcia Brady bedspread” pattern in the skirt (turn a phrase, why don’t you!). I would have voted IN had she worn the jacket.

  • LadyCelia

    Her gays must really hate her.

  • IAmJ

    Oy. I love Julianne Moore and it pains me that she tends to be such a red carpet disaster. The bodice looks HORRIBLE. The color of the dress does nothing for her either. It actually looks like a rental gown that’s been worn and dry-cleaned a million times.
    Also, sadly, the close-up of her bracelet reminded me of the “man hands” episode of Seinfeld, and I’m saying this as someone blessed with man hands and awkwardly shaped nails. The nails should have been a little more elongated.

  • SewingSiren

    The jacket was obviously intended to cover that horrid bodice.

  • Tatiana Luján

    why would you do this to yourself? 
    Love the jewelery.

  • mhleta

    1) This look was a disaster any way you cut it. It looked awful standing, sitting, at rest and in motion AND she couldn’t get up the stairs in it to save her life. Fashion Rule #317- If you can only get around in a dress via pogo stick, leave it on the hanger. 
    2) “It’s hard to fuck up diamonds.” I’m stealing that. 

    • meowing

      Was wishing some ladystar would have the cajones (boobjones?) to wear pants to such events, and thus, walk up the stairs with authority and grace…

  • Karen Maslowski

    What a waste. She looks wonderful–hair, makeup, jewelry–but that dress is horrible. The color isn’t even flattering. 

  • Why, oh why didn’t anyone offer to shorten those straps for her. Hoisting the bodice 2-3 inches would have worked wonders. 

  • suzq

    Someday, she and Jessica Chastain will get it right at the same time.  The world, and redheads everywhere, will rejoice.

    This looks like one of those two-day couture challenges on Project Runway where the judges ask the model to take off the jacket, then question the designer about why he or she didn’t finish the outfit underneath.  The stylist/commenter on CNN says she usually wears Tom Ford.  Perhaps straying from tried and true isn’t always a good idea.

    The real Sarah Palin has a cat named Chanel…so maybe this is a curse!

  • jw_ny

    oh no.  Saggy pancake boobs…an ill fitted/baggy top & no support…cut way down to there…ugh. 

  • I actually love the embellishments on the dress.  The main problem is that it doesn’t fit her.  Couldn’t they take it in for her?  It’s so baggy around her waist.  Also, I’m not sure about that wide neckline on her, but maybe it would be okay if the dress just fuckin’ fit her.  

  • meowing

    I don’t care for this dress on her–to the point of “Gurl, Not Your Dress.”  The bottom looks juvenile (Brady-girl bedspread, indeed), the top is poorly fitted.  She’s too mature to fall into the mermaid hair trend, too.  Sad, try again for the next congratulate-ourselves award show, p’haps?

  • dsco3031

    Ugh, I so wished she’d worn the jacket. She looks beautiful with her hair up, too. It would have been a win I think.

  • Jecca2244

    I really don’t understand this penchant for pancake boob. Honey, your boobs look flat and droopy. Were you only sent one dress and there were no other dresses in the world despite the fact that Tommy Ford is your BFF?????

  • Gah! That would have been SO fabulous with the coat. This? How do you leave the house thinking that is doing you and favors???

  • anotherkate

    Talk about the “sag” awards…

  • RocknRollmom

    Did no one at Chanel or Julianne’s stylist consider basic “fit”?  I think it is a Chanel issue (boy am I after the designers today) in that I am not sure who would fill that that dress in properly for it to look less saggy and more fitted.  Poor design which may be why it was sent out on the runway with the jacket (like the concept, don’t like the jacket here).  I adore this woman and am just frustrated by this choice.  Jewelry is spectacular. 

  • Out, this would have looked wonderful with that jacket…….

  • Veronica Russek

    OUT, the neckline is so, soooo bad…. But other than that, she looks stunning!

  • littlemac8

    I started scrolling down, said a audible “OH,” hung my head and started laughing!  Some people are just in denial and can’t accept help!!!

  • altalinda

    How did she leave the house thinking, “yes, I look great!”?

  • Imasewsure

    I would actually like this (Marcia’s bedspread and all) if the top fit properly. So weird that she and her entire style team thought it did!!

  • snich11

    I don’t that bodice would be flattering on ANYONE!

  • Lilithcat

    I love the jacket!  How could anyone not wear that jacket?

  • i cringed whenever i saw her last night. her poor boobs!

  • Judy_J

    That is one seriously unflattering gown, Ms Moore!

  • I like the skirt, but the bodice is all wrong: too, plain, poorly fitted and those boobs are in need of some support. A jacket, even not the runway one, would have helped the look a lot.

