Connie Britton in Black Halo EVE

Posted on January 09, 2013

Wow. Way to go, Mrs. Coach:


Connie Britton attends the 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards Kick-Off Party Hosted by Audi in a Black Halo EVE dress paired with a Jerome C. Rousseau clutch and Tory Burch shoes.

Black Halo EVE ‘Soleri Gown

Jerome C. Rousseau ‘Jem Meteor’ Clutch

We really like this look. It’s striking, head-turning, and very flattering. We don’t think she’s ever looked quite so good on the red carpet. LOVE the clutch (which is technically a minaudière, no?).

As to the inevitable “Why isn’t this a WERQ?” questions (which always lead us to think that some of our kittens would only be happy if we wrote the same thing, every day, over and over again. Variety, darlings! We hear tell it’s the spice of life.), we have some very minor quibbles. For one, the bodice looks a bit too askew; more askew than it’s supposed to. We just want to go up to her and yank on a few parts. She also looks like she could’ve used some support. We are not even close to experts on bras, however, so we’ll leave it up to the ladies as to how that’s accomplished. And finally, much as we love the look, we just can’t with the mermaid hair. Also, the makeup looks a bit harsh, but that could just be lighting.

Still, overall, it’s a really great look.


[Photo Credit: Andrew Evans, Emiley Schweich/PR Photos,,]

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  • Lisa M. (ReVoir) Kramp

    Agreed with all you said. Why are up-do’s rarer than Dodo eggs these days?

    •  Really!  It ain’t like a quick up do is that tough to accomplish.

      • Lisa M. (ReVoir) Kramp

         Just a French Twist would have turned this look ‘WERQ’ worthy.

        • Yeah, I do get tired of the, “Look at how much glorious HAIR I have!!!” thing. 

          • littlemac8

            YES, especially when 3/4’s of the time it’s achieved with extensions!

          • Nayasabrina

             “Look how much glorious HAIR I own/borrowed!”

          • There is an entire tumblr dedicated to her hair though, some people have all the spare time…

      • Mary229

        While I LOVE seeing women get their up and out of their face…I’m going to disagree with you that a quick up do is easy to accomplish.  I actually think getting the balance right of loose vs. tight when you pull your hair up and making itlook natural vs. prom is kind of tough.  That’s why usually I’m more in favor of a classic ponytail because it gets your hair up and it’s hard to screw up. 

        • MoHub

           Well, that’s why God made hairdressers.

          • Mary229

            Yet, on a regular basis,  there are women featured right on this very site who probably paid $500 for an up do from one of those fancy hairdressers who get ripped to shreds on here for looking like they are going to prom.  See: the post today on Julie Bowen.  Are we honestly pretending that the presence of a hairdresser means your hair always looks good?  I love it when women wear their hair up. I think it’s stunning. But it’s not as “easy” as people make it out to be to get right.

          • MoHub

            I was actually commenting on the debate regarding how easy it is to put one’s own hair in a French twist and thinking that most of these celebs don’t do their own hair.

          • Mary229

            I know they don’t.  And my response was that I think there are plenty of hairdressers that still get it wrong. 🙂

      • editrixie

        Actually, unless you have a hairdresser or a personal maid at your beck and call, it is. She’s always looked like she has my kind of hair — thick, straight, but fine and therefore wimpy and unmanageable. I put my hair up, and within an hour it’s sliding down. No amount of pins and gels will keep it in an updo for an entire night. I actually did hair “modeling” for a bit back in the early ’80s at a high end salon school, because my hair was so challenging that it put the students through their paces.

        • Thanks. A point well made. Even a simple sleek pony would have better served this look, though.

          • Mary229

            I’m always in favor of a sleek pony on women with super long hair.  Hard to screw up.   Doesn’t work as well on shorter hair because you wind up looking less glamorous and more cheerleader.

          • editrixie

            Oh, yeah, I totally agree that something pulled back would be better! I’m just one of those hair-impaired people who always have to be out there going, “It’s harder than it looks!”

  • Emily Giovanni

    I feel like you have to have impeccable posture to rock this off-the shoulders look. 

    • barbarienne

       Yes, she’s doing the cocked-hip, cheeky/sexy pose, but this dress really wants the tall, regal queen pose.

      It is not helped by the shoulders being shoved down (compare to how the model is wearing it). Between that and the body language, the “askew” factor starts rising swiftly.

    • EveEve

      Off the shoulders would have worked just fine.  Off the biceps just scrunches the whole bodice down too far.  A quick tug of the sleeves back up to where they were intended was all that was necessary.  Sometimes (often) less is more.  

      • DeborahJozayt

        Time to invent shoulder tape!

  • I just flipped over to IMDB to remind myself of what else she’s been in, and they already have a picture of her from this event up in their gallery of pictures of her. The lighting in that photo definitely softens the look of the make up. However, I definitely think it’s not the best it can be mainly because of how the eyeliner was done. Otherwise, a very chic look that seems to translate fairly well from one poledance setting (red carpet) to another (it looks like after party on IMDB).

