PR All Stars: Boys on the Side

Posted on November 30, 2012


Y’know? This was a pretty good challenge, as so-called “avant garde” challenges go. Androgyny can be tough for some designers – especially the ones in this lot, who probably figured they could make it through the competition churning out pretty dresses until the end – but the show added a twist that was actually worthy of being called a twist: they needed to make androgynous clothes for both genders. That’s an actual, honest-to-god design challenge, something PR has had a problem putting together in recent seasons.

As for whatever interpersonal drama sprung up, we have nothing to say. Too much obvious playing to the cameras for us to give a moment of our time to discussing. It is to yawn.



 So congrats to Emilio! When this walked out we both exclaimed that it didn’t matter what else walked out, these looks were obviously the clear winners. It’s rare on Project Runway to see a designer hit the mark on a challenge so exactly, but he really nailed this one. You really have to look to determine which of them is a woman and which is a man. If that’s not androgyny, then what is?  They’re not only androgynous looks, they’re sexy-as-hell looks to boot, and that’s not easy to do. Granted, we don’t think he quite managed “avant garde.”

Don’t get us started on Isaac and his ridiculous points. “He relied too much on the hats.” PLEASE, BITCH. What does that even mean? And were you as embarrassed as we were when you squealed “Anthony Ryan, WHAT MAKES YOU SO WONDERFUL?!?!?!”



 We’ll give Uli a lot of credit for pushing herself way outside her comfort zone, and these are both fairly interesting in their own right, but we didn’t love it as much as the judges did. We think both looks owed way too much to known designers who specializes in unisex clothing, like Rad Hourani. You could make that criticism about a whole lot of Project Runway output, but it becomes more of a problem when you’re supposed to be shooting for avant garde.



 Outside of the usual teacher’s pet reasons, we have no idea why the judges were so in love with this. It’s just okay. There’s nothing about her look that could be called androgynous and the only slightly androgynous thing about his look is the sheer top. Pretty weak sauce.



 Ugly. It says something about the limits of her range that, to her, androgyny means “women in pants.”



 Ivy’s been doing a pretty good job all season, but this is easily the worst thing she’s ever done. Sheer fabrics do not automatically turn standard menswear into something avant garde and androgynous.




These were surprisingly good efforts coming from Althea, who tends toward sexy, body-con, womenswear. She didn’t push the envelope as far as it needed to go, but this is pretty far, for her.



Oh please.

Girl, what the fuck.



Interesting pieces, but – and we’re well past sounding like a broken record now – not at all androgynous or avant garde. It’s just slightly edgy club wear.



 And it’s Schmauf Wiedersehen to Kaynebow, for the second time. Somewhat hilariously, he went against the grain and, instead of taking the limited view that androgyny = funky menswear, he decided that androgyny = putting a man in womenswear. The pieces are beautifully rendered but there’s not one thing about them that could be called avant garde or androgynous. You could find very similar pieces hanging in the ladies departments of a thousand different department stores.


[Photo Credit: David Russell – Stills:]

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  • jonnyf8

    Gosh, I turned in late so missed 1/2 the drama.  I thought both Emilio’s and Casanova’s both looked like skating outfits.  I think Kayne has gotten a bum rap from the judges all season and have read pageant into everything even when it wasnt’ there.  That disco outfit is still the most memorable thing for me in those snooze of  a season so far.  And, everything Ivy has done has looked the same to me.

    • I think the match-matchyness of Emilio’s outfits made them look a bit on the costume side, but if someone only saw one person like this in a club, rather than two side by side, that person would be quite popular and admired for looking so androngynous-cool.

    • libraangel

      Emilio = skating?! really?!

  • For my money it was time for Laura Kathleen to bid a less than fond adieu.  Her work was not only, not appropriate to the challenge, its was a tortured mess, of bad construction, bad ideas, and far too many of them, to boot.  Kayne’s work at very least was partially successful, with the male model’s outfit, plus his construction skills were a world better than LK’s.   So Props to Emilio!  Like you guys, as soon as i saw it I knew who the winner had to be. No one was even in the same playground as he was.

    • Introspective

      No one was in the same stratosphere kiltd!!

    • VicksieDo

      I was shocked that LK wasn’t eliminated, even after her whining about this not being her thing.  If Emilio hadn’t won, we’d know just how fixed it all is…

      •  I just hope they aren’t building him up so that they can kick him to the curb and give the prize to AR, at the end of days.

        • barbiefish

          Me too!  I think Emilio was over-rewarded one or two times in his season but IMO he’s one of the strongest also-rans in recent PR history.  And he’s showing some great stuff in AS2 — OTOH while Anthony Ryan actually set in sleeves (gasp!) on the woman’s outfit tonight he hasn’t been appreciably more interesting than he was in his season.  The judges’ preferential treatment is a mystery to me while they’re managing to get most other things right (or at least defensible).

          • libraangel

            Not to go back in time, but I finally saw the pin in the back of Anthony Ryan’s dress when they showed the newspaper article, and I can’t believe he got away with this?! What is he doing to Isaac to get such praise all the time?!

          • Kristin McNamara

            I SAW THAT TOO!!!!!! I couldn’t believe not more BKs commented about that! It was so clear, when it glinted in the light, I paused my TV and rewound like 3 times to make sure I was really seeing that right. Can’t believe they judges didn’t say anything. (Or if they did, that they didn’t show it on the show!)

          •  He was in a very strong season, so I think that may have been a big part of why he annoyed me so — he was over praised when compared to his competition, with Mila and SA both.

        • JosephLamour

          I REALLY want that top AR made, in it’s dress form. But as much as I liked that, if Emilio doesn’t win, I’m going to be angry sauce. Also, I’m just going to say it. AR’s head is too round for a mohawk.

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            I’ve been wondering just what it is about AR’s hair  that irritates me so much, and I think you’ve hit it-his head is the wrong shape to successfully pull off that mohawk.

            While the judges have what to me is an irrational crush on AR, I think Emilio has shown much stronger looks so far. I don’t see anyone really challenging him,unless someone steps up their game soon.

          •  I’m of the theory that the when you have a clear winner like Emilio in this challenge, you might as well throw the nice guy a bone, which I think explains the AR love here.

          •  Plus, the mohawk thing is Sooooooo 20th century.  I think he chooses that look to maintain an edgier appearance, since apart from that, he’s a an average, nice looking young man, with nothing that physically makes him stand out.

          • JosephLamour

            He also should of showed it like Josh was wearing the dress (who looked really hot in it too- I just want to brush the eyebrow pencil off his head! The rest of the makeup is fine with me lol) those pants sort of kill the androgyny.

        • totally agree! 

      • Kayne’s stuff didn’t wow me, but it seemed a heckuva lot closer to the gist of the challenge than Laura Kathleen’s pieces, which were just awful.

        • ampg

          Plus I thought it was weaker than weak that Isaac criticized Kayne’s color choice, which was cutting-edge trendy when the season was being filmed.  But Kayne had a target on his back from Day 1, which is unfortunate because he kept some weaker designers out of the bottom 3 along the way.

    • ghopping

      ahhh but laura adds more to the drama and storyline than kayne. had to say it

      • Girl_With_a_Pearl

        Agreed.  Yep, that’s why they’re keeping her.  As a viewer I’m finding her drama potential getting old really fast.  And I never considered her an All Star in the first place.

        • Melvis Velour

          You nailed this one perfect Girl…

          Let’s see, they didn’t get drama from Wendy, Aundre was well…Aundre, Joshua is trying to manufacture drama it’s not working (I loved how Ivy refused to bite last night) so, you keep Blenley around and see what happens…my guess is that Joshua goes before she does.

          • libraangel

            I just saw the trailer for ‘The Hobbitt’ and by golly, Andrae IS like Gollum!

  • Jennifer Coleman

    Josh’s male model’s expression just sums up that look. I kind of gasped when I saw Emilio’s look. 

    •  Truly, and Josh’s remarks about the “pure inspiration” of his work, was hilariously out of touch with reality.  I really felt for both of his models, actually.  The jacket with the King Kong sleeves wasn’t doing his female model any favors.

      • janierainie

        When Josh was commenting on his pieces as they walked, I kept thinking “he must be looking at a different set of designs than we were”- maybe the “pretend” ones in his head. He is clinically clueless.

      • alyce1213

        King Kong sleeves!

      • Jennifer Coleman

        Yes-the female looks a little traumatized with those sleeves.

