Pairs Division: McShera and James-Collier

Posted on December 11, 2012

We’re going to a screening party of the new Downton Abbey season tomorrow night and half the cast is going to be there! Neener-neener! Jealous, bitches?

We went to the same event last year and it’s one hell of a shock to see the cast in modern dress; especially the ladies, who all seem to be wearing WAY too much makeup, when really, they’re wearing roughly the same amount of makeup most ladystars wear in public.


‘Downton Abbey’ stars Sophie McShera and Rob James-Collier attend an evening with the cast and producers of PBS Masterpiece series “Downton Abbey” hosted by Ralph Lauren & Graydon Carter in New York City.

HE: Looks adorably hot. We can’t say one bad thing about a man in a red plaid shirt and black velvet blazer in December. Perfectly seasonal-appropriate. And everything seems to fit him near-perfectly (jacket’s just a skosh too tight). Those shirt cuffs are giving us life. Love the hair, but we’re afraid we’re going to have to take points off for the neckbeard. Score: 8/10.

SHE: We’re sorry to say, is wearing something pretty damn trashy-looking. Sweetie, you can wear a leather skirt OR a belly-baring top with metallic accents, but you can’t wear both at the same time. Just ditch the top altogether. It looks cheap and it’s giving you uni-boob. We’re not super-keen on the booties either; not paired with a full, leather skirt like this. The makeup looks fine, but we’re surprised she’s essentially wearing her hair Daisy-style. We would have thought she’d want something a little more fun and sexy than that. Score: 5/10. We feel bad now.

Combined score: 6.5/10. Trust the homosexual valet to do all the heavy lifting; stylistically speaking, that is.

Are all the Bitter Kitten Downton-philes super-psyched for the new season to start in January? We sure are. As with last season, we’ll be part of PBS’ “official twitter team,” doing live-tweets for every episode as it airs. We had a blast doing it last time and we’re itching to say bitchy things about Lady Mary and Miss O’Brien again.

British Kittens (and impatient American kittens who illegally downloaded the episodes) are asked to please refrain from any spoilers in the comments section.


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  • RebeccaKW

    He is delicious.  I can almost forgive the neck beard.

    She is making my eye twitch.  That hairstyle is giving her cone-head.

    •  Neck beard is tolerable when it’s just at that stage

      • ccinnc

         I can’t get past his douchey expression.

        • I suspect that expression is why he was cast. 

  • Introspective

    he’s fine. but she is wearing something made of hiddy fabric that’s midriff bearing. two details that always send my irrational hate meter to overload.

  • That’s a belly-baring top? I thought it was a white belt! Yikes! 5/10 is too high

    • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

      I thought the same thing!

    • I did too! I was like…why is that bad? And then saw it was skin, not belt D:

    • christinewithanx

       Is that actually her belly, though? Looks like Spanx to me.

    • j_anson

      I DID TOO! 

  • teensmom99

    Ha-I thought she had some weird belt on. I must remind my teen that: you can wear a leather skirt OR a belly-baring top with metallic accents, but you can’t wear both at the same time.” Words to live by.

  • Monday1900

    She looks like a figure skater–very odd.  I don’t watch the show so no idea what she looks like when in character.

    • Kristin McNamara

      She’s a very dowdy-looking maid. And, while I’m here, I just have to share this about “Daisy the maid”… You Downton-philes will love it. So I was
      listening to this past weekend’s NPR ‘Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me’, and Hugh
      Bonneville was a guest. They were talking about the show, and, well…
      just read hahaha:

      SAGAL: There’s, broadly speaking, one group of actors that play Lord
      Grantham and his family, another group of actors who play the downstairs
      servants. And obviously, on screen there’s a very hierarchical
      relationship. Does that ever like seep into the offstage? I mean, do you
      find yourself asking, like the actor who plays the butler, to fetch you
      something from the craft table?
      BONNEVILLE: Funnily enough, it’s sort of the opposite. I mean,
      Sophie McShera, who plays Daisy, the kitchen maid, is a monster. Absolute monster.

