Megan Fox Double Shot

Posted on December 17, 2012

Let’s check in with recently resurrected former star Megan Fox, who’s been making the rounds lately. Megan? Come on out and show these nice folks what you’re wearing.


Megan Fox in Giambattista Valli
Megan Fox attends the 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards Nominations in a Giambattista Valli dress paired with Christian Louboutin shoes.

Not working for us. That’s a really cute dress, no doubt about it, but it’s oddly less than flattering on her. It might have been helped if she’d avoided the basset hound hair and flesh-colored fishnets and shoes. Combine all that with the high waist and she looks proportionally unbalanced. Pull the hair back, skip the fishnets and put on a shoe in a complementary color and this all might have looked gangbusters.

Try again, hon.


Megan Fox in Roland Mouret
Megan Fox attends the premiere of ‘This is 40’ in Los Angeles in a Roland Mouret dress paired with a Bottega Veneta clutch, Christian Dior shoes, and Jennifer Meyer jewelry.

There you go. Still hate the hair, and sure, this dress is kind of expected in a lot of ways, but we think it looks better on her figure. Also, that’s her shade of red. It looks great on her (although she shouldn’t have matched her lipstick to it). Love the pop of sparkle in the shoes.


[Photo Credit: Andrew Evans, David Gabber/PR Photos]

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  • That’s what I call a “wax-figure” makeups.

    • FrayedMachine

      I was just thinking the same thing. That foundation does not match the rest of her. You can see the difference between her face and her neck in that second outfit ensemble. Not as noticeable in the first, though. But boy can you see the difference in the ones with her in the red.

      • Jessica Rowe

        Totes Magotes. It’s like her head was photoshopped on her body.  Two different colours.

      • I say three different shades.  Face, chest, legs … 

    • GorgeousThings

      Absolutely! It’s like they coated her face in plastic.

      • teensmom99

        really scary.  where is the woman who was one of the great natural beauties?

  • Violina23

    Pop Of Sparkle = POS? 😉 

    She’s a pretty lady, but the smugness always ruins all of her looks for me.

  • Kappyapp

    I agree that having her hair pulled back in that first dress could have made all the difference. And I love the second dress – why is it so hard to find fitted dresses with long sleeves? Many of us women older than 30 (and pushing 40) have no desire to show our upper arms. I’m really sick of rack after rack of sleeveless dresses in winter months.

    •  I hear you, sister!  Not all of us have FLOTUS arms.  I do think the sleeves are too long on this dress, which otherwise looks fab on her.

    • Jecca2244

      I am 27 and would love an affordable dress with sleeves. Most “budget” stores seem to struggle with that concept.

    •  You’ve just struck a raw nerve with me! I am going to a black tie wedding in January and it has been a ridiculous process to find a posh frock with sleeves!

    • kayleymaybe

      Preach.  I live in the Midwest and struggle to find a good dress with sleeves for holiday parties so I won’t freeze.

    • Ditto.  I like sleeves!  Living in MN, I’m tired of having to think of a second piece (jacket, sweater, etc) to go with a sleeveless dress.

      Looks like she’s going for a Cathy Cambridge look, maybe soften her image a bit. It also looks like she’s had some work done on her skin. I caught a bit of Transformers over the weekend, and her skin had a lot of acne scars, too much tanning, etc.

      • anotherkate

         Right now there are a couple of long-sleeved styles at Zara that I’m really digging–LBDs with embellished shoulders.

    • Kate4queen

      Sleeves pleeze!! 🙂

  • ER

    I overheard kids fighting over Megan Fox’s age the other day. The winner: 42

  • momogus

    She looks great in that red dress – I have no problem with the lip color. Her hair is distracting.

  • annie_wonder

    3rd photo from the bottom – I think that’s the first photo I’ve ever seen Megan Fox smile in! Suits her.

    The second outfit, while mildly aging, is far more flattering. If she’d just lost those bizarre tights, the first outfit could have been cute. Also, I’m not loving that her face is a whole two shades paler that the rest of her in both outfits. Bad make-up artist.

    • V V

       I’m wondering if the weird tights in the first outfit were a half-assed attempt to cover up her leg tattoos for the sweet, girly dress she was wearing.

    • Sobaika

      Her makeup is overall awful. The white cast and flash blowback, the aging eye makeup, and matched lipstick are all terrible choices.

      • ampg

        It’s really too bad, because the second dress is a great look, but the makeup adds 10 years.

