PR All Stars: Turn the Beat Around

Posted on November 02, 2012


Put on your cha-cha heels, bitches, because we’re all heading out to the DISCO!


We sympathize, Uli. This was one poorly defined challenge. “Disco” isn’t a design brief; it’s just a descriptor – and it’s such a broad descriptor that you could take it to mean just about anything – and most of the designers did just that: defined “disco” entirely in their heads.


But first, an awkwardly staged word from Uncle Karl.

“I don’t know who I am speaking to right now, but you are probably all fat. Good luck, fat people. Work hard, because you’ll never get a job in this industry if I have anything to say about it.”




Like watching your grandparents dance to hip hop at a wedding. But hey, at least they had fun. The episode was relatively light on the drama. The only stuff going on in the workroom right now is the forming of bonds or the forming of grudges. And so it goes.



 So congrats, Uli! Your attempt to rebrand yourself away from the beachy aesthetic has paid off. But if we hear “It’s the new Uli!” one more time, we may scream. We think this dress is cute, but there’s just a bit too much going on. We also don’t think it has anything to do with the shoes she’s wearing. Still, it was a good dress and we have no issue with the win.



 This was a pretty idea that never quite reached its potential. The garment looks rushed and a little half-assed, but it was very close to being excellent.



We have no idea why the judges praised this as much as they did. It’s got a nice shape to it, but the shininess works against it and that spider web in the back is just plain ugly, we don’t care how much Schmeidi-2 loved it.



 It hurts our eyes. It hurts our feelings.



 It’s fine – although the blocking makes her boobs look positively tiny – but it has nothing whatsoever to do with “disco” as an aesthetic.



 Absolutely hideously horrible. It’s a disgrace he wasn’t sent home for this.



 This looks a little “1978 JC Penney catalogue,” but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s on point and it’s well-executed. We just don’t love it. We think we’d like it more in another color. But the real problem is that this looks like something you’d wear to work the next morning, rather than something you’d wear to Studio 54.



 Enh. Pajamas with a gold lame jacket. Looks a bit geriatric to us.



This was a bit overdesigned and it really had nothing to do with disco.



 Oh,  girl. You haven’t changed a bit, bless your heart. The pants are gigantic, but impressively executed. The top is generic.



What the fuck is the deal with these weird non-jackets he keeps making? The outfit underneath isn’t bad, but again, it has nothing to do with disco. It looks like another work outfit. And we are having the hardest time watching him sniffle and vamp his way through every judging session. At least most of the other designers understand that they have an opportunity to re-brand themselves, but here’s Andrae, acting exactly the same way he did 8 years ago: like a wifty, spacey, drama queen with a pretentious faux accent.



And it’s Schmauf Wiedersehen once again to Wendy Pepper. We think Suede should’ve gone home first, but there’s no denying that this is a tacky, overdesigned outfit that didn’t really fit the brief.

Then again, that describes the majority of the outfits this week. They’re just checking names off a list. “Okay, it’s Wendy’s turn to go home. Let’s see what she did and then figure out a way to justify eliminating her.”

Credit to Wendy: she seemed to be happy that she was leaving with her dignity intact this time, which was kind of sweet.




[Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke for Lifetime – Stills:]

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  • MoHub

    It is my firm belief Wendy was auf‘d because she failed to bring the nastiness the producers were hoping for when they invited her back. Andrae’s was far worse, but he still makes for good teevee, so he was saved.

    And Josh’s looks like the kind of things I wore to work in the early and mid-’70s, when they finally allowed us to wear pants at work; all it needed was to be made in a polyester double-knit.

    • BuffaloBarbara

      I agree with your assessment of Wendy’s auf, though I don’t agree about Andrae making good teevee.  Maybe the producers agree, though.  The producers and I don’t always agree one what makes good teevee.

      Personally, I thought the “Wendy Pepper makes a friend” storyline was kind of sweet, as such things go.

      • Glammie

        Not watching right now, but if disco style’s about anything, it’s about being able to actually *dance*.  You can’t move in Andrae’s, you could dance in Wendy’s.  Andrae’s fails on the basics of the brief.

        But maybe they’re just dumping the frumpier middle-aged women. 

    •  I agree with your theory.
      Suede was retained because apparently they think it’s good to refer to yourself in the third person. I find it damned annoying and wish him into the cornfield asap!
      And Andre, oh gosh, I like him and his big head and tears and all, but damn, he really does suck as a designer. I was sure he was going home this time.

      • MoHub

        I also got the impression Suede is being encouraged by production to maintain the third-person speech pattern. I’m hearing him speak in normal first person a lot in his confessionals and then suddenly switch gears into the old SuedeSpeak (TM), which I think is producer prompting.

        • Elizabetta1022

          Though when he said “Blue Suede” at the end of the show, I have to admit I laughed out loud. So bizarre to refer to yourself in the third person, and then trademark it!

          • “Blue Suede” made me laugh, and that’s the first time Suede referring to himself in the third person didn’t make me crazy. I have noticed, however, that he’s not doing it as much this time, so @MoHub:disqus is most likely right that he’s being prompted by the producers.

            I kind of loved that Suede and Wendy became friends. They’re an odd couple that also seems to make sense.

      •  Suede’s entire faux-tough guy, speaking in the third party affectation is useless and I would think ultimately damaging to his professional reputation. For whatever that’s worth.

        • MoHub

          It could be much worse. They could have invited Blaine back and subjected us to an endless barrage of “licious” tacked onto the end of every other noun.

          • As Leanne said, Licious-licious!

          • Pinup Ghoul

             I think Blaine and Stella would be perfect for All-Stars, actually. They’d bring some much-needed levity to the proceedings.
            I like to imagine that they still hang out, and Stella has taken Blaine under her wing and he helps her construct amazing leatherwear, and helps RatBones fix up his bike.

          • Glammie

            Not around Thursday evenings right now and not interested enough to bother Tivo-ing it, but I might show up if Stella were back.  She was unique and she really could handle leather.

            Blaine, not so much . . . 

          • It’s not just the ‘licious’-ness of Blaine that makes me cringe. I still think one of the best moments that season was when they had the drag challenge and Tim said, “It looks like something out of a gay Jurassic Park.” 

          • Girl_With_a_Pearl

            You know, I remember Blaine and his annoying “licious” shtick, but I can’t remember what the heck he  looked like.  I think that’s a good thing.

          • Derek_anny

             You’re up on me.  All I remember is the ‘licious’ shtick.  Wait, wasn’t he the one with a tan addiction? 

          • FloridaLlamaLover

            Blaine looked like an anorexic version of Kato Kaelin with a side order of LSD.

          •  Man, that’s a reference I haven’t heard for a long time…

          • VivianAdvanced

            Was he the one who looked like he could have been Tanning Mom’s bastard child? I seem to recall he was kind of amusing but designed some rather horrible things.

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            I think you’re remembering Blaine correctly-he was overly tanned.

        • annieanne

          That’s the part I’ll never understand. And goes for Andrae as well. These people are theoretically on this program to showcase themselves as designers. Who on earth would ever want to hire/work with someone as affected as Suede or as much a drama queen as Andrae or — time will tell — as bitchy and obnoxious as we all know Ivy and Joshua can be?
          Seems to me, with millions of people watching — many of them the same people you might want to work for or design for one day — you’d want to come across as professional, courteous and intelligent.

      • Gayer Than Thou thinks Suede is super annoying and maybe a little crazy.  Gayer Than Thou didn’t buy the whole Suede-Wendy Salt n Pepa friendship.  However, Gayer Than Thou thought Suede’s outfit was crappier than Wendy’s.

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          Bitchybitchybitchy agrees with Gayer than Thou about Suede’s crappy outfit. 

    • VanessaDK

      Yes! Wendy was the hook for the coming attractions, but they don’t need her anymore and the longer they keep her, the less interesting she gets.

      • Derek_anny

         Which was silly.  She wouldn’t have been bitchy until the end when the others have had time to get on her nerves and make her tired.

        • H3ff

          Hmm… Wasn’t it in the second episode of the first season where she had that bizarre argument with Vanessa in the laundry room? 
          The Pepper showed signs of crazy very early on back then.

  • KateWo

     I think there was some cracktastic judging going on.  No issues with the win but how was Kayne in the bottom over Suede?  I think he should have gone home.  I didn’t expect Wendy to go far but she is more interesting to have on the show at least. 

    • annieanne

      i thought Kayne’s was the closest to real disco-dancing disco of anything on the runway. I had a couple outfits like it back in the day. I thought he was one of the top three when he was left on the stage.

      • piperkitty

        I thought the same thing. It was only one that had the late 70’s vibe to it.

        • And the pants Kayne made were fabulous. They should have at least kept him safe. I was, in the vernacular of PR guest judges everywhere, confused by him ending up in the bottom three.

          • Allison Woods

             I was totally sure he was going to win it. The only thing I would have done different is style it a little more modern, maybe with something red to offset the copper.

      • FloridaLlamaLover

        For sure — There was nothing that looked remotely like Uli’s dress back in the day. I thought American Indian princess dress, not disco.  This is what bugs me about the show, over and over where challenges are using an era as the inspiration They’ll say “Design a disco outfit” which to me means “make a disco outfit that harkens back and looks like something authentic from the disco era.”   Then the judges pick something that looks nothing like I saw on the racks of Macy’s back in the day, other than the fact that it had some shiny qualities to it.  I did have a smoking hot red dress, with slits WAAAAY up on each side, sort of a kimono shape, hit just at the knee.  There was enough room to climb onto the top of the speakers at the Limelight in Atlanta, so it was indeed dance friendly! Casanova’s shape from the front reminded me of that dress, except mine went up onto the shoulders, and not so full in the sleeves.

        • formerlyAnon

          Kimono shape tops were big for a couple of seasons. Had one with a hot pink obi-inspired sash worn over palazzo pants.  I also remember that when white was deployed, it might have been trimmed with shiny stuff, but usually it tended to be used in plain swathes, whether narrow body-skimming/hugging gowns or pantsuits. Bianca Jagger was photographed in white a lot, if I recall correctly.

          • FloridaLlamaLover

            Oh yes … I even had a white with Navy blue (I think floral) kimono, the lace up high heel shoes — not a forgiving shoe when you’ve had a few, and Casanova’s right — a true night out and the morning after you’re like “wtf is this on my dress/shirt/pants…”  We girls hung out at the Illusions nightclub more than anywhere, because two or three girls could dance together and not get hit on by creepy dudes. Actually got to see THE Lady Bunny back in the day, too. Good times.  

            You are correct — lots of pix of La Femme Jagger in white on white — again I was struck by how retro her clothes clothes sensibilities were.

  • Kathy_Marlow

    Andrae’s habit of collapsing when any of the judges speak to him is getting on my last nerve.  STAND UP FOR YOURSELF, no one else will defend you there!

    •  Amen!  In a cutthroat industry like this one, if you cannot consistently defend your work, you will be run over, and then discarded, fast.  Of course, part of the reason he collapses, I think, is that on some level he knows this stuff is indefensible.

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        I recall that the guest judge, Rafe, made this point about Andrae.  He might have been Season Two’s little lamb, but honey, that weeping on the runway has gotten old way fast this time around.

