RPDR All Stars: Supreme Drag

Posted on November 14, 2012


What we mean by that is, sorry we’re a day late, darlings.

Is it us, or is the Pit Crew criminally under-used this season?

Here endeth the complaint portion of this recap. Because this was the first top-to-bottom enjoyable episode of the season. And why was that? Because DRAG IS BACK, bitches!

No, really.

Sweet Jesus on a breadstick, Shanell. What the fuck is going on with your face?

We do love these little mini-challenges when the girls are forced to come up with a look in mere minutes, because the results are always kind of hilariously bad.

Come on. Tell us you wouldn’t run screaming in terror if you came upon any of these ladies in a dark alleyway.

Anyway, we mean it: this episode worked on every level because – and pay attention, now, RPDR producers – it was all about drag. It was drag essence. It wasn’t a weak attempt at recreating a ’70s variety show or game show; it was about drag queens being drag queens; bitchy and fabulous and performing for a crowd.

First, the library was re-opened, with the fun twist of having the girls do their readings as cheerleaders. Never not fun.

Then, the ladies were given bio-ladies to work with to come up with a dance routine based around – what else? – one of Ru’s songs. Said bio-ladies being Kelly Osbourne, Vanessa Williams’ daughter Jillian Hervey, and, scraping the bottom of the barrel, Pia Zadora’s daughter … whose name escapes us and we don’t feel like looking up because she kind of got on our nerves anyway.

Man, Kelly O must’ve been pissed, standing next to these two never-heard-of-thems.

Jillian was game for anything, had great hair and a great ass, and is a trained dancer. Chad and Shanell lucked out.

Pia2 was about as interesting and talented as her mother. Raven and Jujubee are fucked.

Kelly O is Kelly O. We rag on her sometimes, but we do really like her, in that never-met kind of way one likes celebrities. She’s a nuclear-grade fruit fly and she’s earned her bona fides with the gays.


Hasn’t aged a day.

DIVA MAGNIFICA. Eat it, Diane!

They looked pretty good. Shanell had the weakest look of the three of them, although Jillian’s makeup was a bit scary. But of the three groups, they were the most polished. Sure, it helped that Jillian could dance and they let her have the spotlight, but Chad and Shanell are pretty polished performers themselves and besides, as Mary said (to an uncomfortable silence where no one wanted to make the obvious follow-up point) that it’s best to let your star performer have the spotlight. They were the clear winners.

Their routine was kind of awkward and half-assed, but what it lacked in technical aspects was made up for by Kelly’s presence and the costumes, which were the best out of all the girl groups. Plus, they worked the “crowd” (of LOGO employees) better than the other groups.

Pia2 was useless and the costumes were extremely disappointing, but Jujubee and Raven did what they do best – vamped it up – and that helped save the routine from disaster.

In the end, it came down to Rujubee and Yarlexis facing off for the lip synch. Honestly, we couldn’t tell from the edit how it was going …

But hyperactive Yara couldn’t leave well enough alone and she wound up hitting the buzzer, something that no queen is ever likely to do again, because it wound up getting them eliminated.

We were shocked. We really thought Ru was pushing to give a Latin Queen the win this season. We can’t say we disagree, because we were never as in love with these two as Ru seemed to be. Yara’s okay, if a little bit much to take after awhile, but Alexis’ low self esteem and defensiveness had long ago worn thin for us.


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  • MarissaLG

    Before watching this episode, I saw a few pictures online and I was so confused as to why they brought Phi Phi back! ūüôā Fun episode but sad about Yarlezxis. I thought they might take the prize!

    • Cory Stottlemyer

      yes! I told my boyfriend last night while we were watching it “ooh she looks like Phi Phi”

      • putonabus

        I’m half-convinced Chad made her look like Phi Phi as a conscious joke, because every time they cut back to her I seriously thought it was Phi for a moment.

  • claudemtl777

    So the losing team next week will lip-sync against one another and the winner will be the 3rd in the finale?

    • I was hoping they’d send an entire team home next week and the finale would just be the last team battling it out! ¬†Either that, or they’ll split the teams next week and it’s every woman for herself in the last 4.

