PR All Stars: It’s Not Easy Being Green

Posted on December 07, 2012

What a total snooze of an episode. A “make a pretty dress” challenge that they tried to – pun unintended- dress up with a totally unrelated visit to the High Line and the imposition of a “green” restriction, which really only meant that the designers were all forced to use the ugly fabrics product-placed into the show.

Bleh. We were fighting sleep the whole time.


The designers are all friendly when they’re facing each other, which means no drama in the workroom, but MAN, they are the BITCHIEST when it comes time for their confessionals. Everyone trashed everyone else’s garment behind their backs.



So congratulations Laura “Privileged” Kathleen! The judges found your garment to be the least ugly out of all the ugly or half-assed garments produced this week! Which is a joke, because the proportions on this thing are totally out of wack and the fabric is downright hideous. The clock is ticking, Carolyn Murphy. We want to see you on a red carpet wearing this like you promised. And no; putting a red carpet swatch down in your back yard and taking 5 quick steps up and down it while no one is looking doesn’t count. We want to see this on you, in front of a step-and-repeat and 30 photographers trying to suppress their laughter.



The judges also inexplicably praised THIS hot mess coming from Uli. Girl, we love you, but this was ass from top to bottom.



But no one got more undeserved praise than soon-to-be-crowned winner Anthony Ryan. There have always been teacher’s pets on PR but we don’t think anyone has ever been so over-praised. Which isn’t to say he’s a bad designer. He’s actually a decent one and we don’t argue with the idea that he could make it to the finals. It’s just that when he stumbles, like any designer would during a competition like this, the judges embarrass themselves by singing hosannas. This dress was a big ol’ unflattering nothing and they all acted like it was genius-level design.

Nina would’ve had his head for using blue and black yet again.



The biggest problem with this challenge was the fabric line forced on the designers. This is not expensive-looking fabric, which means even when they make a decent dress, it looks too casual and downscale for the RC. We kinda liked this dress, but it’s too thick around her waist and there’s too much detail there. But the fabrics would’ve been great for some sort of beach wrap or sun dress.



This would have been a beautiful gown rendered in a better fabric.



This is the only dress on the runway that actually looked like it belonged on a red carpet. It’s too basic a design for a win, and there were several execution problems, but we think the judges were being a bit hard on it.



Horrible. She should’ve been sent home for this.



But it was Althea’s turn to be checked off the list, regardless of what she made. We don’t love this dress, but it’s at least interesting and not aggressively ugly like some of the others.

Feh. A waste of an hour.


[Photo Credit: Lifetime – Stills:]

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  • I have an old Betsey Johnson dress – a hand-me-down from my sister that I think is actually a hand-me-down from our mom, so it’s potentially a thirty-year-old dress – in the exact print, mauve color, and texture of Althea’s dress. It’s a simple spaghetti strap sheath, not with all that crap all over it, but I own the damn thing and even I know that’s a color and texture that isn’t red carpet-ready. It was VERY groovy when my sister wore it in the late 90s, but it ain’t no red carpet look for 2012.

  • You guys said it all.

    •  You know they only kept Ivy for the vain hope that she’ll supply some of that ice queen bitchiness like in her own season; and she’s working hard not to give that up.

  • Althea made an attractive basic sundress, then she tacked drapey stuff to it.

    I agree- most of the fabrics were terrible- would be interesting to learn about this special dye process though.

    • Pam Winters

      Yeah, instead of the pointless trip to the Highline, why not send them to the place they make the fabrics and teach them (and us) about the technique?

    • VanessaDK

      Why is it that the real proponents of “green” red carpet wear, like Livia Firth, get ignored on a challenge like this? 

      BTW:  I loved Uli’s idea of “recycling” old trim as an added element, rather than just taking the fabric.

  • GorgeousThings

    My son wanted to watch/record Glee, and I was set up to record The Editor’s Eye on HBO, so I missed this completely. It sounds like I didn’t miss a thing.

  • Like you guys, there was not one effort out there that deserved praise.  What a mess of a challenge.  And the utterly inexplicable praise for AR’s, and LK’s work had me howling with laughter.  That monstrosity of Ivy’s was an totally worth her being sent home.  Too bad it was Althea’s turn to leave the sandbox.

    And why Emilio sufddenly had so much trouble with such a basic dress is also a head scratcher.  Perhaps the producers deliberately shortened their time in order to create train wrecks from everyone.

    Casanova was the only one who produced a finished, polished looking garment. Why he didn’t use the reverse side is beyond me.  The red would have nailed it.

    • EditKitten

      Casanova’s design was quite pretty, and while I wish the fabric were different, I found it pretty delightful and toned-down for him. I would have given him the win.

      • Me too. Of all the dresses, it’s the most red carpet ready.

        • When I saw it, I though, “Give it to Helena Bonham Carter!! See what she does with it!”

        • Yes! I think so too. But I think his fabric is just HIDEOUS. Might’ve been better if he used the other side and hid the print…I dunno. That patchwork plaid is heinous.

      • libraangel

        WE should be on PR and be the judges!

    • guest2visits

      Did I miss the fact that they shorted the designers on the time (I could have been yaking and totally missed it) – ???
      Because that would have explained Emilio’s last minute scramble.  He’s so experienced and look at the deft pair of looks
      he made for the last challenge; it’s not making sense that he ran out of so much time.

  • I wish Casanova had flipped the way he used the fabric — mostly red on the outside with that plaid showing from underneath. I thought his dress, Emilio’s and Joshua’s were the top 3. I felt bad for Althea; she got saddled with some pretty awful fabric. 

    •  Thing is, if you look at the portion where they are choosing fabrics from the swatch ring, there were more fabrics than there were designers, so Althea could’ve taken something else.

      • Totally true, although from what I saw she picked the best of a rotten bunch of swatches left. 🙂

        •  Which ain’t sayin’ much, considering how nas-tay most of the choices were.  Now, here’s an idea for a real challenge.  “Designers, you each are going to be given one of these appallingly awful fabrics to work with. Your challenge is to make something wearable and stylish out of them. Your design must use the fabric predominantly.”

          •  They’d be blind to the awfulness- Joshua in particular. His runway collection featured one of the most gawdawful prints imaginable.

          •  I remember.

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            I’m shuddering in sympathy with you at the memory of that collection!

          • “Designers, you can use as much polyester double knit as you like. But it must be more than 50% of your red carpet gown.”

          • Just the thought is giving me virtual hives.

          • Oh, me too — but those are the kinds of challenges that separate the wheat from the chaff. Imagine what Korto or Mondo, working at their best, could do with such a challenge.

          • FloridaLlamaLover

            Kiltdntiltd– you and me both, brotherman.  I still can see the double knit polyester pants suits of the 70’s. yikes.

    • Introspective

      A great assessment of the beauty and the apparent “shortcoming” of casanova’s garment. Im so sad his got pushed to the middle when it was worth way more discussion than most of the fuckery that came down the runway last night.

      I have to agree w/whomever in TLounge said casanova is next to go accdg to the script so they need to make sure he gets no extra attention in advance of the auf. Im so angry at that script too since it seems to suggest Anthony Ryan as the (incredibly undeserving ) winner of the whole thing.

    • I would have worn Casanova’s dress as is, because that’s me, but I agree about reversing the fabric for Schmeidi 2.0 to wear on the RC. I think some of the designers forgot about that part: the person who would be wearing it.

      Althea’s fabric looked suitable for nursery bedding. That’s all.

      • Indigo54

         Well now, maybe Schmeidi is just being practical.  She could wear Laura’s outfit on the red carpet (no idea what RC event would be appropriate for pajamas) then she’d go home and go straight to bed.  I think Laura would love it if she did that, don’t you?  We must always be feminine, even while sleeping. 

