People’s Sexiest Man Alive 2012

Posted on November 15, 2012

Congratulations to Channing Tatum! YOU are the Sexiest Man Alive, according to the rigorous scientific standards applied by that highly esteemed journal of sexiness known as People magazine. Lorenzo is nodding his head furiously in vigorous agreement. Tom is hmmphing.


Channing Tatum

Enjoy it while it lasts, Channing. Because in 12 months, you will no longer be sexy. People magazine is a capricious bitch that way.

Here are the also-rans; the poor, wretched creatures deemed by People to be almost sexy, but not sexy enough:


Blake Shelton



Chris Hemsworth



Max Greenfield



Ben Affleck



Richard Gere



Matt Bomer



Oscar Pistorius



Denzel Washington



Damian Lewis



Paul Rudd



Bradley Cooper


Can’t say we really disagree with any of them, but that picture of Max Greenfield wins our vote for Most Adorable.


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  • DaveUWSNYC


  • Violina23

    Max Greenfield? I find him kinda adorable in “New Girl”, but “sexy” isn’t the word that comes to mind.

    Tatum just doesn’t do it for me *shrug*

    • JosephLamour

      You missed Max’s Magic Mike Halloween costume then. I really wish that People would give it up. Channing Tatum is Peoples Milquetoast Sexiest Man Alive. Seriously. Also. Any list based on attractiveness that includes Matt Bomer but doesn’t put him at the top is a FAILED LIST.

      • Sobaika

        Applauding your use of ‘milquetoast’ 

        • JosephLamour

          Thank you, kind madamme.

      •ía-Gavello/1253586868 Lucía Gavello

        I agree on all accounts. I really thought this was Matt Bomer’s year too, with all the 50 shades gushing and everything. Maybe some dumbass at People is of the Bret Easton Ellis school of thinking. (I’m prejudiced against magazines, sue me) 

      • BazoDee

        I hope Matt Bomer tops the list one day! If he does get the Christian Grey role many are pushing for that would be a lock.

      • DesertDweller79


    • rawrgrowlrawr

      It seems I really need to start watching New Girl. First Lamorne Morris, now this guy. I’m in cyber-love. 

  • Sobaika

    Hah. As I scrolled down the page it got progressively sexier for me. People and I are so not on the same page about what is hot.

    • NinaBoo

      TLo, if I’m not supposed to do this, I apologize. does their version of the Sexiest Men of 2012. Their #1 is Chris Kluwe, the gorgeous Vikings football player who wrote a fantastic letter in support of marriage equality. In that letter he also dressed down a Maryland lawmaker who blasted another football player, Brendon Ayanbadejo, for encouraging marriage equality. Their list somewhat counters People’s and I found a lot of the men pretty darn attractive:

      • formerlyAnon

         Great pointer. Somehow I quit following a couple of years back, I’m going to have to add them back into the click rotation.

  • John Spodick

    Channing Tatum has never done it for me, but I must say that he’s an amazing dancer.  Watching him dance in Magic Mike…..waaaaaay sexy.  His bod…not so much.

    • Kristin McNamara

      Step Up, the first thing in which he had a starring role, if I’m not mistaken…..? GOOD. GOD. His dancing in that movie is REMARKABLE. So effing hot.

    • librarygrrl64

      Co-signing you here. The dancing, AMAZING. And his acting was fine. But he does not give me The Feelings.

    • turtleemily

      He was the only part of that Vince Vaughn/Kevin James movie that I found entertaining.

      • mshesterp

        That was a really terrible movie.  I forgot he was even in it, just to block out his association with it.

    • colleenjanel

       He doesn’t really do it for me either, but I would love to have that routine on continuous loop. Damn. He can move!

  • curiouserandcuriousest

    Meh. My ovaries disagree.

    • Kristin McNamara

      I don’t know what your anatomy/insides are doing…..? But my ovaries DEFINITELY aren’t the loudest things talkin when it comes time for me to decide if someone’s attractive or not.

      • curiouserandcuriousest

         I don’t understand it either. They simply wrote me a polite letter telling me how they feel. Is this not normal? 😉

  • Denocte

    Tom Hiddleston isn’t in this list. This list doesn’t count. End of story xD

    • Kathryn

       YES! I kept waiting for him to pop up.  Seriously, who are these “people” of People magazine?