    • 3boysful

       The lips need more gloss, and maybe not so matched to the dress.  And the bust needs a strapless bra.  But she looks divine.

    • kimmeister

      Her eyeliner definitely looks off.

  • Trisha26

    I just want to pull the sleeves up, and just a tad long, otherwise perfect. 

  • Love this dress. You two are absolutely right. I wanna go up to her and tug those sleeves higher on her arms.

  • Introspective

    I wonder if its bunching or if the dress is a skosh too tight on her? 

    great color for sure and the silhouette works really well for her. but if it had been let out some this would have really been a knockout.

    • SugarSnap108

       I think you may be right on the fit being the issue.

  • She can’t quite do the Jessica Rabbit hair – it really should be up or back. I think she looks great, particularly given how half-arsed she has been sometimes, but it isn’t a WERQ because she doesn’t look 100% convinced that she is WERQing it.

  • Call me Bee

    Am I the only one who is obsessed with hem length on these fabulous gowns?  This trend of gowns dragging on the ground drives me nuts.  I can *almost* tolerate it on a soft chiffon or silk dress, but on a more tailored skirt like this one, the length causes it to break above the foot and it just looks sloppy. 
    That, along with Miss Connie’s flyaway hair–just looks a mess.

    • Valerie Jones

      Maybe it’s just that models are tall, actresses are short, and nobody wants to (or is allowed to) actually cut (!) and hem the fabric.

      • Qitkat

        Totally agree. The problem with this is that everyone is not a discerning Bitter Kitten, with the useful fashion advice received here. Therefore, there must be many out there who see these looks and believe that it is correct to wear one’s beautiful, expensive gown thusly, dragging the floor, or the street. Or even that it is correct to wear one’s beautiful, less expensive gown thusly, dragging the floor, or the street. It creates a False Fashion Rule, in other words, that is slavishly followed by ordinary people, who naturally look to the red carpet for their shining beacons of  *how to dress* properly for the rare occasions in which one might find oneself, required to wear a long gown, and telling themselves, *it’s supposed to touch the floor, it’s how all the rich and famous wear it, and they all have stylists who tell them what is correct.*


        • Adriana_Paula

          Thta is exactly my beef.  Well said.

  • Funkykatt

    You’re okay with red shoes??

  • Funkykatt

    I agree with your assessment of dragging dresses, and probably very hard on the dry cleaner. 

  • Terrah Bretherton

    I don’t understand what type of hair you DO approve of! When she wears it down it’s either mermaid or cocker spaniel and if it’s up she’s aging herself. Help me understand T Lo!

    • minnye

      I was trying to “like” (agree) & wound up flagging this comment… sorry. Stupid iPhone.

    • VioletFem

      Seriously, I agree with TLo’s assessment here with everything but the hair. The hairstyle here looks quite nice and polished. Sometimes their bias against certain hairstyles seems to overshadow whether it actually looks good on the person sporting it.

    • tereliz

      The one thing about mermaid hair (that is neither here nor there in the realm of fashion, but IRL matters) is that straight dudes LOVE it. They LOVELOVELOVE it. Particularly the type of straight dude whose wife/gf has convinced him to watch Nashville with her, lol. My husband loves when I do big, poufy, wavy mermaid hair. 

      My theory is that all guys who were raised in the 80s have a Splash fetish. 

    • hyperionic

      Hmm well if you have long hair it’s possible to wear it behind your shoulders. But I guess nobody does that. 

  • jw_ny

    Agree that she looks really good but not werq worthy…for all the same reasons mentioned.

    I especially dislike her lipstick…too matchy and severe.  Also, her shoes really don’t need/want to be matchy red either. 

  • filmcricket

    I’m fine with her hair, in fact I think it looks beautiful, but agreed with everything else you said. While I think an up-do would suit this dress well, it would take the look into “too formal” for the event – she was one of the most dressed-up there judging by the other photos. It’s bizarre that she looks this pulled together for the Globes kick-off party when she showed up on their RC last year wearing a second-hand sundress. 

  • Sobaika

    The lighting/makeup is my only major quibble. She looks divine otherwise.

  • Fordzo

    My beef with this look is her lack of eyebrows.  Did she (or the person who did her makeup) spend so much time applying tons of eyeliner that she forget to do her brows?

  • teensmom99

    This is the way to wear a lot of red and not look too too.

  • Mary229

    I would have liked to seen her hair up with this.  But she looks amazing here.  Also, I just love Connie Britton so again….my opinion is going to sway in her favor.  I love seeing strawberry blonds/blonds in red.  It always feels unexpected.

    • I was thinking the same thing.  Most redheads don’t look great wearing red.  But this is smashing on her. 

  • NASHVILLE is back tonight!! Woohoo!

  • EditKitten

    I find the eye makeup so distracting in its awfulness that I can barely notice how fabulous she looks from the neck down.

  • decormaven

    The MUA failed on this attempt; a better eye treatment and a softer lip color and this would have been WERQ-worthy for sure. Pity.

  • Judy_J

    Great look, but she definitely could use some support in the bust.