        • Was that the first time a guest judge convincingly indicated that they watch the show?

          • H3ff

            I noticed that, too. Interesting that they are able to use those reference points.

      • And, one suspects, part of the reason he’s on Project Runway: Fame Whores rather than out being busy with his new line is because he collapses during critiques.

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          I was thinking about Andrae, and for me part of the reason I remember him fondly from his season was the whole Tim Gunn-Andrae fantasy spun out by Santino, which the other designers seemed to enjoy. Now it’s Andrae without Santino and Tim, and his overly complicated, less than competently executed designs, and that isn’t a winning combo.

    • How about stand-up – literally! I got so tired of watching him duck, as though the judges were hurling something other than the comments about the outfit.

  • Monabel

    Dear boys, what can you possibly mean by your comments on Ivy’s sad green mess? The top is just barely (“geriatric”) acceptable, but below the waist is laughably awful. Transparent ruffle framing the crotch?

    • 3boysful

      Seriously.  Sorry to have to disagree with the uncles, but the bodice and shoulders were so schoolmarm, that even with the sheer skirt, it wasn’t at all sexy or danceable.  I got zero whiff of 70s disco outta this. Icccccckkkkkkk.

      But you’re correct that Suede’s may have been the worst.

      • I guessed the top and bottom three correctly, but got them completely reversed (so what do I know?) — but I was sure Poison Ivy was going home for that outfit.  Who would ever wear such a thing?  And to what event?

        • Exactly.  I pronounced “Schmatta” when I saw it.

          • When Ivy’s walked out, I was sure she was going home. I was shocked when they said they liked it. I thought that Andre’s was worse then Wendy’s. At least Wendy’s looked like (bad) dance clothes. In the still shots, Suede’s is bad. On the runway, at least is moved. 

          • UptownNippy

            I thought for sure Ivy’s dress would send her home. I thought it was hideous, including the color.    
            Wendy’s outfit was what I remember seeing at the discos but I was in Los Angeles and too young and unknown to get into the grown up discos such as the Daisy.  

    • bluefish

      No kidding on the hideous Ivy contraption — ugh, seriously seriously unattractive — and in no way related to anything 70s.  The only two who came even close to the vibe were Kayne with his fab chevron trousers and Josh with his blue work pantsuit.  For the rest, dreadful stuff paired with some pretty unattractive shoes from 9 West.  And crazy ass judging.

    • Me too, me too! WTF Ivy. I hate that crotch ruffle today. I didn’t notice how it framed the crotch last night, I was too blinded by the 1940’s Girl Scoutiness of it all. The embellishments didn’t take it far enough away from there, unfortunately. Shoot, that dress is staid for NOW, even. I know there’s hot pants under there, but the silhouette is so WWII that I can’t not see my nana in that dress.

    • flamingjune

      Crotch ruffle!!!  Thank you.  I can’t believe I had to read this far down in the comments for someone to mention it.

      • YoungSally

        Crotch Ruffle sounds like a kind of fungus.

        • They make a cream for it, but it takes forever to work.  Uh… at least that’s what my friend said.

        • 3boysful

           Rock band.

          • Everlasting Concubine

            I think she caught it from Wendy. It seems to be going around. Who will contract it next? It’s like fashion herpes.

    • crash1212

       Should’ve read this before posting my own comment! Couldn’t agree more! I expected TLo to rip the judges praise on Ivy’s monstrously ugly rag…couldn’t have been more surprised at the agreement.

    • Introspective

      Word. Ivy’s looked cray. Not good. Not a top 3 garmemt in absolute terms or even relative to the stuff on last nights runway…

    • Billie_Dawn

      I really think that Ivy’s got so much praise because the sheer-skirt-over-tiny-pants is so popular right now in today’s fashion. That doesn’t make it any less ugly, of course, but I definitely think this is a case where everyone was saying to themselves, “On trend!”

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        Every f***ing fashion person who loves this “trend” should be forced to wear tiny pants with a sheer skirt 24/7 every day.  This is such a silly trend-outside of a party or special event, who the hell wants to dress like this?

      • annieanne

        I put that in the past tense. That trend is about over.

      • FloridaLlamaLover

        haven’t we been seeing this sheer shit over hot pants for a while now?  oh wait — all it needs to make it perfect is a giant freaking zipper up the back

    • CarolinLA

      I thought this was hideous.  I had no idea what was trying to be.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      I was so puzzled that Ivy’s original idea of a jumpsuit translated into hot pants under a distinctly unflattering, poorly hemmed skirt.

      • If this its like to be praised for something that’s “on trend” then I have more distaste for the concept than I’ve had before. That was one pile of mossy emerald kelly Ivy.  Horrible.

      • Terrie_S

         When she made the comment, it was like “Well, disco people wore X, so I’m going to make something not X.”

    • carolclark12

      I fancy myself a judge and “score the designs as they come down the runway!”  I put their names along an imaginary straight line, with the best going toward the right side, and the worst toward the left.  I had Ivy’s all along, as far to the left as I could get it as the worst of the worst. 

      I don’t like Ivy, but I do expect better from her.  The design was horrid school marm-ish, the execution was as poorly done
      s she thought everyone in her season did, and it wasn’t “disco.” 

    •  Here’s what we meant:

      This was a pretty idea that never quite reached its potential. The
      garment looks rushed and a little half-assed, but it was very close to
      being excellent.

      • annieanne

        Respectfully disagree. There’s nothing ‘disco’ about it. Nobody was wearing sheer skirts over hot pants back in the day. The length and colour are dowdy, and the gathering in the skirt gives her a tummy. The yoke looks amateur crafty.

      • FloridaLlamaLover

        Color: Hideous
        Embellishments: My daughter did as well in the fifth grade
        Pegnoir over Hot Pants:  Bianca Jagger wore beautiful YSL and Halston designs, lovely pantsuits, very 1940’s inspired clothes, She would have dropped a ciggy on Ivy’s rag and burned it post-haste.
        I respect you guys and know you live in the world of fashion and design, but I will agree to disagree with you this time.

    • Terrie_S

       I looked at it and went “Bored now.” It did nothing for me.

      • Jarethee

         Doppleganger Vampire Willow for the win!

    • annieanne

      Amen. That embellished gold yoke looked like a middle school craft project made with gold painted cardboard. The length was dowdy and the colour pretty bad.

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        Thank you. I was getting craft project vibe from that gold yoke, too.  If Ivy had gone whole hog and blinged the hell out of the yoke, at least it would have given it more of what I consider a disco vibe.

    • Thank you! There were a lot steaming piles on that runway but Ivy’s green dust ruffle was Disgusting! It looked like moldy, cheap lingerie from the 20’s found to walk home in during a 70’s walk of shame, maybe that’s why they thought it worked?

    • piperkitty

      I was confused by Ivy’s
      dress? hot pants? sheer skirt? What was that thing?

      • Everlasting Concubine

        I don’t know either. I feel the urge to poke it with a stick.

    • Oh, man. That was one ugly-ass dress. The top is very 70s, but that kind of top looked dowdy then, and even more so now. Let us never speak again of the bottom. Yikes!

  • SRQkitten

    Am happy for Uli with the win. Couldn’t get the love for Ivys dress as it didn’t seem to fit the “disco” bit at all. Liked the colors but the granny pants, aren’t they over with yet? I am kinda surprised Wendy went home as it seems like the producers were intent on pulling out the drama with her for a few more shows. So can I hope Ms. Clinique goes next? Or Suede?


    • MoHub

      I think Wendy’s lack of drah-mah this time around is what really got her eliminated. And I was sure Ivy’s was bottom 3 when she was initially left on the runway.

    •  Now, if she had ditched the skirt and made real hot pants, THAT would have been totally disco.

  • Susan Collier

    They really raked Kaynebow over the coals for his number, when Suede, Althea, Emilio and Laura made much worse outfits.
    There was a lot of bad that Casanova really floated to the top.
    Did not get the love for Ivy’s. It looked like a RenFaire prom gown to me.
    I thought Anthony Ryan’s was hideous. That beige blocking looked like a lame highway graphic that doubled with the most figure-unflattering visual effect I’ve ever seen.
    Althea’s lent more to an extra’s costume from Pat Benetar’s Love is a Battlefield music video than the disco era.
    And the fit on Josh’s top was really bad.
    So, congrats Uli! There really was no other choice.

    • littlemac8

      Ditto to Anthony Ryan’s dress which is guaranteed to make any woman look bottom heavy!

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        Anthony Ryan’s effort looked more like a sad cocktail dress to me.

    • altalinda

      THANK YOU, I thought Anthony Ryan’s was hiddy, and he should have gotten the heave-ho.

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        Possibly Anthony Ryan’s win in the first challenge will keep him in the game for a few more weeks?

  • Uli’s dress had NOTHING to do with disco and she got the win?! I’m sorry – Kayne’s look was totally JLo and totally 70s – how he was in the bottom – I have no idea?!

    • imspinningaround

      I thought the same thing about Kayne’s ensemble–Jennifer Lopez-by-way-of-Danceteria.  Those pants are beautifully made.  

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        Kayne’s read much more disco to me than the judges’ top three, with the exception of Uli’s.

    • ampg

      I really think it’s the “checking names off a list” phenomenon that TLo talked about. “OK, Kayne is always going to make over-the-top costumey stuff, so he’ll be in the bottom until we get tired of him.  Wait, we gave them a 70’s disco nightclub challenge that totally plays to his strengths?  Crap.  Well, let’s say it’s ‘too J-Lo.’  That’s a believable critique, right?  They’ll buy it.”

      • formerlyAnon

        Yeah. I think Kayne is pigeon holed in such a way that even his better attempts are viewed through a jaundiced lens. I think it happened in his season, as well – and in his season I didn’t yet suspect that the winner (or at least the top two contenders) was foreordained from the beginning, as I do now.

        Not to say that he should have been a contender for the win in his season – he adheres too closely to his home aesthetic. But in this season, so far he’s plausible for at least final 4. If he weren’t pigeon holed as Not That Guy.

  • Scimommy

    I’m not watching the show, but I can’t believe Wendy went home for that. That looked a solid middle of the pack entry. Several others were waaay worse. Just the fact that Suede is on the show called “All Stars” (or was on PR at all!) is egregious.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      Suede, bitchybitchybitchy is not amused that your ugly gold tinsel schmatta was considered safe.

  • siriuslover

    I just couldn’t get on board with most of these looks. Andrae, you’re not living up to my hopes for you! I thought that perhaps being from Season 2 you would have brought more design to the workroom, but it’s like you’re hiding your abilities and then melodramatizing your judging sessions (yes, I know that’s not necessarily a word, but I needed verb parallelism).

    I didn’t think Kayne’s deserved the beating it did compared to others that saw the word disco and read “cocktail dress.”

    I did not like Ivy’s. Too tight in the crotch and the boy short / sheer overlay did nothing for me.

    • 3boysful

       I thought Kayne did a surprisingly good job.  It wasn’t a pageant gown.  It wasn’t over-fripperied.  It didn’t look slutty.   And it went pretty well with the orange shoes.

