The Walking Dead: “Killer Within”

Posted on November 05, 2012

“Can’t we have one good day?”

Oh, Glenn. You’ll never risk the Fates by uttering a line like that again, will you? Especially since Maggie’s not likely to ever let you have sex with her again after what she just went through.

Man, they’re really not fucking around this season, are they? That was the bloodiest, goriest episode of this show yet. And thank god for that, we say. Not that we want to see that much gore and death every episode, but after the slow crawl of season 2, it’s exhilarating (from a story perspective) to see such a commitment from the writers to go balls to the wall.

By the way, we would be remiss if we didn’t point out that the bloodiest, hardest-to-watch scene in the episode – and possibly the series – was not a death scene or a zombie put-down, but a woman giving birth in the worst possible situation. That’s some dramatic irony for you right there – and a very good illustration of just how screwed these people are.

Once again, the point is driven home (like a spike through a zombie’s head) that there is no room for compassion in this world. If you have an enemy, then that enemy must die. The whole prison attack and subsequent massacre came down to Rick pissing off one person – and then letting them go instead of killing them outright. Rick started off the season hardened to the point of insanity. We have no idea how fucked up he’s going to be after this, but we’re willing to go out on a limb and offer the highly technical prediction of: Pretty Damn Fucked Up.

And speaking of fucked up, let’s hear it for Carl, folks. The little kid with the gun, the view of his mama’s bloody vagina and gutted stomach, and the bullet he put through her brain. They’re all working so hard to carve out a life for themselves in this new world, but ten years from now, should any of them survive, they’re going to be faced with the most fucked up generation of young adults the world has ever seen.

And speaking even further of fucked up, let’s hear it for Andrea, folks. The lady who never met a psychopath she couldn’t bat her eyes at. What the hell is WRONG with that chick? There’s “bad taste in men” and then there’s the Eva Braun School of Dating Advice. We’re thinking the only reason Michonne is staying in Woodbury is out of deep concern for her friend; possibly even a romantic inclination. But even she doesn’t come off too bright in this scenario. Sure, her instincts are serving her well in that she’s highly suspicious, but the blood on that truck bed should’ve been enough for her to say “We’re getting out of here. RIGHT NOW.”

So Rest in Peace, Lori. The writers screwed your character up so badly that they had to diverge from the books once again and just get you good and killed off. Rest in Peace, T-Dog. There’s a new black guy in the cast and he’s already had more lines than you ever got, so out you go. We can’t say either of these deaths were a bad idea. Of course we think it’s possible to have more than one black guy in the cast, but the simple fact is, the writers screwed T-Dog almost as bad as they screwed Lori and if we had to pick two cast members to go, it would have been those two. Lori couldn’t really be rehabilitated as a character and T-Dog had turned into something of a joke. Even when they did give him lines, the audience’s reaction was always, “Hey! T-Dog got a line!” We’re pretty sure Carol’s not dead, but we’d be kind of upset if she was. Her character was almost as badly defined as Lori and T-Dog, but the writers did a pretty good job of turning her around this season, and we’re interested to see more of her, especially since Darryl clearly has a soft spot for her.

And speaking of Darryl, a showdown with Merle (and by extension, the Governor) is surely coming and we wonder whether he’ll have the balls to stand up to him and protect his friends.

But isn’t that great? Isn’t it a marked improvement over last season that there’s real dramatic conflict in the offing? What will happen to Rick now? Or Carl? How will Darryl deal if Carol dies or he’s forced to face off against his brother? Is Michonne going to leave Andrea in the clutches of her latest ill-advised crush or will she stay in Woodbury and risk decapitation for pissing off the Governor? Will the two remaining prisoners be integrated into Rick’s group, and if so, can they be trusted? Can Maggie sustain a relationship with Glenn after what she’s just been through?

Isn’t this all so much better than “Hey, you guys. Where’s Carl and Sophia?”


