Christina Hendricks in L’Wren Scott

Posted on November 08, 2012

Christina Hendricks attends ‘Ginger and Rosa’ Special Screening during the 2012 AFI Fest in a L’Wren Scott dress.



[Photo Credit: Emiley Schweich / PR Photos, ]

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  • I can’t imagine having to dress a body as voluptuous as hers. Because if she wears a good bra that lifts up the girls, it has the result of giving her “baby heads” (thanks, TLo, for that phrase!)  With that said, the look is pretty but I think the skirt needs to be either full length or above the knee to make the proportions correct.

    • LesYeuxHiboux

      That’s also a function of the bust being too tight. She really needs custom clothing. Won’t some designer taker her as a muse?

      • A. W.

        It’s not too tight. When a bust is too tight, the cups runneth over, the way you sometimes see in pictures of Renaissance faire girls with crazy corsets. I think many of the commenters here complaining about her bust all the time are just unaccustomed to seeing how clothing looks on women with larger chests. This is just what big breasts look like in a fitted dress.

        • HomeOfficeGirl

          No it’s not – she doesn’t look that way on Mad Men.  The only way to get the effect she’s got going on here is to actually push them up and out the top of the dress.

          • RebeccaKW

             I would agree.  It’s the bra she’s got on.  I have double dd’s and if I wear a full coverage no-nonsense bra, they aren’t in your face.  But when I put on a push up bra or one designed to ‘lift’ then you get this look.  That’s why she doesn’t look like this on mad men.  she’s wearing bras from that time frame and they were designed to keep you corralled.

          • Yup, me too. Agreed.

          • Daenyx

            Exactly.  I attempted to branch out, recently, by ordering a convertible plunge bra online (I need a damn t-back!) from a company I hadn’t bought from before, and thought their sizes were off because it looks awful.  But then I bought my usual DD in one of their full-figure styles and it was perfect.  It’s always and forever going to be full coverage for me, I think.

          • lovelyivy

            La Perla has some really nice demi bras that give good support and allow you to wear things that are low cut without feeling self-conscious. They’re too expensive to EVER pay MSRP but you can find some new with tags on ebay for reasonable prices.

          •  which she should consider doing in real life. And lose the bat in her hair.

          • lovelyivy

             DDD here posting to agree. With most of my bras no one would ever imagine that I’m a DDD, but in demi styles or push-up styles it definitely goes baby head.

          • LesYeuxHiboux

            Her dresses on Mad Men actually fit her bust. 

          • geans

            They do–also, on Mad Men she hardly ever shows cleavage. Office wear and whatnot. 

          • Mary229

            Ok.  But again….this is going into borderline territory where people are shaming this woman for showing her body.  Women with large chests often face this unfair body policing in our culture.  Can we please stop it?

          • This is the kind of thinking that makes us not bother too much with featuring anyone above a size 4, because we can critique fit on anyone, but as soon as you critique the fit on someone slightly larger than the average star, you get accused of “shaming” them.

          • I think this time it would be more of a shaming of the designer, or the stylist. Because no large-busted woman should be allowed to look fat, especially with a figure like hers. This is simply the wrong dress for her due to the way it fits. Anyone who told her this was flattering should be fired.

          • Oh, please don’t!  The above size 4 set need aspirational fashion and fabulosity too!

          • RebeccaKW

             A lot of this thread is simply saying she just needs a different bra to do away with the ‘baby-head’ effect, not that she needs to ‘hide’ her breasts or whatever.  I’m fine with the cleavage and seeing ample amounts of her girls.  No matter the size of the celebrity, if she has baby-heads, there is a comment thread about them.

          • Who here shamed her for showing her body?  The fit of her dress and undergarments has been the discussion, not whether or not her “dirty pillows” should be shown. 

          • Ali

            Seriously. I have a 32 DD. I am quite familiar with what a large chest looks like. I agree, she’s wearing the wrong bra. She’s wearing one that pushes them up too much.

