PR All Stars: Ready-to-Bleh

Posted on December 28, 2012

Darlings, we apologize for the lack of a T LOunge last night. We were in a butter cookie coma and completely forgot about it, which should tell you something about how memorable we’re finding this season of Project Runway.

Onward, though.


Not at all a bad challenge. Sure, PR’s done their share of “make a ready-to-wear piece for our guest designer’s line” challenges, but what set this one slightly apart …

Was the use of price consultants to help each designer tweak their plans. This is how the real world of fashion works and as PR gets further and further away from its rather tenuous original connection to the fashion world, we find ourselves longing for more of these types of challenges just to ground it a little.


It helps that he was an utter doll.

We canNOT with Carolyn Murphy and her slow-speaking anymore. Honey, you’re not hosting a children’s show. Step it up.



Anthony Ryan


Once again, unto the broken-record breach, it’s a perfectly fine dress that didn’t deserve the embarrassing gushing thrown its way by the judges. Their collective hardon for this guy is getting downright silly. They did the same thing with Mondo when he was doing All-Stars, but at least Mondo has a somewhat strong aesthetic and point of view; something to get worked up about. Anthony Ryan makes perfectly sellable dresses.

Which apparently have to be drastically altered in order to sell them:

But that’s just the way it goes, we suppose.



And to continue our tour of Broken Record Land, we think Uli should’ve won it again this week. This was perhaps a bit on the prim side, but it was the most high-fashion of the looks on display; the one that actually looked like it was worth several hundred bucks.

Any of the rest of them could’ve gone home and we’d have been fine with it.



Very standard department store dress. And we forgot about his unusual take on color. To our eyes, he should have reversed them and used that saturated yellow as the trim.



Awful. Tacky and awkwardly shaped. But apparently, they’re still waiting for Josh to bring some major drama, so he gets to stay.



But it was Ivy’s turn to go, and even though we think there were designs just as bad or worse than hers, we can’t get too worked up over it. She’s been on the bottom for far too long and the judges have to start culling the herd for the finals. This is 2/3 of a very pretty dress, but that hem length, combined with the slits and the heavy black at the bottom, combine to make for an awkward dress.



[Photo Credit: David Russell for Lifetime, – Stills:]

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  • tallgirl1204

    Uh oh. I liked Ivy’s the best. Interesting colors, and wearable for grown ups.

    • I did not like it on the show last night, but in these photos it looks better. The pink dress looks even worse in the photos

      • we find ourselves longing for more of these types of challenges just to ground it a little. …

    • I’d’ve been interested to hear a conversation about the cost challenges of using Ivy’s print in a ready-to-wear line: given the width of the repeat, can it work across a wide range of dress sizes?  Even assuming Tahari doesn’t do a plus-size line, there are surely going to be sizes at which the back seam falls at an awkward place in the print (as might be the case in Ivy’s dress).  How does that affect the cost of manufacturing the dress?  Would it be a reason not to use that print at all?

      • snarkykitten

        is it even worth discussing the print since they altered AR’s so much, it barely looks like the original?

    • libraangel

      Grown – ups? Who are they?!

    • annieanne

      Ivy is one stubborn lady. And it bit her in the ass, again. If she’d paid attention to Elie — who was going to be judging the runway, for god’s sake — and shortened the dress, it likely would have been Josh that went home.

    • The color on Uli’s wasn’t good. The working of the bodice and sleeves was amazing though, and she definitely deserved to win. 

      • olivelovetree

        Uli’s fabric looks like the skid pad under my kitchen rug. I just couldn’t after I had that image in my head. 

  • savicevic

    Where’s the design in Ivy’s dress though? She didn’t even try, letting the fabric do all the work. Josh’s was pretty bad, but at least he did more than add some trim and a “belt.”

    • alyce1213

      I can’t agree. Josh may have done more sewing, but it was ultimately unwearable and so cheap looking.

    • BrooksLouise

      true…but then look at what they did in “recreating” all the design in Anthony Ryan’s dress.  If they were going to remove all the interesting design elements, why not just go with Ivy’s simple design? 

      • Jackie4g

        What design elements? The cap sleeves and side insets? They needed a sheath dress in an iteresting print, and probably considered the insets too much work, and sleeveless seems to play better than cap sleeves, so I understand the simplification for producton. Ivy’s design would be wearable but doesn’t look high end enough. The silhouette and neckline  of the production dress are the same as AR’s design, the print is safer, but I still can’t imagine who would pay $500-$700 for this dress, because I do not see the value at all.

        • lovelyivy

           I would consider buying that for $50 max. $500-700? Absolutely not! For that amount of money the fabric and construction have to show value- this dress just doesn’t look even close to justifying that cost.

          • Louise Bryan

            In the end, the price is $398, which is more than I would pay for a day dress, but seems a tad more reasonable given the dress’ simplicity.  Dry clean only?  Forget it.  Maybe someday I’ll have a job where I’m willing to cough up $20 every time I have to get a dress cleaned, but now isn’t the time.  It appears they maintained the insets in the back, and I prefer the new color.

      •  Actually, if you click through to the Elie Tahari website & do a “zoom” on the dress, you’ll see that there are thinner black insets but they seem to get lost in the black of the print.  Also, it looks like there are little sleeve caps that they turned up over the shoulder.  The dress description, however, does not make any mention of either element – just that the “design was refreshed – in collaboration with Auld”.  I wonder of AR insisted on keeping the elements & they downplayed them?

        •  I just looked and from the back there is definitely a black inset and the shoulder cap sleeve really does look like they tacked it up for the picture.  It must look really weird or something.

    • MilaXX

       Ivy’s dress almost looked like a swim suit cover up.

      •  Didn’t she say something about wearing it to the beach?  Or maybe I was in a cold medicine fog.

        • e jerry powell

          $700 to get something covered in sand?

    • patticake1601

       Less is more.

  • IMHO it really should have been Josh to go home after his hilariously awful effort last night.   The cut, fit, and detailing, were wrongheaded from the start.  He should’ve seen the overly large bunch of fabric in the center front and re-cut it to fit more closely.  The back zip situation was a total trainwreck.  And the pink lace added absolutely nothing whatever to the finished garment.  If Emilio had stayed with his original intention with regards to color blocking, it would’ve been far more interesting, regardless of what Elie had to say about it.  And The slits on Ivy’s dress could have been easily handled with interior facings.  It would have caused the fabric to fall straight, as she intended.

    • Carrieanno

      I felt the same way about Emilio’s colorblocking; however, Emilio made it abundantly clear that whatever Elie wanted from him, Elie would get.  I was reminded of Tim’s home visit critique of Emilio’s Fashion Week collection – Emilio dug in his heels and let it be known that was his vision and he planned to stand his ground on it.  Seemed as though he learned his lesson from that and made his motto “I aim to please The Judge of the Moment.” 

      • Even Elie Tahari is capable of being wrong. Emilio’s first notion, was better conceived. Removing the other color made the whole look bland, and also oversold that orangey color.

        • I agree — mostly — about removing the color blocking on Emilio’s dress making it worse.  As originally planned, though, I wasn’t completely on board.  I don’t like color blocking in the front and not in the back; that may just be my obsessive need for symmetry, but to my eye it would have looked more cohesive than what he was showing them in the Mid-Project Ego Deflating Chat.

          What was unspoken during Emilio’s critique when it came to that mustard-y yellow is that the question of “can women wear this color?” really rests on the deeper question of “women of which color?” (so to speak).  In other words, whether that yellow is a “wearable” color or not depends on who the judges imagine the target “girl” to be.  If she’s a white girl, then I think that’s going to be a challenging color to pull off.  If she’s a woman of color, especially if she’s a darker-skinned woman of color, then it could be a really flattering color — as it is, for his model.  I think what I’m trying to say, in a convoluted way, is that I give props to Emilio for having the good instinct for colors that would work for women other than white girls.  Or something like that — I’ve gotten myself confused.  But in any case, though the design is practically absent, there is some strong designerly instinct there, and I’m glad he stayed.

          Josh’s dress is just beyond tacky.  Even hookers would move on to the next rack.

          • I agree that his instinct, considering who his model is, and her coloring, was dead on. And I find it annoyingly narrow minded when judges make remarks about colors being difficult to wear. It’s about the wearer’s taste, and their skin tones. Anything is potentially a great color.

          • Introspective

            If I could like the last 2 comments a million times I would. I was at home saying the same thing about the critique of Emilio’s color being a “challenging” color to wear. I just knew it was because the entire judging panel thought that a blonde white woman is the normative shopper of Tahari’s clothes (or fashion in general). Especially since the two blondes on the panel, Stacy Keibler (useless as she was as a judge) and Carolyn (useless as she always is as a judge,) constantly offered up critiques of each piece revolving around what they would or wouldnt wear. over it. YAWN. 

          • Call me Bee

            Yeah–and the funny thing is–my SIL is a blonde white woman, but is quite naturally kinda tan and her hair is a strwberry blonde–she wears this color often and looks great in it.   So yes–any color can be a great color.  (Or challenging, since I, a pale white woman with ash blonde hair, could never wear that color!)

          • muzan-e

            It’s just one of those funny colours. I’m a very pale brunette who doesn’t much like looking at this colour but unlike many more conventional tones it suits my neutral/weird skin perfectly well. Instead of leaving me jaundiced it brings out the creamier undertones and obliterates some of my green-blue-redness (I wasn’t kidding about being neutral/weird). 

            I think ‘challenging’ is probably the best word for it – just because it’s an all-or-nothing sort of colour: striking and intense enough that it either works for you beautifully or goes horrifyingly, eye-catchingly wrong.

          • amywinns

            Look, I’m a *pale* but naturally olive-skinned white chick and I was outraged by the judges’ comments on wearability while staring right at someone who wore it like gangbusters. At the very, very least, these racists/narcissists should have admitted it would be “hard for me” to wear, rather than assuming “me” is every potential customer. And for this show, why does the perception of a “typical” Tahari customer rule all? Because wouldn’t a designer like to reach out to new customers, especially in a high-profile forum like this? The general ongoing passive demographic bias this show displays is bad enough, but when it bubbles up out of the muck like this, it’s just embarrassing for all involved. Shame!

          •  There are some colors that look better on a wider range, which I think was some of what they were thinking.  But if that’s the criteria, then no one can ever use orange, yellow, or certain pinks.

          • BuffaloBarbara

            That was my impression of the comments about some colors being “hard to wear,” meaning that a good proportion of customers would just not bother with the dress.  On the other hand, I definitely also heard it as “this is hard for pale white women to wear.”  Being a pale white woman, I sympathize with the reaction (all I can think with that color is OMG-jaundice), but given how easily Emilio’s model was wearing it, I’d have to say that it’s a fairly narrow subset of women who just can’t handle marigold.  Is it a big enough proportion of the customer base to cut into sales?  No idea.  I can’t afford a $500 dress, and don’t hang around with anyone else who can afford one, either, so I don’t have the slightest idea what the demographic makeup is of people who can buy $500 dresses.  Nor do I imagine that said demographic is stable and unchanging.

          • I hate to say it, but the demographic who can afford $500 dresses tends to not be the ones who can wear yellow-orange, either by race or age.  At least right now and presumably in the near future.

          • Absolutely! And can I take the opportunity to praise the hell out of Emilio’s model? What a fabulous creature! LUV-HUH

          • muzan-e

            That is, I believe, Aminat Ayinde, one of the few truly good talents to ever emerge out of America’s Next Top Model.  Legs all the way into tomorrow and goddamn, can the girl give some great face.

          • That’s right! I knew she seemed familiar, I quit ANTM after or in the middle of her season I believe. 

