IN or OUT: Brandy in Mary Katrantzou

Posted on January 03, 2013

Okay, kittens. Since our first post of 2013 was all about easing into our bitchy modes, for the second post we’re going to take an even lazier tack, under the guise of easing you into your new year of bitchery. Besides, it’s been far too long since we had a good ol’ IN or OUT ’round these parts.

You can have that one for free.

Brandy hosts New Year’s Eve at Lavo at The Palazzo in Las Vegas in Mary Katrantzou.

Mary Katrantzou Fall 2012 Collection/Model: Ewelina Kruszewska

So, really: what do y’all think? It can be tough to get those bitchgears moving again when they’re covered with cookie crumbs and half-eaten hors d’oeuvres, so we’ll start you off.

We think it’s a cute and slightly more practical interpretation of the runway look and we like the busy-ness of it on her. She can pull off the print, in other words. She can also pull off the puffy sleeves. And while she’s more than capable of pulling off a short skirt, we’re not entirely loving the way this one is shaped, for her. Love the shoes. The platforms work really well from a proportional perspective and they provide just the right amount of balance, visually speaking. Hair looks super-cute but we would have liked a slightly stronger lip, given the relative lack of color in the outfit.

There. Your turn.


Vote Now!


IN! Cute and fun!


OUT! Busy and awkward!


Miss Kelly Rowland had to wait through the entire holiday season for the final tally on her satin-y green mess. The poor dear could barely eat or bother to open presents, she was so beside herself. Well, rest easy, Kells. You were voted OUT.


[Photo Credit: Gettty,]

    • Maya KC

      In. Adorable with an edge.

      • Katie Wolf

        Or, to put it another way, it’s a Balenciaga knock-off made from a Muppet Babies’ imagination adventure background. And I agree w/ @kiltdntiltd:disqus: she has no neck here.

    • Jessica TallGirl Freeman

      OUT. She’s still too sugary to be edgy. 

    • Kiltdntiltd

      In!   My only quibble is a slight one. I would have tried a different hairstyle. Its making her neck disappear.

      • Introspective

        I think its the combo of the big hair, the long face, and the high neckline of the dress. Its making a bobble head out of Brandy for sure.  

        A v-neck would have done wonders for reducing this unfortunate effect of the look. but overall its an in with a small i.

      • RebeccaKW

         I agree with the hair.  I do love it, but this look I think needed an updo.  Also stronger makeup.  But overall In for me.

      • gabbilevy

        But *ONLY* because of the neckline. Otherwise, I’m loving that glorious head of curls.

    • Heather

      IN for being cute and fun. She kept the makeup and accessories to a minimum. Not sure about the shoes, but then, what should WOULD one wear with this? 

    • Post Grad

      IN! Although, are those obstetric inflatables I see?

    • Pennymac

      FEMBOT.     O.U.T.

      • heartbot

        I was going to say, she looks like a robot going to play tennis. But I think it’s cute. :)

    • Tatiana Luján

      The collar of that dress  combined with the loose hair isn’t good for her. I think you’ve got to have a super long neck or your hair pulled back to look well in that kind of collar.

      • Sobaika

        Agreed. The hair is cute though!

      • Tadiana

        Maybe the hairstyle wasn’t quite right for this look, but it’s such gorgeous hair I can’t find it in my heart to criticize it.  And she looks so happy in this dress.  In.

        • Tatiana Luján

          I love the hair.

      • Introspective

        I wrote my response to kiltd then read yours here- great minds… 

    • tereliz


      I mean spoons! ;) I usually love these Mary K. prints, but this one feels a touch too silly for me. Otherwise, I think Brandy is working it, so IN!

      • Katie Wolf

        I love a good Tick reference to really get my day going. Thx!

        • tereliz

          LOL, I was hoping someone here would appreciate that.

          Now I feel slightly less dorky. Slightly.

    • RzYoung

      Defo IN. She’s killing it!

    • Jessica O’Connell

      I kind of love it. I think she is very much IN here. Well done, Brandy!

      • ampg

        “Kind of love it” were exactly the words that came to mind for me, too.  I don’t know why it works, but it does.  In!

    • MarissaLG

      IN! It’s a little bit short, but I like it.

    • SapphoPoet

      OUT. There’s the sleeves and shoulders and the print and the shoes and the slash of color at the bottom…I don’t know where to look. It’s all just too much. 

