Ashley Madekwe in Monique Lhuillier

Posted on January 29, 2013

Because we’re afraid some of you are still crying and in shock over that first post of the day, and because it takes a lot longer than you think to procure, format, and upload pictures of each of the 71 loud, tacky, attention-seeking queens on last night’s RuPaul’s Drag Race premiere, here’s a picture of a pretty girl, in a pretty dress, looking pretty.


Ashely Madekwe attends Entertainment Weekly Screen Actors Guild Awards Pre-Party in Los Angeles in Monique Lhuillier.

Monique Lhuillier Spring 2013 Collection



[Photo Credit: Getty,]

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  • So adorable!
    There is such a thing as not enough shoe, though.

    • dsco3031

      Agreed! I hate the naked shoe.

    • 3boysful

       Particularly with a dress that, while not long an voluminous, is still somewhat substantial.

    • Annabelle Archer

      I think the shoe choice is due to the belt, it matches.  I mean they are both a thin black strap, so it’s not like it was creative work, but they do mirror each other. 

    • Little_Olive

      Agree. Not that I want to take it to beartrap territory though. Something like the ones on the model (I’m not loving those per se, I think shoes and belt should have been a wee bit more metallic).   

    • VicksieDo

      Oh lord, I wore a shoe like that to my high school graduation and it still

      • ballerinawithagun

        Agreed, my only quibble.

      • kimmeister

        Shoes like that are so uncomfortable and hard to walk in!

    • Louise Bryan

      Yep, a little more shoe and this would have been just about perfect.

  • karenbttc

    I think she needs something with a better defined shoulder to alleviate the bobble-head effect.

  • Ms. Schmidt

    Love the dress, hate the lipstick.

    • Sobaika

      Boo. I love her lipstick. Her makeup overall is very fresh and cleanly applied.

      •  Agree. Fresh faced is awesome. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: we need more of this in the world.

      • Alyssa

        I love it too! In fact, I want to try this makeup look on myself, which I normally wouldn’t say about a celebrity, because they normally have on way too much makeup for me!

      • ballerinawithagun

        Love the lipstick! Great look.

    • That lipstick is definitely letting her face down. I am not a fan of the lolly pinks.

    • Allyson Wells

      Really? I was just going to comment- how do I get my lipstick to look all perfect like that? I think that is a great color for her skin tone and the dress. I can never get mine to look that good! 

      • Sobaika

        It looks like a lip cream – that type of formula goes on a lot smoother.

    • kimmeister

      My only change would be to make the lipstick 1-2 shades darker.

    • SRQkitten

      I’m with you in the minority about the lipstick, don’t care for the Barbie pink color. LOVE the dress and the rest of the look though.


  • pretty pretty pretty. You said it: pretty. From head to toes. 

  • Sobaika


  • Super cute!

  • Stubenville

    Cute. I’ll even forgive to lipstick.

  • RzYoung


  • Carly Warnock

    Why does she ever only make that one face? It’s not really that flattering. Although, upon reflection, it trumps J.Lo’s duckface which has permanently scarred me. 

    • Jecca2244

      I always wonder what would be my “red carpet” face….

      • amf0001

        I was photographed on a step and repeat once,  and I didn’t look like me,  some weird smirk appeared,  completely unconscious.  Maybe if I practiced more in front of the mirror…

  • anne.landre

    Perfection.  Nice to see someone so young appear to be so comfortable in her own skin.

  • CPK1

    she looks adorable. But the naked Jennifer Aniston shoes have to go. Although the shoes on the runway model looked curiously old-fashioned

  • I love the stripy texture on the fabric. Is that raw silk or embroidery or something else? Can anyone tell?

    • Maybe silk brocade? I thought it was raw silk until I noticed it gradients in the skirt, which would seem to mean its more of a textural pattern. 

    • sweetestsith

       I think its a sheer (the sleeves appear to be so anyway, and I assume its the same fabric minus the overlay), it has the same look of some of the decorating sheers I’ve seen. Not sure what exactly to call it (textured organza?), but I’d start with decorating fabrics if I wanted someone similar.

      Could be totally off though. I specially in sparkly stuff. 😉

  • nannypoo

    But, sadly, not with pretty shoes.

  • E. D.

    Like the shoes with that belt.  Not 100% behind the bag but overall, really nice.


    Im kind of into that super light strappy heel. I think I love it. I love the whole get up.

  • Annabelle Archer

    Isn’t she just a picture of lovely. 

  • Thank you gentlemen. My world view feels less shaky now.

  • Mismarker

    Adorbs.  I would love to see her branch out as far as her makeup goes.  She could rock a smokey eye.

  • MilaXX

    Very nice. Her makeup is really pretty. My only quibble is the shoe is a little too bare.

  • EveEve

    See? it’s not that hard to keep it simple and look amazing!

  • I love everything about this. I wish I were wearing this dress right now.

  • mightbewrong

    So cute! She’s giving even the model a run for her money.

    • butterflysunita

      I think she looks way better than the model.  I think that someone with personality and more of a figure often looks better in the clothes than the model.  

  • eowyn_of_rohan

    Better if it didn’t have the paint spatters.  She’s lovely, though.

  • Perfect.

  • alyce1213

    Gosh, I just love a REALLY pretty dress.  Everything about this is lovely, beautiful color, fabric, details (skinny belt, nice sleeves!).
    I so wish she had hair on both sides, not mermaid.  But — adorable.

  • butterflysunita

    She looks beautiful–what a great color on her.  Cute dress.  

