Kristin Chenoweth at LAX

Posted on November 06, 2012

Hi Kristin! Look, we’ll be perfectly honest. Your outfit’s pretty cute and all…

Kristin Chenoweth arrives with her dog at LAX airport.

But we’re only featuring these pics because your puffball is frikking ADORABLE. Can we have it? It looks like it might be kind of bitchy and we love bitchy pets.

Okay, fine: your boots are fierce.


[Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews]

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    • Eric

      Maddie is such a star.

    • Gabriella M

      Aw it looks like my puffball! 

    • Goldie

      That’s Maddie.  I think she has her own twitter account and I believe she can be a bit…temperamental.

    • Laura

      LOVE this outfit. Super cute. 

    • diane {a spot of whimsy}

      love her to death!

    • kimmeister

      I’m not a fan of the Chewbacca vest, but everything else is adorable, especially the pup.

      • A B

        I’m seeing those awful vests everywhere lately; very unfortunate!

        • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

          They look like bathroom throw rugs!

          • Elissa Malcohn

            That vest is giving me some serious nostalgia. My favorite piece of clothing around 1970 (6th-7th grade) was something my mother disdainfully called my “Attila the Hun vest.” Gray fake fur polyester on the outside, psychedelic Dacron (think Laugh-In’s joke wall) lining. Su-weet. :-)

    •!/Space_Kitty Space Kitty

      That’s some weapons grade cute.

    • jilly_d

      I don’t understand why people carry their dogs on errands…..Why would you not just…..let the dog, you know, walk?  It’s good for them, and they like it!  Plus if your dog is tired, the likelihood that it’ll chew up all your shit plummets.

      • tsid2012

        THANK YOU!  I never understand the appeal of a dog that I have to carry around. Weird.

        • Amelia Logan

          I have a tiny dog. We normally walk there with a leash, and then if we go to a public place I’ll put him in a bag. My neighborhood has lots of dogs so it’s normal for people to leave a dog outside a store or something. I would rather not leave him – I stop at the coffee shop because they don’t like dogs and they have big windows so I can still watch him. 

      • Jennifer Ford

        Uh, you mean errands like going to the airport to fly? That is a dog carrier and she is travelling with her dog. Of course it has to be in a carrier. Dogs aren’t allowed to just walk around the airport.

      • snarkykitten

        what errands does one do at LAX?

      • colleenjanel

         According to the title, she was at LAX. So the bag was required to travel with her dog.

    • mjude

      always wanted a little dog carrier but my sweet pup said hell no.  she looks so cute.

    • Cathy S

      The dog and the boots rock.

    • flamingjune

      Maddie isn’t just cute, she’s giving good face.

    • Janet B

      Maddie let’s Kristin carry her, why walk when someone will carry you,  but she won’t keep her head down.  Certainly strong willed.

    • hmariec19

      That bitch is fabulous.

      Ha. See what I did there?

    • decormaven

      The boots rock! Not sure about the vest; kinda looks like it was made from a plush throw.

      • Donna Tabor

         It looks like knitted mink to me, which is very light, very warm, and very comfortable to wear.

        • decormaven

          Yes, that is a good ID. Saw it used in a interior design textile interpretation.

    • Kim Brightman

      Bitchy, I don’t know about….but I love bossy cats who talk a lot and tell me what to do!

      • JillSpill

        You would LOVE my cat then.  She drives my hubby crazy!

    • crash1212

      I don’t think I’ve ever seen her in an ‘on the street’ outfit before. This is a way cute look…and the dog isn’t half bad either.

    • Lilithcat

      She does look great, but the dog is definitely the cutest part of the outfit.

    • LauraWL

      My best friend totally has a lookalike dog. And yes the dog is a wonderful little bitch. I think its a Maltese-Shitzu cross. 

    • e jerry powell

      I love da Malteeeeese!

    • Jessi03

      Kristin!  I’m going to eat your dawg!

    • renad

      Great boots. But I wish people would quit carrying dogs around like babies. Put it on a leash, fer cryin’ out loud. It’s a DOG.

      • JillK

         Sometimes people do that because they’re going to be in a busy place, where they can’t expect everyone to be watching where their feet are going.  If it keeps the doggy from getting kicked by another pedestrian, I’m all for it.

      • snarkykitten

         it’s a dog in a CROWDED AIRPORT

    • marilyn

      Double cute!

    • l_c_ann

      When an actress is so small, a Maltese looks like a medium sized dog, you know you have redefined petite.

    • formerlyAnon

      I know that she’s got all these fabulous credits elsewhere, but in my mind THIS is just how a modern day Broadway musical star from Broken Arrow Oklahoma *should* be sashaying around on an ordinary day. Love it. Even though I find her a bit irritating in interviews.

    • Judy_J

      Cute fluffy white dog = fabulous fashion accessory.

    • newtonGOTbeaned

      If I weren’t sure that her feet are half the size of mine I would track her down and steal those boots.

    • MilaXX

      Cute normal people look.  She loves that dog to bits and tweets about him all the time. Poor pup was sick for quite a bit last year.

      • margaret meyers

        What does that vest do inthe back?  It looks super soft and comfortabe, but I expected to see a shirt tail hem in the back.

    • Deen


      And that dog is the cutest!!

    • foodycatAlicia

      Your cats would eat the puffball alive. Or at least wither it with disdain. She looks really good in jeans, which kind of surprises me, because I have several very tiny friends who claim they can’t wear them because they look like smurfs.

    • Corazon Nunez

      Sigh . . . I want a puffball. Can’t. Boohoo.

    • margaret meyers

      The boots are FIERCE.

    • Trisha26

      Anyone who takes a dog on a plane is on my list. Why do dogs have to go everywhere? Cats rule. 

    • Nikki

      Looks like mine, but mine will NOT stay in a bag or carrier… yeah, prissy to the point of not being a purse dog.

    • marlie

      Hate the vest, but I otherwise love the whole look, dog included. 

    • Cindy Claussen

      That dog warrants an obnoxious “Totes Adorbz”

      Looks just like the little white dog from the American Girl Doll Series, and its named Coconut

    • Cindy Claussen

      My favorite image from Hurricane Sandy was a guy carrying his tiny dog in a doggy backpack while wading through flood waters. I was comforted by seeing the dog so comfortably and safely ensconced.

    • kikisayshi

      How could she ever NOT be cute? I mean, really?

    • barbiefish

      Yep, very cute.  I’m very partial to cat-like dogs (not assuming this is one) and cats with a bit of dog personality in them.  Bitchy pets is good if it means demanding, not so much if it means aloof (we’ve never had an aloof cat out of the ten or so we’ve had over the years, just ones that want affection/attention on their own terms).

      • Goldie

        I had a Poodle when I was growing up that had only been around a cat until he was a couple of years old.  His whole life, he groomed himself like a cat, licking his paws and washing his face with them.

    • Pamela

      Hope that vest is faux fur..

    • AthenaJ

      The puffball is cute, but after growing up with an 80 lb doberman I will always love BIG dogs more!

      Agree about the boots, good thing I wasn’t at LAX then or there is a very good chance I would have ripped them right off her feet.