Diane Kruger in Stella McCartney

Posted on January 31, 2013

Darlings, we had every intention of putting this one up to an IN or OUT vote, but then we realized it’s Stella and asking a Bitter Kitten their opinion of the works of Stella McCartney is like eating a steak off a leather plate at a PETA meeting. You pretty much know which way the wind’s gonna blow; best to skip the drama.

And yes, we admit it; these are crazypants:

Diane Kruger attends “Der Nschste, Bitte!” (“Un Plan Parfait”) Berlin Photocall in Stella McCartney.

Stella McCartney Christine Floral-print Silk Tapered Pants

And the whole thing’s got an early ’90s feel to it which irritates us and makes us grumpy because it’s time for the early ’90s to come back into fashion, but it was SUCH a character-less period for fashion. So lacking in anything of interest to resurrect. Say what you will about the ’70s and ’80s, at least they gave us some original looks. We think of ’90s fashion as one decade-long catalogue shoot.

But we think the pants aren’t so terrible. No, really. They need to be styled to bring out their drama and unfortunately, a vest and pumps are pretty half-assed choices, as far as that’s concerned. But pair them with kickass shoes and maybe a jacket with some sass to it, and they could work.


[Photo Credit: Away!/PR Photos, net-a-porter.com]

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  • I kinda like the pants.  But you gents are correct as usual that the vest and shoes are not where to go.  I keep seeing red shoes in my mind.  Not sure about the correct top, though.

    • joything

      mmmmmmmm, me too.  Kinda like the pants, but their sass potential goes unfulfilled by the rest of the outfit.

      • Kristin McNamara

        Really? I’m not so in love with the pants. Though they do make her look like she’s pretty well-hung. So. There’s that.

  • Carrieanno

    Was expecting far worse.

  • mmc2315

    Needs jewelry.

  • BrooklynBomber

    I can’t even remember ’90s fashion. I don’t have strong feelings about Stella McCartney, but I don’t like this outfit.

    • ecallaw1977

      In the second half of the 90s I remember that flare legs came back in a big way–up until that point I remember swearing that I would NEVER wear anything that would remotely resemble a bell bottom or flare.  Also, our shoes had gigantic chunky heels, and there were definitely no pointy toes in sight.  Low waists and shorter tops were in style (thanks a lot, Britney).  Eyeglasses and sunglasses were all very small and rectangular, and no one would have worn the huge ones we sport now.  Other than that, I really can’t remember anything that defines that decade for me, fashion-wise, or the 00s, for that matter.  Even now, glasses have gotten bigger and pants have gotten skinnier, but there’s nothing so prevalent and defining as bell bottoms, shoulder pads, neon, spandex, etc. 

      • BrooklynBomber

        Thank you! I guess it’s hard to remember because ’90s were so 60s-70s redux — just a lot more skin showing! And, yes, nothing as defining as the extreme shoulders, big hair, torn shirt, safety pins, neon, leggings, and spandex of the 80s.

      • RebeccaKW

        Clueless defines it for me.  I’m not saying that is completely indicative, but a lot of it is.  The knee socks and the plaid skirts and all that.  I had so many shirts that were the fake button-down under the sweater (you know, the thin sweater with just the collar and sleeves of a button down sewed to them).  Plus it included the grunge scene, so a lot of flannel and hiking boots or doc martens.  I went to junior high/high school with so many boys dressed like Travis Birkenstock.

        And if you were into the “country” style of dress (wranglers, boots, etc) like the other half of my high school, this was the time that the Garth Brooks-style of western dressing was popular.  Bright western jeans, usually with some sort of flaps on the thighs, the button-up western shirts patterned after the American Flag and Mexican blankets. 

        This is not a time I wish to cycle back into fashion.

        • BrooklynBomber

          Maybe I’m blocking it out because it was alls o youth-oriented. I mean, in the ’80s (a terrible decade for fashion, in my opinion– or a great decade for terrible fashion), the shoulders, the suits, the Calvin Klein-y, Armani-y minimalist looks were all good for grown ups. But, yeesh, crop tops, knee socks & plaid skirts, flannel shirts!

          What I do remember is these jumper thingies: a one piece outfit with short sleeves that flowed into wide loose pants in small prints. Wish I could find a picture. I don’t think there was a name for them.

          • RebeccaKW

             Kind of like a clown suit?  Yea, I had one, hot pink with white polka dots.  It was hideous, but I loved it at the time.

