Amy Adams in Elie Saab Couture

Posted on January 15, 2013

Amy Adams attends the 38th Annual Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards in an Elie Saab couture dress paired with Casadei pumps.

Elie Sabb Spring 2009 Couture Collection/Model: Alina Ilie (IMG)



[Photo Credit: Izumi Hasegawa/PR Photos,]

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  • Sobaika

    Not into those shoes.

    • SassieCassy

      they look dtm her skin color

      • Sobaika

        They’re horrid. If she was going to stick with such a light palette, I wish she’d gone with an ice blue. They’d pick up her earrings and liven things up a tiny bit.

  • Pants_are_a_must

    Oh look, it’s a ghost in a glittery bath towel and ridiculously high pumps.

    • Amy – Jennifer Aniston called, she wants her outfit back.

  • She needs to start wearing some color. Christ.

    • Mary229

      I saw that she actually wore a pretty hunter green dress to the Pre-Golden Globes party the day after this.   Wish that was featured here and it was a better look.

  • charlotte

    Ghost of Grace Kelly.

    •  bwah ha ha!  What SHE said!   Amy Adams would have been a better choice to play Grace Kelly too, now that you’ve pointed it out.

  • MilaXX

    Is she allergic to color?

    • karenbttc

      My first thought was “How hard it must be to go through life, allergic to color.  To never know the joy of eggplant, fuschia, or midnight blue.  Sad.  We should start a charity.”

      Yes, that really was my thought process… I blame T.Lo 😉

      • Anne At Large

        Now I am imagining this in eggplant. Drool.

        I like it from the neck up, though. The pony is fun and cute.

        • jw_ny

           re: the pony…to me it sits up way to high on her head, as if she’s an 8 year old.  I’d be completely on board with her in a pony, or better yet a decorative/jeweled barrette, if it was much lower. 

          • Mary229

            I’m actually gonna disagree on the ponytail.  I think the higher ponytail is fun and showcases her beautiful hair and long neck more.   I’m ok with it being that high.

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        We could plan an entire ad campaign along the lines of “These ladystars have never known the joy of wearing ______________(fill in the blank with your favorite rich, deep color). Won’t you help them with a wee bit of encouragment? OR by shaming them on Tom and Lorezo’s blog?

    • Alisa Rivera

      She’s worn plenty of color in the past. Google for her blue Oscar dress from last year. She’s just on a pale kick. I wish she’s stop because she’s so pretty and this does nothing for her.

      • MilaXX

        Allow me to elaborate. By color I mean something besides pale, non colors like this and neutrals like blue and black. Her clothing choices are far too dull and serious.

        • Mary229

          And I think what Alisa is saying is that this kick where she doesn’t wear color is NEW.  Years ago, when she first hit the scene, she was photographed in a ton of color.  She wore a gorgeous emerald green, she wore royal blue, she wore coral, she wore red etc.  I don’t know what is going on these days because she used to wear color and she looked GORGEOUS in it.

          • Alisa Rivera

            Yes, in fact that is what I was saying! 🙂

  • JasmineAM


    Them hem is so very unflattering.

  • nannypoo

    No one could wear that color.

    • jenno1013

      No, I think a very dark brunette or black-haired gal could kill in this color.  For some reason I have Morena Baccarin on the brain and I’m seeing her in the look with the jacket and it’s working, at least in my head. 

      • Sobaika

        Yup. Anyone whose coloring can provide contrast would look good.

      • fallen_ikon

        Very dark haired brunette, here. My wedding dress was pretty close to that color (a little more pink than Amy’s dress) and it didn’t make me look washed out the way it’s making poor Amy look. She’s pale with light hair and eyes, and it’s just not working because like you said, that color needs contrast.

  • unbornfawn

    That is a fade into the background dress if I ever saw one. A little color and she’d look lovely.

  • The shoes make my feet hurt. She looks like she could fall forward at any given moment

  • jw_ny

    Yawn.  Is it my imagination, or are we seeing a lot more pastels on the RC? 

    She looks so pastey in this, and I dislike the pony, earrings, and, of course, the shoes….

  • it’s 2009- it’s almost vintage! 😛

  • MsOlympia

    Those earrings are GORGEOUS

    •  Yes!  the one saving grace of this overall bland look.

  • IAmJ

    I love the runway version, complete with the gorgeous jacket. Big NO to the shoes on Amy, they look ridiculous. The hairstyle was a misstep, too.

    • kschwarting

      Yes!  The runway version has some shape and flow to the skirt, plus the hem length is much more flattering.  I love the little jacket with it, too.

    •  Is the skirt on Amy’s version cut straighter or is she just not working it?

    • Kristin McNamara

      Yea, I never say sentences like this but… she really needed the jacket from the runway version. It loses SO much without it in these pictures.

  • belfebe

    She looks gorgeous.  Hair and makeup are pretty.  Shoes are pretty, but too matchy for that dress.  Put a pair of killer shoes and this would have gone from pretty to killer.