  • TheLaurenJean

    Is it just me, or does she look a lot like Madonna in the last look? Not in body, but the face.

  • I kinda love the Giamabattista Valli dress. Man oh man did that outfit cry out for some intensely purple shoes.
    Yep, girl’s got gorgeous locks, no doubt about it.  We don’t need them shoved in our faces constantly to be reminded.  The red dress is slamming hot on her.

  • I LOVE that red Roland Mouret. It would be prefect to wear on Christmas (hint, hint).

  • I’m not a fan of hosiery with peeptoes anyway but fishnets with peeptoes are the worst. I think the Giambattista Valli dress just is not her dress. It’s not a twee dress but she looks better in something a little sleeker.

  • xmixiex

    she looks really great.  (SHE does, i’m not commenting on her clothes, though both dresses are also great- if only the first was styled better.)  her face looks more full and less skeletal, and she looks happy instead of pouty and trying to be sexy.  dig it. 

    • emmessell

      She did just have a baby, so that may have something to do with it.  She looks damn good.

    • kimmeister

      Yes, this is the first time I’ve seen a series of photos of her where not a single duck face is to be seen!

  • Nicholas

    The frankenlegs in the first set makes her look like someone spliced together her upper torso with a mannequin replete with plastic shoes.

  • lehen

    shoes in the first look are the worst of the worst nude pumps.  second look doesn’t even really look like her.  

  • Look #1 is totally doing it for me…down to the knees, anyway. Those stockings and shoes are TERRIBLE.

  • She looks like Holiday Morticia in that red dress.

  • Introspective

    boy did this one get an obvious nose job. its making me unable to concentrate on the outfits. which are both lackluster anyway…

    but damn hon–the waxy makeup is also not helping you pull this off. surgery + bad foundation= Madame Tussaud’s clusterfuck

    • AthenaJ

      I agree, her nose is now very Michael Jackson-esque, which is not a good thing and very distracting. I don’t get why already beautiful women do that, it’s a shame… I would have killed to look like her a few years ago 🙁

  • I think this is the first time I’ve seen her smile. She’s gorge. 

  • Monday1900

    First thing this made me do was google “Megan Fox Nose Job”.  First look is awful (what is with the colors this season?), second quite nice but meh.

  • nancylee61

    I LOVE the first dress – it is so different and fresh!! Second dress looks good on her, but it is, as you said, expected. Was thrilled she was wearing hose, until I saw what kind of hose. Oh, no!!

  • decormaven

    Her stance is not good in either picture. Please get some tips on posing; it’s part of your job, so learn to be proficient. Whoever chose those putty pumps for Look #1 should have to wear them- with EVERY outfit- until the New Year. Fugly!


  • captrenault

    Those nude pumps are vile.  Horrible case of Barbie Foot.

  • JaneDC

    From the front, those nude shoes really do make her look like she has hooves. Very bad

  • MissMariRose

    The more basset hound hair I see on other celebrities, the more I like Anne Hathaway. 

  • Pants_are_a_must

    I want to focus on the second dress (since it’s lovely and the shoes are KILLA), but I can’t stop looking at her face and wonder just when she bought a face that looks so much like Lindsay Lohan’s bought face.

    • MilaXX

       Her baby is somewhere between 6 and 8 mths, perhaps it’s the  last remnants of her baby weight? You can’t spanx your face.

      • Pants_are_a_must

        Nah, she bought her face way before the baby. I just remembered it now because she resurfaced.

      • ecallaw1977

         TWO months.  Two. Damn. Months.  I have a 5-month old and her waistline makes me want to punch her in the face.

  • I love your website but I’ve noticed a sad trend – you guys seem to really hate on curly/wavy hair – why is it always ‘basset hound’ or ‘cocker spaniel’ hair?! as a curly girl with what you would probably term ‘cocker spanielly’ hair I find it really depressing. I know fashion tends to be obsessed with stick straight EVERYTHING but why are flowing wavy locks now a no-no?

    • It’s not about the curliness of the hair; it’s about the trend of wearing it down in front, resting on the breasts like a couple of cocker spaniel ears.

    • shirab

      My sense is that their objection is not so much to curly, flowy hair itself, but to the habit of piling the full mane over the shoulders rather than letting about a third of it hang down the back, where it naturally belongs.

  • amf0001

    she’s got rid of all her character.  hate the hair.

  • another_laura

    I just love that Valli dress and don’t even mind the hosiery (hell, I’d wear hosiery with it), but those shoes, those shoes….

