IN or OUT: Christina Hendricks

Posted on November 12, 2012

She got a lot of flack for pointing out that she doesn’t like being called “full-figured,” but in a way, we can’t blame her. It seems like every time we feature her here on the site, the entire conversation revolves around her bust. And unfortunately, this time is going to be no different. We’ll try and mix things up by also talking about her skirt and footwear.


Christina Hendricks attends the screening of ‘Ginger & Rosa’ at The Paley Center in Beverly Hills, California.

Let’s start with the bust: we don’t think the high neckline is her friend here. Not that she needs to be showing off the cleavage, but a little strip of skin at the neckline would go a long way. And adding a dog collar to the ensemble isn’t helping to mitigate the feeling that she’s a bit too covered up. How chilly could it possibly be in Beverly Hills that she felt the need to cover up every square inch of skin save for her face and hands? We like the boots and all, but we’re not convinced they work here. But really, our problem isn’t so much that she’s too covered up; it’s more that we just don’t like this dress. Is that an ass-cape or something? Did she need the extra volume back there? The only thing we unreservedly like about this look is the color, which looks great on her.


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IN! Love it! Dog collar and all!


OUT! Sister-wife! In a dog collar!


Cameron Diaz’s simple but elegant Stella McCartney dress was voted IN, even though so many of the kittens hate Stella McCartney on principle.

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  • stagmania

    OUT. Love the color, hate the rest.

    • Louise Bryan

      Exactly!  Do I need to say OUT to get counted?

  • eowyn_of_rohan

    Any ass-cape gets an OUT from me.

    •  Exactly. If you’re wearing an ass-cape of any sort, you’ve already blown right past the guy with the clipboard asking, “IN or OUT?”

    • Kristin McNamara

      Ass-cape. That kills me. hahahahha

  • janierainie

    Out! You’re right about the color. Widening at the shoulder is not her friend.

  • Paigealicious

    I mean, she *is* full figured. She just *is.*

    • ChiliP

      While I don’t necessarily agree that full figured is an offensive term, I understand the objection to it, or at least the objectionable implication of the term. If Christina is full figured, what does that make Cathy Cambridge? Half figured?

      Anyways, I imagine she’s just generally tired of hearing her body constantly classified and questioned by the media. Can’t say I blame her.

      • Paigealicious

         I agree with that. But unfortunately her bustline is right out there and the first thing most people notice about her, especially when she has the whole babyheads thing going on…

        • MilaXX

          I think she could have handled the whole “full figured” conversation with a bit more grace, but I understand she gets tired of it being the focus point of every conversation and interview. Ironically it’s because of how she dresses that likely prompts so much of it. Too many ill fitting baby head looks will do that for you. She just seems to have trouble finding middle ground between  shoving her babyheads in out faces and being ridiculously covered.

          • Sobaika

            Seriously. Dressing/fit would mitigate half the problem.

          • Agreed. I think her body would still get talked about a lot mind, since she’s a rare representation of a different body type on TV (particularly for a woman who plays one of the sex symbols).

          • AnaRoW

             Removing the implants would help too.

          • ecallaw1977

            I’m probably totally naive, but they’re implants?  They are definitely large, but I think they look natural with her body type. About to Google…

          • editrixie

            Sometimes I think that if she and Octavia Spencer could sit down and have a girlfriend chat, a lot of Christina’s problems dressing could be solved.

          • MilaXX

             Christina has more in common with someone like Sherri Shepard than Octavia. Octavia is full figured, but really doesn’t have the giant boobs that Christina has, whereas Sherri Shepard, like Christina have disproportionately big boobs compared to the rest of the body.

        • Jacqueline Wessel

          I don’t think she was offended by the “full-figured” description so much because it referred to her bustline but rather because that phrase is often used for women who are overweight. So saying she is “full-figured” I think struck her as saying that she is fat. At least that is how it sounded to me when I read about that interview some time ago.  Still I have to say OUT.

          • formerlyAnon

             When I was growing up, “full-figured” WAS the euphemism for fat, but not shapeless. Even if the shape came from corseting.

            So I can see how it palls.

          • RebeccaKW

             I agree.  CH is really more voluptuous, if you have to assign a term to her.  Full-figure has always been used to refer to larger sized women.  Or Plus or Woman or whatever.  I think if you are ‘fuller-figured,’ then that’s no problem.  But I can understand being frustrated, in Hollywood where looks are very important, at always being thought of as overweight simply b/c she has large breasts (which can cause fit issues).  I can also understand, regardless of weight, being frustrated that you can’t have an interview w/o your body being brought up, regardless of what the interview is about.

      • KateWo

        I think the interview where she gets upset about it was more because the point of the interview was to promote some eyeglass line, and the interviewer had been told before hand not to bring up her body, not so much that she was offended by the term.

