IN or OUT: Rose Byrne in Diane von Furstenberg

Posted on January 15, 2013

Despite her super-serious, “My face’ll crack if I smile” expression, we think Rose picked a fun, cute outfit to wear.


Rose Byrne attends the 2013 G’Day USA Los Angeles Black Tie Gala in Diane von Furstenberg.

Bavna 18K Black and Rose Gold Bangle


Charlotte Olympia Daphne Platform Peep-Toe Pumps


But we wonder if y’all can sign off on those pants or not, hence the putting it up to a vote part. For our parts, we love the look. Yes, it’s a lot to take in, but like we said, we think it’s fun. We want to wag our fingers at her for the way too over-matchy satiny bag and shoes, though. But the earrings are nice, and, against our better instincts, we’re digging the hair. The whole look does seem a mite on the casual side for a black tie event, though.

And seriously; the shoes and bag, girl. What the hell.


Vote Now!


IN! Fun and fabulous!


OUT! I’ve never seen Carol Brady look so depressed before.

In other opinionated bitches news, Lucy Liu got an unreserved IN for her Marie Antoinette dress, which, against all style and reason wound up on some people’s worst dressed lists (and “boo” to that), and Kate Beckinsale gave it a good try, but ultimately the kittens couldn’t get behind her ’80s Barbie dress, voting it OUT.


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  • muelonil

    Cute pajamas.   Putting on heels to go pick up milk…that’s comitted. 

  • savicevic

    IN! I think she looks chic.

    • EveEve

      IN on the outfit. Out on the sad face and the limp posture.   She looks like she’s barely able to stop crying long enough to have her photograph taken.  Why the sad face Rosie?  Did DVF just tell you she wants it back when the event is over – boo-hoo-hoo? 

  • LOVE. I wish Amy Poehler would have worn something like this instead of that BORING pantsuit the other night. IN.

    • charlotte

       See, and I think the pantsuit was fierce, while this looks like pajamas that are very uncomfortable to sleep in.

  • Fierce, but unflattering.

  • MilaXX

    IN! I this is cute and fun. I don’t mind the shoes, but the bag needs to go.  The bracelet is awesome.

  • lexilexi

    What are those things on her jammies?

    • kimmeister

      At first I thought they were fleurs-de-lis but upon closer inspection they look a little, um, phallic.

    • jtabz


    • therealkuri

      I think they’re meant to be little elephants, maybe? My first thought was that they looked awfully phallic….

    • Laurie Bergman

      They look very Galaga to me.

    •  Bees? Flies?

    • many many many many peni.  BTW, LOVE the shoes. Gimme.

    • sweetlilvoice

       Abstract genitals? And are they 3-D or flat?

    • tereliz

      One flat rectangular paillette, topped with a metal pyramid stud and flanked by two teardrop sequins. Like a weird spangly bug or dragonfly, I guess. 

      • lexilexi

         Thanks to all!  From penis to paillette, all good!

  • nicole seligman

    oh, IN! sometimes rose doesn’t rock out the capital-F fashion like she thinks she can, but i love this. i do agree that she should toss the shoes/bag…elsewhere, but i’m loving her hair/bangle and the ‘suit.’

    • Me too – those shoes & clutch in a different color (gold?) would have helped, but I like everything else!  In

    • CozyCat

      I agree on the “in.”  My guess is that the boring bag and shoes were the result of trying over and over to find something that worked with a stylishly over-the-top look, and finally deciding “the hell with it” and going with something safe.

  • Julia Rhodes

    What color shoes would’ve been good for this? I have this dilemma when I wear navy/white. White or off-white pumps probably would irk TLo as well…maybe a pop of (a different) color? But what color?! 

    • peachy

      i thought red, maybe, but then you run the risk of being labeled too ‘patriotic’, so…. nude.

    • Kimbolina

      I could see like a mustard color.  Or maybe a deep pink.