    Now, dark red on a brunette is just Color Wheel 101.  Good for her.

  • MilaXX

    1st look is awful, 2nd is better. She’s trying too hard to lose the sexpot image since she had the baby. That 1st look is darn near Stepford wife levels of bad.

  • I can’t tell, is her infamous Marilyn tattoo getting lasered off or is that makeup trying (and failing) to cover it?

    I was excited to see a pretty dress with sleeves though. They do exist, after all!

  • Too. Much. Hair.

  • Vaniljekjeks

    I don’t get the hate.  I think she’s adorable.  She’s a knockout in that red dress.  

  • cleverlady

    I would just like to give her a great deal of applause for NOT doing the have-to-pee pose in any of these photos.  Could it be that it will soon be so-yesterday?  If only the putty shoes would go with it!

    • Rebecca Jay

      And the peace sign flash.

  • I’ll bet her baby LOVES pulling on all of that hair.

  • The hip draping is very unflattering on the red dress. I think I like the flawed first one better. 

  • xmixiex

    geeze maybe I don’t see what some of you guys do, but I don’t get why people are quick to crap on her looks.  i’d be ok with looking like her. 

  • it’s SO nice to see her smile! that might be my favorite megfox photo ever. i also like how this dress is practically demure on miss fox. i want to take her to meet my parents. (oh, and i die for those shoes.)

    • ecallaw1977

      As in, you die because of the misfortune that someone actually made shoes that ugly?  I just can’t even fathom someone considering them okay, but less actually coveting them. We’re talking about the nude ones, right?  Not the basic black?

      • definitely the sparkly glitter ones. i can’t tell if they’re navy or black, but i want them either way. 

      • no need to be a bitter kitten.

        • ecallaw1977


  • LesYeuxHiboux

    The proportions on the Valli are all wrong for her, but the Mouret is doing great things for her figure (and the color really sets off her eyes). I’ve found myself rooting for this one somehow, and I think she was wise to take a little time out of the limelight to enjoy her marriage and let people forget some of her earlier stumbles. Looking forward to seeing what she does next.

  • Mauricio González del Castillo

    why does she always achieve to look so chola?

  • Candigirl1968

    The first dress doesn’t seem great, because of her coloring (or at least her coloring due to the makeup).  The bust seems oddly low and flat.  It’s a light and fresh dress, and everything else (the shoes, the hose, the makeup), seems too heavy. 

    Megan is so much prettier without the harsh makeup.  I don’t get why she insists on looking older.  In the second picture, she looks like Lynda Carter’s only slightly younger sister.  On the plus side, the outfit is great, and the color looks great on her. 

  • ankali

    Roland Mouret is totally her designer.

  • kikisayshi

    Hey, she has platform feet! And why do I see a kind of resemblance to Lindsay Lohan in some of these pics?


    I think both looks are pretty hiddy. She’s pretty high on my Irrational Hate List, so I could be biased, but that make-up (in the second look, especially) is disgustingly heavy-handed.

  • BobStPaul

    I actually prefer the first outfit over the second, sans the tights and shoes.  Given how recently she’s given birth, she looks pretty amazing.

  • guest2visits

    Both dresses are very pretty.  She could use a nicer shoe in the first pic.

  • alyce1213

    I think I prefer the first dress on her.  Maybe it’s just that I like the dress better overall.  
    The second dress makes her butt look low slung and big.

  • i LOVE that giambattista valli SO very very much that i am glad i am elderly or i would have to cut a bitch for it.  but why is she wearing support hose?  silly girl.  those are for old bats like me.

    • sweetestsith

       I’m pretty sure she’s wearing nude fishnets with the first dress. They may or may not look ok in person, but they are definitely too light for her skin tone and look a bit off in pictures.

  • pookiesmom

    She’s wearing soooooo much makeup. Her foundation looks too light for her skin.

  • ccm800

    why all the hate for down shiny wavy hair?  

  • Diego!

    Her hair looks like Kate Beckinsale’s LOL. But I think she looks pretty good here (on the second dress that is) 😀

  • Second outfit: hottest secretary at the law firm party.

  • neofashionista

    i like both looks personally
    i think she is gorgeous and kind of reminds of this generations katheryn zeta jones

  • poggi

    Her makeup looks rather heavy in the second photo, but I have been sick lately and have worn more makeup than usual so I look less tired and sick.  Maybe she is compensating for lack of sleep.  Either way, I really like the second outfit on her.