RPDR All Stars: Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl

Posted on November 06, 2012

In the past, if we didn’t have a Drag Race recap up by 12 noon the following day, our inbox and twitter would be full of kittens demanding to know when we were going to get if done already. This season? Nary a peep, even if we don’t get it up until late in the afternoon. What does that tell you?


It tells us that, so far, this season kind of sucks. You’ve got a great set of queens here, and the show doesn’t seem to know what to do with them.

Case in point:

Uh… yeah.

Seriously? “Dress up like guys” was a challenge? For a DRAG QUEEN competition?

At least we still have the Pit Crew to warm the cockles of our pants.


We’re not sure what’s worse: that the show isn’t particularly fun or entertaining this season, or that it doesn’t give us much to work with for recaps.


Granted, the “Candid Camera” stuff wasn’t a terrible idea, but there’s nothing here for the home viewer (or bitchy blogger) to assess. We have no way of knowing who did the best in this challenge. It was so edited that it was almost impossible to figure out. Seriously, could you have been able to tell, from looking at this sequence, that Team Shad was the winner? You kind of just have to accept it.



Look we loves us some Ru – and we’re not so naive as to not see what’s going on this season (and last): it’s twitterbait. That is to say, the show is designed to get people on the internet to scream “WHAT THE FUCK, RU?” In other words, it’s not a competition at all. Which is fine, especially since Ru is pretty open about that. It all comes down to what Ru wants and that’s her prerogative. But so far, it hasn’t made for a very entertaining season. To be honest, we think Drag Race is merely meant to serve as a prelude to Untucked, which is where all the real drama happens and which does a better job at showcasing the world of drag culture than the actual “competition” does.


Sweet, but kind of out of her depth.


Batshit crazy – but we all knew that already. We thought she was going to punch Michelle Visage.


But Michelle is clearly not a gal to be fucked with; not in that getup.

Hit it, hos:

Jujubee looked cute and Raven looked a little creepy. We’re not sure what these looks had to do with the “Bad Girl” theme. It seems like all the queens interpreted “bad girl” as “wearing black.”


God bless these two. No matter what they do, they look like aging showgirls.


We think they both look a little nuts, but we’ll give them credit for at least keeping it interesting. But we’re calling it now: a Puerto Rican queen is going to win the competition. All signs are pointing in that direction.


What a shame for Manila. This was a pretty spectacular look and felt, more than any of the others, like a true Bad Girl. We love Latrice, but if you’re going to do Divine for a Bad Girl challenge, then you need to do the dogshit-and-meatball-sandwich-eating Divine and not the glamour version.


So congrats to our aging showgirls for somehow winning this week. Shrug.


Leaving us with an Asian Queen showdown for the lip synch.


A showdown that seemed curiously underwhelming. We honestly thought that Manila vs. Jujubee was going to be downright EPIC, but it just sort of fizzled out. Jujubee did a lot of posing and Manila went for the comedy take, but somehow failed to be funny.

It’s bullshit that people like Latrice, Manila, and Pandora are among the first to go. Something’s really wrong with the format (or Ru’s priorities) when queens like Alexis and Shannel are rising to the top. We hate to sound like we’re taking this all seriously, since it’s not meant to be, but it IS supposed to be fun and we haven’t really had one laugh-out-loud or ELEGANZA moment yet.

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  • andcoh

    Hurray!  You agree with me.  Seriously, I’ve basically lost interest in the season, which means I probably won’t make it through season 5.  The team aspect killed it.

    Oh, and my money is still on Raven and Jujubee.

  • Siege Johnson

    What…what is happening? I don’t understand this season at all.

    I too thought Janice might attack Michelle Visage. And frankly, I was kind of rooting it. Michelle is no match for that kind of intense crazy, no matter how much gold lame she tapes to herself (btw…does she get her clothes from the same tailor as Team Shad?)

    •  Michelle was wearing an outfit that a Cher impersonator rejected.

      • e jerry powell

         Not just any Cher impersonator, a Cher impersonator about ten tiers down from Chad Michaels.

  • Karen Belgrad

    In the past, I was so anxious to watch and then read your recaps.  Last night, I found myself dozing off during the episode and skipping Untucked. 

    I read another blog (sorry!) that thought maybe it’s underwhelming because we already KNOW the Queens and aren’t having to form opinions over who to love/hate/both/Willam.

    •  Yeah, me too! I missed the last five minutes of the regular show and 15 minutes of Untucked.

      • e jerry powell

        I ended up with the last 2.5 minutes of Untucked, 1g5g, the first 45 minutes of the late repeat and Wanda Sykes (which I also missed the last half of).  Wanda was the most interesting, followed by about a quarter of 1g5g.  And that’s saying something, because 1g5g is about the most useless show on television in North America.