  • ChaCha_70

    I so want that dress! Beautiful!!

    • ballerinawithagun

      Fabulous dress, that is the way teal should be used, outstanding fabric. 

  • :Abed impression: Cute cute cute. (I recently caught up with Community over the last couple weeks. SO EXCITED! #sixseasonsandamovie #wayofftopic )
    Anyway, covet this dress. I love it when dresses have a sort of t-shirt silhouette to them on top – I think it’s because I have sort of squarish shoulders so it immediately looks tailored on me (suddenly I’m reminded of The Nanny’s spoof of Dynasty – “You’re looking BUTCH as always” “You’re just jealous because I don’t need to wear shoulder pads). I like how the shoes echo the belt. Also, I’ve been on a teal/turquoise kick lately, so I especially covet this dress.
    Sorry, Law Revue rehearsals have started so I’m sleep-deprived and extra chain-of-consciousness blabbing.  Gaby OUT. 

  • ringthing

    Events, pre parties, post parties. Hollywood likes to change even more than the aristocracy on Downton Abbey. Pretty color.

  • afabulous50

    Pretty.  Change the shoes and lipstick…

  • f_yeah_marie

    Adorable…I love that dress!

  • Judy_J

    Pretty dress.  Don’t love the shoes, though.

  • BigWhiteGrannyPanties

    That IS a pretty dress.  I had to look closely at it – but yes, a pretty girl in a pretty dress.  But the shoes, as Stella says below me, are just not enough.  Not for January, even if you are in the tropics.

  • BrooklynBomber

    A lovely, palate-cleansing sorbet!

  • That fabric is just lovely.

  • Anathema_Device

    Love it all, head to toe. I even like the shoes and clutch. That is a fantastic color, and the fabric is to die for.

  • ccm800

    Baby werq!

    • charlotte

       Why, she’s 31….

  • Spicytomato1

    All hail the sleeve! Between this dress and a couple from the SAGs, I now have hope that short sleeved dresses may have gone the way of the dinosaur. 

    A couple years ago I needed a dress for my sister’s wedding and I would have killed for a sleeve like this. 99.9% of cocktail dresses were 100% arm baring and it drove me to fits. Maybe the tide is turning. A little late for me but perhaps someone else can be spared the pain.

  • samo_samo

    Adorable! She looks lovely. I would have chosen a different shoe, but otherwise she looks very pretty.

  • elleg929

    I just wish she had different hair.  So over the mermaid hair…on everyone.

  • erinbinek

    Love everything about this.  I want that dress.  

  • charlotte

    So pretty. I want that dress. Rashida Jones should get it, too.

  • Trisha26

    Pretty dress, hate the shoes.

  • decormaven

    The world has been arighted now. Thank you for this look!

  • Very pretty – this is almost a perfect look. I just don’t like her penchant for really bright lipstick.

  • kschwarting

    That is a great dress, and one that could be worn by those of us with non-size-2 figures, if we could only afford it.

  • Perfection, head to toe.

  • Zippypie

    Pretty dress, pretty girl.  Unfortunate shoes, lipstick and hair though.  She needs to relax.  She always looks like a deer in headlights manniquin on the carpet.  You’re lovely, Ashley!  Kick back and enjoy it!

  • Scott Isaacs

    Simple. Yes, pretty. I can’t see a thing she’s doing wrong here.
    I get the feeling that WERQs have a requirement of attitude. Ashley doesn’t have any attitude other than sweet, approachable, and shy…which is perfect for this look.

  • teensmom99

    I had a similar dress when I was that age but no where near as nice . . . love it.  

  • librarygrrl64

    Her stylist knows how to get the proportions right. Good job. My only quibble is the shoes.

  • Very pretty but it does need a bit more shoe, and it’s not a hair over the shoulder style dress.

  • JuliaInBlack

    Really digging the shoe choice on the model more so than Ashley’s, but still a breath of fresh air with all the sleeve action and the teal presented so well.  I’m also realizing that I’ve rarely met a Monique Lhuillier look that I haven’t liked…

  • wawawah


  • marilyn

    She is cute, but the designer chose a fabric with problems.  It appears that the direction of the fabric is a little crooked in the skirt.  Maybe it is just the picture.  To me, that is like someone running fingers across a chalk board.  If the fabric is crooked, shame on the designer.

  • Rand Ortega

    Love everything about her. Read her blog like it’s the bible. She needs a lead movie role (TLo could write the script). STAT!

  • guest2visits

    It’s a very pretty dress; but it’s almost too child-like with the styling. A more serious, sophisticated shoe and possibly an elegant
    updo would help the look and would be appropriate for the event, too.

  • Barefoot shoes.  Why wear any at all?  Dress is pretty tho’.

  • libraangel

    Cute like a little puppy

  • anotherkate

    The lip color looks okay in the full shots, but weirdly bright pink in the closeups. So I guess it sorta works? I’m still iffy. Love the dress though.

  • pookiesmom

    I. Want. That. Dress.

  • Lisa M. (ReVoir) Kramp

    Yes, she might as well have been barefoot for all that’s (not) there. Sweet outfit, though. I have never been able to pull off sweet and demure, and am forever envious of those who can.

  • love everything but the hair; it kind of looks lopsided.

  • This is so her wheelhouse; delicate and feminine but very expensive and chic. Since she’s such a fragile wisp, I’ve been loving that her bitchier side is emerging on Revenge.

  • Who is she? She’s freakin cute as a bugs ear!

  • amaranth16