Uma Thurman and Her Ladypants

Posted on December 19, 2012

Oh, Uma. You did so well with them last time, but we can’t sign off on this latest foray into the land of ladypants.


Uma Thurman attends the 10th Annual Tibet House Charity Auction in New York City.

It’s a shame, because this looks like it could be a pretty nice suit. Or at least, it would be if it was remotely correctly fitted. The pants are a bit too tight across the hips and then there’s this veritable explosion of extra fabric down past the knees. The jacket needs to be taken in a little at her waist in order to give her some shape. And she needs to ditch the grey cami for something with a bit of color to it and burn those shoes as an offering of penance to the shoe gods for offending them.

Is this why ladystars avoid the ladypants on the red carpet? It’s puzzling. We look around every day and see so-called “average” women who have figured out how to select a pair of pants for themselves, but for some reason, this particular item of clothing is a mystery to celebuladies.


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  • She’s off to a PTA meeting somewhere

    • lovelyivy

      Not too far off- Tibet House is her dad’s charity, and having been there/worked with those folks I doubt this event was meant to be too glam (It’s the kind of event that I’d be invited to. Trust me, not glam).

      ETA: On a cool to me note, her Dad is pretty amazing. He did pioneering work in academia on the region long before she became famous. I think he was even ordained as a Buddhist monk!

    • Candigirl1968

      And borrowed her much taller sister’s suit. 

  • crash1212

    I would be willing to take her shopping for a proper fitting bra – she can name the time.

    • Kathy_Marlow

       Have you seen the promos for that new show on Lifetime? Double Divas? They go around doing bra fittings, also known as the Lord’s work!  Too many ladies running around in the wrong size bra.

    • Vera L-

      If she’s nursing, she might be wearing a nursing bra, if so, I’ll cut the girls some slack. 

      WRT bra fitting, a lovely woman at Parisian changed my life when she refused to sell me bras insisting they were the wrong size. Happy girls since then! 

      • AshleyDeHaye

        For real with the nursing bras. I didn’t even realize how bad they were until I stopped nursing and went back to my regular bras and felt like Jessica Rabbit all of a sudden.

      • kimmeister

        That saleswoman knows her stuff!

  • charlotte

    Uma doesn’t care. She just needs a bathroom.

  • bertkeeter

    I havent seen droopy boobs like that in a suit since I last saw Queen Elizabeth ll. How is it that stars like her get into crap like this and cant see they are a mess?

  • … except for cate blanchett.  she can rock a pair of ladypants.  but, then again, she is a goddess and not subject to mortal error.

  • ralish

    Maybe it’s because they never wear pants, and thus don’t understand how they’re supposed to fit?

  • zenobar

    Come, Come Ye To The Land Of Ladypants!

  • Imasewsure

    Could live with the jacket and top with some small bling attached but the pants are no no no even on her

  • HomeOfficeGirl

    How does she even find pants that are too long for HER?

    • JasmineAM

      THIS! This 5’3 girl always wished she were taller when she was younger so she could buy pants and be able to immediately wear them, and not wait for mom to hack a foot off the hem.

    • kimmeister

      I guess they aren’t meant to be paired with flat men’s shoes, even if you are 6′ tall!

  • It does continually puzzle me that these people who have access to the best of clothing, and the best of people to do alterations, would even consider wearing something in public that does not even remotely fit.

    • MilaXX

       I know! In my humble wardrobe I always keep a backup outfit, I cannot imagine why a celeb would even consider wearing pants this ill fitting. I won’t even start on the jacket, hair or shoes.

      • Call me Bee

        Yeah–no kidding.  I have back-ups outfits galore. 

  • Introspective

    uma is giving us accountant from peoria realness. and you will deal bitches.

  • Uma is very busy and important!!! She doesn’t have time to have her pants tailored or her hair fixed. She is also developing a disquieting resemblance to Toni Collette. 

  • FrayedMachine

    I love love love the blazer. I wish the pants were well fitted and not like the kind of length/style I would have worn in middle school. Definitely agree with the cami underneath. A bit of color would have taken this so far.

  • StellaZafella

    Those be some ‘spensive frickin’ mom slacks.

  • schadenfreudelicious

    way too tight through the hip and thigh, that combined with an illfitting (or non-existant bra) is making for a very unflattering silhouette… and good gawd isn’t she atleast 6 feet tall?…how long must the leg of these pants be?