    •  At this point, I’m tuning in to RPDR about half way to see the catwalk and lip sync. I find that Untucked gives enough of a run-down of the rest of the Drag Race episode that I don’t feel like I’m missing anything.

  • Jessi03

    Agree 100%

  • Paigealicious

    Michelle Visage is really getting on my nerves this season.

    •  The star between Michelle Visage’s boobs is really getting on my nerves this season. I don’t have to see it EVERY week.

    • Melizmatic

      But when isnt Michelle Visage annoying?

      There are days when I can’t decide who irritates me more; her or Santino.

      Both have no real justification for being judges, IMO.

      • Celandine1

        The only time I didn’t find Michelle Visage annoying was when she was on The Snatch Game … oh wait … that was Sharon Needles. Yeah Michelle Visage is always annoying. And WTF did the color green ever do to her?

        • Melizmatic


          Seriously though…

  • I cannot get over the way that Shannel draws her lips. They are perfect and I wish I could replicate it. I’ve never liked “realness” drag. I do costume drag and that’s the style that I love. Chad is very much costume drag, and Shannel made her claim to fame on character illusion (her Batgirl and Poison Ivy are SICKENING). The way they do their makeup, with the more obvious highlighting and contouring, that is what I love. Not all this blendy blendy highfashioncouture “realness” stuff that seems to be the thing for “female illusionists” the world over. And, seriously, I want to gut-punch Santino every time he says “that’s not fashionable.” Drag does not equal fashion, dickwad. There’s a niche for it, but nonstop pandering to that corner of the art-form is a disservice to the totality of the art as well as its history.

    •  Santino was actually almost reasonable tonight- or at least he got the edit. On the other hand, Janice Dickinson was a train wreck.

      • It’s true. Santino was alright last night, but he constantly is ragging on the queens for not being “fashion forward” when at least half of drag is being “in costume.” And Janice Dickinson is always a trainwreck, the only thing she had to offer last night was pissing Michelle Visage off.

        Also, since there’s a lot of Shannel-hate going on, I’m just going to leave this here. The many faces of Shannel, and why character illusion is an amazing (and incredibly under-represented on RPDR) part of drag.


      • RebeccaKW

        And you can’t edit Janice to be anything else.  Look at that picture of her up there.  Not in motion, no speaking.  Still obviously a train wreck.

    • Shannel released a DVD of make-up tips a few years back. I’m sure you can find out how to get it via her Facebook page. If there’s nothing on there, just shoot her a message. As much as I kind of hate her in a competition setting, she’s always ridiculously friendly to fans when they talk to her.

  • I thought it was fairly obvious that Shad won that challenge.  At least from how it was edited, it was clear that they were tearing through the lists very quickly, and were able to get people to do stuff without much problem (Shannel especially). 

    I also disagree that it’s obvious that someone from Yarlexis will win.  Yara has a shot, Alexis, no way.  They really should have been in the bottom this week.

    • I agree that they should have been in the bottom and that Rujubee should have sent them packing.

  • I was so pumped for this, but I haven’t watched an episode yet. When I heard Pandora was the first one to go, I checked out completely. This saddens me.

  • The candid camera segment had some good laughs- I’d like a whole half hour of it, but not so rushed and with more footage. 

  • I just have to say, Raven as a boy is pretty hot. Also, I don’t know if I will watch anymore now that Latrice is gone.

    •  Latrice would be an ideal hostess for an interview show.

    •  i think boy-raven would be hot, but the lip injections are ruining it. shes not chad-level yet, but shes getting there.

      • His permanently pouting lips can get on my nerves- like Shannel’s little eyes- both of them would be decent looking guys otherwise.

    •  Is it me, or does boy Raven look a lot like a spruced up Billy Bob Thorton?

      • StellaZafella

         So THAT’S what Billy Bob Thornton would look like as Tootsie?

      • boomchicabowwow

        HAH!  I think if Billy Bob were reading this right now, he’d be asking his agent to find out which plastic surgen Raven goes too!!

  • Can we talk about how Latrila commemorated their elimination by dropping a single and releasing the video?


  • hughman

    I will say the only Audible Gasp I’ve ever given RPDR was last night when Ru announced Yarlexis was staying and we knew the other 2 pairs were having to LSFYL. However after that moment my interest in the show plummeted. 

  • I was amused by and laughing at Yara’s hair during Untucked. When she was moving the chairs around the second time after going through a doorway, I thought she was going to sit in the corner because of her wideness up there. 😛

    Manila’s runway look seemed rather despressing to me, and reminiscent of Raja but without Raja’s luxe glam. It was not that good.

    Once again, Michelle Visage was told she was wrong by another guest judge. Keep it coming, guest judges! I like it. You go, Janice!

