Katy Perry in Naeem Khan at UNICEF Ball

Posted on November 28, 2012

After yesterday’s succession of increasingly cranky posts featuring questionable outfits, we’ve got a whole fuckton of gowns in the offing for y’all today. A FUCKTON OF GOWNS. It’s a fashion term. You wouldn’t understand.


Katy Perry attends the 9th Annual UNICEF Snowflake Ball in New York City in a Naeem Khan gown accessorized with Lorraine Schwartz jewelry.

Naeem Khan Spring 2013 Collection

Generally speaking, we’re not big fans of capes with gowns. You’d think we would be, since we love a lady who can bring the drama to her fashion, but it speaks to us of Gilded Age society matrons and that’s just not fabulous to us. But we’ve gotta say, if there’s a lady who can work a cape-and-gown combo, then that lady is probably Katy. It helps that this is a gorgeous look and that the cape has some visual interest to it. We’re not super-crazy about any of her accessories choices – they’re all gorgeous, but they all fight with each other and with the dress – but overall, Katy done good. It’s a glam, Morticia-in-couture kinda look and we dig.


[Photo Credit: Janet Mayer/PRPhotos.com, Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images, style.com]

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  • I think she looks stunning. Full stop. 

    • Mary229

      I had the same reaction.  On anyone else I might hate this but she pulls this off.  Fierce.

  • Pennymac

    I’m just thrilled that her hair doesn’t match her dress. This is a WIN for her!

  • lehen

    does she have some sort of gold medallions covering her nipples??

    • They look to be window suction cups, by which the whole gown is being held up by — amazingly.

    • Paigealicious

       That’s what I saw too!

    • Mrs

       I use nipple concealers just like those.  They’re not suction cups but they do kinda sorta look like ’em.  I swear by them though.  At the same time, I’m super conscious of the fact that I want them to draw attention AWAY from my nipples, not TOWARD them, which I think is what’s going on here.

    • MarTeaNi

      It’s the interminable problem of “nude” tone clothing (in this case, nipple concealers) matching the nude skin tone of exactly four people in the universe.

  • DebbieLovesShoes

    Digging everything but the earrings.  But other than that, BEAUTIFUL…. and whoever does her makeup needs to come on over and help me out as well!!

  • I’m so tired of seeing starlets underwear.

    • Judy_S

       I am tired of looking for it and not seeing it.

      • Yeah, I don’t see underwear here.

        •  I see nipple petals. I hate having to write that sentence.

        • Paigealicious

           There’s a slight illusion of panties in the close-up crotch area picture, but I think it’s just the lines of the sheer fabric.

  • I do love the dress. the cape, not so much. I think it takes it too far. I mean, its a Charity Ball for Unicef, right?  Somehow, the Dracula’s hottie daughter cape isn’t working for me in this context.

    • You are so right. I was too busy being all shallow and focusing on how big the neckline and cape were conspiring to make her shoulders look while you looking at the bigger picture. +1 sir.

      • I should read before posting!

      •  And props to you, and Lucia, for sussing out the shoulder issue. The cape is giving her linebacker shoulder. not a good thing.

    • I agree, and I have to add that IMO it’s making her posture look a bit off too, I don’t like whatever it’s doing to her shoulders.

    • H3ff

      It may have been a UNICEF ball, but it was a ball nonetheless. I see the look more as channelling old Hollywood glamour, rather than Dracula. Dark hair and a cape don’t make it Dracula. 

  • 3boysful

    Morticia was my first thought!  I kinda dig the look except for the hair.

    And I wonder how she manages to keep the filigree over her private bits.

  • Morticia was the first thing that came to mind. Not in a bad way.

  • zenobar

    I’m trying to imagine Babe Paley or Gloria Guinness with semi-exposed nipple covers.  Which is so very, very wrong. 

    It’s a very lovely dress.  Line the damn thing.

  • I love this look.  (I also want that bracelet.)  She looks very goth glam (if that’s possible), hair and makeup are spot on, AND she can use the dress again next Halloween!

  • RzYoung

    I think she doesn’t feel confident in the cape, leave it to the Blanchett’s of this world!

  • LaFortunaStudio

    Construction question – is the cape secured to her body ? In the first photo it looks like there is a black spaghetti strap that may be keeping the cape on her shoulders.  I think its a great idea for such a lightweight garment like this – anyone else? Oh and I love this designer.

  • Katy has no time for your criticism. After torturing some hero wannabe, she’s got to supervise her loin cloth-clad muscled henchmen as they rob a bank.


    That dress is fantastic and fits her oh so perfectly. I like the cape but think the dress alone would have been better.  Sho looks great with normal hair….

  • I love it! I would have picked a different clutch, but that’s my only quibble. Go gurl!

  • Reneesance

    It’s pretty fabulous.  I definitely first though Morticia but then it was saying Cher to me.  Either way full of awesome.

    • Introspective

      totally agree. it really is Morticia + Cher = fab (-points for visible undergarments) for a grand total of not bad, miss Katy…

  • kayleymaybe

    LOVE it from a distance, but those close up shots showing whatever it is covering her nipples are a little frightening…

  • I imagine the fuckton falls somewhere between the metric ton and the shitton. 
    My thought as I scrolled down was ELEGANZA which sounds about right. Something about her hair makes it look a little wiggy to me though. 

  • gsk241

    I think she looks pretty great actually.  And when she’s done with that dress, she should ship it off to Miss Chad Michaels who would also totally rock it.

  • decormaven

    The belt seems to ride a teensy high, and my personal preference would be to hem the gown for a peek at her footwear. The difference in hue between the earrings and bracelet stones causes a minor eyetwitch. All of these are just slight missteps; her MUA gets snaps for highlighting such a flawless complexion.

  • formerlyAnon

    This is fabulous.  I’d have had her do more with her hair, though.