        • annieanne

          Agree completely. His original look was a much more interesting design and I thought the three colours all played off against each other extremely well. And were great colours for certain women, even if Stacy Keibler and Carolyn Murphy aren’t two of those women.
          But Emilio, unlike Ivy, was smart enough to realize that ignoring a ‘mentor’ who was also going to be a judge would be a dumb move. So he made the changes and survived for another week.

      • Indigo54

         Yeah.  Arguing with Tim Gunn wasn’t a good idea.  But I think Emilio should have challenged Elie a little more.  I thought his dress was boring.  How I long for the go0d old days when, in his season, Emilio created some real knockouts!   Will the real Emilio please come back?!  NOW!

    • MoHub

       Agreed about Emilio’s. I really wish he hadn’t let himself get talked out of the color blocking. I loved the orange with the yellow and think the burgundy ribbon would have popped better running between two different colors. Also, the judges don’t seem to appreciate elegant simplicity and think overworked equals designed.

    • I was so hoping that Josh was headed home. How did he not see the fit issues with the front?

      And can someone PLEASE explain to me the aesthetic value of an exposed metal zipper for any dress at a $500 price point? Because I just don’t get it.

      •  Its just a “thing” like the “thing” in architecture in the 80s for exposing the structural elements of a building, and making them a design element. (I’m looking at YOU, George Pompidou Centre!)  Of itself such a thing has no merit.  It only works when its part of an integral whole.  In this case, he wanted that cut out back, and rather than install a hidden zip in the skirt, and some other sort of closure at the neck, he went the quick and dirty route.

        • libraangel

          As he always does!

  • Wendy Wetzel

    Did anyone else notice that 3 of the 5 used a weird folding accent at the waist to avoid fitting the top?   It looked like they had a mini-meeting and decided to clone each other’s design…. Josh, Emilio, and Uli all had the same central detail…

    •  Yep, I noticed it.  And Uli was the only one to get it right so that it looked fully realized and intentional.

      • I agree with your and T+Lo’s assessment of Uli’s dress.  In my mind it was the clear winner (I just don’t see what’s so special about anything Anthony Ryan does).  It’s interesting to see how Anthony Ryan’s dress was improved (and I think it was improved) for sale, and I’d love to see how Uli’s dress would have been improved.  I think Uli made a more interesting dress (notwithstanding the off-white she had so much agita over), and I’d like to see how it would have been tweaked for manufacturing.

        • AR’s dress as redesigned, is a much more polished look, and more in keeping with Elie’s work. I am sad though, that the pockets seem to have evaporated from the design.

          • amywinns

            I understand that modifications are made between design and sale, but I find it disappointing and frustrating when they go on and ON about how the design created for a particular challenge will be manufactured, shown and sold and then it’s radically different. This is a simple stripe-print cocktail dress with four simple design elements: sleeve, neckline, pockets, python side panels. That’s basically it. The dress for sale is a BORING stripe-print sheath with none of AR’s elements. It feels like a mild betrayal. What is the damn point?

          • Actually, the neckline did make it to the final garment, and, though narrower than the original design, it still has the knit side panels.

          • amywinns

            I don’t agree that it’s the same neckline — the degree of notching is lessened and there is no dip in the middle. It’s blanded out. And I’m not saying “side panels” unto themselves but that they were python print, which was an energizing variation from the rest. (Unless I mis-title the python bits… I do see that there are black knit panels over the ribs in both versions.)
            My point is that every one of the noticeable design elements was narrowed, buffed out and boring-ized. And they weren’t that remarkable to start with, frankly.

            I’m just waiting for the Kohl’s collab challenge at this point.

          •  I’d love to see them have to design something for Kohl’s or Penney’s or Target — something that could actually be done at the price point for those stores.

          • BuffaloBarbara

            Yes, yes!  And I could buy it!

            Seriously, that would stretch their minds in a totally different way.  And think of the drama that would ensue from the divas who just don’t design for “that customer.”  And if Christian Siriano can design shoes for Payless, why not?  (And let’s have him as a judge for it, too.)

          • libraangel

            He should be a judge, period. Not Stacy Keibler or SHUDDER: LaLa Anthony!!!

          • BuffaloBarbara

            He’d be a terrific judge, and one thing I’ve liked about him post-show has been that he really seems to enjoy the business part of it almost as much as the designing part, so he’d be excellent in business-based challenges.

          • Stacy Keibler is appropriate to judge – if they revisit the “make an outfit for a wrestler” challenge. I know she is no longer a pro wrestler, but how much tackiness have we seen in her outfits/makeup on just TLo site in the past (I’m sure there have been many other misses as well). She just grated as a ‘judge’ and contributed nothing, even less than other useless judges of the past. I had no real opinion of her prior to the episode (other than ‘tackytaclytacky’)-she seemed particularly vapid in ‘judging” the dresses.

          • andcoh

            They did that with the SJP challenge in season 4.  It was for her Bitten line I think.

          •  They did, but only as part of the brief that it was for the line — in this case and at least one other (I think the last all-stars season, but I could be wrong) they were actively working with a pricing consultant to make sure they ALL could hit the price point.  They didn’t do that with the SJP episode, so while it could open designers up to “it’d be hard to hit the right price point” as a critique, they were free to design something great that was simply too expensive, with no real ramifications.

            I’d like to see them design for a Kohl’s price point, with a consult from pricing, and anyone who goes over is automatically in the bottom.

          • I thought they totally messed up Anthony Ryan’s original dress and felt sorry for him.  I agree that the new dress was totally boring, to the point that no one would want to wear it.  Made me think that the reason Uli didn’t win was that they could not successfully dumb down her dress so that it would look stylish.

          • libraangel

            And they still  dumbed down AR’s dress after one of the judges – can’t remember although I think it was Elie himself- went on about how he liked the two prints in the back. As you said, what was the point?!

          • annieanne

            I agree about the pockets. They were the most interesting part of the whole look. And the one useful thing Stacy Keibler had to say was that women’s clothes are sadly lacking in pockets.

          • BuffaloBarbara

            Most interesting and most useful.  I had to make a denim pocket on a lanyard string to hold my crap during the work day.  (I actually get compliments on wearing something to hold my ID that isn’t a plastic sleeve with a clip on it.)  Women’s clothes need pockets.  We have locker keys.  Change.  Golf pencils. Scrap paper.  Crayons.  Spiderman action figures.  (Okay, maybe that’s just in children’s librarian world.)

          • Sweetvegan

            Yes, and after all that talk about whether the pockets would increase the price too much. They made a cheaper dress at a lower price, without the pockets.

  • In my opinion Uli’s does not look high fashion- it looks like it was made in 30 minutes from dish towels.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      Uli’s dress just looks very bland to me.

  • MissMariRose

    Tahari got rid of the only thing I liked about Anthony’s dress: the pockets. 

  • SewingSiren

    This challenge seemed like a fabric selection contest. Because Anthony Ryan, Uli, Emilio , and Josh used the same paper pattern of a sleeveless sheath with raglan armhole seams , although Josh apparently lost a few of his pieces when he was sewing it together. Ivy should have won by default.
    Really I agree that Uli’s was the best and most expensive looking, followed by Emilio , who picked a difficult color that none of the judges would wear. Anthony’s looked down market to me. Ivy’s was too dependent on the fabric. And Josh’s was the worst. With the best fabric too. That wool jersey would have made a beautiful sleeve.

    • Jackie4g

      Agree with your comments. I think Emilio picks great colors for a woman of color. A brown person does well with the marigold yellow, a white person who doesn’t make enougn skin pigment would avoid that color, lest she appear to b a bag of lemons.

      • Agreed.  See my response to Kiltdntiltd, above.

      • MoHub

        But when you consider how the color on AR’s was changed for production, there’s no reason Emilio’s couldn’t have been offered in other color combinations. Besides, whether that color works has more to do with the undertones in one’s skin than the darkness or lightness. I’m very pale, but my undertones are greeny-yellow rather than blue-pink, and any autumnal color—olive, brown, yellow, orange, etc.—looks good on me.

        Josh’s color, on the other hand, would have me looking as if I had major jaundice.

        •  I have the opposite — very pale with a lot of blue-pink —  and Josh’s color is one I always try to avoid because it’s TOO pink.  When you already have a lot of pink, and you pile on that very saturated pink, it makes your natural color more obvious and makes you look like you have rosecea.

          • MoHub

             Interesting. I was once assigned a stage costume in a hot pink, and as it came down past my face when I tried it on, I watched my skin turn positively green in contrast. Fortunately, a fellow performer was assigned a pale champagne-green gown that did nothing for her more blue-pink coloring. We switched dresses to the benefit of both of us.

          •  A friend has that same yellow-green tone, and when she tried on a pure white gown for her wedding she looked like an olive.  When I tried on ivory, I looked like I had been marinated in urine (sorry for the really unfortunate mental image, but it’s the most accurate description:)  It was so bad that I couldn’t even assess the dress itself, which could have been ordered in white, because the color was so ghastly on me.

          • muzan-e

            This. My very sweet mother-in-law used to insist that pure whites should look striking on someone so pale, until I showed her a stark white shirt of such exquisite tailoring that I’d have just about died to take it home with me.  But I have similar tones to your friend, and the end effect was ‘jaundiced with strawberry-jam cheeks’. Pink of any sort is infinitely worse, even those gorgeous, muted, dusty roses that I long to love. Give me a saturated mustard, though, and I’m just fine. Heck, it even brings out my eyes.

            Skin is weird. *g*

      • Indigo54

         As a woman of color I’m horrified to learn that I should be wearing colors like marigold yellow.  I won’t do it!  Rather die!

        • Jackie4g

          LOL, Indigo54! I did not say you ought, only that you can, if you like. Actually when I look at saturated color, I respond to it, and I like it for other people,  but never can wear it,  because I am Caspar the Friendly Ghost pale.  I think the controversy was the somewhat thoughtless comment “I can’t wear that color” . Well, perhaps not, but some people can.

          • Indigo54

             only that you can, if you like.
            Whew!  Thanks for clearing that up Caspar.  I feared I might be guilty of violating some rule of fashion for brown people.  I don’t need the pressure.  

        • BuffaloBarbara

          What Jackie says–it’s an option that’s not available to those of us with Caspar skin, but I’m kind of with you on it.  I wouldn’t wear it even if I could.  Emilio’s model sure could, but Stacey and Carolyn would look ill.

  • alyce1213

    Uli should have won. It was nothing short of a miracle how she saved her original plan. She listed to the adorable Elie Tahari and came up with a really lovely little dress for Kate Middleton. It’s versatile and flattering — I could see FLOTUS in it, as well.

    It’s amazing how drastically they changed Anthony Ryan’s cut-up print dress. It’s better and more commercially viable, but it’s really lost the essence of what he was trying to.  Kind of nullifies the win, doesn’t it?I’m no Ivy fan, but her silk shift was at least wearable, which Josh’s was not. John should have been aufed for that mess, which wasn’t even worthy to hang in Joyce Leslie @ $19.99. 

  • VicksieDo

    I hate that Carolyn Murphy gets to wear that Victoria Beckham!  
    I like this kind of challenge, real world, and I did like Anthony Ryan’s take on it.  That they changed it so much, to a simple sheath, annoys.  Uli’s was good – she works to her model’s natural chicness. Emilio’s was fine, but boring.  Ivy NEEDED to go, she starts off ok every week, but produces something boring and baggy in the end every time.  That fabric was gorgeous and she abused it…  Josh is Mr. Tacky of Trashville, he needs to go next.

    • Carrieanno

      I too wondered about Carolyn wearing the VB dress – to another designer’s showroom.  Is it me, or is that considered somewhat of a slight to Mr. Tahari?

    • Although, in the end, there didn’t seem to be much “real world” challenge to it.  They all seemed to get past the consultation without major revisions to their designs.