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        You know, when Josh opens his mouth and starts blithering about his designs, the boy has to be living in another dimension.

      • KateShouldBeWorking

        The second I saw Josh’s entry, all I could think about was this t-shirt.

    • Kimbolina

      Are his eyes closed?  You can just picture the thought bubble over his head, “Worst. Job. Ever.”

  • Susan Collier

    Emilio has kicked serious ass on two interesting challenges: this one and the “aerosol art” one.
    Man, I’m really sick of Ivy’s sheers and granny panties.
    Josh’s male model looks so pained.

    • unbornfawn

      Both Ivy and Josh’s were bottom worthy.

      • Introspective

        For a sec i thought you meant bottom worthy as in “power bottom” – then I had to get my mind outta the gutter!!

        Then again you cant tell me that both Josh and Ivys mens outfits didnt feel like gay club kids from 15 yrs ago. (and not in a smart nod to the 90s way, but a “been there, done that, richie rich sold the movie rights” kinda way…

    • jonnyf8

      Granny panties.  LOL

      • MoHub

        Ivy has made herself the Queen of sheer over granny panties. How many times has she done this now?

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          Sheer over granny panties is not a look that you want to repeat, in my book.

        • Laylalola

          And now a guy in granny panties. Just, no!

        • carolclark12

           Gretchen’s influence is deep and wide.

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            Gretchen’s calling, and it’s from inside the granny panties!

    • MoHub

       And he should have had the win on the photo-inspiration challenge.

  • spooki C

    I actually was able to pay attention to this episode rather than turning to my book as usual so that’s saying something… Uli’s was my favorite because it’s very much what I would wear myself but Emilio was definitely deserving of the win.  I knew Kayne was dead in the water when his shirt had that god awful smiley face made of fabric scraps. GURL, BYE.

  • I loved the open back on the men’s outfit from Emilio. It’s such a traditionally feminine design element, but those shoulders and back were all man.  As soon as I saw that I knew Emilio really got it, in a way basically none of the other designers did.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      Emilio’s male model was friggin’ hot, even before Emilio put that open back on him.  For once I was in agreement with Schmeidi. That man was fan-worthy…

  • Clueless_Jock

    Call me clueless, but I was cringing throught this episode.

  • Stefanos Mantyla

    Truly deserving winner, if, as per usual, you ignore the total BS “avant-garde” brief.

    The rest is collectively pretty bad, at least in pictures.

  • I only caught the runway portion of the show last night, so my comments are not based on complete info of the challenge. That being said, to me Emilio’s outfits look like drag queen wear.  Night club stuff.  Perhaps that’s why Isaac objected to the hats. What  man or woman would actually wear that vest in real life? I like Anthony Ryan’s.  I would wear any piece shown on either model.

    •  “What  man or woman would actually wear that vest in real life?”

      It’s an avant garde challenge. That’s not really an appropriate judging criterion.

      • Well, that’s what I missed, if they in fact made that clear.  On the other hand, how often have the judges let appropriate judging criterion fly out the window? Oh well.  Game show.

    •  I’d wear the vest! Not the whole outfit, but the vest, with some skinny black pants, maybe a tee? I’d have to see it on me, but I like vests and I love the color of this one. And I’m not really a club person.

  • janierainie

    Joshua’s model looks like he’s about to cry. 

    Wouldn’t it be fun to talk to the models about the goings on in the workroom?

    Isaac and AR need to get a room.

    After this episode, I decided I either want Uli or Emilio to win. 

    I have an irrational (maybe not totally irrational) dislike for AR. Besides the teacher’s pet thing, which is always obnoxious, he’s starting to look like Anya to me with that hair. Also I can’t help feeling like his accent is a little exaggerated. At least he can sew.

    • jonnyf8

      I miss “Models of the Runway”.  I felt like I got more insight from those girls than I ever did from the judges.

      • Kristin McNamara

        Ditto. And did anyone catch that, if I’m not mistaken, one of the models was Caridee English, from a long-time-ago season of ANTM?

      • BuffaloBarbara

         Wish they could have made that work.  Maybe made the models compete in model challenges or something to keep up the interest, instead of just doing the drama.  But I loved hearing about how it was to wear the clothes and so on.

      • Yeah, I miss it too. Now they don’t tell us the models’ names, they don’t choose/trade models, ie, no “motherfucking walk-offs.” 

    • sojourneryouth

       I would LOVE to hear how Casanova’s models felt about being dressed as backup dancers for Earth Wind and Fire’s ’78 World Tour.

      • libraangel

        Maybe yes EW&F , BUT I still would like to wear it (the girl)!

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      We can virtuall sit together and discuss our irrational dislike of AR. I think for me it’s the judges’ collective crush on him, and that silly mohawk he flaunts.

    • piperkitty

      Faint praise…at least he can sew. I too have had a dislike for AR since his season.

    • cam_lo

      have you ever met anyone from baton rouge? that’s how they talk. 

      to your other point, though, he does have a hard-core girl crush on anya and yes, does emulate her in terms of appearance now. sad day. 

  • BuffaloBarbara

    I was definitely embarrassed for the judges on their gushing over Anthony Ryan’s.  He’s a nice guy and everything, but the entry wasn’t especially good.

    Emilio deserved the win big time.  I’m not a big fan of androgynous clothes (partly because there’s no way in hell I could ever pull them off), but in terms of the challenge, he nailed it, and made pieces that were interesting.  Though the model fitting where his model couldn’t figure out where to put her arm with that big wing-thing showed some of the limits of high concept design.  I think I’d have put Althea in the top and AR in the middle of the pack.

    Casanova’s were cute clothes in their way, but yeah, not even a little bit androgynous, so he deserved his spot in the bottom, though they were right to just say, “Okay, you missed the question, but good clothes, go backstage.”

    Kayne’s was bad, but Laura Kathleen’s was worse.  Too obviously producer manipulation to keep her in, especially when the editors cut together the re-caps to remind the audience that she’s the season’s designated bitch, and therefore  untouchable.

    Ivy’s are costumes for a cyberpunk movie.  Josh’s are… I have no words.  Uli gets props for stepping outside her comfort zone, but both outfits skew toward feminine, and the feather stuff is kind of distracting.

    • Delmekia Flannigan

      I completely agree we’re your sentiments regarding Uli’s designs. I loved both of the sheer tops (couldn’t pull them off myself) but I do think her clothes skewed more towards the feminine. If it wasn’t for the male model’s outfit and her craftsmanship I would have place her middle of the pack or maybe top third not top two.

      I definitely think that Althea should have been in the top and Emillo was the clear winner. When I saw his models I immediately asked out loud “okay which model is which”. If that isn’t androgynous I don’t know what is. I really like that he highlited both of his models strong arms and shoulders. And Issac’s comment about his hats, bitch please go get a room with AR already.

      Speaking of AR, nice clothes. Not worthy of top 3 mentions.

      • libraangel

        Your remark about Isaac and AR getting a room -hilarious!
        BUT I have changed my mind: after looking at Emilio’s again, I love it, BUT the two designs are way too similar/identical.

  • Frank_821

    Yes Emilio was the clear winner. I enjoyed Uli’s for nothing else she pushed herself and succeeded

    After the mini-fight with the “safe” designers, I know it will be any time now where Josh will have another of his famous meltdowns. It was sad seeing him go at it with Ivy-especially with her coming off reasonable and grounded. And there’s Althea’s summing it up best about how he was projecting onto Ivy. No Josh being safe does not mean you did a great job. It just means you were safe.

    • CozyCat

      When I went back to look at Ivy’s designs on “rate the runway,” I was a little sympathetic with Josh–I would hate to have my designs equated with those.  But then I took a look at HIS designs, and all sympathy vanished.  His men’s look is basically what Josh wears to work everyday.  His woman’s look is just horribly, horribly bad.   I hate to say it, but Ivy’s bad as they were, were better.
      On the other hand, the person who should have been complaining in the safe room was Althea….

  • Deac82

    I understand why they had to label it as “avant garde”…if not, it would have been a bunch of lame men’s suiting and button-downs on that runway.  At least we got some interesting pieces of clothing out of everyone.

  • Kayceed

    Emilio is on fire – the grafitti suit, the yellow volume dress and now this. His work is very confident this season – the ideas, the cut, to colors he uses. He is doing very, very well.  Laura Kathleen on the other hand should have been gone, gone, gone. Her designs were by far the worst, any way you choose to judge them.

