The Walking Dead: When the Dead Come Knocking

Posted on November 26, 2012

All right, Glen!

Okay, maybe that’s not the right tone to strike when reviewing an episode as bleak and horrifying as this one, but his feral and triumphant one-on-one while cruelly locked in a room with a walker was exhilarating in a lot of ways, and it tied into something that’s becoming more obvious with each episode, especially this one.

We haven’t really had an opportunity to assess Rick’s group against the backdrop of the post-apoc world they live in. That’s because, up until this season, we haven’t had need to. The story in seasons one and two centered solely around Rick’s group and the only time they encountered outsiders, at Herschel’s farm or the nursing home survivors in Atlanta, those outsiders were even more insular than Rick’s group was, which cast them in a somewhat delusional light and, in Herschel’s case set the scene for their eventual disintegration, with the remaining members winding up integrated into the main cast. In other words, Herschel’s family encountered Rick’s group and considered them to be dangerous, amoral, and crazy – until reality came crashing down on them, killing most of them off, and leaving the few survivors no choice but to throw their lot in with Rick.

With this season, we’re seeing a much larger world come into contact with Rick’s group – and vice versa – the result of which is that we the viewers, by proxy, are starting to realize how much respect Rick and his group are owed. Glen took out a walker while bruised and tied up, something Merle surely didn’t expect to happen. The Governor is shocked (and intimidated) to find out that Rick’s small band was able to clear out the prison of walkers, something Merle, with good reason, told him was practically impossible to do. Michonne found herself begrudgingly (and characteristically, silently) looking on with respect as Rick, Darryl and Oscar easily took out a bunch of walkers on the road. Earlier, she silently noted with awe how much the group seems to care for each other as Carol was reunited with them all and wept over Rick’s loss. That may have been our favorite scene, not only in this episode, but in this whole season. It illustrated how far the group has come since the days of stupidity and constant bickering. And having Michonne witness it told us all we needed to know about how rare such familial bonds are in this world. The upshot of all of this is that it gives us hope that this group can survive; because the ferocity they display, as well as the love they have for each other, is clearly a very rare thing in this world, full of delusional farmers, dictators, and even hermits. Rick accomplished something the Governor couldn’t imagine doing – and he did it with a tiny force of people who all seem to deeply care for each other, unlike Woodbury, which is little more than a benign (on the surface, at least) dictatorship.

Even Andrea, although separated from Rick’s group for some time now, is smarter about the world they’re in than most of the people at Woodbury, who live in a state almost as delusional as Herschel’s when they first encountered him. It’s obvious why The Governor wants to conduct experiments to see if the walkers retain any sense of their former selves; because he has his daughter trussed up in a strait jacket, in the obscene hope that she’s still his daughter. But Andrea clearly thought the experiment was naive and ill-advised. We’re starting to really hate her character, though. We were willing to forgive a lot of her actions because she couldn’t really know what’s going on behind the scenes and because Woodbury is the first really safe place she’s encountered since the apocalypse started, but she’s seen enough to know that there’s something fundamentally wrong with Woodbury in general, if not the Governor specifically.

We loved this episode, but we did have one major problem with it. It’s lapsing into that Lost trap of not having characters share information with each other that they obviously need to share and that would alter the course of the story if they shared it. We get that Michonne is quiet and plays her cards close to her chest, but it really didn’t make much sense that she didn’t name Merle or inform the group that Glen and Maggie said his brother was back at the prison. Sure, there are reasons as to why she would keep that to herself, mostly having to do with trust, but why go to Rick’s group at all and why agree to returning to Woodbury with them without letting them know that fairly important point? And we’re not sure, but didn’t Andrea actually name some of the people she spent time with, when recounting her past to Michonne? Didn’t names like Rick, Glen, Maggie, Herschel, and Darryl come up at some point? Does Michonne not realize that the prison group is Andrea’s old group? We find that hard to believe. Thankfully, it looks like the shit is really gonna hit the fan come next week’s episode, when all of the information is finally going to be out on the table. What will Darryl do when he encounters his brother? What will Andrea do when she encounters Rick’s group? This is some seriously good stuff, and the potential for conflict and mega-drama has been building all season, right up this point.