  • I thought at first the team thing would be interesting, and I’m still holding out hope that an eliminated queen (singular, not team) will have an opportunity to come back. However, the team idea would be nice for the first few episodes, but as we learn from Project Runway, it makes for boring television.

  • ZnSD

    yeah, sorry but Manila and Jujubee should be in the top, never the bottom. I would have much preferred to see Shad or Yarlexis go.

  • Imasewsure

    I forgot to watch the episode – and I love Drag Race – so that does say something about it this season for me. Hate the team format… would have just preferred double eliminations instead (and triple LSFYL show downs). Michelle gets it and looks fun (and draggie) even if she is annoying. Don’t really care who wins…. hope this gives them a lot of career boosts but once Nina was out, I guess I checked out too. Thanks so much for the recaps though – any time you get them to us is ok with me!!

  • I’ve always had a soft spot for Alexis, but she’s a good example of the Peter Principle (so to speak). Manila going home before her – WTF!!? And Latrice gone, too? That’s just insane. The stupid daylight stunts didn’t show any of them in a good light. I’m really disappointed about this so-called “all stars” edition. I don’t know how anyone can top last season and Sharon Needles – she was an epic contender and one of the smartest, too.

    • Bree The Vole

      I love Alexis, but yeah she’s getting advantage from the team thing, and hate from the fans for that. I guess team concept may have been an attempt to keep the competition from being too predictable, but if it is it’s a failed attempt.

  • The problem with writing your opinion in a comment section is that when you’re totally wrong it’s there in writing and you can’t back out of it!  So last week I said I thought the competition was fixed for Latrice.  Well, guess not!  I guess I was speculating that Latrice is so popular and Ru never gives it to a big girl so this was a chance to show that he wasn’t size biased.

    I agree that All-Stars has been totally underwhelming and barely keeps my interest for the whole hour.  These are some of the best queens in the business and I’m not sure how they’ve managed to make them so boring.  Here’s hoping Drag Race gets its shit together for season 5.

  • It’s true, these days Drag Race seems but a prologue to some sort of fabulous Greek tragedy.

  • xay

    This is the first season that I have considered skipping the regular episode and just watching Untucked. Not because Untucked is so great but because the challenges have been so dull. At least in Untucked the focus is on the queens, how they interact each other and who they are as drag queens.

    I hope that the regular season of RPDR is a return to form.

  • everest19

    Shannel, Yara, and Alexis among the Top 6 drag queens of ALL FOUR seasons of RuPaul’s Drag Race? 

    I just DON’T think so.

  • AlexisPayne

    I had a dress for my Barbie identical to to Ru’s 

  • Frank_821

    Sadly I recorded it but I zoomed straight to the runway. Even with the surprise of who ended up on the bottom I find myself just not caring anymore. I even find the Untucked sections a bit tiresome

  • Stubenville

    I have to agree that the show has lost it’s sparkle; the team thing is a terrible idea. But I don’t know about Yara winning; I just see her as kind of tacky, “hoochie mama” as Michael Kors would say.

  • One or two of the queens onstage should have realized that Ru doesn’t like it when they gang up, and switched their go-home vote to another team. I’m convinced that’s the only reason Yarlexis were saved from the bottom two. Because seriously. They should not have been safe.

  • Dan_In_NYC

    This season has been so boring.  My jaw hasn’t dropped at anything and there have been far too few giggles about subversive subtext.  A big yawn – the best part of the show is the commercials with Pandora, Shangela and Juju talking about the election.

  • Bree The Vole

    Maybe she shouldn’t be in the competition anymore, but I’ve been really loving Alexis’ runaway style this season. Huge improvement to what it was in S3. As much as I like her, it’s still crazy that Pandora and Nina went before she did.

    I was glad to see Janice actually. Note to Mimi: this is how crazy is done.

  • Le_Sigh

    Oh man.  I have to say I was so excited about the idea for All-Stars (zomg – Latrice!  Juju!  Nina!  Pandy!) but quite honestly I find myself watching as a supplemental to your commentary and Untucked.  It’s all so weird and confusing.  

    Unrelated: Michelle’s eye makeups has been looking particularly good this season.  

    Juju for tha win.  

  • the one good thing is that now, i at least know who to root for. team juju all the way!

  • StellaZafella

    My moniker as Stella used to be “Aging, lesbian, ex-showgirl” and I’m 60 now – so welcome Chad&Shannel to my domicile!

    You’re right, TLo, and (sadly), bless you for putting it in perspective: It’s not the fact that it’s not really a competition,(that’s been a given from day one); It’s not that there’s over-edited drama and uncomfortable moments, (that’s what keeps the Twitterfeed heated up); It’s not that we even WANT to take it seriously…but there’s no payoff for all the buildup and it’s not being any kind of fun anymore.