    •  If, as she was told on the runway, she had played to her strengths, she would have done far better here.  There was not one designer who had the notion of putting one of the men in a skirt. Which she could have done with far more success.
      I’m in complete agreement about Emilio. He is really bringing it, week after week. Final three, anyone?

      • “There was not one designer who had the notion of putting one of the men in a skirt.”

        -Yes! Even my 6 year-old said someone should have made a kilt.

        • I would have been very happy to do a tutorial on how to wear one, and rock the shit out of it.  lol

          • MilaXX

             I bet last season’s Fabio could have rocked a man skirt

          • Last season’s Fabio would have rocked this challenge just doing what he normally does.

        • jonnyf8

          Good job with that 6-yr old!  My kind of kid!!!

        • Not sure how old you are, but those old enough to remember very early SNL will remember David Bowie’s suit with pencil skirt moment ca. winter of 1980. It absolutely blew my mind and I was certain it would only be a matter of a few years before men on Wall St were wearing same to work. Didn’t happen, but I had the same thought here. Love it when a man can make a skirt look macho.

        • DeborahJozayt

          That was my thought, too! 

      • Call me Bee

        I do think Emilio and Uli will be in the final three. 
        But I gotta say, even though Emilio has cranked out some good looks this time around, I was never impressed with his output in his original season.  I remember the judges just gushing over the gold gown in his final collection, and I’m thinkin’…”Wha?  This has been on the runway a million times!!”   
        It’s Uli, IMHO, who got the shaft in her season.  Although–all her competitors were so strong.  If she’d been on any subsequent season, she’d have won no problem.  

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          I would certainly have been happier had Uli won Season Three over Jeffrey Sebelia.  I couldn’t argue with Seth Aaron’s win in Season 7-he was strong throughout the season, and came across as a good guy to boot.

      • MilaXX

         he should be final 3, but  not if they  going to do  fake out and and the win to AR

      • formerlyAnon

         Yup. The absence of a skirt on one of the guys – or even of slinky, ambiguous pants – completely baffled me.

        • Aaaaaaand, it had the added advantage of being structurally simpler than creating pants.  Seems like a no brainer to me. Plus there are endless cultural references all over the world from which to have drawn.

  • Wendy Wetzel

    And why did they all rely on such awful makeup?   Avant garde doesn’t equate to horror movie….   Kane should have stayed, LK needs to go!

    • Introspective

      Im telling you i thought the makeup jobs were all a shitty mess. As soon as i heard rock star!! incessantly i knew it was a setup for surefire dreck.

    • I didn’t really know much about Ivy’s looks until they walked (only that there was probably another panty-underneath thing going on when she explained her men’s brief) but as soon as she was saying “Kabuki inspired” in the makeup room I was like Oh Lordy this’ll be BAD. And I was RIGHT.

      • libraangel

        I just remembered Uli’s remark about ‘ballroom’ LOL

        • Heh that was hilarious. I’m with Joanna, I’m using that term from now on.

    • formerlyAnon

       Yeah. I didn’t think ‘rock star’ would be so bad, but apparently I remember glam rock better than the makeup artists & designers do.

    • Yeah, about half of them think androgynous = chiffon twinsies with weird eyebrows.

  • LJCdoc

    How many Cookie Monsters had to die to make those sleeves, Josh? WON’T ANYONE THINK OF THE CHILDREN?! I did a gay gasp when Emilio’s came out, & I’m a straight girl. Clear winner to me. Also, Althea to me should have been top, Anthony’s was boring.

  • GenieinTX

    Emilio was the clear winner and well deserved.  But I’d like to dip into the shallow end of the pool and say how gorgeous his models looked.  When they turned around and showed their backs and both had such gorgeous glowing skin?  So so much pretty.

    • Kayceed

      Emilio knows how to use color, and I’m sure part of his decision in choosing fabric is to complement his model’s skin tone – his model glows every week. The others should take note.

    • formerlyAnon

       Models are rarely less than attractive, but he damn sure got a gorgeous pair and he was smart enough to take advantage of that.

  • Panem_et_Circenses_disqus

    I liked Emilio’s, Uli’s and Althea’s.  Didn’t understand the AR praise.  I get that ugly can sometimes be beautiful, but LK should have gone home for what she sent out.

  • Introspective

    Emilio killed it. Full stop. One of the more striking and truly appropriate answers to a PR challenge in several seasons. Love love love.

    Yes I thin AR is getting irrational love but Im thinkig Emilio is this seasons dark horse…

    • Vera L-

      I gasped when Emilio’s stuff hit the runway. Really amazing work. 

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        Those two looks really shut it down, didn’t they? 

  • dress_up_doll

    I was pretty much cringing throughout this episode as well although I must say, my heart went all aflutter when “the beautiful Georgina Chapman” announced the twist. What a good challenge. This is the type of challenge they should’ve been doing long ago.
    Emilio is good. Everytime I see one of his looks comes down the runway I understand why the man was nominated for a Tony. I loved Uli’s as well, but Emilio’s was the very definition and essence of androgyny.

  • Introspective

    Definitely final three.

  • alyce1213

    Althea should have been in the top — I guess I’d drop Anthony Ryan to the middle.
    Emilio’s outfits were the best, and his models were over-the-top, I-could-look-at-them-forever fantastic! They owned the runway.

    • CozyCat

      I would have moved Althea to the top, Casanova to the middle (missed the challenge, but overall much better than most of the others); and Ivy, or preferably Josh to the bottom.   I wouldn’t have argued with Ivy in the bottom, but it seemed like she was relieved to be safe, while he thought he was a potential winner.  It’s always both worthwhile and entertaining to watch someone that delusional in the bottom.

  • Emilio’s models WORKED that runway and deserve some sort of award for the way they BAD-ASSED the hell out of those dopey outfits. Does a vest really need a dorsal fin? If Bob Fosse and Shamu had a baby, it would look like this. I give the models 75% of the credit for that win.

    I thought Joshua’s men’s wear ensemble was very Provincetown/Fire Island, as are most of his clothes, and would sell quite well there.Gay resort wear, if you will. However, someone should have ripped the sleeves from the woman’s garment and beaten Joshua about the head and neck with them. Unforgivable.

    •  it would have mussed his Tan-In-A-Can

    • jonnyf8

      Wouldn’t it be great if they had a Fire Island challenge next season — sponsored by International Male.  “The award winning design will be feature in their next catalog!” 

      •  Josh would ACE that challenge, since I suspect he gets the catalog all the time.  Oh LORDY the IM catalogs from the 80s, with the sheer caftans and the majority of the clothes looking like they had been inspired by Liberace.  Good times.  lol

        • StellaZafella

           I wasn’t looking at the clothes back then…were you?…just sayin’

          •  In between ogling the men, of COURSE I was looking at the clothes.  But even at my then tender age, I thought they were mostly pretty hilariously awful.

        • libraangel

          I LOVE Joshie-poo’s eyebrows!

    • 2ndhandchic

      Emilo’s female model is Aminat Ayinde from America’s Next Top Model. It was one of the last seasons I watched. I think she came in 2nd.

    • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

      “If Bob Fosse and Shamu had a baby”  — BRILLIANT!!!

    • libraangel

      I think your remark about Bob Fosse and Shamu is hilarious!!!

  • I’d never heard of Rad Hourani (or if I had, it was just a blip on the radar) so thank you TLo for the reference! Love. 
    Also, I will forever make fun of Isaac Mizrahi for “never having seen” tie-dye before (in re the Anthony Ryan comments). Oh puh-lease. 
    I think Althea suffered from too-feminine fabric choices from the start (it looked a little like the guy was in his grandmother’s cardigan or a Golden Girls outfit on my TV) – a more tailorable fabric might have pushed her up to the top 3 (if the judges were willing to let Anthony Ryan let go of his de facto spot). 
    When you said “slightly edgy clubwear” about Casanovas, I suddenly realized they look like the most fabulous couple at the Zion Rave in the Matrix. 
    In the light of day, I can almost see where Kayne is coming from, in sort of Thom Browne show collection sort of way, but there’s still the problem of the unsophisticated color combination (that yellow, in that fabric, with the black and white houndstooth, is just tacky) and the super clownish styling. 

  • GOOD GOD I hated Ivy’s outfit. I hated Josh’s quite a bit as well, but I sort of always hate his stuff. I just dislike his personal aesthetic and taste level intensely, so I counted him out from the jump, and have seen no reason to change my mind. In Ivy’s case, I DON’T GET what the hell is up with these sheer bottoms. Josh needled her about the jackets she makes, but it’s the bottoms! Lord, if she puts out another granny panty/sheer skirt/pant thing next week and they don’t call her on it, I’ll be shocked.