      SAGAL: Really?!

      BONNEVILLE: “Bonneville. Get me some tea, Bonneville.” She’s always doing that.

      SAGAL: Really?

      BONNEVILLE: Oh yeah, terrible.


      I about died, laughing.

  • Sobaika

    I didn’t bat an eye during the show, but he is looking mighty fine here. Damn, Liam.

    Very excited for this season.

    •  I agree. I think this is the best I’ve seen him look — relaxed and handsome, instead of seething with resentment and scheming.

    • j_anson

      I literally did not recognize him. Not having slicked-down hair really reduces his oily villain factor.

      •  Yeah, I didn’t either. Finally twigged that it was Thomas after going up and down the photos a few times.

        • Derek_anny

           I still don’t recognize him.  I know what he looks like in character, but my brain isn’t connecting him to this image.

  • Aww, I don’t think that outfit is trashy at all! Unattractive, absolutely but not trashy.  And she’s got entirely too much forehead to not have bangs or at the very least, powder.

  • gabbilevy

    I’ve thus far avoided watching Downton, but I might have to reevaluate based on that Rob fellow. :whew:

    • I think he’s the best part of the show. His cheekbones will slice you and make you cry tears of joy/lust. 

    • Spicytomato1

      I just discovered it this past weekend and I urge you to run, not walk, to your nearest source for Seasons (or Series) 1 and 2. I powered through all of 1 and now am slowly making my way through 2 so that I can savor it before 3 begins. 

      Warning about a potential side effect, though: I’m finding myself compelled to pepper conversations with “my lord” and “henceforth” and various other Anglo-sounding expressions. 

      • gabbilevy

        I did that with Doctor Who a few months back and Sherlock this past weekend, so I guess it’s only a matter of time. Especially now that the holidays are coming and all the shows are going on break… 

    • twocee

       I second spicytomato.  I’m not normally a fan of the British aristocracy stuff (never liked Upstairs/Downstairs for instance), but I was hooked on Downton in the first 15 minutes of Series 1.  I’m counting the days until it comes back in January.

  • Isana Leshchinskaya

    he. is. so. FINE. and he dresses like a fashionable, put-together man should. (and he’s supertalented). le sigh.

  • Love him! He’s so yummy I can’t bring myself to hate his character. I prefer to think of him as merely misunderstood.

    And, yes, TLo, I’m jealous. But in a good way. Who better to represent the BKs than our favorite uncles? While you’re there, can you please take Lady Mary aside and give her some discreet fashion advice, because it’s just painful to see such a beautiful woman wearing such dowdy and bad frocks on the RC.

  • Mismarker

    She: looks better in her kitchen maid costume.
    He: is wearing a knit tie.

    Me: don’t care.  If it’s related to Downton, I love it.  Totally jealous of your proximity to the cast.  I toured Highclere Castle this summer, which was all kinds of cool.  There’s a neener-neener for you guys!

  • Jessi03

    He looks loverly!

  • The shirt isn’t giving her uniboob, her foundation garment is.  Maybe it’s a sports bra… 😐

  • decormaven

    Bless her, guess she hasn’t gotten major $$ from DA yet and is relying on her own prowess for dressing for the RC. Hon, don’t do that. There are several qualified people who can help you- heck, a few of the BKs could give you some fashion pointers. Don’t come back out in public in that outfit again, please. An aside- that gal with the purple pumps has on some extremely shiny hosiery. Support hose for the RC?

  • another_laura

    You Bitches!  Green with envy.  But have tons of fun, MWAH!

  • I think impatient American kitten is a highly accurate description of me. But now I feel sad that I don’t have anything to look forward to. Whoops. 

    Thomas looks HOT. I now need to buy my boyfriend this entire outfit. He would look delicious. Daisy is so cute, but girl, NO. Go change into a flirty navy dress and some sparkly shoes.

