PR All Stars: Schmocial Schmedia!

Posted on November 16, 2012

All things considered, this wasn’t a terrible episode. There was some slightly entertaining interpersonal drama, mostly coming from the privileged direction of privileged girl Laura “Privileged” Kathleen, who just doesn’t privileged-understand why all those non-privileged people don’t seem to like privileged her.


But whatever. It was mild playing to the cameras and we didn’t mind it. No one in this cast is ignorant of how they appear to the viewers and all of them are presenting a certain image, either to gain them more camera time (Laura Kathleen, Anthony Ryan, Kayne, Uli, Casanova) or to rehabilitate a damaged reputation (Ivy, Josh, and to a certain extent, Emilio). Fine. That’s their right. We’ve always said that 42 minutes of quiet sewing would make for a painfully boring show anyway. And it occurred to us watching the runway show that, while you could argue whether many of these people should be considered “All-Stars,” at least the final clothes are mostly worthy of discussion.


Not that we’re getting soft in our old age. This was still the dumbest challenge we’ve seen in a while. Pick a random picture! Make a dress! Social media! They said that last phrase so often that it ultimately had no meaning. It was just a catchphrase they slung around in order to justify another “make a pretty dress” challenge.



So congrats, to Anthony Ryan! If you’re not the final winner, we’ll eat our hats, so clear is it that the judges – and producers – want to give the win to a cancer survivor. Talk about over-praised. This is fine, but that’s all it is. He’s got great execution skills and a decent sense of style, but very little of his work has warranted the kind of effusive praise the judges keep handing out. At least Georgina had the good sense to point out that this looks too expected coming from him. It’s a good-looking dress, but it was ridiculously tight on the poor girl. She couldn’t even turn around to show the back without hobbling.



We’ll give him credit for trying to up his game and do Fashion-with-a-capital-F instead of producing department store clothes, like his first time around. Can’t say we loved this as much as the judges did, though. We got what he was trying to do, but didn’t seem to us to go as far as it needed to go.

Also, she looks like a hard-boiled egg.



We thought the print was drab and depressing, but we’ll give her credit: the skirt moved beautifully. No great shakes from a design perspective.



Of course you picked this picture, Kaynebow. Sparkle!

But we have no idea how you wound up with this look. It’s fine. A dress seen a million times, but fine.



That skirt was gorgeous and unusual. The top felt like an afterthought; nowhere near as thought-out.



We hate to say this (no we don’t), but Heidi, Nina and Michael would have raked him over the coals for essentially recreating the outfit in the picture and making only slight variations. It’s not an awful look, but we’re not seeing any sense of inspiration.



Pretty, but boring. Step it up, Fräulein.



Again: credit for attempting capital-F Fashion, but she really needed to step away from her work and assess it as objectively as possible. Those pants were just plain bad. The jacket, we liked. And the colors were nice.



Georgina was exactly on point (as usual) when she noted that the picture had a fluid feeling to it and his clothes reflected the exact opposite. We don’t mind the use of the bright colors, but the top looks craft-y and home sewn and the skirt doesn’t have anything whatsoever to do with it.



And it’s Schmauf Wiedersehen to the precious little lamb once again. We didn’t think this was nearly as bad as Josh’s, but Andrae has always suffered from the same problem on this show: he wildly overthinks his designs and then fails to explain them well on the runway. It doesn’t help when he starts using words like “forlorn” and “bedraggled,” in a faux English accent, while making big-eyes and waving his hands around like he has no bones in his wrists. We think he’s charming, but he gets too weird and it makes it hard to listen to what he’s saying when he badly attempts to explain himself.

Anyway, this wasn’t any great shakes, but we didn’t think it was awful.



[Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke for Lifetime – Stills:]

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  • I loved. loved, loved Emilio’s work this week. It was light, bouncy, and expressed the same feeling as the girl in the picture he chose. Plus, from an editorial standpoint, you could photograph the HELL out of this look.

    • Carrieanno

      My thoughts exactly.  My next thought was that it’s such a shame that the time constraints placed on the designers prevented Emilio from doing anything but presenting the basic idea of his design to the judges.  Had they been given another day (like that’s ever gonna happen again; how I long for the good ol’ days of PR), he’d have been able to stand back, assess, nip/tuck/tweak/whatever to present a somewhat polished look that Carolyn wouldn’t have likened to a Chinese lantern.   As it stands now, the first thing out of their brains has to be run up and sent down the runway; midstream changes have often turned out to be ill advised moves.  “Slapdash” is the word that comes to mind in recent seasons.

      •  His dress really only needed a few more hours in order to be able to make it flawless. Its basic structure was great, and the movement it has was nothing short of delightful to watch. 

        • This! The picture doesn’t do it justice, it moved and bounced like it was happy.

      • StellaZafella

         The fact that CMurphy said she’d look like a Chinese lantern made no impression on me regarding Emilio’s choices…but it suuure made me ask out loud what the hell she’s doing as a professional model? Or does she only feel like a REAL model in short tight and ridiculous, which is what she’s been parading most of the season. It really made her look stupid to me to say she couldn’t pull off something so evocative – but that the PR model was clearly having plenty of fun with…and you’re supposed to be a big time supermodel, hmmmmm?

        • I just want to slap Schmeidi.v.2 all over her smug face.  And I really wish Emilio had had the time to polish the look because it was so very worthy of winning the challenge and deserved more love than the 1-day turnaround these BM turds are giving them.

          And since when is being ready-to-wear a requirement?

          • MoHub

            And since when is being ready-to-wear a requirement?

            Pretty much since Lifetime took over.

        • I heard her say that and I said to myself, “Then how, exactly, do you think you look in that ridiculous dress?”

        • guest2visits

          I couldn’t understand why CM said that about the Chinese lantern – the dress SHE was wearing had very
          arty elements to it, and I thought it looked fabulous on her (as opposed to everyone else’s conclusion) and it
          looked like a Chinese lantern also. With a bit of tailoring; both CM and Georgina would have looked beautiful
          in Emilio’s floaty sun cup.

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          Schmeidi is walking, talking proof that some models really should simply KEEP THEIR MOUTHS SHUT.

          • jjfg

             Amen.  ESPECIALLY when you’re wearing a lizard alien dress.

    • ChicaDificil

       Agreed!  I loved Emilio’s dress for all the reasons you stated.  The only other piece of clothing that stood out to me was Althea’s jacket (not a Jillian jacket but interesting), but the cagalones she made were hideous, I thought those pants were over. So bad!

      • I understood the intent behind her pants.  Its just as Isaac said though, It didn’t go far enough to look intentional. If you’re going to introduce draping to the front of the pants it has to read beautifully from every angle, and from a distance.  Plus the odd, angled insertion of the front zip did nothing to help matters.

        • ChicaDificil

          I totally agree, if she would have gone further and created a more interesting shape with the pants then I would be on board with them but all I’m getting is horrible flashbacks to those ugly cagalones people were sporting a couple of years ago ugh

      • But did you see that the jacket wasn’t exactly finished? The lapels had raw edges – she didn’t even bother to make a facing. Maybe that’s what she was going for but if so it didn’t relate to the photo.

        • Wellworn

          That jacket was my favorite piece on the runway last night, but the pants ruined it.  It did reference the photo in that it had an English Victorian feel to it like the train station in the photo.  If she had done the pants well, she might have won.  I think she was trying to get away from the ready to wear idea but the pants were just too ugly.

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            Four words: More Two Day Challenges.  Emilio and Althea both could have polished their looks with the extra time, and the other designers would have benefited as well.

            PR-AllStars? Not hardly.

        • ChicaDificil

           I didn’t notice, that’s too bad because I think the jacket is interesting and I really like the idea of it

    • I totes agree. I’d’ve given him the win, because there was more of an idea there.

