Dan Stevens on ‘Good Morning America’

Posted on November 12, 2012

Oh, Dan. What a waste.


Dan Stevens makes an appearance on ‘Good Morning America’ to talk about his new Broadway play ‘The Heiress’.

You’re in America now, son. And ’round these parts, we judge our celebrities for making public appearances looking like file clerks. You can’t get some of those nice British designers to lend you something fabulous to wear? Do you have any idea how drool-worthy you’d look in that killer Burberry jacket R Patz wore the other day? You can’t rest on those killer baby blues forever, you know. Call us. We’ll show you how it’s done on this, the shallower side of the pond.



[Photo Credit: Enrique RC/PacificCoastNews.com]

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  • MilaXX

    Hair looking a bit greasy here, lay off the product.

    • Sobaika

      I’m really hoping he just showed up with wet hair or something.

    • NC_Meg

       The hair bothered me more than anything else. I also hope it’s just wet and not drowning in product.

      • fallen_ikon

        It looks wet, to me. I’m really hoping that’s all it is, and not product or just unwashed yuckiness. If he’s taking a page out of R Patz’s book with the nasty looking hair I might cry.

  • I can’t reconcile this man with the Mr. Stevens with the Cane naughtiness from the other post. I just can’t. 

  • thecitysleeps

    But he’s so handsome!  *swoons*  Ok that outfit is a non-entity and apparently he got caught in the rain with no umbrella.

    •  I know. Who cares what he’s wearing? 

    • RebeccaKW

       Right?  TLo wants him to call them so they can tell him how it’s done on our side of the pond…I want him to call me for a date.  He can wear pajamas for all I care.

  • I wouldn’t kick him out of bed for eating crackers. 

  • MissMariRose

    Also, please do something about those sideburns. Elvis is dead.

    • geans

      I’d agree with you, but I’m pretty sure it’s for the part. 

      • khh1138

        True.  But those eyebrows?  Surely a little trim couldn’t hurt reviews. 

  • charlotte

    Ouch. Cousin Matthew looks like an aging member of a former boygroup who is starting to run out of cash.

    • LauraWL

      Oh man. Those highlights are HORRIBLE. 

  • Le_Sigh

    Noooooooo!  That hair is so tragic.  It’s like he tried to go Depp grunge and changed his mind last minute 🙁

    I really hope he was just running late out of the shower with wet hair or something.  And didn’t have time to comb it.

  • Was this picture taken before he went to the studio?

  • That coat is not flattering. I hope there was something nice underneath it.

  • shallower side = brilliant writing

  • Three terrible words: BOY BAND HIGHLIGHTS.

    • khh1138

      Yes, yes, so sad.  I read an interview that cooled me on DanDan forever, I’m afraid – he said he started dying his hair blond because he got more attention.  Ugh.  Everyone, women included of course, look better when their hair matches their skintone – and Dan is no exception.  The only thing that has me confused is that he films well – but he photographs terribly!

  • rainwood1

    Don’t panic, people.  I saw him on Charlie Rose the other night with other cast members from ‘The Heiress.’  He looked yummy, and the highlights were okay too.  He’s also very smart and articulate which never hurts.   

    • Qitkat

      Oh yes. Yummy. Initially was confused as I tuned in late, and wondered where the rest of DA cast were.

  • Lisa Kramp

    With the exception of those piercing blue eyes, I find him very unexceptional.

  • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

    He may have been running late and didn’t have time to properly fix his hair.  I’m going to reserve judgment.  But just this once, Cousin Matthew.   🙂

  • Diane Lynch

    That’s what I have always thought of as a Fr. Porter coat. Yuck.

  • Imasewsure

    Please don’t insult American file clerks like that…. They dress way better than this…

  • formerlyAnon

    I just can’t feel this man’s attractiveness, he always reads ‘brother/dull cousin/just friends” to me.

    That said, he looks like we, the hoi polloi look when we’re dressed what passes for nicely in our humdrum and largely un-photographed lives.  One does hope for more from the papparazi-stalked classes.

  • He’s a gorgeous man, but the coat is drab and SOMEONE needs to style his hair.

  • While he and Lady Mary are smokin’ on DA, I saw the Heiress the other night and was struck by the complete absence of sexual tension between him and Jessica Chastain.  The American accent made him sound like one of the Cleaver boys.  I have no idea what the hair is about in this photo.

  • I’m certain the sideburns are for his role in “The Heiress” on Broadway.  Weird hair is his own choice, I’m betting.  Also, I give anyone appearing on a morning show extra consideration.  It’s probably 7AM, an ungodly hour for anyone to look wonderful.

  • jmorino08

    When was the last time he washed his hair?

  • TSkot

    Oh come on. Unless this is exactly what he wore and how he wore it on air, give the guy a break.

  • His hair looks… crunchy. WAY too much product. 

  • When I saw him leaving the theater he looked much better: He was wearing jeans and a tshirt with a messenger bag (with an Obama 2012 button on it.


  • PeaceBang

    Didn’t they have hot water and shampoo in his hotel or something?

  • Louise Bryan

    How did he look on the show?  It was plenty cold a couple of days last week, after the snow fell.

  • Did he… just shower because cabbing over? Get caught in a rain that magically spared his clothes while maliciously targeting his hair?

    If you can’t dress properly, you might as well just do these TV spots naked.

    • fallen_ikon

      Yes. Naked. Naked would be good.

  • quiltrx

    Of all the great coats and jackets available to someone like him, he shows up in a chemist’s lab coat.  It makes me sad.

  • Bad hair, like K Stew, only he cannot compensate it with a mini skirt. Or maybe he can/should?

  • laurenoodle

    I’ve never found him attractive he’s kind of doughy 

  • decormaven

    That is one sad overcoat, and are those military dress pants? Huh? Did he just have a Goodwill shopping spree? Yes, please bring over that fab Burberry jacket and fit it for him pronto. He would do it justice! And while it is early, he is there to do NATIONAL tv. You don’t see the GMA anchors shlepping around in this dreck.

  • He looks just fine. I think the americans should learn from their brothers across the pond. Lots of class over there.

  • CeeQ

    Worst hair ever. But still hot as hell =) 

  • allyS2311

    I love him, but he looks way better in Downton Abbey ..lol i heart Matthew Crawley