Elle Fanning in Oscar de la Renta

Posted on December 11, 2012

Little Miss Elle has gone into full-on princess mode; a development to which we can only add applause and Bravas. Because come on, who else currently on the celebrity landscape is more suited for the princess look than her?


Elle Fanning attends the Moët British Independent Film Awards 2012 in Oscar de la Renta gown.

Oscar de la Renta Spring 2013 Collection/Model: Andreea Diaconu

It’s a gorgeous gown. She continues her preference for tones that wash her out, but we don’t actually mind in this case. Nor do we mind her preference for a bare (or seemingly bare) face, since she is, after all, quite young. You won’t hear us advising a barely post-tween to slap on the warpaint. You will, though, hear us advise Elle – beg her, really – to consider some form of powder to tone down her overwhelming shininess in pictures. We also think she should go for a more youthful hairstyle. That one’s more suited for, say, Naomi Watts or someone up around that age. It’s sophisticated, but Elle doesn’t need to worry about looking sophisticated. She should stick with “fresh” and “youthful.” so a curly little blowout would have suited us just fine here. In that vein, we also don’t mind the lack of jewelry here. The gown is enough and she’s young enough to not need diamonds to finish off the look.

Let us not discuss the shoes.


[Photo Credit: Landmark/PR Photos, style.com]

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  • eowyn_of_rohan

    Absolutely gorgeous.  That dress looks like it was designed just for her, that’s how ideal the match is.

  • egl48

    Her face is always so shiny.  

    • kimmeister

      It’s actually a little less shiny here than usual.

  • Anathema_Device

    I like the princess concept, but girl needs some earrings. Even just posts. And maybe a delicate bracelet. AND DIFFERENT SHOES. Did she just time travel from her office job in 1989 and forget to change her shoes? Good lord! (Sorry, you said we wouldn’t discuss it, but damn…)

    • I know, I know, it took all my fortitude to avoid mentioning, “them”.

    • Mismarker

      My mom has about three pairs of those tan 80s shoes.  And she still wears them.  Oh, Mom.

      • Anathema_Device

        I’m liking your comment, but what I’m also liking is your Flight of the Conchords tag line. We sing that line all the time around the house. Hee…

        • Mismarker

          There ain’t no party like my nana’s tea party.  Hey! Ho!

    • Introspective

      and blotting papers, as egl48 noted above. i cannot with the oily unmade face these fanning sisters are so in love with.

      • jtabz

        It seems possible to me that the Fanning girls just have oily, sensitive skin like I had all through my teenage years. I could reblot/repowder my face every half hour and still be shiny as hell (presuming hell is shiny), annnd I couldn’t use anything more heavy-duty make-up than that cause then my face would break out. (Even certain powders were irritating.) So shiny it was most of the time, not really by choice.

        If this is the case, I’m glad that she’s not self-conscious about it, ’cause she’s lovely either way.

        (Oh, and I love her in the dress 🙂

  • Clearly she’s going for an “all grown up” feel here. I can’t say that shell pink was a good choice, it’s identical to her skin tone. And, like TLo, I would love to see her with some volume and curl in her hair.

    • Kristin McNamara

      And a SMILE! Princesses SMILE!

  • Who’s the prettiest princess at the ball? But even Cinderella had her some glass slippers, Miss Elle…..

  • Mismarker

    How about that aquamarine dress that’s coming up the runway behind this dress? It’s a little blurry in the photo but I think it would have looked better on her than this.  Don’t love the tan shoes or the hair.  She’s so cute but, yes, she could use a little powder!

    • Introspective

      agreed! nice catch. i could see it being a million times more interesting on her even though its in the same princess-y wheelhouse. ah well. better luck next time elle

  • Sobaika

    I would be all for this is if it were in any other color. Also cosigning the plea for some face powder.

  • A smile would go a long way towards enhancing her appearance as well.  Would give us something to focus on rather than the shiny cheeks and forehead.

  • alyce1213

    It is a beautiful dress, the color matches her shiny pink cheeks, her flat hair is very sad.  I just want to run up to her and blot.

  • Little_Olive

    But still, embracing the princess-y way, I find it too literal -maybe it’s the styling- and at the same time a bit heavy. 

    Better shoes and a little edgier hair would have picked this up a notch. Still, not my fave. 

  • schadenfreudelicious

    apparently her people have never heard of blotting papers?..pick them up at any drug store for a song and can fit into the tiniest of evening bags?…

  • Let’s pretend the shoes never happened….. 