    • AllForUSophia

      Love my fellow greek Mary! I think she looks stunning, but agree with you about the lip. That’s the only complaint though. IN!

    • ellabob

      She looks like a cheerleader – not a compliment

    • littlemac8

      A qualified in:  where’s her neck?

    • VanessaDK

      Happy New Year!

      The dress is fine–her head is too big.

    • ecallaw1977

      Wow, she works it WAY better than the model.  Or the off-runway, practical interpretation is just THAT much better.  I agree with Kiltdntild though, that her hairstyle makes her neck disappear.  Other than that she looks fabulous.  IN!

    • tallgirl1204

      I like the over/under skirt on the model better, which vibes as a long peplum over a slim skirt, as well as the slightly longer length on the model.  It looks like she threw on a long shirt and forgot the bottom part of her outfit, and is in danger of flashing the good china.  However, she looks so happy and I love love love the top so much, and I like the big hair, so In. 

    • BuffaloBarbara

      OUT.  I want to like it, but I don’t.  That incredibly high neck (that thing is triggering strangulation phobia) and puffy sleeves make top so dominant that the ultra-short skirt looks out of balance.  Also, it seems to be fitted oddly, with the print falling just a smidge above where it’s supposed to.  Granted, she can pull the whole thing down once she gets off the red carpet, but it looks like it will need to be pulled down a smidge every other minute.

      • MajorBedhead

         Oooh, so glad I’m not the only one with strangulation phobia. I have all I can do to wrap a scarf around my neck when it’s cold out.

        • BuffaloBarbara

           Oh, definitely not.  I get claustrophobic in turtlenecks.  The scarf thing I solve by wearing them babushka style, so they cover my ears and I tie them under my chin.  Long hair covers the back of my neck enough!

    • Nariya

      In. I’d lengthen the skirt; the look’s a bit top-heavy with those sleeves and that hair. I think the makeup looks good though; I prefer the focus on the eyes in this case. 

    • sweetlilvoice

      Welcome back gentlemen, I hope you had fun with Ms. Laura.

      As for Ms. Brandy

      In….her hair is adorable although I agree with the need for a stronger lip.

    • TheLaurenJean

      Eh? Can that be an option? I like the pretty much everything, but I can’t take that hair with that high collar, even though I think the hair is cute. It just leaves me, ambivalent. So I vote eh.

      • Anplica Fiore

        My too – although my eh is ever so slightly a bleh, so out for me.

    • Don

      In–wish she’d kept the underskirt, but cute and fun nonetheless.

    • Erin

      I agree with the skirt and lipstick criticisms, but overall she looks great.  I love her hair.  IN.

    • Qitkat

      She looks relatively cute here, but I am bothered that the dress is so…bunchy? crammed? around her neck. It’s probably an issue of the model having a longer neck than Brandy, but it rather bugs me to the point of Out, for being awkward.

    • KSpence

      I like her hair and I like the neckline, but I’m not sure I like the neckline with her hair.  Hrm. Still, In.

    • Lynsey M.

      In.  Although I wish she’d given us a little more bitchface to go with it.

    • Nancer

      In. She looks really cute, although the skirt could use an inch or two for proportion. Still – love it!

    • Le_Sigh

      IN.  Usually she tries too hard, but this is a nice mix of interesting with sweet.  But she’s wearing too much blush.

    • call_me_schmeg

      serving up dinnerware realness. IN.

    • mhleta

      OUT. I like the shape of the dress on her, but the concept of a dress with pictures of spoons and toasters on it leaves me with only one thought: Why?

    • Little_Olive

      Out, but not in capitals. I don’t find it edgy but silly and the high neck is doing her no favors.    

    • SewingSiren

      I think it would have been better with the underskirt. But still in.

    • GorgeousThings

      I’m going to give it an IN. She looks better in it than the model, and I love her in the Donna Summer hair.

    • Louise Bryan

      It was New Year’s Eve, and she was fully covered.  IN!

      Actually, it’s cute in a bizarre sort of way, and although the segments of the skirt were lost in the conversion off runway, the print seems to carry it along trompe l’oeil style.  A little color on the lip, and she would have looked even fresher.

    • Isabel

      Out – the toasters are giving her big big hips, which she doesn’t have.

      I do like the rest of the print though.

      Props for her stylist.

    • leave_Blake_alone

      Definitely IN, though I don’t love the shoes.