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  • G

    This episode – unbelievable… it is so much fun!  The blood and guts are FUN!!  Unlike Boardwalk Empire where I get a queasy feeling from the b and g.  Good going season 3!!  HOOKED.

    • Boy do I agree with you about BE. I don’t know why I”m watching that show at all anymore. I have to sort of force myself to sit through it. The WHOLE SHOW makes me queasy, I don’t know why. Every character is creepy. Every single one, except the little girl, since now the boy is a fire bug.

  • Lesa Tanner

    And I actually cried at the end, no, sobbed, much to my surprise. Seeing Rick lose his stoicism and collapse . . . wow. What a great episode.

    •  Yeah, that was some hella acting.  Wow.

    • getouttadodge

      Oh I was sobbing too. That was fantastic acting.

      • fallen_ikon

        I have had a soft spot for the actor who plays Rick since he was in Love, Actually. He is great in that, too.

        • getouttadodge

          Another movie in which he makes me sob!!

        • Carolyn

          I’ve liked him since he was Egg. Anyone with me?

          • bdubz

            Yes and yay! I loved him in This Life 🙂

          • Carolyn

            He has aged very well hasn’t he?

    • TieDye64

      Hell yeah, I was sobbing too. Fantastic episode, all the way around.

      • Nelliebelle1197

         Me too. I had an emergency c-section at 26 weeks with my daughter on November 5th, 2010. Watching this, on November 4th, a few hours after her second birthday party, was the worse choice I have made in a long time!

  • mozzer0906

    This was one of the most gripping and finest hours of television I’ve seen in a long time.  Kudos to Sarah for delivering her gut wrenching final lines.  To the boy who plays Carl for his numb, blank stare of a boy just broken.  To Andrew Lincoln for selling it so entirely.  Positively magnificent!

  • ShivaDiva

    The best thing about these developments is, they seem to have paid attention to what went wrong up til now and have a plan to fix it.  Yay, they’re diverging from the original story and it’s not necessarily a bad thing any more!  I’m also wondering if Michonne will turn out to be a lesbian on the show.  Now that would be a twist.

    • I think it’s the only explanation for why she’s sticking around. 

      • ShivaDiva

        Tough break for her if she likes a serial killer groupie like Andrea.

    • HobbitGirl

      How awesome would it be to have a badass Black lesbian in a newly awesome action show? There aren’t that many opportunities to develop a character like that on TV.

      • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

        It would help if they gave her some more lines instead of having her just scowl all the time.

        • HobbitGirl

          That’s for sure! However, I like to think of her as using words only when sword-based badassery won’t suffice. 😉

      • MilaXX

         I haven’t seen any since The Wire. (Omar, Kima & Snoop).

  • emilaweb

    Oh god I teared up so hard when Rick fell apart. Damn you Walking Dead!

    That was my favorite episode to date. SO intense.

    • mommyca

      me too! I didn’t cry when Lori and Carl said farewell (which was super emotional); but when Rick broke down, crying so badly it made me tear up too! wow! who would have thought?

      • cornpicker73

        Same! I thought for sure, as a mom and a cryer, I’d be losing it at the Carl/Lori deathbed scene. But I was like, well, ok, then. I didn’t cry either at the end when Rick lost his shit, but I was like, I know that grief. Rock on, awesome acting. 

  • Pennymac

    How in the world is it possible to tear up during a zombie apocalypse gore fest? I don’t know, but it happened to me. (And I was one of the ones wishing Lori had died in Season 2’s car wreck)

    Amazing episode! I have an emotional hangover this morning!

  • ChiliP

    Last night was INTENSE. I had to avert my eyes several times, including the neck chomping on T-Dog’s previously underutilized throat. Also, as much as Lori annoyed me, I would be lying if I said I didn’t tear up during her last moments. What a way to go.

    Did anyone else notice that there were commercials seemingly ever 5 minutes or so? And that they came at somewhat awkward, random moments (ie. Carol looking at T-Dog being eaten alive)? I’m not sure if the format is always that way, but it was especially evident last night.