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  • funkycamper

    Did I actually notice Merle looking a bit uncomfortable over the Governor bringing Maggie into the room only half-dressed?  And even when the Governor said he would interrogate her alone?  Could there still be a spark of humanity in there?  It’s doubtful but it will be interesting to see him meeting up with Daryl to see if he reaches deep for that humanity and does something to help Daryl or if he has to be killed by Daryl.  Their reunion is what I’m most curious to see.

    Another example of not sharing information, why wouldn’t Andrea share what they learned at the CDC about the brain dying and only the most basic part of the brain stem is functioning?

    And it doesn’t appear that Rick or anyone else actually questioned Michonne much either.  You would think they’d want to know more before heading into battle.

    Oh, well…even with these little things, this season is fantastic.  Will be hard to wait a few months for the second half.

    • LeBarron

      “Another example of not sharing information, why wouldn’t Andrea share what they learned at the CDC about the brain dying and only the most basic part of the brain stem is functioning?”

      This.  I can understand Michonne holding back even if I it would have served to her better to have been more forthcoming with Rick’s group, but why didn’t Andrea tell Dr. Scientistwhat’shisface about the CDC?  I was waiting for her to say something about it, but it never happened.  She already saw experiments and evidence that show walkers do not retain the part of the brain function that made them human, so to speak.  It just didn’t make any sense that she wouldn’t share that.  Of course, I’m also of the opinion that Andrea is too stupid to live, so there’s that.

      I thought the scene at the end where Merle pledges his loyalty to the Governor was interesting.  He knows now that Daryl is alive and with Rick’s group.  He also knows the Governor will not tolerate their existence, so there’s a battle coming.  I wonder if he’s really loyal to the Governor, or he will turn against him when he’s reunited with his brother.  The groundwork for the Daryl-Merle showdown has been very well done.  Nearly every episode has had moments where Daryl seems more and more emotionally integrated with the group and farther from his life pre-apocolypse.  It’s the storyline I’m most anticipating.

      • notterriblybitter

        Merle’s going to be in deep doo-doo with the Governor soon. The Governor’s already questioning his judgment and is about to find out that Michonne’s not dead. The Governor doesn’t seem like the forgiving type and Rick’s group isn’t likely to welcome Merle so it’ll be interesting to see where Merle winds up; on the street or dead seem the most likely places but you never know with this show. 

    • The Gov expected Maggie to cave or to simper in his presence. She put up a good fight. 

      The Gov was able to judge  how to subdue her. I think Merle was surprised that Maggie was afraid. Merle is realizing that he doesn’t have the brains to run the show. That must hurt.

    • dsco3031

      If I remember right from S2, didn’t Rick share the CDC info with the group after they’d dispersed from the farm? At that point, Andrea was already separated, so she wouldn’t have heard his confession… right? Or am I confusing scenes?

      • Mismarker

        You’re right.  She was separated from the group and then Rick told everyone while they were stopped along a road after leaving Hershel’s farm.  So, she may not know that everyone is infected.  But she did witness the videos the CDC scientist had of the re-animation process and how little of the brain regains function. 

      • Andrea wouldn’t know about everyone being infected, even though they are not bitten. However, she did see the scientist’s wife’s zombie brain scans and he explained that zombies function at a primitive level. He also mentioned that person’s personality is lost when they turn.

        • jeeplibby02

          She didn’t learn from Rick, because she was already separated from the group when he made that revelation, but she does know that one doesn’t have to be bitten to turn.  When she and Michonne witnessed the Governor stab the downed helicopter pilot in the head, they were taken aback and questioned him about mutilating what they assumed was a harmless corpse.  He was the one who told them that all the dead turn.

    • Or her own sister?  First season, Andrea’s sister, Amy, tried to eat her immediately upon re-awakening.

  • Why didn’t Andrea tell Weird Science Guy about the brain scans that she saw at the CDC? I think Weird Science Guy was a telemarketer in the past.

    • cornpicker73

      Ha, yeah he had a home science kit that he got for Christmas when he was 10 so he convinced Gov that he could do some experiments on stuff. Maybe he can make a mini volcano next. 

      I’m sure we’ll never get it, but I’d love some Woodbury back story. Webisodes, perhaps?

  • T-Dog replacement guy was truly shocked when Paranoid Hermit was tossed out to horde!

  • cornpicker73

    Yes! Totally agree with the frustrations you mention in the last paragraph. I also thought it highly unlikely that Michonne wouldn’t put 2 and 2 together and figure out it was Andrea’s former group. And REALLY odd that she didn’t mention Merle etc.

