Julianne Moore in NYC

Posted on December 07, 2012

At first glance, this doesn’t look like much more than a simple “running errands/dropping the kids off at school” outfit.


Julianne Moore running errands in Lower Manhattan.

But that is a great little jacket she got on there and she’s killing it in those jeggings. Love the boots, the scarf, the bag and the shades, too. It’s not a showy outfit, but it’s well put together, it all suits her, and some of the pieces are downright fab. The perfect “chic mommy” look.

Why are we not surprised that she looks so much better dressed down? Her red carpet looks range from disastrous to awkward, with only the occasional bright spot.

[Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews]

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  • TheDivineMissAnn

    She looks fab.  Love it all ‘cept the shoplifter’s purse.  It’s just too big.

    • Sara__B

       She actually looks furtive in these photos, as if the bag really were full of stolen goods.

    • Dot

      It looks like a damn suitcase.

      • DTLAFamilies

        You need a big bag in New York. No car = hauling around everything you need.

  • Meredith Walsh

    We’re calling those jeggings? Because then I’m in real trouble at my stodgy office. I hate “casual fridays.” 

    • BrooklynBomber

      Jean leggings have been called jeggings for a couple years now. They’re leggings made of denim (as opposed to skinny jeans). They’re also a scourge.

      • formerlyAnon

        Oh, how I wish the edict could go forth and be obeyed: Leggings are not pants, and making them out of stretch denim and calling them jeggings does not make them pants.

        • leftcoastpickle

          I wish I knew how to link to the clip of Conan O’Brien wearing jeggings! But he was joking, which is the only way to wear jeggings IMHO.

          • Hah, that was because he asked Tim Gunn about jeggings.  That was a great gag.

        • lovelyivy

           I would like to commission signs that say this, and mount them all over the Columbia campus. At least once a week while walking around I see someone who seems to not realize that she is not wearing pants. In Winter. In NYC.

          And then I am torn between feeling like an old fuddy duddy and feeling like the last sane man- I find it sooooooo unattractive, but maybe I’m just too old to understand the extremely unflattering trend.

          • Kristin McNamara

            Oh honey, it is *not* just Columbia’s campus. It’s college campuses all over the country. (And possibly international? IDK. Enlighten us, foreign BKs!) Consider it FAR below average for a college campus if you only see that “once a week.”

          • Oh it’s international. And I have seen far, far to many women in too-small nude leggings recently too which really makes it look like they’re not wearing *anything* on their lower body.

          • lovelyivy

            I figure it’s because I’m at the grad school. Every time I see undergrads, there it is. Leggings as pants and over-the-knee pirate boots are a damn scourge.

        • YES. THIS.

          …on the other hand, the woman does have amazing quads.

          • ccinnc

             I want legs like that!

          • Patricia Gillett

            Me too. Hers are fab.

  • SO much better than her dressed-up looks! If this is how she dresses herself, does it mean she has a really incompetent stylist or she just has a brainfart with formalwear?

    • teensmom99

      I think she always goes for a little edgy in her fashion.  In casual that translates as an interesting jacket, funky little boots, etc.  In formal, apparently it becomes mustard color lycra and other questionable choices.

  • Sobaika

    Very stylish and casual. She’s exhibiting better instincts here than on the red carpet, maybe her stylist is the wacky one?

  • mommyca

    Jacket and boots are awesome! I wonder what brand the boots are? 

    • Sara McCausland

      They look like Hasbeens.

      • mommyca

        thanks!! never seen them before… pretty cool…

        • tereliz

          They make clogs and sandals with that same/similar blocky heel. It’s their thing. I have a pair of sandals that are cute, but kind of heavy. 

      • kimmeister

        That’s a real brand name?  It sounds like a joke.

  • Imasewsure

    I was afraid to scroll down at first to see a frankencoat… but yeah! Love this look, covet all of these pieces! She looks great.

  • gabbilevy

    Those gams are killer, love the boots and the trend toward round retro sunglasses.

  • filmcricket

    Kill those pants with fire. 

    Everything else can stay.

  • Mary229

    God she is so cute.  She looks totally fabulous and beautiful here.  Love her beautiful skin against that red hair.  

  • Not a huge fan of the boots, but the rest is fab. 

    • I just expect them to clatter like clogs. It can’t be comfortable wearing such inflexible soles. *torrent of clog love from Hasbeen wearers in 3..2..1*

      • tereliz

        It’s not so much the comfort as the weight that keeps me from wearing the Hasbeens sandals I have.

      • I have a theory about them (and I have two pairs). The soles not bending does take a bit of getting used to (these are not good for cobblestones or brick sidewalks), but they’re more comfortable than you would think. I think it’s because you’re supposed to use sandpaper to clean them when they get extra gross, so you end up scouring out an impression of your foot in the shoe. That’s just me—I personally HATE those Dansko clogs and found them harder to walk in.