        • Not just that the interviewer was told not to bring it up, but they would stop and restart REPEATEDLY because the interviewer kept trying to talk about it anyway.

    • Sobaika

      I think she’s probably tired of her body being such a topic of conversation.

  • OUT – unless she is doing some Cossack dancing. Hate the skirt, don’t really care for boots with it and she really does need a better neckline.

    • kimmeister

      Ha!  My alma mater used to have the Cossacks as its mascot.  A few years after I graduated, they decided it was too controversial and changed it to Seawolves.

  • jenuwefa

    It looks very pinafore-y…like Mary Poppins or something.  The ass-cape is….interesting. But unnecessary. Beautiful color, though. I’ll give it a weak OUT.

  • TheLaurenJean

    Take off the dog collar, back cape thing, bracelets?, and switch the shoes for some black pumps, and this would be an IN (Because I actually like the dress)! But seriously, what the heck is going on here? I gotta say out.

    • jennsilentcrow

      agreed,It could have easily been an ‘in’.

  • penn collins

    Out. this looks like something my  mother would wear when it was snowing to a holiday party, in the 80s, NOT this actress, who is photographed (alot) in california, in november.  The red is nice, but its all a bit…lumpy. Out.
    The more i look at the back the more I am getting “Super-Frump”…super power- ability to take any formal party down one notch.

    • wisenhar

      This screams superhero to me. “It’s the red bombshell!”

      ETA: Wait, is bombshell derogatory? I certainly didn’t mean it to be.

    • aquamarine17

      You said exactly what I was thinking. a basically bad 80s dress, (no offense to one’s mother possibly wearing it). I like your description, “snowing” etc. I can’t picture this dress on anyone. Sometimes a dress ought not to be manufactured. It is truly a great red, though. 

  • teensmom99

    OUT.  And not a coincidence that no one has fessed up to “designing” this thing.

  • mommyca

    So very OUT! The dress-boots combo is hideous! 

  • As a busty woman myself, I know that I must never, ever wear a high neck.  Ever. 
    I’m also convinced that Christina has not had a proper bra fitting.  Between the overflowing cups in some dresses, and the sagginess here, she cannot possibly be wearing a good bra in the correct size. 

    • Paigealicious

       Exactly. high neck on a big bust results in what the British “What Not To Wear” ladies referred to as a “tit shelf.”

    • J. Preposterice


    • ChiliP

      I’m convinced that most women have not had a proper bra fitting. Even smaller-chested ladies like myself seem to have problems with saginess, tight bands, quadra-boob when the cup is too small, etc. I thought I was a 34b for the longest time because that’s what I was told to wear at Victoria’s Secret (don’t shop there anymore, for a myriad of reasons). I feel like my life changed when I realized I should have been wearing a 32c all along. I can only imagine that fit problems become exponentially more noticeable when you have a bust like Christina’s.

      • Problems only get worse when you are bigger chested. I wear a 34C because it is difficult more difficult to find 32D. For Someone with such a small waist and large breasts like Christina it is probably very difficult to find the correct size.

        • Kenisha Hill Phillips

          I definitely empathize with problems finding bras, as I have a large band and large cup. I have to budget for a trip to Intimacy and then find sites online which sell Prima Donna and the like for under $100. But, doesn’t Christina have a stylist or access to one? She really has no excuse.

          • aquamarine17

            I am sure she probably could even afford a custom made one! I agree she is not accessing the best bra. Being endowed in the chest area is a nice thing, but I think she could have a bra that is a bit minimizing for some costumes.

          • barbarienne

             Yeah, I’m not buying the “she can’t find good bras” theory. One of my closest friends has boobs that surpass Christina’s, and she figured out where to get proper bras. Expensive? Absolutely. But if Christina Freaking Hendricks can’t afford good bras, then something is very, very wrong with the world.

            My guess would be that she doesn’t like underwire. Even good-fitting underwire bras can poke, and if you’re someone like me who is hypersensitive to such things, you just say “The hell with it” and get on with your life.

        • shirab

          I am also one of those seldom-seen creatures, the 32D. Even more seldom-seen is a bra that comes in that size, and rarer still is a bra in that size that fits me properly. If you haven’t already, go try a Wacoal Halo Lace. Anice older saleslady in Macy’s lingerie dept. once suggested it to me, and I’ve never found anything that fits better. (Also comes in 32DD.)

          End of unpaid product placement.

          • Ali

             Try Freya, if you can find it. Every single one of their bras has been a great fit for me.

          • J. Preposterice

            Freya (and Fantasie) are great fits for me (32JJ), but Panache is not.  But I know ladies for whom Panache bras are Holy Grail bras, and Freya pinches like a mofo. 

            But my point is, people! It’s just…not that hard to find bras that fit, even at Christina’s size, if you have a budget of more than $50/bra.  Which, at her salary, she damn well ought to.  