      • lovelyivy

         That sounds like it would have been fab! I swear, comments and questions like the the OPs are at least a third of the reason I love TLo so much- my wardrobe skills have gotten such an upgrade from reading all the ideas abut these outfits!

    • kimmeister

      I would’ve done a silver shoe and a colored bag, maybe in emerald green or burgundy.

      • tereliz

        Burgundy shoe, silver bag is what I was thinking!

    • Alyssa Stanfield

      I think a bright yellow would be fun, but probably too summery…

    • Karen Maslowski

       Some black and white would work. Maybe a yellow for the bag?

      Other than that detail of those satin shoes and bag, she looks great, and I call it an “IN”.

  • Alisa Rivera

    Love all of it except the shoes and bag. So refreshing after the parade of red and pastel gowns from yesterday.

    • RebeccaKW

       Same here.  I give her an In, and imagine better shoes and bag.  I also like the earrings, how they mimic the shape of the pattern.

  • belfebe

    I love it.  I want that suit!  Agreed on the shoes.  No likey at all.

  • Pants_are_a_must

    Just. No. I’m pretty sure Furstenberg was just joshing with those pajamas. They would be a wonderful new installment in the Power Point presentation I intend to create one day, named: “Rose Byrne – Fashion’s Greatest Victim.” Out.

  • Totally IN. LOVE everything about it.

  • I almost love this; it’s the silhouette that bothers me. I can’t tell if the pants are pleated or just wrinkled, but that quirk, combined with the place the top falls, widens here in the middle, making the proportions look off. But I love the print, and wish she had flashed a bright smile; that might have sold me on the look. 

  • jw_ny

    The outfit is ok…just doesn’t seem like the appropriate place to wear it, after all, she’s at a BLACK TIE GALA!  It seems summery and casual.  I really like her hair here.  Not feeling them shoes.

    • littlemac8

      ditto, jw_ny

  • like-not-love it. IN

    the bangle is fabulous!

  • WittyCism


  • MoHub

    I wish she’d worn orange shoes with that!

  • Sobaika

    OUT. Great bracelet but that’s about the only thing I like.

  • BrooklynBomber

    The outfit is too much (and the shoes are wrong for it), but I love it. IN!

  • Wendy Kaufman

    Well, to my eye, the shoes and bag to NOT match. They are close, but they are off a shade. Bad bad bad choice, if you ask me. As for the pants, in some pics, they seem to make her look hippy–or maybe that’s her thumb in the pocket doing that? She looks unhappy, and I am going to assign that unhappiness to the idea that she does not like how she looks. The outfit is cute, and has a real 60s vibe to it, but the shoes and bag just kill it for me.  I’m gonna go with an “out” for a too casual look, that should have been ramped up with better accessories. 

  • DaringMiss


    but her eyes scream “Help me I am being held hostage!”

  • In.  I think it’s an adorable look.

  • In, super, super adorable.

  • IN! But switch out the bag and shoes for a dash of fun and color! 

    • Alyssa Stanfield

      Totally agree…a very fun look that needed some fun in the accessories. I think a pop of yellow would have been awesome! But still an IN for me.

  • peachy

    IN — reminds me of my pappagallo days with whales and strawberries and anchors and whatnot. speaking of: are those anchors or bees or fleur de lis? either way, love it. i don’t mind the shoes, but the bag not so much.

  • H3ff

    Rose is on my irrational love list. I don’t know what it is about her, but girl is just too CUUUH-UTE!!

    Love the look. It’s fun, as you said.

  • Le_Sigh

    I think if she looked like she was having fun with it…

    But OUT.

  • IN. I like it.

  • IN! Love, love, love. And I read somewhere that she is super-scared on the red carpet, hence the expression.

  • Janet B

    Really cute for a lunch in the spring, but Black Tie in January?  LA has not been it’s usual warm self recently, I’m cold for her.


    • jw_ny

      My thoughts exactly! 