      • MichaelStrangeways

        I think the teams are broken up next week. The last episode will be the final three.

  • VioletFem

    Glad to see that RuJubee will be back next week. After Latrilla, they are my favorite team this season. Also, I didn’t realize you two were a day late with the recap. I just figured you watched it online like I do ¬†; )

  • Tausha Woods

    I’m not sad to see Yarlexis go. I don’t think they had what it took to be a Drag All-Star. Of course, the ones that did were let go entirely too soon. Still bitter about that…

  • I’m SOOO glad these two are gone. ¬†

    Firstly, the whole “everyone hates us because we speak spanish” got real old, real fast. ¬†I don’t believe for one minute that the other queens care at all about their language skills. ¬†Some comments were made about it, because it’s an easy target. ¬†It’s no different from Alexis making cheap shots about Latrice’s weight (except that Latrice brushed it off as the joke it was while Yarlexis couldn’t let it go). ¬†

    Secondly, I think Yara is WAY overrated for her alleged “fearlessness”. ¬†Being “weird” or “dark” isn’t the same things as being fearless. ¬†To me, Yara always looks the same. ¬†Her hair and close slightly change, but her look is essentially the same all the time. ¬†Being in a rut (even if it’s a “dark, provocative” rut) doesn’t seem fearless to me. ¬†If there is one queen I would call fearless from all-stars, it’s probably Manila because she experimented so much with her look. ¬†

    Thirdly, Alexis is just annoying. ¬†Her look, hair and makeup, rarely change much (Yara does get credit for pushing her in this regard). ¬†Also, her look doesn’t have any attitude behind it. ¬†I guess this is called “giving face”, and Alexis just doesn’t do it for me. ¬†Raven or Jujubee just DRIP with attitude in everything they do. ¬†Also, most of the other queens are referencing pop culture or different things with their looks. ¬†Alexis just looks pretty most of the time.

    Sidebar… Why was Sharon CRUCIFIED for her contacts in season 4, but Yara (to my recollection) has never been criticized for this despite almost always wearing them?

    Lastly, Alexis just STOP with the whole “BAM!” thing??? ¬†Am I the only one irritated by this? ¬†It’s old, stupid, and Emeril has been saying it for years. ¬†Just let it go already.

    I kind of liked that we got to see a little of the old anal and controlling Shannel in this episode. ¬†I’ve said before that she deserves enormous credit for loosening up a crap load this season. ¬†The Shannel in the on the street challenge was a million years away from the uptight Shannel of season one. ¬†Even though the more relaxes Shannel is preferable, it was nice to see that her old bossy pants ways aren’t gone completely.

    I will agree that overall, this episode was a vast improvement.

    • ¬†You are not alone in wishing ill will on BAM!¬† Hated it when it was Emeril’s catchphrase, but hate it more now because I rarely watched Emeril Live, but won’t miss an episode of any RuPaul so it’s like the most pernicious ear worm, ever.

    • Amandack

      ¬†Every time I hear “BAM” out of Alexis, I have a Mean Girls moment and yell at the TV: “Stop trying to make ‘bam’ happen!¬† It ‘s not going to happen!”¬† Same with Shangela’s “halleloo.”

    • Ugh, let’s not forget Alexis making some pretty racially coded jokes about Manila (calling a random Asian woman “Manila” in the street). That was hypocritical.

      • H3ff

        It was also awkward and most importantly not at all funny. Alexis just is not a comic queen.

    • Street challenge Shannel was awesome, so friendly, outgooing and bright.

  • When a Latin queen who seems to have something beyond cluelessness as her hook enters the contest, that’s when one will win. I understand the language barrier, but Nina Flowers didn’t rely on “Aren’t I cute, not knowing references or pop culture or anything?” that Alexis and Yara Sophia seemed to fall back on every single time.¬†

    • amen!

    • OmegaBlush

      Well, you just said it: NINA FLOWERS!  