    I think, in part, it’s perhaps because these queens are taking THEMSELVES too seriously….This ain’t Royal Shakespeare ladies. Stop trying to stab each other in the corset stays and get back to making fun of yourselves…
    I’m talkin’ to you, too, Miss Ru!

    I still luv ya…I just want you to come back!

    •  All that respect stuff coming out of Chad’s mouth towards Shannel- either one of them would slash the other one for the title.

      • StellaZafella

         Yeah: “May the odds be ever in your favor, girl…ever in your favor” spoken with arrows in it and Shannell coming back staring daggers…it COULD have been an hilarious take of on a bad reading from The Women…instead it just came off as a bad read.

        •  Y’know, it is very possible that the two of them came prepared to team up, and they’ve got a whole Betrayal plot cooked up for the camera.

          • andcoh

            They both know that only one person is going to win.  The best situation forces them to fight against each other at the very end.  I dunno, might as well say it early rather than act all shocked when you are suddenly turned against your friend.

          •  and honestly…just what sort of major advantage can they gain by winning this title. The public exposure on the show is probably just as good- even Mimi Imfirst is better known now.

          • If so, they’re only half as smart as Juju and Raven, who’ve seemingly been preparing for a teamup/divorce story arc since their season ended!

  • Why is “Kind of a Drag” running through my head now?

    Um, anyway. Yeah, I found this episode pretty blah – in part because I don’t enjoy the kind of prank-for-the-camera stunts that were going on (couldn’t they come up with something offbeat and witty, rather than out-and-out gross?). Wasn’t impressed with the drag-king bits (though if they’d gone at that as if it were their drag personas who were trying to be butch… oh, never mind, too complicated).  And I hate, hate, HATE the two-queen-team structure; any time a show like this offs both/all members of the losing team, it tends to mean that some of the more interesting contestants go home too soon just because they happened to be on a losing team, which means less entertainment. Why does anyone think that’s a good idea? If they must trim the season, just have two eliminations per episode, but don’t insist that they be from the same team. Heck, if the two lowest teams all had to lip-synch together, with the losers chosen based on the performance and not by team, it’d be more interesting…

    Another thing that bugged me with this episode was the edit that seemed to suggest that the panic-button was going to be used this time (and perhaps it should have been) – but then it wasn’t. (Given that whoever pushes the button is effectively putting themselves up for elimination means it’s unlikely that anyone will choose it – unless I misunderstand the rules – so it’s just annoying when the edit dances around it. Sigh!


  • Samuel Donovan

    The three teams remaining are pretty much the three I thought would have, and should have gone home first. Disappointing.

  • Put ’em away, Michelle, ain’t no one needs to see that. Mostly I’m just looking forward to Season 5 at this point. May the odds be ever in your favor! 

  • I thought Michelle Visage was Janice Dickenson in drag. 
    *just kidding but not really*

  • It also means we’re smack-dab in the middle of a hotly-contested presidential election, which the whole world is watching, that will do nothing less than determine which of two diametrically-opposed philosophies will rule our collective future as ‘mer-cans for the next 4 years.  :go Obama!:  That being said guys, you’re right.  I wanted to watch this episode last night but hubs and son hijacked the TV for Top Gear reruns (Grrr….).  It’s been an oddly lackluster season, best moment for me thus far was when Tammie read Michelle Visage for filth on her unblended makeup line on her neck, which is too bad.

  • Michael Telles

    That mini challenge looked like everyone was posing for the Grindr profile pic. The main challege was a basically a mini-challenge, and honestly, kinda boring. None of the challenges have really brought out a star moment. Everyone is pretty much existing off their old personas from their own individual seasons and not bringing anything fresh to the competition.

  • MilaXX

    Boring episode. I also posted last night that Yarlexis will win this and everyone agreed that folks would turn it out if that happens, so if this is twtterbait, it makes sense. Just have a controversial winner.  I think the Shad will be the runners up, just to further piss folks off.

  • I honestly think the teams are killing everything. It wasn’t a terrible idea to deal with the short season format, but it was executed really, really badly. The teams made sense at first glance, but the fact of the matter is that each queen has had to somewhat restrain what they do best to try and find synergy with a partner. Let’s face it, Nina and Tammie both had a better chance of their flavor of weird shining through without having to try and synthesize it with another type of odd aesthetic. Similarly, if Manila and Latrice were allowed to use their personal styles of humor and glam respectively, things could very easily have turned out differently. Yara is now able to carry Alexis, Chad and Shannel bring out the worst in each other’s styles of drag, Jujubee and Raven neutralize each other’s personalities, and Mimi and Pandora ended up having zero chemistry. The teams sabotaged the individual charms of the contestants right from the start.