      •ía-Gavello/1253586868 Lucía Gavello

        Seriously… he speaks GREEK people! 

        • tereliz

          LOL, not to detract from the Hiddle-love, but I was just scanning an old Storyville Bluebook for work (NOLA’s famed historic “tenderloin district, 1897-1917) and when they mention that a girl speaks “Greek”, it means she will take it in the back door. 😉  So that’s all I can think about poor Tom now, lol. 

          And “French” is apparently code for fellatio. I told my husband about this and he was all like, yeah, they still use those terms, honey. Then I asked him how he knew, and a fight ensued. We’re fine now, lol. /end tangent/

          •ía-Gavello/1253586868 Lucía Gavello

            Hey, If I could hit that, I’d manage 😉

    • Kimmu

      My Sophie’s Choice will always be Hiddleston or Hemsworth. Clearly the only solution to this problem is that they must be had together. Like chocolate and peanut butter.

      • SapphoPoet

        My husband has the biggest man-crush on Chris Hemsworth.

        • Kimmu

          So does my roommate. He’s been forced to look at Chris and Tom so much he’s just given into the attraction himself.

      • tereliz

        Mmmm, Hiddlesworth….

        • Kimmu

          Hiddlesworth indeed. 

    • Catiline

      HA!  I came out of The Avengers with my Ruffalust spectacularly re-confirmed… 

  • filmcricket

    Every year that Idris Elba isn’t on the cover is just a waste of paper, in my opinion. However, of this lot I’ll be pleased to offer a home to Bomer, Rudd, Lewis, & Affleck, in that order. Special mention for Denzeeeeeeeeelllll, despite his reputation as a pain in the ass to work with. 

    • Mismarker

      Luther! Love him, too.  

      • mshesterp

        I was just singing his praises tonight at my book club.  He’s so sexy in Luther–although I wasn’t a fan of the 2nd series, the first series is…mmmm….

    • korilian

      I was so conflicted which comment to throw my support behind. Hiddles or Elba? How can you choose?!? 
      But after careful consideration I went with Idris, who will always be my ultimate James Bond, even if they never cast him. 

      • Mismarker

        Oh, wow.  I’ve never even thought of him as Bond.  Me likey.

        • korilian

          I know right! Once you’ve thought it, you can’t unthink it!

      • pookiesmom

        Idris as Bond?! The screens would combust.

      • miagain

         great idea!!

      • tereliz

        Can I “like” this a million times? *swoon!*

    • pookiesmom


    • MinAgain

      I love me some flawless Matt Bomer, but Idris really is an overlooked wonder of masculine sexiness. 

      And I am unanimous in that opinion.

      • filmcricket

        Yes, Bomer is stunning, his face is just *ridiculous* – no one should be that good-looking. But Elba, whew! Really the only way to put it is *presence*. In addition to being smokin’, he pulls focus even in scenes with bigger stars. They ever cast him as Bond and I’ll start paying attention to that franchise.

      • DesertDweller79

         Someone needs to put Matt Bomer and Idris Elba in some movie or tv show together.  It would be the best looking project ever!

    • buildmeatower

       I kept waiting for Idris Elba to show up on this list and he just never did. Alas. (And I don’t get the Tatum thing. Never have.)

  • Kiltdntiltd

    not a one of these men is even on my list.

    • curiouserandcuriousest

       Nor mine.

      • Kiltdntiltd

         Whew. I was suddenly fearful that I would be all alone in the wilderness on this one.

        • curiouserandcuriousest

           Nope, light a campfire, friend – I actually think we should expect company 😉

        • folu0330

           not even Denzel?!

          • Kiltdntiltd

            Though I fully understand how handsome, classy, smart, etc, he is, he just doesn’t take me “there”.

    • formerlyAnon

       Oh, there are two or three that might be in my top celebrity 100. But no way the top ten.

    • gillian holroyd

      Scroll down meh.

      Although Hemsworth has his moments.

    • librarygrrl64

      Mine, either, but I do love me some Paul Rudd, I think Damian Lewis is incredibly talented, and I have always thought that Ben Affleck had the potential for old-fashioned Hollywood handsomeness.

  • alyce1213

    Ugh Channing Tatum is not the sexiest man alive.

    Denzel is in my Hall of Fame, so I’m not including him.

