Revenge: Revelations

Posted on December 04, 2012

We were shocked to find out, after the fact, that this episode was titled “Revelations,” because, from where we’re sitting, the episode was woefully short on that front. This seems to be the day where we complain about vagueness in our TV shows, but we’ve got to go with our guts on this one and relate the exact words we said when this episode ended: “Man, that was a slog to get through, wasn’t it?”

This isn’t a statement on the relative quality of the show when we say that the entire arc about Grayson Global taking over Nolan’s company bores us to tears. That’s just us and how we relate to business storylines. We’re a couple of pop culture bloggers, so that stuff interests us about as much as an extended arc on podiatry would. If anyone else found all that maneuvering and business talk interesting, more power to them, but we had trouble keeping our eyes open through the whole thing. And even now, we’re not entirely sure what the upshot is. Who’s in charge of what now?

It IS, however, a statement on the relative quality of the show when we state that we think the creators have seriously lost the plot. From the minute this show hit the air and took off, we wondered, like a lot of people, how the creators were going to sustain such a singularly focused storyline as Emily Thorne’s revenge on the people who ruined her father’s life and then killed him. We’re sorry to see that the answer to that conundrum was to put that part of the story on the back burner so that a whole bunch of other, tangentially-to-not-at-all related storylines could be introduced to the show. We suppose Daniel’s maneuvering and Jack’s bar problems somehow relate back to Emily’s main goals, but we’re having a hard time seeing how that’s possible.

And even Emily seems to be floundering. There was a lot of knowing looks and arched eyebrows traded between Aidan and Emily with this episode, as if they knew what was going on and it was all going according to plan, but for the life of us, we can’t make head or tails of it. When was the last time Emily really got some good old-fashioned revenge on someone? When was the last time she got out her red Sharpie and X’d out someone’s face? We said with the last review that we thought the show was moving away from being about Emily’s revenge and turning toward a show about revenge in general and that looks to be the case here. We’re not enthused by the prospect. We’re just not all that invested in Daniel’s revenge against his parents or Kenny and his brother’s misguided revenge against the family they think is responsible for their father’s murder. It’s all shrug-inducing to us. Now we suppose Ashley will want to get revenge against … someone. And Nolan too. Meh. Give us more scenes of Victoria Grayson skeet-shooting in an utterly ridiculous, yet still fabulous outfit and we’ll continue to tune in, but more and more, we find ourselves squirming with impatience through each episode. Emily Thorne needs to be the center of this story and right now, she just feels like one in a huge group of players. Don’t even get us started on The Initiative.

We realize this is a cranky, and not terribly productive review of the show, but it’s just not inspiring us to examine the proceedings any further. This break is happening at just the right time and we hope when it comes back next month, things will be a little more focused.

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    • I’m with you guys 100% on this one. I couldn’t care less about Jack’s bar or Grayson Global. I’m a tad bit more interested in Nolan’s situations only because it affects Emily, but the writers could have introduced that part of the story without all of that boring and confusing business stuff. I’m still going to watch, though, and I can’t wait to see where this goes next month.

    • f_yeah_marie

      Thank you for accurately expressing my thoughts and feelings on this episode.  I was also surprised that Emily and Aiden didn’t expect Daniel’s reaction to their relationship.  I really thought that E&A will keep it on the down low since Daniel will most likely get jealous and do something unexpected, so I was taken aback that there was PDA between them right in front of Daniel.  Emily should have known Daniel still has feelings for her after their dance at Victoria and Conrad’s wedding.

    • A. W.

      I finally stopped watching Revenge. I love it, but a healthy supply of bandage dresses isn’t enough to carry such a confusing storyline. 🙁

      • mshesterp

        I saw the first episode of the 2nd season (after watching the entire first season and really enjoying it), but I’m so busy with going back to school that my TV time is down to nil.  And I just can’t bother to commit to watching any more of it when I have a variety of other things (mostly comedies) vying for my attention.  Hm.  My parents watch, and they’re kind of fed up with the silliness, so I think I might’ve made the right choice.