    • Agreed–I’d also add that at least Jessica Wild really WAS clueless a lot of the time, and (I’m paraphrasing here) said something like “If I don’t understand what’s going on, I’ll just smile and have a good time!” Now THAT’s a drag credo!

      • ¬†I loved her. I was expecting to see her come back, honestly, but I suppose she’s an underrated queen!

  • MilaXX

    I agree with most of what you are saying, but until Yara jumped in, I would have given the in to them over Rujube. Yes Alexis is annoying and Yara is hyper & a little cray, but I preferred their girl group over Rujube and that boring Debbie Downer Hady Z. What kind of strings were pulled to get that chick on the show? How could she come on a drag show and not understand her makeup needed to be drag?
    Whatever, I think this is Chad’s to lose.

    • VivianAdvanced

      What was Zadora, Jr.’s beef, anyway?¬†I’d love to see what a drag queen would do with me.¬†It’s not like they were going to tattoo the makeup on her and it would never come off. I’m glad RuJubee didn’t get the sashay because of her being a wet blanket.

  • Also, Logo’s editing totally gave away the result to this episode. ¬†I knew Yarlexis would get kicked off from the Untucked previews. ¬†There is one where Shannel is wearing a lobster costume, so I knew they weren’t getting eliminated. ¬†And there’s one where Raven is wearing a clear plastic mask or something (when she looks like she’s fighting w/ Jujubee). ¬†I couldn’t remember seeing any looks from Yarlexis in future Untuckeds, but I was able to deduce that both Shad and Rujubee were featured in future episode and therefore not eliminated…

    It was fairly obvious from the rehearsal where Yara was changing everything that they were going to go, but in light of how much they were being praised, I wasn’t sure. ¬†I was happy that I could figure it out so I didn’t have to be too nervous that Rujubee would be kicked off.

  • YoungSally

    ”¬†scraping the bottom of the barrel, Pia Zadora‚Äôs daughter ‚Ķ whose name escapes us and we don‚Äôt feel like looking up because she kind of got on our nerves anyway.”

    Hell — the name Pia Zadora is scraping the barrel just by itself.

    • ¬†People who like to rag on Pia (and, to be honest, she does deserve some of it, for the desperation of chasing fame and horrifying movies like BUTTERFLY and THE LONELY LADY) should check out her excellent jazz & pop vocal standards LPs on CD, “I An What I Am” and “Pia and Phil: Pia Zadora & the London Philharmonic Orchestra.” She has a terrific singing voice and excellent phrasing.

      • YoungSally

        No disagreement from me. ¬†I went to a party at her voice teacher’s home in NY about 30 years ago….she had solid training. ¬†

  • As much as I’d love to see a PR queen win, they still haven’t been able to match La Nina’s exquisiteness.¬† Yessica was just the cutest guy on this show, ever, (physically and temperamentally, to me anyway) but her drag was kind of simplistic, and Yara, while she works an “exotic” look doesn’t have much thought behind it beside “Ooh, look…I’m KOOKY!” and Alexis is every other showgirl pageant queen they’ve had on this show.¬† And the less said about Kenya and Madame LaQueer the better.¬† So once they find a PR queen to match La Nina, they’ll have a winner.

    But Alexis’ insecurity and defensiveness was only outmatched by her judginess of others.¬† She was a trifecta of annoying to me in her first season and she was no better this time.¬† Mercy, you can’t be such a bitch and such a whiner simultaneously.¬† It’s unseemly.

    • You’re so right. ¬†Nina never once made her language skills an issue, and she is fiercer than the rest of the PR queens put together. ¬†I think Bebe was the right choice for season 1, but damn it was close. ¬†It’s sad that Nina didn’t get farther this season, although she bears some responsibility for her “La Lupe” flop.

      • I always thought the Bebe/Nina finale was the best because it was a very clear choice between two equal competitors with different takes on drag and Bebe just had a better day overall.¬† And I think the more outre forms of drag were less likely to win the first season, so she just had the misfortune of going first.¬†

        And even if she went out early, she is the All Star of the All-Stars as far as I’m concerned.¬† I’d forgotten how much I just love to look at her drag.¬† Exquisite really is the only word I can think of to describe how beautiful her drag is.¬† I still think that drag on a dime look she put together in the first episode was one of the top three runway looks of all seasons.¬† La Lupe may have been a flop, but damn if she didn’t look amazing.