    • The top has no shape though; it’s straight down the side of her body. And the fact that she also has no breasts made it just a cyllindrical shape, like she was wearing a bright yellow paper towel tube.

    • You guys are insane! That thing Emilio made looked like, in Casanova’s words, a giant yellow and grey Tombola. Just ugly, ugly, ugly.

    • Susan Rappenwolf

      I also liked (I know this sounds weird but it is PR) that a pregnant woman could actually wear this and look stunning.

    • boweryboy

      I agree.  When a  model so obviously enjoys wearing a dress as his model appears in the photos then it’s a hit for me.  I love it when I can tell the models love what they’re wearing.

  • Kayne made a pageant interview dress.  Market, market, market…

    •  Plus, where was any reference whatever to his inspiration image?  As ill considered, and constructed as Andrae’s work was, you could at least see some interplay between his work and the starting point photo.

      • For heaven’s sake, it’s not even green, which is the most prominent color in his pic. I mean, you don’t have to be “literal,” but it oughta evoke the picture somehow.

        •  And ferfucksakes, he LOVES glitz. He could have gone there easily, and have been spot on with the inspiration shot.  I mean, at least reference multiple jewel tones.

          • If nothing else, just glue on some faux jewels.  Coulda been kinda interesting with the right array of faux jewels.  Or that could just be my low-brow taste speaking.  But honestly, apart from being a competently made little red dress, what was special about it?

            Edited to add: I’m not so sure about the fascinator (and neither is his model).

          •  The feather fascinator was hilarious.

    • At least he didn’t fully execute the “Moulin Rouge” (sp?) look he seemed to going for at the beginning-I thought I was seeing a black lace bra-cup looking front before Joanna spoke to him. I was all “Kaynebow, NO!”. 

  • Josh’s outfit makes me sad to live in the same world as it.

    • Pam Winters

      She was like a porn Teletubby, with a wide screen on her tits.

      The back was kind of interesting. I just didn’t get much of a relationship to the photo or to the alleged idea of the photo.

    • Wellworn

      Josh was the worst on the runway last night. 

      • Scarlet39

        As he was working on it, all I kept seeing was a 1970s fast food uniform.  I mean, those colors!

        •  Futuristic Burger King is what I was saying. Would you like fries with that?

      • Sweetpea176

         Was that skirt intentional or did he just tie fabric around her waist because he ran out of time? 

        • Wellworn

          That’s what it looked like to me.

    • He copied the colors Emilio used in the previous challenge. Didn’t Josh used to do this kind of thing in his season, the copying other designers in the workroom?

    • Wasn’t he called out on his season for defaulting to circus ringmaster-type clothing?

  • Kayceed

    Emilio’s dress was all kinds of wonderful – shoulda won. Josh’s ensemble was much worse than Andrae’s to my eye – bad color choices, bad use of the colors, bad fabric choices, bad design. There wasn’t anything working there.

    • Emilio and Andrae were both robbed, IMO. Obviously Emilio should have won – I think we have a consensus there – but I honestly liked Andrae’s look. Yes, Isaac was on-point with the “Patagonia” reference; it was totally sporty & fun and what’s wrong with that? Andrae did *not* deserve the “auf”, he didn’t even deserve to be in the bottom 3!!!

  • BobStPaul

    Definitely felt that Josh’s outfit was the worst.  At least he realized it was lousy.  I really didn’t like Althea’s jacket but it was far better than those atrocious pants.  Casanova’s look was not very inspired but I think I liked it the best.

  • KateWo

    I didn’t mind the challenge idea…better than the usual wasted air time and product placement of having them take their own photos. I knew as soon as Anthony Ryan brought up his battle with cancer he was going to win – and I’m sure that was no coincidence that he brought it up considering the prize called for a story. But I have no problem with the win.

    Oh Andre, when I saw that sketch of his idea I was worried. I don’t think his end result was that bad, Josh’s was clearly worse. They were taking Andre’s previous pieces into consideration. But it was only a matter of time for our dear little lamb…

    Didn’t like Ivy’s I initially – another sheer skirt! – but in the screencap that skirt is amazing. The color from her leg looks like part of the pattern.

    • CozyCat

      I agree on Ivy’s skirt.  To me, that skirt won the challenge–it evoked the picture, was beautiful, and was something new both in general terms and in terms of Ivy’s previous work.  Yeah, the top was a throw away, but that’s to be expected in a one day challenge.
      And it yielded the best shot of the night:  Laura Kathleen yawning as Ivy’s model walked past.

      • Frank_821

        yes it looked like a major dig on her part

        • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

          Seriously, could this chick be any more high school?

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            She behaves as if she’s a character in some TV remake of Mean Girls or Heathers, doesn’t she?

          • Pinup Ghoul

            Yes! But not even one of the mildly interesting main characters. She’s just a boring cliche of herself now.

        • It was great TV, but I’m open to the possibility that it was also creative editing designed to make it look like a major dig.

      • Wellworn

        Ya, the producers are trying their best to stage a Laura Ivy showdown.  Maybe this is their winner’s edit to redeem Ivy. But Laura Kathleen is so insufferable and un-selfaware.  Almost like a cartoon character.  I never liked her before, but now I just wanna strangle her with her bleached blonde hair when she makes her millions of snarky comments.  I guess that means I really dislike her a lot more now, ya think?

    • Agreed about Ivy’s dress. More long sheer over shorts. Bleh. It wasn’t exactly what she’d sketched and that had much more interest to it but I think she realized that she wouldn’t have had the time, which is a smart move on her part.

  • siriuslover

    Poor little lamb Andrae. I will miss him. I had hoped he’d go further, but as someone pointed out last week, the changes in production time from Season 2 until now meant that unless he was producing garments to match the challenges every season, he would be time-challenged from the get go. I loved his explanation to us about the look and the personal reasons for choosing the picture. But it all fell apart on the runway.

    I am happy that Josh recognized that he put out some really bad garments–at least a good self reflection. Ivy’s print is doing all the work for her. She’s basically producing the same / similar items each challenge — sheer skirt over granny panties.

    I didn’t know who ought to win because honestly, I didn’t really like any of them. Never been a fan of Emilio’s, but I have to say he did put some thought into the design (and thank goodness he listened to Joanna and changed the headline…Sophie’s Choice…really?).

    • dress_up_doll

      I still can’t imagine who I would have liked to have won this challenge. Frankly, none of them were really all that memorable. Or, perhaps it was the challenge that bored me. I have to agree, Emilio did put a great deal of thought into his design, but it just didn’t do it for me. I’m sad that Andre was auf’d. I knew as soon as I saw that fort he built under the table that his days were numbered. Poor little lamb.

      • siriuslover

        The challenge itself was quite stupid. What was interactive about it? It’s no different from giving them a book of pictures from magazines and saying pick one. They didn’t engage with the people who tweeted the pics at all. Doesn’t interactive actually mean that there’s some, I don’t know, INTERACTION going on? Sheesh.

  • Susan Collier

    Josh should have gone home for that wacky mess. He’s so literal that when he attempts to do “conceptual” I want to go out and hurt someone. Hint: Matching colors exactly is not a concept, Josh.

    Ivy, please stop with the sheer fabric. You’re not really as amazing with these fabrics as you think you are. I would have liked your skirt more had it not been see-through to bike shorts.

    Althea’s pants gave the model two asses. How do you not see that? Or was she trying to capture the arch of the train station?

    Anthony Ryan’s dress was so tight! How did they not comment on that at all? Her boobs looked squished through the front window.

    Didn’t hate Andrae’s outfit (and loved the colors), but why do the zippers at all?

    I liked Emilio’s. While not 100% successful, it’s more interesting than most of the clothes I’ve seen on Project Runway in ages.