    • I really wish AR hadn’t talked Joshua out of making the ass chaps. Would have paid $ to see that train wreck.

      • Kayceed

        I was hoping to see some crazy – ass chaps, cod piece, something wacky. Sigh.

        • Were not the furry arms cray cray enough?

          • Lattis

            Cray cray – there are a couple of things from PR that have crept into our family’s everyday language. Cray cray is one of them. 🙂

      • HAHA I drank a bottle of cheap champers during the episode and therefore forgot about the chaps. How true, that at least instead of simply counting Josh’s outfits out, I should look for their entertainment value…

  • shopgirl716

    I got annoyed with the judges when they went on and on about how wearable certain looks were.  Since when is avant garde supposed to be wearable?  When is LK going to go home?  I can’t take much more of her nasally voice and, well, her.  

    I will never, ever understand how Josh even makes it on the show.

    •  They trot out the “wearable” commentary every single avant garde challenge, as if it had any relevance whatever.

  • In_Stitches

    I wish they didn’t F with the designers so much.  You want them to make coordinating androgynous clothes for a man and a woman in two days?  Tell them that upfront, that’s enough of a challenge.  Get them started and then throw the curve ball?  It’s a lot and it’s only going to hamper the quality of their products. 

    I was shocked to see so many leggings on women and none on men.  They strike me as such an iconic feminine item and it seemed like a missed opportunity. 

    • CozyCat

      The most incomprehensible comment of the night was the Beautiful Georgina Chapman criticizing Uli’s leggings.  Huh?

      • dress_up_doll

        I know, right? And when they did a close up shot, I thought they were kind of cool and totally appropriate given the look she was going for. I hate it when the judges make those lame, half-assed attenpts to shoot down a designers work (especially when they’ve done a good job).

        • In_Stitches

           I must have missed that part of the criticism, but if she was arguing that they don’t really fit the design of the challenge, I have to agree with her.  While they’re beautifully made and the outfit is interesting and flattering, the look is decidedly feminine.  A short sleeved jacket?  Feminine.  An embellished top?  Feminine.  Leggings? Feminine.  There wasn’t much androgyny to her look.  Had she swapped their pants, given the man the tights and the woman the slouchy, low slung crotched pants, I think both would have been more effective. 

  • ScarlettHarlot

    Ivy’s models look like original series Star Trek aliens. 

  • MoHub

    Zonked just after Joanna’s walkthrough, but I knew Kayne was doomed. I think Lifetime is determined to have the winner come from season 6 onward, and Uli is now the only Bravo participant left. Unfortunately for Lifetime, Uli keeps putting out good stuff; however, one teeny-tiny misstep, and they’ll find an excuse to give her the Schmauf.

    I did get to see the bit where Joanna looked at Emilio’s dress form and said she couldn’t tell whether it was the woman’s or man’s garment, and he responded that that was the point. I knew right then and there that barring disaster, he would get the win.

    • Kenisha Hill Phillips

      Very astute observation. Now I’m rooting for Uli on principle.

    • CarolinLA

      I’m rooting for Uli as well (I love her work and Emilio’s).  But we fell in love with Uli quite a while ago.  I think this go-around is going to show how much she’s able to keep up with the pace of the fashion industry.  I think she’s done a great job in pushing herself to try new things.

  • Judy_J

    Laura’s clothes were just butt-ugly. 

    • StellaZafella

      Her decoy runway collection won a lot of raves here for her season, so maybe with enough time and the right people around her to say “NO gurl, just NO!” maybe she can turn out something better than Scrap Fabric Barbie Clothes…

      Not to defend her or anything.

  • You guys really nailed this.  Emilio’s look was just fantastic…and Mizrahi’s gushing over Anthony Ryan WAS truly embarassing.  I really liked Ivy’s styling of the models though, very David Bowie 1970s-like…

  • Pinup Ghoul

    I LOVE that Josh was just so GIDDY after the first male model fitting. I would be the same way in that situation.

    • I know, it was hilarious. He was so suddenly coy in the workroom, as if he had transformed from his usual brash and opinionated self to a vulnerable and peer-from-under-the-lashes sweetheart with a soft voice. And then right back to bitchy in the “safe” group of judging…

      • Pinup Ghoul

         I wonder what he’s like without the cameras, honestly. I bet he’s actually kind of sweet.

        • He did seem sort of sweet there, looking at the boys, talking quietly, and flirting. I think you have a point – maybe he just REALLY doesn’t know how to be on TV and is making all kinds of mistakes thinking he is putting out his “personality” the way he wants to but not realizing how abrasive he is.

        • StellaZafella

           Under the surface of every sweet, fluttery eyed, gay New York bar waiter there lurks a vicious, stiletto wielding quasi-drag queen with a taste for blood. Josh plays for the camera, but it creeps me out when I can so easily see the games he gets up to. That said…it would be a lot more fun to watch if I could really see any design talent from him…all I see, week to week, is the delusion of genius. And, in the end this IS supposed to be about the fashion.

  • mjude

    good challenge for some. happy for emilio. like uli & althea.  thought miss perfect should have been auf’d!

  • It also just killed me the way people (or maybe just Laura Kathleen) kept saying, “To me, androgyny means…”  You are not children writing a theme about what Thanksgiving means to you!  You don’t just get to redefine the word however you want!

  • Scarlet39

    Emilio was absolutely the clear winner.  But I’m surpirsed that Althea was in the safe group.  I think her effort was far better than AR’s (but then again, one of the judges doesn’t sem to have an obvious and embarrasing crush on her). 

  • “When you said “slightly edgy clubwear” about Casanovas, I suddenly realized they look like the most fabulous couple at the Zion Rave in the Matrix.” — That comment just completely made my day.  Thank you!  🙂

  • Call me Bee

    Well it just goes ta show ya–good execution just can’t save a crappy design, which is what happened to our Kayne.  He’s always had taste issues, but this was bad.  (though I do have a houndstooth blazer with leather trim in my closet–desgined by Michael Kors!)   
    But–not as bad as LK.  Her looks were downright ugly and she should have been given the schmauf for sure. 

    And Emilio wins.  His looks certainly met the challenge criteria,  and were beautifully done.   
    I loved Uli’s looks as well.
    Althea’s are my favorties.  Such beautiful fabrics and design.  Yes–a bit feminine, but who mde the rule that androgynous equals menswear?  I always thought it meant “genderless”.    Maybe she should have put them both in a skirt, as others have suggested. 

    This episode did confirm what was suspected after Josh’s season–that he is so totally self-involved as to be almost psychotic in his view of reality.  His reality is seen through such a thick fog of his own ego; it’s kind of sad that he can’t see what is really true.  Or scary… 

    • Two words: assless chaps.

  • Thoughts:
    -They should have handed out pieces of paper with the dictionary definition of ‘androgynous.’ Maybe use it in a sentence or two? Cause there were are few who had no idea what it meant – and probably still don’t. HI-larious.
    -Josh should have been on the bottom – hot mess. Way worse than Casanova.
    -Althea – and I ain’t no fan – but she should have been in top three. I thought the androgynous coat idea was interesting and worked.
    -Anthony Ryan, wtf? I just don’t see it – week after week – I don’t see it.
    Can I put Jason Wu in my pocket and carry him around so he’s always there to give me fashion advice and share a latte? So cuuuuu-uute!!

  • Kayne: If you subtract that chartreuse top, those shiny tights, and all that frippery in the collar, you have a nicely tailored *woman’s* garment. The man’s look is also decidedly a woman’s look (a rather good one: there’s a purity about it in that it is fairly unadorned). None of these looks addresses androgyny.

    Casanova: I like the scorpion cutouts. There’s a clear demarcation of “male” and “female” (therefore not androgynous).

    Laura: Poorly conceived and poorly made. Should have been out.

    Ivy: Pretty badly rendered. It makes no emphatic leap beyond gender.

    Josh: I don’t know. It doesn’t create a signifying non-gendered/not gender-specific space; it tries to desperately fill it.

    Althea: They’re not as well executed as they could be (a persistent problem with her work), but I respond to the layering. I’d say there’s enough gender ambiguity.

