Jake Gyllenhaal in London

Posted on December 03, 2012

Your Daily Dose of Boy:


Jake Gyllenhaal stops by the BBC Radio 1 studios in London.

Not much to say about the clothes here, but let’s face it: you’re all going to talk about the beard and about whether or not you find him hot. Speaking for ourselves (as we are wont to do), we like the beard. He’s got the face for it and it goes well with his hair, which is enviable.

Although, getting back to the clothes, isn’t the artful-half-tuck-so-we-all-can-see-your-belt-buckle kinda … we don’t know… 2009 or so?


[Photo Credit: Optic Photos/PacificCoastNews.com]

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  • Patricia Gillett

    I hope he brought enough maple syrup and firewood for EVERYONE. Sheesh! 

    • No one else need comment b.c Patricia is FTW

    • Thoughts of Jake Gyllenhaal as a lumberjack are going to preclude my productivity for the rest of the day.

      • DeborahJozayt

        If he’s a Monty Python Lumberjack, well then to Hell with productivity altogether!

    • cleverlady

      I think both the hair and beard need a wee bit of a trim.   

  • The half-tuck is very Queer Eye circa 2004.  I’m pretty sure Carson Kressley invented it. 

    • Deac82

      Southerners have been rocking the half-tuck since at least 1997.  That, of course, was paired with the saggy khaki shorts and leather flip-flops.  Now this is all bringing back terrible memories of high school.

      • tereliz

        I recall half-tucking my brightly colored silk shirts into my jeans in middle school, so 1993 or so. You know, back in the days when 14 year olds were grinding against each other at dances to DAIZY DUKES, WHOOMP THERE IT IS and RUMP SHAKER.

        GOOD TIMES!!

        • DeborahJozayt

          Shacka Lacka, Shacka Lacka, Shacka Whoomp!

        •  It was quite chic in Sydney in 1991, too!

        • Catiline

          This post is cracking me up!!  I remember when Whoomp, There It Is was like this DEVASTATING new way to taunt your defeated opponents after a rousing game of dodgeball or kickball. 

      • I was a big fan of the half-tuck in the late 90s as well. It should stay there and never come back.

    • I never could master it.  Too OCD, I think — you have to tuck it in in a way that looks like it just happened to fall that way, and I was always super precise about it, so it just looked like I forgot to tuck my shirt in all the way.

    • Judy_S

       He may have invented the ARTFUL half-tuck. I think this is the artless version.

    • i still kinda do it! it’s a delusional way of hoping my behind looks smaller that way

  • Jangle57

    Beard isn’t doing anything for me; maybe it would help if he didn’t look like he has only 1 tooth

    •  Fortunately he was on the Graham Norton show last week and promised that the beard was going away soon.

      • alyce1213

        December 23, after the play he’s in — for which he grew the beard — closes.

      • e jerry powell


        Beards for everyone!

  • G

    I’d like to see him hangin out with Brad Pitt.  Whoa.

    • j_anson

      My eyes! My eyes!

    • e jerry powell

       Heavens.  Now I won’t be able to get anything done for the rest of the day.

      If Madonna calls, I’m in my bunk.

  • ‘sides, its only worth the trouble if the belt buckle is interesting in some way.  Totally generic looking men’s belt. And I’ve already registered my opinion about his beard. Le Sigh.

  • gabbilevy

    Meh. He’s never really done it for me. The beard doesn’t really help…. maybe if it was trimmed more neatly. 

    • lovelyivy

       Agreed. I like beards, but it has to be the right beard, well kept, and on the right guy. This fails on all levels.

  • HomeOfficeGirl


  • StellaZafella

    As with dogs, cats and rambunctious children: Shirt tales should be in or out – make up your mind.

    And yes, I like the beard…on him…dressed this way.


  • ive seen better dressed and groomed hobos.

  • Inspector_Gidget

    He’s in character for his new role as Ted Kaczynski.

    Just kidding.  I actually think he manages to pull it off, which is tough. Overall I’m not a fan of the whole mountain man thing, because too many guys are attempting it now that shouldn’t.  