    • kimmeister

      I third that response!  I actually love the outfit (minus the shoes/bag) but an IN has to do with fitting the venue/occasion.  OUT.

  • Rand Ortega

    Love It! My only quibble– the bag should have been red like the piping on the shoes. Then it would’ve been a WERQ for me.

  • Kimbolina

    Neck up is IN but overall… OUT.

    The cut/construction of the top is just weird.  The squared off arm holes just make it look like a smock you wear doing arts and crafts with side panels added in.  Oh geez, now that I’ve said the word smock, all I can think of are the Daisy Girl Scout uniforms…

  • thecitysleeps

    IN.  She’s rocking that outfit.  Hate the shoes way more than the clutch.  

  • Introspective

    i know this is supposed to be a pajama look, but the pants might be of more interest to me in a slimmer cut with a cropped hem. i feel like i need a bit more skin at the bottom to break the monotony.

    that said, navy and white always reads as classic chic to me, and her hair, makeup and jewelry are quite good here. hating the other accessories, but overall I fall more on the side of like than abhor.

    so in with a small i.

  • Vickiefantastico

    I just can’t work up enough of an opinion either way.

  • Offbalance

    If she’s not at a Mary Tyler Moore Show fan convention, there is no reason for this outfit.

  • Cute but not for the red carpet.  This might have worked better as an outfit for a regatta or an event at the yacht club, but…still, I’d squeak it by as an IN.
    (PS – I cannot respect anyone who put Lucy Liu’s fabulous Victorian look on a worst dressed list.)

  • IN! This is adorable! I also think her hair and makeup are perfect. Love r earrings and bangle, too.

  • allcapsERINN

    God no.

  • Imasewsure

    Does seem too casual for a black tie event but I think she looks great (except for the shoes and bag which are really boring). Love her hair like that….

  • Mary229

    Out.  Looks like pajamas and I can’t get down with that. 

  • neofashionista

    I Love this!!

  • B_C_J

    OUT. She is beautiful but this is NOT what you wear to a black-tie event.  Additionally, it’s too much of the same print. 

  • decormaven

    What’s the use of wearing such a cute outfit if one is going to look so depressed? I just want to hand her a hankie and usher her over to a quiet corner. She could give me that cute bracelet for my troubles. 🙂

  • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

    Is it just me or does it seem like Diane von Furstenberg has been putting out some ugly stuff lately?

  • msdamselfly

    Really playful including the shoes.  But she needs an expression to ( and maybe a hairdo) to match.

  • meebs


  • In! Love the look from head to toe (although I agree, a better clutch and contrasting shoes would’ve been better). 

  • Jangle57

    In the first shot she looks pretty good, in spite of the shoes.  In some of the other shots, the pants make her look ‘hippy’ in addition to ugly shoes.  Will give benefit of doubt and give her an IN

  • E. D.

    In, although I’m not 100% on the shoes.

  • Calinda_L

    She is one of my hair idols. It’s always so, so, so shiny. It adds 10 extra style points to whatever she’s wearing, so for me, this is an IN.

  • fungstyle

    OUT if only for the shoes and bag. Because really. Also, can you explain why you dislike the hair against your better judgement? I’m just curious why you think you shouldn’t like it. 

  • CeeQ

    OUT, I can’t with this. 

  • IN. Nobody rocks a pantsuit like Rose Byrne.

  • Aly Light

    I love it. Cute pattern, chic cut, I like the keyhole. I like the bracelet. I like the hair. It’s all good. IN.

  • IN!

  • … she’s dressed well, but she looks absolutely heartbroken.

  • marilyn

    Out.  This would be great for brunch.  But it is not appropriate at a black tie event.  Even if she slaps a diamond bracelet on.  She is just dressed for brunch with evening jewelry.

  • kathryn_dc

    I’ll say IN. How do you sit down in those pants? Looks painful with the 3D embellishments.

