Jennifer Garner in Los Angeles

Posted on November 01, 2012

We think Jen has been looking mighty bad in her public appearances lately – and in typical us fashion, made sure everyone else knew that – but Mama’s got it going on when she dresses down:


Jennifer Garner out and about in Los Angeles.

Lanvin Suede Slip-On Boot

It’s just a blouse, jeans, and pair of booties, but it’s a chic blouse, a perfectly fitted pair of jeans and a really cute pair of booties. Also, the shades and ponytail are sassy. She clearly feels more comfortable doing casual than she does on the red carpet.



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    • Anathema_Device

      I want to wear Lanvin as my dress down shoes. Please?

      • lovelyivy

         Only if it’s THOSE Lanvin shoes. It’s like someone made Uggs, but not ugly. They even look kinda comfy.

      • Kiltdntiltd

         I would be satisfied to be able to afford shoes in that range. 

        • MilaXX

           I’d rather have the cash.

          • Kiltdntiltd

             My point exactly.
            Gimme the specie to work with, and I’ll show how it gets done.  lol

    • shirab

      I don’t know why I should get sticker shock re: celebrities’ clothing, but OMG those boots cost $1,450.

      • MoHub

         I could toss out all my shoes and start over with that kind of cash.

      • MajorBedhead

         Yeah. And I had a pair back in the 80s, when Buffalo plaid shirts were all the rage in high school. They were from Thom McAn and I think cost me a whopping $30.

      • Vickiefantastico

        Yeah, that’s crazy, I agree. But she probably doesn’t pay for them, does she?

    • foodycatAlicia

      She certainly looks more comfortable – and this seems to be exactly the hair and makeup she turns up on the red carpet with. See what a difference appropriate context makes?!

    • Sarah Caponigro

      Love the jeans!

    • Elaine Lang

      Do we know who makes those jeans?   That’s a great cut for many of us who are relatively slim (but not twiggy or hardbodies) and reasonably young (but have popped out some sprogs).  

      • Alloy Jane

        AG tends to have jeans that fit a variety of body types.  I have full hips and a small waist and they make jeans that accommodate both, so I’m sure they’ll have a style for you.  A little pricey, but if you go to Anthropologie, they have them on sale every once in a while.  Plus you can find which cuts fit you properly and then stalk the thrift stores for them.

      • Dot

        I like Pilcro. Great slim-fit jeans for curvier bodies.

    • Sarah Caponigro

      I love that blouse. Need to invest is a similar one.

      • BrooklynBomber

        I’m pretty sure it’s Joie. And if it’s not, they have some that are very, very similar.

    • curiouserandcuriousest

      I’d prefer a darker boot, honestly, but she looks great. I have dimple envy.

    • MilaXX

      Not loving the booties here, but she does look better than her recent RC appearances.

    • Ass Kicking Adviser

      She definitely prefers dressing down. She’s a happy, earth-mother type. And damn she looks good in jeans – and she had three babies in the last 7 seven years – ugh. I’m sure she isn’t doing it on purpose but she’s making me feel bad about myself.

    • fiestyfashionfem

      I could wear the exact same things (minus the $1400 boots – but with a nice knockoff) and I wouldn’t look that chic and cool. Why? Why?  Not fair.

    • another_laura

      You know, I believe I have an irrational love of those boots. 

    • nannypoo

      Super cute. Is she with the guy in the blue shirt, or is she actually talking to an average man on the street?

    • In_Stitches

      Am I the only one who thinks those jeans are too damn tight and that those short, fairly loose boots make her look stumpy?   But hey, the blouse is cute.  It might look great paired with some better fitted jeans in a color that isn’t almost a perfect match. 

    • anotherkate

      She really has such a breathtaking face. Bitch! (I kid, I kid. She seems like a nice lady on top of it all, and for that she wins my affection, even if she can’t dress worth a damn on the red carpet).

    •!/Space_Kitty Space Kitty

      I hate that she doesn’t seem to know when to leave a blouse untucked, but she is rocking that sassy ponytail.

    • kimmeister

      This is one of the few times I’ve seen someone tuck a blouse into low rise jeans, and it doesn’t look terrible.

    • Tatiana Luján

      I think the boots would be better if they were shorter or higher, but they hit a very unflattering place.

    • m0r0

      Hate the boots over the jeans.
      Ugly boots no matter how expensive they may be. 

    • Nicole Seligman

      no. katie holmes and jen garner need a shoe intervention. also their hair. just bad.

    • elemspbee

      this look kix ass! luv it.

    • Judih1

      For those boots to be so expensive, why do they look like something I could find on Zappos? I like the look,but I expect something more for a Lanvin boot.

    • pookiesmom

      She looks pretty good, but I guess I’m in the minority in that I really don’t like the shoes. I was also in the minority in that I didn’t think she looked that bad on the red carpet, so what do I know?

    • Alloy Jane

      She definitely looks good here, but I don’t like those boots one bit.  I’ll have to agree with whoever said they look like uggs with heels.  And boy howdy, there never has been such an aptly named shoe.  Uggs, because when you see people wearing them on the street thinking they’re stylish, all you do is say “ugh.”

    • marlie

      I kinda want that blouse. 

    • guest2visits

      It’s an ok look but I dislike the booties.  They’re like elfin-uggs.

    • decormaven

      Those booties are cute viewed from the side, but not as much from a straight-on shot. She looks trimmer here than she has in the last 4 RC shots. She needs a stylist who understands how to dress her form to best advantage- she looks better here than she has in months. 

    • jw_ny

      That pony tail literally looks like a pony’s tail.  Hate the booties too.  

    • 5HT

      I wish the colour of the jeans and blouse didn’t match exactly. It looks a bit too much like a jumpsuit this way.

    • margaret meyers

      The gowns we’ve seen her in lately have made her look so dowdy.  I thought ‘well, motherhood can do that.’  But here she is showing that her figure is better than ever.  Way to go, Mom.

    • Vera

      Brava, Jen!

    • Contralto

      cute as a bug.

    • poketom

      those boots are so hein… i can’t even. 

    • TieDye64

      Looking good, girl.

    • Pamela H

      Can’t wait for Jennifer Garner’s next appearance on the red carpet.