    • Josh should have gone home, yes. But to put it this way, my boyfriend came in when it was just Andrae and Josh standing there, waiting for the final word, and asked me which one. I said who do you think? (He knows not – I just wanted to see if he could guess) and he said “Well, not that guy with the makeup and eyebrows. He’s too entertaining, I’m sure.” There you have it.

  • kirkyo

    If only Andre had executed that better…I liked the idea of it.
    And what the heck is his model holding? I don’t remember that at all.

  • SewingSiren

    1. Anthony Ryan’s was as neat as a pin. That’s about all .
    2. Emilo was my pick for the win. It certainly could use some refining, but given the time restraint and all the other garbage, it’s very good. 
    3. I really dislike Laura Kathleen’s it’s sloppy and boring. If they wanted long and flowy Uli’s was much more refined. Or even Ivy’s , or Casinova’s was better.

    4. Kayne’s was fine from the front, but the lace window in the back brought it down….way down.
    5.Ivy’s was very nice on bottom , but the top is dull.
    6. Casanova’s was very sharp.
    7. Loved Uli’s, she was robbed of a top place.
    8. Althea ruined her beautiful jacket with horrid old man with a hernia pants.
    9. Josh’s is very “Josh”.
    10. Andrae’s was very “Andrae”, but I would have sent Laura Kathleen home. I cant believe they put her in the top!

    • Laura Kathleen’s dress did move and flow beautifully- but a sheet on the clothesline can do that too.

      • SewingSiren

        It is extremely irksome when the judging panel give the designer high marks for properties are inherent to the fabric itself. Uli’s flowed beautifully too ( as did Ivy’s). And they were not ugly.

        • I’m with you. The accolades for “ooh, you dyed it YOURSELF!” were grating. I can dye it myself, too, and I wouldn’t have gotten dishwater and ink blots out of the process, thank you. I keep thinking about how the USA Today lady implored them to make their emotions come through in the dress, and LK’s emotions seem to mainly be comprised of stubbornness and melancholy. (Poor, poor, privileged she…)

      • Introspective

        Word. And did anybody else think the dye job was nothing special? To me that girl looked like she walked a perfectly ivory dress thru a puddle of coffee. Over and over again. Wasnt impressed. And whe. It was accompanied by blenleys ad nauseam reflections on her life in privilege?? Girl bye.

        I said it in tlounge and ill say it again here. Emilio was robbed. To be effectively 3rd behind ARs same old and this was an insult.

        • Pinup Ghoul

          “Girl bye” is the perfect way to sum up my opinions of Laura Kathleen.

    • During the critique I thought I saw a pin or two in the back of Anthony Ryan’s dress, holding the strap on – something that I might not have noticed if I wasn’t watching in HD, and that the judges might have missed. And then I thought, “Wait a minute, how does she get in and out of it?” There wasn’t a zipper that I could see, although he might be a genius with the invisible zipper in the side seam, but I just don’t think so. He freely admits to pins and glue use when necessary, so I’m not going to call foul, but when you pit finished work by Emilio that was obviously so much more inventive than the rest of the bunch against pins, I can’t see how Anthony Ryan won.

      • tereliz

        I noticed the pin, too. And the mesh in the tit window didn’t lay right. It had issues, but I think Emilio’s did, too. But Emilio’s was much more creative and inspired, imo. 

  • DinaSews

    Once again, the camera-work on this show is so bad that when I see the pictures here, it is like seeing them for the first time. 

  • What was up with the host’s crazy android dress (after the Jessica Rabbit dress)? BTW, T Lo has been referring to her as Schmeidi II or some such, but my husband has a better name for her: Treidi. As in Heidi, Schmeidi, Treidi!

    • dialyn

       I was really hoping the designer of that dress would be the one sent off.  It was pretty ugly, and she had a lot of nerve saying she wouldn’t wear one of the dresses because it looked like a Chinese lantern. Did she not look in a mirror? 

    • LJCdoc

      Treidi’s (brilliant) dress was saddening.  I like the name, but I really want a new Schmeidi/Treidi (Quadri?). She’s intolerable. I’d take Schmeidi 1.0 back, and I kind of hated her.

  • Frank_821

    I thought LK was one of the better ones. But I hate the dye job on the top piece. It felt like a food stain. I am secretly happy she didn’t win. She came across so crass.  Even Josh comments on she comes across. That’s saying something. 

    I do think if Uli had dyed her dress for a sunset effect it would have won.I liked Emilo’s the best. It’s one of those love it or hate it pieces. Very editorial that captured the spirit of the photo

  • Carrieanno

    I wanted to tell Josh’s model “Honey, turn around and check behind you; looks like you got your skirt caught up in the back before you left the restroom.”  I did appreciate Josh’s matter-of-face honest appraisal of his work though.

    • MoHub

      I suspect that if Josh (and maybe Ivy) doesn’t bring the expected bitchery soon, he may well go the way of Wendy and Suede (who slipped into first-person several times and was likely prompted by production to revert to third). Lifetime seems to have cast this bunch based on pigeonholing their personae from their original seasons, and when they—God forbid!—manage to self-assess and attempt to redefine themselves, they are punished for not delivering the expected drama.

      Casanova, on the other hand, is delivering more of what he’s known for in spades—and in better English—so I suspect he’s in it for the long haul.

  • I really liked Andrae’s outfit, actually (just going from the picture, haven’t watched the episode).  It’s not Fashion, per se, but the colors are great, and it corresponds to his inspiration picture better than some of the others.

  • Thuc Dang

    The best garment is hands down that skirt by Ivy. The bottom part of Laura’s dress looks like the model just danced through mud

    • mmc2315

      At a glance, I saw the photo, and Laura’s dress, and was reminded of the infamous Dirty Water Dress (but not as fab).

  • I have a lot of fondness for Andrae (obviously; I wish they’d give him a show with Santino where they fight crime with fashion or something; Andrae is easily a little gay Robin, and Santino would do a great imperious Batman voice ala “I WANT YOUR SOUL”; Austin Scarlett can be a Batgirl/Poison Ivy/Catwoman hybrid; I dunno, give them a show where they make dresses for drag queens while in costume) but he does get annoying when responding to critique. I still probably would have sent Josh home first; Josh’s dresses have “taste issues” and Andrae is more entertaining, even if annoying under critique (the “MY PRECIOUS” stuff was silly but funny, and hearkened to when the show had more eccentric big personalities than calculated drama whores). 
    To be fair, I think Josh’s color scheme would have been much improved with just a touch of grey to mute the cartoonishness of it all.  
    I totally see the egg yolk thing in Emilio’s, but I still see daffodils and calla lilies. I like Emilio more this time around because he’s mostly shutting up and keeping his head to his work and not being so outwardly sour. We’ll see as things go forward.
    I can’t with Anthony. He’s sweet but I hope he doesn’t win the whole thing. Then again, his aesthetic is very similar to Dmitry’s which the producers loved, so. 
    LK’s looks like a car splashed her with mud. And I really hate those belly-baring drapey vest tops over full skirts from the 90s (remember Larisa Oleynik’s hideous pink prom dress in 10 Things I Hate About You?) that I hope to god are not coming back – looking at you too, Ivy. I don’t know anyone who actually looks good in those.
    I still loved Casanova’s, but I agree it’s derivative. I feel like the print in the pants was a stab at integrating the chain link in the background, but it didn’t go far enough. 
    Everyone else made a yawn in dress form, with the exception of Althea who made more of a burp. 