        • libraangel

          Terrific post, indigo! I agree: ballroom (not Uli’s) to bedroom.

  • Jena Marie DiPinto

    PRINCESS MUFFY ENTITLEDSHIRE WON?!?! Ugh. I’m so glad I have peppermint tea instead of coffee this morning. My stomach is churning at the thought.

    •  I had such a sad.
      And do we think this was mostly done so that we could have her gleeful about her idol praising her?  Yep. Has DVF lost a few points in my estimation for being party to it? Yep.

      • CozyCat

        I wasn’t that surprised that DVF picked LK as the winner.  She seems to have a weakness for designs that remind her of the disco days of her youth.  I remember the wistful tone she had while discussing MIchael Knight’s “Pam Greer” not pants.  Last night she was OD’ing on nostalgia for the palazzo pants she once wore–that could have been just enought to push LK to the head of the ugly pack.

        • She did the same thing to Michael Costello on the last round of All-Stars. Remember that wretchedly blah melon-colored satin thing? Anthony Ryan’s dress seemed very similar in cut, but maybe I’m remembering it wrong. Anyway, DVF was all over it and it, too, had that very ’70’s feel to it. At that time I said that if she didn’t like it I’d be surprised. She did and he won that challenge.

          •  No, you’re right, AR’s was similar to that caftan of Costello’s. DVF even said, “Michael, you’ve got to come work for me,” and he did one of those OMG pageant faces.

        • Sweetbetty

           When LK was describing her pants that were so full that they looked like a skirt in the workroom I was wondering why she didn’t just say “palazzo pants” instead of trying to make it sound like they were a new and novel idea.  And then when DVF told that long, drawn-out anecdote about palazzo pants, like no one else knew about them, I was really scratching my head.  But then, I lived through that era and maybe today’s young fashionistas wouldn’t have recognized the term, palazzo pants.

          • Call me Bee

            Yeah me, too.  But I would think any designer that went through any kind of desing program would know what palazzo pants were…like cigarette pants or bell-bottoms.  It’s fashion history! 

          • John Robison

            From what I gather, history is all to often glossed over. My mother called them “palatzzo pants” when she watched it train wreck it’s way down the runway. She then smiled when DVF talked about them. And the anecdote was a “I have more fabulous in my little toe than any of your b***hs. All of you added up MIGHT get you as much as the nail, but that would be stretching things.”

          • terpsichory

            I thought the best part of the episode was watching a pink slippered Isaak squirm with delight as DVF managed a straight-faced sequitur to recount that time in Rome, when she was engaged to a good-looking prince.
            Don’t we all have stories like this to share?

          • libraangel

            DVF made me want to barf.

          • Lisa_Cop

            I got a pair of Purple Label Ralph Lauren palazzo pants in the late 90’s. They were fitted around the butt/hips but then flaired out.

          • LesYeuxHiboux

            I recognize palazzo pants from Colorguard uniforms. Oh how I hate the flapping about the ankles. It feels like you were wearing a long skirt and it’s bunching between your thighs, nothing glamorous or flattering about them. Overgrown culottes. 

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        This makes me even happier that I missed this episode. Watching DVF being a party to this mess would have put me in a quadruple sad.

        • I’m with you. It recorded on my dvr and I deleted it without watching. Heidi Klum is the (reality) fashion world’s Jim Jones. She’s poisoned the kool aid.

    • Introspective

      LOVING this moniker for blenley. I think it needs to be brought into rotation on the boards here… Just sayin

      • You’d have to knock of the “princess” part, because a) she isn’t even remotely regal and b) she would enjoy being considered a princess.  Glad I didn’t watch.  From what I’m seeing in these pictures, Ivy should’ve been schmaufed this week.

  • tallgirl1204

    I could see someone like Anne Hathaway (who is going for the odd looking dress these days) in Althea’s, maybe in a darker fabric.  In fact, wouldn’t that be great?  A big ole bird to the judges… Maybe Annie can wear her Althea-crazy-dress while standing next to Carolyn Murphy in Laura Kathleen’s hot mess of a caftan/palazzo thingie, and we’ll see who the real winner/loser is.   

  • tignor

    While I know it wasn’t completed, Emilio’s dress (or perhaps Joshua’s) should have won. Only those 2 look red-carpet worthy. That jumpsuit Laura made was all kind of major fug. Very backwoods. Those fabrics were hideous.

    But no mention on what the HELL Schmeidi was wearing on the Highline? WTF was that???

    • MoHub

      Penn Dutch chic, missing only the little chignon bonnet. And her final runway dress had more puckers than Ivy’s offering.

    • Indigo54

      I’m so glad somebody else noticed those rags Schmeidi was wearing – HORRIBLE.  Were those cable knit sleeves?  What is it with her?  Does she go out of her way to find the ugliest outfits to wear on the show?  That was a hot mess! 

      •  I suspect she has little if any real say in the matter.  She simply doesn’t have enough industry clout to demand it.

        • alyce1213

          I’m not sure I agree.  I think these producers don’t give a crap about what she wears and let her put on anything as long as it doesn’t cost them money.  I get the feeling that’s her taste we’re seeing.  I could be wrong, I dunno.  

      • Pam Winters

        I had a feeling it was upcycled from ’80s schoolwear and a ’50s foundation garment by artisanal Brooklynites.

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          Artisanal Brooklynites-genius, m’dear!

    • 3boysful

       “But no mention on what the HELL Schmeidi was wearing on the Highline? WTF was that???”

      I thought the same thing.  I think it must have been intended as a recycled  creation, and truthfully, I thought the poossible re-use of knit sweater sleeves was kind of cool, but the rest of the fabric was bleh and the sum total was assy mess.

      • Indigo54

         Cable knit sweater sleeves attached to recycled wax paper…I resent that!  Four days later and I still haven’t gotten over it.  What a terrible experience!

        • Sweetbetty

           I felt insulted that we were subjected to that dress, too.  If there had been some explanation given for it, maybe I could have accepted it.  I just wonder if it was Schmeidi’s choice or if she had to be begged, threatened, cajoled, or paid off to wear that monstrosity.

    • I thought AR’s looked like Ty-D-Bowl with that blue color. I was a bit disgusted by his dress.

    • Sweetbetty

       I’ve been waiting for more discussion on that!  It looked like a bad design school thrift store assignment where an old foundation garment was pieced in the bodice front, an old nylon nightgown was used for the shoulders, sleeves were cut off an old sweater, and an old sheet was used for the rest of the garment.  Totally bizarre and hideous.

    • Lisa_Cop

      It looked like a Victoria Beckham beiga top placed over a white flaired dress with pink cable knit sleeves added as a bad afterthought. Hideous. But Carolyn Murphy muct have been told to wear it; she tweeted that it was 100 degrees that day and she was sweltering.

  • Cathy S

    I like Emilio’s and Althea’s the best. Her dress was very interesting and it was a hell of a lot better than Ivy’s which is horrible in every way. I also agree about Casanova’s–the gown is really lovely and that fabric is hideous.

  • Funkykatt

    i skim through this show now the morning after it’s premiered. B-O-R-I-N-G.  I used to look forward to it but I think they’ve run out of good ideas.

  • Catiline

    Emilio, Casanova and Josh would’ve been my top three (partially by default).  I’m a little surprised at myself, because I would never have expected to like a Josh garment as much as I like that one.

    • Lisa_Cop

      Ditto. I agree with Althea and Ivy should have been in the bottom. But Althea made a wearable ( though not RC) sundress. I simply can’t describe the horrid, badly executed mess Ivy made but she should have been eliminated for it.
      I think the fact that other weeks Ivy has been in the top 3 (Althea has always been in the middle or bottom) is what saved her.

  • janierainie

    Yes, “make a pretty dress”, but use these ugly fabrics. This was such a snoozefest. I thought I was going to throw up when IM called AR darling. 