  • Janet B

    Maybe under gentler lighting the pale dress works, but not in the bright light of the RC.

  • marilyn

    I like the hem on the dress.  It makes the look.

  • MilaXX

    I honestly think that between the makeup artist and the stylist someone is missing the boat here. Elle has a fairy ruddy complexion,and I think the foundation they are using to even out her tone does not photograph well. She probably looks great in person and for whatever reason they aren’t taking heed that it does not look as nice in pix. She needs  matte foundation & set powder, specifically a brand designed for cameras. She should not be within 500 ft of anything minerialized.

    That said, I like her in the dress. She is still of an age where princes dressing works for her, and the low key accessorizing keeps it from being too twee. I agree she could have done a more youthful hair,but I don’t mind the bun. I can overlook the shoes.

    • Qitkat

      Your take on her makeup is the most thoughtful of anyone’s. Without being too critical of a lovely young lady.

    • Mismarker

      I agree with you re: foundation, powder, avoiding mineral makeup.  Another culprit could be ill-placed blush.  If it is placed too close to the nose, or is the wrong color, it can accentuate any redness the foundation failed to cover.  I hope Elle’s team gets it together soon!

      • MilaXX

        that natural ruddiness could be corrected with a color correcting primer. smashbox makes a good one

  • bertkeeter

    A bad version of a glorious DIOR from back in the day!

  • Hetha Innis

    Just curious as to what type of shoe you would pair with this? Like everyone else, I’m totally over the nude shoe, but have no vision of what shoe would look better here. 

    • Silver would seem to be the obvious choice to us.

    •  Not TLO, but if not silver, something ballet slipper-y maybe? Or green – I would have loved a green with this.

  • What shoes? Oh, right. The invisible ones on the end of her legs. She does look very pretty.

  • stephkat

    The runway model is also wearing the shoes.

    Not that that makes it right.

  • annrr

    Its December, feels too Spring or summer for me. I know it is warmer elsewhere in the country, but I am still a fan of dressing for the season.

  • FrayedMachine

    She only reminds me of a doll I would have wanted when I was way younger, and not in a bad way. Very very pretty, almost ballerina like.

  • Julie Fountain

    I vote for a tiara. I mean, if you’re gonna go princess, go all the way!

  • SewingSiren

    Fresh faced beauty. The dress is perfect. A cute little gold ballet slipper would have served much better.

    • Tatiana Luján

      I’m totally with you on the shoe choice.

  • RocknRollmom

    I would have killed for a dress like this when  I was her age.  Lucky her for having the opportunity to wear such a pretty gown.  Whether she is making the decision or not, brava for her and/or her “people” for keeping her with a fresh age appropriate face.  Yep, I am a mom and a bit old fashioned that way.  The shoes..sad, but when even Oscar De La Renta puts the same sad shoe on the model, one must wonder who owns the concession on “nude” leather and what they have done to brainwash everyone.

  • Love the dress, but hate the color. Powder and pearls, lovey. And better shoes. Mwah!

  • I like this dress, but am not in love with it. If she’s going to insist on the bare look, then someone needs to introduce her to blotting papers.

  • nannypoo

    I like this dress and it looks beautiful on her but the hair is awful, both the color and the style. Regarding the makeup issue, I think she is not in any way a typical 14 year old. She is an actress on the red carpet, not a student in class at the local middle school. She could wear makeup that still looks clean and fresh and youthful but that emphasizes her prettiness. And I think that if she is lucky enough to wear a dress as fabulous as this, the least she can do is smile.

  • Lisa M. (ReVoir) Kramp

    She simply needs a BB and a a light blotting. She looks likes she terrified to move in that dress.

  • oh yes, the shoes are hiddy.
    It’s funny…the model is wearing the same dress, but maybe 1 inch shorter and that really makes a big difference. I wish this dress were “tailored” the same.

  • julnyes

    A different color for the dress, fluffier hair and some powder would go a long way towards making me like this look.

  • Ugh. If one of my students showed up for prom looking as boring as she does, I would have thought, “Poor dear, she has no taste.” Boring, dull, washed out. I give Hera grade of D-.

  • LLuL

    Every time I see this girl I am struck by how unflattering her hair color, shiny makeup, and pursed lips are. 

    • Dot

      Agree. What is she famous for again? She always looks like an incredibly ordinary teenager dressed in extraordinarily expensive, yet unflattering, clothing.

  • decormaven

    Aww, damn. Great dress and pitiful shoes. What a pity.

  • Crystal

    She looks like a ballerina! I think it’s pretty. 