          • theblondette

             Christina is also WAY bigger than a DD. WAY BIGGER. And yes, it does get a lot harder to dress your breasts when you cross into G+ territory.

          • Ali

             I never said that she’s a DD. Of course she’s not. My point (as is the point of many others on this thread) is that properly fitted undergarments make sure that your boobs don’t look like that. Girl needs a better bra.

          • Honey, at my biggest I was an I-cup. Yes, you read that right. And it only gets more difficult to dress properly if you refuse to acknowledge that you can’t wear certain styles of clothing or of bra. T & Lo are right: she needs to wear custom-made clothing and, frankly, she can afford it. She doesn’t look like this on Mad Men because they make her wear the right foundation garments but they also dress her according to her figure. She should just go with the vintage look, since it does good things for her shape.

            The other part of why this dress doesn’t fit has to do with the fact that you can see a bulge at the waist. Shapewear is a must if you’re insisting on a dress that doesn’t fit without it. And even then shape wear doesn’t help everything.

          • formerlyAnon

            You said exactly what I always think “she can afford it.” It’s why I allow myself to be more critical of some of these celebs – not only CAN they afford proper tailoring, even custom fitting, but I’d bet a lot of it would be “business expenses” since many of their appearances are work-related.

            Now, I don’t know if insisting that one’s clothes fit would cut them out of the designer loaner circuit or not, and I imagine that if so, that’d hurt. But on the very popular celebs one would imagine a designer would rather they look *good* in the clothes than that they be returnable for future use.

          • “She’s wearing one that pushes them up too much.” There’s no such thing 🙂

          • Lisa_Cop

            Babyheads sitting right under your neck is NOT a good look. Better bra definitely needed here.

          • Aurumgirl

             Oh, yes there is.  Breasts are supposed to “sit” right across from what would be midway down your upper arm.  Visually, that’s where they look “natural”, not too droopy and not too pushed up to look like they’re forced.  If they’re up around your ears you’re doing it wrong.

          •  She doesn’t wear low-cut dresses very often on Mad Men.

        • VeryClaire

          No, it’s not. Have you seen unclothed breasts? They don’t reach for the sky. These baby heads are being pushed and prodded to look like that.

        •  I have to disagree.  This dress, or maybe it’s her undergarment, is pushing her boobs in and up.  I have nearly as large a chest as she does, and it takes work to make babyheads, believe me. 

        • LesYeuxHiboux

          As a woman with a 34 G chest, I am intimately acquainted with the fit of a dress that is too tight in the bust. One of the things people sometime do is push the bust up and out to get a little room. Sometimes the neckline cuts in, sometimes it doesn’t. Open necklines like this don’t cut into my bust even when there technically isn’t enough room for the girls. The renaissance dresses do because of the elastic in the neckline. The way the dress gapes from bust to shoulder tells me that it is too tight, as does the fit across her back. It is close, but still not large enough in the bust. 

          • J. Preposterice


          • Vaniljekjeks

            28K (european sizes!) up here!  I dream of the day I will find a dress that fits perfectly over my boobs, waist, and hips. 

          • A. W.

            I’m intimately familiar with that technique too. Apparently there’s a word for it… “fluffing!”

          • Mazenderan

             Yes, exactly.   She does have very large breasts, but they don’t have
            to look like this.  She’s not only being pushed up here – she’s also
            constricted because the front of that dress is too tight.  I’m an
            E-cup.  If I want to replicate that look (albeit on a smaller scale 🙂 )
            – all I have to do is wear something that’s too tight.

            I feel bad for her though.  I get the impression that she sometimes gets tired of having to take her bust into consideration sometimes, and simply chooses what she would *like* to wear -regardless of whether it’s flattering or not.

          • LesYeuxHiboux

            I hear that. It gets very tiring looking for the same silhouettes in fresh patterns and materials when the petite ladies get such variety. I also happen to be just this side of what is considered tall for a woman, further limiting my options (and increasing the likelihood that I will look slutty with too much leg/boob showing in the department store clothing I can afford). 