    • dress_up_doll

      I, too, was an impatient American kitten and got myself spoiled this past weekend. I’m still loooking forward to watching the episodes and reading TLo’s delicious re-caps.

  • kimmeister

    I can’t get over how awesome that shirt looks with that suit.  I’m now on a mission to find a similar shirt for my husband.

  • I kind of don’t care about either of them, because I am too mesmerized by the lady in the background in the first shot. She has shiny-ass hose on, but more importantly, SHE HAS PURPLE SHOES THAT I WANT.

    • Lisa Sangermano

       that’s Elizabeth Mcovern aka Cora so she’s got connections
      How do I know? I’ve seen a lot of DA cast pictures on tumblr
      Don’t judge me.

  • crash1212

    I am SO excited about Season 3 that I’m willing to forgive neck beard. I NEVER forgive neck beard!

  • Wendi126

    Uncles younger than I- I am indeed pea green with envy, especially if Shirley makes an appearance! Have a fabulous time!!

  • Pennymac

    No Spoilers, but I ordered Season 1-3 via Amazon UK. I had to reprogram my DVD player to accept non-American DVD’s and it was Sooooo worth it. The Brits version IS slightly different, especially in the editing, so much so that I’ve gorged myself on rewatching the first two seasons! I have the Christmas special planned for this evening,and then…..drumroll….. I’ll be watching Season 3 before it airs here. I promise to mind my manners, but I cannot promise to curb my enthusiasm!

    • MsALVA

      Yes, I watched Seasons 2 and 3 online, the ITV episodes, and there are differences. PBS has said that they have to edit for time, as the UK episodes frequently run longer than 60 minutes. 

      S3 was great, a lot of ups and downs! Get ready!

    • Lisa_Cop

      Yes, I have the British versions too. PBS edits the episodes down by about 10 minutes. Boo PBS:(

  • formerlyAnon

    I concur with the scores, though I think the biggest failings of hers are 1)it is SO unflattering and 2) that top screams “figure skater.”

  • SewingSiren

    I love Thomas. And I love velvet and plaid for men. So he beats Daisy by a mile.
    Her look would be down right cute on an ordinary party goer. But I think she could bump it up by several notches.

  • Spicytomato1

    Something about her overall look reminds me of early Kristen Stewart, sans the Vans sneakers. 

  • Jealous? HAIL yes.

  • I would beg to differ.

  • He is DAMN hot.  I love how he looks when he’s not in character…really a gorgeous guy.  And I can’t stand Thomas!

  • StelledelMare

    Now that people are saying it, it really does look like that’s a white belt and not her skin.

    As for the new season, I illegally streamed the episodes (downloading takes too long) but I intend to rewatch the whole season again on PBS and no spoilers but everyone’s in for a great season.

  • B_C_J

    Her outfit is wretched. There is no reason to bare your midriff in that manner and her hairstyle is doing her no favors. This pretty girl needs a stylist immediately.
    He looks wonderful. A black velvet jacket on a man can be wonderful and this is clearly a good example. I am partial to facial hair so I would give him points for it. 

  • Janet Sahni

    So excited for Season 3 and trying not to hate you out of jealousy regarding the screening!

    • myristica_fragrans

      and that is all i’m willing to say about season 3.

  • MsALVA


    And, I can’t comment on Sophie’s clothes because she’s just such a cute little thing no matter what. Those dimples! Oh Daisy.
    And THOMAS. Hub.bba hub.bba. 

    Hugh Bonneville tweeted an adorable pic of the entire group (Anna & Bates are there as well) on the NYC Subway yesterday.

    I am one of those impatient Americans who streamed Season 3 already but I can’t wait to see it again! So many FEELINGS!! I can’t wait till I can talk about it. Also, if you look, there are pictures available of the Christmas special they’re filming right now.