        • J. Preposterice

          I wear a 32JJ. It is not hard to find the correct size.

          In a store (except for Nordstrom’s), yes.  Overall?  In the age of the internet?  I have tons of choices.  I have the cutest bra & panty sets that ever were cute, y’all.  Now, they’re not CHEAP.  but Christina has at LEAST 10x my household income.

          • Kenisha Hill Phillips

            Her Room and Bare Necessities are your friends. I’m a 42F, and I need better support than what Lane Bryant gives. These sites have many of the higher end labels.

          • J. Preposterice


            Or Figleaves.  Or Bravissimo.  

            What the hell, Ms Hendricks?? GET A GOOD BRA. Get 10!  

          • Ali

             Brastop, too. TONS of choices there.

          • JANE LANE

            I’m also an F and thank you for this, I had given up on ever having bras that weren’t just utilitarian. I thought they stopped making them pretty and just turned into matronly iron maidens after you got past DD.

      • Ali

         The girls at Victoria’s Secret kept telling me that I was a 34B – I was properly fitted about a year ago, and it turned out I was a 32 DD. My clothes look SO much better now. All women should be properly fitted. It really makes things so much easier!

        • luciaphile

          They have no idea how to fit a bra at Victoria’s Secret.

    • KateShouldBeWorking

      I’m starting to get angry that she hasn’t called Salma Hayak’s tit-wrangler. Clearly there are people working with busty ladies that know what they’re doing. Christina! Why haven’t you called them?!

      • formerlyAnon

         Or at least look like she spent the time and money being well-fitted and then ordering a couple of dozen bras in all the styles she can wear and all the colors she needs.  It may feel wrong to spend so much on bras, if she didn’t grow up wealthy even thoug she can afford it. But seriously, being looked at is part of her career and she’s been very successful.

    • Yeah, I know I’m in need of one, and I know they are going to tell me to move up from a D to a DD, but she’s in the public eye and she looks like she’s wearing a bra left over from before she had her now 2-year-old twins (by way of example). I just adore her, but the way she dresses usually makes me sad. Out.

  • PeggyOC

    Out.  The color and the boots are great, but yes, the neckline is stumpifying her neck, and the ass-cape is a) stupid and b) making her butt look big.  Bad idea.

  • Blah! Bleh. No. Though the boots are cute.

  • disqus_KFNA9mI4D1

    No.  No no no.  I love her but no.  Not flattering at ALL, from ANY angle.  

  • Nicholas

    Cant’t vouch for the dress, but she looks very glowing in the photos, which salvages the look. Maybe it’s her luscious skin that does it.

  • luciaphile

    Out. I like the boots but not with this outfit.  I think it’s needs to be an inch or two shorter. Hate the cape and I’m not crazy about the high neck either. Bracelets and collar need to go. I do like the belt. Whoever did her makeup should be shot. She has dutch doll cheeks going on. 

  • bookish

    Jeez, I really decided I hated this when I noticed the cuffs around her wrists. A matching belt, necklace, and two bracelets is just TOO much. Of course you’re right about the color, though.

  • Sara__B

    LOVE her happy smile in that last photo.    …..       OUT.

  • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

    Out – don’t like the hair, either.

  • It’s an interesting look, so I’m willing to let the ass-cape stand for the sake of experimentation. The boots are a nice touch. I’m voting this IN.

  • Jess5628

    I don’t mind the covered-up-ness as much as I mind the ass cape and the dog collar. Bizarre.

  • yulaffin

    I love the color but otherwise, the dress looks frumpy.

  • out

  • MilaXX

    OUT! Once again she is thisclose to a good look. I can’t figure out what kind of frankendress this is exactly, but I like the color on her and that’s it. I actually don’t mind the high collar, but there’s a dog collar on it, and a belt and matching belts on the wrist. It’s too much of the same element. It appears to be black on the back and perhaps that’s why they choose black boots, but I hate these boots with the look. The boot color doesn’t work for me. A dark tan might have been better. Who is the designer responsible for this monstrosity?  Makeup looks good, but the gym hair is a fail.

    Also the thing that bothers me the most is the way she stands/poses in pictures. It’s not a new thing but for some reason it really irks in this picture. Can someone please send her to Ms. Jay to learn how stand?

  • amaranth16

    She always insists on that hemline, and I don’t think it’s doing her any favors. It looks like there’s some puckering around the belt – I think the bodice needs a little tailoring; that belt is doing too much of the job on its own.  Don’t care for the collar or cuffs at all, but especially dislike that they match the belt.

  • rab01

    In. The color’s great; it looks like it fits her; and nothing about the dress’ shape is diminishing how pretty she is.  Also, the high neckline brings the focus back on her face, which is not always the case for her. 