    • merciblahblah

      Call me crazy, but the first thing that popped in my head when I saw this? R2-D2’s Hot Piece On the Side. Still, she looks pretty cute.

    • Vickiefantastico

      A resounding In! I love it, head to toe. Okay, the skirt’s a tad short, but that’s my only complaint.

    • tired_mommy

      Was going to say OUT until I clicked  link to the satiny green mess–so I guess in…

    • Brian @ PWYJudges

      IN, but only because I’m ignoring the spoons on the dress.

    • VicksieDo

      OUT.  Too busy for anyone. Spoons around the waist?  NO.

    • Anathema_Device

      Hmmm. I’m on the fence with this. It looks like a cardboard dress on her. Don’t like her lack of neck in this outfit. But she still manages to look kind of cool in it. I’ll vote her out, but just barely.

    • IMNAngryLiberal

      OUT — hate the high neck and the skirt length is all wrong for that sillouette.

    • Jenna Olson

      …Is it just me, or is the skirt printed with spoons and toasters?  

    • BobStPaul

      In, but the dress really is too short.

    • MilaXX

      IN! LOVE The whole look and that’s some professional level engagement ring showing 

    • E. D.


    • lexilexi

      That’s one (HUGE) engagement ring.

    • Alyssa T. Robot

      in like a pin, dahlings!

    • jennyv

      In. The proportions are good and I love her hair.

    • shopgirl716

      Cute.  Love it.

    • Annabelle Archer

      Meh. Solange, she just isn’t. 

    • Violina23

      I think the hair is a bit much, points off for that, but otherwise it’s a cute look. I say IN

    • DinaSews

      IN.  I’m a sucker for white and she looks fun.

    • Me Again


    • Judy_J

      Out.  Looks like a futuristic car hop to me.

    • Shawn EH

      IN! But only because she’s Brandy, and can work it, and is already cute as hell. The toned down bling was a smart move with the busy dress. What is that print, “things you find behind the counter at Starbucks?”

    • crash1212

      I’m going to give it an IN – even though I think she ruined the proportions by taking that….underskirt?….thingy off. But because she aced all the other elements of a cute look – IN.

    • Offbalance

      Look, I miss Donna Summer, too, but there’s no reason for dressing up like her circa a 1978 album cover in public.

    • Amanda Martin-Morris

      Something about it is giving me an R2-D2 vibe, which I’m not altogether opposed to.

    • lalahartma


    • kschwarting

      She looks fine, but I think this needs a more Ph.D.-level wearer like Solange.  But in with a small “i.”

    • Sarah Winningham


    • Claudia Fernandes

      In, very funny and fresh! Happy new year!

    • Kent Roby

      Kitchen kitch, or culinary couture?  I’m not sure, but I think she’s serving it (pun intended) either way!  Toasting in the new year with toasters: I wish I had thought of that!

    • Lisa M. (ReVoir) Kramp

      I like it better as a top over a skirt, but not the skirt on the model. A plain black bandage skirt would have turned this into a ‘WERQ’ for me. In, because from the waist up she looks fantastic.

    • formerlyAnon

      Out. Mostly on gut reaction. She’s pretty, but doesn’t strike me as pretty here, just quite well-groomed and a little plastic/doll-like.

      Maybe that’s the proportions of the dress.

      Do like the shoes, though.

    • Diana Martinez

      On the fence.  Hair and makeup look great, but something about the dress is not right.  Maybe where it hits her chest?  I’m just not loving it.  She is adorable, though. 

    • Jangle57

      She looks cute and happy and the print is just interesting enough to avoid being a cheerleader outfit.  IN

    • jjfg

      Hmmm – interesting in/out to start with!  The dress makes me think she’s going to a Star Wars costume party and tried to girl up a storm trooper outfit.  I’ll go with IN, because it’s hard to hate on a Star Wars dress and she looks happy. 

    • Bill Curtis

      Spoons! She looks like Dinah, the dining car, from Starlight Express…so that’s an IN in my book.

      • l_c_ann

        Love your memory from Starlight.

        But to me it’s an OUT because they took the neat proportions away and did away with the bottom of the skirt as well as the sleeves that the skirt should be mirroring.  I liked the runway better and they tightened it too much and without appreciating the original.

    • Danielle Lisle

      Are… are those spoons?!

    • Patrick Cleary

      In. I like it, and I love her hair!