    • janierainie

      I forgot to add :You know they’ve hit bottom (hopefully) when the biggest laugh is when Casanova is talking about his armpit odor.

    • EditKitten

      “Darling” = I vomited. It’s so fawning and ridiculous and it’s pissing me off. My husband saw that dress and went, “Ew. That thing is HIDEOUS.” Then they praised it and he just shrugged and said, “Guess that shows what I know.” I told him the judges were high on fumes.

      • libraangel

        And Isaac is high (!) on Anthony Ryan. Just go get a room, guys, and get it over with!

  • MoHub

    Althea’s fabric might have worked for a ’70s retro granny gown for one of the Olsen twins. With a big ol’ straw sun hat.

  • KateWo

    Well I’m not going to bother watching this episode after this recap…what a bunch of fug. Love the design of Casanova’s, and at least Ivy doesn’t have a sheer skirt. Is this the mid season slump week or what? Too bad Kayne missed the gown challenge. Someone tell me this is not the episode with where Isaac declares a dress as the best thing he’s ever seen on Project Runway….which I’m convinced will be about Anthony Ryan.

    • 3boysful

       Casanova took a pretty bad fabric and made it cute.  I loved the red peeking out on his dress  And how could Emilio not finish that basic, but very pretty, gown?

  • Susan Collier

    How disappointing after two interesting challenges.
    Man, those fabrics were bad. I have no idea why Emilio was slammed; the problems in his dress could have been fixed with more time.
    I don’t think that any more time and effort could have saved Althea’s or Ivy’s dresses. You don’t have a pictures of Althea’s dress walking away. It looked like a bunch of mauve caterer’s napkins hot glued to the back.

  • spooki C

    Glad I didn’t bother watching on TV last night. Those fabrics are pretty bad, they look scratchy and cheap, hope those dresses were lined with something comfortable. Everything sent down that runway is butt-fugly. Can’t say I could legitimately pick a winner, I’d have to throw a dart at them or flip a coin or maybe borrow some crack from Orange Kors.

    Aminat (Emilio’s model) bored me on ANTM but she’s winning me over.

    • EditKitten

      She’s gorgeous. She has such a unique face.

  • I still like LK’s jumpsuit, but I really can’t see Shmeidi McBlanderson wearing it. I could much more easily see her in Althea’s dress, ironically. 
    I also liked Uli’s, but the trim was pretty raggedy. Probably shouldn’t pull feather trim out of a sloppy pile of trims. I think maybe I like her fabric and the idea of the dress more than the actual dress. It would have been the perfect fabric for Josh’s rusty pipe inspiration a few episodes back. Has Uli always been so trim-tastic? I don’t remember her using it during her season as much as Jerell did in his, but her work this season is heavily reminding me of his work then. 
    Couldn’t believe they kept Ivy’s tortured dress over Althea. Althea’s was stupid looking, but possibly salvageable: I think if she’d gone all the way around the skirt with those godeted handkerchief ruffles, it might have even been beautiful, instead of looking like she’d  ripped off the front of her skirt. Like I said last night, Ivy’s dress just looks tortured. It looks like she made her dress out of a duvet. 
    What were they bitching about with regard to Emilio’s lining? I didn’t even understand that critique. They just put him in the bottom to make him sweat, because even without a hem, his look is pretty damn impeccable. That way when they shmauf him later, they can claim to have seen it coming/have reason to.
    I like Josh’s fabric – I want it made into a kicky little casual pantsuit for me (the tweedish printed side – the more painterly part would be a good lining). 
    My eyes might roll into the back of my head if Anthony wins the whole shabang.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      I’ll be sadly disappointed if Anthony takes this season…not surprised, given the puzzling overpraising of his work, but disappointed.

      • Lisa_Cop

        I think Anthony Ryan has either won or been in the top 3 every damn week! Unbelievable.

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          As I said, it’s puzzling to me; perhaps Mr. Mizrahi has a big ole crush on Mr. Anthony Ryan?

  • BuffaloBarbara

    Yes, that hour seemed to last forever, and forcing that godawful fabric on them was unfair.

    I liked Ivy’s sketches a lot, but she knows she shouldn’t have gone for something that complicated, and she knows about time management.  I actually found the conversation about well-executed bad design versus poorly executed good idea the only marginally interesting part of the show, along with the design-relevant comment that a designer should realize what’s possible with a fabric and change design accordingly.

    Casanova’s was a nice dress, and the way the bright red came out when the model moved was super, but the upper print was in questionable taste.  Still, since the fabric was forced on him, that shouldn’t have counted against him.

    Laura’s, I hated.  I was pretty sure it was just me and my irrational hatred of the wide-legged style, but apparently you guys thought it was cray, too.

    Emilio’s was pretty, but yes, basic.  I’d have put him in the middle.

    Anthony Ryan–dear God, that was fug.  It’s a blue sack with a black belt.

    Josh, okay job with gross fabric.

    Uli, I’d have put in the top three because we’re running out of designers and it’s not in the bottom and others are more deserving of the middle.

    Althea.  Well, it was her turn to go, and at least it wasn’t a total bullshit call, since that schmatta was a frankendress of epic proportions. 

    I guess I’d have gone with Casanova for the win, with Josh and Uli filling out the top by default.  Emilio and Laura in the middle.  Bottom three Ivy, Althea, Anthony Ryan.  On the basis of design flaws I probably still would have sent Althea home, though it would have been a close call with Ivy.

    • random_poster

      A very well thought out evaluation.  Kudos!

  • They ALL hurt my eyes.

  • I must have my design eye in backwards, because I like most of the fabrics here, and do not understand the love for that hideous leopard print sweater from yesterday. Do I need to ask you all to politely step off my lawn?

  • Jangle57

    I preferred Casanova’s dress over everyone’s though the fabric looked like a picnic tablecloth.   I thought Anthony Ryan’s looked like an expensive beach coverup.  And Laura Kathleen’s outfit wins?  Blech.  I missed the first 10 minutes so didn’t realize Faux Heidi was going to have to wear on to a RC event; they’d better pick something really big and not some movie opening in Siberia.

    • Pam Winters

      My spouse: “She goes to red carpet events?”

  • Annabelle Archer

    “Feh. A waste of an hour.” A reoccurring sentiment where this show is concerned.  Project Feh.

  • Sapphireblue

    yes yes yes horrible dresses BUT can we please do the public service of announcing that if you haven’t had time to shave your chest hair or exfoliate in several days due to the rigor of the PR taping schedule you need to NOT WEAR A BIG-ASS HIPSTER V-NECK TOP TO SHOW US ALL YOUR INGROWN CHEST STUBBLE? Looking at you, Casanova… or rather, trying very very hard NOT to look at you.

  • What on earth is Carolyn Murphy wearing?!

  • Laylalola

    Althea’s managed to almost look ethereal from the side as the model flowed in it down the runway — no small feat given how horribly inappropriate the fabric was for a red-carpet challenge. She should have stayed. 

    How can the producers fail to notice that we’re halfway through an All-Stars show and yet the needless and pointless restrictions placed on the competitors results in crap like Ivy’s dress (truly awful, ugly garments no woman on the planet would lust after or consider fashion) still keeping the designer safe. 

    •  To be honest though, it was mostly Ivy’s fault.  She knew what amount of time she had, and yet, she still chose to design a dress with a lot of pattern pieces that would require rigorous fitting to work correctly.  As a professional, she should know that’s not wise under such time constraints.

  • Sarah Tyrchniewicz

    Wow, I don’t agree with the winner or the loser in this case. I have a strong bias for Althea, but I’m not even playing favorites when I disagree this time.