  • Diane_G

    Those shoes make Andrae’s model look stumpy somehow. His elimination was coming, though. As soon as he was explaining to Isaac and Isaac just had that wtf? awkward side glance to the other judges.
    I liked Casanova’s look the best, even though it is the most literal. I covet those pants.
    Josh would’ve gotten eliminated if they didn’t think they could milk out some drama from him. As soon as Ivy said it looked like Rainbow Brite, I couldn’t unsee it..but my RB looked better than that.

    • I want to watch the episode again, just for the lead up to “that face”. Isaac >>>>> Kors as a judge. He’s so much more entertaining to me, without trying so hard.

    • MoHub

      What Casanova did was essentially what got Zulema/Shatange eliminated in season 2’s “Inspiration” challenge: She made a dress inspired by a dress. Casanova’s execution was better, but he still made a pants ensemble based on a pants ensemble.

  • tereliz

    The more the episode went on, the more apparent it was that they were “giving” this one to Anthony Ryan. While I think he’s a very good designer, this dress was a little expected. But he had the best “package” from USA Today’s pov. He chose a fun, graphic photo that didn’t have any people in it and made a fun, graphic dress that needed some work. But add that to his personal struggle with cancer and how recently he was on his first season of PR (bringing fans with him) and it’s a fluff piece from heaven. 

    I really preferred Emilio’s and felt that if it were Nina making the decision to put the winning piece in Marie Claire, his would have won. It photographed beautifully and really called back to the inspiration photo. 

  • Stubenville

    Hated Josh’s skirt, which looked hiked up and caught in the waistband after a trip to the loo. And Ivy did exactly the same thing last week. The Crayola colors are unspeakable.

    Detested Ivy’s granny-panties-under-sheer. Enough already.

    Please bring back Uli 1.0 – the new Uli is a snooze.

    Laura’s looked like a massive coffee spill splattered with toothpaste. Could she have found an uglier print?

    Emilio? I’ll have whatever drugs he’s having. And thanks, TLo; now I can’t unsee a hard boiled egg.

    And we lost our poor little lamb! But seriously, the judges eyes glaze over whenever designers start talking about modular or multipurpose clothes.  You should have know better, Andre.

    • meowing

      Laura Privileged Kathleen “made” that ugly print.  I thought it looked more like a mud puddle than the water droplet.

      • Stubenville

        Holy crap! I was crunching a spreadsheet during the show and only paying half attention. Miss Future Farmers of America made that mess? That alone should have gotten her schmauffed.

    • guest2visits

      As soon as I saw Ivy’s skirt – I thought of Anya’s caftans and how the prints she chose are what carried the weight of the
      designs she created; and I feel it’s exactly the same thing here.  Imagine if she hadn’t found that print, or hadn’t seen it during
      a previous Mood outting.  We’ve already seen she has a weak hand creating her own print (spray paint challenge).
      And the dreary salmon shade she picked for the cheap looking vest and waist band really did nothing but bring the look down;
      not at all the feeling the butterfly photo invokes.    And shorty-shorts…. again. Behind sheers.. again.
      Stop ’empowering’ women with your curtains over undies, please.

  • Josh’s craft project was a complete and total failure (and to his credit, he admitted it freely) but I really can’t complain about the decision to send Andrae home in a clear “body-of-work” decision.  What surprised me is that I really wanted Josh to stay, despite how much I despised him in his season. I guess he and Ivy’s rehabilitation efforts are succeeding with me to some extent – at least I want others to go before them.

    • janierainie

      Either Josh and Ivy are succeeding, or Andre is so silly I can’t stand watching him and his antics.

  • SapphoPoet

    I totally forgot about TLOunge! Forgot that Project Runway was on! Maybe I’ll watch it sometime this weekend. 

    My favorite was Emilio’s dress; interesting and different. I agree she looks like an egg, but at least she doesn’t look like she’s wearing mere clothes. Loved Ivy’s skirt, too. 

  • I was moaning at the tv “Anthony No- don’t play the Cancer Survivor Card, No No No”
    Josh is somewhat bearable this time around- I’m certain he read the comments on his behavior. I smiled when he commented on the amount of time and effort he puts into his hair.

    • Sam

       He had to play the cancer card, he already played the color blind card. I’m just shocked that didn’t set Josh off with his dead mother card.

      • Lilithcat

        Just wait.  Now that he squeaked through on this challenge, he may play that card yet.

        •  I now have the mental image of all of these people sitting around a card table playing a card game like Magic: The Gathering or Pokemon or something, with their personal details having cards. 

          • Pinup Ghoul

            I wish that Korto would then show up and play the ‘perspective’ card of Laura Kathleen.

  • I understand the criticism, but I responded very positively to Casanova’s outfit.  Loved his pants and Ivy’s skirt.

    • formerlyAnon

       This is one of my favorite Casanova efforts. I like the basic shape of the clothing to begin with, and I really like how the pattern is used on the pants. But I can see that it was perhaps too close to the original to be called “inspired by.”

  • bluefish

    I don’t get the change it up criticism really.  Most noted designers, real designers, are known for having a recognizable style and look.  Anthony Ryan’s dress was the clear winner. A great dress in every sense.  I don’t care that it’s what they consider more of the same.  Will take that over badly made, limp clothes that bring no originality to the game.  And the hostess was just a cluster of twitches and tics this episode.  Also, if I were Georgina, I’d be asking the show to stop calling me the Bee-you-tee-full GC.  Yes, she is, but she’s a judge by virtue of her work not her looks.  WTH?

    • KateWo

      Totally agree on he beautiful GC….she doesn’t introduce Isaac as handsome.

      • meowing

        Yes!  I keep wanting Isaac to call himself Beautiful, too.

        • random_poster

          From now forward, I’m going to shout “Beautiful” when they introduce Isaac.

      • formerlyAnon

         You know he’d love it if they did.

    • Except Anthony Ryan’s dress didn’t have a zipper in it anywhere and those straps were, I suspect, pinned on. I like him and think he’s a good designer but even if you made that dress in bengaline, it wouldn’t stretch enough to fit onto anyone heavier than the model.

  • MrsMaxPower

    I’m getting annoyed with the producers/editors because I want to dislike LK, but they’re pushing her too much as villain. Let my hate bubble organically, please Lifetime.

    And Isaac nailed it when critiquing Josh…I thought his looked like a weak Sgt Pepper Halloween costume. Oh, shiny, orange Ryan Reynolds, either bring the sassy nastiness or get off my screen with your wannabe Jem & the Hologram atrocities. 

    • Lilithcat

      I’m getting annoyed with the producers/editors because I want to dislike LK, but they’re pushing her too much as villain

      No kidding.  I’m not a fan of LK’s, either, but the dishonest, misleading editing really irks me.  Did you catch the shot of her yawning when Ivy’s garment walked the runway?  You just know they got that after everyone had been up for hours, and just spliced it in.  

      • MrsMaxPower

        Yes! That yawn was the worst…it was WAY too manipulated.

  • bluefish

    Also too (TM Sarah Palin) better models please!  Gone are the days of the great PR runway models.  These ladies bring little to the clothes.  Emilio got lucky in that respect.  I keep looking at the dress and see things I like.  The colors are great and I love the sheer 60s drop of the top but the jazz at the bottom looks like a snazzy shower bonnet.  Would’ve liked to see it way shorter in the back. 

    • MrsMaxPower

      Emilio’s model is actually from America’s Next Top Model…I’m somewhat ashamed knowing and flaunting this knowledge. 😉

    • Andrae is struggling IRL. I honestly wonder why. He was one of the most popular PR designers of the early seasons and he does make cute, wearable clothing when you look at his portfolio. I am surprised he isn’t really succeeding.

      • My guess would be that he’s indecisive and flighty with poor time management producing half-assed borderline insanity/genius in the same way he does on the show.  