      • Stubenville

        The biggest change was that Uli had to go to a dress instead of a skirt and vest.

    • Oh, considering that Josh has not even been in the top 3 once this season, he will, without question be the next bit of cannon fodder to be fired off the bow.

      • Stubenville

        Oh I do hope you’re right, but I think that B/M are keeping Josh around for his snarky comments. 

        • libraangel

          And I think AR likes him! Bye, bye Matthew!

      • Jackie4g

        And not a moment too soon. He doesn’t have upscale taste. It wouldn’t be accurate to say he doesn’t have taste at all, he has an abundance of taste, unfortunately it’s just not good taste.

    • libraangel

      I wonder what AR thinks about them changing his dress so much?

      • amywinns

         No matter his private feelings, I think it would be foolish for him to display anything other than delight and gratitude. (Especially with the charity element.)

        • libraangel

          I agree, amywinns, but AK so far doesn’t seem that thankful, and seems kinda full of himself. Well, I guess that is to be expected from a ‘Teacher’s Pet’!

      •  If you click through to the Elie Tahari website & zoom in on the dress, you’ll notice it still has black insets on the sides and sleeve caps that have been folded back up onto the shoulders.  Odd, but might look better IRL.

    • ‘Princess Tacky of Trashville’ has a nice ring to it for Josh. When (whoever it was, I forgot exactly who) said “Josh should be SHOT for doing that to that fabric”-I laughed. Other judges said he ruined it, took away all the fabric’s appeal-but someone saying that he should be SHOT was pretty hard core. (I assume they didn’t literally mean it, but to me it seemed to be some personal feelings about Josh were coming through from the judge that said it)

  • lrober03

    Anthony’s dress is extremely unflattering on that model.  

    • barbiefish

      Agreed.  The stomach pooch was very noticeable on the runway as well as in TLo’s stills.  More egregious is the way AR designs shoulders, and not just this week.  I guess the model is disproportionately narrow there, but he needs to figure out how to create armholes and shoulders that deemphasize that rather than call attention to it.  Admittedly, I’m more drawn to an Amazon-looking model.

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        Has Anthony Ryan done much this season beyond falling back on the same silhouette-a basically A-line or sack dress?

        Honestly, AR could throw a potato sack on a model and the judges would act as if he’d reinvented the wheel…

        • Has AR done much? He’s won what seems like 7000 challenges. Shouldn’t that be enough? 😉

          I love him to death, and I like the dress he made this week. But even I’m tired of seeing him win week after week, especially when he keeps beating Uli. He’s not that good. And let’s not forget his love of glue. During his season, he was just as likely to use glue as he was to actually sew something.

          • libraangel

            Didn’t Isaac say something like”Oh, Anthony Ryan, I don’t know how you do it!” with such a ‘man crush’ voice, that it was ordained that AR would win the whole thing

          •  Yes, Isaac did say something along those lines. (There was much eye-rolling on my part as a result) As I said, I love Anthony Ryan, but this falling all over him is getting really annoying. I have to assume he is going to win it all, because for some reason the producers decided he’s the one who was robbed of the win during his season. The irony, of course, is any robbing that occurred in that season was also due to the producers having a pre-ordained winner.

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            AR seems like an amiable sort.  Despite being the judges’ favorite, I don’t see what he’s done that is particularly creative or memorable.  Uli and Emilio have both done more with their challenges, in my book. Just sayin’.

    • IAmJ

       Very! That’s the only thing I see when I look at the dress.

  • DinaSews

    It looks like they removed the pockets from Anthony Ryan’s dress which they ‘gushed’ about as a primary feature.  It’s obvious they had to change the dress so much to meet their price point in which case, Uli should have definitely won the challenge because she met all the criteria.

    • CozyCat

      It somehow seems wrong to me that in order to bring your price point down to FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS you have to remove the pockets.  I know they are probably using better quality fabric than cheaper (!?!) dresses, and some of the fabric cuts he used may have “wasted” lots of fabric and dramatically inflated the price.  But pockets?
      AND, because it can’t be said too often, when did $500-$700 become a “moderate” price for a dress.

      • BuffaloBarbara

        SERIOUSLY.  I do not move in the right social circles.  A $500-$700 dress would be one kept carefully in tissue paper and a garment bag, not dared to be worn to any but the most special occasions. Moderate price point?

        WHO ARE THESE CUSTOMERS?  I have to know.  How many people actually think that’s a reasonable price for a day dress, and would any of them like to buy this bridge in Brooklyn from me?

        • libraangel

          Yeah, don’t all of us wear $500-700 dresses ? Not in my neighborhood, unless “maybe” (!) you are invited to a wedding.

          • I wouldn’t even spend that on a wedding dress!  OK, maybe I would, but I wouldn’t like it.

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            In my neighborhood if you spent that much money on one dress that dress better be able to take itself to the dry cleaners and pay the bill, too.

          • Buffy

            The last time I had to buy a dress to wear as a guest to a wedding it was $170 and I was swallowing hard when I handed over the credit card.  I only paid $550 for my wedding gown!

  • Was distracted by what a terrible walker Anthony Ryan’s model is. Wow, girl needs some lessons. And also Uli should’ve won.

    • Laylalola

      I was just thinking a big part of why Uli’s dresses always look so good is in fact the model herself (not that Uli’s work doesn’t stand on its own, but it sure helps that she’s got that model).

      • Ceur

        Both Uli’s and Emilio’s models are stunning on the runway. It’s been a while since I’ve noticed anyone’s model, I think the only one I remember is Grace.

  • Frank_821

    Ivy really should have stuck with her original plan. oh well from Ivy’s blog even she thinks she should have been kicked off for that gold red carpet travesty

    Here’s the thing with AR’s entry. I think this victory really supports the notion of producer input more than any of his other wins. The fact they changed the dress so much to make it commercially viable. Except for the shape it looks nothing like his original concept of pattern blocked outfit. The fact they did it in a different even says something. Mondo’s dress at least retained most of its design

    Uli’s should have won not because of aesthetics but because it was more economical to produce. AR’s design wastes a lot more  fabric than hers. Also her dress would accommodate a wider range of sizes

    • l_c_ann

      Not only does AR’s original waste fabric, the time it would take to get those matchups and make the design symmetrical would take a lot of time as well.  And that should have been edited in, assuming that it got mentioned in the judging.

  • cocohall

    I thought Uli’s was the clear winner.  I wish the producers had shown the conversation with Elie Tahari about which dress he thought would sell better in his retail environment.  Because clearly that had a lot to do with AR’s win.  If you are going to mass produce something to put in 600 stores and sell online, it has to be the one that you really think your target customer will buy.  And when you see what they did to AR’s dress (where are the pockets?  the strange capped sleeves? the wonky neckline?)  you realize that bringing the look in on budget was hugely important.  All of the interest in Uli’s dress with the fringe and the tucks would simply take a lot longer to produce and thereby cut into profits.  Also, her dress appeared to be a Spring look and AR’s was a little more flexible seasonally.  ALthough they did seem to change the color palette on his dress.  Regardless, Elie was a delightful presence on the show and an object lesson in how kindness can go hand in hand with fashion. (Josh, are you listening?)

  • UsedtobeEP

    I would have liked the purple better for me, but not for Emilio’s model. The saturated gold was lovely with his model’s skin tone. I know models are supposed to just be representative of “everywoman,” but the gold was lovely on her and I really responded to that. But me in that yellow = jaundice.

    And yes, I thought Uli should have won—really obviously so. Uli was very gracious about it, but I thought hers was head and shoulders above his. The classic feel of the dress plus the neat trim she did at the top, plus the way she was able to listen to their critique (he didn’t really respond at all when they seemed concerned about the shape of his dress) should have given it to her. 

    • meowing

      Wondered if Uli’s didn’t win because of the production details–the bow, the fringing edges, the repeated pleating.  Other than pockets, Anthony Ryan’s was pretty basic, wasn’t it?

  • I turned it on in time to catch the designs walk the runway. Did anyone else notice that several of the models seemed to have a little trouble walking in their heels? It seemed odd to me. Or spoke to the slide in quality all-around regarding PR.

    • I noticed that as well-particularly this week. Maybe they poured olive oil and thumbtacks on the runway this week-it seemed worse than normal (the inability to walk properly in heels). 

  • merciblahblah

    I thought Anthony Ryan and Ivy both just let the fabric do the work on their looks, and in AR’s case, there is NO WAY he should have won with that. Uli’s and Emilio’s were far better, in my humble opinion. At least the shape on both of theirs was more interesting, and I agreed with what Isaac said about Uli’s having that “thrift dress” sort of appeal – it definitely has a vintage vibe that I love. I also have to say that when Joanna Coles teared up as Elie was speaking to Anthony Ryan, it made me love her even more.

    • libraangel

      I think”thrift dress” sounds like an insult!

      • merciblahblah

         I definitely get what you’re saying about a “thrift dress” sounding like an insult, but my interpretation upon hearing thrift was “vintage,” which to me is not insulting at all. It is, rather, a compliment. Different strokes, huh?!

        • libraangel

          I love Uli’s dress, and I love vintage clothes. I just thought the word “thrift” was a bit weird.

  • DinaSews

    Carolyn Murphy needs to go.  TLo is right about her slow cadence.  It takes up 1/3 of the show.

    • Call me Bee

      Yes.  Her speech actually makes me want to grab her round the throat and shake her! 

    • CozyCat

      She was seriously annoying me when she was doing her “yawn” to show how boring she thought Ivy’s design was. 

      Pot, meet kettle.

  • I really hated Anthony Ryan’s

  • Frank_821

    I can’t believe that dress is selling for $399

    • mhleta

      Shut UP!! Really??

    • MoHub

       Should be $39.99 at most.

    •  I find that hilarious, actually.  Because the original price point they were given was the $500 – $700 range.  To me, that says that the results were so uninspiring that they had to drop the price.

    • I want to know how well it’s selling.

  • Laylalola

    Too bad, Ivy would have won the year what’s-her-name took the crown for making nothing but sleeveless maxi-dresses where the print did all the work.

    • Jackie4g

      Anya? Yeah.

    • MoHub

       Not necessarily. Not when a master like Bert loses to Anya. Ivy wouldn’t have stood a chance.

      • formerlyAnon

        Hell, the reincarnation of Coco Chanel wouldn’t have stood a chance. Anya was, for some reason, anointed.

  • Qitkat

    Josh’s awful dress just proved why he never should have been an All-Star in the first place, poor design and dreadful sewing lead to crimes against a woman’s shape and zipper madness. Ivy committed a crime against a beautiful fabric. Often she sketches an interesting design concept, as she did this time, but ends up altering it completely. It’s like she didn’t dare cut into the fabric for fear of making a mistake, and thus ended up with a sack with slits. She had overstayed her time as an All-Star too, but I would have sent Josh home. I finally recognized that Anthony Ryan had the best look this week, but if Emilio had stuck to his original plan, and if Uli had had the fabric that Ivy botched, perhaps the results would have been different.

  • MilaXX

     I liked Uli’s so much more than judges pet AR.  I could actually see a woman in real life wearing that dress. I also preferred the version Emilio had in the workroom to what he sent down the runway. Ivy once again was letting the fabric do all the work. She’s been circling the drain far too long. Josh’s was both tacky and poorly made. I get running out of time with the zipper, but there was no excuse for the droopy boob effect in front. Hopefully Josh goes next week because Uli & Emilio deserve to be in top 3 even if we can pretty much guess that AR will be the winner.

    • mhleta

      Uli’s dress also lends itself nicely to layering with a jacket, cardigan and/or interesting jewelry. It’s a great basic dress for any wardrobe. 

  • Sam

    What a boring episode. Although I did enjoy the judges dancing around why they disliked the color choice of Emelio’s. “I could never wear a color like that, but on you, YOU it looks amazing.”  

