Kristen Stewart in A.L.C. on Jimmy Fallon

Posted on November 09, 2012

Damn. K Stew really slapped on the warpaint for this one.


Kristen Stewart makes an appearance on the “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon’ show in an A.L.C. dress paired with Jimmy Choo pumps.

A.L.C. Spring 2013 Collection

But we’ve said it before about her: she’s got the kind of face that can handle a ton of makeup without looking like it’s too much. Try to picture, say… Emma Stone with those eyes. Or Emma Watson, for that matter. Amanda Seyfried. Keira Knightley. Jennifer Lawrence. It just doesn’t work, does it? But she looks spectacular with them. Part of it comes down to bone structure and coloring, but another – possibly bigger – part of it just comes from attitude. Kristen’s got a dark side to her, which she likes to let out for public appearances, and the heavy eye makeup really works to underline that.

Wisely, she stuck to a relatively simple dress and pair of shoes to complete the look. We think she looks pretty amazing here.


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  • Kathy_Marlow

    Her hair really needs help…a degreaser would be a good start. But the rest of her looks amazing. 

    • Jessica O’Connell

      Just shampoo. I don’t know how the girl can’t properly use shampoo…. and conditioner! And maybe not frying the hell out of her hair on a regular basis… I don’t get it. Though it constantly makes me feel like my hair is awesome when I look at hers and realized PROFESSIONALS can only manage to make it look like that.

      Like the dress and the shoes. Actually kind of hair the warpaint but to each his own I guess!

      • Kathy_Marlow

         I’d take shampoo and conditioner to start.  I don’t think they do her hair for her, I think that’s her.  Or she has the worst hairdressers ever.  The hair does suit the look, but c’mon..

        although, her honey has the same issue, maybe they really are meant to be?

        • She has a hairdresser who travels with her. His name is Adair Abergel he does her hair for 90% of her appearances. This girl is not doing her own hair

          • Kathy_Marlow

             Then why does it look so bad?

          •  I suppose that is his aesthetic, “signature undone” is what he calls it.

          • l_c_ann

            Good laugh to start the weekend.

          • anotherkate

             Too bad, really. Her hair looks fantastic in the Twilight movies, so we know it IS possible.

          • Half the time it’s actually a wig 😡

          • Lolo Andre

             She only wore a wig during the third movie when she cut her hair short in 2009 ..

          • Sara LaBatt

            LOL, he gets paid big money to undo her hair!

          • NC_Meg

             Really? She pays someone to do that to her hair? You’ve got to be joking. GOT TO BE.

          • Carolyn

            Or Derelicte?

          • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

            He can call it whatever the hell he likes, but it looks dirty, greasy, and in need of a good conditioner and a good brushing! 

          • Adair needs to be hog-tied and locked in a closet.  His work is terrible.

    • ecallaw1977

       It’s all different weird lengths, too–it’s not even layers, it’s just weird choppy sections.

    • lilazander

       Agree, sloppy, floppy, unwashed, greasy, pucky hair

  • Ceur

    She does look amazing – it looks really comfortable.

    •  It looks comfortable and she looks comfortable. I think the last few times she’s been out she’s looked much more relaxed than she used to. Maybe she could go hang out with Britney Spears and teach her the secret?

  • She looks very good, if fairly boring.  Her hair, though, is just this side of Phyllis Diller horrid.

  • agree!

  • Shame the hair lets her down! Great dress! Great make up!

  • SneakyKitty

    agree, she looks amazing with makeup that mere mortals just look silly in.  It just looks right on her.

    I don’t understand all the fuss about her hair.  It’s never bothered me.

    • ohayayay

      I like the hair. But then that’s what my hair looks like pretty much all the time – it’s really, really thick and gets poofy if I wash/blow dry it too often, so I wash it only once every 5-7 days and use dry shampoo towards the end! 

      • SneakyKitty

         That’s kind of what my hair does too, especially in winter when it’s super dry and windy where I live.  On Miss KStew here though, it somehow looks glamorous.

      • My hair is the same. On top of that it’s curly, so if I brush it it starts to look like a nest.  Wide tooth combs and leave the hair mostly alone.

  • Lisa Dugan

    She looks great.  Too much makeup on some women is very aging but she somehow looks young and fresh.  Love the dress. She wore an even more interesting and heavy smoky eye for a screening last night and it looked fabulous as well. 

    • She looks young and fresh because she is young and fresh.

      Terrific look for her.

      • But slap this make-up on Miley or Elizabeth Olsen and you get young & fresh cougars.

  • mjude

    i think she looks great. 

  • BrooklynBomber

    That dress is a breath of late night fresh air.

  • frannyprof

    I am not loving the warpaint. Too much and wrong for the rest of the look.