        • I find that Buffy the Vampire Slayer (TV version) was is a really great time capsule of the day-to-day style. The weird thing is that, just like Peggy Olsen’s fashion-forward-at-the-time clothes now read as frumpy, most 90’s clothes now read as inexpensive and Walmart-y. Oh, and I forgot to mention the crushed velvet.

          •  So much crushed velvet. And awful clumpy shoes.

          • RebeccaKW

             I did not have one, but my friend had a crushed velvet long-sleeved body suit.  Worn with…jean shorts, black tights and doc martens.  It was very “The Craft.”

          • H3ff

            Whahahaha! Props for the Craft reference. My friends dressed as the four main girls last Halloween and looked AMAZING.

        • H2olovngrl

          Super tight R

        • DeebaCee

          Clueless and My So Called Life are my two 90s references. Two totally different styles, but both what I think of when I remember the 90s

          • RebeccaKW

            I never really was into My So Called Life.  But there’s always Friends…those long skirts with the side slits to the knees and the short sleeve t-shirt turtlenecks.

          • Kristin McNamara

            Ahh, the shortsleeve t-shirt turtlenecks. They DID wear a lot of those, didn’t they?

      • Beardslee

         What I remember about the 90s was feeling pretty good if I weren’t adorned with a  smear  or two supplied by some small children of my acquaintance.

    • kimmeister

      Early 90’s had grunge from the Seattle music scene.  Also, large eyeglasses (I nearly died laughing seeing a clip from a Hugh Grant movie from that era, where he was rocking huge glasses).  Mid-90’s had the Ally McBeal super miniskirts.

      • BrooklynBomber

        Ah, yes, grunge!

      • ballerinawithagun

        And Marc Jacobs actually tried to sell grunge at couture prices. Didn’t go too well for him at the time…

    • Lots of plaid. Lots of lace and flower prints paired with leather and work boots. …and like ecallaw1977 said, lots of crop tops. It was so hard to buy tops then; they cropped EVERYTHING. 

      • BrooklynBomber

        I do remember the little flower prints (but they also meld w/ my memory of ’70s flower prints. . . which were different than ’60s flower prints. . . ). My head’s about to explode.

  • This is going to sound insane, but I would like to see what Miley Cyrus would do with those pants.

    • MilaXX

       a cropped top and/or see thru blouse with a dangling cross pendant & black nail polish

      • Imasewsure

        Which would be a lot more interesting than this….

      • JasmineAM

        Because she’s just soooooo edgy.

  • Sara__B

    I will never like a vest worn alone, not even on the magical Diane Kruger who can make almost anything look good.

    PS. I like the crazy pants.

  • You really do need a masters in clothes-wearing to make pleated floral pants look not-awful. Mine were from Monsoon in 1990 and I loved them but don’t want to see them again. Her hair is really pretty – sleek enough not to look too mermaidy.

  • carolynmo

    If a pair of pants can make Diane Kruger–DIANE waiflike KRUGER–look bad, something is terribly wrong. Come on.

    • Lori

      My current theory is that Stella McCartney is actually an alien, constitutionally incapable of understanding the human form. High-waisted, pleated, floral pants that don’t fit quite right in the crotch. What human would do that?

      •  A Project Runway contestant…

        • Lori

          I think we may need a judge’s ruling on the “human” part there. It’s distinctly possible that those PR contestants are simply other visitors from Stella’s home world.

  • jenno1013

    Indeed, she looks unfinished.  Some bangles?

  • crash1212

    I actually don’t hate this. I like the fabric and, truth be told, had an outfit very similar to this that I wore the hell out of back in the 90’s! This is an inoffensive as Stella gets.

  • lehen


  • Sobaika

    I like the pants and this outfit overall – but only on Diane Kruger. This wasn’t made for mortals and Stella McCartney should be out of a job, end of story.

  • HomeOfficeGirl

    I need one more level of translation, apparently… “Der Nschste, Bitte!” (“Un Plan Parfait”)??

    • HomeOfficeGirl

      Ok, I got it.  nevermind.  the pants caused me to have a mental brown out.

    • Pennymac

      Don’t know what Nschste is. But Nachste is next. Rough translation, “Next, Please”

      • Nächste, actually 😉 

        The only redeeming factor for me is that she didn’t pair THAT shirt with THOSE pants. Maybe someone with a bit more edge could have done better. Pink?

  • Funkykatt

    I don’t think it’s the Stella McCartney ‘it’s horrible’ signature this time. It’s okay but for her, it’s better than what she usually forces upon us. 