    •  IN-ish for me too. More in if the beads don’t go around the back so the poor woman can sit down.

  • AlexisPayne

    I really like this, only quibble are the shoes IN!

  • Judy_J

    I say IN.  I love the outfit; just wish she’d gone with different shoes and bag.

  • In-the earrings and hair are perfect and though I hate the matchiness she looks great.

  • kirkyo

    Agree with all the “love” and “adorable” comments but I’m going to defend the clutch and shoes for just kind of being there and not adding to an already crazy look.

  • I like it, except for the shoes, which remind me of bumper cars for some reason.

  • MzzPants

    Only the rail-thin could pull this off.  Love the hair.  Ignoring the accessories.  IN.

  • gabbilevy

    In! I love this. Wish she’d chosen better with the bag and while I like the shoes, they’re too matchy for this look. I’d have gone with gold sandals. Fine with the face and hair and I love the earrings.

  • cleep1000

    It’s cute. IN.

  • kikisayshi

    It’s darling. IN

  • Qitkat

    In. Adorable.

  • stagmania

    IN. But I do hate those shoes.

  • mjude

    IN.  what is with the satin shoes all of a sudden?

  • IN. Love the whole 21st century Audrey H. feel about it.

  • I love it. Not quite right for the venue, but beautiful fit. She looks great. IN.

  • Tatiana Luján

    this look desperatedly need non-matching shoes

  • IN! love that pants is becoming acceptable formalwear for women.

  • Sara__B

    Cute outfit for a different event in a warmer season.

  • Cathy S

    I think it’s really cute. I’m giving it an in.

  • Adorable and chic. IN.

  • JosephLamour

    I wonder if girls named Rose get excited when they get roses and wear rose gold like I do when someone at a coffee shop calls it “joe”.

    • JosephLamour

      Oh, IN. I love the combo of blue and white, and how interesting the pattern is. I like it.

    • I can’t speak for all the Roses of the world, but the answer from this Rose is no!  Of course, my very favorite description of my name was from Betty White’s Rose Nylund on The Golden Girls: “My name is Rose, like a series of seats in a movie theater.”

  • CheriCPat

    At a zillion other venues, In.  But since she is at an event helpfully labeled a “Black Tie Gala”  – OUT.

    Were the others there in black-tie appropriate attire?

  • Lilithcat

    It’s an adorable outfit, but not for a “black tie gala”!

    So I’m afraid it’s an OUT.

  • H2olovngrl

    I love this. Very Keira Knightly.

  • Monday1900

    She looks like she’s being attacked by bees!  She’s got the wrong attitude for this outfit too. 

  • ankali

    IN, though a little pajama-esque. She always looks so uncomfortable on the RC (and I think I read somewhere that it makes her terribly nervous), so it’s nice to see her in something fun and easy. It’s like she chose clothes that can telegraph her personality during the times she’s too petrified to do it herself.

    Nice earrings, interesting bangle (love the shape, not sure about the colors & intricate etching or jeweling or whatever that is).

  • Violina23

    Out. Nothing is doing it for me here.

  • EEKstl

    IN, but you had me until “black tie event.”  I agree, a mite too casual, but it’s super-cute.  I think a pop of color in the purse would have worked better, don’t mind the matchy shoes given how busy the outfit is (and besides, they’re really cute!).  That bangle is to die for.

  • I admit that I have the dirty, immature mind of a 12-year old boy. But, the pattern looks like a bunch of tiny penises. Or, is it penes? I dont use the plural of penis in too many sentences.

  • mmc2315

    IN! IN!  IN! Fun!  Cute!  (not the shoes, though)

  • altalinda


  • Hilary Sain

    I absolutely love this look. I think its incredibly polished and chic, while also being fun.  Love the top and pants together. The clutch is pretty bad, but everything else makes up for it. Love the simple hair, makeup and earrings.  IN IN IN

  • I give it a marginal IN.  It suits her figure well and I like the colors, but if I looked at that pattern for too long I’d get a migraine headache.