    Of the lovelies above, I’m torn between Oscar Pistorius and Chris Hemsworth, really torn.

    • andcoh

      I find myself extremely attracted to Oscar.

      • kimmeister

        Yes, all during the Olympics I kept thinking that, on top of the bigger story surrounding his prosthetics, he was a darn cute guy.

  • Jen Hughes

    Oh my god. That picture of Paul Rudd gave me the vapors. This list is lacking in Fassbender though. 

    • JosephLamour


  • GorgeousThings

    I love the fact that, with the runners-up, People manages to pander to every one of their readers’ demographics. That takes a lot of work!

    • Sara Munoz Munoz

      There’s something for everyone! Who reads PEOPLE!

  • Annabelle Archer

    Excellent choices. Mostly.

  • RzYoung

    I can’t deal with Damien Lewis’ mouth

  • AnaRoW

    I had my doubts initially but then I remembered his dance to “Pony” and I was okay with it.  He’s a major step up from the last two “winners” anyway.

  • purpleprose78

    I disagree with the top person on the list, but Chris Hemsworth on a motorcycle is going on my pinterest board as is a graying Denzel.

  • Nels P. Highberg

    On the entire planet, Denzel Washington is the only non-white male to contend for Sexiest Alive? Seriously?

    And since I’ve been re-watching Alias in Netflix, I keep seeing Bradley Cooper with that awful blond hair.

    • ChiKat67

      That’s my problem with this list (every year)…so there’s only one African American who’s sexy, no Hispanic, Asian, Indian?  Whatever People.

      • MilaXX


      • ecallaw1977

        I’m not saying it’s enough, or that some minorities shouldn’t have been included in the sneak peek, but I just want to point out that this is only a sneak peek of 12 of the guys in the issue.  I think they usually have like, 100, so there could be more diversity. 

        And they already have one black guy, one Jewish guy, one old guy, and one disabled guy. What more do you want? *rolls eyes*

        • kcarb1025

          Ryan Lochte is in there somewhere. he is half Cuban.

      • librarygrrl64

        Seriously. There at least three Bollywood actors with the last name Khan who could be on this list.

    • kimmeister

      Oh, but you get to see Michael Vartan at his yummiest . . .

      • insertcleverbit

         For Real.  I stopped watching that show religiously when Michael Vartan started getting phased out.  How can you phase him out.  He’s swoon worthy.

  • sarahmichelef

    Every single “also-ran” is way sexier than Tatum. My vote would go to Paul Rudd, but I’ve had a hopeless crush on him every since Clueless…

  • Stacy Parker Cole

    Chris Hemsworth.  YUM.  Just YUM.

  • Sara Leigh Merrey

    Channing Tatum, meh. Denzel Washington! Now that’s a sexy man.

  • Tom and Lorenzo

    Hey ladies? You know that rule we have about not making disparaging comments about people’s physical attributes? It applies to men too. Please don’t make us spend all day moderating this comments section, like we do every single time we feature male stars. Kthanx.

  • ojosazules


  • deathandthestrawberry

    Damien Lewis: hubba hubba. Also, that is one smokin’ picture of Paul Rudd.

    I wish they stop trying to make Bradley Cooper happen. Okay actor, but sexy? PFFT

    • MalCo09

      I’ve been madly in love with Damien Lewis since Band of Brothers.  I’m so happy his hotness is finally getting some recognition

      • turtleemily

        Yes! I suffered through Dreamcatcher for that man.

  • FrayedMachine

    I think this list is more geared towards Most Charming Men Alive because none of those guys are actually sexy, but if you’re going for just general over all appeal, I can get behind that set up. Tatum’s not my type physically but personality wise, he seems like a total cutie patootie.

    • tereliz

      I don’t find Channing at all sexy—in fact, he’s better in funnier roles, imo, so I hope he realizes this soon—but: 


      The rest of them (aside from Denzel) not so much. Seriously, Richard Gere is still making the list? Maybe I’m a little too young to get his appeal, I am 33, but I have NEVER found him sexy. 

      Segway: Did anyone see Don’t Trust the B- in Apt 23 this week? James Van Der Beek for Sexiest Man Alive in 2013, y’all!

      • Vera L-

        I’ve never found him sexy either, and I like gray hair and/or bookish types. 

