Jennifer Hudson for Redbook Magazine

Posted on November 09, 2012

Show off those pins, Miss Lady!


Jennifer Hudson covers the December 2012 issue of Redbook magazine photographed by Ruven Afandor.


On how she feels after her weight loss transformation: “I’m getting used to my new self more than anything else. I got used to being plus-sized and knowing how to be that, whereas this is like, ‘Okay, who am I?’ I keep thinking that I probably need an extra-large or a large and the stylist is like, ‘No, you need a medium or a small.'”

On dropping more pounds: “I’m at the weight I want to be. But I hear all the time, ‘Don’t lose any more weight, you need to stop.’ People are under the impression that I’m still losing but I’m not.”

On her slimmer self: “I’m getting used to my new self more than anything else. I got used to being plus-sized and knowing how to be that, whereas this is like, ‘Okay, who am I?’ I keep thinking that I probably need an extra-large or a large and the stylist is like, ‘No, you need a medium or a small.’”

On deciding to start a clothing line: “I know what I like, and that’s what it’s all about. It’s like, who’s your fashion icon? Me. And no one but you knows what you feel most comfortable in. I look at each piece and think, ‘Could I wear that as big Jennifer or could I wear that now?’ I want to consider every girl.”

Yes, yes; these pics, like all magazine pics, are photoshopped like crazy, but still: she looks awesome.

We think the reason people might be assuming that she’s still losing weight is because she’s still learning how to dress her new body. When she first dropped the pounds, she made the common mistake of wearing things that were too tight for her or somehow not right for her frame. Tom lost 70 pounds when he was in his 20s and it took him years to figure out how to dress after that. The newly svelte tend to either still dress their old body or they dress a body they don’t actually have, mistakenly thinking that weight loss means you can now compete with runway models. It’s the same no matter what your size is: good style comes down to figuring out what works best for your body.


[Photo Credit: Ruven Afandor for Redbook]

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  • nizea paqueo

    can we please put a moratorium on celebrities wanting to start their own fashion line? the only ones I’ve ever liked were the lines created by the Olsens and Gwen S..the rest are all ugh..Kardashians, Bynes, just no!

    • mjude

      i have to agree with celebrity fashion, seriously who buys that shit?

      • In_Stitches

         Jessica Simpson makes serious bank on hers.  I can’t hazard a guess as to why, but it flies off the shelves. 

        • Vivi N

          Her shoes are really popular. Especially in the fashion blogsville world.

        • MaryAtRealityTea

          Her shoes/bags are direct replicas of designer stuff that most people can’t afford. The shoes sell like crazy! 

        • Stella Zawistowski

          Drives me insane. I refuse to buy any of her stuff because I feel like I’d be contributing to the World Stupidity Fund.

        • MGMcD

          There aren’t many pieces of hers that I personally like taste-wise, but I do appreciate that most of her clothes take boobage into account. That might be why the designs are widely popular.

          • lonepear

            Indeed. I don’t think the designs are anything special, but some of her line’s dresses look smashing on my big chest (instead of just smashing it).

      • MaryAtRealityTea

        Marshall’s? As for actual civilians, I really don’t know. High school students, perhaps?

    • Sobaika

      SJP had a pretty good one, I wish it were still around. But that approach was more ‘fashion for the masses’ than her own line.

    • MoHub

      Posh Spice has done it well.

      • mjude

        i agree about SJP & Posh. i guess i was thinking ala kardashians

    • JosephLamour

      Andre 3000’s is FANTASTIC. I loved it so much I bought a ridiculously overpriced sweater.

      • charlotte

         I thought you were going to say “…take it behind a middle school and get it pregnant”!

    • sweetlilvoice

       I saw the Kardashian line at Sears and it was horrible. Cheap and tacky. Couldn’t they have tried Kohl’s at least?

      • Kate Barrington

        But shouldn’t their clothes be cheap and tacky? After all, they are.