    •  Thanks- I didn’t know they were going for the ‘short season’ (that explains the horribleness that is ‘teams’ (whats the point of short season?) at least with the short season this mess will be over (very) soon. what a waste of potential fun…

  • e jerry powell

    And not just an Asian Queen Showdown, but a Filipina Queen Showdown.  If Visage and Dickinson weren’t gonna throw down, they should have brought in Alec Mapa in Imelda Marcos drag.

    • AnotherG

      I think Juju’s family is from Laos, but I can totally co-sign onto Alec Mapa as Imelda (although Manila did that one most awesomely).

      • e jerry powell

         I don’t remember why I would think anything other than Laotian, but I may be Gaslighting myself.

        • AnotherG

          No worries.  You’ve somehow put the image of Janice cockpunching Michelle while Alec Mapa in Imelda drag sings “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina” into my head.  It’s pretty awesome.

          • e jerry powell

            Glad to be of service.

  • eatyerheartout

    as soon as pandora was sent home in the first episode, i was so saddened by this season.  every week, i am disappointed with who is in the bottom two. regardless, i am still loving the show because i love watching the queens in action no matter what they are doing.  i just wish the team format was dumped, i hate seeing two people go home each week!!!

  • Melizmatic

    I would have paid good money to see Janice punch Michelle Visage; at least that would have been interesting to watch.

    That being said you boys nailed it; this show just isn’t that interesting anymore and its really tragic.

    I re-watched season 1 last week, and I could have just cried at the glaringly huge  difference; while the production was low-budget the entertainment value was off the map.

    Now it seems to be a total reversal; Ru has the high profile sponsorship and a dream budget, but the show just isn’t that entertaining at all.

    I know its Ru’s world, but girlfriend get a clue!

    If things keep going the way they have been for the last two seasons that world is in danger going extinct, IMO.

  • jonnyf8

    I want Yara to win it.  She was my favorite during her season and she’s my favorite again.  And when she’s done here they should recruit her for Project Runway.  I know a lot of people disagree with me.  Bring it on.

    • kscherer82

      During the voting, I was giving all my votes to Yara to get on the show.  She’s not necessarily my #1, but I figured Juju, Manila, Latrice and Raven would be cast already.  Very glad Yara was included.  I’ve always thought she has the looks that they’ve talked up for the girls like Morgan McMichaels, Carmen (yuck) and Phi Phi (more yuck), but can also let it go and be entertaining – even if it is a WTF type of entertaining.  She doesn’t shy away from being silly.  I think it’d be interesting if she was with someone other than Alexis, but she’s clearly a good influence on Alexis’s style.  At this point not knowing how it’s gonna work from here witht he team, I’d love a Juju – Raven – Yara finale.

      • jonnyf8

        Yes to the looks!!!  When she is going for straight up beauty — no one can touch her! 

    • StellaZafella

       I don’t see anything to disagree with about you rooting for Yara… the bitch is fierce, as they say, and even when she screws up, it’s because she tries TOO hard rather than not hard enough. I do, however, think she’d be out of her element on PR only because she’s said herself how she hates to have to build outfits in such short time spans. I wonder if Yara would have the chops to put up with The Duchess, the Nina and Scmeidi coming for her EVERY WEEK when the clothes she designs are so personal for her?

      • jonnyf8

        Well she’d probably be gone after a few weeks but they sure would be entertaining weeks!

    • AnotherG

      I think team Rujubee is the team to beat, but I’m happy we’ve been getting lots of Yara (and fine if she wins).  She was also one of my favorites, and I think she’s actually gotten more polished since her season.  She’s really talented, can disappear into other characters as well as put together a look.   
      Incidentally, I happened to catch the Gaultier exhibit at the DeYoung museum in San Francisco this year, and when I saw the hair-sticks in Yara’s ‘do, I knew what she was going for, because I have a picture of it from that exhibit (link to the photos I posted of the exhibit).  When Janice, bless that madwoman, cockblocked Michelle V and read her the reference, I air-punched.  I know precious little about fashion (hence my love and appreciation for our hosts’ blog – education and entertainment for the benighted!), so this was a small victory in my attempt to beat back the ignorance.

  • CarlyHo

    I agree that it was time for Latrila to go home. Ending up in the Bottom 2 twice in a row will get you sent home during the regular season; being in the Bottom 2 on All Stars is a death sentence.

  • Qitkat

    Since I only look at the pictures, and skim the recap, I’m motivated this week to play Double Jeopardy with the Pit Crew.
    No dress up needed for these real guys. WOOF!

  • SO SAD!!!!  I think that Manila is hands down the best queen!  This teaming up shit is for the birds…she would have won!!!!