    Also agree that the reunion w/ Carole and the baby was so well played and emotional, and that these characters have come a long way.

    I really hope that Rick’s group busts in before some of the Gov’s minions head to the prison. Maybe they’ll plan to wait til morning? 

    LOVED the scene where Glen kicks some zombie ass, and when Michonne pitches in with team work to make zombie food of the noisy hermit. 

    And now we know what Andrea’s been keeping in her purse! Some lacy undergarments! So white and clean! A gal never knows when she’ll need to seduce a sociopathic dictator during the ZA, I suppose. 

    • mozzer0906

       I thought the same thing about her white bra and panties.  yeah, cuz I’m sure 8 months of living out in the wild would keep your drawers looking fresh as a daisy *rolls eyes*. 

      • She had them drycleaned in her first week at Woodbury.

        • Mismarker

          Yes! Right after she got her hair done at Suzy’s Curl Up & Dye.

    •   My fiance said that same thing – “Wow, her bra and undies are awfully clean!”. Haha…

      I don’t understand why Rick’s group is going to try to get in Woodbury from the side. We keep seeing “the wall” from the front gate – one would assume that Woodbury is surrounded on all sides – it seems like a dark corner would be the better place to try and break in.

  • ChiliP

    I loved this episode, but I agree that the omission of facts is puzzling. Andrea previously complained to Michonne that she (Andrea) had already told Michonne everything about her while Michonne told her very little in return- surely she mentioned her group and specific members in it. At the very least, wouldn’t Michonne mention Andrea’s name before the Woodberry raid? As in “I have a friend in the village, she’s blonde and her name is Andrea- don’t harm her.”? Very odd.

    On another note, was anyone else amused by the KFC commercial that aired immediately after the hermit devouring scene? Ah, advertising.

    • Yes, we howled!

    • Tara

       I immediately broke up laughing.  My boyfriend and I started to speculate about the folks controlling what commercials are aired, and when.  They had to have done that on purpose.

  • dress_up_doll

    I didn’t lovelovelove this episode as much as you guys, but it was good. I guess I’m just as frustrated as you guys as to why Michonne didn’t share pertinent information with Rick and Company. On another note, I have new found respect for Glenn. That scene with the walker was amazeballs.

  • This is my favorite episode of the whole show.  Drama!  Gore!  Conflict coming!  I did take issue with the lack of sharing but I am giving them some slack and hope they explain why next week.  I have enjoyed this season so much that my faith in the writers is restored.  

  • Vera L-

    I am so totally naming my next child Asskicker. 
    Michonne’s silence is in character but still puzzling. 
    This was my favorite episode of the series. 
    Anyone know when the season will resume? 

    • HobbitGirl

      It’s only speculation, but didn’t last season resume sometime in February?

  • dickylarue

    I’m going to forgive them little things like Michonne possibly playing cards too close to her vest because this 1/2 season has been insane. Watching this & Homeland back to back on Sunday nights makes me feel like I’ve been kidnapped and tortured and loved every second of it. 

    As for Merle, I’m wondering if they’re gonna Darth Vader vs. The Emperor him if you know what I’m saying. If ligtning bolts come out of the Governor’s ass and hit Darryl I’ll go batshit. 

    I also was surprised how much the Carol reunion affected me last night with Rick. At first, I didn’t know why they put her disappearing in the plot because I didn’t know what it was buying them, but the moment last night proved it in spades. 

    The show’s on fire this season. Little nit picks are valid, but every week is a thrill ride so far. 

    • HobbitGirl

      I am so, so shocked to have been glad that Carol came back. Last season I TOTALLY agreed with her own self-evaluation of herself as a “burden,” but she’s really grown on me. I think that’s one of the signs this show has gotten back on its feet in a big way. I never expected to care at all about that character, and here I was all ooey-gooey to see her and the group reunited.

  • ShivaDiva

    It was great to see Michonne kicking ass with Rick’s group.  I love how she just fit right in immediately.  The scene in the hermit hut was a lot of fun.  Andrea, on the other hand…. ugh.  She’s basically a new character with no resemblance to the original — and too lacking in common sense to survive in this world.  The Governor has such an icky, “To Catch a Predator” vibe to him. I just want to take a shower every time they get all lovey-dovey.