        • J. Preposterice

          I wear a 32JJ bra currently.  

          My boobs do NOT look like that in a fitted dress.  That girl is wearing the wrongest bra that was ever wrong, and her dress is too tight in the bust. 

          • I barely have boobs so I don’t have her problem, but if I had them and her money, my bra drawer would be full of custom La Perla, Aubade, Chantelle, etc.  Hell, if I only had my boobs but had her money, I’d still have to have custom bras, lol.

          • Lisa_Cop

            Those brands make great, sexy bras but not in cup sizes that large.

          • Ali

             Brastop has brands that go all the way up to JJ. There are options out there, even if they aren’t La Perla!

          • Aurumgirl

             There’s no denying it, I think you’re right.  It is beginning to bother me that she’s “settling” and “making do” with clothing (doing everything possible to be able to get into a dress, including very painful lingerie) when she should be having everything custom fitted to her shape.

        • Dot

          Hear hear. I’m so sick of the cliche “babyheads” term splattered in the comments section on every single Christina Hendricks post.

        • Mary229

          Agreed.  And honestly…as a woman with a large chest myself…can I just be blunt?  It’s offensive.  It borderline shames a woman for having a large chest.  As if she is required to put it away or hide it because she looks “different” in clothing than women with smaller chests.  Large breasts look different in clothing.  They aren’t “in your face”—that’s the result of wearing clothing when you have largest breasts.

          • kategs

            She doesn’t need to hide them or put them away, she needs to fit them properly.  And she isn’t.  We aren’t shaming her (which I personally think is a silly term), we are commenting on how she’d look better if she’d just get a better fit.

      • Carolyn

        L’Wren Scott can manage to make stuff too tight for Nicole Kidman so no wonder this is straining on the chestal region.

      • EveEve

        Maybe it’s time to consider that she WANTS to look like this?  Maybe she LIKES showing off the baby heads.  Maybe she DOES get bras and dresses customized to make that happen.  After all this time, it’s getting hard to believe these looks are an accident or a mistake. 

    • “if she wears a good bra that lifts up the girls, it has the result of giving her ‘baby heads’ ” = a sign that you should rethink your plastic surgery, or consider reduction surgery.

      I would have preferred some jewelry over the floppy black amoeba stuck to her head.

      • loki_monster

        If she’s augmented, then sure, maybe consider going smaller.  If she’s natural, why the hell should she have to reduce her breasts?? That ain’t right.

        • I’m pretty sure she’s augmented based on old pictures of her.  Many naturally extremely-well-endowed women strongly advise reduction surgery. I’d certainly agree that it’s up to the woman, but I hope “consider” wasn’t too strong a word.

      • amaranth16

        I don’t believe they are augmented.  And I am uncomfortable with suggesting that people surgically modify themselves to be more fashionable.  The styling is fair game; I don’t think her body itself should be.

    • nomoreprinces

       A good bra will not give a you baby heads.  What a good bra is supposed to do is add shape and support.  Whatever Christina is wearing is giving her support but no shape.  It needs to go up a cup or three to do that.  The baby heads are a result of a wearing too small a cupsize or actually adding padding to give lift.  This looks to be a combo of both. 

      Look to Queen L who has about the same bust size.  She almost always has them reined in.

      • kimmeister

        Queen L had reduction surgery though.

        • MilaXX

           and she’s still fairly busty. However, even before having surgery Queen Latifah never had babyheads.

          • nomoreprinces

             Exactly, even at her largest she always kept them in check.

            I don’t know the why’s as to her surgery but I’m willing to be bet she reduced them as a result of her weight loss. Boobs are ridiculously difficult to perk back up after you’ve lost a lot of weight like she did; they tend to look deflated.  They’re still big, but porportionally big. 