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      The judges have to find new ways of saying “We don’t like that color for the upscale white woman to whom we market our designs”-it’s rather creepy.

  • mjude

    i did not like anthony ryan’s dress but i knew he was going to win.  really judges?  i agree that uli should have won. 

  • EverybodysStarling

    THAT thing won? That’s… so not pretty. 

    Edit: Also: making that beautiful model having a tummy? Bad job, Josh – and that’s even without taking the tackiness into count.

    • I ended up falling asleep during the episode and woke just in time to see AR’s dress on the runway.  It just struck me as extremely ugly.  I thought surely Josh would get the auf for that horrid zipper not to mention that he gave a model with 0% body fat a belly pooch.

  • bitterk

    Brilliant suggestion for Emilio’s dress.  Reversing the color should have put him in the top two with Uli.  Anthony Ryan’s dress was ugly and cheap looking on my screen.  Uli’s was elegant and flawless.  I would wear that in a heartbeart.  Joshua needs to stop listening to the boy in his mouth telling him he is great.  Alas, Ivy blew it.   She deserved the auf.

  • jonnyf8

    That Ivy lasted longer than Althea, Casanova, and Laura Kathleen is a joke.  That Ivy, Casanova, and Andrae were even considered all-stars is a bigger joke.

  • mhleta

    I didn’t see the show this week, so it’s interesting to look at the designs unencumbered by PR’s usual viewer brainwashing. These results read like Backwards Week. Anthony Ryan’s outfit is gawdawful to my eye, most especially because it looks like it has shit-stains, aka “skidmarks” going down the back and they should have sent him home to check his underwear. I think Ivy’s dress is quite beautiful, actually. The colors and fabric are really stunning. Awkward lenghth? Maybe, but this season’s red carpet has been all about this length. AND, if you put this dress on Joshua’s model, I’m pretty sure it would have won. That woman is an Amazonian goddess with legs that can transform awkward lengths into poetry. Ivy’s model is perhaps too square to pull this off. The strappy, chunky shoes didn’t help matters. They cut her legs short where the illusion of length was needed. Still, this is my favorite look. 

    • libraangel

      Oy, don’t you think Ivy’s looked like Charo’s beachwear?!

      • Lisa_Cop

        Ivy’s had a beautiful print but the way it was cut it looked like a sack.

    • YES about the skid marks! Why did he place the streaked brown right at her butt? It makes the model look like she had a problem with diarrhea. 

  • Qitkat

    The very best part of the show was Elie Tahari. What a lovely, sensitive man. I was delighted to see that someone could remain true to himself after so many years in a cutthroat business. 

  • Carrieanno

    So which is it: saggy mushboob and roller-coaster-butt zipper are auf-able offenses or they’re not?  I was under the impression that not one, but two glaring technical sins such as those (on the same garment no less) were automatic grounds for dismissal, but apparently the judges tweak the parameters from week to week as it suits their whims.  I’m so confused. 

    • Stubenville

      You obviously get a pass if you’re making about 50% of the snarky comments every week.

  • Jangle57

    I don’t know that I was wild about any of them but I thought Uli’s was the best of an uninspring bunch.  I thought Emilo’s was ugly and think TLo hit the nail on the head when they said if he had just reversed the colors, it would have been so much better.  The comment that sort of rankled me was Mizrahi’s: I want to give Emilio immunity this week.  Ok, there’s no way he was going to be sent home given some of the other designs that were much worse, but it was pretty much the judges confirming that the ‘one week you’re in and one week you’re out’  line should be retired, at least as far as PR is concerned cause it just ain’t so. 

    • libraangel

      And didn’t Isaac say something about laying down on the runway if Emilio was eliminated? What?! stupid!

      • CarolinLA

        Isaac said that he wanted to take Emilio out of consideration for the auf because he didn’t think his work deserved to be categorized alongside Ivy and Josh’s travesties.  The dress was perfectly fine and he landed in the middle and Isaac was just saying that he wanted to keep him for another week.

        •  I thought it was more of a “this is a safe entry, not a loser”. 

  • msdamselfly

    Emilio’s and Uli’s  looked the most expensive and well-crafted to me Emilio’s dresses always fit so perfectly

  • I felt like this was a no-winner kind of week. Anthony Ryan’s dress looks like a bunch of E. Tahari’s current line with the print mixing, but the black side seams should have started below the bust and continued down to the hips. Their current placement makes the model look really wide (which she is clearly NOT). The production version is pretty disappointing. Uli’s dress is nice but reads more like a Tibi or a Trina Turk than an Elie Tahari piece to me. 

    I do agree this challenge was very interesting to watch and I actually paid attention all hour instead of multitasking like I have been. You nailed it TLo, loved the use of the consultants for pricing the items and how they pulled fabric from the designer’s own stock. These are some of my favorite challenges and it would be amazing to see future All-Star runs make dresses for truly high-end design houses.

  • Cathy S

    I liked Ivy’s. I think it’s pretty. Anthony Ryan’s dress is horrible, and makes his model look like a pregnant rectangle. The dress they made out of it to sell is fabulous though. Not that it’s anything like Anthony Ryan’s. Why the heck is Josh still there?

    • libraangel

      Actually. I like AR’s original design better than what they did to it. Now it looks like what grandma would wear to her friend’s house for coffee.

      • meowing

        Also preferred his original design, except would have preferred the color blocking on the back, too.  When I see design on the front and a plain back, seems the designer either got lazy or ran out of fabric.

        • meowing

          More glitches:  this was to reply about Emilio’s original design way upthread.

  • BobStPaul

    I thought Anthony Ryan’s design made his model look like she had very wide hips and a stomach pooch.  Not very flattering at all.  I would have given the win to Uli as well.  Josh’s was far and away the worst though I’m not exactly worked up to see Ivy go.  Had she shortened her dress I think it would have been a very nice design.  I along with others preferred Emilio’s color-blocked effort.

    • meowing

      Hmmm, I thought the fabric’s print was too limiting:  the colors were beautiful, but either you use it as is, as Ivy did, full panels, which limits the design options.  But, if you cut it, like eliminating/shortening the black tree line bottom, you’ve lost much of the details.  Not that I liked her design–it was an overpriced and underdesigned beach caftan, but interesting to consider differing perspectives.

  • Sing4yursupper

    A long, overdue auf for Ivy. She ought to be sent to fashion hell for defiling that beautiful fabric with that frumpy abomination of a dress. 

  • Scarlet39

    Uli was robbed.  Full stop. 

  • LC3203

    I’m almost ready to call it quits.  It’s clear Anthony is going to take it all and they’re not even hiding the scripted-ness of the show. I can’t stand the way Carolyn speaks.  And you know what? Kudos for Josh going off script with this exchange: Carolyn: Not to rub it in, but can you have her turn around?  Josh: Well, you ARE rubbing it in at this point.  It’s a fit issue.  SUCK IT BITCH!

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      I called it quits after the previous episode. I finally had my fill of the perfectly ordinary, mildly talent AR being this season’s anointed one. It’s still fun to follow TLo’s commentary, without losing an hour of one’s life to the inane drivel that comes out of the judges’ mouths.

    • BuffaloBarbara

      I think this will be my last season, if they’re switching to teams.  I’ll still read TLo, because they’re TLo, but I could use that hour to get some writing of my own done instead of thinking, “Gosh, this could be a really awesome show, let’s see if they take it someplace good this week.”

  • LC3203

    Oh And?  I’m not spending $500 on fucking neoprene.  Thank you.

  • Either am getting old an harder to impress or this season of Project Runway All-Stars is really disappointing.   Perhaps they really needed a better batch of designers but it  really seems as if the editing is more focused on drama than the actually design.  

  • Didn’t watch – paid bills and cleaned litter boxes instead. Just as fun! Looks like I didn’t miss anything.

  • Monday1900

    Uli was robbed. 

    I actually like Ivy’s dress.  I’d have aufed Josh for sure–that’s a hot mess right there.

    • libraangel

      What did you like about Ivy”s dress? Just curious. I couldn’t find anything redeeming about it, and think it should have been shortened.

      • Monday1900

        I thought the pattern and the use of the pattern was interesting, the binding on the neck and armholes, the thin belt.  Whole thing read “updated 70s maxi dress” to me.  That said, don’t get me wrong–it wasn’t the greatest dress in the world but in this field I thought it was better than most.

    • MoHub

       I loved Ivy’s fabric; hated how she used it.

    •  I’d have auf’d her simply for the “that way the customer can hem it whereever she wants” bit.  When someone is paying that much for a dress, they should not have to pay another $100 to take it to a tailor!!!

  • jmorino08

    Wow! Anthony Ryan’s dress is so ridiculously unflattering. No woman would buy a dress that makes her look that thick around the middle! And if it does that to a model, imagine how it would look on a mere mortal. No wonder they had to completely redesign it! 

  • Inspector_Gidget

    Wow, that final dress looks nothing like AR’s original!  Crazy.  So they’re not even trying any more, are they?  My favorite bit was Ivy’s tearful video conference with Casanova from all the way over in the sequestered apartment down the block.  

    Uli should have won, but it’s looking like girlfriend is getting robbed… as always.  Bleh.

  • SapphoPoet

    Once again, I forgot about the show being on (even though I watch it online the next day). Out of all those dresses, I liked Ivy’s the best–loved the colors and the shape. A grown up dress for grown ups. 

    Three more radiation treatments and I’m done, Kittens. My skin is in really bad shape, but I get four days off because of the holiday so that should help with healing. Hope my fellow treatment Kittens are all doing well–I think of you all often. 

    • Qitkat

      Clearly when TLo forgets the show too, it has gone far far downhill. I also forgot, but caught it at the 11pm rerun. I think Lifetime also knows this show is going downhill, as they did not repeat it back to back, but showed a two hour movie about desperate women and the men who abuse them (I’m just guessing here, did not watch it).
      Ivy definitely chose the most beautiful fabric, so I was disappointed that she did not challenge herself to create a dress with a bit more style.

      Good luck with the rest of your radiation treatments and the healing of your skin, and a return to excellent health. It’s been a challenging year for so many Kittens, healthwise. May 2013 bring a fresh start. I will post here an inspiring quote I found on the web recently, from writer Neil Gaiman:

      May your Coming Year be filled with Magic & Dreams & Good Madness.
      I hope you Read some fine Books and Kiss someone who thinks you’re Wonderful,
      and don’t forget to make some Art (Write or Draw or Build or Sing or Live as only You can)
      and Somewhere in the Next Year, I hope you Surprise Yourself.

      • formerlyAnon

        Thanks for your good wishes, and for reposting the Gaiman quote.

    • libraangel

      Happy that your treatments are almost done (try Nivea cream), but not happy that you liked Ivy’s dress. Don’t you think it should have been shorter?

    • formerlyAnon

      So glad you are nearing the end of the radiation! I hope the return of health and physical well-being following this long slog through treatment proceeds apace.

      And I second your thoughts for all the BKs suffering less than optimal health.

    • Lilithcat

      Three more radiation treatments and I’m done, Kittens.

      Finished mine a couple of weeks ago.  I recommend a product called Natural Care Gel.  It’s mostly aloe vera, and has no alcohol, so it won’t dry your skin any more than it already is.  

    • meowing

      Best wishes for your remaining treatment and post-treatment recovery!

      Since I also watch the show on-line, I have to write myself a stickie note on my computer, otherwise the show would be forgettable (except for the lovely TLo recaps).

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      Good luck with the remaining radiation treatments-sending healing thoughts for you!

    • Peeve

       A thought: my Mom got terrible radiation burns, and one of the nurses got her the burn cream that they use in the burn unit of the hospital (rather than the usual aloe cream they usually give out). It helped her skin tremendously. If they haven’t given you some already, you may want to request it.