  • Wow… last night this did not seem THAT SCREEMINGLY ugly (maybe because it was further away and I was half asleep and distracted by a terrier with a racquetball (i.e. I MISSED YOU! THROW THE BALL NOW!). These fabrics DO look cheap. I am surprised Ivy didn’t go home…looked like a tin foil and gold spray paint challenge… with 30 minutes time. The ‘win’ on a real runway? Sure hope lots of real press are there!.

  • BookishBren

    I wouldn’t say Anthony Ryan is the most over praised in the history of the show—-I think that title belongs to Gretchen or Anya, frankly. 

    Laura Kathleen has posted on Twitter that she is getting the “bitch edit” on the show, but they cannot edit a show to make words come out your mouth. 

    • EditKitten

      I hate it when they say “I’m getting a bad edit.” Girl, you say the words; when you give them the choice, they’re going to use the nasty ones. Duh. It’s not like she hasn’t been to this rodeo before.

      • llou56

        y’know, maybe I watched previous seasons under the influence, but I honestly don’t remember Lara Kathleen.  When was she on?!

        • EditKitten

          Season 9.

  • DinaSews

    ‘But no one got more underserved praise than soon-to-be-crowned winner Anthony Ryan.’  I beg to differ, ANYA.

    • DinaSews

      BTW, love the Kermit-the-Frog reference.

    • I took that statement as regarding the episode only, not in PR history. 

      Understandable, though, since the show uses “in Project Runway history” so often.

  • Targettaste

    It’s ridiculous to give the designers such limited choices in fabric, most of which were inappropriate for red carpet clothing, and then ding them for their fabric! Some of those garments would have been fine with a different fabric, and some of those fabrics would have been fine in casual clothing.  Did I miss the parameters of the challenge that required the designers to glob massive amounts of fabric on their dresses?

  • I was quite convinced last night that I either know nothing about fashion or was watching a different show than the judges were. ARs ‘thing’ (he wins ‘schmatta of the season’ thus far with that) was about 6-8 sizes TOO BIG on that model, the ‘draping’ was awful, it was glued together. In my eyes it was definite bottom 3 (along w/Ivy’s monstrosity and Althea’s inadvertent “Holly Hobby” look). I loved Casanova’s except for the print-which he had no control over. I love Uli but that dress was TOO TOO much. Josh’s was more tasteful than hers. The biggest tragedy of the night was how hard they came for Emilio-downright nasty-“You shouldn’t have used that trim”,  etc. I know his dress was unfinished in his eyes and the hem was not done, but it was light years above ARs disaster. (I still am wondering if AR sewed even 1 stitch for that-it looked all draped and glued). I felt so badly for Emilio-and them complaining about a small trim, when Uli had thrown everything imaginable at her dress. (I can’t remember the other complaints they had with his dress).

    • Looking back at ARs ‘thing’ just now-I remembered that last night I was reminded of the story “The Emperor’s new clothes”. There was nothing good or redeeming about that thing and the model looked humongous in it and AR made top 3 with it! I thought at least DVF would be honest about it, nope. 

    • libraangel

      I ALWAYS feel like I’m watching a different program than the judges, and apparently all of the posters here do too, because all of your opinions are ten times more valid and truthful than the judges’. And I couldn’t think how I could describe Althea’s dress, and you gave me the word, Suzanne:”holly hobby” exactly!

  • Kayceed

    I knew they wouldn’t give it to Emilio again, but to my eye – despite the unfinished hem – this was the best red carpet look out there. At least it didn’t look cheap. And here’s the thing – Emilio built an entire under-dress to create structure upon which to place the chiffon – that’s some old-school couture strategy right there. I love that he did that – but no one else seemed to give a hoot. And Ivy’s tortured dress should have gone – her sketch was sublime, but boy was that an ugly dress. 

  • formerlyAnon

    Casanova was robbed. If red carpet appropriate was the prime criterium, Emilio could have won.

    Lots of nada mucho, otherwise.

    edited for clarity

  • Jepham

    The one criticism they made of LK’s outfit was that it looked narrow at the top and wider through the hips. Now, take a look at “darling” AR’s blue thing (though I did love that color) and tell me it doesn’t make that skinny model look broad through the hips. 
    They kept mentioning the lining of Emilio’s being bad but I couldn’t see that. I would never have put him in the bottom 3 for that red dress. It wasn’t spectacular but far above some of the others.
    The sketch Ivy made of the dress she was going to sew looked very nice. The crap that she sent down the runway was a disaster. I was fine with either Ivy or Althea going home…or both of them for that matter.

  • Judy_J

    If Carolyn Murphy does wear Laura’s design on some red carpet in the future (note she did not say when or where), I predict it will be totally redesigned and in a completely different fabric.  Ivy’s dress was so hideous, it hurt my eyes.  She should have been sent packing.

    • BrooklynBomber

      My thought, too: different fabric, plus all the other necessary corrections.

  • nannypoo

    Althea wasted her time and whatever opportunity this show presented by producing nothing worthwhile during her entire time on it. Her ugly dress was not nearly as bad as the steaming pile presented by Ivy, but Ivy has only hinted at the drama and chaos she is capable of generating so of course she couldn’t go home yet. Casanova was robbed. His dress was interesting and seemed to be well constructed. If it had been made of a decent fabric it could have been beautiful.

  • Casanova’s is actually pretty cute. I dare say, my favorite thing he’s ever made. And the fabric is no uglier than the other fabrics.

  • yulaffin

    Snooze fest is right.  I kept falling asleep during the show.  Fortunately (or unfortunately), Lifetime re-runs it several times during the am hours so I managed to see the whole thing in bits and pieces.  I was not impressed with any of the designs.

    • That’s probably the best way to get through this — suffer it in “bits and pieces.”

  • They look all look like extas from Logan’s Run.

  • Laura: Had she not been that Carolyn woman’s object of interest, she’d be gussying up her privileged face with privileged make-up in front of a privileged mirror sequestered in a privileged hotel after what she showed last week. Oh, Carolyn WILL wear Laura’s… pajamas to the Red Carpet. She’s found her vapid twin; she’ll hold tight to her rags.
    (Laura clearly lacks technical skills and taste. All her pants and jumpsuits tend to have this gigantic ironing-board of a crotch.)

    Uli: Gross.

    Anthony: Gross.

    Josh: Decent. The draping is much more organic in the back. The front’s a bit… inelegant. Still, he controlled his impulses. This is downright plain for him. He kept the embellishments to a minimum, and the striations at the waist would have been good had he known how to properly contour the waist.

    Casanova: My clear winner! This is the best crafted garment. I like the undulating strap at the bodice. The fabric? He made it work!  The fabric has a patchwork quality. He didn’t make a frilly gown with it. He made a structured and solid-looking gown.

    Emilio: I love this saturated shade of red. I don’t mind the embellishments– or their placement– either, but I’ve no idea why he struggled so much in executing such a simplistic design. He’s produced ambitious, thoughtful, and impeccably crafted work the past three challenges.

    Ivy: Gross.

    Althea: They should have recognized her work for the previous challenge (she understood gender dissolution better than most of the others). This dress ain’t the worst either. Make no mistake, those panels at the back look ripped up and badly tacked on, but the foundation of the garment wasn’t badly configured to the body. Remove the panels and resolve the shoulder treatment, and you’d have something fairly basic but presentable. I’m sorry to see her go. She’s been very sweet in her communications with me (I don’t know her in person, but she has kindly responded to my messages multiple times). Best of luck!

    • kimmeister

      I always marvel at the fact that, despite all her privilege, LK’s makeup application looks TERRIBLE.

      • dorothea_brooke

        (bitchy)AND her hair is giving me bad flashbacks to my inept curling iron use in the late 70s/early 80s. (/bitchy)

  • I haven’t watched yet, but I gotta say.  I love Laura Kathleen’s dress.  It’s certainly not “red carpet” but I could see Solange wearing that in spring summer in Brooklyn

    • libraangel

      Solange usually has bad taste, and this WAS a red carpet challenge.

