Amanda Seyfried in Brood

Posted on November 29, 2012

You know how, when you see a particularly floral kind of floral, people will say, “That looks like my grandma’s couch/drapes/nightgown, etc?” Such comparisons never occur to us because our grandmothers weren’t floral types. Instead, when we look at something like this:

Amanda Seyfried at a photocall to promote ‘Les Miserables’ in Tokyo in Brood.

Brood Spring 2013 Collection/Model: Aine O’Gorman

We can’t help but immediately think it looks like, say, a cheap ironing board cover or garment bag you’d buy at a dollar store. Kinda weirdly specific, no? But really; that’s what we see.

God bless Miss Amanda; she’s trying like hell to make this thing work, adding a belt and black tights, buttoning it up instead of exposing the totally WTF lace at the collar, and deploying the basset hound hair to cover as much of the front of the dress as possible. We say “dress,” but it’s really just a glorified tunic. A glorified tunic shaped like an oven mitt.

We can’t help it, darlings! We look at this thing and see cheap houseware items! Are we so wrong?


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  • I was getting more of a gussied up, shortened-and-tailored housecoat, but ironing board cover works, too.

    It might have worked better if she’d worn it over some skinny trousers. Maybe. If I squinted. 

  • Kathy_Marlow

    No, I completely agree!! It’s awful. 

  • Louise Bryan

    You guys need more coffee.  I think she looks really cute.  Maybe the dress is not so great, but she’s deploying it well, and I see and notice her much more than the dress.

    • We need more coffee because you like this dress?

      • Louise Bryan

        Well, you always seem to say your mood improves with caffeine ingestion….

        •  Yeah, but just because we don’t like a dress doesn’t mean we’re in a bad mood.

    • Magatha

       Louise, I also think she looks adorable. The structure of the dress isn’t great – it should have been constructed better – but she looks great and happy, and I like the wintertime floral-ness of the print. And I say this before having my coffee. I will go have coffee now, and I suspect that once caffeinated, I will be perkier and more cheerful and will like it even more. Alternatively, had I initially disliked it, coffee might make me hate it with the heat of umpteen zillion suns. So coffee is no guarantee. I think hot chocolate might be. Hot chocolate, guys? I’ll buy.

      • There’s no beverage that’s going to make our opinion match yours on this one.

        • Magatha

           Oh, I didn’t think it would. I was just offering ’cause I like you. But tell me: I think her face looks good. People are saying she looks washed out, and I guess she does – she’s so fair to begin with. But I like this look so much better than when she’s all spackled and enameled with heavy make-up. I think she’s one of those pale women who goes from not-quite-enough makeup to OMG, too much in a split-second.

        •  There’s no such thing as a fashion roofie?

          • DeborahJozayt

            A fashion roofie sounds soooooo good right now.

        • SewingSiren

          A bottle of gin?

  • Valdri8

    Oy with the hair – I actually think the dress would look better if she kept her hair off of it. I suppose it is a crime against glamor to  not have copious amounts of hair hanging alongside one’s face. 

  • Lochery

    She had to do so much to the dress to make it presentable, she would’ve been better off just choosing another dress.

  • miagain

    That young lady would be lucky to look like my grandmother’s couches…. always elegant!
    I think that dress resembles Laura Ashley knock-offs from the 80’s.

    • ankali

       I can see Laura Ashley, but with all the black I’m getting more of a 90s vibe. Add a nose ring, some Doc Martins, and a few Claire’s accessories, and she’d look like one of the mall rats I went to high school with.

  • Violina23

    I dont’ love it, but I find it mostly inoffensive. Personally, I’m kinda distracted by Hugh’s shirt and overall misfit suit. WTH, Hugh? 😛

    •  He is distracting.

    • kimmeister

      Is he wearing blue shoes, or is it an effect of the lighting?

  • Sobaika

    The fit is weird. It looks stiff and… lumpy. But she’s doing a swell job of making the dress work more than it has any right to.


    My grandmother has this same fabric as a “brunch coat” in the 70’s. And then Mario Buatta slapped it all over expensive sofas in the 80’s. And then it should have died…..

  • Miss_Magpie

    It looks like a ginormous oven mitt from the dollar tree that she has belted in an effort to give it shape. Poor fit, bad fabric, uneven hem…and I am fully caffeinated, so it isn’t morning grumps talking!