    • Judy_S

      I enjoyed the episode, mostly for the brief confrontation between Nolan’s identical-twin-with-one-sex-change ex and current CFOr. Yum. But the skeet-shooting and Ashley’s wardrobe were also great.
      I also liked the conversation that ran “Let’s not talk about Nolan Ross any more. Who could possibly have figured out how to make this compromising video? Nobody but The Initiative!!!”
      Plot-wise, I think some of what’s going on is:
      Nolan lost his life’s work. How would you feel if somebody else bought the projectrungay domain name?
      Emily’s machinations may have put Daniel in danger of his life from The Initiative. If they kidnap/kill Daniel instead of merely winning him over to the Dark Side, it could put Emily and Victoria on the same side for a while, fighting to rescue the beloved Poet.
      On the other hand, Daniel could become an Initiative player, figure out the Emily-Amanda relationship thanks to Nolan’s ex, and try to blackmail his former fiancee (blonde version) into a new relationship. Would she go along with it to get inside Grayson Global? Would Aiden accept that that’s the kind of people “we” are? Would she strangle Daniel on their wedding night, or before?
      As for the bar plot, I think it’s all heading towards the season-opener teaser. Yawn.

      • annieanne

        You actually remember the season opener teaser?
        I’m impressed

    • Sobaika

      I think I’m one of the few people who doesn’t mind the differing storylines (the bar stuff is a lot better than the mopey subplots last season, I like seeing Nolan branch into his own Revenge-y stuff) and they’re all thematically relevant. I just wish they were all connected? Maybe the guys after the bar were employed as Initiative henchmen or something. As it is, it feels like we’re watching four stories play out. 

      Not that each plot is particularly flawless. Am I the only one having trouble with Aidan being the one to hand-deliver Nolan’s company to Grayson (uhh, why again? Isn’t he on Emily’s ream?) and then all three of them continuing on like nothing happened?

      • MilaXX

         The bar stuff is beyond stupid to me and the show pissed me off red shirting that black guy.

        • Sobaika

          I was mad at that too.

        • SassieCassy

          me three.

        • JosephLamour

          Seriously, while all the main players of the bar plot are men I’d love hitting on me in a bar, I COULD NOT CARE LESS about their lives as it pertains to this show. 

          Also, why are we supposed to care about a man who for all intents and purposes, definitely had it coming? 

          And what does it matter to them now that the murderer (who they think is the Porter dad) is dead? For toughs who are so smart, with that takeover of the bar, their logic is severely lacking.

        • lalagigi

          Well, he did murder the Kenny and his brother’s father….justifiable or not, they’re entitled to their revenge.

        • The black guy, Matt, didn’t die.  Jack said he got him to the hospital just in time.  On another note, it was nice seeing Jonathan Adams on my TV again.  Even though I like Cam, I miss seeing him on Bones.

          • MilaXX

            thxs, I’ll check that out

      • SassieCassy

        i got nothing on the aiden/nolan thing. i think there was a throwaway line where he was all ‘SORRY BRO’

    • llou56

      I agree, but I really liked Ashley’s outfits this episodes.  Sometimes I think I could watch it with the sound turned off.

      • CheriCPat

         Except that then you would miss Victoria’s incredible lines.  I agree the story is incomprehensible, and it would be nice if they could make me understand some of what is going on.  But as long as they continue to show amazing homes and clothes, the imaginary lives of the super-wealthy, and let Victoria talk, I’ll keep watching anyway. 

      • Qitkat

        Nolan had his own sartorial splendor this ep also.

    • medijie

      The whole skeet shooting metaphor was interesting:  Victoria can still hit her mark, Conrad can’t and Daniel doesn’t get the chance because Emily is going to do it for him.   The relationship with Aiden and Emily is boring though.  Feels too contrived.  Oh, and I thought the big revelation was when Emily realized she now had “leverage” with Victoria.

      • f_yeah_marie

        Great observation about the skeet shooting

      • holdstillnow

        Emily is clearly playing Aidan, right?

    • I’ve had the last two (now three) episodes sitting on my DVR. Think Revenge and I are broken up. 

    • I just hope that its all building to something fabulous in the next two episodes.
      I am actually interested to see what Nolan is up to in terms of his so called “insider take out Grayson” plan….

    • Ceur

      I’m just really annoyed by the fact that Jack uses Nolan’s powers to do a background check AFTER he entered into business with two guys. Also, I got really confused by the whole board thing and I don’t even remember why suddenly Grayson Global owns Nolan’s company. Sigh. I just want personal revenge, not business revenge. But Ashley’s green top was cute.

