Naya Rivera in Dolce&Gabbana

Posted on December 05, 2012


‘Glee’ star Naya Rivera attends The Trevor Project’s 2012 Trevor Live! event in a Dolce&Gabban dress paired with Neil Lane jewelry.


[Photo Credit: Andrew Evans/PR Photos]

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    • MrsMaxPower

      Her hair is so glossy…she’s a total Breck girl. Otherwise, the dress and shoes are kinda hiddy to me.

      • DeborahJozayt

        Ya, her dress form was a solid rectangle, it seems!

        • MrsMaxPower

          Totally…and then she had Suede come in and make some 1992 Paula Abdul sleeves to detract from the rectangley-ness of it.

    • TheLaurenJean

      This might be one of my favorite looks on her. Though I just want to make her straighten up her head. The tilt forward just makes the cocker spaniel ears way too prominent.

    • Garcia Loca

      Her hair falling on her breasts like this makes it look like she’s wearing a furry bra over her dress. LOL!

      • Kiltdntiltd

        You got there first. I was soooooo going to remark about the fur covered brassiere.

      • poggi

        Hah. Yes, from the Lady Godiva line.

      • Lori Wade Miller

         It looks like the ends of her hair are glued to her bosoms. 

      • TRSTL

        TOTALLY AGREED!  I wish she had pulled her hair back into a sleek ponytail or chignon.

    • Andrew Schroeder

      I feel like she spent 3 hours doing her hair and then just threw on whatever was at the front of her closet.

      • holalala

        cocker spainel hair, rectangular dress with witch costume sleeves. Shoes are the only saving grace.

    • Janet B

      Her shiny hair is taking away attention from the rest of her, why is she hiding?

    • MarissaLG

      She looks kind of uncomfortable, but still very cute!

    • Monkey Toe

      1972 goth communion dress.

    • foodycatAlicia

      I’m so sick of this dress. 

    • Imasewsure

      I think she could have salvaged this look with some really killer funky shoes. Ladylike heels just bring this look down to the land of little girlhood… she needed to butch this up a little to make it more interesting.

    • Sobaika

      I’M SO PLEASED. I HAVE BASICALLY THIS EXACT DRESS, IN BLACK AND DARK PURPLE. I am feeling very fashion-y right now.

      EDIT: Oh yeah, Naya looks great.

    • AnnaleighBelle

      She always gives great face, like she knows something she’s not sharing. 

    • Sara__B

      If she’d tossed her beautiful hair behind her shoulders (or chosen a different hair style entirely) I’d like this a lot better. It would also bring her look from 1968 to 2012.

      • Alessia M

        it seems like she’s hiding, and WHY WOULD YOU HIDE when you have that face on your face. i agree that a different ‘do would have made this great and current. as is she looks kinda mod. but in a bad way. bad mod.

        • Sara LaBatt

          “WHY WOULD YOU HIDE when you have that face on your face”


    • MilaXX

      It’s okay. I wish she was wearing a more colorful   shoe

    • cam_lo

      I love her and think she’s flawless but her hair is weirdly…poofy to me. It almost looks fake. No good. 

      • SassieCassy

        her hair is usually ‘fake’ though – its extensions and such.

      • anon

        Probably because it is fake – its pretty obvious she’s wearing extensions.

    • Elizabeth

      Those are some seriously heavy tresses she’s holding up. It gives me a headache to look at … like the weight of her hair is going to cause her to face plant on the RC.

      She looks pretty in the dress; but it’s a bit boring for a hot young celebrity, no? I could wear this to my company X-mas party (and be happy because I could eat and have some room for my tummy while still looking cute). 

    • kschwarting

      That is a singularly unflattering dress on the poor girl.  Plus it’s pulling across the middle.  Yikes.

    • Trisha26

      Can just hear TLo saying “cocker spaniel hair” – and while I admire a young person not dressing slutty for once, that black lace looks cheap.

    • RocknRollmom

      Beautiful young woman, gorgeous hair which should be worn differently. Blah dress which looks kind of cheap which we all know it is not with the words “Dolce and Gabbanna” in front of the description.

    • LesYeuxHiboux

      I wish the sleeves were straight, the body was a bit more A-line so it skimmed rather than pulled at the hips, and I wish it was white to set off her amazing skin and hair. I like the ring and shoes.

      I am pretty much the phenotypical opposite of her in every way, but she is pretty and I want to look just like her when I grow up.

    • MariaM

      Funeral prom episode?

    • Martha Deutsch

      Maybe I’m not supposed to like this, but I do. 

    • rawrgrowlrawr

      The third picture is really creepy. She is clearly a pretty girl, but the heavy center part does not flatter her face shape whatsoever. I would like the dress more if it looked like a true shift, but the pulling across her hips obscures the intended silhouette. 

    • allaboutthewalterbenjamins

      From a to do list for the unlikely case you are becoming a kazillionaire:

      Buy all the sheer and lace material of the world and hide it.

    • anon

      It just doesn’t fit right – too big in the shoulders and arms, baggy in the waist and tight in the hips. It’d have looked better in a color too, instead of the wall of black.

    • Sarah V.

      Too Morticia.

    • Lisa M. (ReVoir) Kramp

      Dress looks like a KMart Blue light special.

    • nannypoo

      Not fond of the boob curtains but, really, she is absolutely beautiful.

    • jilly_d

      Naya, your hair is making me sad.

    • schadenfreudelicious

      her boobs look like they are sporting hair extensions…

      • anon

        OMG, can’t unsee!

    • Alloy Jane

      Hate the dress and she should kick whoever did her hair in the face.

    • marlie

      Morticia Addams.

    • 3boysful

      SO OVER the lace.

    • Jacqueline Wessel

      I wonder how she gets her hair to curl over and under her boobs like that.

    • Julaine Morley

      Assembled from a table runner and lace curtains.

    • crush on you

      Naya darling. You are gorgeous (and you know it, that’s your knowing smile right there). Don’t try to hide behind those shiny hair curtains. Straighten up your posture, pull that hair back, lose the 70’s sleeves and find some funky shoes. That should do it. Yeah, it pulls in the midsection, but I personally don’t dislike it as otherwise it would be a pretty boring dress; this way it calls attention to the wearer without being slutty.

    • crush on you

      (Also, the photographer is taller than she is, and those RC pics taken from that angle tend to make anybody’s proportions mangled, even if they are all stick-thin super beauties. It’s certainly not helping here.)

    • Sau-Chih Feng

      Morticia went tanning….

    • MoHub

      I think I had this dress in 1972.

    • jw_ny

      aside from her hairy boobs, I think she looks cute.  

    • decormaven

      That hair should be pulled back- she’s got beautiful, healthy hair that would look fab in a more structured ‘do. There needs to be a showy pendant necklace with not as heavy, but still visible, drop earrings. I do like her emerald ring; perhaps some emerald drop earrings? Anyway, youth can cover a lot of fashion missteps- she’s a very pretty young woman.

    • TAGinMO

      I don’t think the hair is quite right with the dress, but she looks very pretty here.

    • Valerie Rastetter

      Super boring.

    • NurseEllen

      Italian funeral dress.  Yuck.

    • LeifBallard

      love her and like the total look except I am not a fan of the bell sleeves 

    • Diana Martinez

      She’s gorgeous, but this looks really awkward to me.  Maybe it’s the way she’s standing?