  • cleverlady

    The only place this little number would work is to cover up a black bikini on her way to  the pool.

    • Miss_Magpie

      Totes agree. Even then it is iffy, but maybe worn as a shift with great sandals and her hair in a tossled Updo and huge sunglasses?

  • Meg0GayGuys6

    I actually really like it.  I can hear my grandma say, ‘getcha hair outta ya face!”.  Other than that, and the weird line running down the front, which I assume is from the zipper going all the way down the front of the dress, dare I say, I love it!

  • Aurumgirl


  • theafternoonknows

    It reminds me of the cover of one of my journals from high school.

  • Hetha Innis

    Basset Hound hair – hahaha! I can’t see anything but that godawful hair. It’s horrific. 

    • 2ndhandchic

       I’ve read several articles in which she or the author talks about her beautiful hair – it is thick and very pretty – but I really wish she would do something different with it. Her haircut looks similar to what millions of regular girls get at Borics.

      • charlotte

         Imagine her going all Evangeline Lilly on us!

    • Yep, I did that to my hair once for my 7th grade school photo.  My friends still refer to it as the  “yeti” picture.  It’s not a good look.

  • mjude

    no you are not wrong.

  • one positive thing to say: she was giving a nod to Japanese culture. And done with the positive. 

    • SamuraiChic

      She may have been attempting to give a nod to Japanese culture, but, if so, she got it wrong.  The cut of that dress is far more reminiscent of traditional Chinese clothing than Japanese. 

  • And the color combination is doing her no favors, plus the pattern looks like some horribly advanced stage of a skin condition.

    • margaret meyers

      Yes, she looks very washed-out.

    • StellaZafella

       As an overt take on a traditional Chomsang (sp?) it COULD work…but there’s too much wrong here to let it live.
      If the model can’t make it look good…poor Amanda doesn’t have a chance!

      •  Its a really bad choice of textile, right from the get go.  And how such a small amount of fabric can end up being so over-designed is amazing.  WAY too many elements.

  • oven mitt it is!

  • schadenfreudelicious

    ha, total ironing board cover, its likely reversable too, with that silver heatproof lining on the otherside….

  • Kayceed

    You are correct, sirs. I saw quilted accessory bags for travel.

  • BrooklynBomber

    This kind of dense floral was a thing in …. was it early ’70s? mid-’70s? I can’t remember exactly, but I remember the clothes I had with it. But, yeah, what an odd dress. 

    • l_c_ann

      Some of the better dense florals were KettleCloth fabrics and they were pretty and they wore well for ages. (Mid 60s into the 70s)

      • BrooklynBomber

        I had to look up Kettle Cloth and among other things found a patchwork quilt from that time period that looks almost exactly like one I made with leftover scraps. I’m sure there’s some kettle cloth in mine as well. If you google Kettle Cloth  Little Red Hen you’ll see it. Almost exactly like mine, in terms of the prints.

    • GSMSF

       I was thinking bedspread from the 70s in a girls room.  A girl who would grow up to be a punk rocker.

  • ojosazules

    No, you are not wrong. It looks like an elf costume to me. Houseware elf.

  • SewingSiren

    I don’t know it looks like a very inexpensive, very light weight.  polyester dress to me.  If you put the iron down on it , it would melt.

  • margaret meyers

    But I like the matte, opague tights and the ankle boots.

    • kimmeister

      I normally hate booties with skirts or dresses, but she’s pulling them off!

  • That guy to the left…his way big, ill-fitting suit is making my eye twitch. Guys guys guys…ugh…I see this all the time. Some guys think a larger suit will make them look either thinner or broader-shouldered. It does neither.

  • ringthing

    When I look at that photo I don’t see floral, just Hugh Jackman. I think of how the photo would be better if I could see more of him, esp without the jacked up jacket.

  • filmcricket

    She and Hugh both look exhausted – did they just clear customs? And while I’m assuming this photocall was during the day and that  heavy makeup would not have been appropriate, some makeup would have been welcome. I can’t believe a woman with such distinctive features is disappearing right before our eyes.

    Oh yeah, the dress, it’s hiddy.

  • Laura Ashley for Disco Sister-Wives.

    • l_c_ann

      Sorry, but no.  Laura Ashley prints were never done in depressing colors from odd spots on the color wheel.