      • MoHub

        I liked Kayne’s and felt it was one of the better responses to the brief. It had no business being in the bottom three.

      • SRQkitten

        I actually thought that Kaynes looked the closest to something one might have seen at studio 54 back in the day. Far more than ivy’s weirdness. And Casanova’s also seemed more disco-Iike to me, shiny fabric was common in ye olden disco times.


        • CozyCat

          I agree.  Uli probably had the best design, but it had nothing to do with disco or the 70s.  But if Kayne and Casanova had been with her in the top 3, it would have been two that were pretty good and met the brief and one that was very good and didn’t really meet the brief.  Uli’s win would have been more acceptable given that choice.

          Then again, maybe Uli is the designated winner this time and since IT’S ABOUT TIME I guess I can live with that (as long as it doesn’t go to her head like it did with Mondo….)

          • MoHub

            My impression is that Uli is either the designated winner or is destined for a surprise crash-and-burn earlier than viewers might expect. If the latter is the case, I’d say the win is in for either Emilio or Laura Kathleen.

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            My thinking -for what it’s worth-is that Uli, Emilio, Althea or Laura Kathleen are the most likely contenders for the win on PR Allstars 2.

      • Introspective

        Agreed with the fact that Kayne could have gotten more praise than he did. Especially given the dreck on the runway in general. And isaac’s comment that “just because he worked hard doesn’t mean it’s good” was harsh. And actually could have applied to many an “all star” thus far.

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          Bitchybitchybitchy(aka b3) felt that Ms. Mizrahi was being more than a tad bitchy about b3’s favorite Kaynebow.  Just sayin’.

    •  Kayne’s looked the most “70s Disco” to me, so yeah, I thought he’d get more love.   Although, the long trouser kind of hid the shoe, which was ultimately supposed to be the star.   (Ivy’s “playing to the prize” was not entirely a stupid idea)   Also, my daughter pointed out that last night, every single “5 minutes/time/let’s go” announcement came from Kayne.   Was he the only one willing to parrot the producers’ prompts, or was he, as my daughter guessed “The Official Clock Monitor?”

      • Last week the Clock Monitor was Peach.

      • siriuslover

        I think they do assign someone to be the clock monitor for these episodes. I think last week it was Peach? I can’t remember.

        And Joanna came in at 2:20 PM. I forgot to check the time when she left. Did anyone notice the clock or did they not show it?

    • Girl_With_a_Pearl

      Maybe Adrae is used to having more time to work on his ideas on Project Runway.  I have no idea what he was going for, but maybe if they all had two or an unheard of three days, everyone’s looks would have turned our a lot more interesting. 

      • siriuslover

        That’s actually a really fantastic point. Designers used to have more than 10 hours to work on a project in earlier seasons.

  • BuffaloBarbara

    I agree with you guys about Ivy’s.  I saw a lot of dislike for it last night, but I thought the garment it wanted to be was  pretty good, and I’m a sucker for the green and gold theme.

    I liked the spider web back of Casanova’s actually, though it would prevent a bra, making it uncomfortable to dance, but I appreciated his general thought of where the dress was going, and the worry about bits of the body suddenly falling out of some dresses.  (Anthony Ryan’s comes to mind on this.)  I didn’t like the front, though.  It was a pillow case.

    I suppose those big old pants (I used to call them “elephant pants”) are very ’70s, but I’m with Joanna that this was the decade that taste forgot… so why does the show keep forcing them back there?  Pick a different decade, show.  Send them to the fifties to update the “New Look.”  Send them to the 1890s to update the Gibson Girl.  Send them to the 1770s for Revolution chic.  But for God’s sake, stay out of the 1970s.  They were bad enough the first time around.

    • l_c_ann

      “Send them to the fifties to update the “New Look.”
      Send them to the 1890s to update the Gibson Girl.
       Send them to the 1770s for Revolution chic.

      But for God’s sake, stay out of the 1970s.

      They were bad enough the first time around.”

      Home run for Barbara!

      • FloridaLlamaLover

        Not to mention unsafe, what with all the booze, and the smoking, and the flammable polyester…

    •  Casanova also demonstrated in the workroom that he at least “got” disco….”My girl…she needs to send her dress out to be cleaned…because she doesn’t even know what’s on it.”

      • Agreed! Everything Casanova was saying this episode was right on target. And his deadpan humor, about the handful of pink stringers being a wig, was great. Love him!

    • Call me Bee

      Amen, sister.  I tried to stay away from disco-wear and dressed more like Emily Hartley from the Bob Newhart show.  The huge pants and skimpy tops of the nightclubs–ugh. 

  • Introspective

    Suede and the shittery he sews and his 3rd person dialogue need to be sent packing stat. Wendy needed an auf for that mess she made last night cause it was over designed and way too literal. And the print was fug. But my money’s on Suede as next up on the chopping block.

    • 3boysful

       Other than the annoying royal we’s he’s throwing around, doesn’t his personality seem different this time?  More subdued, perhaps?

      • Susan Collier

        Yes, he’s spending less time yapping in front of the camera, which is a great thing.
        I abhor when the designers play to the camera. Just design clothes; I’ll call on Steven Colbert if I need funny confessionals. Kthxbai.

      • StellaZafella

        Or stoned.

  • I don’t understand Uli’s win, at all.  I hate that dress.  And I know TLO didn’t like Joshua’s effort all that much, but I can remember–vaguely–watching girls wearing something very similar disco dancing on American Bandstand.

  • Frank_821

    Yeah I really didn’t think Wendy should have been offed. She actually had a good idea to start with-the tuxedo pant concept. It would have been nice if she had made tuxedo pants. She never was a great designer but at least she can make pants in 1 day…lol

    Blenley’s pantsuit look like a bland version of something Anya would make-only with sleeves

    Glad for Uli. She deserves any break, attention or win she can get. Nice the others know how good she is

  • tignor

    Josh’s was my favorite. There, I said it. Can’t believe I said it, but I did.
    Because everything else was meh.

  • belfebe

    I totally disagree with the Ivy dress.  It looks poorly made, like a home craft project gone wrong.  And where’s the 70’s influence?  I was surprised that it made the top three.  It should have been at the bottom.  And yes, Andrae should have gone home first.

  • royinhell

    Did you catch Schmeidi saying to the 6, “You have high and low scores”  NOT “the highest and the lowest”?  I’d say she misspoke, but as everything else she says is overdubbed… I call shenanigans. 

  • At least this time, Josh knew what a 70s look *was*.  And didn’t you just looooovvveee Cassanova’s “I don’t mind helping Ivy” monologue?  More like you wanna still have a job when this is over!

  • Ann VerWiebe

    Looking at the pics, Casanova’s dress actually says disco to me (which really was a horrible time in fashion history). And Suede? Well, he thinks this is preppy:

  • sdtripper

    Very perceptive TLo.  At first when you said the challenge was ill-defined, my sputtering response was, “Whaddya mean it’s ill-defined?  I know exactly what it means!”  Then I realized that one word conjures up very different things to different people.  And that is why this week’s winner was behind the Iron Curtain when disco was happening.  And also why nobody’s look came remotely close to what I think of as disco.

    Based on execution alone, Andrae should have gone home.  I get that most of these people were too young to have much of a clue about disco.  (Except of course for the schmaufee – way to go PRAS getting rid of the two oldest contestants in the first 2 weeks.)  Back to Andrae – it looked like a bunch of mismatched draped cloth put together with a few stitches.  His styling was distinctive but not really fun – and again, to my mind not remotely disco.  Also the guest judge who has done his homework and knows that Andrae is incapable of defending his work – why didn’t they listen to him?  I remember the gutter water dress and also the Garden Party Dress which I thought was unfairly criticized in his season.  At one time he made beautiful clothes.  Now I think he has lost some of his talent as well as any ability he once had to articulate his thoughts.

    Also Suede seemed a little less stoned this week, no?  The one and only thing I regret about Wendy’s departure is that it would have been fun to watch their relationship evolve. 

    • VanessaDK

      Andrae is definitely getting an “underdog” edit, and looks like he is struggling.  Not sure if that means a surprise further down the line, or he is just running out the clock till it is his turn.

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        Andrae’s model and his design put me in mind of what an Amish girl might wear if she wanted to run wild.

  • afabulous50

    No way should Wendy go for her look – there were far worse offenses on that runway last night than Wendy’s.  Just ask Joanna!

  • tessasouthworth

    “Most of the designers did just that: defined “disco” entirely in their heads.” ITA! As I posted in the TLOunge, back in the late 70s-early 80s my BF owned one of Boston’s top discos, so I was out dancing almost every night dressed to the max. Although I loathed it, I could totally imagine Casanova’s effort being worn back then, although with a longer hemline. I had a Halston dress very similar to Ivy’s but without hot pants, which were totally out of fashion by the time disco came around. As for Josh, I had a similar Calvin Klein ensemble (with sleeves) in red that I wore with a fedora, but only during the week, when dressing down was acceptable  At any rate, if memory serves, this is the first time PR/PRAS has aufed the person who had the fugliest design as opposed to the most boring one. I adore Andrae as a personage (and who can forget his 2007 “Puddle” gown?), but I really thought he would be the one to go and that  we would be stuck with Wendy till the bitter end if only for her dramatic “potential.”

  • Actually I thought the ‘script’ would have kept Wendy ‘in’ for a few more weeks (lets face it, she was brought in to be this seasons ‘villan’ (maybe its Ivy now?) but there usually seems to be some type of casting…. I still can’t believe Andrae wasn’t sent packing for making the SAME ugly outfit twice, complete with sniveling and bad coat….

    how about a ‘who is next to go’ contest?

    and Scheidi-2 makes me cringe the moment the camera turns on her, its like she knows she will never get work again and has to turn…(even her dscriptions of the judges make me queasy).


  • one complaint- if this was a ‘shoe challenge’ why, when they showed the outfits’ could be NOT see the SHOES?

    • Susan Collier

      Even the runway show footage barely went below knee level. #shoes

    • CozyCat

      Well, we could barely see the outfits either, with all the cross cutting and lighting shennanigans.

  • DinaSews

    What the heck is going on with the filming of the runway?  Are they trying to turn it into a music video?  You barely get a glimpse of the outfit yet they pause for 5 seconds on the model’s face.  The show is kind of boring.  They should have held on to it until January. 

    • l_c_ann

      Maybe because they’ve changed makeup supplies and said makeup maker is paying bucks to send the winner to fashion weeks around the world (we are going to get really tired of hearing that),  they may have demanded from Weinstein more air time for the makeup.

  • Stubenville

    The briefs are intentionally vague, so that the judges producers can send anyone home for any reason.

  • minnye

    I groaned when “Disco” was announced because it’s such a trite 70’s reference. I suppose it’s an easy one for the shoe-buying public to recognize. Kayne’s outfit to me looked most 70’s and I could see it in an ad. I actually loved those pants. Emilio’s moved beautifully, and the colors are fantastic on that model. If he had shortened it to knee length so it could swirl around her legs a la Saturday Night Fever (and hello, we could see the shoes), maybe it could have been a contender? Ivy’s dress… I don’t understand the praise. Looks hideous to me. Don’t get it at all.