  • TheLaurenJean

    Good lord, this is a frightening look. Seriously. I don’t get the hair, her eyebrows left the fact, and everything south of the neck looks like I do when I’ve got my period and I just don’t give a crap anymore. Or if I wanted to look good for Walmart.

  • She looks likes she’s swimming in the hem of her pants. 

  • JasmineAM

    It’s not just the suit. Miss Uma just didn’t feel like doing a step and repeat. She looks uncomfortable and tired.

  • As unfortunate as those pants are, I am coveting that blazer. It would look awesome with a pair of jeans and some kicky heels.

    • ralish

      So true. But with a better bra and/or button placement. No sag.

  • marilyn

    All that aside, her make up is great.  But, unfortunately, her hair is horrible.

  • kschwarting

    That’s an unfortunate suiting moment, but man her face is pretty.

    This is a perfect explanation of why I never wear pants except jeans and workout gear.  Trying to find pants to fit my short, curvy, booty-d self is near impossible.  If a tall, thin, wealthy Uma can’t do it, there is no hope for me.

    • Lizzyisi

       This is exactly what I was thinking. If Uma, who is tall and thin and has *staff* ends up in pants that fit that poorly, it’s no wonder I can’t buy pants in a store that fit or flatter. Seriously, by the time I find pants that fit my widest part and have them tailored to stay up, not gap, and not trip me, it would have been easier to have them custom-cut and fitted.

      Lady pants are nearly impossible.

      But that is a gorgeous jacket/shirt combo.

    • kimmeister

      Ill-fitting pants are precisely the reason I have just acquired a sewing machine and am determined to learn how to do my own alterations.  (Well, ill-fitting blazers and dresses too.)

    • Call me Bee

      But there really is hope.  There are myriad stores (online mostly) that carry good pants with different inseam lengths.  I wear a plus size in a long length and I can find tons of pants that fit right off the rack no sweat.  Seems as though our Miss Uma just didn’t want to bother…

  • jesus this is what pants look like on me when i try on non-petites pants.  too tight in the hips and a puddle of fabric at my feet.  sad times.

    • elirt

      Ditto! That look is sadly far too common where I work mainly because that’s how pants are often made.

      • makes no sense!  this is why i refuse to even try pants on that aren’t petites, and then i look for the “curvy” styles because they’re cut for people who have hips and a tush.

        • kimmeister

          Unfortunately, petite AND curvy pants are just about as common as unicorns.  Why do so many stores think that the only people who need petite sizes are little old ladies???

    • calimon

      and it’s baffling because Uma certainly is not petite! 

  • EverybodysStarling

    I had the same suit when I was a personal assistant for somebody who hated black. 

  • Speaking from personal experience, it is much harder to get a pair of pants to fit correctly than it is to find a skirt that works. That’s why I prefer skirts for work; it’s just easier. But then I don’t have teams of stylists to make sure that any needed alterations are made to my clothes.

  • GorgeousThings

    Okay, the pants are too tight, that’s a given. The problem with the jacket is that the bust point is too high compared to where her bust point is. That’s a really, really common problem with women of most ages. Most mannequins have bust points at about 10 inches down from the shoulder, but most women after the age of 25, or after having a child, are 11 inches or more from the shoulder. That’s why you get those wrinkles between the bust and the armpit. And the princess cut of the jacket exacerbates it.

    Sorry, had to get my sewing/fitting geek on.
    Overall, this is just not a good look for her, though I do like the lapel.

    • meowing

      Thanks for your tutorial…never really understood why finding a jacket to fit was so difficult.  Now I just need a boob lift!

  • teensmom99

    How were you able to discern what the shoes look like?

  • Judy_J

    I quite like the jacket.  The pants are all wrong, though.

  • Loola234

    Jacket could be awesome but needs to be taken in.  I think those horrible shoes are flats which would explain the fabric explosion below the knees.  Now, flats have their place – but it is not with pants that have been hemmed wear with 3′ heels…

  • Way too much pulling at the crotch causing camel toe.  Not good.

  • Pants_are_a_must

    Also, grey is not her color.

  • clevRcat

    Hair and makeup need attention, too.  It looks like she threw on some lipstick after leaving the gym.

  • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

    She looks like she is having a very bad day.  Maybe she has the flu.

  • BeeBeauNYC

    Girlfriend definitely needs some color somewhere.