      • FrayedMachine

        That’s where the cutie patootie factor comes in. I was pretty impressed with him in magic mike. It made me want to hug him which was probably the last emotion I was expecting that movie to make me convey. 

        To be honest, I think I’ve OD’ed on Hemsworth, but it may also be because I really really really hate guys with that very awkward chin length, center part cut. It just instantly makes me think of Hanson. When he’s got his hair short or even when he’s got his hair much longer like in Thor, the sexy comes back. But god damn that boy needs a hair cut.

      • twocee

         I thought of Apt 23 the minute I saw this post.  Van Der Beek cracks me up.

        • mshesterp

          That show has definitely given him his sexy back!  He was just …Dawson…until that show, and now he’s hysterical AND hot.  He deserves a spot here!

      • librarygrrl64

        I’m 48 and Gere has never done anything for me, either. Possibly because he has always come off as a bit smug, which is NEVER sexy to me.

  • eowyn_of_rohan

    And no Daniel Craig.  This is invalid.

    • Jaeda Laurez

      YAAAAAAAASSSS!!! Obviously these people need to see Skyfall and come back again.

    • CallMeJane

       That’s a big fail for his publicist.  I swear you can look down this list and see not only the man but also the product he’s currently promoting.  The men never make the list who aren’t pole dancing for something at the time.  Craig DEFINITELY should have been there.  Considering timing with the movie, he should have been sexiest.

      • CallMeJane

         And now that I think about it, Daniel Day Lewis should have been on this list as well.  He probably wouldn’t stand for it though.  A little undignified for Abe.

      • eowyn_of_rohan

        I actually suspect he wouldn’t want the “honor” because the kind of window into his personal life that this cover story always entails is something he actively avoids in interviews.  Plus, Bond isn’t a brand that needs selling in a tabloid magazine.  But on pure aesthetics, I wish he had the title.

    • gillian holroyd

      oh wow, I just assumed he’d been on a previous list. Or had the good sense to decline this honor [sic].

    • librarygrrl64

      I’m hoping Bardem made the long list, because, c’mon!

    • DesertDweller79

       I admit to being shocked to not see Daniel Craig here.  I mean, seriously?  What is he paying his publicist for?

  • Missy Covington

    Even though he’s not my thing, I kind of love that Richard Gere is on this list still (again? yet?). And you boys are definitely right about Ben Affleck improving with age.

  • Maine1ac

    “Nobody could’ve landed that plane like I did. Nobody.”

  • StellaZafella

    There are a number of men on this list who do not now, nor did they EVER, need anyone’s estimation of they’re sex appeal…let alone a grocery store paparazzo rag.
    Mr’s Gere and Affleck and Washington, please step to the head of the class and show them how it’s done.

  • Mismarker

    His music is not my favorite  so I am a little embarrassed to admit that Blake Shelton makes my secret area tingle.

  • zenobar

    Damien Lewis is apparently feeling rather kittenish.

  • Jenna621

    I’ll stand up for Tatum.  TLo pointed out last year that this list is more of a “who has had a banner year” than anything else, and he’s had a pretty great year.  I think he’s quite sexy (and I haven’t seen Magic Mike); I certainly wouldn’t turn him down if I was single.  Sexiest celebrity ever (or of the year)?  No, but to me that title forever is split between JGL or Matt Damon.

    • mshesterp

      Oh, see it!  He’s really great in it.  As someone said above, you kind of want to give him a hug.  AND he is an awesome dancer.  I love that movie, I really do.  I find The Potato really quite charming.

  • nannypoo

    Denzel can land my plane anytime.

  • Judy_J

    Denzel Washington does it for me.  Most of the other guys look like friends of my son, and I’m no cougar.

    • formerlyAnon

      It’s true that most of the young ones have little appeal for me either because they look like children or, well, they just don’t. 

      But I find I can admire at least three new boys a year who are young enough to be my son. (All too soon that’s going to be my grandson . . . oh my!)  A banner year is when more than half of my favorites eschew the stupider fads of the moment and/or choose hair cuts and clothing which dovetail with my [ahem] extremely well established preferences.

  • Anathema_Device

    Denzel looks like the photographer just interrupted him and asked a really stupid question.

    I think I like Paul Rudd the most of this lot. Funny and cute.

  • ralish

    There are some very charming men on this list. But Paul Rudd gets my vote (as always).

