RPDR All Stars: Iron Queen Competition

Posted on November 28, 2012

We’re not gonna lie, kittens. After writing as many words as we have on the topic, it gets pretty tough trying to come up with any thoughts on the latest reality competition; especially when it’s the wrapup of fairly lackluster season that nonetheless ended well.

Not that we minded this episode. It wasn’t exactly exciting, but it got the job done and we honestly weren’t sure who was going to get the tiara at the end, which can only be considered a good thing. We were fairly certain that Shannel was going to get her heart broken once again, but aside from that, it was anyone’s guess as to who Ru was going to crown.

Essentially, this challenge was a whole bunch of product placement and a chance for Ru to bring back some favorite queens who, for whatever reasons, didn’t compete for the All-Star title.

We didn’t mind too much because it was a challenge that was all about drag queens being drag queens; making appearances, working an audience, that sort of thing. And the ladies all looked incredibly stressed out by the whole thing, so we suspect they were really put through their paces. It wasn’t a breeze for any of them.


First up, an interview with Marc Malkin, entertainment journalist extraordinaire. We always thought he was really cute, in a tightly wound queen sort of way. Can’t fault the man for lack of color in his dressing, that’s for sure.


We wanted to slap Jujubee throughout the whole challenge. Whining that the other queens are grabbing the spotlight seems pretty ridiculous to us. THAT’S THE CHALLENGE, BITCH. Also, her outfits looked inexplicably frumpy all of a sudden. In fact, we’re a bit surprised to be saying this, but Chad was the one out of all of them who looked the most polished throughout the challenges. The rest of them were veering into hot mess territory. Then again, as we’ve said many times, Chad’s all about polish.


Next up, a key to the city of West Hollywood, a Hamburger Mary’s promotion, and a bit of a public appearance test. This is where Shannel fails, we think. Ru likes her girls to project extreme confidence and Shannel, when you give her a mike, tends to project low self esteem and neediness.

Once again, Chad was the most polished.


Raven was too, but – and this is why we think she didn’t win – she also relies a bit too much on the “I’m a bad girl who likes to fuck” image. Ru can be just a little prissy on that front. She doesn’t mind a sexy queen, but she tends to wrinkle her nose when it gets into slutty territory.

Jujubee did pretty well here too.


But she really shined at the comedy mike. Our only real issue with her routine is that she kinda fell into Margaret Cho territory, with the whole thing about her grandmother.

We didn’t think Chad was exactly hysterical or anything, but she’s adept at working a crowd and keeping her cool. She did well.


Raven did surprisingly well. We always thought she took herself too seriously, but she was loose and funny in her routine. But again, “I’m a bad girl who has sex, does drugs and went to jail” isn’t really the kind of thing Ru responds to. Props to her for going the funny route with her look, though. She’s so in love with her sexy self that we were impressed she took the risk and dressed up in full-on comedy queen drag.

Needy. And terribly unfunny.




We think the catwalk was mostly an afterthought this week and didn’t really have much to do with the final decision. Still, we liked this look for Chad.


But MAN, we did NOT like this look for Jujubee. Possibly the worst thing she’s ever worn on the show. She really kind of fell apart at the end, didn’t she? This looks cheap and it’s not very flattering to her figure. The shoes are awful.


We don’t mind showgirl drag. It’s a longstanding drag genre and Shannel normally does it pretty well, but we’ve gotta say, she has to work on the fact that her drag adds at least 20 years to her age and 40 pounds to her figure. When she first did the competition she was capable of some jaw-droppinngly beautiful looks, but she’s lost the plot somehow. This is not good.


This seemed a bit unambitious to us. “I’m a sexy girl in lingerie. Watch me be sexy.” A little more effort when the tiara’s on the line, honey. And is it us, or did her makeup skills get weaker? Her face has been looking pretty harsh the past several weeks. Back in her first season, she managed to look gorgeous every time.


We didn’t think either of the two finalists really set the world on fire with their lip synch, but Raven fell back on sexy one time too many and that’s clearly not what Ru wants. Or to be more accurate, she wants her girls to show they’re capable of more than that. Chad is a performer, and that’s Ru’s whole bag.