  • DLJoe

    I think what’s dragging this season down is that each queen can’t cut loose and really be herself.  The looks on the runway are either so similar it kills the originality of the queens, or so different it kills the team aspect.

    Also the queens being able to pick their favorite teamups kinda takes the drama away from the whole team thing.  All the pairs ended up with their first pick and the only one with potential tension and craziness (Mimi/Pandora) was kicked straight off.  Oh well.  Here’s hoping for season 5.

  • I’m mostly sad that if they decide to do this again, they may fix the format, but they won’t be bringing these ladies back! All my favorites are now relegated to clubs across the country and the sub-par Drag U. *sigh*

    Oh well. At least I got to watch a bewildered stranger walk a Hispanic drag queen on a leash (there’s got to be porn of that somewhere). I personally thought Manila did best at addressing the passing folks. Shad got the most points, but Channel was so frantic to succeed that it was painful to watch. I /really/ want Alexis to go because I’m sick of hearing her bitch (I suspect that’s why she was called out by most of the other queens too). She’s almost as irritating a whiner as Shangela was. But she carried Yara on the actual challenge while Yara carried her on fashion, so they were fairly evenly matched on this one.

    Also, what the fuck is this critique that Divine makeup didn’t flatter Latrice’s face? It’s not supposed to, Michelle, it’s a Divine homage! Divine makeup doesn’t flatter anyone’s face. I mean, I genuinely like Michelle, she seems like a fun person (and I too would love to see her snap Janice Dickonson over her knee). But damn!

    Also, I was sad to hear that Latrice doesn’t find himself sexy as a guy. I’d snap that up in heartbeat if he swung that way. Surely some gay boys out there appreciate that big bod.

  • Jacqueline Wessel

    Thank you, I enjoyed that!

  • I’m not opposed to the team thing in theory, and in fact I think they started to hint at some aspects of the team thing that are interesting (like Manila feeling she hadn’t influenced Latrice enough in her runway look… where as Yara’s pushiness in Alexis’s runway look seemed to save their team).  If the way in which the team members influenced each other was a focal point of the show, I think it could actually be a great change.  We already know about each of these queens, now we get to see how they work together and what they can (potentially) accomplish fit they are willing to discard their weaknesses and adopt each others strengths…

    However, I DEF agree w/ TLo that the editing is a huge problem.  We aren’t being shown enough of their performances to even determine the degree to which the team dynamics is playing a role.  Also, this has ALWAYS been a complaint of mine, although it seems to be getting worse with each season… We basically get one or two sentences of critique from the judges per team.  If the “behind the scenes” stuff is correct, they make it sound like they are being judged for hours, and we get to hear almost nothing of that.  I would rather hear the judges have a real discussion.  If they don’t reformat the show, they could at least make extended judgings available as bonus material.  I’m no drag expert, and hearing the critiques of the judges (or bloggers) helps me to articulate what I think better, so I would LOVE more of this and less of the petty drama.  Wishful thinking, I know…

    This season is turning out to be pretty lame…

    • AnotherG

      I think the team thing could work too . . . if they didn’t eliminate each week.  These queens are popular! Give them air time!

  • Alexis is downright meanspirited. If she wins the whole thing, I’ll be a little upset. I’d be ok with Yara, though. I couldn’t believe they were given a pass though. I thought it was going to be Shad v. Yarlexis for sure. 

    I just find it exhausting to watch though. I laughed during the pranks, but a good portion of it was painful. 

  • I think season 4 brought the show to another level with eloquent smart queens like Sharon Needles and Willam who fought with wit and great one-liners against dull queens like Milan or Phi Phi. The cast – includiing extremely emotional queens like Jiggly- was fantastically diverse.What ALL STAR misses is that magic mix. The challengs are awful too. The highlight of this episode’s challenge was seeing poor Latrice looking for stuff with her head in the trashcan, and the passers-by just staring at her monumental bottom. Even Untucked was kind of duill. They all seemed to be scared of Alexis.The only highlight there was Yara’s hair problems. Tatianna was a low point. If you read someone, it should be funny. It wasn’t. Get lost, Tati.

  • I totally admit, I read your recaps of shared shows to make sure it’s not “just me”, and you stated how this season has felt. I mean, seriously, 3 of the best queens are gone in the first three episodes? W.T.F. You’re right, it’s NOT that fun to watch and the main challenges have seemed kind of last-minute and all over the place. *sigh*

  • sleepycat

    Shennel out of drag is kinda hot, I wouldn’t mind dating her/him, in fact he looks like a person I had a crush on in college

  • The tea is that the runway was supposed to be about nightmare but Ru changed it at the last minute in order to accommodate Team Shad (as they didn’t have the clothes for that). Got this from another blog who’s got the inside from the queens. Biased much, Ru?