        I loved him on this season but was done with him after the first episode of All Stars.  There was no sense of maturity from his season to now, no growth in the self-awareness aspect that would allow him to channel his kookiness into effective creativity.  I expected more from him and am sadly disappointed that we never saw the brilliance materialize.  Ah well.

      • Wellworn

        He needs to hire some good people to handle his business so he can just do the delicate creative genius thing.

        • EverybodysStarling

          Maybe he should apply for “All on the line”. Bet he could learn A LOT. 

  • MilaXX

    I honestly think the judges were tired of listening to Andrae & watching him flail around on stage. Hell, *I* was tired of it and I was watching the edited version. I had either Josh or Andrae for the auf, so I had no problem with Andrae going.

    I’m not ready to call who the winner will be just yet.

    • Wellworn

      I agree.  Josh’s was worse, but I think they were frustrated with the way Andrae tried to explain his outfit.  It didn’t bother me, but I can see how it would to others.  If he wants to be successful in fashion, he does need to work out his communication skills, or hire someone to do it for him.  I have liked Ivy’s clothes overall the best this season, hopefully she’s a contender for the win.  I would also have no problem with Althea, Emilio, Uli, or Casanova (surprisingly to me – although I like his personality, he has produced far better work this season than I expected). I do worry about Anthony Ryan winning.  I haven’t agreed with most of his wins, and last night’s was a little slutty tackyville to me.  Maybe his repetitiousness will soon turn off the judges.

      • CozyCat

        Yes, Andrae doesn’t explain his work very well.  But in a way I find that refreshing.  Some past contestants have been too good at spewing out all the buzz words:  “I wanted to design something young and fresh and sexy”  all to describe the usual short, tight and shiny cocktail dress.  I think some of them pick up the language in design school and never really make the connection between the words and how they should be embodied in the work.

        • MoHub

          Andrae was on an episode of Top Design—along with Santino, Daniel Franco, Jeffrey, and Sweet P—in a challenge to create a display window to show off a garment by each designer. When Andrae explained his concept to the interior designers, he was all over the place, confusing them and the viewers as well. Andrae simply doesn’t verbalize well, and he also seems to lack conceptual focus. (It’s no wonder they had a rough time putting the window together.)

          BTW, Sweet P. presented a gorgeous gown that wound up in an equally beautiful window and proved that when she’s not under the pressure and time constraints of PR, she produces terrific clothes. 

  • Josh’s looked a bit too much like a reinterpretation of 80s Rainbow Brite.  Looked just as cheap, too!

  • Josh has officially made two of the ugliest outfits I have seen on Project Runway (plaid pants anyone?) and he has been eliminated for neither. I thought Andrae’s was really cute. Whatever. They were itching to send the little lamb home, so I’m not too surprised.
    As for Emilio…I see the idea but execution fell through. When that model turned down the runway I shouted “It’s aesthetically not pleasing!!” Oh where is Nina circa 2007 when you need her?

  • StellaZafella

    Poor Andrae…so clueless and trying so hard. Sad to see that, when it comes right down to it, the lamb has no chops.

    Good for you Anthony Ryan, I’d buy his clothes…but that doesn’t make him the most creative talent.

    Feels funny to be saying it but, if Ivy’s top had been more than an afterthought I’d have picked her for the winner here – in terms of execution, AND interpretation of the subject.

    • UglyTalents

       I just want to give Andrae a hug and some peanut-butter-crackers.

  • Kate4queen

    I just loved Emilio’s and wanted it to win. Anthony Ryan’s dress was just another tight short dress-okay but nothing special. Wasn’t surprised that Andrae went home although the idea of the dress was interesting, the execution was terrible. 
    I do like the way the judges articulate their opinions-sometimes they even make sense.

  • I thought the challenge was cool. If you’re designing clothes, why not get your inspiration from a completely random set of photos? You could sort of tell from the outset who was going to do better just by the way they picked their photos. Andrae, for instance, couldn’t have been more indifferent about his pic, whereas Emilio loved his girl. Kayne picked a gaudy photo, and then failed to even bring his own aesthetic (probably to his own benefit-he WAS safe…) and Althea liked her photo but really didn’t try that hard to design around it. Uli – ahh, she was attracted to the floaty atmospheric pic, but she KNEW that dress had no impact. Fascinating to watch.

    • guest2visits

      Agree – I liked the challenge too; it kind of freed them to do their own thing – which is what Emilio did.  I was surprised
      that more of the designers didn’t go the more arty-editorial route.

  • I LOVED Emilio’s and thought Kathleen’s was ugly.  Expected Ivy in the top three.  Didn’t think Andrae’s was so terrible. Don’t know what’s up with Josh – he’s better than what he’s been producing.

  • PaulaBerman

    I thought Emilio’s was the clear winner. Yes, the color choice was sort of egg-y, but it was such an interesting design, took risks, and looked editorial. As for the auf, Josh, but that won’t happen for a while yet. 

  • Qitkat

    I watched only the runway portion last evening with the sound off and a baby on my lap I was trying to get to sleep. I turned him away so he couldn’t watch the television and he kept squirming (because he is a smart one year old and knew it was on). The funny thing is the minute I finally turned him around so he could see it, he fell asleep! This commentary on the quality of PRAS is brought to you by BabiesRUs. *snort*

    So I had no earthly idea what the challenge was, other than seeing .0005 seconds of an odd, unmemorable photograph before every look. Gigi is not impressed.
    Cutouts. Check.
    Almost navel baring slits. Check.
    Skirts hiked up to the yoohah. Check.
    Crochtastic pants. Check.
    Yawn. Check.

  • mhleta

    I’m not a fan of LauraprivilegedKathleen as a person. I don’t know why she’s so obsessed with believing she is somehow singularly privileged and why being so should make her act like such a twat. She’s got a good work ethic despite this privileged life of hers. I loved her dress, too. A lot. Though there was room for improvement in the design of the top, the dying was artfully done and she did the best job of translating the mood of her image to the garment. In motion, it was truly a thing of beauty. Emilios also had a real “wow” factor and I wish the judges would reward risk taking more often. ARs dress was a very nice representation of his image but it wasn’t especially revolutionary. At one point I think Georgia started speaking in tongue. Anxiously awaiting “Judging the Judges to comment on that.” 

    • SewingSiren

      Laura Kathleen’s seems like she’s playing a character. Her words sound extremely scripted. Like a  bad script. And she’s not a very good actress either.

      • CurbGirl

        Perhaps that is why she is such an annoyance. I don’t dislike her because she may feel ‘privileged’ . I dislike her because I find her to be clueless-ly irritating.

        • Frank_821

          Yes she’s displaying the same absence of self-awareness that Gretchen had. LK is clearly not an mean or evil person. She’s just coming across as very annoying. She wasn’t any where near this bad during her season. Even taking in editing into account, it means people during Season 9 didn’t call her on it as much and she looked to stressed out all the time anyway. Then again, I see people like Anya, Josh and Anthony Ryan being able to put up with it. It was probably beneath the notice of Bert who channeled his ire/impatience on other people or other things at the time.

  • Bill Curtis

    I thought Andrae’s dress looked like Gumby had just pushed Pokey and Prickle (the yellow dinosaur) through a Play-Doh Fuzzy Pumper Barbershop.

  • Loved Emilio’s egg dress. Didn’t love anything else. 

  • FloridaLlamaLover

    Althea should’ve gotten the boot.  Those pants were horrible.

    • UglyTalents

       The crotch looked like “a wound.” That seems like a clearly auf-able offense.

    • 1_other

      Except as TLo mentioned she was one of only two contestants that actually attempted fashion. Theoretically this is a design
      competition, therefore trying to do something other than the same dress 4 times in a row (AR), she tried something different.