  • Nazzzy

    IN. She looks good (even though, at the first glance, I thought she was covered in tiny penises)

  • in

  • trisker

    IN.  Unusual, but she’s pulling it off.  Agree it’s kind of cazh for a Black Tie party.

  • I have absolutely no idea why, since nearly everything seems fundamentally wrong with this, but IN.  

  • girliecue

    In! It’s cute and fun and if you zoom in you’ll see the fabric is jot a print. Those thingies (dragonflies? Brand new insect? I don’t know what they are) are actually thingies (pins? Oddly shaped sequins? I don’t know what they’re called) attached in a pattern. They look like they’d swing when she moves, which is why the’re probably not attached to her face, haha! But that ratchets the fun factor way up if they do move. Purse and shoes should have just about any color other than the ones they are, but that gorgeous bangle more than makes up for them.

  • Corazon Nunez

    Hmmmm… This would have been so much cuter with a little white skirt or something. Eh.

  • Hunh. Usually I have no problem serving up the OUTS when I’m this conflicted about an outfit but, I’m kind of ok with it. I think matchy is the way to go with the accessories, given how matchy the outfit is over all. It’s not really a black tie look. And the top hits her at kind of an unflattering place. Maybe if she were selling it, I’d feel stronger about it. She looks pretty over it though so I guess I am too. Out. There. That wasn’t so hard.

  • In. I am loving these mushroom print pyjamas! Rose, come to my next slumber party. We’ll watch Vampire Diaries and dish about boys. Or cake.

  • In.

  • alyce1213

    IN, very chic DVF.  (Also love the bracelet, hate the shoes and bag.)

  • Cute! I like it. IN!

  • Elizabeth Silverstein

    I like it, but agree that it needed a different shoe and bag. IN

  • Martha Deutsch

    IN. Works for me. 

  • In.  I like it very much.

  • Are those three-dimensional wings on…whatever that is on her top and pants? How does she sit down? 

  • another_laura


  • In! I agree a bit under dressed, but I like it any way.

  • Terrible_Person

    It’s fun, I’ll give it an IN. But I wish she was smiling, she looks sad and scared.

  • Lilak

    “Interesting” as the shoes are, she took the easy way out by going all matchy.

    It might’ve taken a little time (or the wit that comes naturally to the likes of Coco Rocha) to come up with something Just Right for this eye-catching an ensemble, but I wish she’d made the effort.

    (Giving her an IN anyway)  

  • hmatz

    In, this is adorable.

  • All I can think is “that must be really uncomfortable to sit down in” – imagine the marks it probably leaves on her derriere!

  • zelavie

    Out.  Do not like.

  • IN just b/c her face looks so much better without those Booms

  • cleverlady

    All I really want is that bracelet.
    I do like the look, however… nice change-up from the usual.

  • MissAmynae

    In, very cute and Audrey-esque! but she always looks so worried and sad, that I want to give her a hug 

  • In, she should be smiling, it’s quite cute and fun.

  • I see pajamas, but I think it’s super cute. IN!

  • I could’ve lived with those pants if it wasn’t for the shoes and bedtime hair.  But I seriously dislike the shoes.  The clutch blends into her outfit, so that counts against her as well.  I’m going to have to go with “out” because I can’t stare myself into an “in.”

  • julnyes

    too much of a muchness  – OUT

  • nannypoo

    She looks awfully bored with it, but I like it.

  •  she looks very very good. Sometimes shape trumps color and so I think the the shoes are a complementary choice. the clutch is not even on the radar, but it would be a bigger problem if it fought for attention next to the bejeweled suit.

  • Kathleen Morrison

    In! I want to wear those insanely fabulous pants. 

  • IN! Love love love the jumpsuit; it makes up for everything else.