  • ConnieBV


    • Pleated pants can be ok if they’re a high-waisted trouser ala Annie Hall (with a pair of heels, your legs look a mile long); but I’m never a fan of a TAPERED pleated pant, which is the real sin here, in my opinion. I don’t think it ever makes sense to add an ass-load of volume in the butt/hips/crotch only to make it tight in the leg again, which both makes your ass look huge (and flat) and your legs look stumpy. These aren’t the worst offenders I’ve seen, though.

  • Monday1900

    I beg to differ on the pants–baggy on top, tight on the calf, hideous print–not much love from me.  Vest is cute though.

  • Meg0GayGuys6

    I don’t mind this at all.  I would have liked the pants better if they were slimmer, or un-pleated.  Or both.

    • zenobar

       Yep…a really slim cigarette pant in this pattern would be quite lovely.

  • MilaXX

    I’m okay with this look. It’s not earth shattering but I would have given it a small IN.

    • mjude

      agree.  small IN is good.

    • formerlyAnon


  • PeggyOC

    Her face and hair have never looked better.  Very soft and casual, but not in a “yoga hair” way.

    • Alyssa

      Absolutely agree!

  • PastryGoddess

    Oh boo..you boys take away all of our fun

    On an Associates level fashion wearing person it would be a massive fug.  On a PhD level wearer like Diane here, it is only moderately cray cray

  • I like the pants. But I have a pair of jeans in a similar pattern (but faded reds and olive greens on white, rather than black) that I stole from my mom, so I’m inclined toward bias with this.

    So y’all aren’t fans of grunge, then? Though this is much less grunge and more what Elaine would wear on Seinfeld, so. I wouldn’t mind a grunge rehash, though it’s already been going on, I think. 

  • 3boysful

    But, damn if she isn’t just gorgeous.

  • ringthing

    Between this and her Heidi the French Schoolgirl get-up last week I’m really questioning Kruger’s fashionista standings. 

  • filmcricket

    The cut of the pants is the greater sin – the print is workable. The whole outfit seems a bit casual for a film photocall – I know it’s not a premiere red carpet, but she looks like an office worker in a Richard Curtis flick. 

    And I’ll take a return to 90s fashion if it means the latest neon trend will die, never to be resurrected again.

    • Anathema_Device

       I agree. Babydoll dresses and Doc Martens I can tolerate*, but the neon thing? No.

      * At least that was a thing in the Bay Area.

      • LesYeuxHiboux

         You are my people! I was just a hair too young for the Docs and babydolls at the time, but I yearned for them.

  • mhleta

    “…is like eating a steak off a leather plate at a PETA meeting.” And with that I peel away from the computer having harvested the most satisfying tidbit of the day. Muchos gracias. 

  • I don’t hate this. She looks cute.

  • Mary Saucier

    I cannot tell a lie: I fawking love Diane Kruger and I don’t really know why. I think she pulls off just about everything she wears including this. But that could just be my love talking…

  • Anathema_Device

    Been there, done that. Except that I wore those weird cowboy boot/mule hybrids and not high heels.

    • zenobar

      Combat boots here.  And I’d have had a short-sleeve black bodysuit (remember bodysuits?  that was fo sho the days of no bra fat) and black leather motorcycle jacket over top of it all.

  • I LOVE how whoever it is in the poster appears to be photobombing her in most of the shots.

  • subwaycars

    If that pants had been fitted, it would have been a cute outfit, but you are right, those pants def needed something else. I like the print though.

  • From the product description: “Stella McCartney’s silk pants, cut for a perfect low-rise tapered silhouette”
    Low-rise? With pleats? What? How are these pants even slightly low-rise? JE NE COMPRENDS PAS.

    • LesYeuxHiboux

       What could possibly be perfect about low-rise and tapered? “We’ll give you a gut, a droopy ass, and chicken thighs, guaranteed!”

      • Yep. What especially annoys me is that these are in NO WAY low-rise. Low-rise to me is hip level or lower. If you wear these at hip level, it would throw off the entire fit of the pants even worse and give you “sad crotch” (that’s what I call it when the crotch is so big that you get puffed out wrinkles at your crotch that form the shape of a frowning face).

  • captrenault

    Wait — Kruger is in a movie with Dany Boon?  Did I slip into some parallel universe and not realize it?

  • Jecca2244

    ok, i’m going to say it, i would wear these pants. they are fun and we might just have to accept it…based on the newest j. crew catalogue i think patterned pants are here for a bit… a kicky shoe would have really worked here. 

  • butterflysunita

    There’s nothing really wrong with the outfit, but it does look very dated to me.  When you said early 90’s I realized why–I had pants sort of like that circa 1995.  They were silly and unflattering and not a trend that needed to return.   