  • In_Stitches

    The cut of that dress is not doing kind things to her figure.  She goes straight from bust to (oddly wide and high) hips.  I’m sure the details of the lace are gorgeous in person, but in film, with a shift of the exact same color underneath, it all just blends together into mush.  She’s beautiful and has a great figure…it shouldn’t be this hard.

  • Louise Bryan

    This looks SO much better with the jacket.

  • TAGinMO

    She looks good, despite the lack of color. But who is her arm candy?? ROWR.

    • Mary229

      That’s her partner/fiance (they’ve been “engaged for like 6 years) Darren.  And yeah, he’s a cutie pie.  They make a hot couple.  And have you seen their child?   Good Lord, their child is one of the most gorgeous children in Hollywood.

  • PastryGoddess

    What did color ever do to her?  Would it kill her to even try?

  • Bad color and bad length

  • Imasewsure

    Hate the shoes but she looks lovely. That color is beautiful on her even if it is another pale pale dress.

  • cmb123

    too long, hate the shoes and wish she would finally wear some color.

  • Pretty dress, but there’s something off about the way it fits her. And the shoes are wrong.

  • wisenhar


  • sweetestsith

    …I guess I’ll be the odd one out here, I think she looks pretty and soft and lovely. She often looks overwhelmed by her clothes, and I think the soft shades & delicate makeup works like crazy on her. Certainly not the most “KAZAAM” beautiful look in the world, and she would look great in a rich color too, but still. As far as I’m concerned, its working for her. I’d love to see it in person, I bet the textures are really lovely up close.

    • Kayceed

      I think we expect most celebrities to choose high impact, for many reasons. I agree she is absolutely ethereal here – it’s quite beautiful and dreamy.  

      • B_C_J

         Ethereal was EXACTLY the word that popped into my head when I viewed these images. She looks exquisite and I think the color absolutely enhances her beauty. I wouldn’t change a thing.

  • Carla_Charlton

    The dress fits really well, but she seems addicted to those muted colors and, frankly, I’m tired of them.

  • Kathy_Marlow

    If the dial on that color was cranked up just a skosh, we’d be in business…with a different shoe, say those awesome silver pumps Amanda Seyfried was wearing on that cover she did?  While we’re at it, let’s dial up the makeup a skosh more too.

  • VioletFem

    This would look awesome on Kerry Washington, or at least any other starlet that isn’t extremely pale. Amy Adams really needs to start embracing color. 

  • Monday1900

    Another instance of “how tall are those models?!” since it hits the model at the knee and is tea length on Amy.  Needs accessories or jewelry to zip it up–rather boring as it stands.

  • JimMcC

    Mostly lovely but needs a brighter color. Blah blah blah. WHO IS THAT MAN?!

  • Cousin_Rose

    Pretty dress but nobody looks good in that color.

  • decormaven

    Could get on board if the jacket were paired with it. And dayum, woman, please start wearing some color. You’re gorgeous and you’ve got the goods. Set off that beauty with some color – we PUFs need visual interest in our day.

  • Lisa M. (ReVoir) Kramp

    Hair, face and earrings are great, dress is lifeless and the shoes are horrid.


  • She looks gorgeous. Yeah, it’s pale and all that but her face and hair are flawless, jewelry is gorge and the fit of the dress is good. I even like the shoes.

  • ojosazules

    Crusty old sarong. She and her earrings are very beautiful.

  • I guess I’m feeling cranky today (ice storm here, maybe that’s it), but seeing this I had an immediate categorical reaction. Namely, I’m mightily sick of drab, bedazzled, raggedy-bottomed bathtowels as clothing. I’m also sick of clunky unflattering strapless bodices. 

    Seriously, is Hollywood so in thrall to current design trends that they can’t look clear-eyed at themselves in the mirror and see that this shit is unflattering at best, and often really ugly? I gasped when I saw Debra Messing’s outfit at the GGs. To step out of the house in that hideosity means she actually must have thought it looked good on her.

  • 3boysful

    Beautiful dress, but it needs to be in a color.  J’adore the earrings.

  • peachy

    someone needs to introduce this chick to a flippin’ color wheel. she wears the SAME DAMN THING to every stinkin event. blush is not flattering to you! 

  • BrooklynBomber

    What a horrible dress. The fabric looks like something you’d see in the window of a store in a strip mall with signs that say “Designer Labels! Graduation! Wedding! Sweet 16!”

    Also, what’s with this odd length, with dresses stopping in that vague space between knees and ankles, that we’re seeing lately? Seems to be, God forbid, a trend.

  • Such a beautiful dress, but it washes her out a bit.  If it had been a few shades darker it may have worked better….

  • Maluca

    She needs to understand that clothes that are colorless do not do her justice. She may think it looks “girly and ethereal” but it looks drab. 

  • Mary229

    She wore a really form fitting, pretty Hunter green dress to one of the other pre-Golden Globes events where she was photographed with Eddie Redmayne from Les Mis.  That was a much prettier look and I wish it was featured here.   She’s a beautiful woman.  I really want her to get a new stylist.