      I hope your last 3 treatments are over in a blink, and I’m wishing you all the best!

  • nannypoo

    I wondered what happened to the Lounge. I had to drink alone.

    Uli absolutely should have won. Ivy’s dress had no design elements at all so sending her home was fine, but Joshua was really lucky this week that Ivy’s was so bad. That zipper in the back of his dress was just stupid. Emilio’s dress was nothing special but that model is so fabulous that she could sell almost anything. I would love to see Uli’s dress on her. But then we come to Anthony Ryan and The Basic Sheath of Nothingness. The designers who serve as judges on this show should be ashamed of themselves. To pimp for Anthony’s mediocre dress, wildly praising the pockets, and then eliminating the pockets thus making it even more mediocre, is embarrassing to watch and should be even more embarrassing to do. Is Elie Tahari so desperate to be on this show that he will follow the script no matter what it says?

    • alyce1213

      Ooh, too rough on Elie Tahari. I’m with you on the assessment of the contestants, but I sincerely doubt that Elie Tahari is desperate for anything, much less being on this show.  On the contrary, they were fortunate to have him.  He seems like a lovely man who, after 40 years in the business, knows diplomacy — and that sometimes you have to play the game.  

      • SewingSiren

        He may not have even be playing the game . It’s all in the editing. We never really heard him say which dress was more sellable. It obviously wasn’t the one that AR designed , because they eliminated all the design elements in production. I too wondered what exactly Mr. Elie Tahari was refering to when he said he had seen AR neckline before. It is similar to a very famous design that Roland Mouret did a few seasons back. But a lot of manufacturers have watered down since then, so much so that it’s hardly worth noting .

      • nannypoo

        I agree that he seems like a lovely man who understands diplomacy, but if the best thing about the dress was the pockets the he should be selling a dress with pockets. I didn’t like the dress as Anthony presented it, but at least there was some design happening. If the production dress is going to sell for $500-$700, that must be a very expensive fabric since that’s all the dress has going for it.

        • meowing

          The final version of the dress is selling for $398, which is outrageous IMHO, for a simple sheath with very little design details.  Must be one heck of a fabric–at least, however, they altered it to a much prettier color and deleted the odd snakeskin print hip inserts.

    • Call me Bee

      I know it won’t make you feel better, but I was drinking, too, making believe I was in the TLounge…

      • guest2visits

        I’m getting an image of so many BK’s stumbling around in the night air; drink in hand – and needing a posh,
        comfortable digital lounge to congregate in.    Here’s to just bitching at random to innocent passers-by… Cheers!

        •  Were there headlines this morning of a strange epidemic of madness in bars across the country last night, with the main symptom being accosting other patrons to critique their fashion choices?

          • guest2visits

            Truly; who wouldn’t need to vent after last night’s questionable win. 
            Without a space to do so – there’s no telling what people who don’t know or appreciate the show
            might be forced to listen to.  Just try to explain Josh for instance…

  • kschwarting

    I completely agree on Uli’s dress–it’s the only one I would personally wear, and very much in line with what I see as the Tahari look.

  • angryparsnip

    Messed up my back so bad….so heating pad, and some Advil I sat in my  recliner and decided to watch PR.
    Because of time differences it now comes on at 11pm but I thought no problem because of the pain right ?
    I drifted in and out and really couldn’t care about the show, except for the wonderful Elie Tahari and Uli.
    Josh should have gone that was one huge mess !

    cheers,  parsnip

    • Stubenville

      Hey Parsnip – if that back pain is muscular, see if your doctor will prescribe you Flexeril (cyclobenzaprine) – it takes a day or two to kick in, but it makes a huge difference for me.

      • angryparsnip

        Thanks, will ask doctor !
        Love this blog, I don’t comment much but what a great group of people.

    • also, if the injury is inflamed ( it usually is ), try asking for lodine.  it’s a prescription anti-inflammatory, the same class of drugs as advil, but really works well and can be taken along with flexeril to attack that pain from two directions.  it’s important to take these sorts of drugs on a regular schedule until the pain is gone and for some time after, rather than prn (as needed).  feel better!  and enjoy some r&r.

      • angryparsnip

         Oh Thank You for the new information.
        This site has wonderful people.

  • Imasewsure

    Wow is this thing still on? This is the third or fourth time that I completely forget about this show. Don”t even need to read the blogs or go back and watch the reruns (since I can’t drum up the interest) so thank you  TLo and Minions for breaking it down for me!

  • That winning design is awful and should have been the one sent home.  Most women are pair shaped to begin with.  What woman wants that accentuated?  The “edited” version that is for sale is much better, but has nothing to do with the original.

  • libraangel

    Um, besides being a darn right snooze-fest, there were some, um, weird moments in this episode. In addition to Carolyn’s slow speech pattern, has anyone noticed that she can’t stand like a normal person? She always has one foot in front of another, mostly hand on hip, like she’s posing. Elie’s philosophical rant was kinda out there and awkward: did you see how Carolyn and AR were looking at him?

    Anyway, on with the show! LOL, T&L, you are right on about the hard-on for AR! HAHA While his dress wasn’t bad, it wasn’t spectacular, and I couldn’t believe the alteration(!) which is also not good. Uli SHOULD have won, you are right, for her elegant design. And you are also correct about the other three: all of them could have been eliminated. Josh with the lace that cheapened the dress, Emilio with that dreck mustard color, and Ivy – what should I say?! Horrible, but she could have created something interesting with that print. Did you notice how both Josh and Ivy didn’t even listen or try Elie’s suggestions? HE IS THE JUDGE AND MANUFACTURER OF THE GARMENT, you boneheads!
    p.s. I think the models’ dresses, when they come in for their fittings, are better than the “creations”! (If you can call them – except for Uli’s- “creative”!)

  • I was convinced that the show was on break because I saw no TLounge post. Doesn’t look like I missed much though.

  • Stefanos Mantyla

    Yup, that’s Ivy. NOT in fact showing us how it’s done, as I had so desperately hoped. But I did like her entry, though, as imperfect as it may have been. I might have even placed it in the top 2, just under Uli’s. If they had watered down Ivy’s dress the way they did Anthony’s, it might have well been something! It’s all too bad, since she was for me the only dinstinctly interesting designer on the show.

    And Anthony’s original was pretty ugly, to my eyes, and unflattering. It could not sell without the editing.

    Josh’s, aside from tacky, did not even appear technically well-done. Emilio’s entailed far too little design. Why was Ivy eliminated? No wait; don’t tell me. I already know.

    • libraangel

      Ivy, besides not sticking to her sketch (which was nice), producing a horrible caftan, was that she didn’t listen when both Elie (the judge and producer of the future garment) told her to shorten it, just as all the other judges said later on. She “stuck to her principles” and…!

  • I didn’t think any of the dresses looked like they were worth $500. Anthony’s looked like something you could get at Dillards for $60.

    • libraangel


      • meowing

        And did you hear Ivy’s comment about all set to go to the beach in her muu-muu?  Don’t know about ya’ll, but I wouldn’t choose a $500-$700 muu-muu for a beach trip.

  • Call me Bee

    Gentlemen–totally fine that you took a night off to–*sigh*–eat cookies…I’m just mad that you didn’t call me to join you. 
    Anyhoo…I was absolutely acrimounious when AR won again.  Grrrrr…..   His dress was fine.  Interesting fabric, nice neckline treatment, but the slit in the back was troublesome and the fabric is doing the heavy lifting.  His win wouldn’t have irked me so much had it not been for his win LAST WEEK that was so undeserved. 

    I do agree about Ivy’s schmauf, even though Josh’s outfit was all kinds of ugly and poorly executed.  But–the one consistancy of the PR judges, even the B squad here on All Stars, is that when confronted with two awful outfits, they ALWAYS auf boring over wacko.  That was the case here.  Ivy’s dess really had no design, and the length and styling were not good.  She took some fabulous fabric and made a plain and boring shift with a lame belt.  Bu-bye.

  • thecitysleeps

    I love Elie Tahari.  So cute! I can’t with Carolyn but she wears dresses well so she can stay.  Of course I think Georgina should be Queen of the World.  I think it was Ivy’s time to go.  It was a really bad dress in it’s bottom part and she has never excelled in the competition.  I feel Joshua has good ideas he always botches because he gets too stubborn with some of those ideas.  But I feel like he deserved another chance.

    I really do like Anthony Ryan and his sellable designs.  I think he’d do great as a commercial not that high end-ish kind of designer but Uli deserved this one.  That dress was so gorgeous and high end and expensive while still being extremely sellable to me.  It’s on my wish-list for future prim work dresses for future Court appearances that I will never be able to afford before I’m 35. And I’m shocked about how changed Anthony Ryan’s design was for retail.  That kind of ruins the whole episode for me.

    • libraangel

      Georgina already is the Queen of the World. She has become ‘The Beautiful GC’ again, her husband not only produces PR but also produces the rest of the world, she has her own fashion house, and – has oodles of money!!!

  • Stubenville

    When it became obvious that TLo forgot a lounge for their bitter kittens, I went to that other site. The participants there are far less witty than the TLounge denizen (I I couldn’t find a damn waiter anywhere.) 

    So the coronation or Anthony Ryan continues unabated. B/M aren’t even trying to hide it at this point. If you look at what Tahari actually sells (technically not a requirement, but you know the judges considered it), the closest matches were Uli and Emilio. But of course, the Heinous Poufette gets yet another undeserved win. An I am no fan of Ivy’s, but I think her raggedy hem muumuu was far better than the puckery hot mess Joshua hurled down the runway.

    • Call me Bee

      I was also missing you and all the BKs last night.  I so wanted to write comments during the broadcast.  But we survived and can look forward to next week. 

      • SRQkitten

        Yes, this disappointment of an episode cried out for other bitter kittens to commiserate with. But understand boys, given how forgettable this round of all stars is.

        Looks like they dropped the pockets off the ready to wear version of ARs dress. After praising that point like you’d thought it had never been done on womenswear before.

        I would have been fine with a double elimination of Ivy & Joshua, end the season early and put us out of this misery.


    • meowing

      Uninformed BK here…will you tell me what that other site is?  Not that I’d flee TLo in a million years, of course.

      • Stubenville

        It’s blogging Project Runway. The live blog during the broadcast isn’t as much fun as TLounge.  

        • nothing is as fun as tlounge!  but i have to admit i forgot it was thursday as well.  damn holidays, damn in-laws, damn grandkids…anyway.  am i turning into an old grinch?

          • Melvis Velour

            I was watching Eastern European and Canadian hunky ice hockey players beat the crap out of each other…didn’t realize I’d missed PR until we got home from the game.  I think I made the wiser choice 🙂

      • MoHub

         I tend to hit both. Each has its qualities.

    • Lisa_Cop

      I thought Elie Tahari sold his business about 5 years ago. The label still exists but I don’t think Elie has anything to do with it.


    I would have prefered that Emilio had not taken Elie Tahari’s sage advice and gone through with his original design, but his was still the best for this challenge.   Uli was correct in saying that she should have chosen a color, but her design was still pretty good.  Taking the way-back machine, I recall in Season Three that she was very fond of mixing bright colors and seemingly mismatched prints in startling ways.  I don’t know that I like this new Uli so much as the earlier version.   Still, she and Emilio are clearly the best of the bunch.   Ivy should have followed Elie’s advice and hemmed it higher, but it was still much better than Joshua’s bright magenta flub.   Anthony Ryan’s piece was pretty good too.   I assume he had a hand in the redesign before it went into production; or am I mistaken about such matters?  I hope he did.

