Hailee Steinfeld in Chanel

Posted on January 23, 2013

We don’t quite know what it is about Miss Hailee, but of the crop of starlets in her age group – Elle and Chloe, mostly – she’s the one who inspires the most avuncular harrumphing out of us.

“Avuncular harrumphing.” That’s pretty good on half a cup of coffee, wouldn’t you say? Anyway, look:

Hailee Steinfeld attends the Chanel Spring/Summer 2013 Couture show in Paris in Chanel. Shoes by Christian Louboutin. 

Chanel Spring 2013 Collection ‘Lego’ Clutch

We don’t know; something about her makes us want to start every sentence with “Young lady…” Like, “Young lady, explain to us this whole ‘granny chic’ thing among the young.” “Young lady, is that a giant Lego you’re sporting?” “Young lady, those heels are too high.” And finally, “Young lady, just what the fuck is going on with your hair?”

Hey, when we said “avuncular,” we didn’t mean we were traditional or anything.

But y’know? We think this is really kind of cute and fun. From knees to shoulders, she’s wearing something that would look just fine on any woman of any age older than her age, from 26 to 76. Granted, not many septuagenarians are likely to sport leather pencil skirts, but you never know. Then she had it styled with kickass shoes (still traditional), a Greek fisherman’s cap (a little goofy), and a big ol’ Lego clutch (totally fun). The result? It all kind of works for us. It’s entirely appropriate for Paris fashion shows, but still lets a little of her youth and playfulness shine through. Well done, Young Lady. But your hair still looks a little fucking weird to us. Harrumph.


[Photo Credit: Getty]

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  • nannypoo

    Totally agree about the hair. It looks like two completely different styles, both bad. The outfit and accessories are fabulous, though. I would happily wear anything here, and I’m a lot older than she is. She looks adorable. 

    • EveEve

      She’s 16 years old and to date has been in exactly one feature length movie, that came out in 2010.  IMO this is a desperate attempt by her publicist to keep her relevant and in front of the cameras until she has another movie release.  Aren’t 16 year olds supposed to be in school or something?

      • She’s got a ton of movies in the pipeline for ’13 and ’14. And any red carpet or public appearance by a star is essentially an attempt to keep the star “relevant” and in front of the cameras. There’s nothing odd about that and we get no sense of desperation from it here. It’s what stars do; especially the young, starting-out ones.

      • nannypoo

         I don’t know why you’re complaining to me about this. Call her mother. In the meantime, google her and you will see that she is working on several projects now, and will star as Juliet in a remake of Romeo and Juliet which will be released this year.

        • IAmJ

          This is my favorite comment of the day.

      • Jecca2244

        she probably has a tutor that travels with her…like every other starlet or young musician.

      • fursa_saida

        She’s going to play one of the most kickass girl characters ever (Petra Arkanian) in an adaptation of one of the best-loved sci-fi books ever, Ender’s Game. With Viola Davis, Harrison Ford, and Ben Kingsley. She’s fine.

  • I think its a pretty commendable effort for a young woman still finding her look, and style.  Sure its a trifle whack, but then why the hell not?  She’s not even 20 yet, and designers all over the world are shipping her shit tons of stuff constantly. Why not play in the toy box a while and find out what works for you?  Its all a big game, anyhow.

    And I agree I cannot sign off on the verrrrry strange hairstyle.

    • Kathy_Marlow

       I’ll take anything she wears over anything those girls that wear too little clothing and too much makeup..any day of the week and twice on Sunday.  Had both sides “matched” this would be really cute, but that tendril throws it off.

      •  That was my thought too.  In fact, I love the “shorter” side on her.  That long dangling tendril though… no.

    • Nicholas

      Exactly. It’s a perfect look for a girl who’s still experimenting sartorially, and who realizes that this doesn’t mean having to crank up the cleavage to 11 in a uterus dress.

      Hanging out with Kiernan Shipka is bound to rub off on someone’s fashion choices.

      •  Its pretty clear too, that not all of this is her doing, solely.  She is obviously getting some direction, but without being told absolutley NO.

    • Deb Oswald

      This is funny, I like the whole look and I barely noticed the hair.  I teach HS kids art and that is pretty tame.  🙂

  • I find it age appropriate, but the cardigan reads as “parochial prep school” chic to me.

    • Anne At Large

      Same here, but that just makes me want it more. Can you tell I never attended a parochial prep school? 

      • christinewithanx

         And I refuse to wear plaid to this day because of it. Can’t. Do. Plaid.

        • Jacqueline Wessel

          Agreed…Can’t wear plaid and can’t wear anything that remotely resembles a saddle shoe.