    I LOVED Casanova’s bit about his client having to take the dress to the cleaner the next day. He is priceless.

    • Call me Bee

      Good point about Emilio’s dress.  Very rarely were long dresses worn to the discos.  Mostly knee length as in Sat Night Fever so one could see the foowork.  We wore long dresses to weddings and fancy restaurants. 

  • S_Swift

    Laura made pj’s for Blanche Devereaux.

    • flamingjune

      For her time in jail…

    • l_c_ann

      And Josh made pj’s for her younger alter ego.

  • Stubenville

    And I have to disagree on Ivy’s look; not only was the color matronly, but who wants a top which makes it look like your boobs are hanging down to your waist?

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      Ivy’s dress looks even worse in the stills than it did on the runway-cheesy embellishments on the top, droopy bodice and that sad, sad hem.

  • Anathema_Device

    This show is working my last nerve with all the product placement and product name dropping. Way more infomercial than design show. Wendy’s look was laughably bad. This is not what I think of when I imagine a ’70s take on a tux. Actually, none of this fit the bill. Uli’s dress was cool, but not disco. I cracked up when I noticed that Georgina’s dress was similar to Uli’s.

    • YES.  Product placement in PR is SO ANNOYING.  Never buying anything PR plugs.  Ever.

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        With all of the product placement on this show it’s amazing that we get even a glimpse of the designs on the runway-which I expect they’ll sell the naming rights to at some point.

  • All I can say is congrats Uli, and I forgot how cute and fun you were. I agree, “it’s the new Uli” is grating, but I spit my drink straight across the room when she said “It looks like a Golden Refrigerator” about Suede’s mess, so, hell yeah Uli! Hilarious.
    And Blue Suede? Don’t worry. You can go home and hang out with the Wendy soon, because that if the Golden Fridge is any indication, you’re not long for this game, either.

  • BobStPaul

    After seeing the still photographs, I would still place Kayne in the top three.  There were so many contenders for the bottom, including Andrae, Anthony Ryan, Emilio, Suede – among others, that it’s difficult to determine the three worst.  I would have probably placed both Ivy and Wendy in the middle – though I truly hated Ivy’s.   I agree with others that after the judging comments I wasn’t entirely sure who was in the top and the bottom unless they were following the traditional pattern of favorite, least favorite, etc. 

  • bertkeeter

    T n L …have to disagree with you on Cassanova. Had a Disco vibe and was definetly made to party!  Whats all the praise on IVY’S green dress….looked like a Mother of the Bride dress w Hot Pants?

    • Susan Collier

      Word. And I just flashed back to that judge having multiple aglet orgasms over your own ’70s dress. That’s probably what Casanova needed.

      • libraangel

        Yuck – Casanova. He creeps me out.

      • boomchicabowwow

        My husband bought me that dress for Christmas last year!  I had an aglet orgasm of my own!!

    • TigerLaverada

      Agree! Whether it’s one’s style or not (and it’s sure not mine!), Casanova’s dress was far and away the most evocative of the disco era of all the stuff on the runway, in an updated way. 

    • libraangel

      Sorry, Bert, I love you as a designer, and I know you were around in the 70’s, so tell me how are you going to dance in Casanova’s tight skirt?

      • bertkeeter

        I don’t do drag but there were plenty of short very tight skirts in Studio 54 opening night in 1977! N they were on the DANCE FLOOR!

        • UptownNippy

          Short tight skirts and hot pants were abound in the 70’s. I would have danced the night away in Casanova’s dress.   I would have hidden in the bathroom if I had to wear some of those outfits these designers made.

          • bertkeeter

            I’m with you… N there was plenty going on in there too!

          • UptownNippy

            Oh Bert it must have been so exciting to have been in NYC in those days and in Studio 54 no less.

            Sort of a decadent decade, huh.       

          • bertkeeter

            It was so much more creative and fresh! A lot less BS… You either had something or you didn’t …. No REALITY CELEBS… Just talent n energy!

          • UptownNippy

            Bert, you should write your memoir.  So many people would love to live the nightlife and fashion life through your eyes, your own story.

      • formerlyAnon

        If you can dance in the shoes, you can dance in that skirt! (More practically, hike it up or let it ride up till it’s not impeding the legs, if it doesn’t have enough slack/give.)

  • KayleighP

    What’s frustrating to me about this show now is that the only time I can actually see the garments is on this website! The camera jumps around like a maniac on the show. The music/lights/camera jumping is practically seizure inducing.

  • I’m surprised that, during this one-hour Nine West commercial, no one was in the bottom for covering up the shoes, Emilio.

    Didn’t they say that this season’s Nine West theme was PATTERNED BRIGHTS?  We see brightly patterned shoes all over the store.  But then the shoes offered to the designers were solid, drab, and ugly.  Ugh.

  • crash1212

    Not sure what I’m missing, but I thought Ivy should’ve gotten the Schmauf this week. I thought it was a hideous color, poorly executed, ill fitting and just plain ugly. I was stumped over the praise heaped upon it by the judges and expected to have my reaction backed up by T & Lo…imagine my surprise whey they thought it was praise-worthy, too. Just don’t see it. 

    • 3boysful

       Clearly you and I are quaffing different coffee than TLo!

    • TigerLaverada

      I thought it was fugly, too. And, as one who survived the 70s, I feel a bit qualified to say that dress had no relation whatsoever to the decade. A few sparkles does not disco make.

      Was surprised nobody attempted a version of a wrap dress, the iconic design of the 70s. They were very popular in discos, too, particularly with a halter style top. Check out Saturday Night Fever, for example.

    • Kate4queen

      Agree. I survived the 70’s too as a kid and Ivy’s dress looked like nothing I’d ever seen then. In fact Casanova’s, Kanye’s and Uli’s felt far more authentic. 

  • DonnaL

    I agree that Wendy did a terrible job, but am I the only one who was taken aback by Schmeidi’s comment during the judges’ discussion  that  Wendy’s outfit made her think that she was in Spanish Harlem?  I thought it was flagrantly racist.  Not to mention that I doubt that Schmeidi’s ever been to Spanish Harlem. Everyone I’ve ever seen there dresses way better than that.

    • minnye

      I forgot about that comment – I was not comfortable with it either! I liked Carolyn Murphy as a model but am getting to the point of not being able to stand her as a host. If they are going to bring back late 90’s models for this gig, wish they would get someone with some personality and flair. Milla Jovovich maybe.

      • khh1138

        Ooh, Milla Jovovich, I would watch her in anything.  And I have! 
        But, yeah, I remember her being a great guest judge on PR.  She’s probably just too busy making movies about zombies and Joan of Arc and vampire viruses and being awesome. 

    • YoungSally

      No one who lives there calls it Spanish Harlem….the Barrio, yes…but more likely East Harlem…and old-timers in the neighborhood are everything but Spanish — Puerto Rican, Cuban, occasionally Dominican, Mexican etc etc etc…but not Spanish.

      • DonnaL

         Yes; I was just using Spanish Harlem because that’s what Schmeidi used.  I think it was often referred to in the media as Spanish Harlem back in the 1950’s and 1960’s, but it’s rather dated terminology.   My mother was an elementary school teacher for many years in the 1960’s and 1970’s at PS 72 at 104th and Lex, when I was a child, and I used to go there with her all the time when I didn’t have school but hers was open, and sit in the classroom and read.  She never called it Spanish Harlem — it was East Harlem.  Back then, almost everyone living in the neighborhood was Puerto Rican, except for a few blocks of Italian people still living there.

        • YoungSally

          Wasn’t criticizing you…agree that Schmeidi had it totally wrong. Spanish Harlem sounds like a reference from an MGM-era flick….or Blackboard Jungle.

          • DonnaL

             Exactly!  “Rose of Spanish Harlem,”  that kind of thing.  Very Blackboard Jungle. 

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            Or the Drifters’ song “A Rose in Spanish Harlem”-but I date myself with that reference.

          • Call me Bee

            Love that song!  But–agreed.  I’m sure NotHeidi has never been within miles of SPanish Harlem. 

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            That’s a great song-just remembering the opening line sends me to a dreamy place.
            And yes, I agree Not-Heidi has probably never been near that part of NYC.

      • I thought it was offensive enough when (another) “Teutonic Goddess” (forgive me if she isn’t, don’t care enough to google her ancestry) but anyway, I found it ignorant/offensive enough her saying it, but the editors LEAVING IT IN THE SHOW was egregious (to me, anyway)

    • alula_auburn

      Yeah, that was bad.

      I was also kind of squicked by whatever comment Mizrahi made about Uli’s outfit having a “native” vibe or something.  (I for real can’t remember the quote, but I flinched, just having had many conversations about why “Poca-hottie” Halloween costumes are Not Cool.)

      • He said she was bringing some Cherokee realness, or something to that effect. I believe he meant that in a Cher way, though, as in “yes it does reference the 70’s, in a Cher Half-Breed way.” So, if there’s anyone to blame for the political incorrectness there, it’s probaby Cher herself.

        • alula_auburn

          Thanks for remembering the quote better than me!  I would never have thought he meant it in a Cher way, hmm.  It probably wouldn’t have leapt out at me quite as much if it hadn’t aired the day after Halloween.

          • Well, I don’t blame you. Those judges, and the regular PR ones too, as a matter of fact, tend to sit up there and toss about some seriously off-color comments in the interests of being pithy and you’re expected to just pretend they’re colorful and not be offended. Although I will say, Schmeidi is WAY worse than Isaac. He’s more familiar with being a celebrity on-screen, I think, and she is truly stiff and awkward, IMO, and this week she added some jerky attempts at personality, to boot.


      Clearly, she was referring to the song “Spanish Harlem” by Jerry Leiber and Phil Spector, first recorded by Ben E King in 1960, but more famously recorded by Aretha Franklin in 1971.   It goes “there is a rose in Black and Spanish Harlem…..”   Also some of the folk who grew up there, and live there still, refer to that section of the city as Spanish Harlem (for instance a young bouncer of my acquaintence, of Dominican descent,) and the reason is a matter of language rather than ethnicity.   Not to justify the stupid host’s stupid and irrelevant remark, but Aretha’s version is pretty great and it seems like no one here caught the point of reference.

      • DonnaL

         Considering that I specifically referred to the song in a comment right here in this part of the thread, yes, I did catch the connection.  But if you think she was deliberately referencing that song, I have a bridge to sell you.  There’s no indication that that’s what she meant, or that she was being anything other than derogatory about the alleged lack of taste of Hispanic people.

        • Agreed, I commented earlier (perhaps it was even the same thread, mine is on a separate page) that it was offensive/ignorant her having said it, but NO WAY should it have been left in the final show. (unless ~she~ (hostess) is the ‘casted villain’ this season~Mwah mwah mwah ~~~> evil laugh)

      • guest2visits

        I don’t know for sure what the host was referring to – I just assumed it was about a certain style, a certain dress-code
        from a particular neighborhood and era.  (the color combination of black-white-red, the shiny tight black flares, the
        halter top, etc…).   If she was being unflattering; I don’t know why.  I LOVE that song, still. It evokes such a warm,
        heady, dreamy, summery image – it was a very sweet pop song back when Aretha sang it on my radio.