  • kmk05

    Love her face, love the top and bottoms, but IRASCIBLY HATE her accessories. They make it go from awesome/edgy/kinda like RiRi’s striped pjs if they had been adapted for a less edgy person to kind of costume-y. OH WELL. OUT for me.

  • Anniebet

    Pretty nice, although I thought the shapes on the fabric were printed on angels until I took a closer look. The overall look is quite spiffy since I don’t have the same matchy-matchy phobia that TLo does. What I don’t care for is the platform on those shoes. The double thick hockey puck thing leaves me cold. 

  • crash1212

    IN! I love this look. I love the shoes, but wish she’d gone with a different color. Ditto clutch. But…love, love love. And if that little asymmetrical wisp of hair on the left side of her head was done on purpose to balance out the side bun, I’ll forgive both shoes and clutch.

  • Zippypie

    I love love love this!!! IN!  The shoes I don’t mind.  The clutch needs to go.  But hair, makeup, the whole look is terrific and fun.  I want.

  • librarygrrl64

    I’m on the fence. Love the outfit, hair, makeup, and jewelry on her, not crazy about the shoes and bag.

  • elizonthelam

    Pants! In!

  • In! Cute and fun, but shoes and bag with a pop of color would’ve been a better choice.

  • IN.

  • Annabelle Archer

    I can’t even wear actual matching pajamas without feeling like my five year old. Her lack of sense of humor makes this an OUT.
    Those shoes are a fetishest wet dream and she can’t even give a wink? Go home.

  • She is so adorable and beautiful. That makes up for the shoes and bag. And yes, it’s too informal. But I vote IN.

  • demidaemon

    OUT. I don’t like what the top is doing to her proportionally. And the print is hard to look at.

    Commenting upon the points TLo made about the last IN or OUT post (Lucy Liu): Did anyone catch the crack smoking that was Fashion Police last night? Only Kelly O. and Joan R. seemed to get the Lucy Liu dress? And Jessica Chastain’s saggy boob montrosity was a Best Dressed candidate? WTF! For some reason, Joan was the only one who didn’t partake in the crack last night, which doesn’t even make sense.

    WHEW. I feel better now.

  • momogus

    Total IN. I love everything about her in this outfit.

  • IN, I guess… I just can’t get over how she looks like she has been crying or is about to break down. Sad face makes me sad.

  • OUT. Just can’t get onto the pajamas look bandwagon.

  • formerlyAnon

    In. Almost all-caps IN.

    Chic, and I like hair and jewelry. Purse is fine if a smidge geriatric and I like the shoes if I ignore the season. Better matchy matchy than something wrong that ruins the cool chic of it.

    The open toe isn’t the only thing about this that thumbs its nose at January, but that’s LA for you.

    But she does look sad – maybe someone just yelled at her to get her thumb out of her damn pocket and quit changing the vertical line of the trousers. If so, she didn’t listen.

  • IN! Very cute, but the matchiness does make my eyes bleed.

  • Out. Definitely pjs.

  • Trisha26

    It looks like an outfit for an afternoon “do” at the yacht club – certainly not an event termed “black tie.” Don’t like the matchy shoes & bag.

  • melanie0866

    IN.  Love.

  • IN! Totally cute.

  • Louise Bryan

    Having never been to a red carpet or a black tie event, I have no idea if the outfit is too casual, but I HATE the shoes.  Mostly I just don’t care about shoes, but these are like bamboo under the fingernails for some reason.  She does look awfully sad for such a cute and fun outfit; maybe someone griped that she was underdressed.  Still, and in spite of the shoes, I give the outfit an “in” for which I wish I could use a very tiny font, because this is close to the line.

  • IN.

  • Allison Woods


  • poplar studio

    Out, b/c she looks like she feels tragic. If she was bringing some attitude, it could have worked.

  • CatherineRhodes


  • Either the pants OR the top, but not both together.

  • guest2visits

    Hair and makeup very pretty, and I like the bangle… but thats all.