        • And when Brown Flowers got eliminated, Nina’s made up face looked like the love child of Great Garbo and Marlene Dietrich. Look it up in the dictionary under ‘exquisite.”

        • StellaZafella

          ¬†Chad said it well: “Nina Flowers is a legend…She’s eye candy.”

          • La Nina shows up in my FB feed-she has seemed the most gracious and kind person EVAH in the history in Drag Race. Not to mention FLAW-LESS looking. This team thing actually made me forget RPDR was on this week. That’s never happened. My heart went out of it 2 weeks ago, then when Latrilla left…well…I’m still going to watch the episode since it looks fun and I’m glad that Yarlexis went home, but it was at least a week too late.¬†

        • OmegaBlush

          Second on the drag on a dime look.  For me, that set the standard in the very first episode that very few have met since.  She is complete eye candy, my eye goes straight to her no matter who else is on the screen.  And, best of all, she has an incredible personality.  She makes it all look easy and natural.  Would love to see her live.

    • Melizmatic

       Nina is proof that one does not need to be an insufferable, self-absorbed bitch in order to be FIERCE as all fuck.

      Luv. Huh.

      • Sweetpea176

        In fact, I think that Nina’s NOT being an insufferable, self-absorbed bitch is part of what makes her fierce as all fuck.¬† Ditto Sharon Needles.¬† Insufferable, self-absorbed bitchiness just isn’t all that interesting or attractive.

        • Melizmatic

          I couldn’t agree more.

          Sharon is another one to be reckoned with, and not because she has a shitty attitude.

          Kudos to them both; they’re class acts.

      • OmegaBlush

        She’s so above it, but not in an aloof way. ¬†She has the type of good soul that doesn’t even understand why you’d want to act that way. ¬†I’ve said it before, not only is Nina someone I want to see, she’s someone I want to be seen with. ¬†

        • Melizmatic

           She is beyond amazing.

  • Kelly Osbourne should have a permanent place on Drag Race. She obviously loves and “gets” drag. When she said, “If one of them takes of their wig I’m going to be so pissed!” I fell in love with her.

    • Can she please replace Michelle Visage? There’s a difference between loving drag queens and trying to BE a drag queen.

      • She could replace Michelle but I’d rather she replace Santino. At least Michelle SOMETIMES has some substantive criticism. Santino only cares about the look, with talent coming second.

        • but it annoys me that michelle’s critiques are often so meaningless. ¬†“i don’t like green….” ¬†what does that have to do with anything? ¬†i don’t care what she doesn’t like personally.

          • Melizmatic

            ¬†>>>” i don’t care what she doesn’t like personally.”<<<

            ^^^ THIS. Exactly.

            Although personally, I'd love to see both Michelle and Santino go;

            MV often seems to feel threatened by how fabulous some of the queens are, and Santino seems more like a sleazy lech looking for his next "date" in the back parking lot, than he does a judge of fashion or aesthetics…

        • Sweetpea176

          I’m willing to give Michelle the benefit of the doubt.¬† There were a couple of times last season when she was giving constructive criticism in a way that seemed like she’d been giving the same criticisms all along, but we just didn’t see them on air.¬† I actually found some of those interactions really interesting and entertaining, and I wish they’d do more of that.¬†

    • Stubenville

      Well Kelly’s Southern¬†California¬†Cockney accent drives me crazy, but Santino isn’t exactly setting the world on fire.

      • Yeah, she could replace Santino IMO. The thing is I really want to like Santino as a judge–I liked him well enough on PR and he was pretty funny on On the Road With Austin and Santino–but he never really seems to have anything substantive to say about the drag queens’ personas or characters. With him it’s all about the clothes and the body, which are important to some degree, but really shouldn’t be prioritized above the talent.