    • I guess cuz I don’t know what is being referenced by Spanish Harlem, I could not be offended.  But I think Schmeidi v2 is fucking annoying.  She reminds me of Sandy from the Fashion Club.

  • VanessaDK

    The amount of color on the runway this week is fabulous–Gold/green/hot pink/purple/red/turquoise !!

    Whatever “disco” is, it saved us from a wall of monochrome black entries!

    • It just occurred to me–no bellybuttons either!

  • I spent several minutes repeating “What? WHAT!?!?! WHAT!!!?????!!!!!” to myself after the auf; it seemed so clear that Andrae  should have gone before Wendy that I just couldn’t believe it. [Not that I’ve ever been a Wendy fan, but I thought her outfit, teen-dream as it was, was better executed and more interesting by a long shot.] Am inclined to agree with others who suggested that she was auffed for not providing any villainous moustache-twirling this time, but the way the judging’s been in recent seasons, it could be anything – random draw, didn’t-like-their-latest-tweet-, who knows?


    • bitchybitchybitchy

      I thought Andrae should have gone home instead of Wendy-maybe her outfit was over designed, but I could see that being worn in a club much more so than Andrae’s sad, dark separates.

    • libraangel

      Sorry but Wendy’s was a Halloween costume of the 70’s!

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        I don’t think that Wendy turned out a great outfit, just that it had a bit more club or disco sensibiility than Andrae’s did.

  • StellaZafella

    Ivy’s was a knockoff from an old Casual Corners. Suede’s looked abismal, a sheer gold tinfoil toothache…and I don’t want any of what he’s smoking.
    Les Mizrahi even called out the JLo reference but jacked Kayne’s look saying “Just because it’s well made, doesn’t mean its good design”…you can all look for these pants in his next design shipment to Target. (And, for pete’s sake, you can even give me back the Duchess now…at least he TRIES to be clever!)
    Uli said she had no reference for disco americana so I was impressed that she got this close, at least somebody mentioned CHER. Yes, I know, any designer worth their salt would know fashion history, but I wouldn’t consider the 1970’s an era I want to remember either…and I LIVED through it!

  • Andreas Plaianu

    I’m so happy with Ulis win and the New Uli. You go fellow German terminator! And is it just me or was she inspired by the presence of “Onkel Karl”? Her dress looks pure Chanel to me. 

    I have to admit I’m getting a little bit overexcited over her win, I’m just rooting for her so hard!

    • The TLo interpretation of the Onkel Karl quote was spot on!

      • Andreas Plaianu

        So true! But I still have a feeling he would approve to Ulis outfit though….and shes skinny so well…;-)

        • libraangel

          Uli wird alles gewinnen.

          • bitchybitchybitchy


  • l_c_ann

    I had hopes of Wendy getting her hair under control.  Of Andre growing from lamb to mutton.  Of the blonds becoming distinct people.  Of colorblind Anthony Ryan learning to work with color. Of Cassanova not giving me a slightly smarmy vibe.
    Of wanting to watch a replay of an episode.

    • libraangel

      As much I like Casanova’s dress, HE always gives me a smarmy vibe, kind porno, kinda dirty, can’t stand looking at him, no offense. And what is with Andrae’s fainting drama diva antics?!

      • UptownNippy

        He is the party guy and I find him refreshing.

  • SapphoPoet

    Hmm. Well, I haven’t watched the episode yet but I’d say a lot of the designers missed the mark in terms of the 1970s. Some….um…interesting efforts shown here. 

    Finished chemo two weeks ago; still dealing with some neuropathy and swelling from the steroids (can’t wear my wedding rings), but it is definitely improving. Am feeling MUCH better, overall. Radiation starts in a week or so. Oh, and I can drink again–had wine with dinner last night and it tasted so good. 🙂 

    Hugs to all my fellow Kittens dealing with this. Onward!

    (TLo, I missed the lounge last night and would have put my personal comment there; feel free to delete this post if it’s inappropriate.)

    • Introspective

      I wish you as speedy a recovery as possible! Sappho all of us BKs are with you as you fight this thing… Onward and upward.

    • jennmarie19

      Best of luck with your recovery. Hang in there, and feel the waves of love from the bitter kittens!!

    • minnye

      Oh… I didn’t know you were undergoing cancer treatment. You have a little boy about my son’s age I think! Mommy love and hugs to you. All the best wishes for your recovery!!

    • SewingSiren

      Best wishes for the final leg of your treatment.

    • Anathema_Device

      I hope the next phase goes well and things just continue improve. All my mojo is heading your way.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      Congrats on finishing the chemo, and feeling better. Sending lots of good, healing, strengthening thoughts your way!

    • Call me Bee

      Woohoo!  We missed you in the Lounge last night.  Glad to hear you’re doing well. 

    • SapphoPoet

      Also, thanks to all the Bitter Kittens; am definitely leaning on all my communities, including my virtual ones. 🙂 You all rock.

    • libraangel

      Congrats to finishing chemo and glad you are feeling better. Remember to eat lots of protein during radiation. You can get really tired sometimes (sorry to tell you this, but) so you need to fortify yourself. Even donuts are o.k. – the nurses say!

    • formerlyAnon

      Yay for being done with chemo! Hope the side effects fade and all you get from the radiation is some fatigue. Onward, indeed!

  • Snailstsichr

    Back in my disco days, I would have totally worn Kayne, Wendy or Casanova’s looks. (Not that my Mother would have let me out of the house in Casanova’s look, but a girl could dream.)Joshua’s looks like my Grandmother’s pantsuits – just add a gaudy polyester blouse and Grandma was set for bunko! I couldn’t believe Suede or Andre didn’t get the auf.

  • TigerLaverada

    I would have had Ivy and Suede as bottom two. Hard to pick which for the auf, though, as they were both pretty awful and had not even the most tenuous relation to challenge. Wait — having written that, I’d have booted Ivy, because Suede’s gold fabric could be loosely construed as a reference to the disco era, while Ivy’s grandmotherly green/hot pants combo was so very wrong.

    Wendy’s outfit was way ugly, but not the worst IMO. My theory is they got rid of her because she was playing too nice, and they hired her as a potential villain. By ep 2 I guess it became obvious she wasn’t going to fulfill that role (while Ivy seems to be incapable of avoiding it), so they canned her. I predict Ivy will last a loooong time, even if she throws utter crap out there. Hope for the sake of us viewers she does some decent designs.

  • SewingSiren

    1. Uli. I like her dress. But agree it has nothing to do with her shoes. Funny thing about the shoes is they would work for a beachy , flowy, colorful print for a Miami disco look.
    2. Ivy- I like her dress alright. It goes with the shoes. It looks like a dance dress, not super “disco-y” though. 
    3. Casanova was my pick for the win. The color and fabric are right the dolman sleeve and off the shoulder too. In the 70’s it would have probably been paired with those horrid stretch satin skinny leg high waist pants.  I had it pegged for the win. 
    4, Emilo. A little more beauty pageant than disco. And the shoes don’t show.
    5. Anthony- Mid 90’s disco. And otherwise unremarkable.
    6. Suede. Not a dress. The bottom half is obviously a wad of fabric. Also does not go with the shoes. Auf.
    7. Joshua- In red or white satin this would have been a pretty good disco outfit. AS is , I agree JCP office worker.
    8. Laura Kathleen- My pick for the bottom. Sloppy , mismatched pieces.  And the shoes don’t match.
    9. Kayne. Dear god. He doesn’t know that sequins don’t go with cork soled shoes. That’s three designers with sequins and cork.
       his two golds don’t go together either. Still it’s better by far than Laura or Suede.
    10. I didn’t see Andre in the bottom either. It looks VERY 70’s to me. The organza piece didn’t bother me at all. And it looks nothing like his entry for last week.
    11. Wendy. The pants are very late disco. Everything else is bad. I had it in the bottom but not auf.

  • you nailed it – I was shocked when Suede’s garment wasn’t placed in the bottom three.

  • CarolinLA

    I completely disagree with Wendy being sent home.  Andrae made the exact same awful coat that he made last week and should’ve been eliminated for it.  

    • SewingSiren

      I agree that that “vest” or what ever it was from last week was awful.  But this week’s jacket, although it is made of organza , has nothing else in common with last week’s entry. I love the sleeves on this one, and the color combination is extremely sophisticated. 

      • formerlyAnon

        I agree that Andrae’s color combination was good – and very ’70s-evocative. But not so very disco.

  • CPK1

    that was some shockingly bad judging. How did Suede end up safe and Kayne in the bottom? I didn’t think Kayne had a winner but it fit the brief and was well made. There are no words for how bad Suede’ was. it looked like he just tied some ugly gold fabric on her. Plus as someone upthread  said, with the judges’ comments it was impossible to tell who was top and who was bottom with the final six. I blame the awful Schmeidi II. I cannot believe the producers allowed that racist snobby comment about Spanish Harlem to make it into the program.

    • mhleta

      I loathe Suede and everything he and his third person stand for.

    • I can think of many former models who could do a better job-CM has a square head (which apparently photographs well), woodenly chided Andrae as Wendy got her ‘auf’, & doesn’t add much to the judging…

  • guest2visits

    I mistook Josh’s for Anthony R’s last night. In fact I didn’t even remember SEEING Josh or Laura’s (thankyou PR for continued excellence
    in production skills).
    Anthony R’s was an shiny olive shell; a turtle-like design with a crooked front; second to Ivy’s for ugly. Not retro, not disco.
    Josh’s was disco, retro, with an updated edge; and very well constucted. I would have placed it in top 3.
    Althea’s was as bad as I recalled – looks like she’s borrowing from fellow designers’  looks again (Casanova). Not retro or disco.
    Emilio’s… well nothing really stylish here, just loud and cartoonish. The strap area looks like amatuer construction too. Disco-not.
    I thought Laura’s was a very retro look, with the gold jacket – without it, it lost the disco vibe.
    Andre’s felt very retro too (without the silly purple net); the styling really helped deliver the look.
    Kayne also delivered a complete look – and I don’t know how they could slam him about the top; it was perfect for the design.
    I felt he was top 3.   I didn’t hate Suede’s or Wendy’s; I thought they both worked as club or dance outfits slightly post disco;
    although both were a touch costumey.  They were not bottom looks though.
    Casanova’s was amazing to me simply because it managed to stay on the model, and not fall completely off or roll up to her chin.
    I don’t know how truly dance-able it would be, but it was eye-catching.  (Reminds me of Michael C’s work, only shorter).
    That leaves Ivy and her messy, frumpy contraption that would never be dance-able (what woud happen to the chiffon between the
     model’s legs after simply walking around abit?); and would never be called retro or disco. And the fit – just awful.  Ivy’s was OUT.
    I am ambivalent aqbout Uli’s win, it was a pretty dance dress, but I didn’t think it had much to do with disco, or retro, or even the
    shoes she chose as inspiration. It did seem to have a lot of detail work and good construction, and it did turn out well, but I would have
    considered Kayne’s or a couple other designs for their overall capture of the ‘genre’.
    Which makes me wonder what exactly were they asked to do,?  If it was to make a garment to put into production for today’s market
    then I could see something like Uli’s perhaps (though that would be an expensive little dress, no?); or were they asked to simply make
    something that resembled the looks from the disco dance era, and use the shoes to help style them in that fashion? 