    Anthony: Woman’s look strikes me as very standard. Very boring, in fact. Something one can purchase anywhere. I don’t think a woman choosing those shorts and that shirt is an androgyne. The man’s look is slightly better (the sheerness of the top accounts in large for this, although the striations work here as does the longer-in-the-back thing).

    Uli: Pretty good. It’s less… conventional (?) than Emilio’s and Althea’s, and it attempts to disassemble gender-based assumptions.

    Emilio: He modulated the “I” into into the androgynous “we”. My winner!

    • libraangel

      Was Kanye’s top chartreuse or yellow? Either way, ugly with the houndstooth!

  • Kenisha Hill Phillips

    Is Emilio’s model Aminat from ANTM?

    • SoAustentatious


      • Kenisha Hill Phillips

        That’s awesome!

  • MilaXX

    Emilio  the clear winner, hands down.

  • Meelah

    Not that it would have helped him stay on the show but Kayne should have switched the jackets.  Give the masculine cut jacket to his female model and the give the feminine floppy lapel jacket to his male model.  That top was horrible in design and color.  I would have sent Casanova home.  Those cut outs…why?  Her pants fit horribly.  

  • SewingSiren

    Emilio was the clear and honest winner. I’m glad he isn’t getting involved in any of the drama this time around. 
    Of the darks and sheers  (and there were a lot of them) crowd, Uli’s was clearly the best
    Anthony Ryan’s darks and sheers were just one of the crowd. Not at all outstanding.
    Laura Kathleen’s stand out as the worst of the darks and sheers.
    Ivy’s darks and sheers..
    I would have placed Althea in the top three as #3.
    Josh’s darks and sheers.
    Casanova’s are well done. At least they aren’t darks and sheers. I wouldn’t have put him in the bottom. In fact I almost thought he and Anthony Ryan were going to be reversed positions.
    Kayne’s aren’t as bad as Laura Kathleen’s, in as much I could actually see some one wearing them. But it would be a person that was tasteless and tacky, so maybe that’s why he was ‘aufed. or maybe it was just in the script…..

  • Of course Josh wanted to do assless chaps.  That boy and his taste…tsk tsk.  Did anyone else see Uli’s looks and think Black Eyed Peas?  

  • Girl_With_a_Pearl

    This show really should drop the term “avant garde”.  Most of the time only one or two of the contestants really gets what it means.  Or are able to execute avant garde in the time allocated.  (Exceptions being Christian Sirignano, Chris March and now Emilio and Ulli.)

    • CozyCat

      Plus Jilian and whats-her-name (the punk equistrian look that place a hair behind Christian and Chris)

    • CarolinLA

      YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  For Christ’s sake, stop that dumbass madness.  Nobody ever gets it right and one of the reasons is because the judges don’t have a clue about it either.  

      •  Mostly because neither the PR judges, nor the PRAS judges produce, or (dare I suggest it) even could produce any truly avant garde work of their own.

  • msdamselfly

    I think Emilio’s looked like traditional theater costumes , not at all avant-garde.  I liked Anthony’s.

  • snarkykitten

    none of these really scream androgyny to me, except for Emilio’s. I’d wear that outfit in a heart beat if my tits were smaller

  • Kate4queen

    Loved Emilio’s and the way the models timed their walk to be completely in sync just heightened the look. Thought AR was over-praised-same horizontal strips of fabric he always does. Kane should’ve stayed and LK should’ve gone. Ivy’s was horrible as was Josh’s. Thought Althea should’ve been top three.
    My 10 yr old daughter watched with me and picked Emilio as her winner too. (so proud)

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      You’re raising that child right!

      • Kate4queen

        LOL I know last year she wanted to work at Petco and help people choose their pets, now after watching PR with me a few times she wants to wear a beret, be a fashion designer and live in Paris. 😉

    • libraangel

      I also think Anthony R. and Joshie are lovey-dovey .

  • tonibaloney

    I want a video of Emilio’s models OWNING that runway. Their perfectly coordinated walk made those outfits come to life! Nice to see Aminat getting some recognition after ANTM, too.

  • marilyn

    Kayne needed to go home.  That bordered on clown costume, with the exaggerated design, the bold print and the bright yellow accent color.  All they needed was big yellow flowers on the lapel that squirted water.  Emilio’s was very polished, but was kind of costume-y.  It was well made and was definitely androgynous.  It was not avante garde, but was a little costume-y.  I would expect to see it in the chorus line of a broadway show.  It was the best of the bunch. It seemed that several of the designers did not really understand what androgynous meant, they just avoided making clown costumes.

  • l_c_ann

    The editors have spend many, many minutes on the Ivy-Cassanova relationship.  That can’t be a random act on their part. In the next several episodes we will see this getting a story arch of some sort and either one of them melts down or their relationship leads to a meltdown of another contestant.

  • It was clear to me, from the way they spent about 3 seconds each on the looks on the runway, that this show is NOT about the fashion at all any more.  With that in mind, they will certainly keep Josh and Laura Kathleen in until the bitter end because they are such sh** stirrers.  Personally loved Emilio’s looks but would wear Uli’s in a heartbeat.

  • sockandaphone

    i actually watched last night’s ep (i’ve been only reading the recaps) and i was pleasantly surprised at the challenge. it was new, the twist made sense and it truly tested the designers…something that can’t be said too often about PR. I really love love LOVE what Emilio did, a clear winner by a landslide.
    Also surprised Ivy didn’t get called on those ratty designs, they were awful.

  • guest2visits

    Not sure that androgyny in fashion has to mean that both sexes are completely interchangable; although that was how some
    met the challenge.  I prefer looks that retain the male/female ratio or proportions; I think that sells the look a little better for me.
    Or maybe I just don’t appreciate angrogyny as a style, that much.  However; if I had my way – PR would need to include one
    men’s wear challenge every season. If only to see how badly the designers tank. Or completely surprise us. Mens wear seems alot
    more useful than an infant wear contest.
    Ivy’s was awful – just as bad as LK’s; they both belonged in the bottom three – they were worse than Kayne’s.
    Both of Ivy’s models looked silly. She literally made her granny pants for the guy, chiffon and all. This is the problem I had with
    Kayne’s; he literally dressed his guy in a woman’s outfit. And I’m not crazy about Anthony R’s Marc Jacob man-dress either; the look
    is too much like a standard woman’s black negligee with the arms ripped off. I preferred Josh’s robe like sheer on his model.
    In fact, I thought Josh’s filled the avant garde and angrogyny request pretty well, just missing top three.
    My top choice would probably be Uli’s by hair over Emilo’s. Followed by Althea’s.
    Uli’s were an androgynous look, a little bit punk (I guess that was the avant garde); and pleasingly lighthearted and fun.
    Emilio’s were so finely made and they captureed the andro look very well, – I just was instantly reminded of stagewear, or costumes, though.  Althea’s was a very strong look; I liked it every bit as much as Emilio’s; it was almost ominous looking;
    I was annoyed with the man’s lipstick, – I didn’t think it needed it. It didn’t need to be as literal as say, Kayne’s.
    Anthony’s looked a bit boring and dusty to me. And like I said; I don’t think the man-nighty is a particularly great design.
    Casanova’s made me smile, even though it doesn’t fulfill the challenge well. It’s a couple that wants to dance the night away;
    it’s more retro-disco-tackiness than anything andro or AG.

  • Emilio, wow. And I loved how his models did that cool walk. It gave me a little chill.

    LK would have been my pick to go home, eesh. But Kayne’s ruffled houndstooth was pretty scary.

    Loved the guest judges.

    Isaac. Is anyone else amused by his ‘fake driving’ in that car commercial? 

  • Catiline

    WOW.  Emilio’s looks have more raw sex appeal than the vast majority of “good china” short skirts that have come down the runway in PR history. 

  • My first thought when he picked out a large scale houndstooth and yellow was Taxi cab. 

  • Holy cow, Emilio. That really burned up the runway! Wow!

    I was hoping for someone to go full on Malice Mizer, but Uli did go a little Gackt/TMR. Anthony Ryan is too too too overpraised. His look seemed too similar to last week’s to me. 

    Laura Kathleen’s was a hot mess. Why did not judge call her out on her sloppy craftsmanship, especially on the man’s shirt??

    And why do the designers “ooo” in awe so much at Schmeidi 2.0? They’ve been doing this frequently this season. Is she really that great looking and Heidi that boring?

    •  Georgina Chapman did call LK out on the sloppiness of the man’s shirt, particularly mentioning the sagging cutouts.