  • snich11

    LK’s garment looked like a 12-year-old’s home ec project made with fabric from WalMart. But really, given the challenge how well could anyone have done? They were given ugly-ass fabric and ONE DAY for the frikkin’ thing!

    WHY can’t the show allow more time for the challenges? It’s such a waste of time & talent.

    • LK kept saying that Emilio is a costume designer and therefore is not worthy. I would wear Emilio’s dresses and give most of LK’s dresses to GoodWill.

      • Lisa_Cop

        I believe both Mondo and Mila work as costume designers. Emilio has been a costume designer and he was NOMINATED FOR A TONY! That’s pretty fab in my neck of the woods (NYC). Plus having a classy star like Audra MacDonald wear your dress is also pretty great.

  • alyce1213

    Casanova was robbed.  Carolyn Murphy is a nitwit and has no taste whatsoever.  That’s all I have to say.

    • LANDRU3000

      Did Carolyn Murphy have a personality transplant or something? She was all stepfordy and smiling.  It’s like she spends a lot of time practicing in front of the mirror.

  • SewingSiren

    I think Laura Kathleen’s was a decent “Diane Von Furstenberg” look , but not Red Carpet, Recycle, Diane Von Furstenberg, ja no? Don’t know? Neither do I ….. or the judges…
    I don’t have a problem with Uli being in the top three. It looks recycled. at least..
    Anthony Ryan’s is ugly. I thought it was in the bottom.
    Josh’s is a solid middle. And I liked his butterfly shirt.
    Casanova should have won. Really perfect for a recycled , red carpet, Diane Von Furstenberg challenge.  It looks like she mended and made do.
    Emilio should have been in the top three for making a gown that could actually be worn on the red carpet if it were finished. I think they are screwing with him to get some desperation comments.
    Ivy’s is putrid. Worse of the lot. 
    Althea’s is bad, I can’f figure out why she made so many seams and hangy things. But she didn’t deserve to go home.

    • Lattis

      Off Topic:
      SewingSiren, you recommended a book ages ago, Couture Sewing Techniques (Shaeffer), which I bought and have loved. My son has taken up sewing and wants to know how to make patterns. What is a good book on pattern making? Thanks for that earlier book – I am a very mediocre seamstress but I aspire. Just looking through that book is inspiring. 

      • SewingSiren

        Yes I do. Thank you for asking. For pattern drafting I recommend PATTERNMAKING for fashion design by Helen Joseph Armstrong and for draping on the mannequin I recommend The Art of Fashion Draping by Connie Amaden-Crawford. I personally prefer to draft patterns and if someone is teaching themselves it does not require a dress form (which are very expensive) . Good luck to you and your son.

        • Lattis

          Thanks SewingSiren, you’re a gem. Also, thanks for the good luck wish – it’s a stretch for me to teach him to sew. I don’t want to pass along bad sewing habits that he’d have to un-learn later so I am trying to ramp up my own skills. He’s a lot more adventurous than me (wanting to learn pattern making). Actually, I guess that’s something I can credit Project Runway for. We’ve both been fascinated to see the whole process from sketching the idea to making the pattern, sewing, fitting, etc. 

          • l_c_ann

            There is more to be learned in custom fitting in making slopers. If you’re in southern Michigan, a woman teaches this in a series of courses at Haberman’s in Royal Oak and she has a book as well (which is what I have from her.)

             And if you can find one of the really old style Burda Magazines (with the two page inserts with to-be-traced pattern parts for about thirty patterns), and then adjusting the pattern pieces to different sizes. 

          • Lattis

            Thanks L_c_ann!

  • I actually like the fabric in the first dress. 

  • Oh my god. This is the funniest recap I have ever read by you guys.  “The clock is ticking, Carolyn Murphy . . .”

  • So much fug! Fugly fabrics shouldn’t be an excuse, I mean, if you can make a decent looking dress out of car parts or candy, you can do something even with ugly fabric.
    AR – Nicely coloured sack held up by black straps. Looked like a sack when she was walking. Definitely fug, and of course they poured praise because every woman wants to look like a sack on the red carpet.
    Uli – The bottom part is fug. Could be reworked to be ok daywear, definitely not red carpetEmilio – Meh, nothing special but at least not horribly fuggly.
    Laura – When the challenge gives you fugly fabric, make sure to show off the fugly fabric! Oh and make a jumpsuit! Fug! Fug! Fug!
    Ivy – Looks like a gladiator’s costume that got into a train wreck and got smushed. Serious fug.
    Althea – Some people make scraps look good. She takes whole fabric and makes it look like scraps.
    Joshua – would be ok if not for the weird high waist
    Cassanova – agree, would be quite good if not for the horrible fabric.

    • libraangel

      Ha ha that is so funny: “every woman wants to look like a sack on the red carpet”. Thank you, Trollface for the LOL!

  • Tamara Hogan

    Too much bitching, not enough sewing. They’re losing me…

    Ivy dodged a bullet on this one.

  • Vera L-

    As soon as Althea mentioned designing for the Jenner girls, I knew she was Auf. Suckage. She’s such a lovely woman and terrific designer. Now it’s more snarky, moderately talented Ivy being saved by Casanova and AR trying to stay above it all. 

    Which reminds me, Anthony Ryan’s dress screamed MATERNITY to me. 

    • Stubenville

      Send Anthony Ryan Cathy Cambridge’s phone number STAT!

    • libraangel

      I forgot – Althea did say that she designed for the Kardashians. Oy Veh! I would not mention this to anybody: I would be embarrassed to be associated with those whores!

    • dorothea_brooke

      Yes, that was pretty much the end for her.  Oh well, she still gets to be absolutely gorgeous and talented.  

      RE Anthony Ryan (whose hair is really beginning to irritate) – whoever thought we’d miss Michael Costello? 

  • tonibaloney

    This is so catty, but Laura Kathleen’s eye makeup has me in convulsions. I think she’s filling in her brows with the *wrong* color, and then she paints the shadow ALL THE WAY up to her brows. It looks so bizarre, especially in the talking head interviews. /offtopic

    This episode was awful. And it was another instance of a show talking about “going green” and then demonstrating “caring about the environment” through some kind of consumption, in this case making red-carpet dresses that would be worn at some sort of waste of money event. I was glad that Joanna said outright that they were doing this because it’s a major fad in fashion, not because anyone actually gave a shit about the environment. That said, a thrift store challenge would have been fun, and could have been a major inspiration for home sewers.

  • Althea underboob sweat… :

  • BrooklynBomber

    This was supposed to be red carpet? With those fabrics? Only a few are remotely red carpetish.
    Of course, Jeffrey Sebelia made that great window pane check “couture” gown back in season 3 (?), but still.
    That said, I kind of like Joshua’s fabric and his dress looks more winnery to me, except. . . why is the dress all pooched out on the model’s right side?I’m wondering if Casanova’s would’ve been better if he’d reversed the fabrics: solid on the outside, print on the inside. And dispensed with the crumb catcher, please.

  • Fabric aside, I thought Casanova’s was the prettiest dress. I don’t get why he got shoved in the middle…. Laura Kathleen’s dress made her model look small on the shoulders and big at the hips, and the judges EVEN DISCUSSED THIS! I don’t get how she won… Ivy’s was one of the worst made I have seen in PR’s history, she should have gone home! But Althea’s was bad too.

    Emilio’s looked stunning on his model, too bad it was so badly executed.

  • I’m almost to the point that I don’t care if I watch PR anymore. I usually really enjoy All Stars, but there’s just something about this season that is boring me to tears. It’s not the lack of drama, I hate forced drama… I think it’s the underwhelming designs that walk the runway week after week. Another thing that bugs me about All Stars is the spokesmodel, Carolyn Murphy is dull and kind of pretentious. 