    • do you think uli did that seminole piecing on the bodice, or is that a purchased trim?  i’m also wondering if she made the fringe.  like everyone else, i’m wishing they give us more camera time showing the process of construction.

      • guest2visits

        I just assumed she bought some very intricate , pretty fabrics and notions, but I dont’  know for sure what kind
        of piecemeal work she did herself (without watching the show again and keeping a sharp eye out for it).
        But there are still shots of the workroom on Lifetime, and Uli is indeed working with the strips of fabric for the top.
        The closer to the dress you look – the prettier it is. I don’t have a problem with the win; but I don’t think Wendy
        should have been auf’t over Ivy’s.. or Anthony’s.. or *gulp* even Emilio’s.

    • This is truly something I wish I could ‘like’ more than once. Well thought out and well said (even if I don’t agree with all of it, I don’t have to, right?) Good post. I just loved Kaynes as well (but I tend to be OTT and love to dress “70s retro”). I know Emilio didn’t show the shoe – but I rather liked his. I was a child the first time ’round the disco era, but it looked well made and if it had been different on the bottom (showing THE SHOE), maybe it wouldn’t have been so hated (I accidentally typed ‘dated’ at first, also true)

  • marilyn

    If you are looking for something with a true 70’s disco vibe, then Kane should have won.  Joshua’s had the feel, but it was daytime.  Caanova’s also worked for evening disco.  I like Uli, but don’t think her dress should have won.  

  • Crap! I really wanted Wendy to show up those season 8 and 9 designers, just because. I liked the pants and the print, but the chain and styling were just No. But to me the bottom three were Josh’s work suit, Althea’s rags and Anthony Ryan’s bath towel… and Laura Kathleen’s disco maternity outfit, so bottom four. I really hated all of their looks, especially Josh’s work suit.

    I loved the swishiness of Kayne’s pants.

    Is it obvious that Andrae is Schmeidi-2’s favorite?

    Ah ha ha ha! I just realized that Kors could not use “disco” is a negative way for this challenge. What would he ever do??

    • i’d like to see some more pictures of kors back iin the disco days.  i remember they showed one early in the show’s history, with an afro, tight striped bell bottoms, and high platform shoes.

      • libraangel

        what a riot! I would love to see MK on platform shoes! LOL

      • formerlyAnon

        He seems somewhat relaxed in his personal life, (at least the tiny, stage-managed shreds one sees from middle America), but I bet that at some point when he (and a lot of other people of his/my generation) got some money, there was a concerted attempt to buy up the extant photos of that period. Our saving grace is that candid photos were not taken 24/7 by everyone, everywhere as they are nowadays amongst the young.

  • mhleta

    God, what a bore. The whole thing. These are all-stars? I want to scream “MEH!” at the top of my lungs, but I’m too filled with ennui.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      Based on the first two episodes, this season is going to be a long, boring slog.

    • libraangel

      Come back austin scarlett- all is forgiven!

  • mjude

    i was actually sad to see wendy go. i did NOT like ivy’s.  glad uli won. 

  • Marty1112

    It would be tough to make a disco outfit without the use of Quiana.  I probably would have gone the Halston-lite route.

  • alula_auburn

    I forgot how awful some of these were!  I think I had to turn away from the strobe-light/blipvert runway effects so as not to get a migraine.  And Suede’s I must have blocked out completely lest I be blinded.  (His model is very pretty, though!  Poor girl is probably not long for the show, stuck with Blue Suede Fug.) 

    I remember thinking Anthony Ryan’s looked way worse in motion, though.  The blocking was very weird in relation to the model’s body.

    I don’t know if it’s the overworked hair, or in some cases the shoes, or just the general tacky tacky, but there’s something very sad drag queen about some of these.  Even the models think so–look at the way Althea’s and Andrae’s are standing!

    • those percussive strobe effects could induce seizures.

      and, seriously, when scrolling past kayne’s look, i thought it was a drag queen giving j-lo realness.

  • ShivaDiva

    OK, OK, All Stars has roped me back into watching.  But in a lot of ways, I’m already bored.  How laughably producer-staged was that dance scene?  Kayne suddenly decides they all need to get down, and a disco ball and lights appear in the break room.  It’s like High School Musical or something!

    I’m a bit surprised they sent Wendy home so soon.  Surely she could have been prodded into the sociopathic behavior we’re all expecting.  They must have thought otherwise.

    Congrats Uli, the perpetual bridesmaid.  She probably benefits the most from a new set of judges after the first All Stars Special.  (“Uli, why don’t you ever make anything but resort wear?”  “Uli, why did you make a modern dress?  We miss all the resort wear!”)

  • mommyca

    Wow… I didn’t watch the show and just by looking at the outfits I would have never guessed the theme was “disco”…. 

    • 3boysful

       OK, THAT’s telling . . . .

  • What the fuck was with the judging last night?  First, Kayne in the bottom?!  His was my fave but it at least should have been safe.  Ivy top three?  Then, there were the critiques.  I couldn’t even tell which were the tops and bottoms after that the comments were so all over the place.  They sort of praised Kayne’s then suddenly Isaac says (very snottily) it’s not good? 

    Uli – I didn’t like this dress and thought it looked too much like what Georgina was wearing.
    Ivy – Had a good idea but the finished garment did not match that idea.  It was ugly.
    Casanova – I like this one.
    Emilio – TLo said it better than I could.
    Anthony – Ugly, not disco, titscrepancy.  Also, from the side it gave her a “baby bump.”
    Suede – Crumpled Christmas tablecloth.
    Joshua – Probably my second fave.
    Laura – Horrible.  The print was UGLY and the jacket didn’t go with it.
    Althea – I liked it better in the workroom.
    Kayne – Fave.
    Andrea – “Jacket” was horrible and the outfit under wasn’t much better.  Boring, the skirt was too long and the model’s  styling was awful.
    Wendy –  Can’t say I disagree with the auf.


    • Thanks for explaining that. I was confused about why the hell Kayne was in charge, and now with you laying it out, I remember Peach last week. She was such a natural sort of den mother that that seemed natural, but in Kayne’s case it was confusing, so I didn’t get it. Not enough JoAnna, I see now. Plus, when she came in for critiques, it was all one-liners and on to the next one. I know there’re still a lot of comptetitors this early, but it is kind of pointless to have that scene when she stands there and says one enigmatic sentence and then they cut to the next designer for the same thing.

    • altalinda

      Dear Producers:  Why bother having someone say “It’s time!”?  It feels staged.  Just show the clock, show the designers leaving the workroom.  We viewers will figure out what’s going on.

  • Disco? And no Michael Kors. Snif.

  • I kept yelling, ‘take Suede with you!!’ I loved Uli’s. I hated Anthony Ryan’s. So much more to say but so little time.

    • DebbieLovesShoes

      Suede speaking of himself in the third person makes my left eye switch. 

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        I’m thinking that we can add Suede’s use of the third person as one of the triggers for the PR AllStars drinking game.

        • formerlyAnon

          Technically, I believe that would be the PR AllStars alcohol poisoning game. I am too old, I must pass.

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            It might be frightening to think of the number of viewers slumped to the floor after imbibing whenever Suede was overtaken by the third person.

      • The only man on the planet who is allowed (in my mind) to speak of himself in “third person” is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (when he’s doing his wrestling persona). He’s probably just allowed (in my mind) because he’s Some guy who asked me out a few years ago referred to himself in the third person. He said “You’re probably wondering what makes  “J “The PItbull” E tick” (I just put initials to save him from further humiliation, and yes, he included his (probably) self-nickname “The pitbull” in there. I was thinking at the time “Not really”

        • formerlyAnon

          Gosh. Sometimes it’s just appalling watching someone shoot themselves in the foot, completely unawares like that, isn’t it.

        •  Oh my god — that would have been one of those guys I had to go out with long enough for my friends to meet him.  They’d never believe me otherwise.

  • MilaXX

    Again, I got nothing to add to the recap. I have no problem with the auf or the win. At least there was no fake drama. Shame there also was no decent design.

  • NotHeidi reminds me of Joan Cusack. It’s all I see. 

    • altalinda

      If only she were, it would be a lot more entertaining.

    • Stubenville

      Pastels Debbie?

  • Is this the first time a model from ANTM is attached to a PR contestant for the run of the show?  I know we’ve seen a ton of ANTM models in the fashion week collections, but I don’t remember an ANTM contestant being on PR for the run of the show (or length of time a particular contestant is on).

    But it’s a great idea to have Aminat with Emilio. Girl could walk then. She can walk now.

    • I know! I love Aminat!

    • DebbieLovesShoes

      Which one is from ANTM? 

      • Call me Bee

        EMilio’s model.  Tall and willowy with a fierce walk. 

        • DebbieLovesShoes

          Oh, yeah I’ve noticed she’s a GREAT walker.  

    •  Leslie from Cycle 6 was I think Michael C.’s model on last seasons all-stars.

  • Uli won because it was a pretty dress, despite the weird chest fringe, but it wasn’t particularly disco- Casanova should have been the winner for this challenge & Kayne was at the top of the heap, instead of the bottom. I agree w/ the bottom 3 & I think Wendy went because hers was conspicuously ugly, instead of generically bad (but it was more disco than the other 2).

  • Wendy Pepper made good pants that went with the shoes but the top was wrong.  
    Andrae’s top and skirt and styling are quite 70’s but more streetwear than disco; but the model looked like she contracted an extraterrestrial virus, then grew a non-matching sheer jacket.  
    I really like Kayne’s pants, and I would have liked the outfit better had the top been halter.  
    Laura Kathleen’s was too loose and the print too safari-hippie to be disco, and the gold jacket looked like a desperate attempt to bring the outfit into the nightclub.  
    Anthony Ryan’s looked retro to the wrong decade. 
    Emilio needed to reign in the volume.  
    Althea’s dress looked interesting but it was neither disco nor danceclub and she needed to start over and try again.
    Josh’s looked like someone got a leisure suit and morphed it into 70’s inspired streetwear–I wonder if it would have been improved as a design with a different waist treatment in the collar fabric.
    I don’t understand Suede’s, it’s kind of pretty but the skirt looks like a Halloween golden fairy (someone said this I think).
    Cassanova’s got to the heart of the challenge, and I loved his spirited inspiration.
    Uli’s looked wonderful and I agree with the person who said it had nothing to do with the shoes.  Makes me wonder how Nine West will use her design, because it certainly won’t sell those particular pair of shoes, it will sell Uli.  
    I can’t believe that for the second week in a row, the judges were not offended by structures emphasizing the crotch–last week on Wendy’s little black outfit and this week on Ivy’s piece.  Those features would be deal-breakers for me as a consumer.

  • I disagree with sending Wendy out over Suede…his outfit was a gold lame mess!  For me Laura’s pajama party was the worst and worthy of the auf.  I also don’t get how they judges didn’t see Ivy’s dress as something frumpy from the sad 60’s more than anything.  Kayne’s wasn’t that bad: the top was a bit of sequined nothing but it drew attention to the pants and out of them all, he came the closest to a disco vibe for me.  Still, you can tell there’s some real design talent there if they can give them a challenge with specific goals.