    Admittedly, I’d prefer the look for New York rather than Beverly Hills but that may be because I live in New York and can daydream about meeting her while she’s walking around looking fabulous.  

  • IMNAngryLiberal

    OUT — and it really starts and ends with the bust, however tired Ms. Christina is of hearing it.  The girls are hanging low and wide — which makes her look as though she has no waist and is much broader than she really is. 

  • Carla_Charlton

    Geez, Louise — that is really unflattering.

  • The color, it is her friend. 

    I am so sick of the wispy faux updos she attempts. BAH! Go all in or just leave your wig down, Missy.  I just can’t with the cape, the fug stormtrooper boots and the belt. I kind of like the dog collar, but not on her. Check, please.

  • sockandaphone

    to be fair, it was unusually cold this weekend here in SoCal (and by that I mean it was in the low 40s at nighttime) so i understand about covering up.

    I like the dress but wrong boots for it. Also why does her hair look so sad when its so beautiful? sadly, out.

  • OUT – with a capital O!  The colour is great, but everything else (a cape?? really???) doesn’t work for me.

  • pugluv

    Out, that dress is doing her no favors but I like the color and I like the boots. Christina Hendricks is a conundrum as  I just don’t understand how a woman who is sooooo beautiful always looks poorly styled in hair and clothes.

    • I don’t know what it is about her hair, but it almost never looks properly dressed.

  • In except for the ass-cape.  Those boots are the best looking footwear she has sported in a while.  She usually looks like she is wearing old lady heels.

  • LauraWL

    Out. Hate the dog collar, hate the puffing bc of the leather belt-cuff thingies. I like the colour and don’t hate that length with those boots (that length only really works with knee high boots IMO) but the dog collar is a bridge too far. 

  • meowing

    Out.  How can she have reached her age and not begun to figure out how to dress her body?  How could she not learn from having the fab styling from Mad Men at least begin to teach her these lessons?  ‘Tis a mystery.  But, perfect color for her, and her big smile in the last picture is just beautiful.

  • Kenisha Hill Phillips

    Dear Christina,

    I love you with all my heart, and it pains me to give this look an OUT for a few reasons:

    1. I’m not feeling the dog collar
    2. The cuffs, collar and belt are too matchy-matchy
    3. I hate the ass cape
    4. I actually think this dress is a bit too pedestrian for a public appearance, and I think the boots are the reason.

    That being said, this color is divine. 

    Stay sassy,


  • Anathema_Device

    Out. The collar brings to mind a garbage bag twist tie.  And Clinton and Stacy taught me that a woman’s breasts shouldn’t really be extending out past her sides. I’m a small chested gal, so I have no idea whether it is possible to keep big boobs within the confines of the torso, but I can see what they mean.

    • MilaXX

       It is, but it requires the proper bra, which Christina rarely wears.

      • Mazenderan

         Agree with this.  Even questionable outfits looks better on a good foundation.  That bra is woeful.  Even D cups and upwards need to pay out for good bras.  Christina is busty enough to need heavy-duty bras – it’s why she looks so good in the structured undergarments she wears for Man Men.

        All of that said, the colour is lovely on her.

      • decormaven

        Amen. It’s not that she is full-figured, she is bra-challenged. TLo, please start a Proper Foundations Foundation for the bra-challenged. Christina can be its first beneficiary. 

    • J. Preposterice

      That is something that is much harder at her size; I’m too busty to do it, even in the best bra money can buy.  But it’s DEFINITELY possible to get MUCH closer than that. 

  • mmc2315

    OUT.  Love the color, hissing at the ass-cape.  I’m sorry Christina, you are full-on-in-your-face-full-figured.  Those girls require special attention to what you wear.  You are beautiful!  The dog collar, although out of place here, is…kinda hot.

  • Sara LaBatt

    Man her hair and eye colors are amazing.  And the color of this dress is lovely on her.  Hate the dog collar, hate the “bracelets,” the dress is nicely shaped but agree the collar could have showed a little skin, and I wish the length was the same all around and short enough for those lovely boots, which I covet.  Anyone find a rear shot of this dress, either on a model or on Hendricks?  Super curious about the ass cape…

  • Judy_J

    This outfit has a sort of Cossack vibe to it….the high neckline, long sleeves, black boots.  It just doesn’t work for her, does it?  I love her to death, but I give this look an OUT.

    • schadenfreudelicious

      that’s exactly what it is, Cossack chic…, if she had worn the headband from the other day the look would be complete..

  • Targettaste

    That ass cape is crying out for a super hero nickname for her, but I am without a creative thought today.  I’m sure the clever bitter kittens can think of more than one?