    • demidaemon

      I think the design is much better here than ever, quite frankly. At least these are mostly discussable looks, rather than a bunch of ennui. It was really a toss up for the OUT, as well–they were both pretty bad, just in different ways.

  • SapphoPoet

    I was glad to see the stills of Casanova’s dress because I hardly saw it at all on the show. I think if he had reversed the fabric, it would have won. He had some great details there. 

    Everyone else–meh. 

  • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

    Night of the Living Fug.

  • JaneDC

    Didn’t see the show, but yikes, those were some unpleasant fabrics.  When recycling plastic bags first started, my local supermarket put a bench in front of the store with a sign that said “Recycled plastic bags can be made into useful items like this.”  It was so ugly and such a horrifying color, it made me want to retrieve my bags and just throw them away so they couldn’t be turned into stuff like that bench.  That’s what these “green” fabrics reminded me of.

  • bertkeeter

    Althea was sent home because her drama level is so non existant! Her design was “at least” trying to be creative. If she was a bitch like a few others still on PRAS she’d have stayed!

    • libraangel

      Bert – baby, where have you been?! I miss your blog so much!

      • bertkeeter

        PR didn’t have blogs for PRAS! Miss writing it!:(

  • LuluinLaLa

    I think Althea is a 10x better designer than Ivy, but unfortunately, Ivy played better to the producers.

  • So, for the last three episodes I’ve realized that I missed them only after you post the next day to do your critique. Tells you how boring this season is!

  • Yes, a waste of a good hour. Except that my kitties got some good lap time in.
     I could have sworn it was Miss Priv’s time to go, but then she pulled off that DVF “I was 20 and engaged to a Prince in Italy” memory-maker and WON. The whole show was painful.

  • LOL @ the preview for next week, bleeping out Emilio’s entire sentence after “No!” That was great!

  • siriuslover

    Yes, Ivy should have been sent home for that hot mess. I was surprised Casanova was overlooked again. He made one of the better gowns (as did Joshua, actually). Couldn’t believe the praise they gave to Anthony Ryan for pinning tons of fabric on this model but then complained about Emilio’s whose vision was much more streamlined than layer fabric on girl, pin it up so she won’t trip.

  • Inspector_Gidget

    They should have just shown a rerun of the last DVF challenge.  Or any of the previous DVF challenges.  One of the designers consciously imitates her flowy styles and gets crowned the winner.  Yawn.

    These were terrible!  Anthony Ryan’s looks like a Snuggie with a few darts and hems.  And Ivy should have gone home, but I couldn’t really argue with almost anyone taking her place.  Yuck.

    Hmmm, isn’t Uli the only non-Lifetime Era designer left?  That wouldn’t have anything to do with the critical mass of fug, would it?

  • dickylarue

    Althea either got sent home because she’s too boring for reality TV or she’s too tall & they were having trouble keeping her in frame with the other designers. 

    Has to be one of those 2 reasons because Ivy, channeling Ven, should’ve been sent packing the minute that thing hit the runway. 

  • Ivy should’ve gone home. Sorry, girl, but just because DVF can “see the sun” doesn’t mean that as an ALL STAR you should get a pass for torturing the shiz out of some gold fabric. It was so hiddy. And shortening it was perhaps even more tortured. I didn’t like Althea’s either, but at least she knew how to sew her fabric.

  • guest2visits

    The fabric choice was pretty bad. And I don’t think the show cares what the results will be for the viewers.
    They just edit the crap out of it and inject petty, wasteful drama.  Cheap lunch meat.

    • Zippypie

      Cheap lunch meat!  I love that!  Perfectly sums up this challenge, those ugly-ass fabrics and the judging.  Would you like the pressed bologna on Wonder Bread with that?

      • guest2visits

        Seriously. We wasted our hour and all we should have done was throw 50 cents into a vending machine for
        half a pasty sandwich in plastic wrap.  Thanks for making sure no one looks at green material ever, PR.

        • formerlyAnon

          Excellent point – this challenge had to have been a deterrent to anyone rushing out to buy ‘green’ fabric. Especially since I imagine it is not cheap & one could buy quite a nice non-green alternative for one’s dresssmaking with the same money.

  • gypsy_couture

    You guys NAILED it… I absolutely LOVE DVF and could not appreciate that her presence was wasted on such a snooze fest! Further, Emilio’s dress, while not his best execution, did no deserve the haranguing given it by the judges, especially when AR’s dress looked like powder blue emesis. Oh, and Cassanova’s dress was nice too. But LK the winner? Seriously!!! This episode should be archived in fashion purgatory. Seriously…

  • Althea’s was salvageable and with some editing it would’ve been a pretty, young woman’s dress.  Ivy’s on the other hand, from any angle, was a disaster and it’s inexplicable how she’s still here.  She’s keeping her attitude in check but, as I suspected on her season, all that talking isn’t backed up by the skills or the vision…you need only compare her to Emilio to see how weak she is.  Or Cassanova, who in this challenge produced the best dress imho.  

    I was sure they were going to read LK for that very  unflattering garment.  Her poor model looked as boxy as she does most of the time and a better designer would’ve done something killer with that pattern (think Seth Aaron or Jeffrey Sibelia)…I find her terribly boring, predictable, and for all her talk the essence of cheap bourgeoise taste.  Yuck.

  • Kate4queen

    Ivy is always over-ambitious and tries to force fabric into what she wants rather than into what it is capable of doing. I wish they’d given them another day for this because I would’ve liked to have seen what Emilio’s would’ve looked like finished. That was the only one I actually cared about.

  • Stubenville

    Emilio’s and Casanova’s were the only two that even vaguely seemed red carpet to me. Of course Emilio was unable to finish the garment properly and Casanova was working with a bedspread from a 1960’s Holiday Inn for fabric.

    Ivy and Uli were damn lucky that something worse tripped down the runway; theirs were totally crap-on-a-cracker.
    And on what planet is chiffon easy to work with, Schmeidi?

    • and how would schmeidi know?  does she know how to sew?

      • Stubenville

        B-I-N-G-O. It appears she can barely dress herself, given what she was wearing last night.

        • libraangel

          I agree, Stubenville: Schmeidi’s two dresses were worse than what the designers had! And on the second dress, I swear you could see the outline of pantie/vajayjay!

    •  I LOVED Casanova & Emilio’s little Spanish Snark Session…..”I can’t wait until they broadcast this with subtitles so I can see what they’re saying!”

    • kimmeister

      Wasn’t it Georgina who was saying it was easy to work with, not Schmeidi?

      • Lisa_Cop

        Yes, it was Georgina.

        • Melvis Velour

          Especially since she usually doesn’t have to do the work on it….her staff does

  • Girl_With_a_Pearl

    I know this is part of PR, but it’s usually such a waste of time when the person who is the last one to pick the fabric, design, least cooperative model, whatever gets the worst one and is inevitably sent home.  Yes, there have been times when the designer overcomes the obstacle or someone produces something a little worse so they’re saved, but it always seems so fixed to me.  And overdone.

  • l

    I thought Emilio’s looked very striking, but something was lost in translation between what they were seeing in person and what we saw on television. In my eyes, the only thing wrong with his was the hem, and I didn’t even notice that until he pointed it out and they zoomed in on it. The judges kept harping about the lining, which wasn’t noticeable to me at all. His looked the best overall, and I thought the trim complemented the fabric nicely. To me, it was a helluva lot better than the giant yellow poof cloud dress he did a couple weeks ago that he won with. Casanova’s looked great, but it looked better on TV than in the photo. I didn’t even notice the odd flannel quilt look the fabric had until I saw it in these photos. I thought he was a shoo in for top 3. Althea’s looked like what Cinderella would wear if she started turning tricks. Too tight, too short, with rags haphazardly attached all around it. I didn’t understand how they were praising her skill level, because that monstrosity looked insanely overworked. Ivy’s sketch looked great; why didn’t she just go with that? I thought she was insane to shorten it at the last minute, but that was obviously the least of her problems.