        • my podiatrist recommended dansko clogs when i had raging tendonitis, and i was actually cured after wearing them around the house instead of going barefoot.  they take some getting used to, and are definitely not for long walks.

          i was surprised to hear that these soles are rigid.  just looking at them, i thought they were soft rubber, and i was lusting after them for snow wear.  winter is coming…

  • Introspective

    Love love love. Its understated and really not giving me the “what cameras?” staging these “candids” usually feature.

    Plus I wish I could look this good without trying while say, running my kid off to daycare. I can vouch for looking quite the mess this morning on that particular errand actually. Snaps to Julianne for having her shit together.

  • imspinningaround

    I hate the Hasbeens, but everything else is sharp.  Maybe a pair of pull-up Campers instead. 

  • In_Stitches

    Damn that’s a nice pair of legs.   I’m getting an older Emma Stone vibe-a little bit rocker, a little bit twee, all adorable. 

    • kimmeister

      It’s also a tight little tushy too!

  • pattyw

    I don’t know, those jeggings are scaring me. 

  • afabulous50

    Too bad she can’t show up on the red carpet like this!  It’d be better than what she normally wears.

  • formerlyAnon

    I NEVER say this, I always advocate for the large bags. I may finally have found the purse I can deem “too big” – that looks more like luggage than a purse.

    Not a huge fan of the jeggings, though the rest is great, but I give her props for pulling them off at 52.

  • I love this.

  • I think it would look better without the shirt sticking out

  • AuntieAnonny

    I need that bag.

  • Pants_are_a_must

    Jeggings? JEGGINGS? Since when are we in 2010 again? She is a teeny tiny lady, she can damn well wear skinny jeans.

    The rest is great, though that bag is too big on her.

  • Judy_S

    Nice analysis. Maybe she just looks better un-gilded, so to speak. 

  • EEKstl

    Chic Mommy Perfection. Love the tote.

  • Wow she has some muscular legs, way to be. I wish the jeggings were a slightly different color or wash and maybe a tad less tight.

  • alyce1213

    Everything is fine, very fine, except the damn jeggings.  I just can’t with them; they ruin it, even with her perfect legs.
    Also I’m not a fan of light colored soles under dark boots, unless it’s done creatively. These are not.

    • Dot

      You beat me to it. Hate the jeggings and the light/dark boots. I don’t care how perfect your physique is; jeggings just always look terrible to me. Personal bias, I suppose.

  • tallgirl1204

    I know we’re not to dwell on physical attributes, but dang, aren’t those some nice calves?  The perfect canvas for leggings and short boots. 

    • kimmeister

      We are not to body-snark, but nothing wrong with admiration!

  • decormaven

    Heck, the enormity of that bag makes me think she’s going WITPRO. Fashion-wise, she looks great.

  • traceyishere

    Looks a bit drab; some color would be a nice addition.

  • Liz

    I suddenly understand what it’s like to be my grandmother/an old Italian lady.  I just want to pinch some color into those cheeks!

  • ShayShay

    This right here is my winter weekend look, except I do a colorful scarf.  I likie a lot.

  • Qitkat

    Love her, the whole look, even the jeggings as she has the legs, but I could pack for a week in London with that bag.

  • Like Jennifer Garner, she fares much better in casual wear, and she really looks chic here.  I love the jacket.

  • people always look better when they’re not trying too hard…

  • MilaXX

    She looks really pretty here & I want her boots.

  • Fantastic. Wish I could rock jeggings, but that shall never be. 

  • Chic. She’s so downtown she doesn’t even have to try. Which probably explains why she has a little problem when she has to go uptown.

  • guest2visits

    She’s got to be freezing in skin tight jeggings.  Sorry, I’m the one that thinks it looks silly.  Cute from the waist up.

  • Shockingly, she’s probably one of my favorites when it comes to celebrity style.  I’ll always go for “out there” versus traditionally (or classically is probably a better way to describe it) pretty.  For example, the recent Project Runway androgyny/avant garde challenge?  I really liked how a lot of the designers chose to focus on deconstruction for the avant garde part of the challenge, like Uli and (sorry) Anthony Ryan.  I much preferred theirs over Emilio’s, which looked really 90s to me, and the fins were just ridiculous. 

  • m0r0

    Have to disagree about the boots. Blech.

  • Standing ovation for her trainer. Her legs are exquisite! I hate those boot/clogs however. Really really hate.

  • LittleKarnak

    Not liking the jeggings and boots, loving everything else….even the small child hidden in that enormous bag…..

  • renad

    Her legs are awesome. Too bad she’s suffocating them in those hideous pants.

  • 600 kinds of fabulous. Whose boots are those? 

  • maggiemaybe

    I want every single piece of that outfit. She looks adorable.

  • Delving Eye