  • mhleta

    It’s impossible to discuss this woman’s style choices without discussing her bust. Because she has such unusual proportions, she’s very very limited as to what is actually flattering on her. This is a very crass thing to say, but each if her breasts is bigger than her head, which makes for a very exaggerated, oddly proportioned silhouette. Really, the best look for her is the classic Marilyn Monroe. Anything that worked on Marilyn will work on Ms. Hendricks and really not much else will. I feel for her. There was a short moment in Mad Men where they showed her getting undressed after a very difficult day, and they showed the deep marks left on her shoulders from her bra. It must get tedious hauling those heavy attention hogs around everywhere. If she got breast reduction surgery I wouldn’t blame her in the least. It would open up more roles for her and shift the focus to her lovely face and considerable acting talents, both of which are exceptional.

    • MilaXX

       Sherri Shepard on The View had an even more exaggerated version of this shape. Sherri is a smaller woman with HUGE breast. I may not always like her outfits, but she never gives us baby heads and her boobs always look very well supported. Christina has just not figured out ho to dress her body.

  • Janet B

    It’s just not her dress.


  • I don’t understand. Ms. Hendricks always looks lovely (sexy but not slutty) on Mad Men. I get it she doesn’t want to be that character in real life but she really is struggling to find looks that suit her without looking really uncomfortable. 

  • n a

    ugh- ass cape! Sorry sister- I LOVE you, but you look like a pretty version of my very dumpy 7th grade art teacher. 

  • Ozski

    This could have worked with a v-neck and if she took up the hem a bit? Why does she hate her knees so much? I like the color too, she has that enviable waist and her face, as always, is flawless but….OUT.

  • Annabelle Archer

    OUT. And I don’t even like the color. The rest is awful yet self explanatory. 

  • oh man, I don’t even like the color. It is clashing with the orange of her hair but I’m willing to blame my laptop monitor for that.

    She always defaults to this length of skirt which I find curious. I think she would look much better with a hem just above the knee.

  • Jangle57

    She is so pretty from the neck up but from the neck down – blech.  OUT

  • sweetlilvoice

    Horrid. It’s a mullet cape. Beautiful color though. But I don’t like how there are all matchy matchy accessories-a matching dog collar belt, neck piece and bracelets.

  • afabulous50

    OUT – she looks dumpy & frumpy…

  • sweet_potato

    Great color but that’s all.  OUT.

  • Forget about the bust. Why is she wearing a dog collar? 

  • nannypoo

    Supremely unflattering.

  • girliecue

    There is not one high collar out there that even pretends to be us big-boobed women’s friend. We all know this so if you wear high collars be prepared to have your boobs talked about. In the glorious Miss Hendrick’s case it’s even more of a shame because all time spent talking about her assets should be spent on her divinely angelic face. Seriously, a face shot of her still takes my breath away.

  • kmk05

    I really really really like her makeup here… mostly because her makeup artist was heavy-handed with the blush and she looks gorgeously flushed in an almost indecent way. With the slightly dishevelled hair it’s making me swoon.

    I should be ashamed, but I’m not 😀  

  • ojosazules

    Wonder Nun. Out.

  • she really needs to check in on Dolly Parton who knows how to dress a large bust.

    • unbornfawn

      Good advice!

    • Snailstsichr

       OMG, Yes! When I see Dolly, I don’t think “Oh look, a full figured woman,” instead I think, “She can rock her look like no one’s business. What an icon!”

      • formerlyAnon

         To be fair, I doubt Ms. Hendricks aspires to the sartorial niche Ms. Parton fills so well.

        But if (as seems so likely) she just yearns to be able to look cute in a lot of different outfits just like a gal with a more modest bust, she’s got to figure out a filter to put candidate looks through before admitting them to consideration. Ms. Parton could probably give her that filter in two or three “do/do not” sentences.

  • Lilithcat

    OUT.  She looks like a sister wife.

  • Imasewsure

    Great. She finally covered up and picked an ugly over-designed and yet still frumpy dress. Great color OUT!!

  • PastryGoddess

    Well if she dressed her bust appropriately then maybe we would stop ragging on it and focus on all of the other things she’s doing wrong.

  • Out. Wearing her red bondage witch costume a bit late for Halloween. 

  • Laylalola

    Out. Awful.

  • alyce1213

    “Let’s start with the bust.”  So funny.
    OUT. I don’t think it’s an ass cape.  It appears to be a full cape — look at the closer shot, between arm and body, the cape starts above the waist. The dog collar and belted cuffs are ridiculous details.  Awful, just awful.

  • jjfg

    OUT.  Out, out, out.  From the top of the dog collar (!) up, she looks beautiful, but from there down?  Holiday party at the office.  With an ass cape. 

  • Trisha26

    Out. She is so pretty…she needs clothes to match.

  • Kayceed

    I really love fall/winter dresses with boots, and the color is wonderful. Also – how small is her waist here? They had to make an extra hole in the belt for her. The attached cape, however, on a street-length day dress, is hilariously bad. For that alone, she is out.