  • Lattis


    • libraangel

      more like carpet designs, than red carpet HA HA And time constraints: Chris Siriano had them and look what he turned out!

  • Yes, the fabric was often hayseed (Laura, Casanova, Althea).  Given that, they were rather luxe in their own way and had nice colors.  I kind of liked them and felt the designers tried to work with them to make “alternative” red carpet design.  

    But I’m mad at the show because all of the designers were UNDERMINED.  To turn the prior argument around, not everyone appreciates a hayseed red carpet and now too many of the designers are suffering a reputation decline because of it.  And again, the time limitations are insane and are undermining the designers’ ability to make something worthwhile. If nearly everything made for a challenge sucks, and everyone is frantically rushing to get something, almost anything out so the model doesn’t have to go naked down the runway, then it’s the show not the designers.  All the designers had at least one good idea.  But they were not allowed to succeed.  Bad job, producers.

  • Was this the “Inspired by Anya” episode?

  • I am glad then that I watched Casablanca instead. A good use of an hour.

  • libraangel

    Oy, what happened this week?! A straightforward challenge, but what ugly mess dresses! (Maybe they should have avant garde every week?) LK ONLY won because it looked like something Diana VF would design herself. I wasn’t too impressed with Ms. Diana anyway with her going on about her prince and explaining “palazzo” pants which in the 60’s were only around for less than 6 months cause they were so ugly. As for their darling, Anthony R, what it had to do with Southern comfort, I don’t know, except maybe you need to get sloshed to like it! That color blue hurt my eyes. Uli=flapper. Emilio couldda been a contenduh without the hideous trim. Ivy’s model must have laid down on her stomach for 8 hours. Josh’s also was ugly, but it was one of the most appealing of the bunch which is saying the rest were &$@^!!! Casanova should have had the win because if it wasn’t for that horrible print, that dress was fab with the red accents. Poor Althea: interesting sketch- awful dress and the worst print/color!!! p.s. Funniest LOL line of the show: Anthony R’s saying Laura K was like “a pig squealing in mud” meeting her idol, Diana VF!

  • MilaXX

    Wow Ivy’s was hiddy

  • BradWatson

    I think my new favorite drag name is Princesse Palazzo Pajama.

    • Melvis Velour

      Copyright it…QUICK!

  • annieanne

    I can’t disagree with aufing Althea; I knew it was between her and Ivy halfway thru the show. (Which does not say anything good about the editing of the show.) I wish Althea had stuck with her original design and not added all those trailing bits of toilet paper hanging off the girl’s hips. That might’ve pushed Ivy out the door. No bad thing IMHO.
    I will never understand why Anthony’s reject from the Julius Ceasar wardrobe department got into the top three and Casanova’s design ended in the middle. The judges must’ve really hated Casanova’s fabric.

  • bitchybitchybitchy

    I ditched PR:AllStars in favor of seeing Anna Karenina last night, and seeing the dresses here makes me think that while I found Keira Knightley less than convincing as Anna that at least the costumes and staging of the movie was so much more worth my time than this episode.  How did Ivy not go home for that mess?

  • Sweetbetty

     It must have been a hellish hot day; during the intro on the High Line I kept seeing Althea’s under-boob sweat marks on her grey tank top.  Don’t get me wrong, I sweat profusely; it’s just unusual to see sweat marks on a trim, attractive woman on TV.

  • Sweetbetty

     Too bad he didn’t extend that under-dress to at least the knees, which wouldn’t have taken that much longer.  As it was, they dinged him for the abbreviated lining, not that they wouldn’t have found something else to ding him for if he had lined it more fully.

  • Sweetbetty

     My question exactly.

  • Zippypie

    While AR was being “critiqued”, I literally yelled at the tv (and upset the poor kitties) “Stop foaming at the mouth, Issac! Say something about the effing blue and black color scheme AGAIN!”  Silence.

    Are those two having a thing because otherwise, I cannot explain the love for that sack.

    Cassanova should have won. Despite the intensely foul fabric, it walked beautifully and certainly was a “red carpet” dress.  Ivy should have been auf-ed for that sickly tortured mess she threw out.  I’m tired of watching.

    • Lisa_Cop

      Isaac and Michael Kors both got married recently-in the summer I think. But Isaac does seem to have a crush on Anthony Ryan. His blue dress looked like a toga bedsheet to me.

      • l_c_ann

        I made a toga in that shade of blue for a Latin banquet in highschool.  Except mine was flattering.

  • Trisha26

    I loved Casanova’s dress, hated the fabric. I couldn’t believe it when he was sent through – surely he was one of the best. I also loved Emilio’s, so sad he had so many problems; did Georgina really say he didn’t need the beaded trim and strap? That made the dress. I thought Joshua’s looked okay until I see it now in close-up – that fabric! Hated all the others, Ivy should have gone for her gold disaster. Gah – these judges are insane! 

  • Call me Bee

    Nothing surprizes me anymore on this program. 
    I really could not believe the judges’ love for AR’s blue bedsheet.  it was an awful garment and certainy not for any red carpet.  As was LK’s.  She only won because of DVF’s love of palazzo pantss. 
    Casanova was robbed–his gown was pretty, well made and flowed so nicely on the runway. 
    The biggest puzzle of the episode (aside from why the heck ivy didn’t go home for that awfully executed mess of a dress, I guess…) is why Emilio had such trouble  with that chiffon.  He even said that on the runway–but as a costumer, chances are he’s worked with chiffon before and knows how to deal with it.  it’s really odd that he wasn’t able to finish. 

  • patticake1601

    As I watched the judging I thought it was an opposite episode…you know, ugly is great, nice is ugly. It’s the only way I could explain to myself the fugly messes that were praised. 

  • Trisha26

    Forgot to mention that hein “look” Schmeidi was wearing at the beginning – there were four fabrics in that top – was it supposed to be a “recycled” garment? 

    • DeTrop

      I actually think Althea was influenced by CM’s dress.  A big mistake, if true.   

  • DeTrop

    I realize there are more red carpets than the Oscars, the Emmys, and the People’s Choice Awards  that don’t require Karl Lagerfeld, Armani et al but seriously.  The designers were doomed from the beginning with having to use those fabrics for such a high-end event.  I thought Ivy’s sketch was spot on but it became a shambles in the workroom.  So often the sketches shown have nothing to do with the finished product.  She and Emilio had the best colors for a RC event.  AR sent down an Anya special with too much fabric.  LK made a great beach/resort outfit but RC??????  I knew Althea was doomed.  She made a summer dress perfect for a lawn party.  Add that to her being low maintenance and it was sayonara.  Casanova’s gown was pretty but the print was not.  Like TLO said – a waste of an hour.

  • rainwood1

    Unlike you, T Lo, I was not able to fight off sleep even though this is the first PR episode I’ve seen in awhile.  I dozed off right after they started sewing, and woke up just in time for the judging session. I liked LK’s print, but that was all I liked about her design.  Emilio’s was not innovative, but it was the only one that didn’t make my eyes hurt.  

  • Melvis Velour

    I just looked at Blenley’s jumpsuit/romper/hot mess and remember that my mother had a similar outfit back in the 60’s, except it was from Pucci and it was MUCH better made.  It still looks hot almost 50 years later.  This on the other hand..

    • Anathema_Device

       I know. I cracked up when one of the judges (Chapman?) was criticizing the proportions on Laura Kathleen’s runway look. It is so true…and it is the way she dresses herself. Last night she was wearing super wide pants and a little tank and just looked awful. And she translated that proportion into her design.