  • Those earrings are giving me mid-80s flashbacks. She mostly looks good and I agree on the hair. Is there some law against just pulling back the front of the hair somehow? The mermaid hair is annoying and too young a look for her. 

  • MarissaLG

    Serving some serious Kelly Bundy. Love it.

  • Pants_are_a_must

    Even with the quibbles, she’s just outdone Amy Adams at her own game.

  • SugarSnap108

    Agree with you completely.  Overall, she does look pretty great.  But I can’t get down with that hair and makeup. 

  • nannypoo

    Did she sleep in it? The bodice is a mess.

  • crash1212

    THAT’S how you wear a red dress. She looks fabulous. Only thing I want to do is pull up the right shoulder thingy similar to the way the model wears it. I like the hair with it…she’s beautiful.

  • Great red! ZIN!

  • Annabelle Archer

    Meh, I’m not in love.  Which is sad, because I love her in general.
    I don’t think the middle section is all that flattering, but I suspect the issue does lie in the lack of boobage support.
    The color is not great for her coloring, either.  I like the dress, I just wish it were executed with more precision. 

  • Pennymac

    I believe the hair and makeup on this look de-werqed it for me.

  • gsk241

    I agree with your comments about the makeup.  It goes with the dress, but is definitely too harsh for her.  And the mermaid hair just needs to stop.

    This is still an IN for me, though. 

  • Kristy Evans

    Her makeup is terrible. I also wish she hadn’t worn a red shoe. Otherwise, though…beautiful.

  • Hate the hair. Love the dress. Not having a problem with the support; I think it’s just an illusion of the low neckline-belt combo. I think her make-up is way too harsh but I appreciate her going for something new. I also appreciate seeing her real skin tone because on the Nashville they have her in so much spray-tan it ages her by a decade.

  • I think she looks beautiful, and I even love the mermaid hair. My one quibble is that her makeup always seems to look too harsh. Otherwise, lovely!

  • RocknRollmom

    As a woman of a certain age, looking at how smoothly the gown fits from the waist down, particularly over the backside, I would bet that there is a unitard type spanx/bra combo underneath that spectacular gown.  The problem with those is that they tend to squash one’s boobs rather than lift as much as would be necessary here.  This is not a criticism, but a guess.  I think she looks great.  I adore the dress, but agree noted adjustments would help immensely.  Hate the nail polish color though.

    • MilaXX

       There is. It looks like a strapless onesie.

  • lehen

    SO disagree on the hair.  Connie Britton has the most beautiful, bouncy hair in all of hollywood.  or nashville.  or dillon.  whatever.  I wish that grew out of my head.  Long Live Tammy T!

  • l_c_ann

    Glad the length didn’t trip her up.  And that we don’t have a hoochie a slit on full view. 

    Somehow the bodice fit on the model is better, maybe’s she’s short waisted?

    • JosephLamour

      I also think that picture of the model is really stunning. I think I like jumping pictures or something. Connie looks fab. I would give her a snap if I saw her on the red carpet. Just one, not 2, or 3.

  • elleg929

    LOVE that you called her Mrs. Coach!  Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.

  • UglyTalents

    Gosh, I think she looks like a knockout, and am I crazy that I like her hair like that? Or do I just have total unrealistic fantasies about my hair just being able to do that (it would never ever). She’s got some slimming garments on that are squashing the boobs a bit, maybe? Looks like the whole bodice is just sagging a bit and dragging the whole thing down. She’s definitely a head-turner in that getup. 

  • Dhammadina

    Agreed, except I’d say: Way to go, Queen of Nashville.

  • Valdri8

    I adore her, but a great bra would have done her a world of good. She also needs a make-up update. All that dark makeup looks like shit on an older readhead. I am older than she, and at some point you just have to tone it down. Actually, the lack of bra and the eyes are both a case of knowing when nature needs some nurture. The red dress is killa on her, though. I am tempted to leave my current profession, become a bra specialist and move to LA. 

  • girliecue

    I do not think her clutch is a minaudière. Now having declared that (aloud, to my snoozing cats’ annoyance), I must admit I don’t actually know what defines a minaudière. To me it is much too boxy and flat to be a minaudière, which has a distinctly softly rounded appearance. It looks more like a flask than a minaudière. A very beautiful flask. Maybe I’m just thirsty.

    Any minaudière experts out there?

    • MilaXX

       Not an expert, but by my casual observation, they tend to be smaller in size. They are the bags that almost fit into the palm of your hand.

      • girliecue

        That’s it – her clutch looks a little too large to be a minaudière. Thanks, MilaXX.

  • MilaXX

    Pretty but not perfect. I’m not  sold on the red lip with this. That’s something only higher level fashionistas can get right. I think perhaps a long line bra may have provided better support. I’m also not sold on the 80’s earrings. Overall I really do think she looks great, it’s just some of the minor details are a little off.

  • Imasewsure

    Don’t love the fabric in general here but she looks lovely


    Great look for her, I agree with the minor quibbles.  On another note: that is the oddest pose for a model in an evening dress.  Seriously, who stands like that at a formal event?