  • Judy_J

    I have no complaints except for the shiny face.  Just a light dusting of face powder would make a world of difference.

  • Qitkat

    I can’t agree on the dress. Anyone else would get slammed for wearing something so close to her skin tone. 
    She could still be a princess in a slightly more vibrant shade.
    Agreed on the shinyness and the hairstyle.

    • l_c_ann

      Imagin her in the shade of blue that’s in the background of the runway photo.  That pink is barely there.

  • Imasewsure

    I really hope she starts a trend in young Hollywood toward “less is more” in makeup…. yes, it would mean less perfection but maybe it would trickle down to less plastic surgery some day too… and she looks adorable here (except for the you-know-whats)….

  • nicole seligman

    this would be a WERQ for me with a little powder and an updo with a little more volume. i think i’ll go nap and dream about wearing this dress to my wedding or my lunch meeting.

  • Trisha26

    Pretty. Love the silhouette.

  • That’s right she always looks like she just ran a marathon! 

  • Sarah Thomas

    She looks like the bitchy cheerleader character at the prom in a teen comedy.

  • twocee

    I’m going to sound like someone’s mother:  Smile!

  • I love the dress on her, but I wish she were a little less austere in the face. It would have been a young Grace Kelly moment if she had shown a glimmer of joy. Lighten up, girl! It’s all downhill from here, so enjoy it while you’re young. 

  • This really isn’t working for me

  • ShayShay

    She appears to be in some sort of trance.  And she needs some lessons on red carpet posing.  But the dress is perfect for her.  It reminds me of a similar look Gwyneth Paltrow rocked years ago on the Oscar red carpet I believe  – the dress was a similar color and cut and she also had a severe looking pulled back hairdo.

  • The dress is beautiful and perfectly appropriate for her. I wish she’d worn other – ANY other – shoes. And a little powder or the use of blotting paper before the step-and-repeat is a must.

  •  THE NON-DISCUSSABLE ELEMENT. UGH. Yes, all caps was needed.

  • guest2visits

    Love the beautiful gown and was on with the whole look until the shoes.  What a huge miss; the skirt literally creates a
    stage for pretty footwear to be showcased and she chose something that looks almost like a dowdy off color slipper.

  • no no no, i dont want to see her all pricess-y. i appreciate her granny-chic. besides, this is not her colour.

  • mike__tv

    But you know when you’re a kid all you want is to be older, and look older. Maybe she wants to look sophisticated. 

  • Lilak

    Sorry, but this gown needs to be on a brunette, or a somewhat more grown-up blonde who knows what to bring to it besides youth and fair coloring.  Miss Fanning’s look, as is, is hurting my teeth.

  • ccm800

    omg the shoes. AND a lifted hem to really feature them. 

  • Very pretty dress…on someone else.  Sorry, but I just can’t. stand. her.

  • ankali

    She embodies my 7-year-old cupcake and pony dreams in this dress, but I like it when she experiments with the more offbeat stuff. Miu Miu, Rochas, Marc Jacobs.

  • A smile would be her best accessory.  Yeah, I went there.

  • blancmange

  • Zippypie

    No.  This just doesn’t work.  She looks on edge and stiff and bored.  The dress washes her out on top of that.  And don’t get me started on those ugly ass shoes.  After seeing her yesterday, someone who would rock this dress and enjoy it would be Emmy Rossum.

  • maggiemaybe

    Her complexion is so beautiful and youthful and glowing… frankly, it’s making me a little depressed.

  • jmorino08


  • quiltrx

    What a fantasy of a dress!  She looks great, but I have long been on the “Powder for Elle” bandwagon.  And the shoes make me (a phrase I got here and now use regularly) sad in the pants.  Or the shoes.

  • That is a pretty dress being worn very badly. The hair is a pass but the lack of smile, overwhelming presence of shiny-face and, um, the shoes, I don’t know what to say. This isn’t a case of ‘not those things again.’ This is a case of ‘I am playing dress up and have no idea what to wear with this couture dress.’

  • Shoes? What shoes? I only see feet without toes.

  • a real princess wears jewelry.  even a child princess.  what shoes?

  • boweryboy

    Every time I see a picture of Elle I want to bitch slap her with a powder puff.  Her face always looks so shiny and oily and greasy.

    I don’t get it.

  • bellafigura1

    Silver slippers, obvi!

  • How about a smile though. She looks unhappy.

  • She is so beautiful, but it’s posts like this that make m say EWW tlo, #anglophilia much?
    Also- can we just applaud her non-traditionalism? #feminism #loveit