          • fursa_saida

            Prep school. Polo shirts, ribbon belts. Burn it all with fire.

        • SaoirseLee

          Oh Gawd, can sympathise on that kind of aversion. Mine was a parochial convent school, twas the colour maroon instead of plaid. Cannot with the maroon to this day.

    • Ed

    • 3boysful

       I would imagine it’s pretty difficult to make Chanel age-appropriate for a young teen, so I htink she did pretty good here.  But the heels are WAY too high, Hailee!  (wagging finger)

  • imspinningaround

    Lady Sybil of the 20teens. 

    Everything is cute, but the clutch has to go. 

  • barbarienne

    “Avuncular Harrumphing” is the name of my next band. The first album will be titled “Give the Governor Harrumph,” and the first song on the album will be “Young Lady.”

    (Hey, if I’m gonna do an old meme, I’m gonna do it all the way.)

  • duckgirlie

    My god that clutch. It is everything 11-year-old me could want in a bag and 26-year-old me still desires it greatly.

    • gabbilevy

      It would go perfectly with the Lego earrings I already own! I dig it so hard.

  • lrober03

    Coco Chanel said “Take one thing off  before you leave the house”.
    Should have been the cap.

    • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

      Should have been that purse.

      • AGREED.

      • lrober03

        Not a huge fan of the purse, but I think it’s appropriate for someone who only recently left the Lego-playing age range.  Would hate it with anyone over the age of 18

  • NO to the hat.


    It’s a cute, fun look with just the right touch of whimsy.  And then there is the hair….. sigh.  And, for the record, my dearest friend is 67 and rocks a leather pencil skirt like it’s her job.  And will no doubt do so for another ten years. She has just changed the tailoring of the skirt for a slightly different body and wears very different tops than she did 20 and 30 years ago.

  • Super_Red

    she is way too freaking adorable. I love every tiny little thing about this. Even her hair.


  • SarahStiletto

    I need that sweater, or one like it, in my life.

    • Tatiana Luján

      I want the skirt and the clutch too.

  • Adorable, if a little costumey. I love the Lego clutch. Love.

  • RebeccaKW

    I like it, but I wish the skirt were a bit shorter.  Like it hit right at the top of the knees, rather than right under.  It’s just an awkward length.  I dislike the hair (I think it’s the longer piece on the left shoulder that isn’t working for me).  I like the shoes, but kind of wish she’d worn something different, to keep it a bit more playful.

    • Tatiana Luján

      agree on the more playful shoes.

  • FrayedMachine

    I honestly don’t care for any of this but I want. That. Clutch. Right now. 

  • Verascity

    I saw your “avuncular harrumphing” and thought, “come ON, you guys, this is SUPER cute.” Glad you came around. 😛

  • Nicholas

    As a Dane, I am legally obligated to inform you that the proper term is a “LEGO brick”.

    It looks like she’s dressed up for a preppy, non-existent Russian Ivy League college.

  • barbarienne

    Queen Helen could rock that pencil skirt. She’s only 67, but I have no doubt she’ll still be awesome when she’s 76.

    Love the clutch. Right with you on the wackanoodle hair.

    This business of teenagers dressing a little old makes me wonder if their moms are picking out their clothes. When I was that age, my mother was about 50/50 when she would buy me something fancy in an effort to make me dress up. When she erred, it was always because she bought something that she would want to wear.

    • Tatiana Luján

      I loved pencil skirts when I was 14. My mother begged me not to wear them, thought they were too grown up for me, but I thought I was a grown up. Teenagers are funny.
      I still love pencil skirts.

  • Tatiana Luján

    I wish she had worn a different pair of shoes, but I love this look.

  • Beardslee

    Quit it with the attitude, missy.
    Sorry, the way these kids are treated like grown ups is starting to really bug me.

  • Susan Sontag

    I have stick straight hair that will not hold a curl.  It looks like she has the same kind of hair and her curls are unraveling.

    • MilaXX

      IIRC from her younger years, her hair is naturally curly.

  • Pennymac

    All in all, rather cute. But my vote would be lose the cap and keep the funky hair, or keep the cap and lose the funky hair. As it is, cap + hair = too much.
    And for the record, I really HATE that clutch. Harumph.

  • Annabelle Archer

    It’s kicky and it’s cute – until you get to the red soled fuck me pumps.  That’s where I draw the line and reach for my pearls, so that I may clutch them and tisk at her and her mother. 

  • Kayceed

    She reminds me of a young Jodie Foster, who used to do the funky preppy look as well.