  • Ing

    Every single outfit this week was hideous. It was, to be honest, jaw-droppingly bad. But I guess that’s to be expected from such a poorly defined challenge that only gave them a day to complete it. 

    • DebbieLovesShoes

      I agree, Ing.

    • BuffaloBarbara

       And what was defined about it was the ugliest fashion era, so…

  • Winter_White

    For several seasons I’ve read comments that begin by explaining that the writer doesn’t watch the show, just follows along via TLo.  Always wondered what that would be like.  Turns out, fabulous!  It’s like being pampered at a spa:  I just totally relax and allow myself to be catered to by professionals who do the dirty work of actually watching the show, then serve me a smart, witty summary.  *languidly sips champagne cocktail*  Ah, this is the life…

    That said — jeezus, Wendy went home already?!  If they get rid of Josh, Ivy and Laura in the next 3 weeks, I will jump off this chaise and rejoin the show!
    Question:  Who keeps saying “the new Uli”?  Uli herself, or the judges?

    “This looks a little ‘1978 JC Penney catalogue’…”  Ha!  You guys.

    • CPK1

       unfortunately it is the lovely Uli herself who keeps saying it

      • Winter_White

        Thanks, CPK1.  I’ve always liked Uli.

        Anyway, that doesn’t surprise me nearly as much as learning that Andrae resurrected the ghastly fake accent!  He’d dropped it entirely, very early on, in his season…to everyone’s great relief.  Why would he try that again?  (It was even worse than the bogus Brit accent of S9 Olivier, which came and went from scene to scene.)  🙂

  • maggiemaybe

    Based on my memories of the 1970’s (granted, I was in grammar school and not spending much of time at Studio 54) Casanova’s dress and styling seem to capture the disco aesthetic exactly–although I agree the back of that thing is totally hiddy. And Kayne’s outfit just fills my heart with joy. LOVE IT!                                                       

  • Danielle Feuillan

    where were the shoes??!!  Half the entries covered them up completely and the shoes were never mentioned at all during the judging.  WTF.  Did Ivy’s really have elastic waistband?  It sure looks that way.

  • I didn’t like anything any of them sent down the runway. I was shocked that Ivy’s sad uggo little dress was praised so much, and Casanova’s was super tacky. Uli’s was alright, I can understand why it won when you compare to the cracktastic shit everyone else made. 

  • Ivy’s dress was the worst of a bad lot.  The designers managed to take all the fun out of disco.  Horrid.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      Taking the fun out of disco is a very sad thing to do, too.

  • dschubba

    I can’t articulate why (aside from the obvious color similarities) but Wendy’s makes me think of the KFC logo. I swear I can almost see Colonel Sanders’ face on her model’s chest.

    What happened to Emilio? He was always kind of weak with color, but I remember his work being a lot better than what he’s shown so far.

    • Tracy_Flick

       I totally agree. I thought Emilio was a great designer with the misfortune to appear in Seth Aaron’s season. But he’s been very amateur.

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        I liked Emilio during his season,but these first two efforts are not impressive.  Come on, you can do it, Emilio.

  • Call me Bee

    I was actually kind of excited about the disco shoe challenge.  I was so disappointed that the designers didn’t come up with better fashions. 
    I am sad that Wendy is gone–but she deserved the schmauf for that awful outfit.  On paper it sounded good–bell-bottoms, skimpy top, chain belt.  But the resulting look was awful.  Too tight pants and way too many chains. 
    I loved Uli’s dress and am very glad she won.  The dress was more late 60s/Laugh-In era to me, but was cute and stylish and it did go with the shoes.  The dress is trimmed with little white daisies with yellow centers that tie into the shoe color and casualness. 

    NotHeidi really got on my nerves last night.  Someone in the Lounge last night mentioned that she speaks to everyone as though they are three-year-olds, and once I noticed that, it drove me nuts.  She’s like “Broadcast Student”, like of her teachers told her to slow down her speech.  Ugh.  

    I actually thought Kayne’s was the most “disco”, but was too literal–almost like a costume.  And I wore Josh’s outfit to work a million times between 1977 and 1982, when bell-bottoms were out and peg-pants showed up (shudder…)   
    I cannot disagree more, gentlemen, about Ivy’s dress.  The whole thing was plain ug-lee.   

  • judybrowni

    Much as I loathe Wendy Pepper’s pieces o’ crap (more ’90s than 70s, also) at the very least, one could dance in it.

    As for Suede’s horror– which belongs to no decade, but perhaps a dinner theater version of “Touch of Venus”– if one didn’t trip over the hem, one would still be stuck marching in place, with one’s panties showing.

    • SewingSiren

      Marching in place! love.

  • Tracy_Flick

    I think this was the “Tacky Gift Bag” challenge.  So of course Uli won. That looks like something in the wedding gift bags section at Target.

  • Janet B

    Kayne’s was my favorite.  I think JLo is a good reference for updated Disco.

    I thought Ivy’s idea of a jumpsuit might work, but the result wasn’t even close.
    If Casanova had chosen a different fabric, I would have liked it better.

  • kat89

    I don’t think Andrae’s heart is really in it this time. The hunger is gone and it often seems like he’s just phoning it in. He was one of my favorites in his season, but I think his time will be up soon. I have to say, Althea’s arrogance really bothered me though. Too bad her talent doesn’t match her ego. 
    As far as the disco looks go, as a person who was actually alive and in high school/college during the 70s and remembers it well, none of these designers captured the essence of the disco era at all!

  • uli:  totally cherokee cher.  she needs to show some more skin- backless would have been better.  it was hot in those discos, and
          we liked to show our bodies on the dance floor.  it was an exhibitionist’s dream!
    ivy:  strange.  the color combo is 70’s, and current as well.  but the style is grandma mixed with streetwalker.  the length is 
          wrong, it looks dowdy, but i’m not sure shorter would have worked either.
    casanova:  my pick for the win.  now that’s a dress for an exhibitionist.  reminds me of michael knight’s hot pants look for pam
           grier.  great fit around the butt.
    emilio:  snow white hits the clubs.  totally inappropriate for the dance floor, you and everyone else would be constantly stepping
           on it, and you’d go home covered in footprints.  and you can’t even see the shoes.  as i keep pointing out, we wanted to show
           off our bodies on the dance floor and you can’t even see her from the waist down.  definitely bottom three, possible auf.
    anthony:  ok club dress, but needs some sparkle.
    suede:  his model rolled in the wrapping paper under the christmas tree.  the neckline recalls melissa in season 10.  might have
           worked better shorter, can’t see dancing in this.
    josh:  on her way to work at k-mart.  that top is huge on her.  check out the armpit hole.  not a dancing look at all.
    laura:  the jacket is perfect!  if the jumpsuit had a more fitted bare and backless top, it could of been a contender.
    althea:  the back is cute, but the front’s overworked and awkward.  also could use some sparkle.
    kayne:  good effort, he’s got that tacky disco vibe.  a shorter hem would have shown the shoes a bit.  definitely not selling
           footwear here.
    andre:  the evil queen became clinically depressed when the economy tanked and she had to take an office job.  his model is
           related to lilith on cheers.  my choice for the auf.
    wendy:  she nailed it with those pants.  i had a pair of tight black stretch satin pants that went to a few disco clubs, but the
           treatment at the hem makes these more modern.  like the top for daywear only.  chains might have worked, but not these 
           chains.  they’re too big and look flimsy and cheap.  


    • EverybodysStarling

      Yay for a good Lillith reference! 

  • dgh

    I haven’t watched this episode yet (it’s taped, but rapidly falling off the rush-home-and-watch list), but I think it’s time to shake it up. PR needs to, at random and without warning, eject multiple contestants in any single week – ALL of them if it seems appropriate based on complete failure to either follow the design brief or actually sew functional and/or aesthetically coherent clothing. This week? Goodbye to Anthony, Suede, Joshua, Laura, Althea, and Andrae. (In fact, ritually eject Andrae twice.) Yes, Wendy’s outfit was tacky and overdesigned; in other words: Disco!

    That would leave us just 7 contestants still standing, and the exciting possibility that 6 of them would get aufed next week. I would totally skip a night out to watch that boodbath.

    • fashionzombie

      I was just thinking they should Hunger Games this up, so “bloodbath” was a good choice of words!

  • ThaliaMenninger

    Kayne’s was the only one that really looked like disco to me, although Anthony’s, which was not disco in the least, did match well with the shoes. I like Uli and I liked what she made, and I think there’s an argument it’s a dancing dress for now, but, no, not le discotheque c. 1977. I do suppose the Wendy Pepper Wet Sealapalooza would’ve worked on a disco floor. And by that, I mean a very specific disco floor that is not Studio 54. Like maybe some smelly joint in Brooklyn, 1977, where the play o’ the day was to try to catch the eye of a Tony Manero type. Someplace down-market where one would’ve needed to go heavy on the chains and vinyl and sleaze appeal to stand out. And the girl in this outfit would actually have been ON the floor. Like rolling on it, either because she got too drunk and fell off her shoes, or because she wanted to have sex quite suddenly in the middle of the dance floor and just went at it right there.

    I honestly would’ve had a hard time finding a top 3 in this mess. They’re all quite awful.

    • Pennymac

       Fell off her shoes” LOL I’d forgotten that turn of phrase, necessitated as it was by those platforms that were ankle turning dangerous!

  • Contralto

    Very little actual disco fashion happening up there.  Joshua’s and Kayne’s entries are close, but no cigar.  Where are the Candies and skin-tight pencil pants and skin-tight little sweaters?  The chiffon dresses with camp sleeves and the skirts that fanned out into a complete circle when your guy spun you around during the Hustle?  The Blue Roses makeup from Stagelight in SoHo?

    • You mean Josh missed out on his chance to legitimately do a circle skirt??? OMG!

  • Joyce VG

    No more Pepper. I’m sad. Can we just say Uli wins the whole she-bang and call it a day?

    • Stubenville

      I’m good with that.

  • funkypeanut

    This reminded me of the fashion icon challenge when Lil’ Bradley didn’t know who Cher was. Have none of these people ever seen a single picture of Donna Summer (RIP)?

  • Nooooooooooooooo!!!!! I don’t want to say goodbye to Wendy.  Andrae should’ve gone home.  Such bullshit.  I think they tossed Wendy because she hadn’t set anything or anyone on fire.  I loved her top, despite the silly chain.  The pants though… lol.

    Of the horror stories on stage, Suede, yuck yuck yuck.  Emilio loves the color of boogers.  Blenley (yes I’m still calling her that, she’s annoying) makes rich granny pajamas.  Anthony Ryan’s makes his model look like a cartoon of a pear-shaped woman.  So unflattering and ugly.  Josh’s model looks like she’s wearing a turquoise kevlar vest.

    And I loved Casanova’s dress including the back because he caters to tacky latina cha-chas like me.  I love Uli, I think she’s cute and I’m glad she won, but I didn’t care for her dress.  I liked Ivy’s dress better before the stills.  That photo makes it look like some kind of kiddie romper.  Kayne’s pants are FABULOUS! I was sad when I saw the material for the top, it’s too much for those pants.Oh bollox.  I was so excited for Andrae but he’s been riding my nerves since last week.