In fact, of all the ladies to wear the tiara, Chad may be the closest to Ru’s style of drag than any of them. Ru likes that whole old school television hostess and spokesmodel kind of drag and Chad’s got that in spades. It wasn’t the most exciting season of the RPDR, but we can’t deny that the right queen won. Congrats, Chad!


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  • MrsMaxPower

    Raven did the robot…THE ROBOT!  That ish won my heart as that was about the only thing I could legitimately get excited  about during this All Star season.

    • I digged that!

      • Tomek Fior

        I thought it was inappropriate given the meaning of the song……but that’s just me.  it looked good though 🙂

  • Cory Stottlemyer

    Chad won because Ru is pissed at post-show Sharon riling a whooooole bunch of feathers. Chad (and Juju) definitely was hinting at that when she was asked if she thought she would have been a better winner than the other two (PhiPhi recently came to Galveston and boy did she make a drunken/who knows what else fool of herself)

    • Ru is pissed at Sharon?  I didn’t know that!  I got the impression that Sharon has risen to icon status in a way the other winners were never able to achieve.  As for riling feathers, Ru shouldn’t have given the win to someone who goes by the stage name of Sharon Needles without expecting that kind of thing.

      • Becca Cleary

        Sharon has proved herself to be a gross, racist attention whore, unfortunately.

        • Fanney D

          attention whore – maybe, but that’s her job. but gross and racist? no way.

          •  Sharon is disliked by people who take issue with the fact that she refuses to let others tell her what she can and can’t do in her art, put simply.

            Happy Birthday, Sharon Needles.

          • vidacelina

            yes way. wearing swastikas on stage for shock value, throwing the N word around at fans. racism.

        • What’s up? Details please…

        • Any drag queen who wants to be in the game is an attention whore.  As for gross and racist, that’s a heavy accusation to throw out there without any details to back it up.

        • Bree The Vole

          Indeed. “Edgy = offensive” stopped being cute a long time ago.

      • O Superman

        Yeah, Sharon has actually succeeded in carving out a distinct personality for herself apart from the show, which none of the other winners have done at all. And I’d be shocked if we see that happen with Chad.

      • Sweetpea176

         An eight-foot tall black man in a three-foot lemon yellow wig and sequined gown doesn’t want to ruffle any feathers?

        • Melizmatic

           Seriously, though.

          Every fierce queen isnt going to be a less-interesting carbon copy of Ru; and if they were, how boring and stale that would be, for the entire art of drag.

    • MissMariRose

       PhiPhi recently came to Galveston and boy did she make a drunken/who knows what else fool of herself/

      Details, please!

  • Well, the right queen won after all the other interesting contestants were eliminated, or eliminated themselves through poor decisions or not being able to deal with the maddening set up for the show. I guess Chad did deserve for being able to deal with everything, but I thought he was way fresher in Drag race. And is it me, or she’s got more work done? many times, when caught off guard without the make up, he was giving me a chubby mask from “Brazil” vibe.

  • StellaZafella

    When it came right down to it, Chad was the only one who didn’t choke on it in some way…Faint praise for a win.
    I do think Chad deserved it, and I’m happy for him… but I really hurt a bit that Raven didn’t get the crown again.

    Oh, well. Robin Williams came in second in the international comics competition and still ended up with a huge career…the winner ended up in a seminary. Would that mean Chad will become: Reverend Mother Katnis?

    • She’s more likely to be Sister Caesaria Flickerman.

  • MarissaLG

    This season was sooooo disappointing. Boring and fake the whole way through. I am and will forever be obsessed with it, and I would never miss an ep, but I’m looking forward to getting back to the real thing in season 5. 

    That said, the right queen won. 

    • FloridaLlamaLover

      First time I didn’t watch a season of RPDR.  My sis did, and would fill me in (she mostly surfed the Net and glanced at tv now and then) and of course, read TLO.  Glad I saved the DVR space, because, like you, my sis was mostly bored!