      • I thought that was in the workroom by.. whatsherface M-C mentor lady, who said Georgina would notice it, and then during judging I thought it was odd that Georgina did not mention it.

        • Lisa_Cop

          No. Joanna told her the sides of the lapel weren’t straight.

  • bitchybitchybitchy

    Loved Emilio’s looks, and I was relieved that the judges actually gave the win to him instead of Isaac’s crush, Anthony Ryan. OMG-when he blurted out that comment it was truly cringe-worthy.

    And I’m sad to see my little ray of sunshine, Kaynebow gone.

  • Inspector_Gidget

    Yeah, Emilio was the clear winner here.  What a great look, perfect for the challenge, and also seems much better made than most of that sheer stuff everyone else made.

    They need to drop the use of the term “avant garde” from PR altogether.  This was an interesting challenge even without inserting that throwaway criterion, and I doubt the looks would have changed much.  I don’t blame the designers so much as the format.  I doubt any designer who truly delivers avant garde clothing cranks them out in less than a day, from inspiration to material selection to execution.  It’s a little silly to even expect that level of creativity within a few hours of one day.

    • libraangel

      Yes, I was going to add in my comment that what to you expect in about two days time?! Jean Paul Gauthier?! I agree with you, Inspector G.!

  • sojourneryouth

     I totally agree about Althea.  Emilio absolutely deserved his win, but I would have put Althea in the Top 3, definitely.  Those coats were beautiful, very well-made, looked really expensive, and were pretty androgynous, especially the man’s coat. Gorgeous colors, too.  She had the right to be a bit frustrated, but unlike Josh, she knows how to act like a grown up about it.

  • SapphoPoet

    I thought this was a really interesting challenge. Loved Emilio’s outfits; his idea to use the reverse side of the same fabric was brilliant. 

    I really liked what Uli did, too. Loved all the different textures in her outfits, but they still looked pulled together. I thought that Laura Kathleen should have gone because she didn’t hit any of the marks, whereas Kayne came closer to them. 

  • “Tlo said: And were you as embarrassed as we were when you squealed “Anthony Ryan, WHAT MAKES YOU SO WONDERFUL?!?!?!””

    Yeah, he sounded like a Belieber. And I don’t get the Anthony Ryan love either – but I’m thinking that it must mean he is the predetermined winner.

    I was glad Emilio won. And I think the only thing that held Laura in the competition was the drama she causes. I liked Casanova’s (even though it had nothing whatsoever to do with the challenge), but Ivy’s looked like Kit Kat Girls on crack. Althea gave a strong showing as well (even though I think it said “Eileen Fisher” more than ‘androgeny’).


  • So far Laura is the one playing the villain/bitch, so of course they’re keeping her over Kayne’s two looks which were better than hers.  That said, Emilio is really the one to beat, as is Uli.  My guess is that Anthony Ryan will inexplicably have the third final place.  Althea’s looks were quite strong and should’ve easily replaced AR’s, but they’re choosing to overlook her for the moment.  

    At any rate, why is this season working better than the regular PR’s last season, in terms of focusing more on design and design challenges?  Perhaps because they haven’t trotted out any dead relatives and the designers are the real deal (instead of tv personalities) this is working better for me.  Best episode so far.

  • Loved this episode. Would NOT want to see it traded for another pretty dress challenge.

    See, “fiercely fabulous vs. absolute fug” is much more interesting than “nice dress vs. less-nice dress”. You hear that, B/M??

  • susan6

    This was a very good challenge.  See, Project Runway?  If you raise the bar, the designers will rise to meet it.  If you crap out yet another “make a pretty dress” challenge, the designers will coast and send crap down the runway.  This episode was actually worthy of one of TLo’s older style “each designer’s product gets an individual post” posts (or even broken up into just three posts, “boys on the bottom” etc style)….especially given the LOUSY camerawork and lighting for that runway show.  Seriously, each pair of looks got, what, five seconds of camera time?  We’re supposed to be able to see the details on TWO fairly complex looks in that short a time?  Whatever.

    My kneejerk reactions from what I did manage to glimpse:  Emilio was clearly the winner.  Althea should have been in the top 3 along with Uli.  AP was middling at best.  I would have booted Kathleen instead of Kaynebow, but both were pretty bad. 

    Some of those male models were delicious.  Mercy, I’m gettin’ the vapors!

    • I think it was terrible timing that this was the episode when they cut back to 60 minutes.

  • JMansm

    Disclaimer that I didn’t watch the episode but based on the photos I would have had Althea win, or at least be in the Top 3. Her work was much better than both Uli and Anthony. 

  • Has anybody brought up the fact that Emilio’s look owes everything Jean-Pail Gaultier? Pinstripes? Sexy, unconventional tailoring? Gender ambiguity that enhances, rather than muddles, sex appeal? It’s classic JPG, just with maroon instead of navy or black. It’s still the best entry, but it’s a rehash of much better and very well-known work.

    • Polka_Dotty

      Part of what I love about Emilio is watching his process. He seems the most interested in the actual design and meeting the challenge at the same time. His looks are consistently unique. If his look this time was a rehash of another designer, I would have to give him some slack based on the need to adhere to the specific rules of the challenge, the limitations on time and on money. But mostly I know that I literally gasped when his models walked out, and viscerally knew that that was the winner.

  • Brad Watson

    From the front I thought Emilio’s models had just come from the “Smooth Criminal” video shoot. But the backs were fabulous. Clear winner, if a tad Grace Jones-predictable (dorsal fins notwithstanding).

  • formerlyAnon

    Emilio had the best presentation by far. The back made the man’s outfit androgynous for me, from the front it didn’t really read that way. But he hit the sexy. And his clothes weren’t ugly. A huge achievement in this lot.

    I thought Uli did better at achieving androgyny, though I’d be open to being talked out of that statement. Overall, I thought the designers did better at moving the women to a middle ground than they did the men – which makes sense, given that mainstream fashion incorporates “mannish” women’s wear routinely and has a tougher time selling feminine menswear.

    Kayne’s was better than Laura’s in my opinion.

    I gotta say, though, most of them didn’t really take advantage of the “avant garde” element – though I can see why, given the difficulty they had with the androgyny.

    If Casanova had subbed out the male model’s pants for a pleated, draped, low-on-the hips Egyptian tomb painting style skirt, he’d have fixed half his couple. Overall, I didn’t get why the none of the guys were in skirts or even in soft, slinky, low-on-the-hips pants.

  • I really didn’t like this challenge and the results were horrid.

    • Lattis

      I am politely disagreeing with you, Jill. I thought this was the best challenge of this season because I hadn’t already seen it 20 times. And for once the “twist” (which is usually just a euphemism for torture) actually made sense. The designers had to prove that their look was androgynous by adapting it to the male body.

      • Lattis

        I have to add, though, that my viewing of this whole season has been marred by a glitch in my cable reception. I can’t find the setting that will remove the sad, bitter echo that accompanies every episode.

      • formerlyAnon

         I both liked this challenge and was a bit disappointed in the results because I love an androgynous look – done right I think it is supremely sexy on both men and women.

    • guest2visits

      I was only disapointed it wasn’t a plain, old menswear challenge; since there really has only been one, that I recall;
      (the season 9 boy band,- my heart cried for them; hideous results).
      But this forced everyone to really work at a concept that wasn’t in the mainstream. I thought it was a difficult challenge;
      but many surprised me with creative responses.

      • Lilithcat

        Oh, no, there was one much earlier.  In Season 4, they had to design an outfit for Tiki Barber (yeah, I know, “who?”), and there was so much crap coming down the runway you’d have thought you were in a sewer.  Unfinished crap, too.

  • I was a bit let down. Androgyny is a wonderful playground-it’s limitless. These, while some good, were tame. I think back to the past and people like Klaus Nomi (BUTCH DRAG-if that isn’t androgyny then nothing is) then look at these and think….no, not quite.

    • Lisa_Cop

      OMG, Klaus Nomi. Saw a great documentary on him.

  • CarolinLA

    One reason the twist was particularly great was Emilio saying “oh, no – Mood only had one yard of that fabric I chose”.  That’s a very specific dilemma that I’ve not seen on the show before.  So he overcame that obstacle and worked it hard!!!

  • judybrowni

    My reactive utterances:

    Uli: Good God, lord in heaven!
    Ivy & Laura: Give me a fucking break.Joshua: Please, bitch!Kayne: loud, booming guffaw!