    • My sister and I had pastel jersey pants in that exact shape in the late 80s.

  • So, wait. She’s a Rom Com star in Germany?

  • decormaven

    The hairstylist should be commended for this look. The hair is a feature, but it doesn’t take over the presentation. The combo of vest, pants and heels may be a bit uninspired, but DK is selling this.

  • Annabelle Archer

    You know, I’ll admit it, in my head I’m still that 16 year old girl.  But that doesn’t mean I want to dress the way that I did when I was that 16 year old girl.  This is so early 90s to me that I find I’m starting to become a little annoyed with her costume dressing.  She never takes a piece and reimagines it, she takes the look from head to toe (sometimes beret to toe) and then I think she’s less fashion diva and more fashion victim.  

  • Judy_S

    I think she looks pretty good, and that there are zero other women in the world who could look good in those pants, so unless she decides to make them a wardrobe staple all the dreams of how they should be worn will remain conjectural.

    • formerlyAnon


  • amaranth16

    I kinda love this, but I think homegirl needs some bling.

  • MissAnnieRN

    The pants could work without the pleats.  PLEATS.  God save us all.

  • B_C_J

    Incredibly beautiful woman wearing utterly forgettable clothes.  On second glance, it seems the pants are pleated…….shudder!! Return those to MC Hammer.

  • Nancy Dunn

    Is it summer where she is? Why no jacket, just a vest? Just looks silly to me. I do, actually, like the pants.

  • Tatiana Luján

    love her hair and makeup, her face looks gorgeous. I wish the pants weren’t pleated.

  • It seems like the last few McCartney pieces featured here on the site have gotten surprisingly positive feedback. I actually like the pants. 

  • kschwarting

    Gorgeous woman, terrible outfit.  And does everyone else think that movie poster makes the film look incredibly dumb?

  • Pants_are_a_must

    No no no no no no.


    Those pants should be burned.

    Or, alternately, you can wear those pear-shape-causing, sofa-patterned monstrosities and we’ll tell you to just style them differently and see how you feel.

  • BayTampaBay

    I like the pants and really like the whole outfit as shown on the model.

    This is a new experience for ma as I usually do not like Stella McCartney at all.

  • Airkisses

    Don’t mind the pants. But how FABULOUS is her eye makeup?! Her face looks gorgeous.

  • Stubenville

    Well it’s improved by ditching the top. I’ll give her that. But it would probably be better with different pants, alas.  =(

  • phrenk

    I like everything but the hair and the boring shoes.

  • formerlyAnon

    Honestly, I kind of like this. It has no pizzazz, other than being a hard-to-wear look being worn well, but that’s no big sin.

    My biggest problem here is the same feeling to which our hosts admit about this being another harbinger of retro-’90s styles.

    This style of trouser is disastrous on all but the most slim-hipped and those who *like* a big-hipped look. Depending on the cut and fit, this style of pants can be disastrous on the slim, even. Good luck, those of you who haven’t been through this trend before and will be entering the fray.

  • alyce1213

    Sometimes pleats work, e.g., Marlene Dietrich, Katharine Hepburn in well-tailored trousers.  These, however, are atrocious — puffy, ridiculous, with a tapered leg.  They are UNFLATTERING ALL OVER, and can’t be worn even by a slender woman like Diane Kruger.  
    Not to mention the mediocre black/white floral print. I have placemats like that.
    As a designer, Stella McCartney is simply despicable.

  • PatRoadtrip

    J’dore Dany Boon in The Valet!

  • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

    Didn’t Peach make a pair of these pants on PR?

    • libraangel

      And they weren’t good either!

  • I love Stella!

  • Hate. Ugh. 

  • I like. Would’ve voted IN. But agree with the jewelry comments. A little necklace or something….

  • procrastinatrice

    Meh. She is at the top of my irrational hate list, but she is actually making those pants work and looks good. This does not please me.

  • could be worse, i suppose

  • l_c_ann

    Irony, party of one.
    Because even the next one (Stella) won’t be any better.

  • msdamselfly

    I love the pants.  Love the whole look. Had something similar in the 80’s–sort of like harem pants- in a beautiful gold rayon print

  • ‘Steak on a leather plate’ made my afternoon, but nothing will make me accept the return of pleat front trousers in any form.  No.

  • BigWhiteGrannyPanties

    FUG.  PANTS.

  • H2olovngrl

    I had pants similar to these in 2003. I loved them and I love these.
    Also, her make-up looks flawless.