    • lilazander

       …Vicky Beckham?.. Well, I like a lot!

  • MissMariRose

    Love that cover dress. Who makes it?

    • Sara McMurray

      Looks like an Alaia dress to me.

  • Ailsa Martin

    She looks great, but I hate the rhetoric of “being a new person” after you lose a lot of weight. Yes, people will treat you very differently, but we ought to be combating the notion that they should, not reinforcing it. It’s a big change in her life, but she is still exactly the same person as she was before. It’s what weight loss companies use to keep pushing the idea that you’ll be happy and confident and your life will be perfect as soon as you’re thin, and it’s false. Losing weight doesn’t change anything about who you are inside.

    • DeborahJozayt

      Man, the weight loss companies have certainly convinced my mother that I would be happier if I was 140 pounds. Every. Single. Week.

  • eowyn_of_rohan

    She looks great in both shops, even when Photoshop is taken into account.  This may be the most chic photo shoot ever to appear in Redbook.

  • H3ff

    How odd for her that every interview she will ever do will be almost entirely about her weight loss. 

    I preferred how she looked before. Her face looks strange, like it was photoshopped onto the body of another woman.

    • PinkLemon

       it seems like we’ve been talking about her weight loss for years now. why??? she lost weight, she looks great. LET’S MOVE ON. surely she can’t be that thrilled about rehashing it over and over?

      • snarkykitten

         hello, she’s a woman! women love to talk about weight loss! Not their careers, but their fitness routines! not how awesome their next movie/song/tv show/whatever is, but how much they miss carbs!

        • PinkLemon


      • MaryMitch

        She’s keeping it off. Not many women – celebrity or not – can make that claim.

    • nizea paqueo

      this! looking at her, especially with that shot of her with the black turtleneck, you’d see the laughlines which makes her look older. She looked so much better with her rounded face.

      • Allyson Wells

        I disagree. I think she looks better now, and i’m sure she’s in better health as well. I doubt she’d enjoy hearing that she looked better when she was heavier, especially after all her hard work! 

        • Ten Ten

          I agree with Allyson. I’m pretty sick of hearing people say “She looked so much better with her rounded face.”
          Did she feel so much better in an unhealthy lifestyle? Would she have been warmly received in her previous body? Oh please. I’m guessing not.
          As she so chooses, her being a Jenny Craig spokesperson was never meant to have her progress hidden from the limelight. It was a deliberate choice, so just let it be. Let her continue to be a source of inspiration for those who are looking to achieve similar goals, whether it’s 2 years or 20 years from now.

          Congrats to her. She seems happier, and she looks fantastic.

          • PeaceBang

            She was very warmly received at her heavier weight. She hasn’t had any roles since Effie in “Dreamgirls,” and I am one of the many who thinks she looks haggard now.

        • H3ff

          That ‘thin=healthy’ argument is such bullshit, and if anything she looked healthier before.

          • StelledelMare

            Thank you for this, I was just gonna comment that being bigger does not necessarily make a person unhealthy just as being thinner doesn’t necessarily make a person healthy. Health does not always correlate with body type/weight.

          • PeaceBang

            How about the “healthy lifestyle” argument? I grew up in the theatre where all the slim dancers had coke up their nose all the time, and existed on a diet of Tab and cigarettes. There are many slim people who eat nothing but garbage and have a terribly unhealthy lifestyle, and lots of heavy people who have a very healthy lifestyle.

        • RebeccaKW

           I can see the point on both sides.  Yes, she is thinner and she does look good.  But some people who lose a lot of weight seem to ‘age.’  I’m not saying that it happened here.  But once you lose the ‘wrinkle filler’ of fat, it can really show off wrinkles, give bags under the eyes.  You can get some loose skin that makes you look older.  I’m not saying you look bad either way, or that Jennifer looks better or younger with the weight than without.  Just that I can see the point on both sides.