  • notterriblybitter

    She looks like she’s afraid to move her head too quickly or her hat will fall off. A few bobby pins will solve that problem but there’s nothing to be done about that purse. It’s gotta go. 

    Actually, I kind of hate the sweater too. Apparently, I’m just not a Chanel fan. 

    • l_c_ann

      Do you think she knows what a bobby pin is? 

      In agreement on the sweater- from the way it was designed and made it’s always going to look gapey on the front, even when it’s probably not too tight

  • B_C_J

    I like the whole look. It looks a little quirky yet terribly chic in that quintessential french way. Love the shoes and love the fact that in a nod to her youth she selected a very fun clutch.  Job well done!

  • Hogwarts.

  • agree! she looks great in Chanel, not like the Dior gals.

  •  i love her in 98% of everything she wears. she doesn’t usually dress too sexy plus she’s very talented. did you see true grit?

  • eowyn_of_rohan

    I would not have looked nearly as cute at that age, even if I had free Chanel duds.  She’s having fun and experimenting, and looking adorable as a result.

  • SewingSiren

    I’m super excited that Lego’s are considered couture accessories now. I’ve got tons of them and will soon be the envy of the neighborhood.

  • filmcricket

    Luuurve the clutch, I’d like one in red, please. Not sure about the hat with this outfit, but she looks pretty cute, wonky hair notwithstanding. 

  • Judy_S

    She looks SO cute, but very much as if she is having fun playing the “Couture Kid” (as opposed to La Moretz, yesterday, who was working so hard at being the real thing). 

  • IMNAngryLiberal

    You know, she is wearing pretty much exactly what I would have thought of as Parisian chic when I was her age.  Way to go, baby girl!

  • I wish the bag wasn’t yellow. Doesn’t quiiiiite go.  Otherwise – great!

  • Eva_baby

    This is a very nice look overall, but I am kind of with you on the avuncular harrumphing.  She’s 16 and this look ages her.  No, she’s not displaying her girls or her crotch, but it still leaves a patina of trying to look a little too old a little too soon.  I think from the waist up, she is adorable.  The length of the skirt and the style/height of the heel is what takes the look from ‘cute young girl experimenting with style’ to ‘cute young girl trying to look grown’.  It just makes the look feel  over-studied.

    • Dot

       Over-studied is the perfect descriptor here.

  • jilly_d

    Love every bit.  She looks adorable.

  • Noelle Haland

    The hat is just silly & the hair is questionable at best, but overall, she looks super cute & stylish.

    Edited to add: By the way, is that clutch cross-branded with Lego, and does it have the actual Lego logo on it anywhere? I’m just curious — it would be fun if Lego sold it at a cheap price point for us lowly regular folks. 😉

  • Clueless_Jock

    Brava except for the eye makeup.

    • kimmeister

      Yes, the overdone eye makeup is the worst thing about the look!  I actually like the hat and don’t mind the hair.  The clutch is great, just not with this outfit.

  • lalahartma

    I love it all. 🙂

  • MilaXX

    I like it weird hair included. I’d prefer a pair of skinny pants, but considering the venue, I get why they went with the skirt.

  • miagain

    Chanel lego clutch….mon Dieu

  • Diane Kruger could make this work. But not Hailee, she’s barely out of diapers!

  • I wish the leather skirt were leather pants instead. It’d be pink-lady-tastic. But I like all of this. Also, it looks like her hair went limp on one side after curling it, which I sympathize with. Am dying for one of those lego clutches though. 

  • Judy_J

    I love this look from the waist up.  It’s cute and fun.  The skirt looks dowdy, and that’s hard to accomplish with a leather skirt.  The shoes are just too old for her.  The Lego clutch is cute…it goes with the top half of this look.

  • snarkykitten

    The school girl thing doesn’t really work when you’re actually a school girl

  • nosniveling


  • CheriCPat

    I wish she had chosen the green version of the Lego bag.  It contrasts, the yellow one clashes.  And take the silly hat off.

  • I love this, and I love the hair. It’s kinda cute and relaxed and that cap suits her so much.

  • Mia

    I love her now. It’s official. She looks great, totally unique, young, and fun.

  • Lilithcat

    She’s dressing up as her grandmother.

    But I love the Lego bag!

  • Tamara Hogan

    Skirt and sweater set are adorable, but Holy Accessory Overkill, Batman! Clearly she’s never heard the adage to remove one piece before leaving the house. Less is more, little one, less is more. Personally, I’d toss the hat, clutch and shoes and start with a clean slate.

  • Janet B

    I love this outfit!
    In my younger days, I always had one side of my hair hold the curl better than the other.