  • #teamraven

  • This was the most boring cycle of RPDR and I’m glad it’s over!  Bring on Alaska Thunderfuck!

  • I was super pleased to see Chad win – I love how polished she is!

  • TaurusKW

    I disagree with your critique of Raven’s make-up.  I thought that her final runway look was the softest and prettiest she’s ever looked.  And I think she clearly outshone Chad in the lip sync; I couldn’t take my eyes off her!  Still, I think you’re correct that Ru ultimately disliked Raven’s central focus on sex, even though I ultimately find her to be a more exciting queen than Chad.

    • Jessica Vann

       Then what is Raven doing to her nose this season? She has skeleton nose in every shot but the close ups. Her makeup skills were way better in her original season. I think with the new tan in a can she is sporting she hasn’t figured out how to modify her makeup to not have skeleton nose and lips the same color as her skin.

    • StellaZafella

       I agree, Raven’s eye’s, especially, are always a work of art but I do think she tends to overwork her contours sometimes…or doesn’t buff them enough for the lighting. Back in the day, (before everything facially went south on me), I had the same problem: Really strong natural cheek and nasal planes and a tendency to overwork the basics so that, in certain light, it could be jarring.

      I’ve also been watching the light cues and seen far too much blue during the lipsyncs…NO queen looks good when you hit that shitload of base and under paint with blue lighting…it’s like an X-ray.

  • RussellH88

    I never thought I would be bored by Drag Race All Stars, but I was this entire season. It had its moments, but I think the team aspect of it really killed it. I mostly say this out of bitterness for Manila going home despite being one of the strongest competitors on the show and being in the bottom twice almost solely because of Latrice.

    If I had been told after season 4 that Chad would win All-Stars, I would have been excited, but after watching it I’m just such “meh” on the subject. I think because throughout the whole season, it was Chad and Shannel, and the association with Shannel sort of tainted Chad for me, especially given that the two of them really fed eachother’s egos.

    I was hoping that Raven would win, since I feel that of the final 4, she should have won her season, whereas I was fine with Sharon beating Chad.

  • Le_Sigh

    I am not unhappy about this win – though, I kind of stopped watching earlier in the season was kind of a big ole shrug.

  • Chad was clearly the best of the four, but I really would have liked to have seen Manila or Nina Flowers in the mix.  Shannel was one of my favorite girls from season 1, but the bloom is off the rose.

  • I feel like this mini-series was produced for the sole reason of giving Chad a crown.
    After Sharon’s victory last year, I don’t think we’ll be seeing any other “let the viewers vote!” winners anytime soon.

    • Melizmatic

      “After Sharon’s victory last year, I don’t think we’ll be seeing any other “let the viewers vote!” winners anytime soon.”

      Funny thing about that;

      Sharon Needles is one of the most compelling winners ever, IMO.

      Bebe is stunning as ever, but a bit boring, IMHO.

      Meanwhile, both Tyra and Raja’s aesthetic seem to have veered off into ‘train wreck’ territory after their wins; ala their cameos appearances on S4.


      Now dont get me wrong; I give total credit to any queen with the courage to be “edgy” and ‘avante garde’, but there’s a huge difference between looking edgy and looking like at trans-hooker hustling blowjobs at 4am in the Tenderloin district (Yes, Tyra, I’m looking at you, ‘hunty’.)

      But Sharon does ‘edgy’ right;

      Every image that I’ve seen of her since she won has been riveting to the point where I simply couldn’t take my eyes off her.

      Even the grotesque PETA ads were amazing, visually.

      And dont even get me started on her OUT 100 magazine cover, I’m still gagging on the combo of glam and fierce.


      Personally, I’ll take an interesting queen with a rough edge or two over a boring but thoroughly ‘polished’ one any day…

      • Sweetpea176

        Sharon Needles is the best thing to have happened to RPDR, and vice versa (career-wise — I don’t know her life).  Even if you believe (or believe that Ru believes) that Sharon tarnishes the brand, that means absolutely nothing if you’re brand’s not well known.  I’m guessing Ru is a smart enough businessman to know that.  More eyeballs on Ru = more eyeballs on Logo and on Absolut.  Everybody wins.  Including us, because Sharon is fierce as fuck.  (And anyway, no way Ru left the outcome up to the viewers “votes.”)  Looking forward to seeing what Alaska brings.