  • understateddiva

    Ah, Animat from ANTM dressed in a a shiny McDonald’s-hued sack by Emilio.  What a waste of pretty!

  • librarygrrl64

    “It hurts our eyes. It hurts our feelings.”
    Hahahaha!!! I will be experiencing this fiasco solely through your posts, so thanks for that. 🙂

  • jw_ny

    Seeing as how this was a challenge for disco inspiration & party, I cannot see how Andrae managed to squeak by.  Suede’s was really awful too.  I’m not saying Wendy didn’t deserve bottom 3…but her’s at least was in keeping with the challenge intent.  Andrae and Suede…not so much. 

  • alyce1213

    OK my power just came back on and all I can say is if Ivy makes one more pair of shorts I’m gonna find her and I’m gonna smack her.

    • formerlyAnon

      Congrats on the power! Hope all the other daiy-life-supporting services resume quickly.

  • Bottom 3 should have been those garments that did not address the admittedly vague parameters of this challenge: nothing “disco” about Anthony Ryan’s look (a collapsing-from-the-boobs-down poorly fitted cocktail dress) or Althea’s (a horribly overworked mess) or even Uli’s (not saying it should have been anywhere near the bottom because it’s a dress that’s beautifully constructed and believable in a party/dance setting but does it invoke the 70s and/or effectively update that aesthetic? Nope.

    Kayne came close to being on the top (pants are great: yes, the chevrons line up perfectly, but it’s the shape I’m drawn to. I like the waistband, too. He should have visualized the top a lot better. I didn’t want to see sequins. I wanted to see sleeves with a flared component  rendered in a matte surface. I can’t say I liked much of his work back in S3, but I think he’s proving himself to be one of the best designers this time around (there really is not much talent here, though). He tries to coincide his aesthetic to the dictates

  • libraangel

    Yeh, o.k. Uli – kinda disco, kinda cute. I not only was around in the Swinging 70’s, but I went to discos, and the only outfit that comes even close to fitting  the challenge is Kayne’s wide leg pants and gold top. Plus, it’s the only one that you could actually DANCE in. Sorry, I don’t actually mind Casanova’s dress, T&L, BUT BUT BUT how you gonna boogie on down in that tight skirt?!

  • sfpoodle

    I also spent way too much time in discos in the 70’s & thought that only 4 outfits remotely reflected that era:  Kayne’s, Joshua’s, Casanova’s (I even had a dress with a similar silhouette – satin looking fabrics were BIG, anyone else remember Qiana?), and …..Wendy’s!!! Was it attractive?  Absolutely not but, at least, it had some relationship to something from the 70’s – as proof to my sometimes loose memory, I had flipped over to PBS right after PR only to find a “Best of Soul Train” pledge program where everyone dancing was actually living the 70’s and one girl had a top just like Wendy’s, chain halter & all.  If you weren’t around then, you don’t realize how flashy & tasteless the clothes really were.  I was always sad that Elvis died during the 70’s because we all thought those jumpsuits were cool …but I digress, Andrae should’ve gone for making another sheer “jacket” or Suede for ridiculously referring to himself in the third person.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      I used to watch “Soul Train” just for the clothes-fabulous, tacky, but always entertaining

  • Casanova’s dress was the most beautiful and very disco!

    • libraangel

      Beautiful – yes. Disco- no. How you gonna shake your thing in that tight skirt?! Bust a move – bust a seam!

  • turtleemily

    Is Emilio’s model Aminat from ANTM?

  • ccm800

    I actually thought that if she had pegged those pants and lost some of the embellishments – that would be a look KStew could rock. In ref to Pepper’s design. Laura makes nothing but PJs with jackets- consequently thats all she wears. HOWEVER thank you Suede for this weeks catch phrase in the house. My partner and I are still saying “Suede’s heart is broken,” Blue Suede” or some variations. What a frikkin nutter. And I just want to smack that vapid little skinny affected queen and his invisible jackets.

  • Amy

    That was a whole lot of ugly crammed into one runway which is sad considering I was really impressed with how beautiful the runway was last week! Guess they need more “word” challenges?

  • Elizabetta1022

    I loved Casanova’s dress and his model is beyond beautiful. I remember that fabric being big in the 70s (a girl in my elementary school had a pair of hot pants made of similar material that were so roller-rink-ready it wasn’t even funny). If I could wear that dress, I sure would. And I’d skate backwards doing it, too. I might blow a seam, but it would be worth it.

  • khh1138

    I would have given anything to see what Bert Keener would have done with this challenge. 

    • piperkitty

      Bert would have nailed the challenge.
      Why isnt he in this all-star fiasco? Oh yea, he has talent.

  • bitterk

    Wendy’s outfit was way to 80s street ho.  It made no sense.  I actually loved the styling so much on Casanova’s model that I think she single handed sold that outfit.  It deserved a top three spot.  

    •  Vinyl pants that tight are a bitch to get off — highly inappropriate for a street ho for whom undressing time should be kept to a minimum.

  • Andrae–I don’t whether to laugh or cry. 

  • Trisha26

    I wasn’t going to watch this season – basically can’t stand any of these contestants except Uli – but I couldn’t stay away. And now that Wendy’s gone I’m actually quite excited to see the rest of the season. By the way, who were the “12 friends” who now “have her back” or whatever she said? The people on this show? HAHAHAHA!

    I loved Casanova’s & Kayne’s outfits. Didn’t mind the garish colors or spiderwebbing or voluminous pants or standard sequin top – they looked like disco clothes from the day and they also looked contemporary – and well-made. Casanova should have won. When Wendy’s look came out I said, “Oh, a working girl.”

  • supri_supri

    I am so embarrassed for these designers. Has not one of them ever heard of Halston or seen pictures of Bianca Jagger? “Disco” is about fluidity, movement, and sexy sheen.  Uli’s was the only one that looked like it would move fabulously on the dance floor and sparkle under the lights.  I don’t find it that aesthetically pleasing at all, but it has a vaguely mod, Paco Rabanne-lite feeling.  I could picture Cher or Marisa Berenson in something like this.
    Kayne, Laura and Josh got the 70s feeling, but the clothing looked like mass market knock-offs – even the chevron pants which were awesomely pieced, but cheap looking overall.

  • Ha! I have a plate and eighteen pins in my ankle from “falling off my shoes.” Platform wedges, they were, and yes, dangerous on the ankle, especially when you’ve had a few cocktails in Vegas…

  • vosk

    i was horrified by the new heidi substitute’s racist and offensive question “are we in spanish harlem”?  I ask everyone to write or email lifetime to protest this,  it is disgusting and stupid.

    • nankipoo

      You sure you’re not overreacting?

      • vosk

        hi= sorry it took me a while to reply.  but this is not an overreaction – there is no way to interpret her comment but as an ethnic slur on an entire neighborhood.   And Suzanne S is correct – it is particulary upsetting that the show itself, and Lifetime, seemed to have no problem with it.  PLease contact Lifetime and tell them we dont need racism on Project Runway.

        • nankipoo

          I respectfully disagree. There are mother ways to interpret her comments and I do not think this was an ethnic slur.

          • vosk

            ok i’m open.  How else could her comment be interpreted?

          • nankipoo

            “People dress badly in Spanish Harlem”.

    • Yes, there’s a thread about this (people’s feelings about how insensitive the comment was), and my main beef was that the editors LEFT IT IN the final show. No talk was made of contacting Lifetime, however (unless I missed it)

  • nankipoo

    I thought Kanye’s outfit was sensational – I can’t understand why everyone else thinks it’s so rotten. Chacun a son gout.

  • FloridaLlamaLover

    I don’t get the praise for Ivy’s pegnoir-with-shorts-and-stupid-ugly-top in forest green (which was a popular color in the 1980’s).  I thought it was tacky, and I hated it, to riff on Billy in “The School of Rock.”

  • margaret meyers

    Nobody did hotpants?

  • formerlyAnon

    Oy oy oy. With the caveat that I am going off the stills here & on the Lifetime Web site, haven’t gotten to watch the show yet:

    ’70s-inspired disco or ’70s disco? ‘Cause I thought Kayne & Joshua hit mid-70s best, Kayne & Casanova hit disco best. Ivy & Uli might have been starting from a somewhat dowdy ’70s dress, Ivy took it more disco but in an ill-fitting and ugly way, Uli more modern but also much more attractive.

    Wendy’s may have been ugly but it seems neither as ugly nor as poorly made nor as off-target as, say, Andrae or Suede’s attempts and either should have gone before her. For me her biggest failure is that she’s definitely edging into the early ’80s with the colors and cut of the trousers.

  • VivianAdvanced

    This sure was a muddled challenge, with all the designs looking pretty frightful. I was trying to recall some of the fashions in the Vogue magazines my mom got back during the disco era and none of these came close to the outfits Bianca, Jerry and the Studio 54 regulars wore. Josh at least had something reminiscent of the era, but it wouldn’t have been worn in a disco. 

  • UptownNippy

    I am beginning to love Joanna Coles more and more.

    “The word blazer makes me shrivel up a little…..”

    “…a lot of white man’s overbite”    

    I actually laughed out loud.

  • FloridaLlamaLover

    And put her model in old-school roller skates and OH! Don’t forget the whistle! 

  • FloridaLlamaLover

    And put her model in old-school roller skates and OH! Don’t forget the whistle! 

  • watchmeboogie

    ““I don’t know who I am speaking to right now, but you are probably all
    fat. Good luck, fat people. Work hard, because you’ll never get a job in
    this industry if I have anything to say about it.””

    Have I told you lately how much I love you, TLo?

  • rab01

    Amen!  But … Andre clearly knows why he was invited back.  He even referenced his “where the hell’s my chiffon” line this week by using a similar tone of voice while talking about the difficulties of working it.  He was invited back because he had certain memorable scenes and affectations.  I bet his appearing to show emotion helped him stay.

    It’s his designs that are disappointing me.

  • fringebenefit

    When Ivy’s outfit made it’s awkward way down the runway, everyone in this living room unanimously cried, “GOING HOME!”  We do not get the love for this. A tacky, poorly made atrocity.

  • eatyerheartout

    okay unrelated but i am pretty sure that emilio’s model is dani from antm… i may actually be the only one who cares if i am correct though….

  • XMom

    I want to sidetrack to the models for a second. Am I the only person who kind of liked the ‘getting to know the models’ aspects of the first few seasons? It got way to involved later on and needed to be cut – and they never ever deserved their own show – but I liked the general competition between the models, the model steals that happened, and the bit of personality that you got from them during the show. Now, I think the models are nothing more than moveable dress forms and they used to add a little interest.

    What made me think of this? Emilio’s model. She’s from some early season of America’s Next Top Model. I think it is only the second or third time I have ever seen one of them work after their season was over.

    • PantherontheRunway

      I noticed that it was Aminat too, she was such a gorgeous girl, shame she didnt win her season

  • Germán Quintero

    OK. Joanna is awesome

  • Germán Quintero

    Again. Joanna is awesome