        • THIS! He’s so funny, why isn’t he tapping more of that?¬†

  • Stubenville

    The episode last night was probably the best of the season. And Raven was smart to sex up the lipsynch instead of bouncing all over the stage like a¬†sugared-up toddler. I’m wondering if the final two end up Chad and Jujubee (and I have no inside knowledge.)

    • ‘sugared-up toddler’-that describes many sad frenetic LYSFYL over the years. Good phrase!

      • instantkarmalr

        If a queen pulls off her wig during a lip sync on All Stars, she should automatically sashay away.

        • AnotherG

          Kelly Osbourne agrees, heh.  Watch the Untucked!

    • instantkarmalr

      Oh God, I hope you’re right. The two remaining teams each have one fabulous, witty, amazing queen, and one painfully self-absorbed, sour queen. I’ve been fearing a Raven win, and while her transformative abilities are impressive, they’re all she has. Looks, references and an acceptable lip sync shouldn’t be enough to win RPDR. Then again, Tyra won S2 with only two out of those three…

  • Raven and Jujubee (whom I *adore*) really lucked out in Yara’s stupid move, because the clips of Alexis’s lipsync seemed much more interesting than what Raven was serving up. Then Yara tagged in and it was all over.

    I’d love to see next season’s two regular judges announced to be Kelly Osborne and Billy B. Please, Logo? Please?

  • Le_Sigh

    OH THANK GAWD Jujubee is still in the competition!  

    You were late? ¬†I don’t watch the show until after I’ve read your recaps these days. ¬†

  • JimMcC

    This WAS a fun episode, but it has been a tough season. I feel like most of my top choices for a win (as an individual) were already gone. Manila, Latrice, Pandora, Nina…even crazy ol’ Tammy Brown. With Chad becoming more grating each episode (and I loved him last season), Shannel lacking some of the polish of the others, and Raven never being quite the performer I want her to be, I can’t imagine Jujubee not winning this. I just wish she had some better competition in the end.

    Having said that, Juju will be the first of the remaining four to go, and I won’t even know who to root for.

    • regent12

      I saw Chad performing live in SF a couple weeks ago… and he made a point of ‘warning’ the crowd that he was much more of a bitch this season. He briefly explained that in his first season he was acting like a Drag Mama for so many of the queens, but in All Stars, everyone was a ‘pro’ (i.e. experienced), so he didn’t have to hold back. (Seemed to me he got some advice in between shows that he was much too ‘nice’ the first time out… perhaps he thought that’s why he didn’t win.)¬†

      Granted, this is all hindsight for him, but he seemed pretty self-aware about the whole thing… and also knew that some fans would be disappointed by his ‘bitchiness’ on AllStars.¬†

      • I wish I had known about/been able to go see Chad perform. I hope it wasn’t the ‘crush of humanity’ at the Cafe like it was when I saw the Season 2 queens. By the time we left that time, they were having to COUNT the # of people who left and only let an equal # of people in. That place is not set up for such huge crowds as will come out in SF for a RPDR performance.¬†

    • I saw Raven perform live, Jujubee performed also, and I think Tyra was there (boring as all get out)-and Ongina was in the crowd in fullon drag but didn’t perform, sadly. Anyway, I saw this performance at the Cafe in SF a few years back (shortly after Season 2, I guess, was that when Tyra won?). I went in ~meh~ about Raven-and not liking her ‘personality’ from the show. She KILLED IT in a live performance. KILLED it. She is amazing live. Jujubee was great as well, but I went in having high expectations for her. We left during Tyra’s robotic performance (giggle/snort)-the place was too mobbed to watch mediocre.¬†

  • StellaZafella

    The moment Ru announced the challenge and Jillian and Kelly O entered the room, I sat back, kicked off my fuzzy mules and opened the bonbons. “Here we go”, said I, “Now, FINALLY, they get to be DRAG QUEENS!”

    For me, it’s like on Project Runway when the challenge is simply to seek an inspiration from a generalized category like “New York City” or ” The Modern Art Museum” and run with it to your own aesthetic… the results may be atrocious or fierce, but the talent is what’s being tapped – the drama is there but it’s secondary… and sink or swim, it’s up to the talent and how they work.