      • J. Preposterice

        Yes.  It looks to me like she wears padded push-up bras a fair amount.  I have a 32JJ bra size and if I am foolish enough to put the girls into a padded push-up a cup size too small and/or a dress that is too tight in the bust, that weird look is EXACTLY what I get.  

        So I don’t do it.  I wear me a nice, well-fitting, low-cut balconette and buy the dress a size up. Even when I don’t have it tailored down (most of the time), too-loose-in-the-waist looks a LOT better than babyheads-and-sausage-back.

      • Ali

         Not only up a cup size, I’d bet she needs to go down a bit in her band size as well.

    • Sara__B

      A well-fitting bra (or dress) only gives us baby heads if we want them.  I suspect either the bodice is too tight, or Christina likes the “baby head” look. 

      • MilaXX

         Yep, baby heads are often intentional.  I personally hate the look, but it appears to be a thing in Hollywood.

    • e jerry powell

      Exactly. Something in me wants to see more of a tulip skirt.

  • In_Stitches

     That lip color is fabulous on her.  The dress is doing a damn good job as well.  Sure, a few inches shorter, a better fit in the waist and no babyheads would be an improvement, but you can attach that critique to 90% of her red carpet outfits.  The concept of the look works for her.  The head piece in matching black sequins?  No thank you.   

  • kschwarting

    This is one of her better looks of late, babyheads aside.  Going back and forth on how I feel about the fuchsia lipstick, though.  If this were an IN or OUT, I’d give her an IN.

    • charlotte

       I don’t think the lipstick goes very well with her hair color, but I’d give her an IN, too.

  • If i took a pin to them, they would pop.

  • nancylee61

    She needs to show less boob and more leg, so she doesn’t look like my 80 year old Italian Great-Grandmother did, bless her soul. Such a mess, this woman is!

  • Sobaika

    She looks fantastic. I feel like people are going to go on about her chest and what not, but I am buying what she is selling.

    • filmcricket

      Me too, this is one of the best looks she’s ever worn. Love it. 

  • Babyheads! Pretty dress, though the hemline is indeed awkward. Love the headband!

  • Liz

    Those are not baby heads, those are full grown person heads.  

  • geans

    She looks gorgeous. I love the hair. 

    • DeborahJozayt

      I love the hairpiece, too! Though in the last pic, it’s coiling up to crush her head and eat it whole. Otherwise, it looks great!

  • LesYeuxHiboux

    The dress was great in theory, but she should have worn the girdle or had it re-made custom. The bust is too tight and the hair ornament too matchy. You can do your pretty frippery in the hair, Christina, but something silver or crystal (and more subtle) would be better here. 

  • The dress is lovely but makes her look heavier than she is. Sequins do that. I can’t decide if her lipstick clashes with her hair or not nor if I like said hair. I despise the headband/fascinator, however. All in all, she looks a lot better than usual (backhanded compliments, get ’em while they last).

  • Love the hair!

  • HomeOfficeGirl

    Ok, she just makes me so mad (?).  She is not the first or biggest busted girl ever to be showbiz.  But she dresses like there is not a designer on earth who can contain her girls, and that is just not so.  SO… that means she does this on purpose and it always pisses me off.  She is beautiful and CAN look so amazing – but ususally she looks like an idiot and this is no exception.

  •  I love it because deep down I am a little girl. SPARKLES!

  • Is it just me or is everybody getting tired of seeing “her girls” smashed into dresses?
    Get a new look pa-leeze!

    • BrooklynBomber

      I thought it was just me, but according the comments, I’d say we are not alone.

    • AZU403

      Ginger and Rosa ought to be the names of her girls.

      I do like a curvy woman, but without a necklace there is only one place to look.

  • schadenfreudelicious

    babyheads aside, a shorter length would do wonders for this’s curious how she always seems to default to those tiny peep toe type shoes, perhaps she has unhappy feet and they are comfortable,  but i find the look of them quite matronly for some reason…

    • zuzu

       If she prefers lower heels, she needs to pay attention to what Michelle Obama wears.