  • libraangel

    The film that is advertised ‘Der Naechste Bitte’ translates into English as “the next one please” – my thoughts exactly – please take me to another photo, T&L, as this one is making my head hurt!

  • VioletFem

    The pants look pretty good on her, but would they look even better if they were more fitted.

  • karena10

    Although I generally don’t care for Stella McCartney, I like this.  Maybe its just her dresses I don’t care for.

  • jw_ny

    I might like the pants if they weren’t pleated…hate pleated pants!  I rather like the touille pattern tho.  Her hair…gah…that trend has to die! 

  • bookish

    Seriously, I was in high school in the late 90s, early 2000s, and I pretty much lived in bootcut jeans and a t-shirt along with all my friends. There’s not much worth remembering fashion wise.

  • No, no, no!!  Pass.

  • schadenfreudelicious


  • Zippypie

    Hiddy print and PLEATS and peg legs…… FUCK NO!!!

  • lundibleu

    Y’know, the crazypants are crazy, but not terrible. Well… not when Diane has them paired with the black vest/waistcoat. With the Stella styling? Then they’re terrible. That’s too much pattern for one person at the same time!

  • melanie0866

    Eeeeehhhhh…. no.

  • ashtangajunkie

    I think she looks cute as hell, and I love the pants. 

  • ThaliaMenninger

    I don’t like the pants. The baggy waist is not working for me.

  • demidaemon

    The nice: It’s good that she broke up the suit. That would have been way too much print. Also, good make-up and hair. The not-so-nice: That print is still fugly, in my opinion. And it’s styled pretty terribly. These pants also remind me of something I wore in the 90s to middle school, as a 4′ 8″ boy who, for some reason, despised jeans. That is not a good mental or emotional connection to make to a piece of clothing. Thus, my hatred for the Stella continues.

  • UGH!!!!  PLEATED, SKINNY LEG, PATTERNED PANTS!!!!!  I think that they make her look like she ate too much or is bloated…I will call them period pants.  I am so not on board with them….it’s a big old OUT for me!!! 

  • quiltrx

    I actually LOVE patterned pants, and this is about the third time I’ve seen/heard about them recently (now that I’m too fat to wear them, of course).  I’m not wild about the crotchular region on this particular pair, but I love the print.  Something bright and solid up top (like you said, a jacket) would have really helped.

    And don’t hate on the early 90s!  Late 80s/early 90s were my heyday, so to speak, so I has a sad when those times get ripped on!

  • Anniebet

    Outfit is meh. Diane Kruger is one lovely woman, but for the life of me I do not understand her hair styling choices. She has a large forehead with a V shaped hairline, which isn’t evident in this pic, but it’s pronounced – almost like a man’s receding hairline. She appears to have thin hair as well so there never seems to be any volume to counteract the forehead. Try some bangs, Ms. K.?

  • i actually really love this look. normally i hate stella mccartney, but i think it’s a gorgeous print, and i think she was smart to a severe but tailored kind of look for it.

  • Melissa Brogan

    As I’ve said many a time with a PR contestant, I like the idea a whole lot more than the execution. Dramatic print pants? Interesting. Pleated high-waisted pants that fit oddly around the crotch? Send those back to the late 80s/early 90s, Stella.

  • RzYoung

    Meh, it’s not that awful, it’s just terribly uninspired.

  • I was holding my breath for the scroll-down and was astonished to NOT hear a groan escape my lips.  She doesn’t look awful.  The outfit is reminding me of something Evan Rachel Wood might also do well, especially if paired with a cute biker jacket in a rich color–maybe plum?  Maybe Stella has had a change of design heart, or is out of her novice/postulant phase.  Not exactly a Mother Superior yet, but definitely a Sister.

  • i think the west is really sharp, and i like hair, make-up, and shoes. i dint like the cut of tha pants, but i like the fabric. i think i would have voted this IN.

  • TippiH

    I think you had a bowl of crack for breakfast with a 10am crack snack because those pants are hid-eeee-ous!

  • She looks comfortable. I like the Kruger better when she’s calm and mollified.

  • PeaceBang

    I’m going to hide in a cave until this early 90’s moment goes away. Atrocious.

  • Presumptuous Insect

    I totally dig it! I’ve got no taste at all and I’m llllllllloving it!

  • ccm800

    TLo you designed that analogy “…is like eating a steak off a leather plate at a PETA meeting” WAY better than spawn McCartney has ever designed anything in her privileged little life. 

  • stacey avelar

    Hammer Time!