  • LesYeuxHiboux

    She looks pretty fab, like a Bardot redux. It seems like she’s getting the hang of dressing like herself and still being appropriate for the venue. 

  • jorinde

    the warpaint… it may fit her dark side of the soul, but just for the face I don’t see it at all. it looks pubertal. and see, I imagine keira or the emma’s, as you tell me, and I can’t think of anything else as about how much better it would fit their bone structure than kristen’s.

  • Sobaika

    Whoa. Either her style is growing on me or she is really coming in to her own. Loving this!

  • gabbilevy

    I like the white version of the dress better, you can see the detailing that takes it from ‘plain frock’ to ‘a little something more’. 

    Her hair is tragic.

  • granddelusion

    Dress is cute. Sit up straight, Kristen.

  • A B

    Her hair is like the evil twin of Cathy Cambridge’s.  I think she looks better the more makeup she wears, one of the few I can say that about.

  • CurbGirl

    Hum, my reaction was ‘cute dress, sit up straight and wash your face’ I’m all for the dark side but not as a full time look.

  • i love the hair!!! it goes with her attitude! 

  • MintaHallWriter

    I dunno. I love the dress and shoes, hair is okay (typical), but those eyes just do not work for me. Ever. She’s just overdone it. Again.

  • HomeOfficeGirl

    She’s got the legs for it too.  Good look for her.

  • Judy_J

    Sorry, boys, I disagree.  She looks more and more like a raccoon every time I see her.

  • A

    Love love love the dress!! I like it even more in white. And I really don’t care for K.Stew, but I usually love her eyes when she does the heavy makeup. And even her hair isn’t quite as shitty as usual? Ha wishful thinking.

  • Tatiana Luján

    I want those shoes.

  • snarkykitten

    shame she couldn’t be arsed to wash her hair

  • Girl has been on quite the winning streak with me recently. As always, you sort of have to overlook the hair, but the rest of her looks great.

  • MaryanneGirl

    I think she looks perfectly fine here from the forehead down. You’re completely right TLo, she can pull off a face full of heavy makeup…but why not at least run a brush through the hair?  It looks like she fells asleep on the floor of the green room & they woke her up to run out to the set. 

  • It’s totally her, and there’s nothing wrong with a LBD, but I kinda wish she’d gone with some color somewhere, even some chunky, edgy jewelry or something. 

  • I’m with the crowd, here.  I like the outfit and her makeup, but her HAIR.  Dear gods.

  • EverybodysStarling

    I kinda like her more since the cheating-thing. Every outfit since then made a bold statement. 

  • marilyn

    Part of her street thing is her hair.  It always looks a tad under-done.  The color is great, but it always looks un=professionally done.  Maybe that goes with her attitude.  

  • tereliz

    I don’t know about the eye makeup. Paired with that rat’s nest on her head it just looks skanky. 

  • siriuslover

    She looks good. 

  • Nailed it, TLo. I think her dark side (or what others refer to as her bitchface) is a big component of her glamour, and what makes designers want her to wear their stuff. She’s got the runway model fuck-you stare going on in real life. Terrifyingly cool. 🙂

  • VicksieDo

    Every time I see her, I think “TRAMPIRE!”  hehe

  • My daughter’s hair looked like that. After she hid in the closet and cut it herself. When she was FOUR. 

  • Imasewsure

    She looks beautiful and I like the simple black dress. Like it in white too. Her hair looks clean and pretty to me… Don’t get the irrational hate for KStew … but don’t get me started on _____________!! That chick/dude sucks!!!

  • MilaXX

    I liked this look. Even though the dress is pretty short, the flared skirt made it talk show friendly. 

  • nannypoo

    I like her dress. I find the Black Holes Of Vision to be disturbing, and of course there’s the hair.

  • kimmeister

    The thumbnail made me think she had a big Brigitte Bardot blowout.  She doesn’t, but wouldn’t she look fantastic with one?

  • Zippypie

    The eye makeup is a bit too much.  Yes, I like when she embraces her gothy edgy energy but this is bordering on drag.  Do like the dress and shoes.

  • Dhammadina


  • JauntyJohn

    Love the look from head to toe — and I’ll take sly smile and defcon 5 eye makeup over “I’m so sad to be rich and famous” any day.
    (Exceptions to that stipulation for those born in the spotlight.  But if you went on the auditions… you were mostly asking for it.)

  • lrhoff

    By a “dark side” you mean a woman you can’t trust and who will cheat on you, sucker.  Yep, that sums her up perfectly.

  • MaryAtRealityTea

    Personal best. She looks great. And more importantly she looks comfortable and she looks herself. 

  • everest19

    T Lo has like a mayjah boner for Miss Stewart right now and I can’t say I get it, frankly!

