Camilla Belle in Preen

Posted on November 15, 2012

Camilla Belle attends the Premiere Of ‘American Masters Inventing David Geffen’ in Beverly Hills, California in Preen.

Camilla Belle Spring 2013 Collection



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    • ralish

      I’m not a fan of the sheer panel at the bottom of the dress, but she always looks so lovely.

      • In_Stitches

         It makes the dress look tasteless, even more so than it would were there no fabric there. 

        • librarygrrl64


    • Krysta

      Would be so awesome without the stupid sheer panel in the skirt!

      • MinAgain

        I agree.  I like the sheer at the top, but the sheer panel at the bottom is too much peek-a-boo crotch for the dress.  And I kinda wish she had worn the shoes more like the model is wearing.

      • lindsmh

         Agreed. It would look so much better if the blue panel continued all the way over to the white.

      • Julie Chase

        Completely agree. It totally ruins the flow of the dress.

      • NurseEllen

        Agree 100%.  The panel on top provides enough novelty for the whole dress; that extra doo dah on the skirt just gilds the lily.  Cute bangle!

    • Sobaika

      That’s a tough dress to pull off but she looks marvelous.

      • gabbilevy

        Agree, I love it.

    • Kiltdntiltd

      The blues are great for her. But that is a frankendress.

      • zenobar

         Truth!  It’s like Sally’s frock from “The Nighmare Before Christmas”.  But 9000x more fancier.

      • 3boysful

         I think this is from some forgotten PR challenge–make a garment from the workroom leftovers.

    • Judy_J

      I like it except for the sheer panel in the skirt.  That dress is trying too hard.

    • decormaven

      The dress is a tad over-worked in its design. The jewelry choices don’t add up- the silver ring is too heavy for that ivory bangle, plus it should be resized for her finger. The lone bangle on the other arm is a lame afterthought. Her MUA got it right, though, and the hair looks pretty.

    • MoHub

      The sheer bit on the skirt makes it look as if her skirt split and her slip is showing. Not good.

    • MilaXX

      Frankendress. A color coordinated one, but a frankendress nonetheless.

      • homofascist

        Thank you for saying it so I didn’t have to!

    • stubbornthoughts

      That is a weird dress but she is working the sheer out of it.

    • eowyn_of_rohan

      It’s aiming for interesting but it misses.

    • alyce1213

      The sheer panel is unfortunate. If it were solid navy like the other panel, it would be very nice — still Frankendress, but nice.

    • Jessica TallGirl Freeman

      For as bad as this dress is, she is pulling it off well.  It’s still, a ridiculous dress.

    • Laylalola

      Everything is there, but the dress is making her work super-hard to overcome it — the dress is in its own way.

    • LesYeuxHiboux

      It’s an interesting look, and I feel like she’s making it work (though I’d have to see a straight-on shot before I commit to that opinion). I’m not wild about the shiny stripe at the waist, but those are beautiful colors for her. Good choices in jewelry, hair, and makeup as well: smart thinking to use bracelets mixed in scale and texture but in the same color family as the dress. 

    • Gabriella M

      I like it. I feel like this might fall into “Frankendress” territory, but from what I can tell, she’s WERQing it. The cocktail ring and silver earrings were a nice choice, and though I feel like maybe she could use a pop of color, I’m on the fence about it because it’s a busy enough dress on its own. I am impressed by any dress than can make moire and a sheer vavavoom slit look polished, elegant, and modern. However, since we can only see her from one angle, this may all be withdrawn if the other angles don’t look this good. 

    • B_C_J

      There is too much going on in this dress. It looks like it was put together with the scraps left over from other outfits. The only thing that helps it is the fact that a pretty woman is wearing it. 

    • Ceur

      She’s wearing too many dresses at once. 

    • Vienna Marriott

      That dress is fab to me, but it needs less Charlotte York-Goldenblatt styling.

    • Aj/Melia

      for this to look classy, the black panel should have continued across where the sheer panel is…that panel looks like a slip or lining is out of place.

    • Nancer

      I was loving it until my eyes hit that sheer thigh panel. Yuck. Definitely the dress was over-thought. She looks pretty anyway.

    • Cassie

      Ooh. Definite scrolldown fug. So close, girl.

    • Lilak

      Didn’t that Bosworth person wear something like this not long ago? 

      Fitting, since I consider KB and CB to be the Snow White and Rose Red of the little backwater of celebrity they inhabit.  

    • Elena

      IDGAF, I love it.

    • librarygrrl64

      Pretty woman, ugly dress.

    • Trisha26

      She’s very pretty, that dress is just awful.

    • quiltrx

      If I scroll really fast, I really like it.  It’s when I stop and look at the sum of its parts that everything goes wrong!

    • Carolyn Smrcka


    • PhillipWilde

      I am so not down with this cuckoo hemline trend.