  • B_C_J

    I think this sequined dress suits her beautifully. However, I agree that the hem should either go up a few inches or go all the way down to the ground. (I think I would prefer it as a floor length gown.)  I dislike the headpiece but I admire that this beautiful woman is ultra feminine and likes those touches. The hair is lovely too. 

  • I think she looks beautiful, although I’m not thrilled with the hair ornament.  This dress makes her look very va-va-voom, which is tough to avoid with her voluptuous figure — it’s usually that, or bovine.  This is better.  I know the Babyheads Phenomenon gives some people the willies but if you gave her breasts all of the room that they’re clamoring for on a horizontal plane, she just might look as if she was in danger of toppling over any minute.  I’ll take the babyheads.

  • yybb

    She obviously does not have “baby heads” problems when she is dressed as her character on the show. 

    •  No, because Joan has class. Cristina, not so much.

      • MeredithCallahan

        Yeah, what a tacky harlot, trying to wear skinny-person styles like she was a real person. How very dare she. Let’s make assumptions about her moral character.

    • Dot

      Joan is always dressed in office wear. There’s a huge difference here.

  • I just want to take Christina by the hand sometimes, and introduce her to the glory that is eShakti. 

    • BrooklynBomber

      Okay, I didn’t know what eShakti is, so I looked it up, and the first look they show is “inspired by Mad Men.” 

    • MilaXX

       She doesn’t even need to go the eShaki route. She just needs to choose better dresses. 

  • Tamara Hogan

    Would someone please custom-design this gorgeous woman a dress that fits in the bodice? Just a couple more inches in the chest. Please? 

    • Lisa_Cop

      The bodice on this dress doesn’t look like it was supposed to show cleavage. With a good fit, it would cover even the tops of the breasts.

  • Trisha26

    Oh dear. I give up with her until Mad Men starts again.

  • PrunellaV

    Christina, please put the babyheads away.

  • Fordzo

    I don’t really like the thing in her hair.  But she looks so happy in the third picture, I’ll let it slide.

  • She looks great but omgbabyyyyheadddds

  • MilaXX

    THISCLOSE to getting it right, but again a fail in execution. We don’t need the baby heads, take the hem up 1 – 2 inches and get that thing out of her hair. Makeup looks great though.

  • G

    Although I don’t care if her breasts are home made or surgically acquired, there is evidence, if you search for it, in the form of photos of her 10 or 15 years ago when her breasts were quite average looking.  A friend of mine had reduction surgery and is still voluptuous, but so happy she made the decision.

    • LesYeuxHiboux

      She trained quite seriously in ballet when she was younger, and now that she is older and has gained some weight for Mad Men I wouldn’t consider the idea that these are natural developments out of the question. Some women elect not to have reduction surgery because it is not nearly as refined as enlargement, and can lead to terrible scarring (particularly if you are given to scarring in the first place). I think it’s a more reasonable solution to find a good tailor for her clothes, rather than a good tailor for her skin. 

      • amaranth16

        Totally agree. And for goodness’s sake, I wish we could leave the plastic surgery speculation to gossip blogs.

    • l_c_ann

      Watch the Firefly marathon on Scify (I think it’s this coming Sunday) for her a bit younger and (in some editions) a lot less clothed.

    • MeredithCallahan

      “Not that I care or anything but oh my god why won’t this woman fix her body to be acceptable to me? She fails as decoration.”

      Fixed that for you.

      • Knock it off. If you’d like to make a point, then make it. If you’re just here to put words in the mouths of people with whom you disagree, don’t bother.

    • Dot

      If you look up YouTube clips from the MTV series Undressed, created in the late 90s, Christina’s endowment was pretty obvious. She was thinner, but the girls were far above average.

    •  i’m pretty sure she’s done something to those babies to make them look that way… natural breasts just don’t look like tupperbowls no matter how you try – especially if they’re huge. it’s just gravity. have you seen that editorial she did for playboy in 1999? i don’t think these are the same boobs.