  • allcapsERINN

    I just got around to watching this episode. There was a time when if I missed “Project Runway,” it was a HUGE TRAGEDY and I’d rush to watch it the next morning. Now sadly, it’s fallen to “Oh, I need to watch it or delete it because it’s taking up space on my DVR” status. And it always leaves me with a gaping hole of apathy in my soul where the PR enthusiasm used to be.

    I was bummed to see Althea go. Am I the only one in the world who likes Carolyn Murphy and prefers her over Heidi? I think she seems like a sweetheart. *ducks*

    • libraangel

      Um, I don’t like Heidi or Carolyn for the same reason: bland and fake.

    • forward_slash_PRS

      Can’t say I prefer her over Heidi, but I don’t think she’s as awful as a lot of people seem to think. It seems like she may have been directed to present more emotion/emphasis than the last Schmeidi, who, if I’m remembering correctly, was sort of stony & boring. And I think she’s beautiful.

  • Anathema_Device

    Yes, this episode was full of WTF. The designers and judges couldn’t criticize the fabric b/c the manufacturers were sponsors or whatever. The designs ranged from uninspired to ugly. I would have put Cassanova in the top and Uli in the bottom. I would have sent Ivy home for sure. Why did it have to be a red carpet challenge? I understand the price of having Murphy wear it, but as you point out, most of these were not red carpet fabrics.

  • FloridaLlamaLover

    I’m glad that TLo are throwing themselves on the sword of tv recapping this season with this yawn-worthy season of PRAS.  The couple of times I’ve forgotten to record it, it’s mostly been a good thing.  Thanks again, gentlemen!

  • GretaChristina

    I am now entirely convinced: The fix is in. Anthony Ryan’s thing was vile. It looked like a high-end muumuu. The model looked like she was drowning in fabric. And if anyone else had made it, it would have been in the bottom three. The judges have always slammed designers, hard, for drowning their models in shapeless swaths of fabric. But because it’s AR, they’re pissing all over themselves to praise it. What the actual fuck.

    As for the others: Emilio’s was a perfect example of why one-day challenges are the curse of this show. Given even a couple more hours, it would have been the clear winner. Joshua and Casanova should have been in the top: they weren’t splendiferous, but they were completed and reasonably appropriate. (And how sad is that, that “completed and reasonably appropriate” should be considered sufficient criteria for PR top three?) And I’m going to defend Uli’s dress. It was batshit insane, but it had art and imagination and joy, executed well. I could definitely see an up-and-coming art rocker werqing it on the RC.

    And I am loving, loving, loving the mental image of Carolyn Murphy sporting that dowdy “softer side of Sears” number on the RC. Almost as much as the mental image of her setting up a RC in her backyard so she can technically honor her promise…

    • One of my coworkers has the stairs in his house covered in red carpet. She can go there. We can set up a few bright lights for her.

  • VivianAdvanced

    I always yawn when the words “red carpet” are uttered (or red crapit, as I call it). I didn’t like any of the designs and those fabrics were horrible. How come eco-friendly fabrics are so gawd-awful hideous? Red carpet, which always amounts to excessive glitz, and saving the environment don’t exactly go hand in hand. What the heck was the connection? The fabrics, ugly as they were, and the final output, were more suited to a summer barbecue pool party. Ivy’s original drawing looked red carpet, but what she ended up with was dreck. I guess the producers are hoping to get some drama out of her and sacrificed the innocuous Althea. This season has been so aggravating.

    • Leanne’s final winning collection was sustainable and the fabrics were lovely.  It’s just the crap these assholes decided to show, which as someone above mentioned, does a whole lot of damage to the idea of sustainability being fashionable.

  • kikisayshi

    I am yawning through this season as well, but I can’t quit in the middle, so on I go trudging through to the finale. They shouldn’t have aired All Stars so close on the heels of the last season. I’m feeling a little burnt out with the whole thing – especially because they got rid of Ms. Pepper way too early and there’s NOTHING going on this time. And Casanova should have won.

  • pdquick

    “Ass from top to bottom”: LMAO.

  • If it’s going to be a red carpet challenge with ugly/green fabric, they have got to give the designers more time, because as it was, all this sustainability ended up being a total waste of resources/energy/talent because these garments were all too ugly to wear. Hardly the spirit of the challenge. Emilio’s dress was on the way to being something spectacular but he had to jury rig the whole thing in a hurry to sad results. Ivy’s drawing was quite beautiful, but clearly it wasn’t something that could be half-assed in a hurry. She absolutely should have be sent home with a severe scolding. That dress was an affront. I agree totally that these fabrics would have been far better suited to some sort of a resort wear challenge. All but Emilios were just way too casual for the RC. This episode was a big boring bummer.

  • AND…Re: AR’s dress–Snuggy afterbirth. Awful awful AWFUL.

  • Indovina

    If nothing else, at least this episode answered the question of how, given the increasing ridiculousness of the show, they get serious guest judges. Vanity. As we were told, Diane von Furstenberg would be judging this challenge which would be judged by Diane von Furstenberg, who is Diane von Furstenberg – and you know who the designers love and admire? Diane von Furstenberg.

    Diane von Furstenberg.

    None of the designs were particularly good. Casanova’s was probably the best of the worst, but Emilio’s, weak though it was (and he knew it), probably best fit the challenge. Laura Kathleen’s was okay, considering.

    Isaac’s bizarre crush on Anthony Ryan has gotten old – and how – but I am actually finding myself more annoyed by Georgina, on account of the fact that she seems to be trying to make serious on-point criticisms and failing miserably at it. Her comments are always either wrong, irrelevant, or trite – and generally in a way that borders on embarrassing for a fashion designer. (I have no expectations for Carolyn. And she is meeting them perfectly.)

    I’m apparently feeling mean today.

    Anyway, Althea’s dress, for all its faults, was more interesting than Ivy’s, which was just bad – and yet not doomed to be so. Of course, once Althea mentioned that she had been in the middle of the pack so far, it was clear that she was going home (thanks editors!)

  • suzq

    This challenge really angered me.  I think the company producing the fabrics would have loved to have had them showcased better than they were.  Instead, the viewers got to see the designers disparaging the patterns, talking about how difficult it was to work with and in the end, having the judges dismiss designs as either boring or the pattern as being less than stellar.  More than once, a designer said he or she had to reverse the pattern and use the other side.

    Hell of a “product placement.”  We’ll all be running out to buy that….NOT!

    Way to go, Bunim-Murray.  In your never-ending quest to humiliate the designers, you ended up humiliating a sponsor.  And boring your audience.

  • Sing4yursupper

    The judges must have found Duchess and Nina’s crack pipes. 

  • Buffy

    I want to live in this alternate universe where LK wins for bad pajamas (sorry darling, pajama palazzos), AR is praised for crap, Casanova is safe and Emilio is the bottom.  Because there I am a size 6 and very rich.  DVF said barely anything to the lower scorers but then when we get to LK, her biggest fan, out comes the story of her engagement in Italy to the prince and the palazzo pajamas.  Forget about AR’s model’s panties, the producer’s manipulation is showing.  Again.

  • 3Beaz

    Anthony’s dress looks like the gown I have to wear at my gynecologist appointment.  Not sure which one I’d prefer…

  • The should take a lesson from the recent Top Chef, where everyone did such a poor job cooking that Tom visited the waiting room and chewed everyone’s butts, took the win off the table for anyone (AND the $10,000 that went with it), and they ended up sending two people home instead of one.

    • That would THRILL me! But they should find a way to let the viewers do it to the judges instead.

  • I have an intense, irrational hatred for Laura Kathleen. Hated her on her season, hate her now. Every time she opens her mouth I want to cram a sock in it.