  • MilaXX

    impatient AK here,no spoilers from me except to say I enjoyed this season a lot.

    Agree with clothes critiques and scores

  • This isn’t spoiler-y since it was all over the internet and doesn’t point to any season 3 storylines since it was, apparently, a surprise but I’ll put space anyway…


    the page


    my returns

    into one line.

    Did y’all see the news yesterday that Dan Stevens (Matthew) won’t sign on for a season 4?  They’ll either have to kill him off or recast.

    • Or Lady Mary will kick him out for being lame in the sack?

    • Lisa_Cop

      No, it was rumored…Has that now become a fact?

      • Yes and no.  The Daily Mail and TVLine both say that “multiple sources” say he will only return for the first episode of season 4.  They also say filming doesn’t start until February and hope to change his mind before then.

  • nannypoo

    She can wear whatever she wants and I’ll still think she’s adorable. And he is so adorable I can hardly stand it, although no kidding about that nasty neck beard. His character has become so complex and his acting is so fabulous, I really think he has become one of my favorites on the show. I absolutely cannot wait for the new season to begin.

    • Spicytomato1

      Glad to hear that Thomas is more complex than he initially seemed in Series 1, where he’s clearly evil (especially in contrast to the clearly good William, for example). I’m only 2 episodes into Series 2, and I can tell they’re trying to add some shades of gray, like when Thomas bonded with and cried over the suicide of the blinded soldier. Even O’Brien seems to be showing some cracks in her purely evil facade.  

      • nannypoo

        He’s not actually a nice person, at least not yet, but he has dimension. A really interesting character.

  • 3boysful

    Oh, Daisy!  Don’t know which makes me weep more–the outfit or the hair!

    And like other BKs, I, too covet the background person’s purple pumps.

  • Zippypie

    I walked around midtown today with the irrational hope that I would run into cast members….  I am such a sad human being.

  • Lily-Rygh

    We need to talk about our Miss Daisy’s forehead.  First of all, it’s way too shiny.  She’s got Fanning-level gloss going on here, and that seems inexcusable to me when it can be fixed so easily with just a dab of well-placed powder.  She also has too much forehead for that hair style; I don’t know that bangs are the answer, but something different needs to happen here.  I only pick because I love.

  • No spoilers, but I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with season 3. I’ll be watching along on PBS, since that’s one of the few stations I actually get. 

  • Daisy! Not appropriate!

    And yes, I am really bitter. I’m sending poisonous glares at your cartoon selves right now. Can you feel the heat?

  • I met Hugh Bonneville last week at a recording of “Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me” and the host asked him why the credits started with a shot of the dog’s butt. He mentioned that should be the hashtag for the show: #houndsbutt. Maybe you need to incorporate that into your tweeting.

    So jealous you get an early screening – can’t wait for the live-tweet-a-thon!

    • Have always wondered that myself, tho the dog is a lab, not a hound.

  • This bitch is definitely jealous.
    Daisy could have pulled this off if her hair was softer and younger – it’s an edgy look and that hair is way off the mark.

  • DessertWratt

    I’m watching the repeat of last season on Masterpiece Classic, and I’m totally psyched. Can’t wait. And it bears repeating that all you spoiler types who’ve watched it on the web need to SHUT UP already.

  • librarygrrl64

    He looks super yummy. xxxooo

  • She: Looks adorable 7/10
    He: Looks like an awkward dork. While he’s still the most attractive man in the world, his hair is too long — espechsh in the back! But the neck beard is hawt. It’s still an 8/10 but for completely different reasons. (namely genetics). 

  • She’s so TINY. Like a pixie or a really small unicorn. 

  • I am not yet a fan of the show, because I’m busy and it’s in my queue. However, the old-timey theater in my town is offering a preview of the season opener with PERIOD DRESS ENCOURAGED on Jan. 6. I may have to pretend I’ve already seen the first two seasons just so I can dress up and go….