  • msdamselfly

    What a gorgeous couple

  • Kristy Evans

    I like everything that’s going on with her head: hair, makeup, and earrings are all gorgeous. The dress is not. Is this a trend now? That awkward length? I don’t like it.

  • Those shoes are not attractive enough for as painful as they look.

  • marilyn

    With the jacket, this would be MOB. (=mother of bride)

    I actually like this.  Even the matchy-matchy shoes.  They don’t fight the dress.  Her dress looks better than the runway model’s because she got rid of the big floppy bow at the waist, lengthened the skirt and made it more fitted.  That took it out of prom dress territory.  I keep thinking of weddings when I look at the dress.  Since I like weddings, this is a good thing. 

    Her dress might have looked better if she had been more model-like (taller, thinner).  But it still looks great.

  • ralish


  • Judy_J

    Now we know where Jennifer Anniston’s glittery bathtowels went.

  • The dress looks so pretty on the model, but Amy for the love of CHRIST stop washing yourself out and wear something in a jewel tone!

  • gabbilevy

    Way more fabulous with the jacket.

  • kikisayshi

    What’s the word for color-phobic? It’s a fantastic dress other than that.

  • SO much better on the model.

  • cleep1000

    It’s making her shoulders look huge. Needs the jacket.

  • Tatiana Luján

    I like her earings ans the ponytail. 
    The dress and shoes are invisible.
    Loove the jacket of the runway look.

  • LesYeuxHiboux

    I bet this looked very pretty in person, but at this point how can she be unaware of how much bright lights on the red carpet wash out her skin and her collection of discolored-gauze dresses? Get with the program, Adams! Jewel tones!

  • ankali

    There’s something awkward and haphazard about the dress (and I HATE THAT HEM LENGTH HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT), and I’m not into the pale luminescent color of the shoes. The earrings, though, I dig. They look like something 18th-century royalty would wear.

  • Sara LaBatt

    Agree that in an ice blue it would be beautiful on her, bring our the eyes, earrings, and tie of the fella she brung.  Is it just me or is she looking a little like Nicole Kidman here?

    • Mary229

      Adams looks like Nicole Kidman circa Moulin Rouge era.  I think alot of people have noticed that.  She also resembles Grace Kelly and should have played her in the movie as opposed to Nicole.

  • Christy Cricow

    Boy, I really hate this. Starting with a dress the color of dead flesh…..

  • PrunellaV

    Blegh. Yet another lint-colored dress.

    • l_c_ann

      Lint colored is an excellent adjective.

  • She looks like white cake with white frosting. 

  • sweetlilvoice

    Looks better without the MOB (mother of the bride) jacket definitely.

  • amyfromnj

    Oh good…what to wear to my daughters wedding. 

  • Terrible_Person

    Amy, why won’t you wear color again? I’m begging you!

  • she can go he can stay 

  • I liked it better with the jacket and hate the shoes and should be a different color i can barely see it on my screen

  • MissAmynae

    Really wish she’d worn the jacket for the RC pics. That thing is a work of art!

    I miss the Amy Adams that wore jewel tones instead of pearl tones   🙁

  • Nonmercisansfacon

    She’s allergic to colors it seems. Her partner is really good-looking though. 

  • Zippypie

    Why does she keep choosing these drab colorless dresses that do nothing for her?  Does she want to be invisible, because she’s succeeding wildly.

  • I’ll bet it looked better in person. The color did not photograph well. But she does look like she feels pretty.

  • librarygrrl64

    Why is she always so freakin colorless?!?

  • Annabelle Archer

    So this thumbnail and Nikki Kidman’s thumbnail nearly side by side have just shown me that these two should play sisters. 
    And then they should shoot some tequila, loosen the hell up and go find some primary color and shades thereof to invest in.

  • Boring colour, unflattering hemline, AWFUL shoes. Wear a COLOUR OMG.

  • Trisha26

    She looks beautiful but this is so pale. And the shoes are hein.

  • guest2visits

    This is such a soft look it’s hard to see how very pretty unless close up and personal.  I think the model’s shoes added alittle more spunk.

  • Is she scared of color? Her Golden Globes dress was equally lame. 

  • ThaliaMenninger


  • Who else thinks she should have worn the jacket?

  • quiltrx

    Really pretty dress (I always like Saab), but I wish it were a shade darker or a bit brighter.  Too close to colorless.

    Can we all marvel at the magic of her ponytail, though?

  • RzYoung

    I’m so sick of these non-colours, it makes me want to send these ladystars to that festival in India where they chuck powdered paint everywhere!

  • LinXGUA

    The hemming is killin’ me.

  • tereliz

    But the jacket, Amy! Why did you ditch the jacket? I’m not 100% convinced this is her dress, but at least the color is better on her than her Globes dress. 

  • Love her arm candy.

  • It was much better before they redesigned the skirt to make it so straight.  Now it smacks of Gunne Sax circa 1982.  And I really wish she’d wear color…