  • kimmeister

    What is going on with that cami anyway?  Is it sheer with some sort of diagonal design, or is its lining so far askew that it just looks diagonal?

  • I would love the suit if it fit her correctly. As it it, I think I should take the jacket off her hands.

  • 3boysful

    She looks exactly like some of the newbie female attorneys back in the day–Casual Corner suit, too small, clunky shoes, and hastily thrown-up hair in an effort–largely unsuccessful–to look professional.

    • Right? This is how my suits look on me before I take them to the tailor. 

    • Scarlet39

      All she’s missing is a pair of sneakers

  • I like that layered sweater look – I can’t tell if she’s wearing an extra layer or it’s just trim on the collar, but either way I like it. 
    And that’s about the only thing I like. It looks like it’s a size too big and instead of nipping it at the waist, they nipped it at the breasts. Terrble. What a shame, because properly fitted, she’d look like a shark in the best possible way. Maybe a little smokey makeup on the eyes too. 
    Here, Uma, I’m probably a size or four bigger than you, let me take that off your hands. 

  • calimon

    That sweater-collar is a joke. First of all, you don’t wear a Victoria’sSecret-esque cardigan under a clearly sharp business style suit. More so, do not attempt to fake said cardigan collar on said suit.

  • If I can look better in a suit than Uma Thurman, something is wrong with the world. She should have just gone someplace like Talbots, where the everyday people who wear ladypants shop.

  • msdamselfly

    I love the top half-  and her complexion is to die for

  • little blives


  • This looks like some ill-fitting, cheap suit you’d buy for work if you were poor, lazy, and had no sense of style. Why is it on a red carpet?

  • Carleenml

    I was thinking – no one on a red carpet should look this much like me. It’s a sad. 

  • snarkykitten

    ooh Uma. You should never dress like me, back when I was dumb enough to think I’d ever land a professional job involving lady suits.

  • Qitkat

    It’s the weirdest thing, but I am reminded of Meryl Streep.
    Although I love both ladies, unfortunately that’s not meant as a good thing.

  • The pants almost distracted me from the weird strawberry blonde hair. But then, no. 

  • RzYoung

    I mean this in the nicest way but…maybe she didn’t know there was a red carpet at this event? It looks like the same ideas as last time but without any professional help. Bless, she still looks good .

  • aquamarine17

    I think she is wearing too much gray. White under the suit would really have made her skin glow. She needs some new shoes, for sure and I agree about the suit. Maybe she is in some kind of transition. Her hair used to always look lovely.

  • kat89

    She looks terrible. Baby probably kept her awake all night. Must have been the night nanny’s evening off.

  • BigWhiteGrannyPanties

    I swear to all that’s holy the title of this was “Uma Thurman and her Lady Parts.”   Jeez.  

  • barbarienne

    How the hell did anyone make a pair of pants too tight for Uma Thurman? She’s about as model-proportioned as actresses get (didn’t she start out as a model?).

  • You see, if you stand the right way in any pair of pants, they look good. But just one move and it can be not so pretty. The trick is to find pants that look good no matter what the posture or angle. The eternal quest for the unicorn of lady pants. 

  • I wonder if the celebrity inability to wear pants has something to do with the clothes being lent?  Is it maybe harder to tailor pants in a way that can be undone for other clients?  I don’t sew so I’m not sure about the logistics of such things.  Personally, I look for those “perfect pair of pants.”  So many cuts don’t work for me that I find the few that do and stick to them. 

  • To me, she looks like a real person. Her face is lovely and she looks good in the color. I’m glad to see her and I’m giving her the fit pass

  • pookiesmom

    It’s the jacket that really ruins the look for me. The pants have problems, sure, but the cut and fit on that jacket is AWFUL.

  • quiltrx

    Too much pulling around the taco area!  I kinda like the jacket, but there’s something not exactly….hmmm….

  • Judih1

    Apparently not only can she not select an attractive pant suit that fits, but she can’t comb her hair either. Talk about yoga hair!

  • Little_Olive

    Did she have a run-in with the mob? That is my idea of a concrete suit. 

  • librarygrrl64

    She also needs a bra. The girls are riding very low in that jacket.

  • xmixiex

    I don’t usually care for lady suits, but that one could be so chic if it fit properly…

  • akprincess72

    I like her make-up, soft & pretty.