          However, I do not agree with another BK in this thread that just because you weigh over a certain amount, means you are unhealthy.  Yes, there can be health risks, but not everyone who is overweight is unhealthy and not everyone who is thin is healthy.

    • formerlyAnon

      Not “every interview she will ever do,” surely.  She’s young and talented and a popular performer. And being the one-who-lost-all-that-weight is probably not a life long career.  Still thin or not, she’ll be working in ten years and the weight loss will probably rarely be mentioned.

  • Pants_are_a_must

    The dark ensemble is winter-fabulous. She looks amazing.

  • MilaXX

    I agree. In my 20’s I lost 50lbs (sadly regained plus some), but back then I went crazy for short things for a bit. Probably too a little too short. I think she looks good but I’m dubious about her clothing.

  • charlotte

    Why is she being reduced to her body? What about her work? I mean it’s not like she traded being good at acting/singing in for being skinny.

  • UptownNippy

    I think making any part of our body (or our whole bod) in better shape will change a person.  I feel so much better when I am
    fit and active.  More confident.  I feel a part of life, not hanging on the side lines or looking for clothes that conceal.   Whatever weight or tone you approve for yourself is the answer. 

    Good for Jennifer, she has reached her ideal for herself.  

  • jilly_d

    That white dress is doing ALL the right things for her.

  • SewingSiren

    The dress is very pretty on her, but entirely too much Photoshop.

  • frannyprof

    *Why* do they have three different sound bites about her losing weight? And can we move on and talk about more interesting things? I’m sure JHud has more to offer than weight loss stories.

    • Winter_White

      Did you notice the cover?  Gah.  “Jennifer Hudson: How she lives it up at Christmas without putting on a pound.”

      • frannyprof

        I didn’t notice that. Ugh ugh ugh.

      • WittyCism

        Well, I for one would like to know the secret of surviving the holidays without gaining a pound…

      • Monday1900

        With “31 Holiday Cookies” right underneath that.  Typical woman’s magazine schizophrenia.

        • Winter_White

          Yes…it’s relentless and insidious.  And if we’re not on guard, eventually it becomes the painful push/pull voice in our own heads.

  • Rhonda Shore

    Hey, she was a Weight Watchers Spokesperson and i think she’s proud of her weight loss (as she should be)…i’m sure the interview also focuses on her singing and acting…

  • Kathy_Marlow

    She looks tremendous! Love the pic of her in the jeans/top, even better than the one in the dress.  It looks more like “every day” Jennifer. 

  • granddelusion

    Photoshop looks awesome.

  • MintaHallWriter

    She looks unbelievably gorgeous. I WANT those ruby-red pumps.  Very Dorothy!  WIlling to drop house on witch to get them…

  • Judy_J

    She looks beautiful… happy and healthy.  Good for her!

  • marlie

    I’ve thought for a little while that it’s more figuring out what works for her, rather than still losing the weight. Either way, she does look good in these photos, especially since there doesn’t seem to be any ridiculously egregious photoshopping going on.

  • korilian

    I don’t really like those high necklines on her. The dress is okay, but that black turtleneck makes her look like a giant floating head.

  • Cate

    Can we please talk about her freaking OSCAR and not her weight loss? I really hate that her entire narrative has been framed around getting skinny when she was pretty freaking successful before that.

  • decormaven

    WW is probably still funneling JHud some cash, because Jessica Simpson isn’t ready to come out of the WW Easy Bake Oven. 

  • AuntieAnonny

    I can’t tell if her leg (right below the knee) in the last photo is suffering from bad photoshop, or if she was wearing an ace bandage two minutes before the photo was shot.

  • guest2visits

    The picture on the rug is very cute!  If those are her clothing line, they are actually pretty and useful items.

  • PeaceBang

    Love that color lipstick on her.

  • Trisha26

    I don’t like the silhouette of the gray and white dress. All the stars are wearing it lately but it looks very young and very ice-skatery.

  • crash1212

    That dress is adorable and she’s adorable in it.