        • Melizmatic

          I personally don’t believe that Sharon tarnishes the “brand” of RPDR in any way.

          (And I don’t know what Ms. Ru herself believes.)

          What I do know is that I was beyond tired of pretty but boring queens, and that I was thrilled to finally see an interesting and talented queen take the crown last season.

          I honestly don’t believe that the fans’ input had much impact on last season’s decision either, to be frank.

          At the end of the day, no matter anyone says, it really is “Ru Paul’s Best Friends Race”; and Ru is going to pick her own favorite.


          Season 5 = CAN. NOT. WAIT!

          Hopefully Alaska, Detox and Jinkx will bring it.

          • Sweetpea176

            I hope my comment didn’t read like I thought that you thought, or I thought you thought Ru thought that Sharon tarnishes the brand, and sorry if it read like that.  Because I didn’t think that.  And I don’t either.  Think that, that is.

          • Melizmatic

            Who’s on first, gurl?


          • Sweetpea176

            What? I Don’t Know….

  • I loved Chad on Season 4, but she really left me cold during All Stars.  I thought Raven killed it on the finale and I was hoping she’d take the crown.  I especially loved Raven’s stand-up routine and didn’t think anyone else came close.  But Chad is a talented, polished queen who has paid her dues many times over so I’m happy for her.  I thought the whole season was kind of meh and I hope the show gets it sparkle back for season 5.

  • putonabus

    Man, what’s it going to take for Jujubee to win something? She’s beautiful, funny, always on her toes, can spin an exquisite line of bullshit, and she’s universally beloved. I know she tends to choke in competition and sometimes has questionable taste, but none of these people are perfect.

    I guess my initial instinct was right: Raven and Jujubee, with their long service on Drag U and so forth, have settled into a role in the Runiverse where they’ll always get screen time but never get prizes. They’re the Rosencrantz and Guildenstern of drag.

    Shannel is kind of in the same boat, but in Shannel’s case there’s no actual question of her winning anything. Shannel gets to show up and juggle and wear enormous hats. She is a clown, albeit a clown bizarrely spliced with diva DNA, and that’s why she will probably always be my favorite queen and will never get a prize. That’s just not why she’s there. Shannel could not have won this season if the queens’ final challenge was to balance foot-high rhinestones on their heads while lip-synching Whitney Houston on a unicycle.

    As for Chad, Chad was a winner already, which was one of the many things that made her crowning anticlimactic and a little bit sad.  I have no idea how Ru managed to make something anticlimactic and sad out of the crowning of a hugely popular queen who really co-won her original season.

    • StellaZafella

       Love the “Runiverse” reference!

      Rosencrantz and Gildenstern are dead, but Rujubee plays on! Maybe somebody’ll give them a show of their own. Sharon’s got the hosting gig for Fearce Theater on Logo…maybe Rujubee could do a dual host and rip apart old 80’s movies or something – something where they can riff and throw shade.

      • CrazyAuntie

        Would LOVE to see a Rujubee show!  Come on LOGO!!

    • Qdahling

       Anticlimatic indeed! That’s exactly what I said to the TV.

    • hoez

      It’s so sad that all Juju manages to win are mini challenges when off the show she’s the BIGGEST STAR of them all. 🙁

    • AnotherG

      “Shannel could not have won this season if the queens’ final challenge was to balance foot-high rhinestones on their heads while lip-synching Whitney Houston on a unicycle”

      So true.  And you know she’d pull it off and still manage to add something else in, like, I don’t know, a unicorn.  And have Santino or Michelle V complain about the gloss of its coat.

    • Jujubee and Raven are Dead. I would go see that play.