    • Lisa_Cop

      I also liked Emilio’s color blocked dress better than what he showed on the runway. But if Emilio hadn’t changed the garment in accord with Elie’s advice, Elie would have blasted him, like he did Ivy. Emilio has learned what most of us eventually do: the boss is always right

  • Lilithcat

    I completely forgot about the show, too!

    And I’m finding this so not-memorable that I am perfectly happy to read your take on the episode before watching it on On Demand.  

    From the screen grabs, I have to say I love Uli’s.

    Can’t stand Joshua’s.  Again with a visible zipper?  And the bodice sags horribly.

  • One afternoon years ago I made a very close relative of Ivy’s dress because I had one yard of a dragon print fabric that I loved and wanted a dress to wear out that night. I never did bother to hem it properly. I am not a good seamstress, and my thrown-together dress still looked about as good as hers. I really don’t understand why she refused to use any of her skills this week.

  • Judy_S

    Strange. When I saw Anthony Ryan’s, I thought it must be the loser. The edited-for-sale version is not bad, just stunningly boring. I like Uli’s and Ivy’s, though Ivy’s doesn’t seem to fit the same aesthetic as the others.

    • Lisa_Cop

      I was surprised Ivy not Josh went home. The script seems to say, been in the top 3 you get another chance. Been in bottom a lot but never the top you get ‘aufed. With that said I predict Josh is next to go and ( is SO obvious), AR gets the win.

  • Ivy was way past due for the out and it’s amazing that she lasted this long.  I still don’t buy her image makeover but good for her on keeping that inner bitch quiet.  As far as her design, it looks pseudo Asian, but I say pseudo because a real Asian designer working with that shape/type of dress would never be so careless.  Josh, on the other hand, wasn’t terrible but I’m afraid his lack of taste, inability to edit, and unwillingness to think about dressing someone other than a gay man as a woman/drag queen holds him back.  That tacky thing he has going on is just a bit too pronounced to save at this point I’m afraid, though I’m digging the less bitchy version he’s giving this season.

    Anthony’s model looked fat, the fit was off, and from what I saw, it’s more of the same palette he uses all the time.  His fits, save a few examples, are always off to my eyes and I just don’t see it with his designs.  Uli on the other hand, should’ve won this challenge, and last week’s, and likely the other AR won…but the producers, I suppose, don’t think her story is as sellable so she’s not being praised like AR is.  Uli’s design looked Fifth Avenue, demure, and believably expensive.  Perhaps her details bumped it up past the price point which is why she didn’t win?  Who knows.

    Anyway, you can see where the budget for PR10 went with this show: the judges really are big time, the challenges more about design, and the host looking better than Heidi did on the entire last season.  Not bad at all.

    • CarolinLA

      Everyone commented on Uli making another white dress but AR has made practically everything in blue and he gets by without comment.

      • I am no AR apologist-but after seeing the umpteenth blue/black dress from him (well before the last episode), I wondered if he can ‘see’ blue the best of all the non-black colors. (I thought I remembered his mentioning that he was color blind on his first season). If it was someone else (&not AR) that was color-blind, using nothing but blue and black is egregious-most ANYone else would have been called out on that before now. 

    •  At our house that’s called “white people Asian” because every time a white interior designer says “it’s Asian-inspired” on HGTV, it looks NOTHING like what the many, many Chinese houses we’ve been in (though I have been told that it is closer to Japanese — not close, but closer)

    • libraangel

      LOL Josh only dresses gay drag queens!

  • Fabric content:

    Care instructions:
    Unless the cotton fabric was woven on golden looms and feels AMAZING, there’s no way I’d spend $398 for it, especially considering the extra cost of having to dry clean.

    •  Oh, you can spend $400 on cotton SHEETS, if they are high enough quality cotton.

      • True, but total yardage is so much more for sheets than a dress. I’d guess that the machinery for making sheets is specialized since it’s wider than apparel fabric, too, so that would also work into the cost.  And good quality sheets usually have nice finish details like piping, tucks or embroidery which would increase production costs even more.

        Of course, I’m biased because I can sew and have source for good apparel fabric, so I know the “total cost” for me to make that dress.  And I would prewash/preshrink the fabric so I wouldn’t have to dry clean it!

  • Fabric content:

    Care instructions:
    Unless the cotton fabric was woven on golden looms and feels AMAZING, there’s no way I’d pay $398 for it – especially since it would have to be dry cleaned!

  • Why is Anthony Ryan still called that? It was necessary in his season, coz there was another Anthony contestant, but he’s the only Anthony right now.

    Ivy – still going on and on about Emilio being a costume designer..Well, girl, he’s a better designer than you.

    • MoHub

      Could be cultural. Classic Stiller and Meara routine:

      Him: My name is Hershey Horowitz. My friends all call me Hesch.
      Her: My name is Mary Elizabeth Doyle. My friends all call me Mary Elizabeth.

      • The Baton Rouge newspaper has been interviewing every Thursday since the show started. They refer to him as “Auld”

    • nannypoo

       Laura Kathleen? Carol Hannah?

      • Kara Saun?

        • MoHub

           Kara “Saun” became that because there was another Kara in season 1. And Saun isn’t her middle name; it’s a shortened version of her last name, which is Saunders.

  • Indigo54

    Why does Emilio’s model walk like that?  Leaning waaay back with her shoulders?  She walks in body sections – waist down first, waist up second.  Did she do that on ANTM?  Tyra Banks must be cringing in a corner somewhere.  

    • Lisa_Cop

      I don’t remember but I think she’s absolutely fabulous. Best model on this season of All Stars!

  • Judy_J

    I didn’t watch the show, but based on this post, I think Uli should have won. But what’s the point anyway? Anthony Ryan has already been crowned king.

  • voter1

    Ugh.  Princess Joshua should have been dismissed for that tacky, awful, messy train wreck of a dress.  What’s up with the exposed zippers?  Fine on a sweatshirt, but on a $500 dress – fugly.  The fit was awful, the lace was cheap.  Looked like a seventh grade home ec project.

  • Indigo54

    Surely Josh is going next.  That dress was so disappointing. I’m surprised he didn’t add a brooch to complete the dowdy look. 

  • guest2visits

    Missed you and your post last night TLo… damn narcotic butter cookies!  Travesty! Never was the AnthonyR fix so obviously
    played; even a sensible and sweet person like Elie Tahari was on the PR train to ordain AR the winnner – and while still incomplete
    in the workroom, too.   Although I liked his mix of prints, the black insert panels were clumsy and unattractive. The end design
    looked very junior-wear and not at all expensive.  The fact that the dress was completely re-worked for sale exposes the over-
    hype from the judges for what it is. And it still doesn’t even compete with the dress that Uli designed. By the way, Anthony;
    just because Uli has gravitated toward whites in fabric choices doesn’t mean wedding bells. White is another neutral, like ivory,
    beige, grey, navy, tan, or black. Unlike COBALT, AR.  And especially the way Uli used it here; with a very textured material that
    becomes very pretty and chic, in a simple but unique dress.  This shows how closely Uli reads her fabrics, and her ability to do alot,
    without over-doing.  Uli’s was the only one here that looked expensive, and the only one worth puchasing, imo. (And as long as they’re redesigning the sh*t out of everything: I could easily see Uli’s dress in that hot fuschia or a demure spring green… with the
    exact same fabric).   Needless to say, it was Uli for the win.
    I would have given Josh the auf; I don’t get any of the praise for his design… they were praising the color.. for heavensake;
    the same color he seems to find in any store room, everywhere.  I thought it was a trampy look, and made poorly. I’m also really
    intrigued with what on earth is going on in Josh’s head when he’s standing there on the RW; looking at one after another of the
    leaders or stars in the fashion industry….  I have questions.  I can’t see his dress anywhere except a street corner.
    I don’t know why they trashed Ivy’s as much as they did – it was Tahari’s own print and it was fine at any length. I liked the print
    but I disliked the shiny fabric it was on; still it wasn’t a bad looking dress, it just didn’t look very special or expensive either.
    In fact the shiny material is what brought it down for me; it looked like very beachy and casual wear to me. Not $5-700.
    Emilio’s was the biggest disappointment again; I thought it was completely un-inspired.  For a moment when he was editing his
    look in the wkrm; I glimpsed the rich yellow dress without any trim and I thought it was going to be beautiful… then he tacked on
    the windowpane strips, almost as an after thought.   Enough crap about color Emilio; the world is a buffet of color, no one is
    taking it away from you; it’s always going to be there. How about the actual design ?   The dress was really not at all special,
    I think the strips looked tacky and un-neccessary. They tended to make the deep yellow look cartoonish, even slightly Josh-like.
    I liked the silhouette, but I think it required something more than the color or the added strips to make it a winning design.
    Without the gorgeous model it would have been nothing. And it still didn’t come off as expensive.

    • libraangel

      I agree with all you said. I forgot about AR saying how Uli wanted a ring on it. And then he gets kissy-poo on the runway with Josh!

    • Lisa_Cop

      But Emilio’s dress is always immaculately tailored and fitted.

      • guest2visits

        He’s a wonderfully capable designer and seamster(is that a word?); but he’s had some less than Emilio Quality
        moments this season. (like the mis-match of the lace panels on the back of the 20s dress)
        But I don’t expect 100 percent in construction from anybody – they just aren’t given enough time.

  • Indigo54

    Oh ok, I get it.  Duh!  I hadda stare at AR’s dress for a while to figure out what bothers me about it.  It’s 2 different dresses in one.  Look, the front is completely different from the back.  Right?  I wonder…. No, he had to have done that on purpose….. So why did he win the challenge?  I’ve got a headache. 

  • BuffaloBarbara

    Haven’t read anyone else’s comments yet, so I may be repeating.

    I actually liked Ivy’s sketch best, and wish she hadn’t decided to take their advice to “listen to the fabric” at this point.  A bright, lightweight print fabric like she picked would have been great for the flounce piece in the dress.  Then again, I always like Ivy’s sketches, and she almost never ends up with the garment she sketched, so maybe there’s something to that.

    I love the color of Josh’s, but that’s about all.  (Heck, it was even wool, which would have prevented me wearing it even though, for once, it was a style and color I can kind of pull off.)  What was he even trying to do with that zipper?  And baggy chest area?  No!  Nyet!

    Emilio’s was nice, but done.  Wish he’d stuck to his color blocking idea, which would have been more interesting.  The color he picked was awesome for his model, but yeah, probably wouldn’t fly off the shelves.  It’s one of those colors that doesn’t go with a wide variety of women, which is something to think about with RTW challenges.

    I thought Uli’s was way better than AR’s, though at least AR’s was a reasonable contender this week–cute and with lots of hanger appeal.  Uli’s had more, though.  I can close my eyes and see it hanging in a store, dressed up with a chunky gold necklace and a nice bag on the mannequin’s arm.  Very cute, and more able to go through different sizes.

    On Ivy’s fabric: It was pretty, but I can’t see it being practical.  She’s right that it’s obvious that the whole pattern is meant to be shown, but it’s such a huge scale that I can’t see how you’d do it outside a maxi-dress.  It feels like the only thing to do is cut one repetition, stick it in a frame, and hang it on the wall.

  • tessasouthworth

    In 1980 I bought a Tahari suit to wear to a job interview that was made out of a weave/texture identical to the one Uli used, but it was in a light olive/ivory. After having it blasphemously re-tailored to eliminate the 80s  exaggerated shoulders and to shorten the hem of the mid-calf-length pencil skirt, I still wear and get compliments on it today. Because of this, not to mention her superior design, I was so hoping that Uli would win this challenge, although I knew she wouldn’t because she’s not this season’s Anointed One.

    ITA with TLo and everyone else about Carolyn/Caroline’s (can’t even remember her actual name and don’t respect her enough to take the time to scroll back up to spell-check) speech cadence. But what really makes her hard for me to swallow is the air of entitlement and condescension with which she delivers her every utterance. I’m not a particular fan of Ivy or her design last night, but when she gave that affected yawn last night to describe Ivy’s designs in general, I just wanted to slap her smarmy little face.