  • She’s such a gorgeous woman, reminds me of Sean Young.

  • Gorgeous dress. Not a fan of seeing her nipple petal through the lace, tho.

  • Judy_J

    I love the earrings she’s wearing.

  • annrr

    Her make-up always looks perfect. She should give a big Christmas bonus to whomever does her make up. 

  • Fanney D

    A ball for a children’s charity? Of course people wear nipple pasties for everyone to see!

  • I. Am. So. Sick. Of. Lace. Over. Sheer. I don’t want to know if you’re wearing a bra or pasties or nothin’ but what you were born with. I don’t want to know if you have a Brazilian or are completely bare of hair down there. I just don’t. I don’t care if the dress is lined, it gives the illusion that it’s not and it’s tacky.

    Also? Get off my lawn.


    • formerlyAnon

       Love you.

  • quiltrx

    I love this, and I love capes!  She looks very beautiful, and the gown fits her like a glove.  And that cuff is killa.

  • I can’t tell if it’s just the different lighting that makes the colors look different but if it isn’t then I like the color of the runway version much better than the color she ended up with.

    • Kenisha Hill Phillips

      I think it’s the lighting.

      I preferred the fit on her than on the model.

  • tereliz

    Love the dress, the bracelet, the hair, but the clutch and the earrings are a bit too prom for me in comparison. That bracelet especially is so sophisticated, but the clutch is blah and the earrings over the top. I guess it wouldn’t be Katy without a little OTT. 

    The breast petals (or whatever) are a little distracting, though. 

  • Janet B

    She looks beautiful, but I hope the cape came off early in the evening.

  • H3ff

    Gorgeous. That cuff is perfection.

  • I can’t believe i am looking for her nipples.

  • Pants_are_a_must

    Girl, that gown and cape are Cher’s. You wish.

  • StellaZafella

    me likey elegant Katy… vuuuuurrry much!

  • Contralto

    I like!

  • It’s a gorgeous dress but I just can’t endorse anything where pasties/pasty lines are visible through a dress. Ever. I don’t care who you are.

  • Miss_Led

    See first pic: It looks like the cape is making her stand funny to keep it on. This is a poor posture outfit.

  • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour


  • marilyn


  • mmc2315

    I want her flawless skin and make-up.  Stunning!

  • I don’t want to love this look, because I can’t stand her. But I do love this look.

  • YourLibrarian

    I truly covet her eyebrows above any other celebrity’s.

  • Dot

    Credit where it’s due…she looks simply stunning. What a breathtaking look from head to toe.

  • Nimble27

    Her head and her stance are beautiful. But I hate to play ‘find the nipple’.

  • SewingSiren

    Perfect gown for a Snowflake Ball.

    • MTE, if you can get away with wearing a capey gown, it’s probably to something called a Snowflake Ball!

  • amf0001

    I think this must look really beautiful when she moves,  with that cape floating around her…

  • I’m calling personal best.  WERQ!

  • Saucysusan

    The color of the dress on the model is truly beautiful. This would be out of the ballpark if the blue violet version of the gown was COMPLETELY lined in black. It just seems sooo inappropriate to wear see through clothing for this (and really any) venue. Can someone tell the emperor/empress she’s not wearing any clothes?

  • EEKstl

    I love this, all the way, but I would have either done no earrings or little posts.  The cuff suffices with this look.

  • Trisha26

    Morticia Addams was my first reaction. And my last.

  • kaycem

    beautiful, stunning, and perfect.

  • snarkykitten

    I realize that celebrities are not just like us, but it bugs me a bit that the celebs at this charity event are wearing gowns that cost more than what some villages bring in a year

    • formerlyAnon

      Eschew simple logic before you run mad.

  • shawnhunter

    For me, this is gorgeous. And show-stopping. You know there must’ve been tons of eyes on her. The dress is so visually interesting and the cape just adds that extra dramatic element that puts it over the top. LOVE.

  • Nazzzy

    Stunning. Coulda lived without seeing her underwear, though.

  • ojosazules

    She looks really super glamorous. The bracelet is too literal while clashing at same time, somehow. But Damn.

  • i can see her petals

  • thecitysleeps

    I love Katy, but this dress is just tacky.

  • lizajane1776

    I get Cher now that the idea has been put into my head, but at first, I was seeing Demi Moore.

  • I think she looks stunning and getting even better since she and what’s his name split.

  • librarygrrl64

    This is really stunning, but I would have preferred the hair up/back.

  • kikisayshi

    She cleans up real nice. Love the cuff.

  • lrhoff

    I’m just glad she has real hair here…..

  • pulpytomato

    Gorgeous girl, but don’t like any of what’s going on neck-up here. A lil creepy. The dress is gorgeous but hate the cape. Was this a themed event?

  • Love the dress on her, but I really hate the hair.  Her hair is clearly rebelling against that middle part.

  • newtonGOTbeaned

    I think this is the best she’s looked since she changed her look. What is her new look, anyway? I don’t know why, but it makes me think of a cross between a sparkly, femme Xena and Elvira.

  • She looks stunning however… the girls need more support, esp if she’s going to wear a wide belt and a halter top. Fortunately the cape balances it out.

  • IAmJ

    I think Katy looks great here, but I’m mainly stopping by to commend you guys on the fantastic deployment of “fuckton” and “in the offing” in the same sentence. It made my day a little bit better.

  • MilaXX

    Looks good

  • bitterk

    Had no idea who she was from the photo.  May she never don another blue, pink or blonde wig.  She looks beautiful.

  • melanie0866

    No.  She looks like Morticia Addams.  NO.

  • ShayShay

    The intricate work on that dress is gorgeous.  Katy P. has an awesome bod and carries off most outfits well even if they aren’t really all that flattering.