  • bertkeeter


  • SewingSiren

    I think it looks good on her, but much like the red sparkly that she had on the last time she was featured, if  neckline were a tad higher it would be fabulous. 

  • meowing

    Didn’t we think she had hired some tasteful stylists awhile back?  Are they on vacation?

  • I like the headband, but would have preferred it  with a structured updo. I have a similar sequinned dress (vintage) and a similar chestal region. The cut of this dress’s neckline could go up a skoosh, and the heel on the shoe could as well, but she seems to shy away from that. I dig the fuchsia lip. Not a home run, but a solid squibbler to second base, I’d say.

  • She doesn’t like to be called “full figured” dammit! 

    • l_c_ann

      She’d prefer half figured times two?

  • Ugh, she looks absolutely frumpy in the final photograph.  This is not a bad look, save for the baby heads, the length and the sequined thing someone scotch taped to her hair.

      (Spiderman reference) 

  • She was a lovely girl in 1999 and is lovely now, but those boobs?  What a mess.  Check the link:

  • kikisayshi

     I know she can’t really help the babyheads sometimes, so with that said I think she looks fabulous!

  • alyce1213

    How can you go wrong in a simple, sparkly black cocktail dress?  

    From the top down: Silly hair ornament, sloppy hairpiece, too tight at the bust, too long below the knee, peep-toe shoes.

  • NCDFan

    She must have an almost constant backache. This is almost right. I agree with the posters who indicate that her support system is a bit off, but I think it’s even harder to get the right bra for a square neckline due to exposure issues for the undergarment. 

  • decormaven

    Properly-fitted foundation garments are made for a reason, so please employ them. This woman is gorgeous, but until she’s properly fitted in a good bra and gets items custom tailored, we’re going to see more of this. Personally, I don’t need to see more of this. Off to rewatch some Mad Men episodes where her clothing/foundations are equal to the task.

    • I was just wondering whether some custom dresses might be better. I have a chest too and if a dress doesn’t stretch, the darts have to be just right to avoid squashing it. That means I reject about 99% of dresses I try on, unfortunately.
      Her waist looks great in this, and I love her in black sequins.

  • Judy_J

    Again with the baby heads!  She really needs to consult with experts in the field of foundation garments.

  • kolokOlchik

    Is she pregnant?

  • Dot

    I think she looks quite lovely, though I’m not crazy about the shoes. The woman has large breasts that she can’t make disappear; I get the feeling that some people won’t be happy until she surgically alters her breasts. Her makeup is stunning! That lip color really works for her. I actually like the hair ornament, but I’m not sure about the placement. It seems like it should wrap around the top of her head a bit more, but its hard to tell from these limited photo angles. All in all, this is a nice improvement from her past red carpet wear.

    • Lola67

       I agree with you on all points. She looks happy, and comfortable, which makes her look even prettier. Regarding the shoes, I wonder if she has foot problems, or more likely back issues that necessitate certain shoe choices?

      • Jessica Goldstein

         She favors a limited range of styles and relatively low-ish heels. I’m in the same boat, though I choose different styles, due to foot shape issues. So I think you are on to something. With a bust like that, back problems are a definite possibility, too. My rule is to only criticize shoes that are awful and also borderline impossible to walk in. I figure that’s a choice. If they are just boring or a bit geriatric, well, so are mine. They get a pass. No one should hurt themselves b/c of ridiculous shoes, no matter how fabulous they may look.

      • Dot

        I think she has a bunion problem, which really limits her shoe choice. I’ve seen her feet crammed into some pretty painful-looking shoes before!

  • I usually don’t comment on her bosom because I can’t relate at all on boosting babyheads because mine just don’t boost but THAT looks painful.

  • ThaliaMenninger

    I’m willing to overlook the babyheads, because otherwise I think she looks great. And seriously, sometimes there is just nothing to be done with giganto boobs. They’re either under your armpits, squashed like this to supposedly minimize them, or hanging down to your waist. This is a pretty good try, all things considered.