    • erinbinek

      Absolutely!  We normally watch it on DVR, so we’re able to fast forward the commercials, but last night, watching it “live,” I really noticed how many commercials there were.  Even mentioned it to the husband.

  • Angela Hardi

    I spent a good amount of time last night thinking about this episode. It gave me a serious case of emotional whip lash to go from the intense emotions (and crying fits) of watching T-Bone and Lori die, to screaming at Andrea for being such an obvious moron. The scene with Maggie emerging with the crying baby and Rick collapsing to the ground was what did me in and made me an emotional mess for the rest of the night :-p

  • erinbinek

    This is the first season I’ve watched this show, and I have to say, I’m loving it.  I can’t wait to watch each week.  This is what truly good TV should be.

  • AutumnInNY

    Intense is right. Wow. Lori (Mel Harris jr), Carl, Maggie that was some final scene. Great episode. 

    I certainly hope, tho I’m sure conditions being what they are, she probably isn’t but wondering what Maggie/Glenn are doing for birth control…Otherwise this group could be facing yet another post-apocalyptic pregnancy.

    • MilaXX

       Back when they were on the Farm, Glenn was grabbing condoms during runs to the pharmacy. Hopefully they haven’t gone through them all or he’s replacing them whenever he can.

      • Cydney Williams

        Three words: Oral, Anal, handjobs.

        • MilaXX

           I’m sure they are young enough and hopefully smart enough to be versatile.

    • funkycamper

      Mel Harris, Jr.    Ha!  Perfect.

    • cornpicker73

      LMAO @ Mel Harris, jr.

  • donnaINseattle

    First, Lori’s cesaerian scar seemed a bit small. Kudos to Maggie for doing what she did, holy mackeral!

    Next, I was a bit moved when Lori died (although, seriously, couldn’t Maggie have handed the kid over to Carl for a few seconds so she could take care of Lori?), but Rick’s breakdown was GREAT! And it made so much sense!

    Third, I cannot believe The Governor is going to let Andrea and Michonne (Michaun? whatever) go like that. I was intially guessing the heads in the aquariums were peeps who tried to leave.

    • Maybe some of the heads were but two of them were the Michonne’s offed “pets” and another was the military pilot who they took in to get information from him. I’m guessing they offed him after that, but he was in no position to try to leave.

      I don’t think he’ll let people leave easily though.

    • I don’t think he’s going to let them go.

    • Carolyn

      My scar is a lot smaller than that, I thought hers was long!

    • KateWo

      Right, won’t he let them get a few hours ahead and then find them and kill them? I’m kinda wondering why Michonne doesn’t suspect that. But I’m wondering if Andrea helping Merle will come in handy later…

  • mjude

    wow what an episode.  how very very sad.  i was crying for t-dog, carl & lori, but when rick collapsed that put me over the edge.  i couldnt stop thinking about it last night.  even talking dead was a bit emotional.  great writing & acting.

    • G

       I believe it’s a girl.

      • ShivaDiva

        Herschel said something in the preview like, “She needs baby formula soon or she won’t make it.”

        • cornpicker73

          Yeah, I was wondering what the hell the baby was going to eat. They need 6 – 12 months of formula! Hope there’s a Costco nearby.

    • TieDye64

      Yes, this episode is sticking with me. Wow.

  • What did T-Dog do for a living, before the zombies? IronE got a lot of love on Talking Dead.

    • MilaXX

       It was really sweet when he teared up a bit. Made me sad they didn’t do more with his character.

  • Topaz

    YES this is what Survival Horror is all about. Survival! They’re really taking advantage of those dank corridors in the prison for ramping up the suspense. I feel like they’ve taken a note from the book of some of the really good survival horror games around but at the same time not neglecting good characterisation. But the character stuff arises from the action. They’re dealing with circumstances out of their control and we’re learning about them all through that, instead of them whining and being the endless agents of their own misfortune. It’s the fundamental difference between good and bad horror and they’ve FINALLY figured it out.