  • Rebecca Jay

    Pass on all of them except Denzel and Richard.  Yep, I have a type:  Mature/Seasoned.

    Channing Tatum is just eww.

  • korilian

    I don’t have a particular opinion on Chaning Tatum, except that, that is one unflattering picture.

  • miagain

    I am sorry… but my husband is the sexiest man alive… at least to me!  And after 31 years of marriage, he just keeps getting better!!

    • Mismarker

      That’s so awesomely sweet.  My husband is pretty sexy, too!

  • Rachel Mason

    my ovaries didn’t suddenly catch fire, so I have to disagree. any list that of sexiness that excludes michael fassbender is a lie.

  • Liz

    Gosling or GTFO

  • Sam Smith

    Tatum just looks way too much like my meat-head ex-boyfriend for me to get behind this choice.  

  • Kate4queen

    Richard Gere is aging beautifully. 
    Ever since he starred in a movie that ruined one of my favorite childhood books, I’ve had a bit of a grudge against Channing, so I can’t quite get behind him as the sexiest man alive. I’m sure he’s gutted by that. :) 

  • Michelle Young

    Well, I think Bradley Cooper keeps his title forever.  

  • Jessica TallGirl Freeman

    I’m with Tom. Channing does nothing for me. The rest of the guys on the list, can line up at my door in a single file line.  And Benedict Cumberbatch should be on this list, but I font think he’s quite as popular here, just yet. 

    • Mismarker

      Is it weird that I find Watson more attractive than Sherlock? I can’t get over the slime ball that Benedict Cumberbatch played in Atonement. 

      • Jessica TallGirl Freeman

        Its hard not to find someone as sweet as Watson attractive (we also share a last name, so I’m sure that helps). Luckily for me, I watched Atonement after I got hooked on Sherlock.  I almost died when I watched him be so creepy in that movie.  Alas, my adornment for him has not wavered. 

      • librarygrrl64

        Um, no. Martin Freeman/Watson, FTW!

    • rawrgrowlrawr

      I love Benedict Cumberbatch. I want to have pale, high cheekboned babies with him. 

      • formerlyAnon

        God knows someone should. Good genes should go on.

  • Jaeda Laurez

    Thor can get it everyday and twice on Sundays, so he gets my vote. Channing is cute from the neck down. But did Ryan Gosling have some sort of tragic accident or something? Why is he not here? Paul Rudd has been cute for about 20 years; that’s saying something. 

  • annrr

    Where is my Chris Pine? Agree with Paul Rudd and Oscar Pistorius.

  • MilaXX

    Dear Hollywood,
    As nice as he is there are other men of color besides Denzel.

    no love,

  • Cassi68

    Jack Huston. With or without the mask.

    • rawrgrowlrawr

      Ooo good call. 

  • Sobaika

    That is a decent list. Not all of it is loin-worthy  for me, but it certainly has a lot more character than People’s bland offering.

    And I followed the Kluwe/Ayanbedejo story about gay marriage. Kluwe’s letter was eloquent, funny, and smart – all very sexy qualities.

  • Stella Zawistowski

    Oh Denzel. Yes please.

  • Imasewsure

    Wow these guys are not on my list … I’m definitely more of a jocks and rockers type… and me likes the fantasy bad boys not the bring-home-to-momma-types like these guys

  • Ozski

    Yeay for Rudd! Funny is always hot, in my book, anyway….

  • kel

    Tom Hardy, Chou Yun Fat, Michael Fassbender, Matt Bomer, Idris Elba

  • MishaFoomin

    That picture of Max Greenfield is not that great. His right arm looks super saggy because of its angle. He has no elbow there.

  • UglyTalents

    I love Max Greenfield! And … a lot of these other guys. 

  • chylde

    mmm … paul rudd … nom nom nom… saw him on broadway . . . nom nom nom… at him UP! gulp. ahhh

  • erinbinek

    Yup.  Paul Rudd.  Smart, sexy and funny.  A deadly combination.

  • LesYeuxHiboux

    Chris Hemsworth looks really torn up about it, doesn’t he? I am not at all a Tater Tot, nor have I ever seen the appeal of Richard Gere. Max Greenfield is hilarious, and that is a perfect picture of him. My vote(s) for this set would have been for Damian Lewis and Oscar Pistorius.

    • librarygrrl64

      Bwahahaha, “Tater Tot!!!”