  • Unkempt

    I’m just amazed how it lost every atom of its Asian-ness and turned into a really sad thing.  It’s not a great dress to begin with, but at least it sort of had an idea of itself.  Dollar store garment bag is terrifyingly spot on.

  • twocee

    I see apron, but I can see the ironing board cover comparison too.  And why put a seam running down the middle of the dress?

    • SewingSiren

      I was wondering that too, with a dress this narrow it is completely unnecessary. But on second inspection I can see it is a center front zipper (two way pull no less).

  • Knightley

    It’s a tea cosy.  The kind that Hyacinth Bucket would own.

    • The worst designers from the recent Project Runways could make something better~

  • francesk

    If I knew Hugh Jackman was going to be posing for pictures with his arms around me, I’d have tried really hard to find a flattering dress.

  • Vanja

    Well, she obviously is a person who doesn’t look a gift horse in the mouth. She should have returned it to whoever brought her that ‘dress’.

  • I agree this looks like a very inexpensive dress and the fabric does remind one of a Target make-up bag. And yet, I think she looks incredibly cute. If I saw her walking across a college campus, she would make me smile.  

  • Judy_J

    Zooey Deschanel called and she wants her outfit back.

  • Janet B

    I see a cape from the hair salon.

    Should you unbutton your jacket if you are going to put your arm around someone?  

  • VeryClaire

    That hair style is doing her no favors. No favors at all.

  • formerlyAnon

    You are not so wrong.

  • VicksieDo

    Oven mitt for sure, and for what that thing cost, the seams should be PERFECT. They’re not.

  • Jessi03

    I thought it looked like an apron.  At a first glance, I thought it was kind of cute in an early 90s sort of way, but the more I saw of it, the less I liked.  The shape of it is what really kills me.

  • blumonky

    Though I must say, she did luck out on the arm candy.

  • bertkeeter

    Don’t know what your talking about? All I see is Hugh Jackman!

    • l_c_ann

      You’re not the only one, Bert.

    • How tall is he? I loved the picture of him in Vogue, carrying the little girl. Great looking guy?

  • Go!

    Maybe the dress should have been more fitted like the model’s. But I do think the booties are cute. TLo, you should do a feature about Anne Hathaway’s black dress in this Tokyo photocall. It isn’t any improvement, either, but she is growing out her short hair nicely.

  • CeeQ

    I actually liked this! I wish she would have done something better with her hair though. But maybe that’s cuz she agrees with you queens that this is not so much working for her =) 

  • Pants_are_a_must

    Kitchen apron, really. One of those fugly ones that even on sale make you go “ha ha ha ha ha NEVER.”

    She is the only person who can make the tights-and-booties look work, to be honest. The hair is 90s middle school, though.

  • Yep, ironing board cover it is.  In fact I worked at quilt store for five years and when the owner wanted to replace the classroom ironing board cover because it was looking stained and yucky, I’m pretty sure THIS is the fabric she pulled off the shelf to make a new cover.  We rarely had dud bolts of dog-ugly fabric in our store but once in awhile, if we ordered an entire collection from a designer, something along the lines of this slipped through the cracks. 

  • You’re not wrong, but I think she still manages to look pretty cute in it.

  • Sara__B

    Such a great smile, but I actually own a cheap plastic 1980s garment bag that’s a nearly identical to this pattern, and that’s not the worst part of this outfit. The booties make her feet look enormous and her long lovely legs look like sticks, and “bassett hound hair” looks good on almost no one, including this striking young woman. Gotta love that smile, though!

  • trisker

    It’s the black band at the hem that makes it look like an oven mitt.  I also think she looks pretty, except for the spaniel hair.

  • rajf

    placemats.  homemade, using satin blanket binding as edging.

  • suz72350

    This outfit reminds me of a smock I use to wear when volunteering at my church’s baby nursery. Or one of those vinyl tableclothes that my grandmother loved to use.  I don’t mind how the tunic looks in the runway picture (although I hate the shoes). Amanda’s basset hound hair ruins the whole look for me.

  • kschwarting

    That lace is truly awful, and that’s not the most flattering hairstyle with her.  I think she’s selling it, though, mostly because of that big, lovely smile.  The tights and belt help a lot, too.  The dress is a big old out, but her styling and all-around cuteness elevate it.

  • decormaven

    That’s the cheapest looking leather belt, ever. I’ve seen better looks pulled from the Goodwill racks. And she looked so cute in that casual Paris airport shot!