    • I am engaged to an ACTUAL bona fide mountain man, who had a beard from around age fifteen, and has enough long black hair and beard to make three or four Gyllenhaals. He was born for the look. He is dumbfounded by the sudden profundity of compliments he is receiving from youthful hipsters, having been an outcast for decades. I too, am wondering how I picked an outlaw and ended up with the hippest guy in town…

      • e jerry powell

         Hey, if it’s a problem, I’ll be happy to take him off your hands…

        • Nay, I shall keep him. I am the mountain girl to match, and I am looking forward to producing hirsute babies. He would be cool despite the hair, is what he doesn’t realize. That’s what makes for a winner, in the end. That and his “Hard to Handle” tattoo, and the fact that he loves his mother.  

  • He’s definitely dressed for radio.

    • halleygee

      Ha, yes…

  • Rand Ortega

    “Boy” or “OY”?
    When did the look from “Whisker Wars” become a trend?
    I’ve never understood the allure of this guy. Now I just want to emulate that nice cop & buy JG some winter boots.

  • This is a prime example of why I generally hate beards (exceptions for ‘Wolverine’ and ‘Alcide’ made). 

  • The BOOTS! What is up with these Brokeback Boots every boy is wearing?? It almost seems like a “I’m straight cuz I wear old worn out ugly boots” message…

    • e jerry powell

       Well, he was one of the Brokeback originals, no?

  • I think he’s hot AND I like the beard, but it desperately needs a trim.

  • butter nut

    im actually hating this beard on him.  like, i like beards.  and i think he’s pretty good looking.  but this beard is just too scraggly for me.  like he’s trying too hard to be pacino in the 70s or mandy patinkin in the wild.  it’s not working.  in fact, i think he’s single-handedly killing the beard trend with this shitty overdone face merkin.

  • choco

    ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. a squirrel could be hiding under there. Or worse, Taylor swift.

  • He looks like he’s having an outbreak of Hipsteritis-it’s like herpes, only with more product. It will probably pass once award season starts. 

  • Jasmaree

    I don’t like the beard. When I saw the thumbnail, I whispered “My god, what happened to him?” Because only some kind of tragedy could explain this look.

  • gsk241

    Hipster mountain man.  Yuck.

  • nannypoo

    I do plan to talk about the beard and whether or not I find him hot. You know me too well.

    I hate the beard. I find him hot.

  • Rebecca Jay

    He has pretty blue eyes and gorgeous hair, but the face…. I would prefer a paper bag, but I guess this stinky-looking beard will do.

  • In_Stitches

    Clean the cheekbones and the neck up to the jawline and buzz down the whole thing about an inch and it’d be a fine beard, but the grizzly adams look just isn’t working. 

    The outfit is…fine.  There’s nothing special there though.  It’s generic J. Crew.

  • Janet B

    I’m sure someone here will volunteer to tuck/untuck his shirt.  I’d like to see him get his hair and beard cleaned up a bit. 

  • CeeQ

    Hate the half tuck and not looking the beard because he is so much prettier without it. 

  • MilaXX

    Little too mountain man for me. He needs to manscape it back a notch.

    • e jerry powell

       Um, you can’t see his chest, how do you know he needs manscaping?

      • MilaXX

         was referring to the beard

        • e jerry powell

          And the solution to that problem is shaving if you’re taking it all off, or trimming otherwise.  Manscaping is when a man takes to grooming his other body hair.  Kyan Douglas could tell you.

          • MilaXX


  • Delaney Davis

    Guys I know seem to be able to learn a new fashion rule very rarely. Unlearning the front-tuck is going to take some time.

  • JasmineAM

    He is hot with a beard, but it’d look SO much better if he trimmed it about 1/2 inch.

  • I’d hit it.

  • filmcricket

    I’m fond of facial hair when done well, but this is too unkempt. I totally get guys not wanting to shave their faces when they don’t have to – I feel the same way about my legs – but there is “bearded” and then there is “Kaczynksi,” as Inspector_Gidget said. Keep the face trimmed & the head-suit tailored, and we won’t have any problems, Jake.

  • Pants_are_a_must

    Definitely siding with the mountain man haters. No, darling, no. You are not hot this way. 

  • MsBusy

    No, TLo, this is YOUR daily dose of boy, not mine. 

  • Anne At Large

    That expression in the last pic + the beard = when he gets older he is going to turn into Paul Giamatti. Am I the only one who sees it?

    • e jerry powell

       Hey, I’ll take Giamatti too.

  • That’s a lot of beard. He looks like the wolf man.