    • mshesterp

      I am definitely a Tater Tot, and proud of it.  That man is adorable.  I thank you for the new fan identity!

  • TeresaM

    Wow, this list is awesome.  I like that they included brilliant, witty people.  I love me some John Hawkes.

    • NinaBoo

      Next year they have to get Jay Smooth on it. And I’m thinking a nomination for Tom and Lorenzo is a MUST!

    • Jennifer Peters-Ahnberg

      Any list with John Hawkes has my unswerving support. I love that man.

  • Carla_Charlton

    Channing Tatum looks kind of like Victoria Jackson — and that’s not sexy.

    • Mismarker

      HA! Now I have the image of him doing the splits on the SNL Weekend Update desk.  

  • Linda Harris

    Tatum doesn’t do it for me. I’ll take Denzel or Bradley

  • Call me Bee

    Ick.  Not sure if I can disagree more.  Dopey looks and no neck do not a sexy man make.  And Ben Affleck?  Yikes.  I love Paul Rudd, but he is more sweet than sexy, as is Max Greenfield. 
    Apparantly I am way out of it. 

  • KSpence

    Where the shit is Daryl Dixon? This is a SHAM. A TRAVESTY.

  • KSpence

    But but but WHERE is Daryl Dixon?! This is a SHAM. A TRAVESTY.

  • Puck Thornton

    None of these men rock my boat. Looking at the winners of the last couple of years you have to be a douche or a mouthbreather to win.

  • twocee

    Chris Kluwe ….day-yum.

    • rawrgrowlrawr

      Athletes don’t usually do it for me, but WOW. Plus he sounds like a great guy. I want one for Christmas. 

  • Ashleigh Boutelle

    Paul Rudd !! 

  • Monabel

    Where’s the color? Mr. Washington, though lovely, is not the only possibility.

  • kimmeister

    Seems weird to put last year’s winner as one of this year’s also-rans.

  • Vienna Marriott

    Channing Tatum; really?!  His ears look like car doors.  I agree with Pistorius.  Mmmm.

  • foodycatAlicia

    Chris Kluwe has made me start to take an interest in football. He is funny and geeky and has great tattoos. Salon made a good choice!

  • Toby Wollin

    Did I miss the memo? Since when does having a neck that goes immediately from the ears to the shoulders with no indentations in between qualify as sexy? He looks like one of those guys I knew in college on the football team. Every single one of the other guys is massively sexier on any scale you wish to choose. “No neck monsters?” Please?

  • Sara Munoz Munoz

    Thanks for this!

  • kolokOlchik

    Richard Gere forever has my heart!

  • rawrgrowlrawr

    Where is Benedict Cumberbatch? He is my imaginary lover. 

  • Elizabeth Phillips

    Chris Hemsworth.

    • AnnPopovic

      Here’s a second on everyone you listed BUT Chris H! Rufus Sewell is a work of art!

  • prettybigkitty

    Chris Kluwe, Salon’s Sexiest Man of 2012, has my vote.  As many times as I can vote.  

  • SapphoPoet

    Where is Robert Downey, Jr.??? (Stomping off in a huff.)

    • buildmeatower


  • A B

    I wish you’d have captioned each of those pictures–I think they’re crying out for it.  The photo of Greenfield only brings to mind “Mommy, take me to my play date now!!!” (and not in a good way!).  Pretty standard choices, but what do you expect from People?

  • cjcris23

    Paul Rudd, for the win, every.single.year

  • AnnPopovic

    O s c a r!!!  There’s simply nothing sexier than the will to get up and do despite it all. I love him.

  • judybrowni

    I don’t get the appeal of Charming Potato, but then again, I haven’t seen him strip.

  •!/Space_Kitty Space Kitty

    Pistorius ftw.  Whoa.

  • Paola Thomas

    With the exception of Denzel, I feel no stirrings for any of these guys. Any list that does not include Henry Cavill, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Ryan Gosling and Lenny Kravitz is totally invalid.

  • Isadora Paiva

    1. Idris Elba

    2. Michael Fassbender
    3. Tom Hiddleston
    4. Ryan Gosling
    5. Jon Hamm

    The fact that none of these men is in the top 10 just proves how ridiculous that list is. I find some of those guy good-looking, but most of them don’t do a thing for me in the sexy department. Being sexy is more than being handsome, it’s about attitude and substance as well, IMO.