  • Qitkat

    This is probably my favorite challenge of the season. Designers were forced to design. With some surprises and several *of courses*.

    How many established designers actually attempt avant garde anyway? For several seasons now, PR has failed to impress in that regard. Make it go away. The standards will never be realized again after the impressive works of Christian, Sissy Bear, and Jillian.

    As with many, my top three would have included Althea, although her looks being so very very heavy were a strike against her.

    I was also disappointed no one put a skirt, or a kilt, or even a lava-lava on any of the men. 

    Ivy has visited the *sheer over grannie panty well* once again too often.

    LauraK is so predictable by now I could write her lines for her; it was a clear producer decision to keep her in.

    Kayne’s could have been improved: switch the outfits, change the highlighter pop of color to deep rose, pare down the blouse to a camisole, simplify the ruffles, ditch the man’s bedroom slippers, while I am impressed that K decorated them, booties might have been better, with a smaller scale of houndstooth. His sewing and often design skills are impressive; he needs a mentor to work with him on issues of taste and styling.

    Loved Emilio’s and Uli’s. Hope one of them takes the big win.

    • Lattis

      Maybe the thought behind the “avant garde” requirement to the challenge was that androgyny (at least as far as interchangeable clothing is concerned) is so much a part of our culture (T shirts and jeans, cargo pants, kilts, caftans, suits, military wear, athletic wear, etc.) that they wanted the designers to aim for something less everyday. They wanted looks more like David Bowie or Annie Lennox (please insert someone more recently cool and androgynous . . . ) rather than Pat (Pat the Saturday Night Live character). 
      You know, not saying anything earth shattering here, but a lot of what’s in my husband’s closet could move right over into mine – if it fit which it doesn’t damn it because I love his suit jackets. But, my mom and dad’s closet was a different story (my mom is 89). Shoot – I was in junior high when dress codes were changed allowing girls to wear pants to school. Oh yeah, I’m that old. 🙂

      You kind of have to push it more now for androgyny to be cutting edge.

      • l_c_ann

        “I was in junior high when dress codes were changed allowing girls to wear pants to school”

        Got ya’ beat, youngster.  In college we were required to have permission from the Dean of Women before we could wear slacks to classes on blizzard days.  If the Dean slept in, tough.

        • meowing

          H.S. graduation:  I was sent home to change ’cause I dared to wear dressy pants UNDER my robe.  We could wear pants only if it was under 20 degrees, and then no jeans, even tho’ the guys could wear jeans.  There is no logic in high school.

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          My freshman year in college was 1968, and the sophomore and junior women in my dorm made sure that we all understood that we were lucky that the school had just changed the dress code so that we didn’t have to wear skirts to the dining hall for Sunday dinner.  By 1969 we had coed visiting hours and nobody cared what we wore!

      • Qitkat

        I’m that old too 🙂 Having never gotten to wear pants or shorts to high school, in Florida!, I was thrilled when it turned out that my college also in Florida didn’t care what the girls wore. I promptly switched to jeans and shorts.

        *Waves at all the sixties era Bitter Kittens*

  • I thought Emilio’s looked like ugly Chicago costumes.  Backless for a man?  Fail.  And the execution is …  well whatever.

  • libraangel

    La-la-la! Let’s all sing together: “Teacher’s pet, I wanna be a teacher’s pet…” sung of course in AR’s southern drawl. But what is so great about the pattern, Isaac, huh? As far as the challenge went, Casanova should have been out BUT BUT BUT I love the gold cut-out outfit! And shock upon shock, my little jaw dropped to the floor, I tell ya, when I saw the sweet little mouse, Althea’s,outfit! Gorgeous, and I would have put her in the winner’s circle. Uli – yeah, o.k., but a little frightening! Emilio yes, but maybe they were TOO much alike?! I loved Joshie Poo and Ivy bitching in the back room – Hilarious! – and what they saying?! Those two divas created ugly fuglies this time, especially Ivy which looked like they escaped from a goth bedroom! As for the Kayne-LK choice, I would have auf’d Kayne because of that hideous ruffle! Laura K. too many cut-outs, but at least “kinda” challenge?!

    • Polka_Dotty

      Who is this Casanova guy, and when did he show up? Seriously, this is the first outfit of Casanova’s that I even noticed and remembered. So he should get points for that.

  • Buffy

    Laura Kathleen should have gone home instead of Kayne.  Emilio was definitely the clear winner.  Loved Uli’s and loved Althea’s as well (hers was really a stretch for her).

  • geeeque

    can’t believe it but i actually really enjoyed this episode. emilio’s shit was SICK. and those models werq’d hard; even during the critique portion they were locked into character, it was thrilling to watch. i am so annoyed about anthony ryan. before this all stars stuff i thought he was one of the better designers in his own (albeit pathetic) season but he is so freaking over praised here it’s  lowered my opinion of him. except for the blah he produced this episode all his other designs have already been done by cynthia rowley.

    i’m pretty sure they kept laura ashley (sidebar: what’s the deal with her? she keeps saying everyone is jealous of her because of her lifestyle, but i can’t tell what that is? she looks and sounds like a midwestern madonna-wannabe) because they knew kayne is incapable of toning his shit down.

    if they were judging on this challenge alone ivy should have been catapulted into the horizon.

  • geeeque

     it’s a shame too, that they gave althea’s deserved place in top 3 to anthony!

  • Jordan Brodley

    Emilio’s looked like they were Paula Abdul and MC Scat Cat.

    Ivy designed a great Oberon Costume.

    Casanova did a great Puck costume but I would like it better in silver rather than gold.

    i.e. neither did the challenge.

  • kimmeister

    I was dismayed by how many designers felt the need to include sheer fabric.

    • Inspector_Gidget

      No kidding!  Since when does sheer = androgynous?

  • Inspector_Gidget

    Just noticed that Joshua’s male model in the pic above is all, “Gaaaahhh, isn’t this humiliation over yet?”

  • Tracy_Flick

    Three things that made me cringe:
    1. Casanova’s mustache with the upper portion shaved off
    2. That little face Joshua made after he delivered what he thought was a zinger in the confessional
    3. Laura Kathleen and Kayne’s looks, all four of them

  • Zippypie

    Emilio was the clear winner and did a terrific job with the parameters of the challenge, though I do wish they would just drop “avant garde” and use some other term like “cutting edge” because there hasn’t been real avant garde on the PR runway since season 4.  I couldn’t tell which of his models was the male or the female and that’s what this was all about.  I loved the color.

    Althea should have been in the top 3 instead of Anthony Ryan.  Does Issac have a rock on for him or something that he keeps getting all this ridiculous praise?  It was okay.  Althea’s coats were much more ambitious and well-executed.  Yes, she could have gone farther, but this was pushing her out of her comfort zone and she did well.

    I really liked Uli’s work as well.

    The rest….Laura should have gone home over Kaynebow.  At least Kayne’s was constructed impeccably while Laura’s was a mess from top to bottom, both looks.  And wtf was Ivy’s mess?  And Josh’s?  Crap, all of it.

  • It’s the South creeping into my soul, but every time something of Kayne’s walks down the runway, I just exclaim, “Well, bless her heart!”

  • minnye

    I was happy for Emilio, but Althea’s jackets were my favorite pieces on this runway. 

    • DeTrop

      I would have liked to see more of Althea’s outfits. I thought she had two strong pieces but the editing and camera work were awful this episode.  Who needs MOOD when there’s an interesting challenge and only 60 minutes?  Althea better start snapping at people and making snarky remarks so she’ll get some camera time.

  • adnama79

    Emilio’s – hot damn!

  • StillGary

    Emilio clearly deserved the win but I had to disagree about which look was doing the heavy lifting. The judges were drooling over the male model (really, are these judges not getting any?) but it was the strong, female model who sold the androgyny to me.

    • Iroqhard

      I agree. I was trying to figure out the same thing- why are they all swooning about the male model when his regular female model was turning it OUT. His model in general is one of the stroger models this season- she is fabulous. 

    •  I think he deserves some credit for giving the models good direction too, based on the fact they had a very cohesive style to their walks and mannerisms, and both models took that direction (or one of them came up with the concept, which is possible as well) and RAN WITH IT! Watching those two robo-stomp down the runway was easily one of my fave PR moments ever. 

      • formerlyAnon

        Attitude is a big part of successful androgyny, and they sure seemed to know it!

  • Kirsten Kirsten

    How cute did Kayne look in his southern  gent’s pale suit and trilby?