  • Tomek Fior

    I agree with Chad as the winner.  When you think of the meaning of the song they were lip synching to – being sultry doesn’t really make sense.  Raven performed it just as Raven – not Raven performing THAT song.  Chad on the other had gave the performance as if he had written the song himself, and he made it about the moment.  The song is about overcoming your demons.  It wasn’t a time to be playful (doing the robot – which seemed so out of place to me).  Anyway, that’s just my 2 cents. 

  • Second time in a row that Jujubee has saved her weakest look for the final runway. And she’s always my favorite! But I’m so glad Chad won. Lord knows she’s put in the years, and it shows. I think it was great that she was rewarded for her dedication to drag. Plus, she was the best all-around gal last night and, really, throughout this season. 

  • For once I disagree with almost everything.  I’m surprised that you were surprised, actually, about Chad winning.  This entire season couldn’t have been more clearly rigged for her.  Team Shad won three challenges in a row, two of which were very clearly edited in their favor (the prank and superhero/villain challenges) and one of which they lucked out in with a good partner (girl group challenge).  Not saying they didn’t deserve their place in the top 4, but there were clearly better contenders in at least last week’s challenge.

    Also, Chad is many things – an excellent creator of character looks, for instance – but a performer is not one of them.  Mute any of her lip synchs on the show, ignore the outfits, and they look exactly the same – same gestures, same poses, even almost all the same facial expressions, all of which turn out boring performances.

    Chad’s a fantastic queen, but I think she won for being decent at everything instead of for being fantastic at one particular thing.  Jujubee was my totally biased pick, I’ll admit, but she has more personality and performing talent than any of the other queens – and to me, drag is more about that than “polish,” which is the word most associated with Chad.  Should Juju have won?  Based on this challenge, I guess not, but I think Raven was the clear winner here, not Chad.  Experience shouldn’t be a factor here – otherwise, why should any of them have competed at all?  Chad could have been declared the winner on that front and everyone could have gone home.

    But anyway, enough ranting.  Long story short: I’m disappointed that Team Rujubee won NOTHING, that all the most entertaining queens (Pandora, Manila, Latrice) went home long before the boring ones (Chad, Shannel, Alexis, Yara), and that this season was such a complete disappointment and waste of potential.

    I expect better from you for Season 5, Ru.

    • You sum up my feelings about the season very well here.  I actually do think Chad has a great performer in her, I loved her on Snatch Game and in the mock Presidential debates, but that was all from season 4. If I only knew her from All Stars all I’d see is an tired, aging showgirl going through the motions without any passion.

      • Totally agreed.  In her season, she NAILED it as Cher, in the debate, even kind of on the CD commercial challenge.  However, in All Stars her performances all seemed incredibly lifeless and edited – which is very fitting, because she won what was by far the most edited, lifeless season of the show.

  • deltabronze

    I would have liked to see Raven win because she’s always been my favorite, but frankly, she just didn’t look that great. Agree with TLo that her makeup skills have declined. This may be antithetical to the concept of drag, but she looks better with less makeup because she starts out with great features and doesn’t need to draw them on. The pale, outlined lips are the worst. And I don’t think the Veronica Lake wig did her any favors, either.

  • margaret cho territory? why because they are both Asian? seriously that is ridiculous.

    • RussellH88

      I think it more had to do with basing most of your act on an impersonation of an older Asian lady. I even turned to my brother during her performance and said “She’s pulling a Margaret Cho.”

      • Well, she was following Cheri Oteri’s advice of going with her family for the humor.  As an Asian, that kind of only leaves her with one option…to me, that would have led to Margaret Cho comparisons no matter what.

    • Uh… no. Because her schick was “The older Asian women in my family talk funny and don’t understand me,” which is about 75% of Margaret Cho’s act.

      Did you even watch the episode?

      • That’s a good point, although a lot of comedians rely on their older family members talking funny and on the generation gap.  Juju could have avoided some of the Cho-isms.  They’re both the only Asian drag comediennes I know of, though ;D

      • Yeah…she even did the “You gheeey?” joke. 