    • chitowndg

      out – I hate the waist length.  It looks like a little girl dress on her.

    • ChelseaNH

      She seems to have misplaced her neck.  Otherwise, I say IN.

    • golden_valley

      Her neck is too short for that dress.

    • Heron

      In. Supa cute.

    • Lilithcat

      Star Trek waitress.

    • Joyce VG

      IN. Can’t muster any comments though. 

    • marlie

      It’s IN! This looks really cute on her. And I LOVE her hair and makeup.

    • JimMcC

      IN! Katrantzou is a favorite of mine on the runway, but so few people seem to have made her work look as good in other settings. I think Brandy is killing it in this look. Would be hard for me to love it more.

    • Kelly Sowers

      In. All she really needs is a pop of color, and the lips would have been perfect for some color.

    • Jackie4g

      She looks adorable. I like the runway white boots better than her shoes. I think they weigh it down and the white toenails are distracting. The dress has been scaled down nicely and she wears it well. IN. 

    • Glam Dixie

      I’m not loving it, I keep getting distracted by the horrible nude lip and the fact that the dress appears to have swallowed her neck. Her head is sitting directly on her shoulders. No one wants a dress that does that. OUT

    • anotherkate

      I think it’s giving her no-neck syndrome, but it’s otherwise edgy and cute. IN.

    • Imasewsure

      She looks cute but I don’t think edgy is really her thing. Don’t think big hair works for her either but still an IN overall

    • judybrowni

      If anyone can pull off that hideous robot-girl dress, it’s Brandy.

      Still: too short, no neck, needs lipstick.

    • another_laura

      I’ll give it an “in,” but it’s too damn short.

    • Elizabeth Denton

      Love the dress but its too short. HATE the shoes. Wish she wore closer to the runway version. 

    • Sara__B

      In, but not perfect.

    • kimmeister

      It’s like she compensated for the obliteration of her bust by showing as much thigh as possible.  Very small in.

    • minnye

      I’m always excited to see a Mary K & this is a definite IN. I prefer the dress with the pencil-ish underskirt, but she looks pretty fab. Not crazy about the makeup, tho. Maybe the flash picked up too much highlighter & her face looked better in person.

    • ThaliaMenninger

      I like the runway skirt a lot better. And I hate Brandy’s shoes. Hair is nice. I’m on the fence with this one. Can I say it’s a plain old B instead of In or Out?

    • j_anson

      IN. Not perfect, but cute.

    • Rhonda Shore

      Happy New Year T and L.  You guys have my favorite blog and I wish you all the best for 2013.  I think Miss Brandy looks silly in this…it’s a bit Barbarella cheerleader gone wrong…hair definitely detracts.

    • butterflysunita

      IN.  I think it’s fun and cute for New Year’s Eve.  Her smile is what sells it.  

    • Lisa_Cop


    • julnyes

      IN – but I agree a v-neck or scoop neck would have been better because she is slightly bobble head here.

    • VioletFem

      IN. Cute and fun! 

    • Gus Casals

      It’s an IN, she looks fresh and, as you mention, it’s an improved “real world” version of the dress. Love the hair. 

    • Merneith

      Out – that’s a tough dress to wear and I don’t think it flatters her, especially with that particular hair style. I think the model’s version’s skirt, w/o the utility belt, would have been more interesting than the super short version on Brandy.

    • elemspbee

      OUT. The dress loses its drama on her–the puffs are toned down that it loses the character of the dress. Hate the shoes with it. And though I like the color conversation between the dress and her face, I agree that the lips need more color.

      I began with barely IN, but I’m super annoyed with the off-the-runway interpretation of this interestingly proportioned dress. It’s a futuristic, meant-to-be-stiff frock. If that’s not the look one is going for, then pick a different one.

    • unbornfawn

      The dress is cute. I like her hair. The make-up is nice – and so are the nails. The shoes work. Yup, the dress is a little too short. There is something about the proportions here that makes her head look too big for the rest of her body. Which knocks it all down for me.  She looks happy. Haven’t seen her in a while and it is good to see her. IN.

    • Jaeda Laurez

      I’d prefer the hair a bit..nappier, if that makes sense. I’m not a huge fan of the Ola Ray jheri curl hair. But other than that, i love the entire look. IN

    • marilyn

      In.  She is a little old for such a short skirt, but other than that, it is fine.