  • Totally amazing episode.  I was surprised that I cried, too, since I really never cared much for Lori.  But damn, seeing Rick just lose it like that, and Carl so clearly screwed.  It’s going to make for a REALLY exciting season, and I seriously can’t wait to see what happens next!!

  • Merle is too calm. I think crazy science guy is tainting the water with antidepressants or something. Old Merle would have smacked anyone who told what not to do!

    • HobbitGirl

      I think the point is that Merle is cowed by the Governor. And a man that Merle’s afraid of…that is a man to watch out for.

      • Merle is in a situation where he realizes that it is in his best interest to behave. I think he’s also responding to being treated decently, and grateful that he’s still alive. I also think he’s a bit smarter than others suspect, and has some suspicion of what is really going on.

        • deedeegee

          yeah maybe it’s just because michael rooker is such a good actor but there seemed to be something behind his eyes – something more thoughtful than the way we saw merle before. it felt like he was being careful and aware of how the governor works (now if they could just apply this tact to michonne!) in a very subtle way. but really, if darryl is any indication, there’s more brains and skills to that family than first impressions show.

  • funkycamper

    I must have said “Oh, they’re not really going there, are they?” a dozen times last night.  Wow, Carl’s “She’s my mom” is what got to me.  

    I have to admit that I got taken out of the whole birth scene a bit because women don’t go from first contraction to pushing and birthing the baby in 2-minutes.  Nope, not even in relatively fast deliveries.  I needed some sense of time passing a bit to have made that more believable.  And the C-section scar?  Ridiculous.  Bad writing.  I had an emergency C-section with my first child 29 years ago and a planned one with my second a couple of years later.  The scar from the incision is only about 3″ long and is covered by my hair.  Others I know with C-sections state that they have the same situation with their scars.  The placement and length of Lori’s scar was ridiculous.  I was so taken aback by those things that it took me awhile to get into Lori’s death speech.  Or maybe I couldn’t get into it because I was so glad she was going to finally be off my screen.  It wasn’t until Carl stepped up for his horrific deed, did I feel wrecked.

    Good grief, I hope this crew of morons (until recently I’ve watched the show to learn what not-to-do in a ZA), have been picking up baby supplies during there last few months of being on the run and foraging.  I’m betting not.

    Sad to see Theodore’s demise.  I really liked him when we’ve had those small glimpses of his personality and character.

    • HobbitGirl

      Granted, I haven’t had pregnancies myself, but I wonder if it’s less a case of bad writing and more a Movie Silencer type of phenomenon, i.e. it’s a bigger scar in a more obvious place than it would be because the audience expects it to be, like they expect Movie Silencers to magically make no noise. It didn’t bother me.

    • wisdomy

      That’s not bad writing, that’s “We’re not allowed to show pubic hair, and no one wants to see it in this context anyway.”

      • YoungSally

        Maybe Lori was into she-scaping….her armpits looked freshly waxed.

      • funkycamper

        True.  Then they wouldn’t have been able to show the cutting.  Good point.

    • Jennifer Coleman

      I didn’t mind the ‘cut here’ scar as much as the rapid fast delivery. Rapid-fast labor can occur, but since there was the probability that she would die if they had to cut without any supplies, waiting a bit would not have been a terrible thing. Plus, if it were MY zombie apocalypse, I would’ve made Lori walk around at all times with a bag carrying a scalpel, medical supplies, water, etc. in case she went into labor at a bad time.
      RIP T-Dog, he might’ve been the longest-living redshirt in tv series history. I do think the writers did have a tin ear in having the old black guy die in the same episode the new black guy is introduced. And while we’re on the subject, Michonne has lost 0.5 point of badassery because she has not bailed on dumbass Andrea. Hopefully there are some extenuating circumstances. Hope it’s not romantic-sentimentality does not seem to be on Michonne’s radar, especially when it’s a life & death sitch.