      • Exactly so your comment it’s based on JuJu being Asian! If she was not asian and had the same content, no margaret cho comparison. 

        • No, it was about her recycling exactly the same jokes as Margaret Cho. But by all means, maintain your made-up outrage. It clearly doesn’t matter what we say in response.

        • Lingus

          Manila is an Asian drag comic who jokes constantly about Asian cultures, but she avoids the Margaret Cho comparison because she’s campier and doesn’t bring in all the “1st world problems of 2nd generation Asian Americans” material that Cho *constantly* does and Jujubee did. As TLo asked, did you actually see the episode? And have you seen a Margaret Cho show?

  • MzzPants

    Hoo-Ray!  Good for her!  During the regular season, my vote was tied between Chad and Sharon.

  • the right queen won?! no. Not dissing chad, but when it comes to being a TV personality drag queen (rather than a show girl) she just doesn’t have the same charisma and “pop” as Raven. 

  • Qdahling

    I felt from the beginning that this was a RUse to give Chad Michaels a crown. I was hoping it was going to be more entertaining along the way, but at least it was short and sweet. Last season’s RPDR, it really could have gone to any of the queens, with Sharon and Chad the obvious tops.  Chad Michaels is experienced, polished and a great queen, closer to RuPaul.  I find her a bit boring, and obviously not as stunning as Ru, but she has the professionalism to be a great spokesperson for the brand. She does deserve the crown, it just felt so obvious from the beginning I was bored.
    See also: Project Runway All Stars giving Mondo the crown. 

    • Qdahling

       I did like seeing some of my more favorite Queens. Also, I was really proud of how JuJuBee upped her game on the show, that was fun to watch.

  • Megan Sears

    Chad is boring and comes off as a phony spokesmodel, in a very QVC kind of way.  Her personality seems about as real as her bone structure.  Seems Ru was determined to crown Chad this season, she could have and probably should have been eliminated several times early on.  Throwing a bone to those viewers who want to see old school drag get the same recognition on the show as the up-and-comers do.  Man do I sound bitter…

    As someone who was looking forward to this season like it was Christmas I am sorely disappointed in how the season played out and ultimately the winner.  Let’s hope season 5 is a return to form.

  • eatyerheartout

    how you gonna do raven like that TWICE?  her kittycat was on fire IMHO during lsfyl!!!!!!!!!!! 

  • jungguy

    I gasped when Raven stepped out.  It was so off, and harsh, and subversively sexy.  It was SO RAVEN.  Her makeup might be severe and her tights just a little off color, but there is something so contemporary about her and her place in drag theory that I would have handed her the win.  You are also correct though, she is too sexual at times, too vulgar, too confrontational.  Chad is a safe choice as a winner, but I really just want to hurl money at Raven, I just wish I had 100 g’s of it.

  • The best thing about this season ending:  we will HOPEFULLY never again hear that Hunger Games line being repeated ad nauseum by a RPDR contestant!   🙂

    • Melizmatic

       Thank you!

      If I ever meet Miss Chad in person, I’m going to tell him that I think he’s a wonderfully entertaining queen, that she’s possibly the best Cher impersonator that I’ve ever seen… and that quoting lines from an over-rated and lack-luster young adult fiction novel is NOT CUTE.

      Gurl, NO.

    • hoez

      Just watch someone in Season 5 do it during Untucked. LOOOOOOOL.

  • I watched the finale at a bar in the Castro. Raja was the MC, as well as Honey Mahogany (Season 5 contestent). I was too distracted by the surrounding fabulosity to care about the outcome, though I am happy Chad won!

  • hoez

    Just linked this. I wish more people would read it.

    • andcoh

      Some people just want to be offended.

      • JANE LANE

         And I’ll say the same to you I said to hoez up there. This is a gross attitude and I don’t know how you feel like this is any sort of defense. Damn. I’d prefer not to be offended, I’d prefer it if people I think are cool didn’t think it was okay to call people ugly things. I have no reason to take it any other way when someone does that, your twisting yourself in knots to justify it is not a good enough reason.