  • DinahR

    What’s interesting to me about Merle is that until recent episodes I thought he was just a bigoted loose-canon, more trouble than he was worth.  But now I’m starting to wonder if he was really all that bad or if Merle is more like Daryl than he ever let on.  He certainly is a scary, violent man; but he’s also a scared one.  Dangerous combination for someone.  

    Michonne knows this is Andrea’s group.  I think she hasn’t mentioned Andrea simply because she doesn’t want them to know.  She knows Daryl is Merle’s brother and the dramatic sideshow of them ‘reuniting’ will be a great diversion for Michonne to exploit. They will be all about rescuing Glenn and Maggie, leaving Michonne to work on her own.  Plus, I think Michonne was rightly hurt that Andrea dumped her so quickly to be in a group again, and isn’t looking for a repeat of that so quickly.  And, if Rick didn’t get all ‘We can’t let you leave’ at first Michonne might have been more forthcoming. She’s been bitten by all these dogs before.  

    I think Michonne’s goal is really just to get in there, get Andrea, and get out.  While she’s doing this, she’s evaluating the others and after she’s got her friend back, then I think Michonne will consider whether she wants to stay with Team Prison or not, and it will be on her own terms.    

    • cornpicker73

      But why would Michonne want to get Andrea? I’m sure if Andrea is like “OMG, you’re back, please save me from these freaks!” Michonne would be all *sigh* FINE. But Andrea had her chance… I don’t know. 

      • DinahR

        Yeah, I agree.  Why *would* anyone want to get Andrea at this point?  Ugh. I have not read the comics, so I could be WAY off base, but Michonne seems very loyal and very smart.  Maybe she’s hoping/thinking Andrea is going to regret her decision already.  Michonne knows Woodbury is bad and Andrea is not ‘safe’ like she thinks she is.  

        Why did Michonne bring that baby formula to strangers in one of those baskets I can’t carry for ten minutes without it hurting my hand?   To my mind these are the little tells of her character.  She doesn’t say anything, so you are left just watching and trying to figure her out.

  • Completely agree that events with Michonne felt really poorly conceived. She’s repaired and ready for battle in…what…a few hours? And Rick just accepts her even though a few days a stranger more or less got his pregnant wife eaten? Seems unlikely.

    In our review we wish the season would slow down a bit to allow a little more character development (yes, we liked S2), but if this new format of fast paced Walking Dead continues, let’s have fewer transitional/set-up episodes like this and more conflict (like next week’s fall finale!)

    • Even her jeans weren’t damaged when Hershel cured her. Michonne doesn’t let little pesky germs and bullet wounds stop her!

    • ShivaDiva

      I wasn’t too put off by Rick and Co.’s quick acceptance of Michonne, and vice versa.  I think they did a fairly good job of showing both sides wordlessly assessing each other, i.e. kicking butt but also caring.  Typically they’ve mistrusted strangers because they’ve shown up asking for or demanding something, which Michonne did not do.  In that regard I think her silence served her well.

      I do see your point about rushing a bit.  They are blasting right through many, many events that took place over their stay at the prison.  I’m loving this season in its own right, but you don’t get that same sense from the books that the group has settled into the prison over a long period and really made it their home, and are willing to fight for it.

  • A thought about Michonne’s reticence. She may have gone to Rick’s group because she felt for the baby and wanted some help with her wounds but also saw an opportunity to get some revenge on the Governor, a la rescue mission to save Glen and Maggie. But she still doesn’t know how much she can trust them. She probably does know that this is Andrea’s group, but remember that Andrea just hurt her a lot by staying in Woodbury so she’s probably also trying to keep her distance from the group and from anything reminding her of Andrea. As for Merle, she knows he’s dangerous and she probably is trying to size up if Daryl is like his brother or not before revealing what she knows. Maybe this isn’t wise, but since she likely wants to kill Merle, she’s probably thinking it’s best not to let his brother know what she knows. “Oh Daryl, good news, your brother is alive. Bad news, I’m going to kill him.”

    • jtabz

      “As for Merle, she knows he’s dangerous and she probably is trying to
      size up if Daryl is like his brother or not before revealing what she

      This. She watched Daryl like a hawk from the moment she realized who he was … I think it’s pretty clear she held out on identifying Merle as the kidnapper because she wasn’t sure how Daryl would react.

      Also, it gives us another week to anticipate The Big Reveal. Can’t wait…!