    • StellaZafella

       Nobody EVER said Drag Race is a fair competition…from day one it’s been a parody of reality TV couched in a seriously talented and utterly host-biased structure. As Ru says at the end of each judging segment: “I have consulted with the judges, but the decision is mine”. That’s what we love about it all: The whole show’s a bitch who knows she’s a bitch and doesn’t give a rat’s ass who doesn’t like it.
      It seems to me, if the T you mention is true, so what? The theme of the runway is up to Ru anyway. The only queen on the runway that night who’s look could have been about “Nightmares” was Manila…and that was an open imitation of Raja to boot.

  •  Very cool….but he’s put on a few pounds, and that made his Lucy look a bit odd. Maybe he’ should consider Ethel Merman.

  • I don’t know what the consensus on this is, but I think Shannel deserves some credit for loosening up a WHOLE lot this season.  Her performance in the on the street pranks was so spontaneous and silly… a BIG improvement from her uptight, no fun, way to serious season 1 approach (which was her ultimate downfall)

    • StellaZafella

       I’ve always liked Shannel…she’s old school in the Vegas tradition. But also because she’s the spitting image – in every detail – of my long-dead Aunt Madew Long who drove a T-bird, dressed to the nines for cookout and blew the smoke from her Salem cigs out through her nose. She pegged me for a “gay little drag queen” before I was 8 (way back in the 50’s)…and I loved her for it.

  • Ugh. It doesn’t even look like they’re having any fun, and the format is going to produce an “All Star” winner that no one thinks should have won in the first place; what kind of an all-star is that? This season was poised to be totally epic with all of that talent, and they’re kicking them off two at a time. I think I’ll just read your recaps, watch Untucked, and wait for Season Five. 

    Thanks for taking one for the team.

  • Also, has anyone else talked about Manila’s banana picture???  It’s a shame that a queen who could take such a ridiculous challenge to be a manly man and turn it into something so smart when everyone else just went with cliche (after all, what’s more “manly man” than taking a picture of your dick??).  It’s a shame she had to go.  Ultimately, Latrice weighed her down (no pun intended)

  • FloridaLlamaLover

    Not watching, haven’t watched, will not watch this messy mess of a mess season.  Thank you, TLo, for forcing yourselves to watch it and attempt to come up with something to say. Or not, as is appropriate.

  • Can they please replace Visage with Janice Dickinson?  I don’t know if Ru’s ego could take it, but she’d be a hell of a judge and like combining the “best” (if they have such a thing) of Michelle and Santino.  This season is pretty dull but don’t get how team Shad is coasting along on this.  Time will tell.

    • Meelah

      Janice would be entertaining but I think her Drag knowledge is lacking.  I doubt she realized that Latrice was doing an homage to Divine.  Janice made me cringe and I was just waiting for her ignorance to jump straight into being insulting.  

  • PantherontheRunway

    What the fuck, if I wanted to watch people doing dumb things in the streets, I’d watch Jackass.
    It’s a drag competition, what did ANY OF THAT have to do with showing true performing chops ………
    I like Alexis and Yara but they aren’t there yet. That hair thing was a mess.
    I am pissed we lost Nina and latrice and Manilla, already and it’s ridiculous that people are paying for other girls to mess it up.
    I watch my untucked and thank God for Tlo recaps, because I give up on watching the show

  • jrohrbache

    I seriously need Santino’s outfit this week, TLO, help me out finding it. pretty please?

  • I’m so dissapointed. Not only I thought Manila was in it to win it, but I thought that, by now, Chad and Shannel would have gone home.

    By the way, I think Manila’s picture for the mini-challenge is hysterical.

  • VivianAdvanced

    All Stars should be fun but this truncated version is just irritating. I wonder if LOGO wanted to keep it short so they’d have space for some other show they wanted to air. It should be every Queen for herself and baloney to this team thing. It’s not fair that two have to go down when it’s clear that one is weaker. And some of the judging doesn’t make sense. Visage and he disgusting boobs are way too picky about things that should be subjective. I mean, Yara’s hair display was over the top and may not be to everyone’s liking as fashion, but it was well conceived and presented. (I personally loved it. Michelle Visage’s own outfit and hair weren’t that far removed, yet she couldn’t carry it off as well as Yara.) It’s fine to criticize something that’s poorly made or a sub-par performance, but every Queen has her own style and shouldn’t be held up to Vogue magazine standards.

  • glennethph

    This season is just sad-making.

  • butter nut

    it’s the teams.  thats whats killing the season.  it’s impossible to route for your favorite, if your favorite is tied to dead weight.  losing pandora, nina, latrice & manila right off the top only knocks even more wind out of the fans’ enthusiasm.  who’s left? who cares? why, ru? why?