  • Janet B

    That jacket could have been worn with nearly anything and looked fabulous.

    The bodice is so horribly conceived I can’t imagine it flattering anyone, even the model has covered up!

  • ashtangajunkie

    I will never understand the lack of tailoring for red carpet appearances. TV crews, photographers, other gorgeous famous people, millions of people watching, and a nominee can’t get her straps altered? Even with the addition of that gorgeous jacket, it can’t be all that comfortable to wear a droopy dress. 

  • schadenfreudelicious

    putting the SAG in Screen Actors Guild…

  • mjude

    but yet she looks so happy.

  • ‘It’s hard to fuck up diamonds’ – TLo nails it every time.

  • Dagney

    HOW hard is it for these ladies to find a decent tailor?

  • I don’t care how in shape you are, past a certain point, boobs need real support. And that dress barely has tanktop coverage.

  • Vodeeodoe

    How hard is it to get a dress fitted these days? When she was walking to the podium I kept thinking part of her top was going to SAG off one of her girls, plus she had a hard time getting up the stairs and the back view of her walking made it look like she was wearing palazzo pants. I love this actress, but at awards shows she usually looks like she dressed herself – except for the Golden Globes where she looked fantastic.

  • MilaXX

    That dress is doing very bad things to her figure. She needs her waist snatched and her boobs supported. I am also tired of the stupid mermaid hair on everyone.

  • e jerry powell

    I was not as sharp as I would have liked last night.  I just knew that this look was missing something.  Now I know what.

  • MaryanneGirl

    Her. Poor. Breasts.

  • julnyes

    If the bust fit properly I would actually love this entire look on her, but I like a touch of the goth 🙂

    (and as it is – still better than some of her FrankenDress atrocities) 

  • Tamara Hogan

    I agree; I think the dress needed that jacket something fierce. More jackets on the RC!

  • Vera L-

    The girls look sad. So sad….

  • crash1212

    I could almost sign on for this look if it weren’t for that hideously ill-fitting bodice. WTF? How anybody could look in a mirror at that and come away with – OK, looks great, let’s hit the red carpet – is a blind man and should be divorced and/or fired.

  • warnerave

    ugly, ugly dress…

  • TSkot

    If that bodice had only been fitted properly (perhaps with some built-in foundation garments) she would have looked dynamite.

  • Mirakel9

    Okay, this is just funny! How did she leave the house looking like this?? The most awful bodice ever – plunging, revealing, with no waist! 

  • Cathy S

    The top is terrible. It would have looked great with the coat–I kind of like the skirt. But that top, no way.

  • VicksieDo

    The runway look is fabulous, except for the lace across the eyes of course.  I even like the hat.  

  • Tragically ill-fitted, and skipping the jacket was a major lost opportunity.  Could have been amazing. 

  • DCSheehan

    Anyone know who is the bear is background of the second to last picture?

    I’m going to ignore the dress and hope it wanders off on its own…

  • the fit is — well, there IS no fit.  “julianne moore doesn’t have a fit on the red carpet.”  it doesn’t sound like news, but it is, and it’s all bad.

  • formerlyAnon

    That neckline is criminal.

  • janierainie

    That bodice is horrible! It looks like she has it on backwards or was supposed to cross the straps. What is wrong with this woman? 

  • marilyn

    You would think that she would have a manicure since she is wearing such heavy duty bracelets.  Another clunker for JAM.  Too bad.

    Her hair is the least of her problems. That horrid dress takes all the attention.

  • YayaGurl

    How bad is it that the first thing I thought was “I can see your dirty pillows!”

  • n a

    She should have worn the coat like the model. Just sayin

  • SassieCassy

    bottom half of the dress is really pretty

    too bad abt the fit issues!


    LOVE the skirt fabric and want so badly to love this on Ms. Julianne but the bust fit is sooooooo fugly and droopy that it is just not possible.  Poor dear…..

  • kittenwithaquip

    Putting the SAG in the SAG awards.

  • kolokOlchik

    Girl, that’s not your bustline!

  • What this does to her boobs and waist is just sad. It’s good, though, if you ignore everything between her shoulders and her hips.

  • barbarienne

    Oh, that’s unfortunate. Yikes.

  • Louise Bryan

    Gleep!  Awk!  No!!!  Wear the jacket!  They probably aren’t, but the straps look seconds away from falling off and causing a wardrobe malfunction.  The color (if such it can be called) of the bodice also looks wrong with her skin tone.

  • melanie0866

    OUT.  Did you see her trying to walk up on stage?  It was like her knees were tied together.