    • rumcg66

      The inaccuracy pissed me off too, That scar was ABOVE her belly button right? Or did I imagine that? Because seriously, it takes two seconds to google “c-section incision” and make it accurate. That was annoying to me, and so distracting it took me a minute to shake it off.

      • HobbitGirl

        One thing you have to give them, though. This is the first TV/movie labor situation in a looooong time that I’ve seen to actually show the woman standing up instead of the standard (and shockingly inefficient) on-your-back position. That earned them some cred from me.

    • I had a semi-emergency c-section (after an hour of hard labor my daughter was in distress) 17 years ago (her birtday is Thursday) and my scar is at least 6″ long and goes from the bottom edge of my belly button down, not across.

      • funkycamper

        I’m surprised.  My c-section was definitely an emergency as my daughter’s heart-rate had seriously dropped.  I had been in labor for almost 24 hours.  It was definitely a get in there quick situation.  I wonder if it’s because I had a woman doctor doing the surgery?  She said later that she does the low, horizontal cut because it’s quicker healing and doesn’t leave scars that show.  I’m definitely grateful for that!

        • Where I live, we don’t have OB/GYNs unless you want to drive 45 min so the MDs, DOs and other primary care physicians also deliver babies (mine is a woman).  When I had to have a c-section, the local surgeon was called in.  When I went back for my post-op check up, I asked him about it.  He said he was in a bit of a hurry, thus the vertical incision.  He did indicate, though, that the internal incision was horizontal so I could attempt a VBAC later.  But, she’s the only child I gave birth to so it never came up.

    • MilaXX

       I got the feeling that she was having the smaller contractions earlier and just didn’t say anything until she couldn’t not say anything. I had no prob with the speed since apparently my family is known for fast deliveries. I had 2 aunts who literally had 5 min deliveries. One never made it out of the ER. 

      I agree the C scar was exaggerated. I had a bigger concern with Maggie not sweeping the baby’s mouth to clear the airway when she had trouble getting it to cry.

  • What are they going to do with that baby?  You can’t keep a baby from crying and, eventually, that’s gonna screw them in an emergency.  Even if Lori had been able to deliver in better circumstances, i.e. not during an immediate walker threat, could they have kept her from bleeding to death?

    Dammit, T-Dog!  Did they put him down?  I know he was pretty ate up but if there was enough of him left, he’d re-animate.

    I think the kinder, gentler Merle may be in part to the fact that he’s probably not on drugs anymore.  Anybody else wish they’d have quit cutting to Woodbury?  I had no interest at all in that storyline last night.

    • G

       I kind of like the way they went back and forth… because sooner or later they may meet… haven’t read the books but it just seems likely.  Rick vs the Governor.  I feel bad for T-Dog too…. it will be very interesting to see how they deal with the baby…. I was sure it would be stillborn.  (so take what I saw with a grain of salt!)

    • I still think crazy science guy is doing something to calm these people down.

      • Pennymac

        Office watercooler talk here is the strong suggestion of “Zombie Tea” from the aquariums full of heads, to its prominent feature in last weeks episode. Plausible, and CREEPY!!

        • MilaXX

           All I know is I saw that tea and immediately thought soylent green.

    • HobbitGirl

      I’m hoping for ZOMBIE BABY! 

    • Carolyn

      Yeah I was wondering if she had placenta praevia  the first go round and knew that it was likely this time. Hence the blood. Just a thought as that is the reason for my C- section scar.

    • I don’t understand why they had to cut her open while she was still alive. Why not shoot her first and save her from suffering?

  • I’m so glad you two are recapping this — I love the storyline but I can’t watch the show, due to an extreme sensitivity to suggestion.  I tried to watch the first episode and was so horribly disturbed I had to turn it off within the first 20 minutes.  It’s not the gore or the zombies, it’s the emotional tenor, it’s so bleak.

    • Same reason I can’t watch Breaking Bad, even though everyone loves it.

    • KateWo

      I think the first episode is one of the hardest to watch. I remember I had a hard time sleeping after seeing it! I don’t think the rest of the series is as tough, you might be okay with it.