  • mozzer0906

    I think this season has been magnificent.  I must admit the Glen / Maggie scenes were positively hurtful to watch.  Maggie, caught between her father and sister and the man she loves.  She was willing to take whatever the Gov had to give her, but couldn’t watch them shoot Glenn.  Andrea is a dipshit and I can’t stand the woman or her pristine white underthings.  (as if!)  

    • tereliz

      LOL, Maggie is the smart one, wearing a black bra during the zombie apocalypse. If I were her I’d be so pissed the Governor never gave it back. I guess he has no concept of how difficult it is to keep underwear clean while on the run from zombies. No wonder Andrea wants to stay in Woodbury… 😉

      Seriously, though, I found new respect for both Glen and Maggie in this episode. 

      • HobbitGirl

        I’d imagine even FINDING underwear during the zombie apocalypse is pretty damn hard. I usually have to order my bras online — I’d be totally screwed when the zombies show up unless I can find some loot in my cup size. 🙂

  • Mismarker

    Glen single-handedly taking out that walker while being duct taped to a chair.  
    Carol’s reunion with the group.  That moment with the baby and Rick got me a little misty-eyed.
    Encounter with paranoid hermit.
    Naming the baby Judith.  Judith from The Book of Judith was a bit of an ass-kicker herself
    Set-up for next week’s showdown.  Folks, I cannot wait.
    Maggie vs. The Governor.  I watched all of that through my fingers.  Those who have read the comics know that scene could have gone a little differently.  

    Milton, Andrea and Mr. Coleman.  What was the point? 
    Andrea.  Do something next week to redeem yourself.  Please. 

    I am calling it right now.  I don’t think Merle is long for this world.  


    • cornpicker73

      “Milton, Andrea and Mr. Coleman.  What was the point? ”
      To show they are sort of ignorant daydreamers? To get her thinking, Why the F does the Gov want to do that? Doesn’t he know they are monsters?

      • Mismarker

        Ok, yes.  I get that but I didn’t see any quizzical looks when she went straight to the Governor’s place afterward.  She smiled and kissed him.  She looked more sad and ready to get her whiskey on than anything.  Maybe she learned something but we, the audience, did not.  

        • cornpicker73

          I think she was oddly silent, like she was absorbing it and mulling shit over. Maybe she is all, “hell, I need a drink. Michonne was right, why the fuck am I still here, what to do what to do?”

          • Mismarker

            Himbos for the win.

            It’s all about perception.  Or, possibly, Laurie Holden isn’t great at acting her character’s “inner conflict”.  I guess we’ll see next week where Andrea’s loyalties lie.  At least I hope we will.    

          • Andrea is the best head stabber in the Woodbury bunch right now. I think that the other residents hesitate when they see zombies. Andrea stabs then thinks about it.

          • Mismarker

            I just pictured Andrea standing on a pedestal in the middle of Woodbury accepting her best head stabber award.  Thanks for that!

          • jtabz

            True. I also suspect he wanted to get her ensconced somewhere while Glenn and Maggie were being tortured elsewhere on the premises.

          • tereliz

            This. I think the governor wanted her busy for the day to keep her from popping up when and where she’s not wanted. 

          • HobbitGirl

            Maybe it’s because he’s seen that she gets off on killing zombies, and he understands attaining satisfaction through violence because he’s that way himself?

      • The Gov wants his kid back.

    • Maggie vs. The Governor:  My husband and I had just watched The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo not two hours before this episode.  We were both like, “Oh, God, not again!”

      • Mismarker

        That would have been too much! : ) Don’t even get me started.  Have you seen the Swedish one? I think it’s on Netflix.  That particular series of scenes is just…well, words fail.  As far as Maggie and The Gov, I am glad that got dialed down for television.  It could have been much, much worse.  

  • SorayaS

    I just can’t with Michonne- there’s playing your cards close and there’s just bull-headed stupidity. If she told the gang about Woodbury and went off on her own- okay she doesn’t care how it turns out for them. But she is GOING IN WITH THEM and still hasn’t told them as much as she knows?! Makes her look like an idiot.

    The fact that she can’t answer a straight question is infuriating and this episode she made me bang my head against a wall as much as Andrea (that is saying something)!

  • Zippypie

    There were parts of the episode that were perfection – everything with Maggie and Glen, Carol’s interaction with Rick and the baby did make me teary, along with her saying goodbye to Daryl before the raid, Carl stepping it up and blowing away walkers from around Michonne, Rick finally getting his act together and who can argue with the “finger-licking good” insane hermit getting chowed.