  • unbornfawn

    If she doesn’t want to be referred to as “full-figured” she shouldn’t be wearing get-ups like this to be photographed in. This outfit only makes everything about her body look bigger and wider. I agree that it is a good color for her. That is about all that is working for her here. OUT.

  • Call me Bee

    The color is wonderfula nd amkes her skin just glow…but it’s an odd dress with an even odder neckline.  Love the boots, though.  But–a firm OUT!! 

  • crash1212

    Ugly dress. Ugly, ugly, ugly. Also, Ugly. My “full figure” isn’t nearly as full as our girl Christina and I avoid high necklines like the plague because they don’t flatter. Boots are cute, but not with this ugly dress. And, her hair is making me sad.

  • ellabob

    This outfit makes her look enormous… good god!  Great color, but she really needs some gay friend advice…

  • aquamarine17

    Out. I think she’d look good in a simple sheath dress just above her knees and maybe a stunning shawl if she wanted to cover up a little. I like her in black. 

  • Allison Woods

    I can’t abide with a dog collar belt buckle thing OR an ass-cape.

  • OUT. Love the color, love her make-up, love her. Hate the dress. Just hate it. The collar? The saggy belt? The Ass-cape. ugh. 

  • formerlyAnon

    At the risk of sending her to her bed wailing “damned if I do, damned if I don’t!” (because we know she hangs on my opinion, right?), this is out. 

    She so rarely hits the middle ground between squeezing her chest into tight things that present the breasts to us like baby heads on a platter, and high-necked swathings that make her look so imposing that it’s hard to notice her delicately beautiful face.

    It’s not just a great color on her, this dress is a marvelous idea, the neck-belt-wrists leather bands/belts combine with the fabric to give a great hint of the uniform. But in its execution, the idea strayed.

  • If she took off the belt and cape and dog collar the dress wouldn’t be framing her breasts. As it is, this dress is actually making her look top heavy – I sympathize, but this was not a good choice. The color is lovely though.

  • kimmeister

    Out, mostly because of the dog collar.  Her skin and lip color look amazing though.

  • JuliaInBlack

    Four golden buckles, three feet of hem, two covered boobs, and an OUT in a pear tree.

  • Wellworn

    The issue always comes up regarding why Angelenos wear fall and winter fashions when it isn’t very cold there, and again, I will try to explain.  I am a former So Cal girl, now living in a place where there truly are 4 seasons.  California people are fragile, delicate creatures.  Their bodies are tempered for consistent 80-90 degrees.  When it dips below 75, out come the sweaters, jackets and boots.  And who can blame them?  They want to wear fall fashion also, and grab at any chance they can.  Besides, 70 degrees truly does feel cold to someone who is used to those warmer temps all year long.  So for the one month each year when it’s LA’s version of cold, let them have their woolies, and try not to point and laugh too much.

  • AuntJentie


  • l_c_ann


    About the belt:  there is no way in hell that all those punches in the belt would fit a body that fits into that dress. Just no way.

  • Gorgeous color, OUT on account of ill-fitting.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:  a woman this gorgeous with access to all the stylists, clothing and tailoring the industry can throw at her and this is what she has to resort to for a public appearance?

    Sort yourselves out fashion industry, this is unacceptable.

  • The dress is way over-designed, but a great color.  Too many buckles, and I can’t with that hiddy cape thing. OUT

  • Bexatrix

    Sorry, that outfit is giving me Guys & Dolls Save-a-Soul Mission realness. And not in a good way.  OUT.

  • Joyce VG

    I say IN. I don’t know why. 

  • marilyn

    Out.  The color is great.  Looking at her shape, she could look great with the right dress.  This just isn’t it.

  • Samuel Donovan

    I actually think this neckline works on her, or at least, the fit in the bust isn’t atrocious.  But that skirt…it WOUNDS.

  • AnneElliot

    Sisterwife dominatrix in a dog-collar.  OUT!

    • rab01

      Y’know, If it struck me as “Sisterwife dominatrix in a dog-collar”, I’d say IN.  Because that? sounds awesome.

  • wisdomy

    She’s wearing a neck-belt.  Even if I loved everything else about (and I don’t) I cannot, in good conscience, “In” a neck-belt.

  • snarkykitten

    I hate to make a comment about her boobs but…they look like they’re in the midst of an argument and are trying to get as far away from each other as possible.

    I can understand her frustration at being boiled down to being nothing but a “full figure.” she’s an actress on a popular show, but all anyone ever seems to care about is her body.

  • oohsparkley!

    No to the dress. Great color though.

  • OUT.  For a smart girl, she sure takes some iffy fashion advice.  I’m sorry, when she passed the mirror after getting styled, she should have put her well-shod foot down and said emphatically that she was **NOT** going out in a dog collar dress, even one that’s such a great color.  The end.