  • Sweetpea176

    Count me in as also thinking Chad was the winner before the season even began.  Here’s an irony, though:  as the season went on, I disliked Chad more and more, and actually found myself rooting for Raven — who I despised in her season, and whose makeup I find so … odd.  (At least once it was clear that JuJu wasn’t the winner.)  She just came off as so much more likeable, and so much more game.  Remember the Raven who fell apart when asked to do comedy in a chicken suit in her season?  This Raven seems like a whole different queen, and good on her, I say.

    • andcoh

      Raven did the show three years ago.  For Chad, it was just a few months since she last competed.  Maybe Raven has both grown and had time to mellow, while Chad may have still been in kill, crush, destroy mode?  Just a thought.  I agree that Raven came off so much better than on her season.  I actually, almost, started routing for her.

      • I agree with both of you about Raven. I also had the fun of seeing her perform live after her season, she’s an amazing performer.  My heart actually broke a little for her after the lip synch. One (or a few) of her facial expressions just made me so sad-and in that LSFYL she crushed Chad.  I hadn’t thought of the points that have been made here about Ru’s opinion of ‘slutty vs sexy’-and hadn’t realized that was a factor as well. 

  • Stubenville

    Chad is an established performer with enormous resources in wigs, clothing and accessories, so it’s sad that Ru didn’t pick one of the upcoming queens. I was rooting for Juju and Raven. And frankly, the partners thing was complete crap. The final four would have been vastly different if Ru had just eliminated the bottom two queens in each episode instead.

    •  Speaking of resources, I’m amazed at the endless supply of wigs and outfits these gals bring with them to the show, but I do miss the “Make an outfit from this box of fabric and trim” challenges that seemed to occur more in earlier seasons.  Hmmm, maybe a future season of Project Runway could feature nothing but drag designers designing for themselves!  I’d love to see Heidi say, “This week, designers, the challenge is “Futuristic Hooker Robot Realness”, and you have a budget of $30.  Your time starts NOW!”.   🙂

      • pdquick

         I would pay for that.

  • Melizmatic

    I have to disagree a wee bit, guys; despite it all, its seemed that Chad had been getting the ‘winner’s edit’ for a while now, at least the last 3 episodes.

    I’m happy she won, but it was no surprise to me.

     As long as girlfriend lets the stupid ‘Hunger Games’ references go for good, I’m happy.


    • haha… yeah, the Hunger Games things got old fast

      • Melizmatic


  • TritoneTelephone

    How does that link show she’s not a racist attention whore, exactly? The argument that white people can’t help black people “reclaim” the n-word is not new. Many people would say that her statements and retractions still show a lack of understanding over her own racial privilege: “Apparently this PC World is going backwards. But success comes with compromise, so I choose to no longer use it.” That Rush-Limbaugh-style reference to “political correctness” is a pretty damn dismissive way to shrug off others’ objections to language that has dehumanized entire groups of people for hundreds of years. The article certainly gives the impression that she’s concerned about her own success, not about her place in perpetuating others’ oppression.

    • hoez

      I forgot that people who label Sharon as a racist attention whore probably would not be able to even begin to see her in any other way. Whoops, my mistake.

      • JANE LANE

         I’m sorry, but why should I see someone who thinks it would be okay to call me the n-word as anything but a racist? Your condescension is duly noted, though, thanks for telling black people how to feel. 

  • SpillinTea

    Lets be real here, and its not being shady at all. The reason Shannel’s look adds 40 pounds to her this time around, is because shes 40 pounds heavier this time around. I love her showgirlness, but her figure aint what it used to be.

    • I like Shannel, but that lobster outfit was an eyesore and gave her a double chin which she does not have.  Looking at the still photos today, I thought “She has not learned how to dress best for her new body” (or her dressmaker HATES HER) Red, stretchy velour type material, the cut of the dress, the shoulder accessories, EACH add bulk on their own. Together-Shannel,  you are so much cuter than this-at any weight. 