    • When she had so much time in “Talking Head” segments from the onset of the episode, I was like “Well, I know one of the bottom 3” (well, I sadly was already assuming Andrae would throw himself down the rabbit hole again, so I felt as if I knew 2/3 of the bottom 3, without even seeing fabric choices, etc. 

  • Lisa Carey

    I wish they had replaced Tavi with Ceclia Cassini.  That would have been even better to have an obnoxious 10 year old critique their designs.  Tee hee.

  • UglyTalents

    I thought Laura’s was awful — that dirty dishrag print isn’t something a privileged person would wear.

    • tereliz

      That whole, I’m not making clothes for farmers dig seems sort of ironic when she made a dress that looks like it was worn to muck out a stable. But not a stable with ordinary, mortal horses. Like, dressage unicorns or something. 

      • Saucysusan


  • thelovelydove

    Emilio’s dress looked like a parachute, but it would have photographed SO WELL. 

    I wasn’t a big fan of Laura Kathleen’s look…the skirt moved beautifully, but the dye job looked like a coffee stain.

    I really think it was Andrae’s time to go. I won’t be surprised if Kayne or Josh is the next one eliminated though. 

    Yes, Anthony Ryan’s dress was quite tight, but he interpreted the picture in a smart way. I actually watched last night’s episode with him (I’m an LSU student and he comes to campus events occasionally.) He’s the same guy on the show and in person. Funny, genuine, and compassionate. I’m proud of the way he represents my state and my school.

    • tereliz

      I live in La, too (LOL, the OTHER LA) and that’s part of the reason I irrationally love Anthony Ryan. He doesn’t give our state a bad name, he’s sweet, polite and hardly ever bad mouths anyone on a personal level, just their designs, which I find refreshingly commendable! 

      He also demonstrates that La isn’t populated solely by crazy swamp people and pseudo-hard core exterminators and gun-nuts and religious whack-jobs, which is what reality TV would have the rest of the country believe. So cool that you got to watch the episode with him!

      • thelovelydove

        Exactly! He breaks the stereotype. I really hope he comes to a class sometime to give us some pointers. 

        I loved Emilio’s design and thought it was a close second…it was worlds above what he did in his first season…but to me this was as much about the story the designers had to tell as the garments they created.Did anyone else think Ivy should have taken Laura Kathleen’s place in the top?

  • I couldn’t believe how terrible Josh’s outfit was. 

  • Lilithcat

    Although I grant that it’s not an easy dress to wear, I thought Emilio’s was the best on the runway.  And people who dress like a character from Star Trek should not worry about looking like a Chinese lantern.  

    I also really liked Casanova’s design.   It’s one I’d love to wear.

  • I am thankful for Joshua’s loud tank shirts because then I do not have to look at his face, which reminds me of how nasty he was on his season.

    • I’m not sure why, maybe Josh is a better ‘actor’ than Ivy-I see his being nicer for 2 seconds, and I buy his having ‘changed’ much more than I’m buying Ivy’s. But then I remember how terribly he treated Bert-from the get go, comments like “your demographic is “40 to death” to whatsherface, and remind myself he’s just a bit more savvy after seeing how poorly he behaved on his season. 

    • libraangel

      but do you not like Joshi-poo’s wonderfully arched eyebrows?! divine!

  • Something about Anthony Ryan’s makes his model look like she has a completely flat chest. Terrible. And like with LK, this guy is AR. There is only one “Anthony,” and he was so much more lovable and charming.

  • ChristinaRi

    I thought Josh’s was awful in both concept and execution.  At least Andre had an interesting concept.  

    But, clearly, the judges just didn’t want to listen to him anymore.

  • marilyn

    Emilio should have won.  His dress was innovative, and interesting.  It was a step up from the separate wear and resort wear the others are churning out.  Anthony Ryan’s dress was too tight, made the model look ‘hippy’ and had cheesy cut outs on the back.  I thought that Andrae should not have gone home.  He has the kind of innovation they are looking for.  Of course he is a mess.  But the dress he came up with was interesting.  It had zipped components that could be swapped out.  Neato.  At least it was different.  Josh’s Mulan costume was not totally horrible.  I like the contrast of the colors and the basic design, except for the uneven skirt hem.  To go home, I would have chosen Althea’s hot mess.  The colors were nice, but the pants were poorly designed, and looked strange.  The jacket got lost in the crazy pants.  Her execution was poor, and I question the taste level of this design.  It was a bunch of stuff thrown together.  If she was seriously going for the balloon pants, the jacket should have been fitted, and possibly cropped at the waist.

  • Ugh, so over this.  So SO over this.  I’m not going to watch this joke anymore because once again, it is clearly and insultingly fixed.  But this time, the designated winner isn’t even worthy.  That dress is so absolutely basic that American Apparel has been offering versions of it for years.  They even have one with netting and a dangerously low back.  And those back straps are just as well-executed as Andrae’s zipper modules, so why didn’t we hear anything about that?

    Emilio should have won, no questions.  The judges said it themselves, “it’s like he’s right and they’re all wrong.”  

    Blenley, you can’t polish a turd, but you can rub one in silk charmeuse and get a nice pat on the head.  

    Kayne, extreme restraint but I get it.  You can wear any of those pieces from the picture with that dress and she seems to be wearing a bracelet that references the picture quite well.  Too bad he should’ve been referencing it in the whole design.  

    Ivy, please line that skirt, it’s very nice and makes me forget that there is insanity frothing within you.  Is the boxy not cute top supposed to reference wings?  

    Caaasssanova!  I don’t care how literal that outfit is, I love it and I love you <3  I really do, and I just knew him and Emilio would eventually make nice because a genuine person like Casanova does a lot to tone down the kind of egomania Emilio exhibited in his season.

    Uli, very pretty and evocative of your picture.  But I suppose it needs something more to be special.  Time would probably make a big difference.

    Althea bit off more than she could chew and wound up with an interesting jacket and horrifying pants.  

    Josh bit off more than he could chew but with enough time we would have ended up with a well-tailored Rainbow Brite outfit that I still wouldn't have understood.  

    Andrae?  Andrae needs dentures.  So goodbye little lamb, and good luck.

  • I find it ironic and fascinating 1) that TLo now crams all of PR into one post and 2) that I record the show but wait to read the recap to decide if I’m watching it, and I’ve skipped more than I’ve watched this season.

  • EverybodysStarling

    So, I guess I’m out of this fashion thing, because clearly I don’t understand it. Or why else would I think the fashion blogger looked like a drab boring Michelle Williams (which is a oxymoron for itself)?

    Also, I’m getting bored by Anthony. Loved him the first time around, but this time… ugh, I guess it’s Mondo all over again. 🙁

  • dorothea_brooke

    I have a little theory about Laura Kathleen and it is that she is as dumb as a bag of hammers. Poor thing.  

    • she also possesses the insight and sensitivity of said bag.

  • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

    What happened to Andrae? Seriously? He hasn’t matured at all.

  • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

    I’m sure he wishes someone would do that in real life.

  • Why is Georgina Chapman always introduced as “the BEAUTIFUL Georgina Chapman”? Is it in her contract that she must be introduced like that at the beginning of every episode?

    • l_c_ann

      As a young girl she always wanted to inspire a drinking game and “Beautiful Georgina Chapman” has become a drinking game .

    • libraangel

      Georgina is the wife of the producer of PR, Harvey Weinstein- understand now?!

  • bitchybitchybitchy

    Having missed the episode last night (Quelle horreur!), this is my first look at the challenge and the designs.  I simply do not get the judges’ love for Anthony Ryan-he designs and produces cute dresses, but SO WHAT? 