  • PeaceBang

    It’s all very Jan Brady. Cute.

  • marilyn

    You are correct.  The dress is also way too big for her, so it loses the edge.  The belt, tights and hair covering make the mess worse.

  • It reminds me of a dress Kenley made during her season – and given Kenley’s penchant for ugly patterns, well, that doesn’t speak well for this dress. 
    She looks cute regardless, but I kind of wish she’d gone full Gwen Stacy and added a black headband. Hair’s looking a little flat on top.
    Actually, the whole package is making me think of Marcia Brady. Hrm.

  • Total and complete oven mitt. And the piping on the bottom is only helping. Good thing her tights and booties are cute. And of course, so is she (except her hair) and her arm candy. Not you dork, the one on her left!

  • Imasewsure

    It’s not awful but it’s not great either. Lillian Vernon catalog in dress form…. might have been salvagable with a pony tail and better boots… still would have been just ok (although she is eternally beautiful anyway)

  • alyce1213

    The print is strictly bad housewares — I’m seeing cheap quilted placemats ca 1978 — but the silhouette is very cute on her.  
    She’s young and very slim and can get away with a tunic length, especially with tights.

  • Toaster Cozy.  Like something I would have made for my mom when I was in 7th grade Home Ec class.  I’m also going to reveal how anal I am by asking if anyone else is annoyed with the way the pattern repeats right at the front center seam?  The pattern should have been spaced further apart in a less obvious way.  It’s like badly hung wallpaper….. in the Brady’s house.  

  • Sarah Thomas

    I would wear this entire outfit. Hell, I think I have worn its cheaper cousin. (That cousin lives at Target.)

  • Myra C

    Jesus Christ, how tall is Hugh Jackman!?!? He looks like a giant!

    Oh and I agree with T and Lo.

  • Yikes, ironing board cover is a great description or those cover ups for kitchen appliances.  

  • RocknRollmom

    I actually don’t mind it on the model so much—it looks less fussy or something notwithstanding the weird lace.  I am still not a fan of it overall but not an immediate “yuck”. Something about her, that hair, and the washed out look bugs me.  No rational explanation.  I just find her blah.

  • Cousin_Rose

    Look at the dress as an accessory for those totally FAB little boots and it’s not so bad.

  • Kenisha Hill Phillips

    Love the booties.

  • LesYeuxHiboux

    It makes her look hunched, in the offing. Bad all around. I can definitely see Dollar Store in that print. 

  • neofashionista

    uuugghhh black tight season…Again… i hate them so
    though this is a pretty good deploy of them much better than dear zoe

  • You see an ironing board. I see 18th century embroidered gowns. I say bring on the florals!

  • joything

    Those of us who grew up surrounded by cheap housewares (thank you, S&H Green Stamps!) salute you. 

  • another_laura

    Yep.  Woolworth’s.

  • OMG!  All I can see is that incredible hunk o’ man standing next to her.  He looks even more delicious than usual when next to a tiny girl.  Oh, he’s soooooo pretty!

  • Ok, the print is pretty awful, but the crime that can’t be covered up is the proportions. It cuts her exactly in half. An extra few inches on the hem would be better. And that hair is just stupid. And the tights and the booties…ugh. Red lip, hair up, different dress and shoes, and this would be a knockout!

  • MichaelStrangeways

    The hair is just as awful as the ironing board cover.

    Did she use the ironing board cover dress to iron her hair?

  • mila_8

    The hair and makeup wreck it for me. In some ways she had the ultimate background to make that floral dramatic. Cover up her head and it works.

  • Judih1

    Thanks TLO – you made my day! Everything you said is right on!!!

  • Jennifer Coleman

    Henceforth, this floral shall be know as ‘dolla-sto’ print. (Or maybe ‘T-Lo dolla sto’?)

  • kolokOlchik

    I think it’s working on her

  • Beardslee

    Dumb dress, dumb print. And it must be nice to be a man and get to wear a jacket and flat shoes to this things.

  • kategs

    I think she looks terrific.  The dress is fun, she’s spiffed it well and she looks happy.  I most certainly do not see oven mitt. 

  • guest2visits

    Oh… spot on TLo; oven mitt or toaster cover.  Makes me very sad, I’d like to think someone could have stepped between her
    and this paunchy bedspread with a belt.