  • Don’t lawyers have to be tough? How did Andrea survive BZ (before zombies)? Or did the other lawyers just run her over?

    • MilaXX

       I can imagine her being a successful lawyer. The woman attract bad guys like a moth to a flame.

  • YolandaHawkins

    Last night’s episode was EPIC!!  EPIC!!  Rick’s reaction should go on Andrew Lincoln’s “For Your Consideration” Emmy reel.  That was devastating.  And I was never a fan of Carl’s, but that boy delivered last night.  They will turn the corner and Carol is going to be a zombie.  There is no way in the world she made it out of that zombie labyrinth all by herself. 

  • nc17

    It was a hell of an episode, but I found myself ticked off with Maggie for letting Carl shoot his mom. She should have made him take the baby and stayed and done it. He ALREADY shot Shane. I’m waiting for the kid to go postal and shoot the whole camp (I hope he starts with Carol).
    I also can’t believe how Jonestown Andrea has gone this season. It’s like she has no instincts and takes everything at face value. 

    • ZnSD

       I was beyond ticked off. Making a kid shoot his own mother? Disgusting.

      • harlowish

         She didn’t make him, he asked to.  Which isn’t to say she should have let him, but she was preparing to do it until he stopped her.

      • Scoobydrew

        Carl shot her because it was the very last thing he could do for his mother, and as painful as it was I am glad that Maggie gave him that moment. 

  • Pennymac

    Best line of the night Daryl: “Glen, are you coming?” LOL

    • zbkat

      Yes, and Glen’s confusion as to the, ahem, context of the word, was one of the best double takes.

  • This is going to put a damper in our drinking game.  No one is constantly asking “where’s Carl?” (take a shot) and with T-Dog dead, we can’t finish his lines with, “my name is T-Dog, I have lines” (take a shot).  Of course, we don’t need to be drunk anymore to slog through the episodes…

  • BigShamu

    So…..Carol, that pile of flesh on the floor wasn’t her?  I got the impression she was dead.  That when Rick and Darryl return to the yard and were asked they said, “They didn’t make it”.  Is it really that hard to tell the difference between a corpse of a skinny white woman and a not so skinny african american man?

    • ChiliP

      The flesh belonged to T-Dog (may he rest in peace! I knew he was a goner the moment he had more than 1 line this episode). Rick assumes Carol is dead because her scarf/head wrap was on the ground and she’s MIA.

      • BigShamu

        Man it did not take long to give up on Carol being alive.

        • ChiliP

          Can you blame them? 🙂 Actually she’s not nearly as annoying this season as she was the past two. At least she’s contributing more than just laundry washing and crying about Sophia. Plus, Darryl does seem to have a soft spot for her. I imagine she’s not completely out of the picture yet.

          • BigShamu

            I hope she is still alive.  I want characters to like and want to follow.  Watching zombie gore over and over again does not make the best episodic tv.  If you constantly make me care about a character only to kill them off a few weeks later, I won’t be watching long.

  • Nice_Shirt

    Didn’t the survival of (and subsequent sabotage by) that lone prisoner seem like a little bit of a cheat to anyone else?  I mean, we heard him *screaming* after Rick locked him in the yard full of walkers.  

  • ZnSD

    I have to admit: I was FURIOUS with Maggie for making Carl shoot his own mother in the head. That was just despicable. I used to kind of like her character and now as far as I’m concerned she’s worse than Lori. Yes. I yelled at the tv. lol.

    • If Maggie did it, to Carl she’d always be the one who killed his mother.  Either way, it was a no win situation.

    • zbkat

      Maggie did not make Carl shoot Lori. Carl insisted he be the one to do it.

      • ZnSD

        Ok. I still don’t think she should have let him. She’s supposed to be an adult.

        •  I don’t mean to say this in a glib way, but this is a situation where Carl has to grow up fast. Childhood isn’t an option now, and human weakness can get him killed. As the online content has been pointing out, there are decisions that are tactically right but morally wrong. If he survives to become a psychological wreck at least he survives.