  • Pamela

    That is one sexy picture of my boyfriend, Paul Rudd!

  • Pamela

    And where is my mastress, Jack Huston?

  • Alloy Jane

    I’m reading that interview with Kluwe and holy hell, I am in love.  If only for admitting that he learned how to argue on message boards, which, if you’ve ever been involved in a real flame war, you know takes maaad skillz.  And super cute comment about his wife wanting him to do the shoot topless so she could have the pictures.  That’s a mentality I can get behind, LOL.

    Thought-provoking list they have there.  Love that they included Ai Wei-Wei.  That dude has had a year for sure.  People sucks, why would they exhume Richard Gere when they could have included Jon Hamm?  He should be a contestant every year.

  • Pam Winters

    Any list without Idris Elba on it is incomplete. Still, I’m gonna google that Max Greenfield. I’m gonna google him good.

  • carpediva

    There seems to have been a misprint!  The Sexiest Man Alive list starts with Idris Elba, and ends with Timothy Olyphant.

    That is all.

    • carpediva

      Though I would accept Fassie as an alternate.

    • TigerLaverada

      Tim Olyphant! Oh, yes.

  • Lilak

    Plus ca change.  I’d complain, but since this annual event is always “brought to you by” publicists and whatnot … nah. 

    (I believe the TLo/BKs list would be worth poring over, however!)

  • Karen Dickerson


  • JasmineAM

    Pistorius looks like a god.

  • NurseEllen

    Mr. Gere, Mr. Washington, and Mr. Pistorius do it for me.  Tatum inspires nothing more in me than a big yawn.

  • Magdalena Monzerrat Ontiveros

    Booooomer!!!! :)

  • thecitysleeps

    I just don’t find him attractive at all.  But I don’t like the traditional beefcakes.  Oh well.

  • SophiaPehawkins

    Thor? Yum.

  • JulieTy

    Snore. Where is Colin Firth? And why hasn’t there been a Sexiest Man Alive of color since Denzel???

  • Ass Kicking Adviser

    That is the worst picture of Paul Rudd that has ever been taken.
    hmmmphing with Tom. I’d rather have Ben. Or Damian. Or Denzel.

  • CeeQ

    I love that Max Greenfield. And isn’t it nice to have perennial favourites Richard and Denzel? Yes, I think so.

    They should have a People’s Sexiest Man Alive Hall of Fame. 

  • Figgy

    There are too many shirts in these photos.

    • EveEve

      And too many shots that stop above the waist.  Boo.

  • tallgirl1204

    i don’t know who Max Greenfield even is, but based on these pics, he’s my fave.  Well, maybe after Denzel, but that’s a lifelong commitment. 

  • librarygrrl64

    That pic IS adorable, guys! I like that Damian Lewis is smiling, too. He is evidently kind of a goofball in real life, which charms me. But my drool is reserved for Affleck (seriously, what is with him and the hotness these days???) and Rudd (great pic of him, too; those eyes!). Tatum has no neck, and I just can’t get on board with that beef-cakey look.

  • Beth Anderson

    Richard Gere wins for me.

  • margaret meyers

    I feel a special connection with Matt Bomer.  He’s looking right at me.

  • Leah

    Ugh. I am in love with Oscar Pistorius.

  • adnama79

    I do not get the Channing Tatum thing at all. Big neck and small head = weirdness

  • turtleemily

    I take issue with the fact that they continue to call it the Sexiest Man ALIVE like all the previous ones have died.

  • DesertDweller79

    I would seriously consider hanging that photo of Matt Bomer on my wall.  Sigh.  He is so gorgeous.  Channing Tatum doesn’t have anything on him.

  • Sau-Chih Feng

    Oscar Pistorius for the win!
    That is a BAD PICTURE of Channing. Not my type, I prefer pretty much everyone else in this issue to him, but that man is usually better looking than this douchey cover. Also, everyone else’s picture is SO MUCH BETTER. Channing, you should sue.

  • Trisha26

    Absolutely ludicrous since everyone’s got their own taste (except for People magazine) but I totally disagree with Channing. Of those shown above I’m going with Chris Hemsworth.

  • DesertDweller79

    Also, I’m not sure Denzel should count.  He’s already in the Hall of Fame of sexiness, right?  How can these poor young guys compete?  How could People think Channing Tatum ranks above Denzel?  Are you looking at your own photos, People?