    • Seannie5


    • pugluv

      I have to agree with you, T Lo does seem to have a newly discovered boner for  KStew.  They are not calling her out on posture, dirty hair and dead eyes, but i have an irrational dislike for her so maybe I am the issue here… I don’t get her appeal.

      • Khristen Bendali

        I’m no huge fan of hers, but I think her posture is a result from being tall and thin as an adolescent – gangly, if you will. You sort of hunch and it is a tough habit to break. I think she has refreshing attitude toward fashion and general demeanor in the world of celebrity, where she doesn’t always play it safe or pliant.

        • pugluv

          She is not a tall woman….Maybe 65 inches, Cameron Diaz, jeez even Taylor Swift (and I am not a fan) are tall and lanky and they work the Red Carpet like a pro

      • Seannie5

        ‘but i have an irrational dislike for her so maybe I am the issue here…’

        Yes, you are. Sorry this site isn’t catering to you… (not sorry at all!)

  • Best I have ever seen her look. WOW! (I don’t think her hair looks greasy here like it does in 85% of her photos!) In the fourth from the top where she is giving a little wave, she is even smiling a smile that reaches her eyes. Good for her!

  • it makes her look alot like elizabeth hurley at a glance

  • Rebecca Jay

    I think she looks pretty amazing too.  Even the grungy, chopped up hair works.

    Great little dress.

  • poohbah1

    Somehow, she’s kind of rocking a Jackie Bisset look.

  • Seannie5

    She looks gorgeous. Love her style and her hair does not look greasy. Is this another thing people have latched onto? The ‘Kristen never smiles’ thing getting old?

    • SewingSiren

      I don’t understand the dirty hair thing either. And besides her posture and facial expressions remind me of one of my children. Therefore I feel an irrational Hulk like anger when I read the (some of the) comments section.

      • Seannie5

        Yeah, it pisses me off that it’s women who are doing most of the complaining about it. Whatever about her style or even her posture, but insulting her for not smiling, which she does – a lot! , is so cringeworthy. I really dislike people calling her dirty and other horrid things because she obviously has a hairdresser and i have yet to hear that she has odour problems from somebody who has been in contact with her. She is a beautiful, successful girl with great clothes and a heartthrob boyfriend, and this inspires a lot of jealousy unfortunately. Poor Selena Gomez is getting a right going over on twitter from Beliebers because she finished with Justin. Highschool has spread to the internet

  • decormaven

    Great dress, appropriate length for a sit-down, acceptable make-up. But please give this gal a day off to rest. She looks wan and worn. The drumbeat for this movie is incessant, and frankly, annoying as all heck. [Nonfashion rant]

  • RzYoung

    She got character and can pull off a lot of things, you can’t deny it whether you like her or not

  • LambeeBaby

    I think she looks great. She can work the dirty party girl look.

  • PeaceBang

    At first glance I honestly thought she was wearing a Lone Ranger mask. I think  she’s just gone beyond smoky eye to Mme. Raccoon.

  • quiltrx

    She looks cool.  Like a streetwise Adele.

  • crash1212

    She looks fab. I love that dress and wish I could rock such a strong eye. Snaps of respect…this coulda been a WERQ.

  • Trisha26

    She looks pretty good and her hair almost looks clean.

  • silaria

    See, I look at that makeup and all I think is “LOL teen goth wannabe.”  But I guess it takes one to know one. 🙂

  • Chicka’s hair is a mess.  Otherwise, she looks great.

  • julnyes

    She looks great, but those choppy sections in the front of her hair are making my left eye twitch.

  • BigWhiteGrannyPanties

    OK Congregation.  Help me here.  I just don’t understand her appeal at all.  I don’t like her acting.  I think she is a perfectly attractive person but no more than the college girl who does data entry for my research projects, and I just want to trim her hair and scrub her face.  What am I missing?

    • Anathema_Device

       I don’t totally get it either. But maybe part of the appeal is her ordinary-ness? Like she is a prettier, thinner version of the girl many of us knew in high school, and is therefore relate-able on screen?

  • efishfan

    Brunette Heidi Montag.

  • Mary229

    She looks gorgeous here to me.  One of her best looks ever.

  • Not a big fan of her movies, but Girl sure is pretty. I personally quite like her aesthetic, and despite all the hate here for her hair, it works with the kinds of looks that KStew likes. 

  • Neripson

    She looks great. People should separate their hatred towards to her and be more rational.

  • I dig.

    The smokey blue eye works surprisingly well here.

  • ri_dic

    Beg to differ about her face and all that make up. Not that she’s not pretty. The make up is just bad.

  • Tejnoor Kaur

    I personally love the hair. But that’s just me I guess.