    But there were problems with Michonne – I do believe she knows that this is Andrea’s group.  She certainly knows Daryl has to be Merle’s brother and she was watching him intently while he was scoping her with the crossbow.  I’m not sure why she didn’t tell them more about Woodbury and the Gov beyond basics, even if she wanted to keep secret that Merle was alive and hunted her.  That was one scene where I really wanted more talk and less action.  If I were going to go on a military raid run with a bunch of people I just met who have potential emotional bombs, I would be a little more upfront with knowledge.  Wouldn’t it be beneficial to her?  I don’t know.  It’s odd.

    And yes, why didn’t Andrea tell the Mad Scientist about the brain scan she saw at the CDC of the reanimation of the crazy doc’s wife’s brain?  That only the brain stem and its base functions come back?  Hello?  But then again, she was probably all dreamy after killing a walker with a knife to the brain, fantasizing about the drinking fine whisky and boning the Gov in her white lacy thong.  Where the hell did that come from?  Jeez.  She’s wearing the same clothes but she comes up with some very clean lingerie?

    The preview for next week looks crazy intense and you KNOW they will leave us with a life/death cliffhanger for sure.  Whether it’ll be Merle/Daryl or Rick/Gov or even Breck Girl/Michonne or all of them and more, there won’t be any answers.  No where is safe.  And for those of you who watched the insipid The Talking Dead, the preview scene they showed on there was seriously creepy shit.  Booyah, baby!

    • cornpicker73

      I think she didn’t bother mentioning the CDC dude info because Mr. Weird Science had been working on this little project for SO long and was SO excited and well, he just had to find out for himself. Like I can tell my kid 500000 times to not touch the radiator/try to climb a folding chair/whatever else dumbass thing kids wanna do to try to hurt themselves, but sometimes they gotta find out the hard way. 

      Also he had to finish it so he wouldn’t end up on the Wall O’ Fish Tank Heads.

      • Zippypie

        That’s true about Mad Scientist but why didn’t she tell the Gov?  Why did she just walk in, slosh down whiskey and bury her head in his chest instead of just saying hey, by the way, your experiements won’t ever work and I know why.  Instead she acted like she just had a rough day at work at the office and needed a back rub.

        I don’t know, maybe she will eventually tell him, but it just seemed odd that she said nothing.  If anything, Andrea is not exactly circumspect.

        • cornpicker73

          She isn’t ready to give up on the Woodbury fantasy yet? 

  • tereliz

    Merle totally underestimated Glen, a mistake that I think the Governor is going to make with Rick and Co., who have been struggling to eke out a living while the Governor and his men have been picking off the occasional biter and pulling out their teeth. The Governor may think that his people aren’t scared of biters, but they sure can’t kill them as efficiently as the prison group. This is going to bite him in the ass, I hope. 

    Michonne’s silence, IMO, is due to her having, as always, her own agenda. I’m betting she knows that Darryl is Merle’s brother, and therefore knows this is Andrea’s group. How much has Andrea told her about them? Why would she trust the people who left her friend to die? Why would she tell them about Merle when she has no idea what Darryl will do when she sees him? Why would she tell them about Andrea when they’ve already left her once, and they have two others they’re going in after already?
    But Michonne’s quickly figuring out how well Rick’s group has learned to work together. Maybe she’ll use the confusion her silence will create to her advantage, or maybe she’ll stick around and help. 

    Loved that the baby is named Judith. Not an asskicker, per se, but she was a decapitator, which is more important during the zombie apocalypse, I think. 🙂

    • Zippypie

      Agree on all points.  Good insight on Michonne.  And yes, they will underestimate Rick & Co.

    • CozyCat

      I have a somewhat different theory of Michone’s silence.  We don’t know her backstory, but it’s pretty obvious that her life pre-ZA taught her to distrust and play her cards close to the vest.  To me the key moment was when she was trying to persuade Andrea to leave Woodbury:  why didn’t she use what she had seen with the Governor’s daughter?  It would have helped her argument.


      • tereliz

        I wasn’t sure she actually saw the Governor and his daughter through the window—or else someone else would surely have seen what he does up there earlier, right? Instead, I think she was just seeing that it was the Governor’s window and that she knew he probably had her katana there. And wondered what else he might be up to. I think if she had seen him with Penny she would have told Andrea. And she wouldn’t have mentioned anything to the Governor about Penny—and then, “I bet you say that to all the girls”—demonstrating that she thought Penny was a love interest, not a daughter. But maybe I misread that scene?