  • I’ve just spent an unhealthy amount of time trying to chase down the old Sassy slang for a hat that is trying too hard.  A hopeful lid? A vulgar lid (don;t think so)?  Anywhoo, that hat is the definition of it, like the hat that that guy from Stone Temple Pilots used to wear, trying way too hard.  And I am old.

  • mhleta

    I too harumph in her her general direction. My issue is that the top half and bottom half are having two different conversations and they’re not listening to each other at all. It’s like sitting between two people on a train, and one is all “Ooo, I love Harry Potter!” and the other is all, “Have you read ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ yet? It’s marvelous.”

  • Lisa M. (ReVoir) Kramp


  • bertkeeter

    Can find  a similar ensemble at “Out of the Closet” in West Hollywood for about $50…minus the LEGOS!

    • Hell, you can find it at the “Out of the Closet” in Pasadena.  But I dunno, maybe she likes her official Hufflepuff cardigan…

  • stubbornthoughts

    I totally love this and didn’t think I would. I think it’s the fact that she is selling the shit out of it and I’m buying. THAT FACE.

  • Dot

    Cute ensemble, but the shoes seem a little bit out of place to me. Kind of looks like she was playing dress-up and decided to put on everything she could find in mommy’s closet — while keeping her own clutch.

  • Snailstsichr

    i would have died and gone to heaven to have worn this when I was her age.I’d still wear it all now, but without the totally awesome Lego clutch – which I think really rocks, but might look kooky being carried by someone my age. It would just be too embarrassing when I pulled my actual Legos out and started playing with them.

  • Alyssa Stanfield

    I love this look on her, except for the hair. And I’m eleven years older than her, and would love to own all those pieces, but would not wear them together!

  • kschwarting

    I kind of love that clutch, but I’m a sucker for bright yellow accessories since I can’t actually wear that color.  But when is this chica going to make another movie?  And perhaps I’m doing some avuncular harumphing of my own, but I hate to see her getting too posey and overly made up like she is here.

  • Cathy S

    I’m not sure about the hat, but I think she looks really cute. The jury is still out on the LEGO clutch.

  • msdamselfly

    Love the argyle

  • tardisten

    I see this getup and I see the new rebellious girl at Hogwart’s. The Emily Valentine of her generation. 

  • tereliz

    Whoever her stylist is, I wish they were mine. But, ya know, I’m in my early 30s and work in a creative yet slightly traditional (museum in NOLA) institution. When I was her age I was wearing crop tops and JNCOs. And the ubiquitous Chucks, of course. With a choke-chain around my neck, naturally. If I had to dress up to go somewhere it was a tank dress. And Chucks. And a choke-chain. 

  • BrooklynBomber

    I want the clutch. But not yellow.

  • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

    Hate the clutch, but overall ADORABLE!!! 

  • imsusie

    Everything would have worked better with pants (leather or otherwise) and if her hair wasn’t lopsided.

  • I think she looks cute!

  • Lola67

    She looks adorable, glad she went with the lego purse, kept it fun. The shoes are the only thing I don’t really like, but she’s 16 and most likely loves those mini-mouse knock off’s.

  • altalinda

    In unrelated news, I enjoyed seeing Daddy T. quoted in the Philadelphia Inquirer today as a cultural authority on whether Philadelphia is a “hip” city.

    • formerlyAnon

      Whoa! Arbiters of cultural authority now, are we (you), fellas?

  • Imasewsure

    I like the curls, the sweater and even the shoes… the skirt with something else. Overall though too costumy…

  • i really love it! her hair could use some work, but overall the outfit is fun!

  • I think the real question is why is Chanel sending out a Lego purse? 

  • The hair is very French and the first thing I’d say to a stylist if I was going to a Paris fashion show is “I don’t want to look like a fucking tourist!” so she succeeded in looking very French, which is great.

  • m0r0

    Love everything but the STUPID hairdo. UGH

  • e jerry powell

    She looks like former Pepsi moppet Hallie Kate Eisenberg!

  • mechanical_orange

    For a minute there I thought she had the Hufflepuff crest on her sweater.  Would’ve been cooler if she did.

  • YourBaloneyDontGotNoSecondName

    My goodness, in some of these angles (especially the last one), she looks like she’s going to end up being a full blown Catherine-Zeta Jones bombshell when she grows up.

  • EEKstl

    Look = adorable, appropriate and chic.  Hair = batshit crazy.

  • kmk05


    Also, I don’t know why I feel like her outfit is a little pretentious. But her hair (and the beret!) is a crime. A beret in Paris is PhD level clothes wearing, and she is definitely still an undergrad -.-

  • She looks like a Parisian school girl. I like that sweater though.