    While fast-forwarding through the commercials on my DVR, I noticed and stopped on an ad for the upcoming PR season. Project Runway TEAMS?!? REALLY?!? While I gave up watching PR Mainline after the debacle that was Mondo’s/Gretchen’s season, I am looking forward to the TLo recaps of what looks to be a total train-wreck and more coma-inducing than butter cookies!

    • YES to your middle paragraph about “Carolyn whatsherface”-I felt like I was in the “Twilight Zone” when I was mentally rooting for Josh when he ‘sassed back’ to her (even though his backchat was far tamer than it would have been in his original season)-All of a sudden ‘whatsherface’ has become the expert on all things fashion. She should wear the clothes, shut up, and stop being a stealth b***^(and sometimes an overt one)

  • l_c_ann

    I may know a bit of the answer as to why the fabric was changed on the AR thingy.

    I went to the elietahari dot com website and (being frugal) went to the sale dresses.  Look at the back of the Sienna model (top row, third page).  That fabric looks really, really familiar (as does the way the back is cut.  The front neckline is different.  To me it looks as if the fabric was sourced within the studio.BTW, did anyone else hear the comment that Mondo’s design raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the same charity.  Has ANY dress ever earned that kind of money?  Evah?

    • Lilithcat

      All the fabrics used on the show were sourced from Tahari.  So that shouldn’t be a reason to change it.  I think it’s because AR cut and pieced the fabric, which would add to the cost of production.

    •  Oh, that’s a very doable amount, depending on the number produced and how much was donated — in this case, they are donating 100% of profits, and margins are fairly high on designer clothing, I believe.

      • Stubenville

        Conventional markup between wholesale and retail is 105% for clothing, so the price essentially doubles the moment it ends up in the store. So a $400 dress should be sold at wholesale for $195.

  • Amy

    Who else things Emilio’s model is bringing it? That girl could sell an actual paper bag dress. Which is almost as boring as some of what I saw last night 🙁

    • She is stunning. Odd how a bright yellow dress can be so blah but she does work some sort of magic because she is totally selling it.

      • libraangel

        Yes, but how many other people can look good in that color? one?

  • CarolinLA

    I’m still waiting for the dress that makes Isaac say in the previews that it’s the best dress ever on PR.  I thought this week might be it but no.

  • Rebecca Jay

    I like Anthony Ryan’s dress a lot, especially in the final-selling blue version.  If I could spend $400 on a casual dress, I would buy it. 

    Uli’s looks like my mother’s fancy company tablecloth .. right down to the fringed napkins on the shoulders.  It literally is that fabric, color, and pattern.

    • libraangel

      $400 for that? Really?!

  • snich11

    “There were designs as bad or worse” than Ivy’s?? That dress had NO design at all!

    Also, Uli was ROBBED (again).

  • ivy made the same mistake that many quiltmakers do- she fell in love with the fabric.  as soon as she said “i just can’t cut into it” i knew she was dead in the water.  she just hung it on the dress form and did the minimum to make it into a garment without disturbing her precious print.  she ceased being the designer and became a slave to the fabric.  unfortunately, the weight and feel of the fabric were not right for such a simple approach, and the way it hung at the slit and hemline looked cheap and flimsy.  she must have been blind not to see that awful rippling down the slit.  the tie at the waist constributed to the cheap look.  i actually liked anthony ryan’s, although it was not god’s gift to design as one might think from the judges comments.  i liked they ways he used different pants of the print to emphasize the lines at the shoulder and the pockets, and the way he used the snakeskin panels in the back.  unfortunately, they took all of the interesting design points out when they redesigned it for sale.  i can’t believe anyone would pay $500 for that plain little dress.  i was disappointed when uli went for the white again.  i love her designs, but the lack of color is boring me.  josh- is this a joke?  really”  $500 for a fat zipper that ripples over your ass while the sides of your backless (again) dress are gaping wide and your boobs are drooping to your waist in front?  i don’t think so.  and if emilio had stuck with the tri-color scheme his dress would have been more interesting.

  • It’s not even the same dress. Utterly ridiculous. And the original makes any semblance of a shape disappear.

  • I totally forgot to bitch about this–Stacy Keibler is now a “model/actress?”

    • jorinde

      well she stars in the george’s girlfriend show, doesn’t she?

    • libraangel

      Wasn’t she a wrestler once?!

    • Stubenville

      Wait – she doesn’t live in a hollow tree and bake cookies?

      • guest2visits

        HAHA – luv it!

  • paginatrix

    Just one observation:
    Carolyn Murphy’s neck is just about the scariest damn thing on TV.

  • Honestly?  The way AR fussy cut his panels made it not all that feasible to reproduce cost effectively in RTW.  He claimed he did it that way to not waste fabric, but that’s a total lie.  He was picking and choosing which parts of his print went in, which means that there was a *ton* of fabric wasting going on.

  • Aggravated as much as the judges at Emilio. That dress, once he removed what made it interesting (the colorblocking…which is only barely interesting to begin with!), conjured only two thoughts from me…

    (1) Yawn.
    (2) Go Bobcats. (The remaining two colors are the team colors of Tx State.)

  • Forgot to mention how INSANE Carolyn looked in the opening…everything went silvery in that lighting, and she looked like an alien. It was so distracting I wasn’t annoyed by her voice for once.

  • siriuslover

    I thought Uli should’ve won, but I also rather liked Emilio’s and felt it should’ve ranked higher than Anthony Ryan’s. I thought it might have worked really well with the color blocking, but I appreciate his actually listening to Elie.

  • jw_ny

    AR should have been in bottom 2 and Joshua should have been schmaufed. 

    Emilio’s…eh, but I think the yellow and chocolate (copper ?) colors are pretty as is.  If he had reversed them, the chocolate may have been too close to the model’s skin tone.   The yellow is stunning and vibrant on her.

  • janierainie

    Where are the precious pockets that every woman needs? Bleh.

  • AR’s dress is terribly unflattering.  It makes the model look extremely pear-shaped – narrow shoulders and wide hips.  Awful.  And I liked Ivy’s

  • jorinde

    did I get it right that Carolyn Murphy complained about the zipper in Josh’s dress when she was wearing a dress with an exposed zipper herself in the beginning?

    as for AR… I’m just sighing whenever I scroll down the TLo post (I have to wait for internet links before I get to watch the show) and realize his name is standing on top AGAIN. already in his season I thought he was merely grabbing already existing trends, not creating anything by himself. This dress here is really unflattering with the neckline and the side panels. 

    • Lisa_Cop

      YES! Carolyn’s first dress (Victoria Beckham, I believe) had an EXPOSED ZIPPER!!!

  • myristica_fragrans

    my problem with ivy’s dress was that the print was doing all of the work. if she’d made it in a solid color, nobody would have given her any praise. i really through eyebrowz was on his way out after giving the judges so much attitude.

  • CozyCat

    I liked it too.  The print was beautiful.  And given how bold the print was, a simple design was the right choice.  However, she should have known that a simple design isn’t going to win a design competition.

    That said:  the only objection I have to Ivy’s departure was that Josh’s was worse.  He took a lovely fabrice and added both lace AND an exposed zipper.  Either was bad, but those are two design elements that should never appear together–it’s like they come from alternate style universes that implode when brought together.

    • libraangel

      I think the someone was me.Thank you for answering me. Yes, the print was beautiful, and granted, if Ivy had only stuck with her original sketch or listened to Elie about shortening it for a super summer dress, maybe Ivy would have had a winner  Ivy’s stubbornness, being true to herself, and most importantly, not sticking to her original sketch (which was fab) AGAIN is what blew it for her. I also, however, hated Josh’s dress because of the lace and the sloppy workmanship. Maybe both of them should have aufed; maybe that would have been fair?

    • libraangel

      I think the someone was me.Thank you for answering me. Yes, the print was beautiful, and granted, if Ivy had only stuck with her original sketch or listened to Elie about shortening it for a super summer dress, maybe Ivy would have had a winner  Ivy’s stubbornness, being true to herself, and most importantly, not sticking to her original sketch (which was fab) AGAIN is what blew it for her. I also, however, hated Josh’s dress because of the lace and the sloppy workmanship. Maybe both of them should have aufed; maybe that would have been fair?

      • I would have been OK with a double auf. I couldn’t decide which I disliked more. I didn’t love Ivy’s. I thought it was uninteresting and pretty much a non-design, despite that gorgeous print; I also think she’s better than that, and she really did herself a disservice. I was OK with her elimination mostly because she’d been in the bottom three weeks in a row (or was in four, counting this one?) Even so, her sack dress was a hell of a sight better than that disaster Josh sent down the runway. Way to ruin a great fabric, dude. How has he lasted so long? How did he last so long in his season? Yes, I do know the answers to those questions, but, holy cats, it still boggles my mind.

  • CozyCat

    Back injuries are horrible.  They make you realize how every single muscle in your body is connected to your back, so every movement hurts.  Hang in there, it will eventually get better!

  • Trisha26

    Is Carolyn Murphy wearing braces now? I almost couldn’t understand a single word. Loved Uli’s dress, she should have won. Since when is ready-to-wear $500 to $700? I’m never surprised by the prices of designer clothes featured in this blog – but ready-to-wear?

    • Lisa_Cop

      In upscale department stores, nowadays dresses not on sale (and day dresses) cost from about $1200 – $2500. Crazy!

  • Zippypie

    I, too, completely forgot the show was on.  My only comment is, are you serious?!

    Uli should have won.  What a clusterfuck.

  • Hello, Josh? Kaynebow called and wants his taste issues back. Oy. That dress is so wrong, but fairly standard fare from ol’ Joshie. Yuck.

    Loved Ulis. Yawned at Anthony Ryan’s. Do not get the judges perpetual hard-on for that guy. I thought that the color blocking made the model look thick in the middle.

    Meh, Ivy’s She made a caftan and let the fabric do the talking. The only problem is that she isn’t Anya. Ivy, you’re better than this. And so are you, Emilio. I kinda-sorta liked where you were going with this, but you stopped at standard department store instead of going somewhere more sublime.

    • After the tackiness Josh has wrought week after week-I get fairly annoyed that Kaynebow was booted so early-he is more talented than Josh (IMO), more entertaining to watch (since that has obviously become a large factor in who gets the auf). Furthermore, I don’t know if any of the judges made comments about Kayne’s “taste issues”, but Josh’s designs are far worse. 

  • TLJezebel

    Uli 1.0 or even Anya would have done a lot more with Ivy’s print, no?

    • libraangel

      If Anya remembers how to thread a sewing machine – or even knows what a sewing machine is!

  • quiltrx

    If I had to guess just from the pictures, I would’ve assumed that “weird boob-to-waist pleat or drape” was a requirement of the challenge. 🙂
    (and the winner was the only one who didn’t do it LOL)

  • Uli should have won…..I think the judges were comatose. Any first year fashion design major would know that Anthony Ryan’s dress was not the winning one. Shame on the five of you sorry judges.

  • Uli should have won the challenge. The dress was so versatile. It could be won during the day, for work or in the evening for dinner or even for a red carpet affair. I think the judges were all comatose. Any first year fashion design student would know that Anthony Ryan’s dress was not the winning one. There should have been a double elimination.  Shame, shame, shame on the five “judges” 

    • Stubenville

      Less comatose than under strict orders from the producers to award Anthony Ryan the win no matter what.  IMO, Anthony Ryan’s dress was tied for second worst with Ivy’s. 

  • Oh my….there were six judges!!!!! More shame!!!!