  • PeaceBang

    I continue to not get her. She always looks like a train wreck. That hair alone is a ticketable offense. 

  • Boobs, hem, shoes.  Same old problems.

  • granddelusion

    I am so tired of this woman and her breasts. By the way, the bodice doesn’t fit.

  • She makes me feel like a straight man. Glorious. 

  • sweet_potato

    It could have worked had it fit her bust better and the hem needs to be pegged in, then it would be perfect.  It’s alright as it is.  

  • Lisa Kramp

     Agreed. The hem needs to go up at least 4″. Otherwise, she looks yummy.

  • Zippypie

    “Hi! My name is Christina and these are my boobs….again…..and again….and again…..”

  • allisankelly

    Hack 4 inches off the skirt. Girl, you’re only 37, show half a kneecap for Pete’s sake. And go up one size so it fits the girls proper and get the rest tailored to fit you without giving you the little fat roll like I get. Her make-up is pretty and I don’t mind the hair.

  • Oh honey. No. Just go home, call that stylist and offer her a raise to come back.

  • PantherontheRunway

    You can not fit ten lbs of ta-tas into a 2 lbs dress lol

  • Love it, love it, LOVE IT. I actually gasped when I saw her. She’s never going to NOT have babyheads, but this dress accentuates the bust well, fits great around the waist, and hits at just the right spot at the hem. I love the sparkle, and the fascinator/hairpiece adds a little fun/cheekiness.

    LOVE. IT.

  • She looks stunning in every photo except the last one. Even the shoes are, while not spectacular, not tragic. Brava!

  • Carly Warnock

    This dress makes her look pregnant.

  • SophieCollier

    She looks so cute!

  • J MN

    Big hem improvement but girl looks a little cray.  Her hair is wackadoodle regardless of the black facinator.

  • OK, I don’t understand why she always has babyheads. I wear an F cup, all kinds of different bras and corsets and I never have babyheads. Is it even possible to get them if you have natural breasts? I need to experiment *for science*.

  • EEKstl

    Beautiful dress but from the knees down she looks like my grandmother – hem needed to be a bit shorter (while still slightly below the knee), and shoes definitely needed to be modernized.  Also, the hair is cray cray.  Good between neck and knees, even with babyheads.

  • Back to the babyheads, and all the sequins and the length just add bulk.

  • guest2visits

    I think the dress looks great, even if it had a bit more coverage at the bust; it’s still a good fit, either way. I think the dress
    is glitterly and meant to be a little showy. It’s the hat that I wish were more substantial or better placed. 

  • Mary229

    You know…there is an uncomfortable amount of borderline body shaming and body policing that goes on whenever there is a post about this woman.  It makes me uncomfortable, sad and frustrated. 

    • You know, I hear where you are coming from but as a fully figured woman with big tits, a bigger dress size and less money and access to designers, I look a lot better in my dresses than she does. The way she looks continually presents the impression that fuller figured women can’t look like anything other than tits and maybe ass and bigger than they probably are. Sorry if she doesn’t want to be known for her body first and anything else second but that is the nature of the business she chose to be in. I feel like she reps badly when she could be showing how fabulous any body could be. Sure, I get that it’s not her job but it happens all the same.

  • Could someone please help Ms. Hendricks get rid of the bat caught in her hair? 

  • padma sallah

    For once everything looks fab. Okay, maybe not the headband/clip whatever but still. I mean, tip to toe this looks polished. Especially the shoes! You go gurl!

  • margaret meyers

    If she wanted to wear that darling littel hat she HAD to have a hairdresser come in.  Little cocktail hats need finished-looking hair.

  • librarygrrl64

    The bust should have been fitted better, and, as others have said, a full-coverage bra was needed, but other than that I like this silhouette and color on her. The hair is a little too messy for my taste.

  • The Truth About Whales

    Raquel Welch was voluptuous. This redhead has a candy bar habit.