  • ThaliaMenninger

    I don’t know. Except for the Lego clutch, which is ADORABLE, the rest of it is kind of The Wild Bunch on a Parisian vacation. But the Wild Bunch wouldn’t take a Parisian vacation, you see? Which makes it more like she tried to get all bad ass on Les Demoiselles de Rochefort and they expelled her.

  • melanie0866

    That clutch looks like a container for wet wipes.

  • I can only fault this for being faintly studied, but she looks completely adorable and venue appropriate.  Well played.

  • shnaggi

    Pippi No-Stocking

  • I think it would have looked better with the green lego purse and also, oh my god lego purse I love it. Actually maybe not green but not the two clashing yellows.

  • I love the shoes (so much love for the shoes), the cardigan, and the clutch.  It’s a Lego.  Chanel.  Clutch.  Holy cow.  

    I get what she’s going for here, but…  There’s something about it that I just can’t sign off on.  It feels manufactured?  I can see KStew in this getup with even darker makeup and dumber hair totally selling it.  But this little mcnugget doesn’t quite pull it off.

  • I love this. She looks so funky. And I NEED that Lego clutch!

  • RocknRollmom

    If I were her mom, I would probably have rolled my eyes at the hair and cap, but know that it is not worth the fight.  I might let her take the high heels out for a test drive so she can learn that wearing those things all day is work and painful.  Otherwise, she looks good and cute while still suitably “fashion forward” for the venue.  And my goal is to rock a leather pencil skirt at 76!

  • LittleKarnak

    I’m too busy looking at Young Ray Liotta in the background…..

  • formerlyAnon

    The hair. Hmm. Just you wait. It’ll be in a hot music video (for a ballad, I’m pretty sure. Or a bubblegum pop tune that has daisies and a swing in it.) and every young thing be will wearing its draggly self, confounding we elderly skeptics.

    I hate the sweater, while acknowledging that every single thing which I hate about it is entirely intentional and does, indeed, work here.

    Bottom line: she looks like she’s having the time of her life and feels like a million high-style bucks.  That’s what sells this to me!

  • Louise Bryan

    My thought was that it was fun because of the styling, sort of a “thumb-your-nose” at her fashion avunculars.

  • a_liking

    it’s younger trendier HBC and I love it.

  • I don’t know if I’d have done that top with that skirt, tbh, and I’m pretty sure I’d have gone tighter with the skirt. The silhouette isn’t bad; the color scheme needs reworking, I guess. It feels like it’s trying to be two entirely different outfits.

  • SophieCollier

    I love it.  Sort of reminds me of 80’s preppy meets 80’s goth.  

  • quiltrx

    I am fairly sure I NEED a Lego clutch.  (which reminds me of a harp-upon thing of mine…why are there no purple Legos?)  Maybe I could get one of the big storage-box ones at the Container Store and perpetrate that it was way expensive.

    As for girlfriend here…I like the sweater, the rest not so much, and I like the right side of your head but not the left.

  • PaulaBerman

    The cardigan with the leather skirt is jarring, plus the blaring yellow purse, beret, and wacked out hair make it too much for one outfit. She looks like she raided her mom’s wardrobe and put on random items. No me gusta.

  • guest2visits

    So nice to see some of the new (and surprisingly the youngest!) little stars playing with fashion this way; it’s got to be alot more
    fun and rewarding trying out the jaunty, arty, and chic adult pieces in a less serious way; as opposed to the traditional parade of
    young starlets in short-tight-slinky.   Go Hailee!  

  • I think the hair (and the hat, too, a bit) is kind of ruining the effect, but the outfit is great and that purse just sassies it right up. She’s totes adorbs.

  • fursa_saida

    I had dinner with a woman tonight and I wish to god you all could have seen her. She had a full-length leather skirt on with boots, a simple black top, and a white fur vest that converted to a capelet, hand to god. She had short, ice-blonde hair that poofed in the back and SERIOUS makeup on. She was like the Good Witch version of Cruella DeVille, and it was AMAZING.

  • Beyond cute and give me that clutch now!

  • HobbitGirl

    I think she looks cute. And I really, really want the Lego purse.

  • She kinda looks live Vanessa Hudgens. Poor soul…

  • librarygrrl64

    I wish she would have gone with the green clutch, though. It would have played up the green in the sweater logo rather than clashing with the creamy yellow trim.

  • ccm800

    hair and the makeup is not doing her many favors- but this is a cute look. 

  • Mini Crystal Renn. Very cute.

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