    YAY team Rupaul…they’re BAAAaaack! THIS (along with the bizarre and hysterical teaser) BODES WELL FOR SEASON 5.

  • I feel like the dumbest of the dumb, but I still don’t quite understand the name “Fanny Shosha.” Can someone tell a gal what she’s missing?

    Also, based solely on the girl-group performances, I would have dumped Rujubee for being boring, but I’m so glad that’s not what Ru did, because it would have left such a wah-wah final four.

    • Well, Shosha sounds kind of like a Spanish euphemism for the good china.¬†

      • Exactly! I thought “funny chocha”, and chocha means Charisma Uniqueness Nerve and Talent.

    • StellaZafella

      ¬†My PR friend here at the office told me that the “nice” way to put it for delicate ears would be: “Cup’n’Saucer”…

      sounds like a reference to the good china to me.

    • And, if you’re not familiar with British slang: Fanny isn’t your bum, it’s the “front door.”

      • H3ff

        Or “front bum”.

  • I’m a big fan, but Cheeleader Shanell was the worst I have ever seen her look. Didn’t Mary Wilson and Rosie P look great? And even though I’m straight as all get out, I’d consider Jillian if I’d ever get the chance.

    • shanell looked like she had just been rolling around under the bleachers with the entire football team and didn’t have time to fix her makeup.

      • ¬†I think the idea was: I don’t have the time to look good, so I’ll look memorably bad.

  • kentiesgirl

    IMO, Shad is the dream team in terms of polish and experience. When they teamed up, I cheered (as I jeered when Nina teamed with Tammy-not that I don’t enjoy Tammy, but, ya know, Nina deserved to go farther than Tammy could take her) because I figured that was a top 4 move. Think Rujubee and Latrila are the dream teams in so far as personality, with Rujubee pulling ahead due to their rapport. This is pretty close to my personal top 4. Also, Shannel does not lack polish, Nina deserved the title that year, and almost all of the All Stars earned their place. Gah, just had to get that out of my system.

    It’s just that I was SO excited about this lineup. I thought it was just about spot on and am sad that the team aspect seems to be making the fans dislike/be bored by the ‘womens’.

    That being said, this has been my favorite episode so far as well, and I was dying at Shannel’s bossypantness and Chad’s subsequent eye-rolling. And Juju. Just, all Juju all the time-she cracks me the F up. Love it!!

    And gentlemen, it hurts down in my bones when your Rucaps aren’t up asap. Ya know, whatever. I never liked you bitches anyway.

    (and I am going to proactively say that that was a joke people)

  • Loving that pic of Juju in the blue wig. Mama looked (by far) the least busted of the mini challenge, at least by the pics. And can’t wait to hear the ‘readings’.¬†

  • Markatha

    Thank God the Latin Duo FINALLY bit the dust! 
    Although I appreciate their make-up/transformational skills, their skills as entertainers don’t do it for me.¬†
    ALL the other “All Atars” crush them into dust in the entertainment depatment in my opinion.¬†
    It Still blows my mind they weren’t the first to go.¬†

    The short season, the hideous team idea & the fact they stayed while far more fun Queens were axed nearly ruined my favorite TV show. 
    My dislike has nothing to do with them being Latin (I can’t get enough of Ms. Flowers LOVE HER) .
    I guess that kind of drag just isn’t for me.¬†
    As crazy as Tammie Brown is I can’t take my eyes off her and would pay big bucks to see her and all the other girls that left before Yarlexis.
    They hung around way too long.

    And Jujubee Does give great mouth.  Girl can kill a Lipsync! 

  • spooki C

    GOOD. I can’t stand Alexis Mateo, her look is kinda busted and she’s annoying. Give me Jessica Wild instead…. although thinking about it Jessica + Yara would probably be waaaaaaaay too much hyper crazy omgwtf. Yara is good in small doses and best seen and not heard. Her voice is like nails on a chalkboard when she gets really excited.