          • ZnSD

            While I totally agree with you that he needs to grow up fast, allowing a 11 year old to shoot his mother in the head to prevent her from becoming a zombie is where I draw the line. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Ok that shit is funny. But I’m not sure that surviving to become a psychological mess is such a great thing. Hopefully his compass won’t go completely to sociopath.

  • Meghan Gerhart

    I haven’t always loved Andrew Lincoln’s acting in this show. Granted, a lot of that probably had to do with how his character was written. However, that final scene of him wailing and collapsing to the ground like a child was absolutely gut wrenching and brilliantly done. It was probably the first time in this show’s entire run that I’ve been close to tears over what these characters have to go through. It was a BRAVO! moment if this show’s ever had one.
    It’s actually really impressive how much they’ve turned this show around from last season. The only character I actually roll my eyes at now is Andrea.

  • renad

    I, too, was hoping for Baby Zombie. Because it doesn’t make sense to me to sacrifice a strong, capable woman for a baby that is going to need constant care. Then again, maybe that would have been way too much “going there.” Still, HOW are they going to feed her? Keep her silent? In diapers? At this point, I can’t imagine they’ll have much choice than to look for a better place to settle, which may bring them to the Governor’s door . . . 

    •  In a way they are playing with an old cliche- in the middle of tragedy the birth of a baby symbolizes renewal ……except that it isn’t happening that way: mother dies a bloody death, the baby faces possible death, and to save it is going to put them in danger.

    • MilaXX

       I’m worried that the baby may tempt them into considering Woodbury.

    • BigShamu

      Still lots of opportunities for Baby Zombie.  When are Sweeps week?

    • I think that there are several scenarios in which continuing labor would have killed both. Even if that isn’t true, in utero zombie baby would have killed, right? It was presented as a her or him choice but I think it was more realistic that it was a one or none choice.

      •  Coming way late to the conversation but…..I kept thinking while watching this episode that it was really, really stupid to not terminate this pregnancy from the get go. I mean, in all of her hair-tearing conversations about having the baby in season 2, why was it never mentioned that she previously had a c-section????????? She automatically risks another c-section or a verrry difficult vaginal birth–and those are just unthinkable risks in their world. Not to mention the absence of formula should she not survive, running around while carrying a baby in a sling, crying baby attracting zombies, etc. Really the whole group should have talked her into swallowing those morning after pills. It’s incredibly stupid that they would have encouraged her to have the baby.

  • Presumptuous Insect

    Just started watching this season. And you know what, Rick had me crying at the end of this episode, and I don’t even know the characters’ back stories! Man, that was a powerful scene when he fell to the ground. Also, cannot wait to find out about the heads in the water, because, DAMN.

  • Cydney Williams

    Tom and Lorenzo: I *totally* disagree about Andrea. let’s look at this from her perspective: She has been *spectacularly* lucky since the apocalypse. She met up with decent people like RV crew outside of Atlanta, had people around her who even is they were sexist dicks protected her and made her a part of their group.  Yeah, Shane was intense, but as you guys point out, he was almost always right, until he went bugshit at the very end. Any woman would have been attracted to Shane, especially in that situation. Then Andrea gets left behind and meets a somewhat hardened woman who turns out to be a good person.  Andrea has faced hard times, but she has never faced real human evil.  The worst she has faced are the “biters,” and the Governor’s community protects the people from them.  And the governor is nice and charismatic, but also strong and protective—basically the perfect Post-Apocalyptic man. How could Andrea *not* hope?

    • “Any woman would have been attracted to Shane, ”

      Come on. That’s going a bit far, don’t you think?

      • Cydney Williams

        Okay, straight ones with working eyes. Like me. Andrea has plenty of reasons to want to stay off the road beside any libidinous feelings she may ro may not have for teh Gov.

        • “Okay, straight ones with working eyes. Like me. ”

          How about, just “Me.” You sound silly when you apply your personal reactions to everyone else.