    Honestly, if Lifetime and Bunim-Murray want to produce a reality competition that is an update of the old “Queen for a Day”, in which conte

  • formerlyAnon

    I’d have put Emilio AND Ivy over Anthony. Ivy’s top was fine, allowed the focus to be on the skirt, which I thought was beautiful in motion (and had a clear relationship to the inspiration) A little underwhelming is better than a failed attempt to be impressive. See: Althea. I thought hers was simply a failed attempt.

    • Melvis Velour

      I think if Ivy had gone with a dark top, it would have knocked the whole thing out of the park as it would have connected with the shorts and really simulated the butterfly.

      As for Miss Priveleged, that fabric just looked dirty to me.

  • Josh should have gone home for that outfit. It looked like Aladdin gone bang in the noon day sun.

  • Anthony: I respond to the cutouts. He reconciled “conservative” and “sexy” by making the skirt relatively long and the neckline high whilst allowing the cutouts in the back of the top portion to proliferate toward the skirt portion. The proportions and colors are fairly pleasing. The entire garment is too tight and the silhouette too basic.

    Emilio: I like that he attempted to differentiate his look from the more department-store-oriented entries, and it almost works. It’s zesty and, for the most part, well-engineered. In essence, he exaggerated the outfit the little girl is wearing in the photo. Props for the configuration, if nothing else.

    Laura: Spattered rags.

    Kayne: He was trying to save his ass. He knew he’d have to control his impulses; otherwise, they’d send him home. So he churned out the most simplistic dress. Ironically, this is his least polished entry (and I hate that lace in the back– he can only hold it in for so long).

    Ivy: Should have placed in the top. It’s earthy and interpretative: she intermingled various tonally harmonious prints to mimic the hues of the butterfly’s scales.

    Casanova: That’s what happens when you select a garment to inspire a garment: you’ll subconsciously absorb the details of the garment featured in the photo and recreate it with slight variations. Credit: it’s well-executed.

    Uli: It’s very expected of her: another flowing, resort-oriented dress, with moss creeping up the model’s boobs!

    Althea: Gross. Jacket’s not atrocious, but those ruffled pants are a nightmare.

    Josh: Even worse. This isn’t the unconventional materials challenge. He tortured that top. He replicated the color palette. I don’t mind the structure he attempted; this photo, to me, communicated something very oppressive and enclosed. A geometrical design would have been synergistic to it, but he could not execute it well.

    Andrae: Ironically, this was his best entry. I don’t get the “versatility” or “ingenuity” of the multiplicity of zippers, but at least it’s a completed (sportswear-oriented) piece.

  • ThaliaMenninger

    Emilio’s reminded me of Jiffy Pop, while Josh’s looked like something Miss Marsha’s preschool class put together during craft hour. I like Ivy’s the best, I think, with Laura Kathleen after her. Nothing made me sit up and go WOW. Although Althea’s and Josh’s did make me sit up and go HOLY HELL THAT’S AWFUL. Kangaroo was an apt description for Althea’s, I thought.

  • UsedtobeEP

    I didn’t get to see last night’s show, and what was interesting to me what how clearly I could see the inspiration in most of the garments. They did the photos justice for the most part. I know T Lo did not care for Josh’s, but after all of the drab pics and dresses before his, it was like a breath of fresh air to see it. Oh, and I liked Emilio’s a lot, but I also thought, “Fried egg!”

  • I would take anything Georgina says as truth. Something about her just exudes competence. 

    • libraangel

      plus she’s the producer’s wife!

  • GretaChristina

    The PR judges are being wildly inconsistent about rewarding “editorial” versus “wearable.” They’ve chided other designers in the past, and even aufed them, for being too commercial, too safe. They’ve made a point of saying that this is Project Runway, not Project Department Store. So why the hell are they giving the win to a perfectly nice sheath dress that we’ve seen 789,597,936 times, with its only original elements being sightly different cut-outs than the other 789,597,936 sheath dresses… and giving the cold shoulder to a dress that was not only gorgeous, but wildly imaginative and entirely unlike anything I’ve ever seen?

    Anthony Ryan’s dress was very pretty and well-made. I might even buy it. But Emilio’s dress was art. It had some flaws, but as many others here have said, they could have been sorted out with a few more hours of work. It should have gotten the win, hands-down.

  • donnaINseattle

    Y’know, I feel the need to do my own “ology” on each of the All-Star Designers. After the offing last night, I tried to remember something of Andrae’s from his season and could only remember the “gutter” gown and the moss garden dress . . . I’m not doing the questioning of whether these designers are all “All-Stars” because we all already know that answer, but I can’t simply can’t remember.

    When they were first introducing this challenge and they first mentioned the words “social media” I will say my first thought was “maybe PR is smart enough to use TLo! How did they keep this such a secret!” It was an exciting 2.3 seconds!

  • Kenisha Hill Phillips

    Is no one else bored with Cassanova? He loves some version of pants + blouse with open back.

  • jjfg

    Emilio got the win in my house. It was light and cute had a sense of fun the rest of the runway was lacking.  I guess giving him the win two weeks in a row was out of the question.  Anthony Ryan’s work was fine but I have that dress in my closet, more or less, and I own about three dresses, total (and I’m not exaggerating). 

    Laura Kathleen?  How special that she dyed her own fabric.  If she flops here, she can always do dead head t-shirts.

  • Call me Bee

    I don’t even have the energy to comment on the schmatta this week…

  • Stefanos Mantyla

    Ivy is having the easiest of times in sewing back together any bad reputation in my books, given that I have no access to the show. Can I just say that I am loving Ivy’s work this season? Definitely the most improved. If nothing else, I can at least remember now what she makes. I certainly loved her first and third entries.

    Unfortunately, yes, that top was her downfall this challenge. I am sure she would have won had she made a top that truly complemented the beautiful skirt. But still a great entry overall.

    And the explanation for the fact Andrae went over Josh is what? That’s right. Prior work taken into account. As has always been done on the show.

    Not sure why Althea was in the bottom. Aside from the pants, hers was nice. She took Casanova’s or Kayne’s spot for some reason. And Laura on top? Bitch stole Ivy’s parking spot!

  • myristica_fragrans

    is it just me, or is anyone else sick of how carolyn talks to the contestants like they’re a bunch of 1st graders in an esl class? she speaks in such clipped, over enunciated sentences and it’s so annoying and patronizing.

    that said: laura needs to get the hell over herself. dropped waist pants are tolerable to me if done well, but althea’s sucked. i liked andrae’s concept, but wished he could’ve pulled it off.

    • Yeah, I am sick of it. I don’t think she’s neccesarily patronizing them, though. I think she’s not really an on-screen personality, prior to this gig, and she’s wooden and nervous by nature, so her attempts at being animated come off stilted and ingenuous. She’s just not a natural host. It’s a talent. Some people are good at it; like Tom Bergeron – you can speak off the cuff, get your point across, seem amiable, wrap it up, and look comfortable in your own skin. She’s a model, but she just doesn’t seem to be able to host properly.

  • Rebecca Jay

    Oh look, Anthony made a blue and black dress.  Oh look, Uli made a flowy dress.  Oh look, Laura Kathleen is a snotty bitch.

    Oh look, I’m bored spitless with this season and only sticking around to see what Ivy makes next.

  • libraangel

    O.K., Anthony Ryan’s WAS the best (I did like the back), but yeah, I’m getting sick of the same design – and colors! What is the fetish with granny pants, Ivy?! Come on, Uli, where is the blue of the sky?: T&L said it – boring! Joshie-poo shocks me both with his I’m so nice and quiet personality-change, and also by his garish shiny blue skirt. I didn’t even mind the crayon color top – paired with a black pencil skirt or pants! Casanova – meh this time. As for our Laura Kathleen, who doesn’t design “for farmers”(!), her drip pattern looks like the model been sloppin’ dem hogs! Althea ‘s pants look like sized for a double-dick man, and Kanye, jewelry gems= red dress?! As for ‘Gollum’ ( I love that they called him this, but I find him as creepy as Gollum!), didn’t actually mind his design, but wtf did it have to do with his inspirational photo?! Fly away, birdie, fly away!