    • libraangel

      He did look nice and I remember something else: was Kayne the one who asked the model if he liked boys or girls? LOL

  • Ulquiorra3

    Anyone have an idea as to what brand/type of jacket Casanova was wearing? If he didn’t make it himself I would LOVE to buy a similar one.

  • Ing

    I feel like I’m the only person who actually likes Anthony Ryan. I can’t even help it! I just do.

    I was, to be honest, shocked that Uli was in the top 3. I thought hers looked like a complete mess with the feathers and the everything. 

    • unbornfawn

      I LIKE Anthony Ryan. This bitter kitten thinks he is a great guy, I suspect many others do too. I like a lot of his work. What is frustrating is the judges are praising him when he hasn’t earned it. 

  • I found Emilio’s absolutely breath taking.  The kind of moment I’ve watched for and have seen all too rarely lately.  When they were walking I said to my husband, “Now that’s COSTUME, and in the best possible way!”  I could absolutely see the movie it belonged in and the moment they entered the film initially and knew who the characters were (sci-fi dystopian robot enforcer-style authorities, for a crime syndicate in a club atmosphere)  It was amazing, and I’ve never been a fan of his work — but damn, I can see why he was up for a Tony.

    Then I saw Casanova’s, and it was costume in the worst way — cheap Mad Max-evoking movie for the Sy Fy channel, rather than Emilio’s next Blade Runner, Oscar winning visuals flick.  (Huge sci fi fan, but I learned everything about Blade Runner a good 10 years before seeing the movie because of its costumes:)

    I know Ivy’s pimping a line of “Essential” chiffon blouses, but there are many other lovely fabrics, I’m sure Mood must carry at least one of them within her budget.  Every damn week she’s tossing chiffon on whether the look calls for it or not.

  • Amy

    When Emilio’s models walked out…I personally thought it was one of the best moments in PR history. The gasp and clear recognition of someone nailing a challenge so beautifully was refreshing for a change!

     Also…thank you to PR cameras for zooming in on all those bare chests/abs during the male model fitting. Bravo!

    Still scratching my head over the gold statue naughty club wear that Casanova sent out.  I thought Uli would continue to be heads and shoulders about everyone but good for Emilio for making it interesting.

  • Take out the scorpions nipping at the lady garden and nix the metallic fabric, I REALLY like those pants on Casanova’s female model.  Maybe it’s from watching Star Trek as a child and my brain being warped but I think they’re cool.  But I’m still cognizant enough to be a little ashamed of myself…

  • Trisha26

    The only one who said “avant garde and androgyny” to me was Althea. I liked Emilio’s but the looks seemed more Broadway musical chorus wear than fashion. I also liked Anthony Ryan’s but not avant garde.  Aside from Kayne (I will never forget his Elvis jet-set look complete with giant “Kayne” belt buckle) the rest seemed to think avant garde/androgyny meant sci-fi or club wear. Boring.

  • Ali Quirk

    kudos to the casting folk for finding male counterparts to this season’s female models.  made the androgyny so apparent (where it was well-rendered)!

  • bitterk

    Say what you want, I am enjoying this season.  The judges especially. So refreshing to see designer judges and not the usual celebrity.  I am in heaven.  And I think the designers are putting out some top notch PR work, especially Emilio.  It’s also refreshing to see others stretch themselves, namely Uli and Cassova (admittedly way off the mark on this challenge).   There seem to be fewer designers playing to the camera and those that are tend to be the weakest players. I am looking at you Laura and Joshua. Laura’s bevy of excuses were drowned out by that makeshift crap she sent down the runway. Tsk tsk.  Joshua too should stop running his mouth and learn to edit.  Overall, I think it was a successful show. I suspect Georgina and Joanna are really trying to push the producers toward a quality show and I appreciate it.  Best concept for a challenge in years.  Kudos.

  • glennethph

    I’d probably like Emilio’s stuff if he wasn’t Emilio.

  • VivianAdvanced

    Laura Twonames’ attempts at androgyny were soggy messes. I had a feeling Kayne was going to get the boot simply because they needed to keep the villainess that everyone loves to hate around longer (Ivy doesn’t fit the bill anymore). Why else would they have kept her? They raked her crappy outfits over the coals, yet he’s let go even after Isaac gave him props for construction. I don’t even love to hate her. She should have gone during one of the other challenges where I thought her creation was worse than the one they got rid of. Kayne’s looks, while rather awful, were at least more successful at androgyny and were better made. I’m actually surprised that most of them failed at presenting androgynous clothes. I wouldn’t think it would be that difficult to achieve. I was also surprised that Althea’s didn’t make the top three. Hers were androgynous without resorting to shiny or sheer clubwear. … On a completely different note, why do they always have to introduce Georgina Chapman as “the beautiful Georgina Chapman” every damn week? We see that she’s beautiful. Duh! We don’t have to be reminded of it every time she appears. Or is her full name actually The Beautiful Georgina Chapman?

    • libraangel

      Georgina’s husband is the producer of the show so I guess he has to keep telling her she’s beautiful!

  • lundibleu

    I would’ve rated them as Emilio, Althea and then Uli as the top 3. Maybe there was a ‘you had to be there’ moment for AR, but I don’t get it. 

    One thing that’s bugging me though, while designers have got the androgynous styling thing going, didn’t any of them think “let’s put both models in flats, no heels”? Really, not even one of them?

    • When I first saw this, the fact that Emilio’s model wore heels was the only thing that gave her away as the female. Flats on both would have been awesome!

  • Janet B

    Best challenge in a long time.

    Congratulations to Emilio, I knew he’d win less than 20 minutes into the show.  He really
    I was happy to see Uli and Althea put out strong efforts.
    Kayne, such a sweetheart, I wasn’t surprised to see him go.  Liked the houndstooth on his shoes.
    LK isn’t really much of a designer and she’s so annoying, She’s already past her sell by date.

  • Lynn Landry

    I was wondering why they mostly interpreted “androgynous” to be Mad Max, Beyond the Thunderdome?

  • Elizabetta1022

    Emilio’s outfits looked like something from a futuristic movie. Hip gangsters in 2080. He’s definitely my favorite this year. Wow.

  • kane:  that big ol’ ruffle ruins any hope of androgyny.  and why is he wearing bedroom slippers?

  • katchwa

    Haven’t watched so all observations are based solely on these pictures but…
    Emilio’s looks like a late-80s music video (sub-Express Yourself) and the proportions on his girl look awful.

    Most of the younger designers seem to have aimed for ripping off Ann Demeulemeester/Damir Doma/Rick Owens – not a bad idea as it’s very current. Not a good idea because, well, look at it. Also, hence all the chiffon.

    To my eye, Althea shoulda won. Hers and Emilio’s are the only two entries that truly read as androgynous, and hers are stylish and modern, while his look like (expensive, custom) his’n’hers gangster costumes for a hallowe’een key swapping party. Uli in third.

  • Kara McBride

    I know I’m late to this party (last night was DVR-catch-up night), but I disagree with the win for Emilio. I think Uli’s were far more interesting/avant garde (if you want to call it that) and better designed. I agree with another poster that Emilio’s designs are way, way too similar. The challenge was not to make the same outfit again, but fitted to a male model and without shoulder insets. 

    Also, all I could think of watching them on the runway was Chocolat from Moulin Rouge–to the extent that I wonder where he got the idea for his gorgeous black models to come out in striped vests with no shirts on.

  • Like Kara McBride, I just got to watch this and I call BULLSHIT!!!  Admittedly, I’m a huge Kayne fan but Laura K should have gone home.  Kayne’s designs had some problems, but LK’s were hideous.  I’d seen the writing on the wall for a while though.  Just like Isaac has a hard-on for AR, he seemed to have an irrational dislike for Kayne.  Even though in the face to face judging, his criticisms might be slightly negative, when they got to the final judging he always had bitchy things to say about Kayne.

  • Joe

    Curious that, with the exception of Uli, every designer from the Bravo years has been auf-ed.

    Project Runway All-Stars: Lifetime’s desperate bid to make its run with the show seem like the better. It’s so transparent. 

  •  THAAAT’S her name! I kept thinking it was Alaysia. (Alasia?) sp? & I was too lazy to look it up.

  •  RE: Lifetime vs. Bravo contestants Wow! I never even thought about that-or never read another poster saying that! That sounds about right. Of course, the Bravo contestants were more talented, on the average…

  • Costume = Emilio.  Oh, puhleeze!