  • Trisha26

    I thought the embellishment looked pretty on TV, in these photos it’s craft-city, but the dress is awful. So saggy and ill-fitting in the bust and yet she could barely walk let alone navigate stairs. Love her hair and diamonds.

  • I do not like this dress on her at all. Not flattering. 

  • I would be for it if the top half weren’t two sizes too big. Or at least appears that way. Terrible from the neck up which let’s face it, when you are both presenting AND a shoo-in to win, you should consider.

  • Zippypie

    This was a horrific sack that fit her horribly in the bust.  Fit actually is a generous word.  The jacket is gorgeous and would have gone a long way to hide that mess.  I do not want to see saggy girls on the red carpet.

  • SugarSnap108

    This dress looks like it was made with no intention of anyone ever wearing it without the jacket.  I actually love it on the model.  But I think if Julianne had worn it with the jacket, I still wouldn’t like it on her.  Too much white for someone with pale skin and red hair.

  • EEKstl

    ARRRRGGGHH!  OUT to say the least!  Why, oh WHY didn’t she wear the jacket???

  • Lisa M. (ReVoir) Kramp

    As I was scrolling down I thought, “Was it too warm to wear the jacket? Because that would have worked!” Too bad, I have always loved this woman.

  • trisker

    laughing out loud at the philosopher’s saying! agree totally about the BEAUTIFUL jacket.

  • Call me Bee

    This would have been killer if the bodice had been fit correctly. 

  • bitchybitchybitchy

    This is just eye-searingly bad-and this is from Chanel?  Julianne, just call Tom Ford and give him a retainer to design your RC looks,hon, ‘kay?

  • bitchybitchybitchy

    My husband now, without prompting, turns on the pre-game RC show for all of the awards ceremonies-he knows that I need to be ready for Tom and Lorenzo’s post RC recap!

  • Anniebet

    Yikes. – Dictionary definition for Yikes: Expressing shock and alarm, often for humorous effect. – This time it ain’t funny.

  • Damien W

    I said it on Twitter and I’ll say it here too — it looks like Tracey Turnbladt’s bug dress at the end of Hairspray. (the original) 

  • poggi

    For a moment I thought (based on the thumbnail) she’s going to look great.  Then the bust.  If a dress (and the inability to wear supportive undergarments with it) blurs the line between your breasts and your waist, say no.  Shout no, put up a fight, threaten to burn down the store, do whatever it takes–just do not wear the dress.   

  • Polka_Dotty

    Girl, that’s MY bracelet — the one closer to her hand. I bought it (or its twin) in a thrift shop for $12 because I thought it look vintage-y and class-y. I love wearing it.

    As for the dress? I thought the bracelet looked great.

  • understateddiva

    Not. Her. Dress.  Also, I’m definitely gonna be Goth Marcia Brady for Halloween, now.

  • quiltrx

    Sigh…I love her, and I like the *idea* of the dress.  But it’s pretty bad in execution.  The bodice is a nightmare.  The skirt is a good idea gone bad…if it were fuller, and the flowers more spread out, I would probably love the bottom half (sucker for black/white that I am).  As it is, it makes me quite sad.

    But from the shoulders up, she looks fantastic!

  • I like the idea but the fit issues are ginormous. I think it the straps were shortened it would be a better fit. However the fabric is not horribly forgiving so just sitting during the awards will do no favors as a bonus. Good in concept; bad in execution. Sorry Julianne as you are usually flawless.

  • DesertDweller79

    It looks so cool with the jacket.  What a shame.  The bodice is so, so awful.  I don’t understand how she can think it looks good.  

  • Sara LaBatt

    Agree on the jacket, it’s so gorgeous and would have been beautiful and unique.  I really like the pattern on the bottom of the dress, it’s different and eyecatching, but the top is dreadful on her and I’m not convinced on the shape of the bottom either.

  • Scarlet39

    How can Chanel couture be poorly fitted????

  • She misunderstood the purpose of the SAG award.

  • ChaquitaPhilly


  • BigWhiteGrannyPanties

    Her poor boobs. They now have to go to Shame Therapy.  Post Traumatic Boob Embarrassment Disorder.  You can see they are trying to keep their perkiness up.  But they’ve been draped in a gown that looks like a 13 year old is wearing her Aunt Maude’s 1931 dress out of the trunk.   I think there’s moth holes in this dress.   NO.  HELL NO.

  • Oh my god, put on a bra!

  • BrightsideSusan

    I can’t believe they let her leave the house looking like that.

  • PeaceBang

    Hell’s bells, woman. But the model’s whole look is glorious and I die.