      • Sobaika

        In short:

        In hoity-toity places like GG you don’t own your endeavors, the company does. Emily’s dad invested in NolCorp while he was at GG, making it theirs. Nolan was prepared to fight them on this, but then CFO Sad Eyes: Male Edition brought in his info on the missing cash (which Nolan gave to Emily after juvie). Nolan gives in without a fight because he doesn’t want to potentially hurt Emily.

        I have a headache. Can we get an old-fashioned catfight or something when Revenge comes back?

        • Judy_S

           Actually it was Emily + Aiden who wanted Nolan to give NolCorp to GG, to get Daniel in charge so that Aiden could get into GG and find out…. something. I think that CFO SS: ME (love that) is just an extra motivation for Nolan to fight back and/or for us to tune in next time to find out whether he manages to out Emily as Amanda.
          Damn, it is pretty weak, isn’t it.

          • Qitkat

            But didn’t Daniel tell Aiden that he had to choose …something someone else…and that Aiden would not be a part of GG’s Board after all?

            Haha…reading everyone else’s take on this just confirms that I’m not alone in my confusion. It’s not as stupid as Scandal yet, which I did quit watching, but it’s humming along that road.

            • Daniel did tell Aiden that there wasn’t room for him on the board now but it was BS.  He’s just mad/jealous that Aiden is with Emily now and didn’t want him on the board.

          • Sobaika

            That can’t be it, if it was all part of the plan why was Emily upset at what happened and apologizing to Nolan? That wasn’t her intention.

            CFO Sad Eyes: Female Edition was trying to protect Nolan (from when she saw the original framed check) so went fishing at GG. Aidan was there and connected the dots and had Daniel capitalize on it and go hunt for the Male Edition. Aidan was there as a “representative for Takeda” but really to make sure Daniel got the upper hand with the Board, thus ensuring they had an in with the Initiative.

            … I think.

            • I think Emily figured that Nolan would win (probably with her help) and that GG wouldn’t ever really get control of Nolcorp.  Worst case scenario was that GG got 49% and Nolan kept control.  She didn’t know about CFO SE: ME and that he could potentially rat her out. 

        • CarolinLA

          CFO Sad Eyes: Male Edition seriously needs some manscaping.  He looked like Groucho Marx in those glasses.

      • annieanne

        I’m just really annoyed by the fact that Jack uses Nolan’s powers to do a background check AFTER he entered into business with two guys.
        A) Jack is not the brightest bulb on the tree. We knew that. Or
        B) Jack was so overwhelmed, what with babies and potentially losing the bar, that he wasn’t thinking straight.

        I’m going with A.

    • That brunette brother can really turn on the menacing when he wants to; hilarious that’s he’s also Robin’s himbo boyfriend on How I Met Your Mother. One thing I liked about the bar stuff was seeing Charlotte rag on her own family while wearing a designer dress and literally sitting up on the bar. Also, silly Jack needs to tell Emanda everything he possibly can about this latest threat to their livelihood: hasn’t he noticed her killer instincts, like ever? She’d solve this problem pretty quickly, I reckon.

      • holdstillnow

        That hadn’t occurred to me, but you’re right.  Fauxmanda could probably deal with the shady brothers.  But no, Jack is too much of a dolt to clue into that.

      • turtleemily

         That brunette brother can really turn on the menacing when he wants to;
        hilarious that’s he’s also Robin’s himbo boyfriend on How I Met Your

        A.K.A. Anders on BSG

        Yet another male cast member for this show who’s in his 40’s but could pass for 10-15 years younger.

      • pop_top

        I was thinking about this as he her sent upstairs and told her to lock the doors – Fauxmanda’s killed a man! She probably handles herself better than you would.

    • Question: Are either of the Ryan brothers seen wearing a wedding band? Because it is possible that it could be them who are at the bottom of the ocean from the first episode of this season.
      My other thought is that it may be Jack and Amanda who are on the boat, which could conceivably mean that Godmother Emily would have to raise Carl. Thoughts?

      • medijie

        Oh … my … now that would be an interesting plot twist!

    • i stopped watching a couple of episodes ago, and this review (which i read by coincidence because… im bored?) summarizes exactly why. i just didnt understand the plot anymore.