  • quiltrx

    Charming Taters might be the most doofy-looking musclehead bastard alive, but NOT the sexiest man.

    I’ll take Blake Shelton, thank you.

    And WTF??  They obviously didn’t ask the Walking Dead fans, or Norman Reedus would be right up in the middle of this!

  • quiltrx

    I’m a huge NFL fan (the only female in my fantasy football league, and I’m 10-0, bitches)–and there’s lots of beauty to behold, for sure!  Kluwe’s one of the rarer ones who is beautiful on the inside, too!

  • quiltrx

    And that’s a horrible picture of Paul Rudd!  He’s adorable, and incredibly sexy…and he doesn’t age!!!

  • mshesterp

    i’m intrigued by the list, mostly because the guys are so different from the standard.  I so agree with Louis CK, which is wrong because he’s such a cranky misanthrope and reminds me of a lot of ex-boyfriends, but his smile is so disarming and his humor is so HILARIOUS.  (Actually hilarious, just like his album title a few years ago).  

    I do appreciate that Salon has given some thought to it, and they’re not all airbrushed waxed ken dolls.

    …still love me some Tatum, though.

  • kcarb1025

    yes to Affleck. 

    no to everyone else.

  • GTrain

    Harry Shum Jr. That is all.

  • KatrinaAtienza

    Richard Gere?! Denzel Washington?? Is is 1996? What?? Where is Ryan Gosling, Tom Hiddleston, Mark Ruffalo, Pharell?

  • Contralto

    Ben Affleck?  BEN AFFLECK?  Seriously?

  • Claudia Fernandes

    is there any possibility that affleck and greenfield are brothers??? only now i see resemblances


    I don’t know about the rest of this pack but Oscar wins for “Most obvious display of anatomy in Lycra” HEL-LO!

  • monapily

    Ah yes. Melanin is no so sexy unless you’re Denzel and only ever Denzel. Thanks for reminding me, People!   😉

  • WendyD

    Damien Lewis is a great actor but I don’t know if he’s SEXY. This list lacks more British men. Hiddleston and Craig to start with!

  • guest2visits

    Lots of handsome. Particulary Affleck and Cooper, for me. Hemsworth of course.

  • LuluinLaLa

    I do not get the Channing Tatum hype. He’s not unattractive at all, but he looks like every guy I went to high school and college with. Which is not a bad thing, but none of them are in People magazine. There’s just something so flat about him to me – not features-wise, but lacking any sense of depth or mystery. Especially looking at all the other photos – I think he’s the least sexy man on this page.

  • JoAnna Nicholson

    Any list that doesn’t include Daniel Craig has no credibility in my book.

  • littlemissstrange

    I don’t get why Damian Lewis didn’t win. I don’t get why Damian Lewis doesn’t ever win. Hottest ginger of them all.

  • andreawey

    maybe I’m just old but Denzel would top my list!! I like a guy with some character (and a neck) Blake is pretty cute too:)

    • andreawey

      BTW Where is Norman Reedus?!?

  • ThaliaMenninger

    Out of that bunch, the Bomer and the Rudd are tops for me. Oscar Pistorius’s lycra is certainly working hard to vault him to the top, however.

  • LadySerena

    OMG- he looks dumb dumb dumb- looks like he could walk into a role as a GI or into a Nicholas Sparks movie…oh wait has he already done one?

  • LadySerena

    How is this boring man sexier than Chris Hemsworth? or Richard Armitage? or Fassbender or I could go on……..nobody who has so little going on behind his eyes could ever be considered sexy- attractive yes,sexy-NO!

  • Janey

    Matt Bomer to me would win beautifulest man alive 2012.

    Until I saw Magic Mike. 

    And then my world changed. 

    It actually didn’t I thought it was alright a movie but hot damn was Matt Bomer sexy in that. 

  • PaulaBerman

    How are all the sexiest men white except Denzel? Seriously.

  • Mirrored_Wings

    Go team Hemsworth!

  • oekmama

    I’m feeling every other guy EXCEPT the guy who won. How is it decided anyway?

  • Larkin21

    Gorgeous pictures, particularly of Matt Boomer and Paul Rudd. I’d personally chose any of these guys (and many others) before Channing Tatum.