  • Pterodactyl111


  • unbornfawn

    It is a little casual. I wished she smiled and had a little more fun with the whole look! The fit is good. IN.

  • l_c_ann


    She looks pretty and is about as far from Hoochie Mama as you can get (and that matters with the red carpet having become a HM magnet.)

  • amenaneri

    I think this looks very cool–it’s unique, the print is fun, but it’s simple enough to be elegant.  And the bangle is gorgeous.  I think she looks fabulous–IN!

  • ccm800

    IN! So cute! So Annie Potts in Pretty In Pink

  • A definite IN for me, but then I own J. Crew cafe capris in at least 3 patterns now, so I might be biased.  

  • Am I the only one who sees penises and testicles on her dress? God I feel so filthy.

  • innnnnnnn

  • ThaliaMenninger

    IN. I think she looks cute and kicky.

  • Out. That would look great on my 5 year old but not on a grown woman. Maybe that’s why she looks like she’s about to cry.

  • Airkisses

    Would’ve liked a different shoe, and I agree that it’s a skosh too casual, but LOVE the boldness of the print. IN.

  • quiltrx

    IN–it’s a really cute outfit, and I would be grinning ear to ear and all sassy if I were looking as great in it as she is.

  • In! Fun, cute, and unexpected.

  • pdquick

    Cute, surprising, well-tailored, interesting fabric. The clutch is wrong, and it would be a tad more interesting if she had worn the pumps with the orange trim as pictured, but IN.

  • I think it’s a great combination of whimsy and couture.  And I like the shoes.  That Charlotte Olympia has great designs.  The bag should have been another color.  I vote IN.

  • harleydear

    IN. I want one, too!

  • Kathleen B

    Definitely IN – great look!

  • urbanvagos

    OUT. I tried to like this…but all I see are penis pajamas.

  • OrigamiRose

    IN, although “21st Century Carol Brady” is apt.  But Ms. Carol had *some* style, so that isn’t necessarily a bad descriptive 🙂

  • DeTrop

    I like it.  She looks great.  Love the bangle too.

  • Verascity

    I say yes. IN.

  • Samantha Irene

    love it! the clutch is super meh though – shoes don’t offend me so much. IN

  • RzYoung

    IN i love it, i love her, very pretty. yey, trousers!

  • teensmom99

    This looks to me like one of those outfits they sell at stores at beach resorts.  It’s on sale, it fits so you think you should get it.  And then you realize that once you leave the beach, it’s really awful.

  • kategs


  • MissFern

    i love it.  i can’t help it.

  • Is she supposed to be covered in mosquitoes? But, still, very cute and feminine for her. In!

  • libraangel

    OH, I don’t know: I see what you mean T&L, but I can’t get over the upside down muchrooms/shamrocks and only look at these. Also hate the bag and shoes, so OUT

  • Tuana Neves

    In! I really like this. She could crack a smile, though. JFC, you’re pretty AND being paid to look good and wear expensive clothes.

  • tereliz

    Does it look a little casual? Sure. But I love those pants. It’s an IN for me, even if I loathe her shoes and I don’t know why she’s carrying her makeup bag around on the rc. 

  • Peep toes must be banned.  I need that bangle.

  • allj

    I actually love the outfit. I agree that the shoes and bag are a little too matchy, but I’m totally willing to forgive it this time. 

  • barbarienne

    I say IN. It’s cute and sleek.

  • I *NEVER* like what Rose Byrne wears, but this isn’t even close, it’s IN all the way.

  • Jessica O’Connell

    Even though I would normally hate this…for some reason I’m digging it. IN.

  • lrhoff

    Adorable….love the look!

  • IN, but quit it with the sad face!

  • trisker

    I feel so sorry about how sad she always looks.  It’s hard to appreciate her look, and she’s so beautiful!  I think the pj’s are fine, but with different shoes and bag.  Maybe those white shoes from the other outfit?  or not.