  • I feel like I should make a comment about the whole “clear star as your center-piece, well this brings up an obvious follow-point.” Yes, Jillian Hervey is talented. Bitch has legs, ass, and perfect turns for days. However, Shannel and Chad created what we saw on television. They made her look like that. They created the act and the choreography. I feel like people never mention the work that goes into creating the performance when they say “you let your guest star upstage you.” Shannel and Chad gave her the power to shine that bright. It was because of their makeup, costume, and choreographing skills that she was able to look that good.

    • ¬†We were probably too obscure with the joke, but the clear follow-up point to Mary Wilson’s statement that you let the star have the center stage had to do with Diana Ross taking the spotlight over Flo Ballard and Mary herself.

      • Melizmatic

        ¬†You weren’t too obscure; I totally got the “take that, Diane!” reference.

        RIP Flo.

      • Meelah

        I got it.

  • Markatha

    Boy, Shannel was seving up some scary albino cheerleader realness this week. 

    • her face is usually so flawless….she drew her eyes smaller rather than larger, making them disappear, they also looked wonky-the lipstick was all over her face. She reminded me of when Chris Farley used to don a wig for one repeating skit on SNL (She’s NOT BIG I don’t mean that, just the face was a million kinds of wrong-shocking for a makeup artist, even with the 2 minutes they probably had)

  • Kady Z was so awful. Some of her comments in Untucked were alright, but still… Loosen up.

    I am surprised by how poorly Alexis did in the lip synch. In her season, she was so fierce and beautiful during LSFYL. What happened?

    • TheOtherChristina

      I felt the total opposite about Alexis. During her season, I constantly wanted to shake her until her pageant grin fell off. When she went out this week and started having actual facial expressions and even being sultry instead of perky, I was floored. I thought she was killing it and it was a total shock to me. Then again, I thought that Yarlexis deserved the win this week (another surprise, since I think they have overstayed their welcome. BRING BACK MY MANILA.)

  • Melizmatic

    I was wondering if you boys had just said ‘screw it’ regarding recapping All Stars.

    Glad that you haven’t.

    I agree this has been the only good episode of this season, thus far.

    Loved Kelly O; she was such an awesome sport.

    Loved Rosie Perez’s critiques, (“You give great mouth”) … and I LIVED for Mary Wilson basically telling Santino to STFU when he got nitpicky about Raven’s pantyhose (which didn’t actually match, but seriously; with all the cracktastic getups he’s been wearing recently, he’s nobody to talk.)

    Lastly I had no clue Michelle was ever in a girl group, (Seduction) and having googled a YouTube video after the fact, now I see why;

    That shit was pure-D awful cookie-cutter, bubblegum garbage… even for 1990.

    • kaydenpat

      Just looked up Michelle’s old group on Youtube.¬† WOW.¬† I remember that song.¬† Pretty cool.

  • Fanny Shosha was half-assed? I’m pretty sure Kelly was using her whole ass.

  • Bridyyc

    Am I the only one waiting for the “big twist” to be announced, something like where Ru announces that one person from each of the eliminated couples is coming back as they now kick off the singles competition? There’s no way that Logo is letting this be a 5 week show. It does too well and garners too much press. But I’m surprised at how quiet it’s been…

    • I’m waiting for some sort of surprise next week as well.

  • Sweetpea176

    Two things:¬† Shannel clocking Alexis for being too costume-y¬† — while
    wearing a sequined bra and a gigantic feathered headdress — was
    priceless!¬† Priceless!¬† Oh, that sort of pedantic tone she takes sometimes while saying it?¬† Hilarious!¬† And there’s Chad as space-age hooker Carol Brady agreeing!¬† Without a drop of irony or self-awareness between them!¬† Ok, I know that was last week, but I watched last week’s Untucked just this week.¬†