  • spooki C

    Raven is just too damn hot for me to focus on anything else, not that I’m complaining. Bummed she didn’t win but it’s not like Chad doesn’t deserve it. After all, he is a PRO-FESS-ION-AL.

    • Pinup Ghoul

      Agreed! In or out of drag, Raven is eye candy made of pure dynamite. I bet the camera crew who filmed him rising from bed -naked- each morning loved their jobs.

  • Ru is becoming a bit too much like Mae West for me

  • I’m surprised you guys said nothing about the whole “first queen inducted into the Hall of Fame” thing that Chad and the others kept repeating.  I agree with the win, but are we to believe that Chad is somehow inducted into this Hall, when really, let’s face it — he’s the best of the losers?  I mean, he LOST to Sharon — why is Sharon not in this Hall of Fame?  Sharon even won the popular vote to get in this contest, and they didn’t let her as a former winner.  I just thought that whole thing was a bit too self-indulgent, even for drag queens.  Chad’s pic next to Ru?  What about Sharon?  Raja??  Tyra?  Just sayin’.  Thanks for recapping all season.

    • pdquick

       Yes, what about Sharon? The others? Not so much.

  • What an anticlimactic win!  Chad is quite polished and did well on the last challenge but, imho, is a bit boring as a performer and oddly expected with her looks.  Raven on the other hand is always giving you something you don’t expect (including an underwhelming final outfit) but is pretty incredible.  Just take a look at that villain look she came up with for the superhero challenge…it was so bizarre, beautiful, and utterly out of this world.  But Sharon excepted, Ru never picks queens who are that different from herself, so it’s no surprise Chad “won.”

    We can only wonder though how things may have gone had this team thing not happened and Chad been up on equal footing against the looks of Nina/Yara or the performing talents of Latrice or Alexis.  Ah well, on to season five.

  • Yes, yes, Chad is a pro-fess-ional, but I have mixed feelings about him winning. Would he have won without the (in my eyes) bizarre silicone job in his face? I think there is something wrong about rewarding this. I guess some of the other queens have had work done as well, but Chad clearly went over the top. And, he always seems prissy, and when he tries to be “sexy” it is like Rose from Golden Girls is doing boudoir photos for Miles. 

  • MilaXX

    Once the Puerto Rican queens left Chad was my choice for the win.

  • julnyes

    I’m not unhappy that Chad won, but this season reminded me how much I like Jujubee and Raven, so there is some slight disappointment there. Overall I found the season watchable though not inspired. 

  • I’m kind of fascinated by Jujubee’s inability to go the distance in the final rounds of this show (as well as season 2).  Her look this final runway, like that from season 2, was just a little off.  I love the color, but the cut was odd and the shoes did her no favors.  She’s never really been a super fashionable queen (I think she excels in more costumey looks, like the cabaret look from the first episode).  It seems like in the finals she tries to be fashionable and losses her personality in the mix.

    It’s was obvious Shannel stood no chance, but (fashion wise) you have to give her props for being her no matter what (although I agree that this last look was unflattering).

    Raven’s last look was definitely lackluster, and the flat hair wasn’t helping.

    Chad looked good though not exciting, although I often dislike his wigs.I think the whole idea of a “Best” queen is kind of silly.  I completely understand why Chad would be the winner.  Chad is like a Hershey Bar.  Classic, dependable, always good no matter the occasion.  Raven (or insert other queen’s name, Tammie, Nina, Yara, etc…) is like dark chocolate w/ lavender.  Exotic and fascinating and delicious in a challenging way, although a little bit goes a long way most of the time.  Even if the dark chocolate w/ lavender is a more interesting choice, the Hershey Bar will always be the standard.  And that’s okay.  I kind of wish Ru would branch out into more reality type programming with the queens.  If they gave any number of queens a reality show (Willam, Sharon/Alaska, Raven/Juju) I’d be GLUED to the screen.  The competition format is a great way for up and comers to prove themselves, but it turns out it’s not necessarily the best way to showcase/enjoy the already established queens that we know and love.

  • Melizmatic

    Why, oh why, isn’t it January 28th  yet???