  • alyce1213

    He’s been growing the beard for his Brodway debut in a play – “If There Is I Haven’t Found It Yet,” so whether it’s the best look for Jake Gyllenhaal is not really an issue. It’s for a role, not for the red carpet or sexiest man alive covers. But as far as his day wear goes, I think he should minimize the mountain man look right now and avoid plaids, jeans and grungy boots.

  • Anyone else feel the urge to break out in “I’m a lumberjack and I’m okay?” Alrighty then.

  • Qitkat

    Impressive result for a Movember beard.

  • NCDFan

    Looks aside, a nice soft beard can be very . . . . um, nice.

    • e jerry powell

       And I have a queue of gentleman callers who would back you up on that.

  • as my friend Mike Albo says, “beards are no longer a trend, they’re epochal”

  • another_laura

    The shoes are making me very sad.  I think the beard is for a play.  At least I hope it is because I am WAY tired of this Brooklyn Bearded I Make Artisanal Beer thing that’s going on.

  • I’d like the beard if it were trimmed a little closer. He does have the thickest, most finger-runnable hair. 

  • e jerry powell

    Yes, he’s hot.  He can be my third trophy husband.

  • Trisha26

    It’s very Wolfman to me. I sincerely hope this is some Movember nonsense or for an upcoming role. Love him on screen.

  • Catiline

    I like scruffy (see also: Mark Ruffalo) but I swear my uncle and father both had that exact beard when I was growing up, so it’s kind of an instinctive DNW for me.  I do think Jake has a good face for it, though.

  • siriuslover

    forget the stupid artful tuck. Between the beard, the lumberjack shirt and what appear to be filthy shoes, the guy looks like he just returned from a weekend camping trip. Blech.

  • UglyTalents

    I am digging the beard. I would be willing to cope with a lot of beard burn … wherever. … Also, I would like to introduce Jake’s beard to Ben Affleck’s “Argo” beard. Maybe they could get married and raise goatees somewhere in the country.

  • NC_Meg

    I don’t like the beard. Confession: I don’t like beards at all. I just don’t. There, I said it.

    Also, those are some well-worn shoes. Wow. Might be time to trade them in for a new pair, Gyllenhaal.

  • schadenfreudelicious

    i’ve said it before, not diggin that “writing my manifesto in a cabin”.. unabomber look he has going…

  • luciaphile

    I don’t know if it’s how the beard makes his face look or what, but he bears a striking resemblance to character actor, Paul Benedict…

  • Is that a sasquatch?

  • Dhammadina

    Wolfman.  Hoowwwwllll. Or however you do howl. 

  • DCSheehan

    Note to self: stop tucking in shirt so everyone can see belt buckle…

  • I like his shoes.

  • Amy Ennis

    I saw the thumbnail and thought this was your Walking Dead review. 

  • aquamarine17

    the belt doesn’t seem worthy of showing. i don’t ever like a beard or facial hair. I think he loses his looks with the beard. i wonder if he is trying to show that he hasn’t gained weight since it can’t be about the belt.

  • rjeujune

    The guy looks like a lumberjack! He could star in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers without any makeup!  Please! He’s not even that good-looking when he’s cleaned up.

    • let’s all SING!  “he’s a lumberjack and he’s OK…..”

  • Gloria Yip

    Oh, is the half-tuck a veritable Thing? Or a Thing you shouldn’t do? I just do it because I hate how my shirt puckers over the button of my jeans. Anyway … OH FASHION! 

  • Beard: no, thank you.

  • in the second photo, you seem to have an extra hand growing out of your tummy.  now, quit chewing on your lip, go find a mirror to check on that hand thing, and while you’re there, groom your beard.  and tuck in your shirt.

  • Can we talk about the shoes? Why is it acceptable for men to wear shoes that they found in someone’s barn? I get the distressed look, but that’s fashionable distressed, not actually about to fall apart distressed.

  • Polish your shoes, rich boy!

  • frankystein123

    Last pic, pedo alert.

  • FridaStaire

    Utterly hideous beard. He used to look like my ex girlfirend.

  • “We are never, ever, ever getting back together…”

  • jorinde

    i like the artfur half-tuck. i do it myself. it’s not as severe as completely tuck (AND you can get away with a little belly) but completely untuck looks totally engineer student.  

  • mmc2315

    TLo writes:  “Not much to say about the clothes here, but let’s face it: you’re all going to talk about the beard and about whether or not you find him hot.”

    So true!  This made me laugh out loud!  The other day I was thinking “Maybe we should be called the HORNY Kittens, not the Bitter Kittens!”