    Second, can someone please explain Raven’s face/makeup/look to me?¬† I’ve never really liked how she does her makeup, but this season she seems more odd-looking to me than I remember in her season.¬† Not odd in a beautiful way, but odd in an odd way.¬† I’ve never understood the lips with dark liner, but not filled in with
    any color in the first place.¬† It’s distractingly strange-looking to me.¬† (That’s not just a Raven thing — I don’t get it on other
    girls either.)¬†¬† But her face — lips especially — seems so out of proportion?¬†¬†¬† Or it is the brown-ish liner that bothers me?¬† Or her base color?¬† Or the colors she has on her face at once sort of clash with each other?¬† Eyes too dark making them look closed in?¬† I’m not sure what, exactly.¬† She had one look in her season — the country challenge, I think — where she looked absolutely, 100%, can’t-take-your-eyes-off-her stunning, and she’s a great-looking guy — it just seems that she should be more attractive in drag than she usually is, and it’s clearly not for lack of make-up skill.¬† I don’t think someone has to be traditionally “pretty” — to be beautiful.¬† I get that.¬† Is she going for ugly-pretty — which I generally respond to — and it’s just not grabbing me?¬†

    Am I the only one who has this reaction to Raven?  Her face confuses me.

    • StellaZafella

      Quoting Raven: “Since the first time¬†I did drag, I don’t do girl, I’m a man in an outrageous fantasy…that’s why I chose the name:¬†Raven…a bird, not a¬†woman.”

      In thge episode you speak of, he even says he’s stepping outside his own aesthetic to be really girly becauseit might save his ass after the lousy perfomance in the comedy sketch…If i remember then he said on NewNowNext or someplace like it, “It’s not that I can’t be girly and beautiful, I can…¬†but that’s not my thing.¬†For me Drag is an art form, not a social statement…and¬†I like to look for the power in¬†my fantasy.

      I think Raven’s pretty cool…A bitch by design and yet, for me,¬†she brings the talent to back it up.

      • Sweetpea176

        Thanks, that’s helpful. I do think she’s cool (and a lot more likeable on All Stars than I thought she was during her season) — just kinda hard to look at.

  • SpillinTea

    Was I the only one LIVING for Vanessa’s daughter wearing her mama’s “Right Stuff” wig?

  • Am I alone in thinking the song for the LSFYL is chosen to fit the team that Ru wants to win? Dontcha was sort of Raven’s theme tune. Just like Season 4 managed to bring Aretha Franklin songs when Latrice was supposed to shantay. If team Shad would have had to lipsynch to Dontcha it would have been LOL-worthy. Raven was the only one of the whole bunch that could do song justice.¬†

    • putonabus

      ¬†Oh, no, I totally agree (though since the songs are primarily picked to suit the episode’s theme, I’m guessing that the process is mostly about steering certain people into the bottom 2). I’ve been watching season 1 for the first time, and I just got to Shannel’s defining LSFYL — and while it was a fabulous moment, I don’t think “The Greatest Love Of All” was a coincidence any more than the headdress-destabilizing head-whip. It’s a perfect song for her, including the fact that it sends her up somewhat, and Ru offered her that moment and she TOOK it. This has happened enough times (in addition to “Natural Woman,” I could name “Macarthur Park” for Manila and even “Show Business” for Tammie, whether or not she could beat Latrice) that I’m totally convinced that Ru does it on purpose to give a queen a defining moment. Not always, but pretty often.

    • DLJoe

      I absolutely agree.¬† The song totally played to Raven’s strengths.¬† I think MAYBE Yara might have been able to take her on, so I don’t understand why they chose Alexis who’s better at high energy.¬†

      Also I think this season is as much an apology for Tyra as much as PR All stars was an apology for Gretchen.

  • I agree this was the best of the season. All my favorites have gone home so I honestly couldn’t care less who wins, but all the queens, including Alexis and Yara, did fairly well this week. No way those bouncy queens could have out lip-synced sultry Raven though. Also, Rosie Perez is still such a sexy hilarious little creature, I could watch her speak for days. Wish she were a permanent judge!

  • StillGary

    Ha, I thought Shannel looked like Lisa Marie Presley!

  • julnyes

    Why did the spawn of Pia come on a drag show and refuse to do a drag look? She annoyed the heck out of me. Kelly O. was so clearly thrilled to be part of the competition – she made me smile. Vanessa Williams daughter is beautiful and came to the show with an open mind to try anything – she was also great.