  • OUT… I can’t think of anyone this would look good on. Toss it in the burn pile and move on.

  • TSkot

    Head to toe:  OUT

  • jmorino08

    Out! That dress is not right for her particular bodily proportions.

    Also, I am going to have to figure out how to work “ass cape” into conversation as often as possible, now.

  • out

  • Elana Friedman


  • MaryanneGirl

    She looks like a bewitched sister wife with that cape. Wilting hair, sad droopy bust, dog collar…OUT.

  • Love the color, but that’s pretty much all I can say about this dress. It’s not the worst thing she’s worn, but it’s really unflattering. Not that she needs to be wearing anything too tight or form-fitting all of the time, but THIS is so loose and blousy that it almost makes her look bigger than she is.  And the ass-cape just adds unnecessary volume. Le sigh. OUT.

  • Hideous.

  • CatherineRhodes

    OUT. No mention of the dreadful yoga hair?

  • MzzPants

    I never got past the dog collar.  OUT.

  • ChelseaNH

    Someone needs to introduce her to Sophia Loren.

  • OUT. The color is fantastic on her, but covering her décolletage makes her bust look saggy. And no one likes to be called full-figured, but if you are what else should they call you? 

  • this has many issues, but im going with IN, because i like her, and she gets it wrong so often. and this is not bad at all.
    i like the colour and the covered-up-ness. i like the dog collar, and i can live with the matching belt, but the matching bracelets are just silly. and yeah, the ‘ass cape’, its not good.

  • Bah! This dress is terrible.  OUT.  Why must she constantly do this to us?

  • ThaliaMenninger

    Color, good. Shape, terrible. And I don’t mean her shape. I mean the shape of the dress. Also, she needs to invest in some decent bras. Wouldn’t you think Cleo and Lilyette and Bali would be sending her their new stuff to test drive?

    On the positive side, she’s totally ready for Thanksgiving if she wants to go as a pilgrim.

  • She has the worst sense of what looks good on her.  It’s a beautiful color on her, but too bad it’s not on a better dress. It’s not just that it’s a bad dress for her, it’s  an ugly dress.

  • OUT! this dress does not flatter her figure at all.

  • Interesting collar/belt treatment: Yes. High collar: No.  Ass-cape: No. Color: Yes. Hair: Yes. Makeup: Yes. Boots: Eh, a little heavy.

    She comes up almost exactly dead center.


  • msdamselfly

    IN Like the color and compared to the looks she often wears, it’s not bad

  • Good lord!  Out, out, a thousand times OUT

  • LittleKarnak

    Out…not cute at all…..

  • LesYeuxHiboux

    OUT. Boots are great but they don’t go with such a long hem. The dog collar effect is awful, particularly when she’s so covered up. A couple of princess seams and a little snip to open the neckline a smidge (she’s got collarbones as well as boobs!) would have gone a long way. 

  • lrhoff

    Geez, I think I’d have breast reduction surgery, if I were her.  She’s going to have huge back problems as she ages…..

  • jw_ny

    ass cape and dog collar…as if you had to ask…OUT! 

    she makes me laugh.  😀  

  • altalinda

    Out.  The dress is not flattering, the boots cover up too much, don’t mind the ass-cape, and her hair is a mess.  I don’t know how such a beautiful woman manages to look so bad so often.

  • PeaceBang

    OUT. Nice color. Horrible everything else (there’s an echo in here).

  • Jessica Goldstein

    OUT. Having said that, lose the dog collar, lose the cuff collars, make the books chocolate suede and we’d have something here. Even WITH the ass-cape. Also, a person with her… proportions (is that better?) would do better with a slightly lower scooped or squared neck. 

  • MaryAtRealityTea

    When I saw this I just sighed. Oh, Christina. Oh, Christina… This is such a mammoth OUT. It is so horribly unflattering and just dumb. But yes, the color is nice. 

  • barbarienne

    OUT.  I like the idea of the dress, but it’s really not working. Maybe a skinny girl would look good in it, but that cape-thing is just adding curves on curves and throwing off her proportions.

    I’m not certain it’s just an ass-cape. It looks as if the belt is in front of it (see pics 1 and 2), so I imagine it hangs from higher up than the ass. I just don’t know what to make of that.

    I’m not sure I’d call her “full-figured.” That strongly implies the figure is the result primarily of fat (I say this as a fat woman myself); whereas it’s obvious that Ms. Hendricks would have an enormous bosom regardless of how much she starved.

  • demidaemon

    OUT. That skirt is just weird. And, also, agree on the too-covered up ness an the WTF of the dog collar.

  • sleepycat

    There is something of a professor Hendricks vibe going on for me. Although, I would say that this is an out!

  • OUT. It’s doing nothing for her. The color is lovely but the belt isn’t in the right place, the boots make it look really heavy and she just looks sort of droopy and blah. Step it up!