  • AnotherG

    After the ladies paired up, it’s been falling the way I’ve expected it to, until tonight.  I expected the last two teams standing to be Latrila and Rujubee, and the last team being Rujubee.  I think of all the teams, they play off each other best.  A Manila/Raven LSFYL would have been Epic.  And then a Raven win.
    I did wonder if Latrice would be the weak spot on team Latrila.  Don’t get me wrong, I think she’s the bomb, but compared to the range and skills of Manila (good grief, she’s been so on this season), and the fact that she’s had less time than the others to polish up from her season (Chad, having been at it longer, is already buffed to a high sheen), I wondered if it’d be tough going for her. 
    I still think Rujubee will be last team standing, but between teams Yarlexis and Shad, it’s a tougher call.  It depends on how much Michelle V and Santino clutch their whole, “You guys are too perfect!” thing against Shad.  And, on the other side, if Yarlexis implodes.  Alexis has thin skin, but she stuck it out in her season, while Yara had a meltdown.  I adore Yara, but I have a grim forboding for those two, unlike our hosts, who think they might go all the way.
    I can see a couple of narratives that would give Raven (who should have won her season), Chad (the tiara-crowning of a great career), or Yara (talented, underappreciated PR queen) the win.  At this point, I’m still seeing Raven soar to the top.

  • Linderella

    “May the best woman…win!”  How’s that supposed to happen when you’ve tossed Manila out twice now?!

  • Boys, I would have been pestering you to put up recaps…but I didn’t get around to watching episodes 2 and 3 until last night. You’ll have to forgive me, but instead of watching RPDR:AS, I was campaigning, calling, and door-knocking for MN United for All Families. (Woot!!!) (And actually, I wouldn’t have been pestering because I’m Minnesotan and WE DON’T PESTER because it’s not polite.)

    So. Manilla doing the going crazy thing on the lip synch worked when she was in a Big Bird costume but not so much here. I think that’s the only reason why Jujubee’s lackluster performance won the day.

    I don’t like the team format very much AT ALL, but at least this season will be over soon and we can get back to our regularly scheduled RPDR. I thought this season was going to be one Sophie’s Choice after another–seeing one queen I loved going home after another instead of another queen I would have hated to see going home too–but it doesn’t actually have that much impact.

  • LambeeBaby

    Soooooooooooo disappointed with the team concept. That meant that two of my fav’s went home prematurely because of their partnership (Nina and Manila). I certainly hope that JuJu takes it. A couple of weeks ago my husband said “I can’t believe that JuJuBee did not win her season”.  Absolutely agree.  

  • StillGary

    –Just crappy! They are not giving these performers anything to work with – Oh, those were supposed to be pranks? So dumb — I will keep watching though, although they could could have offered a lower grand prize for a longer season which wouldn’t require two-for-one specials! Oh, and God bless Shannel’s little juggling heart, she tried to give it some showmanship, but all producers really wanted them to do is get strangers to do assy things.

  • merrie jayne

    really sad about the allstars too…yarlexis should have gone home a long time ago….i am sad you can see it is scripted and rigged…boo

  • Seriously, the team concept coupled with the TERRIBLE streaming from Logo’s website makes me not give a crap. I got better internet streaming in the rain forest than I can get in a huge city on the Logo website. Blah. 

  • markk612

    I think the basic problem with this show is they can’t decide what they’re judging. What is Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve, and Talent? Is it all fashion, or is there some mix of personality and actually being likable in there? I believe being a good drag queen is a mix of the two (who gives a fuck about Tyra Sanchez, but don’t we all love Sharon Needles?).

    That said, at this point anyone I actually care about watching (Pandora, Nina, Latrice, and Manila) has been eliminated, leaving totally insipid, dull, and unlikable queens, with the exception of Rujubee.

    I hate this season because I loved the idea so much, and I hate how quickly all my favorites are gone. The only one I still give a fuck about is Jujubee.

    • That’s a great point Mark. Really well made.

      The only reason I continue watching the show is in anticipation of thoughtful internet comments like yours.

  • WORD!  My daughter and I were so excited about this season, when we learned of the cast we picked our faves right away to win: Pandora, Latrice and Jujubee.  WTF RU?????  The ladies remaining cannot hold a candle to PandoraTriceBee’s Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve OR Talent!!! Lame.  Rooting for Jujubee.  Raven looks like a scary Ricky Martin now. 

  • Just found this “All Stars” version. They must be doing the “teams” version to save money or something. Why else? Pandora’s Box gone so fast that they have to make up for it by letting her do the recaps show? We’re watching it through cause we’ve cruised through EVERY OTHER EPISODE while I’m sick, but yeah… this is not wholly bad, but it ain’t all that great either.