    • libraangel

      Five? Anyway, Stacey Keibler doesn’t count! LOL (Nor Carolyn for that matter)

  • ccm800

    Josh is one shitty designer. Good lord. 

  • judybrowni

    Really? Anthony’s winning icky dress MADE A MODEL LOOK THICK AND LUMPY. Josh’s saggy boob front, exposed zipper stripper wear back, horrid color thing didn’t get him tossed? And, again, Ulli was robbed.

    So glad I’m reading the TLo summaries and not watching the wank fest.

  • Melvis Velour

    I really like Ivy’s fabric but the lack of craftsmanship reminds me of anything Anya sent down the runway.  Josh is next to go…

  • Diana Torell

    What’s making this show is Isaac! He was especially funny this time. They ruined Anthony Ryan’s dress to sell it.

    • libraangel

      I agree: the made-to-sell dress is so boring and just plain ugly. Who would pay $400 for that rag?

      • mhleta

        $40 at Kohl’s. Maybe.

    • Lisa_Cop

      This is what Isaac tweeted when I asked him about last week’s about last week’s about face on Anthony Ryan’s feather capelet: “@balletjones no dear that’s called FASHION. Embrace the flip-flop!”

      • tessasouthworth

        What a horses’s ass! With apologies to the horse!

  • Presumptuous Insect

    Judging? Schmudging. What a load of crap. 

    Also, agree that the hostess talks too slow and sounds like a total moron. It’s embarrassing. 

    • mhleta

      And what’s with her teeth? She looked like she’d just chugged a glass of red wine before taping. I never noticed how grey her teeth are before. Odd for a model/hostess.

    • Yes, that’s what they’re doing on this show: schmudging! Real judging would have torn Josh apart and sent him home in a garbage bag.

  • ThaliaMenninger

    A-R’s dress is beyond unflattering. So ridiculous they felt the need to hand him a win yet again, with even less reason than before. I would’ve put Uli and Emilio as the top 2, Ivy in 3rd, A-R and his lumpy dress 4th, and then, of course, the hideosity that Josh threw up on the runway in last place. I thought there was no way they could ignore that mess with its pouter pigeon bodice and road map of the Himalayas zipper… But, of course, Ivy’s time had expired. Yes, her dress was problematic, but no more so than Anthony Ryan’s potato sack and certainly no more than Josh’s tacky nightmare. His dress looked like it belonged to a hooker who fell asleep on the floor of the bathroom in a crudball tavern down by the river in Peoria, woke up, brushed off some of the schmutz, wondered what the hell she did last night to stretch it all out of shape like that (“Did I shoplift 15 porkchops and a keg of beer and stuff it all down my top AGAIN?”), halfheartedly tugged it back into place as best as she could, and stumbled out into a grey, hostile dawn.

    • alyce1213

      You said it.

  • geeeque

    Uli’s dress was so cute! And original and versatile. Unlike every other garment which the deluded designers/ clueless judges claim could be worn by any size woman, it truly would flatter all figures. This dog of a show is so frustrating! Why do I torture myself?!

  • geeeque

    Seriously? Tyra’s thrilled ANY of her girls get work anywhere. In fact Aminat at has the strongest walk of any of the girls on this show. Emilio got lucky, she sells his work.

  • geeeque

    Watching Caroline my sister and I started laughing and at the same time said “Star Search!” She’s the worst thing about this season and that is saying ALOT.

  • VivianAdvanced

    I guess the producers lost hope that Ivy was going to produce some drama and sent her on her way. Josh’s was really the worst, with its pouchy front, but he is more fun than Ivy. I didn’t care that much for any of these designs. Uli’s, though I’d never buy it, was the most deserving of the win. Wow, what’s the point in getting to have your design win and get sold by Elie Tahari when it’s not even recognizable as yours? I didn’t really like it that much in its original form, but it doesn’t even look like the same dress. Why didn’t they use that fabric, since that’s where it came from in the first place? Uli’s was really the only one that looked like it was worth $500-$700, which to me, is still an expensive dress. The rest looked like they could be under $30. I didn’t really mind Emilio’s. There was nothing innovative about it, but it was a nice dress. Only a woman with a deep, rich skin color like his model’s would look good in it, though. I like the idea of reversing the colors. I’ll be glad when the real season starts, despite the fact that I’m not crazy about them competing in teams for the duration. I’ll just be happy to see Tim Gunn.

    • libraangel

      I love Tim Gunn! The best of the bunch!

  • MeaganJ


    I loved Ivy’s print but she
    completely destroyed it with her design; there was so much potential there. My
    DISH co-worker and I were talking about this episode and how boring Anthony Ryan’s
    design looks on the Elie Tahari website, maybe it was more expensive to make
    than they originally thought? Next week Katie Holmes is guest judge and she looks
    like she does not hold back on her opinions so it should be interesting to
    watch. I’m going to set my DISH Hopper to record it, there is over 2,000 hours
    of entertainment space so I can watch my favorite programs from any room in my
    house; this has been a lifesaver for me as I can watch this in my living room
    and finish watching in my kitchen.

    • SugarSnap108

       So, do you work for DISH?

  • Janice Janek

    Josh’s dress was an ugly reworking of the dress that Carolyn was wearing in the first segment. A very poorly executed reworking, but a rip-off all the same. The middle of his top is similar to her halter top and the back with the hideous exposed zipper is exactly the same. Why is he still on the show…oh yeah, he is supposed to be bringing in the drama.

    They should just give the win to AR and put this season out of its misery. 

  • SugarSnap108

    I actually don’t hate AR’s.  I like the back, but the proportions aren’t flattering.  The neckline makes the model’s shoulders narrow, while the cut and fabric pattern make her hips wide, when logically gurl is not hippy.  Uli’s is the only one I’d actually wear — in a color.  But I do think, from a design perspective, it’s pretty ho-hum.  Ivy’s and Josh’s just make me angry.

  • Lisa_Cop

    In season 1 of All Stars a wrong was being righted. Mondo was robbed when Gretchen won. But in this season? Anthony Ryan is a nice guy who’s colorblind and has 1 testicle. He was eliminated midway through his season (9) that Victor Luna should have won ( instead of Anya). The unconditional love he’s getting now on All Stars is baffling!

    • libraangel

      Victor’s creations were divine, and beautifully made. He won in my book: I don’t even know that Anya exists.

  • seriously Ivy’s dress looked like a 700 dollar dress. I could see it from a Japanese fashion design for a boho chic women. What kind of women would ever pay 700 dollars for joshua. besides the poor construction, it was just cheap and slutty looking. why the f is he still on. Also why are the judges sucking so hard on Anthony’s one remaining testicle?

  • mhleta

    I finally got through the show last night. I see the problem now. Ivy didn’t listen. She actually could have won or been in the top if she had taken Mr. Tahari’s note and shortened the dress. He’s the client, he’s the mentor, he’s the man with a plan. Why wouldn’t you listen to him, Ivy? Still, Josh’s dress was clearly the poorest in concept, design and execution and he should have been given his walking papers. Having seen Uli’s dress up against ARs I totally agree, Uli’s dress was infinitely superior. ARs looked like something out of Macy’s, maybe $80 max, and it would have ended up in the sale rack despite the Tahari name. Josh doesn’t think $500 is a lot to drop on a ready-to-wear dress? Like our politicians, how quickly designers lose touch with the economic reality most Americans live in. (Also, whichever one of the judges said she’d wear ARs on the red carpet was delusional.) It’s not the kind of dress anyone covets. It’s not the kind of dress any woman would wear more than once or twice. Uli’s on the other hand, really timeless and truly an investment piece. It’s the sort of dress you’d never tire of coming up with new ways to wear. I’d keep that dress forever. To me that’s what Tahari is all about. The few pieces of his I’ve been lucky enough to acquire I’ve kept for years and years and they’re always go-to pieces. This show continually disappoints. I think I wouldn’t watch it anymore if I couldn’t come here and spew bile. Thank you TLo for receiving our Bitter Kitten bile.  

    • janierainie

       “I think I wouldn’t watch it anymore if I couldn’t come here and spew bile. Thank you TLo for receiving our Bitter Kitten bile. ” You are like my bitter kitten twin! 

  • PinkLemon

     I was getting preeettty sick of Ivy’s poor designs. THANK GAWD. That dress just looked like a bad 90’s ripoff to me.

  • libraangel

    I just thought of something when I saw Emilio’s dress again: I wonder if it would have looked better if those colored lines would have been cut-outs a la Dmitry?

    • tallgirl1204

      I think I switch TLo here– reversing the colors would have made it much more wearable for more women, but still would have had that edgy pop of color. However, maroon and gold are my college colors so I wouldn’t be buying it anyway– too collegiate for me.

      • libraangel

        You are right: I just pictured in my mind Emilio’s dress in maroon with gold “stripes” – much better!

  • Derek_anny

    Josh’s poor model.  She’s been given a saggy uniboob.

  • LambeeBaby

    I think Anthony Ryan deserved the win. Uli’s had a dish towel feel.

  • I just watched the episode now. How dull PR has gotten.

    Elie was a great judge and mentor. They need to use him more often. He makes me want to buy his stuff to support him, but I cannot afford it. :

    I loved Ivy’s print, aside from the back part, and how it moved when the model was walking. Josh should certainly have gone home over her, since his was so poorly made that it ruined whatever his design was supposed to be.

    Emilio’s model is totally hot. His dress was not.

    Uli’s made me think the model was wearing a little shrug. What a trick to my eye. Definite winner.

    AR’s is just… yuck. So much cutting and “pasting” of the pieces was a waste of the fabric. No wonder they had to change the design. His way would probably resulted in a lot less profit, right?

  • I would not pay more than $50 for any of these dresses. 

  • janice

     Humor can be dissected as a frog can, but the thing
    dies in the process and the innards are discouraging to any but the
    pure scientific mind.

  • KrateBay

    I’m a regular Elie Tahari customer, and shop the standalone store in my city on a regular basis, as well as look at the line/try on options at Nordstrom and Saks Off Fifth. I have to say: Anthony Ryan’s looks most like it fits in the Elie Tahari line. Ivy’s pattern does, but not the cut or length – ugh. I agree with TLo though: Uli’s looks best, and strangely, looks like it fits in the Elie Tahari line, only in a more interesting way than Anthony’s option, which is almost cliche Tahari. If Uli’s look was selling, I would be buying!

  • jennsilentcrow

    I liked Ivy’s best as well.( ok,maybe the neck line was a bit ICK) 
    No accounting for taste.

  • Judy_J

    I finally watched this episode, and couldn’t believe Josh was given yet another pass.  His dress was so horribly tacky, so badly fitted, so poorly made….I could go on and on.  The only redeeming quality was the color, and even that was questionable.  Poor Ivy.

  • I’m getting a bit bored w/Anthony Ryan’s creations and his cattiness.  Also can he get a new hair style?  Ugh.  I really liked Uli’s dress and sorry to see that she didn’t win yet again.  And yes, who is this Carolyn Murphy…she is too strange and boring.  

  • Susan Rappenwolf

    Uli did an amazing, classic dress. I could see Audrey Hepburn wear it. It could bear almost any type of jewelry, wrap, coat, and shoes. If it were for sale and I was a size for it, it would be my go-to before the LBD.

  • elikit

    Ugh, I too do not get the hard-on for Anthony Ryan – that dress looks like something I could buy for $50 from Dorothy Perkins. I could not imagine spending $500-$700 for something that bland and uninteresting. And the colours looked fine on the runway, but in retrospect, the pictures make them look dull and drab. 

    I really liked Uli’s dress though, interesting details and just lovely.

    But honesty, between Josh’s dress and Ivy’s dress, Josh should have so gone home. At least Ivy’s wouldn’t look out of place in a shop, whereas it was clear that J’s dress was a hot ass mess.