    • but did you see the pin in the back?  that totally blew it for me.  do these designers not know how to do an invisible tack by hand?   gross.

  • libraangel

    p.s. forgot about Emilio, who also has undergone an attitude change. Very innovative and imaginative, especially the lining, but also very ugly. Weeble toy

  • Laura’s dress looks like she dragged it through a mud puddle.

  • enchanted216

    Ugh.  This show was so boring to me.  I am so over the drama and the contestants all talking about themselves like they are Jesus.  Why have the challenges become about what the judges would wear?  Emilio’s dress was the only thing that stood out for me.  Maybe if the inside of the skirt was black?  IDK.  Kathleen’s looked like a rag.  Anthony Ryan’s did not fit correctly, and I didn’t think it represented “cross roads.”  Uli’s was the only beautiful dress, in my opinion, and it had the feel of her inspiration picture.  A different color would have done it justice, perhaps.  I think both Andrae and Joshua should have gone home.

  • withbreaththatisbaited

    Ugh Anthony Ryan and his freaking cancer again! I totally forgot that about him until he mentioned it two hundred times tonight.  Has he mentioned it before this season? 

    I feel like Ivy should have taken LK’s place in the top, that skirt is really beautiful.

  • DosGatosDiablos

    Did anyone else think Ivy’s muse photo is supposed to be a dead butterfly drying up on the pavement? I am watching on the iPad screen so I could be wrong. Not very inspiring if I’m right! Also, even on the small screen, I clearly caught those pins in the straps of AR’s dress. Surprising for a winning dress? Did he take them out for the USA Today feature?

  • grif wolf

    I agreed with Anthony Ryan for the win.  I like his clean graphic aesthetic. Playing the cancer card thing- I don’t agree and find it kind of insulting to cancer survivors.

    • Oy! Looking at the stills again, Josh’s is SO MUCH MORE horrific than I saw it as last night. I didn’t see that it was all twisted.  Going to go “Rate the Runway” for a really fun Friday night. 

  • I wish that they’d have a challenge where the designs/garments were ranked without the judges knowing who made which garment. Pick the top 3, and bottom 3, then bring designers out.  I know it would be hard to pull off with a thousand cameras recording the designers from every angle, constantly-they can work out the logistics of that, I’m just the ‘idea woman’ (hee). I contend that bias for/against certain designers often comes into play (actually, I see that as more the case with the ‘regular’ judges than this panel). Maybe they would be able to tell who had designed each piece (I mean Uli’s this week, even I would have guessed), but they might find someone in the top 3 that they see as a’filler’ person. Just a thought I had today after spending far too many of the past 24 hours thinking or reading about the episode.

    • alyce1213

      That would be too fair and non-manipulative.

  • JMansm

    The two guest judges were soooo fabulous (especially Tavi) 

  • ccm800

    I disagree with the assessment of Casanova’s ensemble. I do not find it literal at all and I do find it exactly inspired. It is androgynous like he planned but not so much that it alienates any woman who would want to wear it. I think he is showing some real chops this season and is not getting cred. Man I hated Josh’s little Fancy McDonald’s streetwalker uniform. I do not know who his woman is supposed to be what-so-ever. A woman suffering infantile albeit sleazy regression? 

  • SockMonkies

    Oh Joshua, how I love you so, you handsome queen of a man. But that outfit was atrocious. I’m glad you’re still here but please, do not ever sew anything resembling that ever again. Also, I adore Anthony Ryan but I feel like I’ve seen that bodycon dress more than 100 times. 

  • Amy

    I think the Anthony Ryan definitely had an advantage drawing from his cancer story. But Emilio should have had it in the bag. Yes, the dress needed some tweaking but it was the most inventive, best interpretation of a photo and the only thing that didn’t make me yawn. Besides, Laura Kathleen made the same thing she always makes/wears and it just happened to match up with the challenge pretty well.

    I was skeptical of the hipster sister wife judge but I guess she had her good moments. 

  • Bwin51

    I loved Ivy’s innovation. Now the challenge is how to make underwear that looks fashionable.

  • Orange Girl

    So the winning design is too tight for a model AND I can’t wear underwear with it? Oh I just have to have it. 

  • can i just say, joshua’s look is in the running for the ugliest thing ever made on pr?  it looks like parts of two halloween costumes which got separated from their mates and wound up on the floor of woolworths, then got trampled on, and are now on sale for 75% off and no one can tell what the costumes were supposed to be in the first place.  shockingly awful.

    ivy is way too in love with sheers.  you can’t base your whole aesthetic on revealing your underpants.  sorry.

    uniball:  i liked you a lot better when i had forgotten your whole cancer story.  if you had kept your mouth shut, would your look have anything to do with surviving a life-threatening disease?  and here’s the news: it still has nothing to do with it.  and the pin in the back was grossly obvious.

    laura kathleen, shut the fuck up about your rich upbringing.  nobody cares. and the top of your gown looks tortured.

    casanova, i adore you. you are so suave, and i loved watching you fit the ass of those trousers.  suavamente….eggs-zack-leeee!

    • Anathema_Device

      I agree about Josh’s look. The top looks like it was made from craft store felt squares!

      I laughed when Casanova ran his hand over his model’s ass, admiring the fit of the pants. He is good TV.

  • I couldn’t get over what looked like a pin left in the back of Anthony Ryan’s dress and nothing being said about it

  • I get why Anthony Ryan won and not Emilio. The contest was for a thing in USA Today. U-S-A Today. The thing in hotel rooms. It is NOT a F-fashion mag. Emilio’s would have had the main audience saying “what the hell?” AR’s would have the audience saying “wow! wish I could wear that!” or something similar. 
    As for LK, I admit, I get a bit of her.  She’s privledged, and as such she is a bit clueless to other people’s lives. That said, I’ve been present in groups where the game in the conversation is “my upbringing was so much worse than any of yours!” (Or “my hs years were worse than yours…” or whatever. I usually fold early with “nope, liked hs, have a good loving family.” Do I think I’m better than those folks? No. But I do get tired of the “my life is so much worse so you’re shallow” thing.  LK isn’t handling it as well as she could, but you know, its not actually her fault she was raise with lots of money. She needs to be more aware, true, but they all seem to want her to be like “sorry, you all are so much more deserving than I am because of cancer, or dead mom, or poverty or whatever….”  which isn’t true. Best clothes = deserving; not best story = deserving. (Or it should be, anyway.)

  • crow girl

    That exchange between Issac and Andrae was one of the most entertaining things on the show this season. I watched it twice. Comedy gold.

  • Anathema_Device

    I’m going to miss Andrae’s weirdness. While his outfit was auf-worthy, I think Josh’s was way worse. That was hideous. I can see where Andrae went oddball one too many times, so I can’t argue too strongly with his auf.

    I think Anthony Ryn won b/c his story was the best for USA Today. That dress was nice, but the back was very tacky. Not totally sure who I would have picked instead. Maybe Laura Kathleen b/c her dress would have photographed well and the connection to the inspiration photo was clear.

  • Ann

    Where is the judging the judges post for this episode???

  • Truly_Outrageous

    I dont get it. If Laura Kathleen is so upper class then why does she wear what looks to be pajamas. And why does she make pajama looking clothes for theses challenges. Seriously, I think she makes (and wears) too many of these pajama lookin pants and tops that dont make much of a fashion statement. And she says her shits too expensive. This dress she made here looks a little sleepwear inspired. And I hated the back of this dress.

  • LK’s dress did the model’s boobs no favors.