    • Antonia O’Connor Donnelly

      In, but only if she’s on her way to the Mad Hatter’s tea party!

    • TSkot

      Should have kept the underskirt.  As is: OUT

    • MajorBedhead

      The hair is too busy for the veryveryveryvery busy print, which seems to consist of spoons, napkins (or possibly sugar shakers?), chrome diner back-splashes, and for some unknown reason, chevrons.  I just…I can’t even.


    • neofashionista


    • altalinda

      The skirt’s too short, but I’m still calling this an “in”.

    • bertkeeter

      Thats onse stupid f–king dress…spoons? Paleeeeze! Looks like a sales girl at a cutlery convention!

    • mjude

      i didnt think the boys were going to post today.  i am behind reading but determined.  OUT

    • Monabel

      Love the idea of the spoons, but, no.

    • MzzPants

      IN. IN. IN.

    • EditKitten

      It makes her head look MASSIVE.

    • Lauren Lynch Fox

      Hate the dress but she kind of looks good in it. Dress OUT, Brandi IN.

    • Kate4queen


    • Soren Lundi

      I love everything about this.

    • random_poster

      In. She’s wearing it well.

    • Samantha Irene

      I’m giving her an in. Though I wish that the skirt had retained the shape from the runway (still without the underlay) – and a little more lip color would have been nice…

    • Pamela

      Fugly dress-too busy & overstyled.  OUTIE!

    • Jennifer Coleman

      In-minus.  She is making this goofy dress work, but the white toenails are focus-pulling.

    • LesYeuxHiboux

      It needed the underskirt for proportion. Her hair is super cute but the dress being ice-skater short makes it an OUT for me. Hope she brought a towel to sit on!

    •!/Space_Kitty Space Kitty

       I love it.  Not an easy dress to wear, and she’s making it work.  The toe overhang makes me twitch, but you can’t have everything.

    • Tracy_Flick

      IN, but only because she is perfectly camouflaged to stand in front of the area where they store the glasses behind the bar. 

    • SorayaS

      Out. Busy and awkward is right- at first I thought it might be a “girl, that’s not your dress” situation but I’m struggling to see A-level fashion mavens (Diane Kruger) bother with it.

      Great hair and face though; and the shoes are an improvement on the hideous runway boots.

    • Trisha26

      Out. I want to know where the bottom half of the outfit is. Seriously. This is TOO SHORT.

    • gabbilevy

      Love–with quibbles–so IN.

    • Gabriella M

      IN IN IN, unabashedly! 
      I wish Janelle Monae would pick up some Mary Katrantzou – I know she has a reason for wearing the black and white tux uniform, but she’d look GREAT in Katrantzou. 

    • CatherineRhodes


    • guest2visits

      It looks like the whole thing has shrunk and appears too small for her, like she’s wearing something cool from the junior’s dept.

    • Victoria Weinstein

      In! So cute!

    • demidaemon

      I’m torn on this. I don’t really like either version of the dress–though Brandi’s is a good interpretation–but she seems to be pulling it off. IN, for the great smile and general all-around good attitude.

    • Alex McGeagh

      I wonder how many secrets are in her hair??

    • Judy_S

      In. The dress is silly but she makes it look cute.

    • Maya


    • margaret meyers

      Please, children.  Never put a spoon in the toaster.  Never.

    • NCDFan


    • quiltrx

      IN, but I think it would have been better with the underskirt like the model’s.

    • NurseEllen

      Seriously? Toasters and spoons?  She looks like the robot maid on “The Jetsons”.  I hate to start the new year as a grouch, but I’m going to have to in this case.  OUT.  

    • jw_ny


      cute & sassy.

    • Sara Munoz Munoz

      I was about to say IN, but then I realized those are spoons and wine glasses. What?? Oh well, it still is cute. IN.

      Despite the Rebbie Jackson hair.

    • pokokpuding

      That neckline is not friends with that hair. Otherwise in. 

    • barbarienne

      I could wish the skirt were an inch longer, but that’s the only flaw I see. (I didn’t see the lack of lipstick–I’m not attuned to faces–but now that TLo have pointed it out, I agree there.)


    • ccm800

      In. On second thought…still in.

    • NinjaCate

      Dress IN, Hair OUT.

    • Eva_baby

      IN.  Super cute.

    • PhillipWilde

       Regardless of how Miss Brandy is working it, I just can’t with that crazy spoon print.  OUT.

    • sweetsadness