  • I really felt bad for Michone though when Rick kicked aside her sword – echoes of Woodbury anyone?  We’re here to help you.  We’re taking your weapon.  You’re safe here with us.  It’s a wonder she talked to them at all.

  • HobbitGirl

    I can’t believe we’ve almost gotten to mid-season and haven’t had a really rubbish episode yet!

    I cannot imagine Merle is going to end well. Glenn is much fiercer than he gets credit for, especially when you mess with someone he clearly loves.

  • Really looking forward to the Merle/Darryl showdown–some really interesting ground was set up during Darryl’s talk with Carl last week, when he mentioned that he was only able to go out and play with other kids and do his own thing when Merle was away in jail.  He’s playing with other kids all the time now, and this time the other kids accept and respect him.  I’m guessing Merle’s presumed death might have been a relief for him in many ways, and that this reunion is not going to go at all the way Merle thinks it will.  Merle I’d think is just assuming that Darryl will immediately jump sides for him.

    One thing struck me during Glenn’s interrogation scene:  how did Merle know that Maggie was “the farmer’s daughter?”  I think he only could have known that through Andrea.  His saying that should have sent off alarm bells in Glenn’s head, though understandably he would have been a bit distracted at the time.  Glenn is officially the baddest badass of them all.

    • cornpicker73

      Good catch re: Farmer’s daughter comment. I remember thinking “huh?” at that, too. 

      I am also wondering what Mr. Coleman said to Weird Science right before he croaked. Maybe he whispered, “hey, nothing personal if I try to chomp your face off after I kick the bucket. Good luck with your little ‘speriment. Toodles!”


    IMHO, Michionne is keeping all of her cards & info VERY closed up tight, just in case.  So not mentioning to Rick’s group any of the info she has makes some sense when I think of just how shut off she is from others and her own emotions.  And as for Andrea, she is so f’ing dumb and self obsorbed she isn’t even thinking about the CDC stuff or really anything else.  Merle is sooooo toast soon, one way or another…….

  • bd73

    i’m starting to think michonne was a mental patient or something. she
    functions like this world is her ultimate reality. she takes it way more
    seriously than most of the other people. i think she came to the prison out of compassion for maggie and glen. she doesn’t want a large group of allies and she has no reason to go near woodbury again. she came to get help for the latest pair kidnapped by merle.

    the gov/maggie scene made me scramble for the remote with more desperation than i have ever known. seriously thought maggie was tougher than that. she didn’t even put up a fight.

    • tereliz

      Re: Maggie not putting up a fight: 

      When? When she took off her shirt when the Governor told her to, knowing she’d be beaten AND raped instead of just raped? Or when she told the Governor about the prison instead of seeing the man she loves get killed in front of her, hoping that Rick and Darryl and Not-T-Dog, et al., will be able to defend her sis and handi-capable dad from a highly defensible position with guard towers and fences and a moat made of walkers? Particularly since she has no notion of what sort of ordinance the Governor has stashed away? She wasn’t scared for her own life. She was scared for Glen’s. What other choice did she have? Silence? To wait for torture, rape? Not trying to argue, but I don’t any of us here would have done much different in the same situation. It reinforces that lamentable fact—having a vagina during the apocalypse is a horrible curse. 🙁

      • JillSpill

        I agree.  Maggie was not going to talk with the threat of her own harm, but could not watch Glen be killed in front of her.  It shows the bond within their group.  I’m sure Glen would not have been so tough if it was Maggie Merle was beating up.

  • mortadella

    Jeeze, lots of Andrea hate. She uses adrenaline to fight off depression, that’s why she does some of the things she does — like going over the wall to kill that walker (and to show her little friend HOW IT’S DONE) . If she saw what the gov did to Glenn and Maggie, she would have lost it. In the sneak peek, She tells the gov’, “I think I saw one of them.” And he gives her a startled double take. I think he’s actually afraid of her finding out Maggie and Glenn are in Woodbury — I think he’s intimidated by anyone who has survived on the outside.Gov made a big deal of how only 10 people could clean out an entire prison of walkers— hell, it impressed Michonne. I’m afraid for Daryl, though. If Team Rick gets the upper hand, that scientist will opt to go with them. .