    • MilaXX

       After the farm anything too good to be true should be first and foremost in her mind. I’d be side eyeing everyone.

    • DinahR

      Interesting, but here’s how I have seen it….  The women he was travelling with were not even all attracted to Shane and Andrea only seemed to find him worthy of her attentions when he started to violently unravel.  But anyway, Shane was never there to protect her or her sister.  He was all about protecting Lori and Carl.  Andrea certainly knew this, which is why she wanted him to leave the farm with her — to get him out of Lori’s sphere of influence which she knew was her only chance with him.  I don’t get a vibe of naivte from Andrea’s character at all.  

      The character with Andrea’s best interests at heart was Dale and she didn’t seem too interested in the fatherly protection he offered.  I don’t think ‘nice’ is a characteristic Andrea’s looking for in either friend or bedmate.  Strength, power, danger, someone she can lure into wanting to protect her – yes.    

  • Teared up? I was sobbing like a baby from the second T-dog was bitten. Absolutely gut wrenching stuff. 

  • Kristy Evans

    “The writers screwed your character up so badly that they had to diverge from the books once again and just get you good and killed off.” Not to be pedantic, but Lori is killed in the comic. By the Governor, actually. So her death was inevitable, but the childbirth scene was much more poignant than simply being gunned down. The downside is it leaves out the setup of Rick vs. The Governor, but I’m sure the writers will figure that out soon enough. Anyway, this episode was beautifully done, and I was definitely crying like a newborn baby birthed into the apocalypse by the end.

  • Am I the only person who didn’t love Rick’s breakdown? It just seemed too forced to me. I was crying like a baby after the birth scene and watching Maggie stumble out holding the baby, but as soon as Rick started his wailing I was laughing hysterically. It just didn’t seem realistic to me that a man like Rick – normally fairly reserved and stoic, would have a screaming “WHYYYYYY?!?!” moment – he seems more like the quiet collapse type. Regardless, I had some pretty intense nightmares last night after watching the episode – that birth scene will scare me for years.

    Also, when the scene between the Governor and Andrea – my BF and I were on edge the whole time – “are they going to kiss?” “now!” “Now?!!?” and then “Is he going to kill her?” “now!” “Now?!?!”.

    I loved the bit between Andrea and Merle: “How come we never hooked up?” “because you called me a whore”. Ha!

  • I cried, CRIED when Rick collapsed.

    But something’s been bugging me since: We never actually saw Carl shoot Lori. And if you don’t see the death (as they say in the soap operas), you never really know if they are dead. How CRAZY would it be if Lori came back a zombi because Carl just couldn’t put a bullet through his mamas head. Entrails hanging from her stomach, blood everywhere… *shivers!*

  • cornpicker73

    I’m a doula and I was also thrilled to see her laboring upright. I also thought Maggie was a great impromptu midwife, “your body knows what to do, etc.” I’m guessing the indication for c/s was placenta previa. 

  • cornpicker73

    Because while the baby is inside, the placenta/cord is keeping it alive.

  • cornpicker73

    I think she’s alive, too. See: Merle, and the young black prisoner– if you don’t see them die, they return.

  • cornpicker73

    I was opposide– meh at the birth, and captivated by Rick’s collapse. It was totally real to me. 

    And LOL and agree re: is the Gov going to kill or kiss Andrea. Man, he’s a master manipulator, that fo sho.

  • tsid2012

    WOW!  Finally got to watch this episode and… HOLY AMAZEBALLS!  They pulled out all the stops this time around, didn’t they?  That scene with maggie, Carl & Lori was just too, too good. Although, I was half expecting the baby to come out as a “walker”.  My only question is, do we think that the younger African American prisoner was the real culprit behind the open gates, alarms, ect?  The opening scene of the dead deer carcass, bloody heart, ect just didn”t seem in that characters wheelhouse, especially when watching his almost frenetic actions in the later scene.  Anyone else have an opinion on this?

    • cornpicker73

      Yes, it was him for sure.