  • The high neckline really isn’t a busty girl’s friend. You’d think that by covering up the ladies, attention will be directed elsewhere, but that’s just true. Having the entire area one big piece of fabric actually makes it look bigger! If you want to cover it up, it has to be visually interesting — rows of buttons or something. The Edwardians and Victorians will tell you how.

    That said, her face and hair and boots are gorgeous.

  • l_c_ann

    I had hoped the top was cut on the diagonal which would explain the lack of darts.

    I was wrong.  The dress has darts, they are just way up on top of her bust and are doing nothing to shape the front.  Disfunctional darts are not a good thing.

  • neofashionista

    In except really wish she did not have a dog collar on still she is making it work

  • J MN

    OUT.  She makes me sad just about every time we see her pictured.  Can’t anyone figure out how to dress her or does she refuse to use a stylist?  I just don’t get it because she’s obviously trying. 

  • fashionablylate

    Unflattering dress and bad hair make this an OUT.

  • GTrain

    OUT. Her bust looks unweildy.

  • Its actually pretty cold in Los Angeles this last week. I can’t stand to go out at night without a scarf and gloves. 😐

  • TieDye64

    From head to toe it’s an OUT for me. The color is lovely on her, though.

  • RzYoung

    JFC she’s got a belt round her neck?!!

    Edited to add: OUT

  • OUT. Boots often look so hiddy with that length of dress.

  • SewingSiren

    I think this looks pretty good on her. 

  • OUT. This has nothing to do with boobs…is she wearing a cape and covered in belts? No girl, just no.

  • tsid2012

    What is that thing hanging in back?  “Ass cape” sounds about right, it is totally ruining a perfectly fine dress.  Personally, I think if she lost the collar and did bigger sexy hair this would all work much better.

  • margaret meyers


  • The color is great on her, really works with her skin.  The fabric is MUCH too heavy, the ass-cape is full-on stupid, and that neckline is definitely not her friend.  That’s the problem, with that much “superstructure” in the chest area her neck already looks short by comparison.  This mockneck with leather attached dog collar simply shortens it further, and the thick bulky fabric makes the “goils” look bigger as well. I also think the foundation garment is not doing its job, her chest is 1-2 inches below where it should be.

  • guest2visits

    It’s a nice color, but too many collars and the awful cape. Too much dress.

  • Elizabetta1022

    TLo, you are right when you say that the best styles for her are the ones she wore on Mad Men. They found a way to flatter her figure and make her look amazing in nearly every episode…I wonder why she resists dressing a little retro? (Maybe she’s afraid of being typecast as Joan Holloway for the rest of her life–but there are worse things!)

  • kategs

    Love the color, she looks radiant but loathe the dress.  out.

  • leftcoastpickle


  • A B

    Lordy Massachusetts!  Out, out, OUT!  She looks hideous!

  • newtonGOTbeaned

    The dress is not good. But it is really freezing here. I’ve tried to explain to him that the weather is not my fault, but my cat doesn’t believe me. He gives me the stink-eye from his blanket pile every time he sees me. OUT.

  • Dot

    What a bizarre dress. From the numerous buckles to the cape to the priest collar, what else can one even say? I can’t see this looking attractive on anyone. The color is indeed beautiful, though

  • kerry dee

    love it from the waist up. waist down is OUT though.

  • Slap any stylist that suggests a dog collar…

  • Cathy S

    The color is gorgeous. But the rest is out, especially that collar around her neck.

  • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

    Dress = bad.  Dog collar = bad.  Hair = a mess.  Superman cape = REALLY bad.  OUT.

  • Zippypie

    Ass cape!  AHAHAHAHA!  The only good element here are the boots.  Otherwise, OUT

  • OUT. Just…no.

  • librarygrrl64

    LOVE the color on her. Otherwise, HAAAAAAAATE. Need I say it? OUT.

  • lesmaha

    Out. So sad.  Love her, but….

  • Bad proportions.

    Boots are fierce, but are lost in the half-past-tea-length hem.


  • Judy_S

    This is probably too late to be counted…. but I will say IN, because I have been on vacation and feel mellow. She has such an amazing smile that any look featuring that is OK by me. But I kind of like the funky outfit, with her coloring. 

  • tereliz

    OUT! It would have been passable without the ass-cape. Love the boots.

  • out! hair is so so, makeup is beautiful but the same as always, and that dress is GOD AWFUL.

  • jennsilentcrow

    Esmerelda meets the Super Crucible! oh god. someone help her.
    Mussy hair looks unexplainably cute, as do shoes from DSW.
    It seems to me all those cute little belty accents could have been used to sweet success, but alas. She’s locked down in all ways. 
    Her face makes up for any amount of pounds or unfortunate covering/not enoughcovering shes libel to. 
    the end.