    • Inspector_Gidget

      Aw.  This is starting to reek of “making shit up as they go along.”  Anything to do with the bar is a waste of time.  You’re right, Emily needs to get back to proper revenging.  Though the skeet shooting was kind of awesome.  I love that they all have special shooting clothes.  Aiden was wearing an ascot.  An ascot!  Too funny.

    • CozyCat

      I agree that the show has taken on the concept of revenge in general to expand on Emily’s revenge plots.  It’s also true that we could use a nice satisfying red-x’ing about now.  (although, the “victoria gets revenge on her mother” one episode plot last week was pretty good.)
      I also rather like the business machinations plot.  After all, “scheming to take over the company” plots kept Dynasty and (original) Dallas fun for a long time.  I think there are two problems with this plotline:  1) there’s two much we don’t know about WHY Emily is invested in this and b) the potter in chief is Daniel, who’s a moron.

    • Sarah Tyrchniewicz

      I agree… BUT I think the reason they wanted Daniel at the head of Grayson Global is that Emily is a heck of a lot closer to Daniel than Conrad and that puts her a lot closer to the Initiative. 

      • f_yeah_marie

        Not only that, but Emily and Aiden believe that they can easily control Daniel, which seemed to blow up in their faces.  But the way Victoria sought Emily out in the end is promising.  I wouldn’t mind Emily and Victoria teaming up while they secretly stab each other in the back.

      • pop_top

         Also, they thought that having Daniel at the head of GG would provide a much easier in for Aiden to get onto the Board, which would put him (and therefore Emily) into direct contact with an Initiative member. They wouldn’t have that sort of access with Conrad as CEO.

    • editrixie

      Yeah. I pretty much watch for the Nolan pretty now. 

    • annieanne

      Could not agree more!! Someone needs to blow up Jack’s bar — preferably with all players inside — so we can lose that storyline altogether.
      Then all token-minority current and former CFOs of Nolcorp need to go find themselves on a deserted island somewhere so we can get Hampton’s Robin back where he belongs — backing up Hampton’s Batman.
      And even though Aiden is a HUGE improvement in arm candy over Daniel, the storyline is going seriously backwards.

    • GTrain

      Agreed. Even the scene w/ Daniel catching Ashley in the hotel felt like they were sleepwalking through it.

    • Zippypie

      I just spent the weekend watching the whole shebang from the beginning and I gotta agree with you boys.  It’s lost its way.  I want that Sharpie to come out.  I want the box to stop being hidden in a wall under the stairs and be filled with x-ed out photos.  Where’s the original photo that was the “blueprint” of Emily’s revenge that her dad left her?  Who is this Aidan guy except a Brit in sharp clothes posing as a lesser James Bond?  And why is Emily and Nolan’s friendship taking the back burner?  I don’t give a crap about Jack and his bar (except to see in glimpses the delicious Michael Trucco) or what Daniel is up to (white bread) or what FauxAmanda thinks or feels.  Bring back Emily’s revenge!

    • I still don’t fully understand why having Daniel as the chair of the board is more beneficial to drawing out the Initiative and getting Emily the information; is this just based upon the fact that Daniel and Emily have a history that she can exploit? 

      I’m having a harder and harder time following this storyline, which is making it harder to enjoy the show at all. Give me more Victoria bitchface and less boardroom stuff. I feel like everything got real serious, real quick, and I’ve lost the plot. 

      • CarolinLA

        I’m pretty sure the reason behind putting Daniel as the head was to get Aidan a seat on the board.  But Daniel screwed him out of it.  If Aidan were on the board, he was going to be the eyes and ears at GG to help Emily with her revenge plot against the Initiative.  He would’ve had access to all of the company’s files to give her.

        • Ah-ha! Thanks. Guess my eyes just glaze over when they leave the Hamptons for any expanse of time.

    • Inspector_Gidget

      Something about a protection racket in the freaking Hamptons (!) is just a really funny concept.  “Pay up, mack!  We’re the only thing keeping Ina Garten and her bridge club from trashing your joint!”

    • CarolinLA

      Maybe Jack is a modern-day Samson – every time he cuts his hair, he gets dumber.

    • CarolinLA

      If Aidan had gotten on the board, wouldn’t the Initiative have him investigated and find out that it was his dad that was the baggage handler who put their bomb on the plane?  I can’t imagine that would go over very well.